Proceedings of the 2nd International Scientific conference on New Industrialization: Global, national, regional dimension (SICNI 2018)

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Implementation of corporate information system at the companies of knowledge-intensive activities

E.Yu Vinogradova, A.I. Galimova
The article considers the problem of the need for an innovative process of transformation of the modern economy. The authors developed a corporate information system of management with new characteristics. The existing system of financial and budget planning at the micro level has outlived its usefulness...
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Low technological innovation and industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa: The role of access to finance in the informal sector

Alhassan Tijani Forgor
What is the role of the business environment in the promoting or restraining growth, technological innovation of firms, and industrialization in an economy? Literature (both past and recent) points to a number of obstacles such as poor regulation and taxation, poor regulation on property rights, inefficient...
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RCST USUE in the new industrialization: innovation potential

Kh. Z. Brainina, A. V. Tarasov
The article describes the long-term innovative activity of the Research Center of Sensory Technologies of the Ural State University of Economics (RCST USUE). The results of research and development of methods and sensors for the antioxidant activity of biological media are given as examples. The contribution...
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Investment Portfolio Optimization on the Basis of Risk Approach by Means of Economic-Mathematical Modeling

Igor Balynin, Yulia Atanasovska, Tatiana Kokodey
The main features of formation of the investment portfolio is presented. The certain tasks which can be solved in the process of optimization are listed. The key principles in the basis of the investment portfolio optimization are stated. The stages of the optimal investment portfolio formation are analyzed....
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Improving the Company's Capital Model in the Context of Production Modernization as a Factor in the Sustainability of an Industrial Enterprise

Sergei Aliukov, Vladimir Zhuravlyov, Natalia Varkova
This article discusses the main problems of modernization of the production process in industrial enterprises in the modern conditions of the Russian economy. Many problems are due to the war of sanctions and counter-sanctions, the fall in the growth rate of the world economy, the specifics of the development...
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Economic Problems of Diversification of Enterprises of the Military-Industrial Complex of the Russian Federation

A. Burak
The article is concerned with the study of the economic problems of the military-industrial complex, due to the specifics of the activities and the framework of operation, initially set by the requirements and interests of the state. An assessment of the current situation in the defense industry shows...
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Problems of Projects Assessment in Terms of New Industrialization of Russia

A.V. Vershinina, E.N. Koshkina, E.R. Orlova
In the article the problems related to evaluating efficiency of investment projects within the framework of realizing new industrialization of Russia are analyzed. The main tendency that provides for innovation activity namely is regarded. Variants are analyzed of conducting innovation strategy formulated...
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Issues and Prospects of Robotization in the Social Field

Svetlana Gasumova, Lisa Porter
The article presents a sociological analysis of the first trends in the robotization of the social field. It describes the emergence and the beginning of mass distribution of the so-called “service robots” which are intended for use by various social groups in daily activities for the purpose of meeting...
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Prospects for digitalization of the Russian economy

Olga Digilina, Irina Teslenko, Nizami Abdullayev
The article aims to analyze the prospects of digitalization of the Russian economy. Despite the adoption of the state Program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation" and the active work of the government in this direction, the introduction of digital technologies is not fast enough. According to...
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Open innovation as a basis of development of new industrialization

Marina Gundorova, Sergey Grachev, Oleg Donichev
The article is devoted to the research of processes of formation of open innovation in the Russian economy and the economies of the regions with the aim of dynamizing growth on the basis of the development process of new industrialization. The authors proceeded from the hypothesis that open innovation,...
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Determinants of sustainable development of machine building industry under the new industrialization

Natalya Yaroshevich, Yevgeny Kislitsyn
Identification of priority areas for the development of industrial sectors of economy during the transition to a new technological mode is closely linked to the definition of determinants of their sustainable development. Using the theory of sustainable development is the methodological basis for the...
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Analysis of network integration in evaluation new industrialization

Valery Dubrovskji, Denis Mironov
The basic sign of new industrialization as a modern stage in the development of productive forces is the use of information and communication technologies as a tool that ensures, inter alia, the stable and effective functioning of network integration of production and economic entities that cooperate...
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New technologies for the production of wheat bread long-term storage under the conditions of new industrialization

