Proceedings of the 2nd International Scientific conference on New Industrialization: Global, national, regional dimension (SICNI 2018)

436 authors
Vinogradova, E.Yu
Implementation of corporate information system at the companies of knowledge-intensive activities
Vlasov, Dmitriy
Trends in the development of economic education in the conditions of new industrialization
Vlasova, Natalia
Regional Industrial Transformation and Educational System Stakeholders Networks
Vlasova, Natalia
Marketing of an industrial city: project technologies and web-analytics
Voronov, D.
Dynamic Approach to Monitoring the Competitiveness of Non-Public Engineering Companies in the Region Under New Industrialization
Vorotilova, Olga
Development of municipal finance: pre-conditioning the new industrialization of the Russian economy
Vozmilov, I.D.
Relationship Marketing Management of a Small Industrial Enterprise in B2B Market in The Context of Digital Economy
Vyatkin, Anton
The Catering Market Development of the Ural Region in the Context of New Industrialization
Yachmeneva, Valentina
Improving development management of knowledge-intensive production under the new industrialization
Yadransky, D.N.
Ways of the Russian Federation`s reorientation of migration inflows to knowledge-intensive areas
Yakovenko, I. V.
Economic – mathematical models as basis of the interbudgetary regulation in the formation of the digital economy
Yakovenko, I. V.
Intellectualization of economic and mathematical tools to support decision - making in the management of public finances in the context of digitalization
Yaroshevich, Natalya
Determinants of sustainable development of machine building industry under the new industrialization
Yudin, Alexander
Methods of evaluation of life-cycle resource provision for science-intensive products
Yurchenko, Konstantin
Tasks with conflicting conditions in terms of negative stabilization: the Dutch Disease and the Middle Income Trap.
Yuzvovich, Larisa
Loan brokerage and its role in shaping economic relations of creditors with business entities in the context of new industrialization
Yuzvovich, Larisa
Digital investment mechanisms in the cryptocurrency market: content, problems, and development prospects
Zabokritskaya, Lyubov
The experience of analyzing the digital track of fans to assess the holding of mass events the example of the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Zaborova, Elena
Entrepreneurship as the Resource for Re-industrialization
Zaborova, Elena
Re-Industrialization: Spatial and Territorial Aspects (the experience of Sverdlovskaya Oblast)
Zaborovskaya, Alena
Possibilities of preventing manipulative transactions on the stock market in the conditions of new industrialization
Zaborovskiy, Vyacheslav
Possibilities of preventing manipulative transactions on the stock market in the conditions of new industrialization
Zaikina, M.A.
Innovative product as future vision for the development of the food industry at the turn of new industrialisation
Zaitseva, Ekaterina
Institutional transformation of households in the epoch of new industrialisation
Zakharchuk, E. A.
Financial resources of the Arctic Territories new industrialisation
Zapryagaylo, Valery
Transformation of the human resources regional market under the influence of economy digitalization
Zavorohina, Natalia
New technologies for the production of wheat bread long-term storage under the conditions of new industrialization
Zhadko, Evgenia
New Industrialization of Russia: Challenges to the Higher Education System
Zhuravleva, L.A.
Ecological consciousness as a factor in consumer behavior of young people in the context of new industrialization: sociological research experience
Zhuravlyov, Vladimir
Improving the Company's Capital Model in the Context of Production Modernization as a Factor in the Sustainability of an Industrial Enterprise
Zlochevsky, Igor A.
Intersectorial Structure of National Economy: Algorithm for Studying Industrialization Rate
Zubareva, L. V.
Development of the theory of complex analysis of the activity of the enterprises of small businesses in the context of new industrialization
Zueva, Olga
Food market in the conditions of the new economy: current trends, opportunities and threats
Zykova, Nataliya
The impact of new industrialization on the quality of life of the population of the Arctic territories
Аnisimov, A.
Forming the institutional principles of antimonopoly regulation in the digital economy
Аnisimova, M.
Forming the institutional principles of antimonopoly regulation in the digital economy