Natalia Zavorohina, Natalia Pankratyeva, Nadezhda Goncharova
The gist of this article boils down to the problem of providing hard-to-reach areas of the Russian Federation and Sverdlovsk region with bread, as well as the need to develop a method for preparing long-term storage of bread. Nowadays in the context of industrialization the bread intended for long-term...
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Innovative Activity of Russian Companies As a Driver of New Industrialization

Julia Kuvaeva, Anna Serebrennikova, Viktor Pishchulov
The purpose of this study is to study individual areas of innovation in the context of generating domestic innovations, as well as introducing technological, organizational, and marketing innovations by domestic companies as a driving factor for new industrialization. The article analyzes the effectiveness...
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Modern approach to evaluate neo-industrial enterprise innovative capacity

Mikhail Kuvshinov, Marina Bazhanova, Ekaterina Sheveleva
Innovative capacity of the neo-industrial enterprise is now a widely used concept in business and industrial policymaking. This article examines the methodological approach to evaluation of the enterprise assets, namely its innovative capacity, under conditions of limited resources. The research is aimed...
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Improving the AIC Competitiveness of Russia under the Terms and Conditions of Development of Information Digital Systems

Alexander Kurdyumov
The Article covers the issues of improving the competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex of Russia in the information aspect and in the context of the digital economy. The importance of the article is due to the advancement of the development of the information and digital economy and its impact...
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Innovative-oriented neo-industrialization as an imperative to the development of the Russian economy

I.V. Minakova, O.I. Solodukhina, T.N. Bukreeva
In developed countries, the view prevails that industrial production is losing its central importance in the economic system, and it is being replaced by a rapidly growing tertiary sector. However, world practice shows that industrial production is currently the most efficient sector of the economy....
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New Industrial Technologies and Innovations for the Production of Nanostructured Materials

Ilya Mikhnev, Natalia Salnikova, Svetlana Mikhneva
The development and implementation of nanotechnology is one of the key areas of global technological progress, comparable in value to computer science and communications, or biotechnology. Progress in electronics, medicine, materials science, mechanics, mechanical engineering, and the space industry...
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Smart Manufacturing: essential features and development opportunities in Russia

Liudmila Ramenskaya, Irina Tkachenko, Yevgeniy Starikov
This article discusses the institutional conditions, the essential characteristics and prerequisites for the development of "smart" manufacturing in the transition to a new industrial revolution. Analysis of the literature, as well as government programs and initiatives in Germany, the United States...
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The development of a forecast model of labour productivity management at industrial enterprises

Evgeniya Repina, Marina Simonova, Elena Sukhanova
The article gives the analysis of the applicability of the concepts "labour productivity" and "productivity of an economic system" at different stages of creating added value in the new industrialization. The main tools for managing productivity have been identified and those that can be applied in short...
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Problems of transformation of social and labour relations in conditions of agriculture robotization

Egor Skvortsov, Alexander Semin, Ekaterina Skvortsova
The key factors of transformation of social and labour relations can include means of production development and scientific and technical progress. The robotization of agriculture is an objective process connected with the development of techniques and technology as well as with the increasing shortage...
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New industrialization: spatial factors of regional economic rise

E.V. Timacheva, T.B. Ivanova, A.N. Tabakov
Taking into account the factors of the regional economic rise the authors highlighted the need for the new industrialization as the basis for the third industrial revolution. Firstly, new enterprises generate technologies belonging to modern technological wave. Secondly, there is a necessity to invest...
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Industrialization issues in the production of specialized products for complex body metabolism support

Boisjoni Tokhiriyon, Valery Poznyakovsky, Svetlana Andrievskikh
The article deals with industrialization issues in the production of specialized products. Under the conditions of new industrialization, an innovative formula of a biologically active supplement has been developed for integrated support of metabolic processes. It describes pharmacological characteristics...
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Aspects of the functioning of industrial clusters as network economic systems

Alexander Shupletsov, Galina Beregova, Natalia Tsibanova
Today clusters are a popular concept in economic circles. However, these integrated structures are still poorly studied from a scientific point of view. Unresolved problems include the issues of technology functioning, improving the efficiency of these integrated structures in industry, the use of modern...
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Concept of the сryptoruble market formation in Russia

Michail Loginov, Vasily Tatyannikov, Nadezhda Sobina
The subject of this study is the economic relations arising during the cryptocurrency market formation on the basis of the national banking network. The purpose of the study is to analyze the use of various cryptocurrency technologies, identify problems and develop proposals for the organization of the...
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Social unemployment insurance as the effective mechanism of adaptation to new economic conditions

Evgeniya Ageeva
The system of social protection of the unemployed became a hot topic in economic and political disputes in the Russian Federation again. The question of search of new financing sources of this system is brought up as the state budget and its social expenses is constantly revised towards reduction. In...
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The Impact of Financial and Economic Crises on the Performance Indicators of Copper Mining Enterprises

Oleg Bazhenov, Anna Oykher, Denis Baev
The article establishes and characterizes the direction and power of the influence of the cyclical nature of the economy and economic shocks on the performance of activities (characterized by the amount of revenue of companies) of the copper industry. To achieve this purpose the authors solved the following...
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Use of the mechanism of the priority social and economic development areas in order to accelerate the industrialization of Russian regions

Irina Degtyareva, Olga Shalina, Guzel Tokareva
The article deals with the priority social and economic development areas in Russia established in 2015. It states the objectives of PDAs and their competitive advantages, including tax benefits, the regime of free zone, the provision of special services from the state, etc. The analysis has been made...
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Development of methodological tools assessment of financial stability of enterprise

Julia Dolgikh, Julia Slepuhina
Under modern conditions of economic instability, the risk of bankruptcy of economic entities as the result of their increasing inability to resist negative effect of external and internal factors increased significantly. Even large and successful companies need to form of a new management mechanism,...
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Digital banks: development trends

Yulia Evdokimova, Olga Shinkareva, Anastasia Bondarenko
The article studies the trends of digitalization of society, leading to a completely new approach in the economy: the transition from cost to value management mechanism, the formation of value-oriented management in all spheres of activity. The digitalization of banks is studied from the standpoint of...
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Possibilities of preventing manipulative transactions on the stock market in the conditions of new industrialization

Alena Zaborovskaya, Vyacheslav Zaborovskiy, Konstantin Pletnev
The term “manipulative trade” does not reflect current challenges and requires constant adaptation. The article proposes to focus on detailing and suppressing a certain list of manipulative practices, based on the damage they cause. The object of the research is the manipulative transactions in the stock...
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New Industrialization: Financial and Legal Problems of Reserve Creation in Modern Public Corporations

Margarita Irizepova
The ideas of new industrialization when the combination of an employee, computer equipment and automated tools form a new technetronic triad must necessarily include new approaches to the functioning of this triad in the modernized financial environment. Moreover, this modernization is connected with...
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Fiscal stimulus activity of subjects of the regional economy in the context of the new industrialization

Natalia Istomina, Marina Terentieva, Iulia Dolganova
The importance of the use of budgetary tools for solving business impact (stimulate) on the economic entities in the regions of the Russian Federation with the view of successful functioning of the economy in the new industrialization is substantiated in the article. Due to the significant amount of...
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Real estate finance in the new industrialization: the transformability of the content and the contour of the integration transformations

Elena Knyazeva, Natalia Isakova, Pavel Knyazev
The relevance of this study is caused by the fact that for the state of the development of the real estate market is a priority in the conditions of new industrialization. The real estate market is a key element of the new industrial economy, and the housing stock is part of the national wealth. Its...
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Scenarios of digital innovation of the payment market in Russia

Olga Korobeynikova, Dmitry Korobeynikov, Larisa Popova
In order to ensure national sovereignty and global competitiveness on the basis of non-resource development, it is necessary to form a model of the digital economy and its diffusion into all spheres of Russian society. It is noted that in the financial sphere the provision of innovative digital infrastructure...
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Development of municipal finance: pre-conditioning the new industrialization of the Russian economy

Olga Kotova, Alena Frolova, Olga Vorotilova
The article considers the problem of the progress in the regional economy in the view of the development of municipal finance and the search for ways of the efficient evolvement of municipalities with the aim to improve the well-being standard of the Russian population. The main goal of the research...
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Reducing Inequality and the Opportunity of New Industrialization

Irina Kurbatova, Nadezhda Permyakova
The paper analyzes income inequality in Russia as a restriction of labor market reform in accordance with the goal of modernizing the economy. The main aspects of labor income inequality—sectoral, regional, and intra-company—have been highlighted. The inadequacy of wage differentiation to the task of...
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Financial and legal mechanisms of newly industrialized mining: Case study of diamond mining sector

B. Labudin, V. Skripnichenko, V. Titova
This article examines the financial and legal mechanisms of newly industrialized mining using diamond mining as an example. As an economic sector, mining continues to be largely dependent on overseas technologies. Mineral resources are seen as an asset crucial to the development of many industries.
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Industrialization as a factor of external conjuncture and internal environment influence on financial stability of non-ferrous metals companies

Maya Lvovа, Elena Panfilova, Ksenia Shoppert
The subject of the present study is the financial soundness of metallurgical enterprises during the period of Russia’s industrial development. The aim of the present study is to compare the financial data of enterprises operating in the Russian Federation metallurgical industry, to identify existing...
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Loan brokerage and its role in shaping economic relations of creditors with business entities in the context of new industrialization

Maxim Maramygin, Larisa Yuzvovich, Natalia Mokeeva
The subject of the study is the business model of loan brokerage, implemented in the market of loan services for business entities under the new industrialization in the context of the national and regional dimension. The authors have submitted a conceptual approach to the study of the economic nature...
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Stabilizing investment processes as a factor of industrializing a national economy

Muhabbat Makhmudova, Irina Viktorovna Denisova, Anna Michailovna Koroleva
The article substantiates the investment processes in Russia within the period 2015-2017, the analysis of investment structure and the evaluation of investment performance. The paper focuses on the amount of financial resources invested in the speculative financial market; a significant regional differentiation;...
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Forming the institutional principles of antimonopoly regulation in the digital economy

A. Mokronosov, A. Аnisimov, M. Аnisimova
The article is devoted to the formaing the institutional principles of antimonopoly regulation in the digital economy. The sections presented in the paper emphasize that changing in approaches to antimonopoly intervention is due to the transformation of competition forms in the digital markets. Marked...
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Theoretical and conceptual bases of new industrialization process in life support

N.S. Necheukhina, O.V. Mustafina, T.I. Buyanova
In this article, the authors reveal the basic foundations of new industrialization, highlight the conceptual approaches of industrial development, particularly the financial component, which provides and characterizes the effectiveness of innovative processes within the sphere of high-performance technologies...
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Financial monitoring as a tool of the new industrialization:European and Russian experience

E. Yu. Omelchenko, N. O. Omelchenko
The article gives a description of the activities of organizations specialized in combating money laundering: their motivation, the historical aspect of the development of the world practice of struggle. Revealed problems of countries in conditions of new industrialization, associated with excretion...
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State Mechanism for Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship in Terms of New Industrialization

Elena Okhrimenko, Sergey Chernov
The Article contains the analysis of the state of development and the system of state support for small and medium-sized businesses in the Sverdlovsk Region in modern conditions. The state legal mechanism for stimulating small business in the context of new industrialization is considered. The directions...
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Development profitability classification of mineral deposits for mining industry

Sergey Reshetnyak, Darya Vedrova
Mining industry is a basis for the sustainable economy development of any country. The state mineral resources sufficiency often plays a major role in geopolitics. A development of mineral deposits is inherently associated with a number of risks starting with a non-confirmation of geological research...
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Problems of the registration of labor relations in conditions of the economic model of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Irina Rogaleva, Alexander Bobkov, Oksana Savchina
The large-scale implementation of the digital technologies in conditions of the transformation of the economic model of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) requires new approaches in the registration of labor relations, due to the presence of an integrated legal institution of labor relations in the...
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Taxation of digital corporations: options for reforms

Olena Sokolovska, Sergei Belozyorov
Currently the new industrialization and digitalization of economies leads to the new tax challenges as a result of appearance of new business models, which do not need physical presence to carry out digital transactions. These challenges are generally related to the erosion of tax base and shifting profits...
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Problems and directions of improvement of legal security of the new industrialization stage in the Russian Federation

Vladimir Tolstolutsky, Pavel Dalekin, Vera Kolosova
The article examines the key problems of legal security of the new stage of industrialization in the Russian Federation, identifies aspects of legislative activities in the field of innovation, investment, leasing, development of the innovation infrastructure and the military-industrial complex. The...
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Public-private partnership as a complex interdisciplinary concept in the conditions of modern industrialization

Oksana Trotsenko
The author studies the issues related to the definition of the concept of public-private partnerships, as well as points of controversy in the interaction between the public and private partners. Based on the analysis of the analysis of current legislation and the existing doctrinal approaches, the author...
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Balance rapid test for assessing financial stability of an enterprize, improving the quality of economic assessments during the fourth industrial revolution

Aleksey Chernenko
The article provides a reliable way to assess the indicator of rational use of enterprise resources - its financial sustainability, which improves the quality of substantiation of management decisions implemented by economics in the fourth industrial revolution. The article provides a critical assessment...
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Сorporate investment tax deduction in the new industrialization context

Marina Chudinovskikh
The article dwells on income tax deductions provision and the procedure analysis. The research is aimed at the existing federal and Russian Federation subjects legal regulations within the framework of tax exemption provision for the companies investing actively. The ground for the research is the fact...
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Development of the theory of complex analysis of the activity of the enterprises of small businesses in the context of new industrialization

E. N. Shutro, L. V. Zubareva
Emergent information systems and technologies have toughened modern competition. Managers have to cope with new challenges continuously to keep their businesses sustainable. This article proposes a universal method for analyzing activities of small businesses, which is based on the specifics of the segment...
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Digital investment mechanisms in the cryptocurrency market: content, problems, and development prospects

Larisa Yuzvovich, Victor Ivanitsky, Tatyana Reshetnikova
The subject of the study is the economic relations arising in the process of sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies using digital mechanisms. New technologies in the field of currency circulation, the emergence of new types of currencies—cryptocurrency—lead to the emergence of a new economic reality of...
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Economic – mathematical models as basis of the interbudgetary regulation in the formation of the digital economy

I. V. Yakovenko, E. D. Streltsova, T. V. Dorf
In ensuring the conditions for the implementation of economic growth, a significant role is played by fiscal policy, among the effective instruments of which stand out the relations of interbudgetary regulation built on the principles of fiscal federalism, which perform stimulating and leveling functions....
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Intellectualization of economic and mathematical tools to support decision - making in the management of public finances in the context of digitalization

I. V. Yakovenko, E. D. Streltsova, L. E. Petrosjan
The purpose of this article is to develop economic and mathematical tools to support decision-making in the management of public Finance as a key area of digital development. Research meets modern trends of innovative development of the economy. The research of scientists in the context of the development...
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Intelligent computer decision support system for optimizing the control of investment analysis and projecting processes in the context of new industrialization

A. F. Shorikov, E. V. Butsenko, V. A. Tyulyukin
The article discusses the issues of development and creation of an intelligent computer system for decision support that allows to optimize the control of investment analysis and projecting processes in the context of new industrialization. The development and creation of such a system is based on the...
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Assessment of Application of Modern Management Technologies by Russian Regional Business under Conditions of New Industrialization Development

Raisya Akmaeva, Oksana Mineva, Edvard Glinchevskiy
This paper concerns modern management technologies that relate to the current stage of the new industrialization development. It proves that methods and tools of management, owing to the development of the new industrialization, ought to undergo changes to provide an efficient solution to current tasks...
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Digitalization as a Tool to Achieve the Priorities for the Regional Strategic Development

I.A. Antipin, O.G. Pozdeeva, G.M. Kwon
the article, devoted to the study of digitalization as a tool to achieve the priorities of the regional strategic development. The challenges, objectives, and priority development areas of the Russian Federation are systematized. The theoretical, practical and legislative aspects of strategic planning...
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Crowdsourcing as a modern management technology in conditions of new industrialization

Andrey Bakalenko, Ruslan Dolzhenko
The purpose of this study is to understand how crowdsourcing and formation of flash-organizations can be used in condition of new industrialization as the management technology for startups. Our paper mainly focuses on a group of Russian innovative companies expanding abroad. By combining the input from...
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Promote Development of Knowledge Intensive Activities on the Basis of Improving Management Training by Means of Acmeological Approach

Igor Balynin, Nataliya Nizhneva, Alla Mikhaylova
Acmeological methods of management training in the context of forming knowledge-intensive activities and their main features are described in this article. It is noted that in management theory, more attention should be paid to the problem of widespread use of the creative potential of the individual....
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Agents of new industrialization: a theoretical research platform

Olga Belyak, Elena Kalabina
The article deals with engineers as agents of new industrialization. The article gives a detailed analysis of specificity of engineering work, features and elements of an engineer’s professional culture, engineering competencies. The article discusses factors dissatisfaction employed engineers and presents...
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Integrated Management Analysis of Innovation in a Company

Svetlana Boronenkova, Sergey Krylov
One of the key goals of any company willing to survive and thrive in today's world of transformations is to create and solidify its competitive advantages. The level and effectiveness of innovation in the company largely determines whether the goal is achieved. It is only possible to manage innovation...
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Trends in the development of economic education in the conditions of new industrialization

Dmitriy Vlasov, Alexander Sinchukov
This article is devoted to the trends in the economic education development and the knowledge management in the informatization conditions. In this research the authors show the analysis of global trends in the world and Russian education that are important for improving the professional training of...
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Methods of evaluation of life-cycle resource provision for science-intensive products

Polina Grosheva, Alexander Yudin, Yuri Myakishev
The paper is dedicated to the developing methods of evaluation of life-cycle resource provision for science-intensive products. This method estimates and explains why a particular volume of resources should be involved to execute science-intensive projects. The method of estimation and evaluation of...
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Problems of diversification of the Russian Federation military-industrial complex and ways of solving them

Pavel Dalekin, Irina Guseva
The article deals with the main problems of diversification of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation under the current conditions of military products reduction of financing and supply. In order to solve these problems, the authors propose several ways to increase the level of diversification...
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Crowdsourcing as a modern management technology used by government, business and society in the context of new industrialization

Olga Demushina, Valeria Shiryaeva, Galina Savchenko
The purpose of the paper is to analyze the crowdsourcing platforms in Russia as a part of new economy resulting from new industrialization processes. One of the indicators of new industrialization is a widespread adoption of electronic technologies. Crowdsourcing is considered to be one of the most effective...
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The Management of the Corporate Training Efficiency based on the Monitoring of Performance Indicators in the face of new industrialization 4.0

Svetlana Dolzhenko, Konstantin Ilyushnikov
The article examines a method for managing the corporate training efficiency based on the monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators of the training specialists in the face of new industrialization. There is a practice-oriented example of setting the key performance indicators of the training...
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Experience of Using Real Options in the Practice of the Enterprise’s Innovation Activity: A case study

Marina Evseeva
The relevance of the study is connected with the need to expand the tools for managing portfolios of innovative projects in organizations. The traditional set of management technologies of a modern company does not provide adequate flexibility and adaptability in making management decisions in a rapidly...
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The experience of analyzing the digital track of fans to assess the holding of mass events the example of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Lyubov Zabokritskaya, Alina Kulminskaia, Evgeniy Komotsky
The authors explore the Russian and international experience of studying the digital footprint in this article. In particular, it analyzed the digital trace of the fans of the World Cup in 2018. The basis of the research was selected messages on the social network Twitter, marked the official hash tags...
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Relationship Marketing Management of a Small Industrial Enterprise in B2B Market in The Context of Digital Economy

N.B. Izakova, L.M. Kapustina, I.D. Vozmilov
In the article the prospects for the transformation of marketing technologies for managing small businesses into the conditions of a new industrial revolution are analyzed and methodical approach to assessing the effectiveness and degree of achievement of the relationship marketing goals is proposed....
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Institutional modeling of the management system of regional participants in dual education in the context of neoindustrialization

Alexandr Kokovikhin, Ekaterina Ogorodnikova, Andrey Plakhin
The initial prerequisites for writing this article were the multiple tasks of forming an effective management system for the regional participants of the dual model in the context of new industrialization. The dual model is one of the most effective tools for reducing the “competence gap” caused by neo-industrial...
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Influence of the imperatives of new industrialization on the academic staffing strategies of Belarusian universities

Nataliya Makovskaya
The article provides an analysis of staffing strategies in the context of the transformation of Belarusian universities. An attempt is made to assess the possibility of introducing effective academic contracts as the basis for the formation of personnel strategies. It has been substantiated that in the...
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New approaches to learning knowledge-intensive activities

Yuri Melnikov, Mikhail Boyarsky, Mikhail Lokshin
The article aims at investigating the managing activities in the context of management learning and its fundamental constituencies: formalization of information, transition to the language of another activity or another language of the same activity (for example, transition from the language of drawings...
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Dynamic Approach to Monitoring the Competitiveness of Non-Public Engineering Companies in the Region Under New Industrialization

A. Mokronosov, D. Voronov, A. Timoshin
The paper is devoted to the study of the problem of systematic assessment of the competitiveness of non-public machine-building enterprises with territorial integrity. In the context of the neo-industrial transformation processes, the implementation of the strategic objectives of sustainable competitive...
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Development of Multisided Platforms in the Context of New Industrialization

Svetlana Orekhova
The study aims at exploring the possibilities of applying a multilateral platform in the context of new industrialization as a business model of traditional industrial enterprises. The methodological framework of the study is based on the study of the platform economy design, theories of strategic management,...
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Development of the workforce potential of the state company employees in the new industrialization of Russia

Olga Osipova, Alexander Artamonov
The key to the success of the new industrialization of Russia is financial system meeting the requirements of advanced development. The article summarizes the unique experience of state-owned PJSC Sberbank in the adaptation of front-office staff to a digital organization working conditions. The system...
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Regarding information system for technological docflow: global challenge within the framework of the sixth technological basis

Anton Petrochenkov
The information system for technological docflow for enterprises has been considered. The analysis of the route of documents participating in bussiness, organizational and other activities was carried out and on the basis of analysis a classification of these documents was developed and a list of their...
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The Methodology Of Determining Asymmetry Of The Stakeholders’ Income Distribution Within The Industrial Park Structures As An Effective Tool For Strategic Management In The Face Of New Industrialization Challenges

Andrey Plakhin, Irina Tkachenko
The article outlines the provisions allowing to use the asymmetry of the distribution of additional effects as an effective tool for the strategic management of industrial park structures from the point of view of the stakeholder approach also in global aspects, in particular, the authors emphasize the...
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Correlation between HR-system efficiency and its formation based on the job competency model in the digital world

Elena Pozolotina, Inna Kulkova
The development of economic relations resulting from formation of the fourth industrial revolution, require a change in approaches to HR-management basic principles. One of these approaches in modern conditions might be a competency-based approach. The article describes an experiment on the formation...
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The Network Potential of IT Firms

Evgeny Popov, Viktoriya Simonova
In today’s world, the key factor of competitive advantage consists in the ability of economic agents to integrate, exchange information and generate knowledge. In this paper, we set out to investigate networks formed between firms with the purpose of facilitating mutually beneficial collaboration between...
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Employee potential in the transition to new industrialization: approaches to formation and evaluation

Vera Potudanskaya, Nina Borovskikh, Elena Kipervar
The article deals with the formation and evaluation of employee potential in the transition to a new industrialization. The purpose of the study was to identify the key problems of the formation, use and assessment of the quality of the personnel potential of the regions and the country, taking into...
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Development of portfolio management system in R&D: a case study

Liudmila Ramenskaya, Yana Savchenko
The relevance of the study is to consider the specific features of innovation management from the point of view of the project approach. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study was the works of Russian and foreign researchers in the field of management theory, project management, portfolio...
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Economically Optimal Digital Solutions to Manage Integrated Network Flows

Sergey Sergeev, Larisa Borisoglebskaya, Olga Pilipenko
The development of the industrial Internet of things, the standardization of data exchange protocols, is one of the drivers that makes the modern world big business follow the main trend of integrating into commercial networks. The concept of digital interaction and the construction of multi-level structures...
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Managing the innovative educational environment of the university in the context of knowledge economy

D.K. Stozhko, B.I. Bortnik, N.Yu. Stozhko
The article proposes a model of managing the educational environment of an Institute of higher education as one of the key centers of a knowledge-intensive economy that implements all aspects related to the production of knowledge and human capital. It gives the modern points of view and research data...
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The Organization’s Sales Policy Innovations in Terms of Exhibition Experience within the New Economy Conditions

T.L Sysoeva, N.G. Sosnina
The new economy conditions show the challenges for the organizations in the field of marketing tools. The B2B market considers the exhibitions as an efficient promotion tool in sales policy, but it requires the innovative approach in management within the new industrialization. The purpose of the paper...
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Management of internal consumer innovation readiness

G.S. Timokhina, A.A. Drevalev, E.V. Lubina
The article defines the concept of innovation readiness of an internal consumer, identifies the reasons and factors that influence, support or block innovation adoption among internal consumers of innovation. In the scope of innovation management, the system of innovation readiness levels (IRLs) is usually...
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Evaluation of Logistics Operators’ Operating Efficiency When Performing Knowledge-Intensive Types of Work

Z. Khmelnitskaya, M. Ivich, E. Bogdanova
The Article is dedicated to the assessment of the activity of the logistics operator in the new economy. Using the example of a logistic operator, an assessment was made of the effectiveness of the introduction of modern technologies. A methodical approach to evaluating the performance of logistics operators...
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Informatization of higher education

Elena Shangina, Nadezhda Surnina
Among the main promising areas of development of higher education, it is necessary to highlight the problem of Informatization of education. In the new model of education computer and computer technologies play a special role as a means of obtaining information, its processing and storage. There should...
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Lean Production Technologies: Application in Modern Industrial Practice

Elena Sharafutdinova
Russian industrial enterprises are interested in resource-efficient business. That is why the need of applying of production experience gained in other countries increases. The result of this experience was a set of methods aimed at eliminating traditional industrial production losses. This set of methods...
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Digital technology research of the number of scientific diaspora

Aleksey Shiryaev, Darya Aushkap
The article presents the technology of forming the database of the scientific diaspora on the example of Russia, as well as the approach to its verification - a survey of scientists included in the database. The analysis allowed to get the information not only about the causes of migration, interest...
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The Impact of the Organizational Culture on the Employee Proactivity: Empirical Study in Innovation Oriented Companies

Irena Esaulova, Irina Semenova, Natalia Molodchik
The achievement of a new industrial leadership in the world arena is directly related to the development and sustainable competitiveness of modern innovation oriented organizations. Practice shows that companies capable of maximally using the initiative of ordinary workers, their professional competence...
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Improving development management of knowledge-intensive production under the new industrialization

Valentina Yachmeneva, Andrey Veretyokhin, Natalia Tsarenko
The process of massive transition of enterprises to Industry 4.0 is underway at the current stage. Under such circumstances the production units development management becomes impossible without a profound management processes transformation and the formalizing management actions. The purpose of the...
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Evaluation of the strategic priorities of the development of the consumer market of industrial areas in conditions of the new industrialization

Natalia Tonkikh, Anastasiya Pesha
The article reveals the issues of modern strategic management of an industrial territory in conditions of the new industrialization. On the example of the analysis of modern trends in the consumer market of the city of Yekaterinburg, as an industrial center of the Urals, the authors carried out a critical...
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Food market in the conditions of the new economy: current trends, opportunities and threats

Lyudmila Donskova, Olga Zueva, Nikolay Belyaev
The authors analyze the features of the formation and development of the food market in the conditions of the new economy and note that the current trends are globalization of the market and its innovativeness. The innovativeness of the food market, the authors view through the prism of food innovation....
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Assessment of food quality of the population as one of the important social problems

O.V. Evdokimova, T.N. Ivanova, N.S. Evdokimov
The current problem of the nutrition quality of elderly people, as the most numerous and rapidly growing socio-demographic group, is considered. It is known that nutrition is practically the only means of increasing a person’s life expectancy by 25–40%, while the range of specialized products for this...
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Innovative product as future vision for the development of the food industry at the turn of new industrialisation

E.A. Pyanikova, A.E. Kovaleva, M.A. Zaikina
The article discusses the applied aspects of industrialization in one of vital areas related to industrialisation in the field of life support - food production. A set of measures for the development, implementation and production of innovative products using non-traditional types of raw materials is...
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Advertising Concepts Evolution and Benefits of Promotion Robots in the Digital Economy

L.M. Kapustina, M.S. Agababaev, A.A. Drevalev
The article explores the evolution of advertising concepts and defines specification of the new concept evolving in the conditions of the information society and the digital economy. The authors note that advertising can be considered as information provided as a gift for potential customers. It supports...
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Evaluation of logistic cooperation services in Lithuanian retail chains in the conext of New Industralization

Žaneta Karazijienė, Miglė Eleonora Černikovaitė
The most important task of industrialization is to improve the productivity of a country or a region. The aim of this article is to evaluate main factors of choosing logistic cooperation services in order to improve logistic processes in Lithuanian retail market chains under the new conditions of industrialization....
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Service Opportunities in the Development of the Hospitality Services Market in terms of the New Industrialization

Galina Kornova, Ekaterina Loginova
The article is dedicated to the development of the hospitality services market in the new economy. It is revealed that hypertrophied and irrational consumption changes the essence and direction of development of consumer markets. The feature of the service as an instrument of personification of hospitality...