Proceedings of the International Conference on Trends of Technologies and Innovations in Economic and Social Studies 2017

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Banking supervision: current trends and prospects

Dmitriy Alekseevich Antipin, Valentina Mikhailovna Pakholchenko, Olga Valentinovna Tauryanskaya
Central banks of all countries realize a function of banking supervision of credit organizations activity. The authors presented a classification of banking supervision organization models according to a degree and a nature criterion of central banks participation in this process. Moreover, the main...
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Innovation risks: challenges and prospects

Andrey Sergeevich Nechaev, Dmitrii Vladimirovich Ognev, Oksana Victorovna Antipina
Innovation risk is a complex multidimensional concept. To function successfully in a risk sphere, employees should have expert knowledge in economics. Effective risk management contributes to the competitiveness of a company on the domestic and international markets and increases the economic and industrial...
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Phenomenon of financial pyramids: nature and design

Allar Aleksandrovich Anzhu, Vladislav Vladimirovich Pshenichnikov
The article is dedicated to the study of nature and design of financial pyramids. The mechanism for the appearance and models of financial pyramids, the brief review of their appearance and collapse in the global history and in modern Russia are considered. Fractal geometry is suggested for use as a...
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Mechanism of information model development for company brand assessment within marketing strategy

Galina Astratova, Evgenii Sinicin, Elena Toporkova, Ludmila Frishberg, Irina Karabanova
Intellectual property is one of the main components of a marketing strategy in the assessment of a brand value.
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Tendencies of marketing development on market of education services in field of culture and arts

Galina Astratova, Elena Toporkova, Leonid Azarenkov, Irina Karabanova
The authors reviewed four key questions of the problem: 1) specific characteristics of higher education in the field of culture and arts in modern conditions; 2) current state of the market of higher education services in the field of culture and arts in Russia and abroad; 3) features of marketing in...
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Methodical Aspects of Economic Evaluation of Functioning Efficiency for Vertically-integrated Associations of Enterprises

T.V. Baibakova, L.A. Suvorova, V.S. Epinina , Y.M. Azmina
The article considers different approaches to evaluating the efficiency of a vertically-integrated association of enterprises. Unlike the existing approaches, methodologies and groups of efficiency evaluating indicators that characterize the performance of certain aspects of the vertically-integrated...
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Accounting-analytical model of innovation-active business entities

Anna Basova
The necessity of improving the tools of indirect stimulation of the innovation-active business entities is substantiated. A review of the views of various authors on the problem of stimulating the activity of innovative business entities is presented. The necessity of the development of accounting and...
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Systemic approach to study of developing innovative banking services for remote customer service in Bashkortostan

Lyuza Bayguzina, Guzaliya Galimova
The aim of this paper is to study modern tendencies in the development of innovative banking services for remote customer service in Bashkortostan. The paper deals with the systemic approach to the analysis of foreign authors from various perspectives related to the world experience of introducing the...
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Assessment of Factor Influencing Attraction of Foreign Direct Investment to Developing Economies

Konstantin Igorevich Kozhevnikov, Stanislav Victorovich Pridvizhkin, Oleg Victorovich Bazhenov, Margarita Karpovna Kozhevnikova, Yelizaveta Aleksandrovna Zasukhina
Modern trends in economic development are characterized by intensification of competition, globalization of markets and concentration of capital. Attracting foreign direct investment plays a significant role in the growth of developing economies. Assessment of influence that the foreign capital exerts...
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Assessment of Direct Investment Influence onto Economic Results of Copper Industry Enterprises

Stanislav Victorovich Pridvizhkin, Oleg Victorovich Bazhenov, Margarita Karpovna Kozhevnikova, Denis Vitalyevich Bayev
The paper defines and characterizes the direction and power of influence that different factors exert on the results of activities of companies in the copper industry, defined in terms of company's revenue. A special emphasis was put on the evaluation of the influencing power of direct investment. To...
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Transformation of the Structure of the Gross Regional Product in Siberian Regions

Valeriy V. Gamukin, Olga S. Belomyttseva, Larisa S. Grinkevich
Stability of the national economy is determined by the capacity of regional economies to adapt to the phenomenon of damping external and internal risk factors. In this paper, the authors consider the following main strategies for developing the structure of regional economies: (1) uniforming of the structure...
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Analysis and assessment of economic state of enterprise in context of strategy of import substitution

Galina Mihaylovna Beregova, Alexey Olegovich Klipin
The article analyses the concept of import substitution in a complex geopolitical situation in the world. It identifies and reveals the problems with establishing a fund for industrial development and its vulnerability to market conditions. For various example, it reveals the rapid development of import-substituting...
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Intrafirm labour mobility as element of corporate social responsibility

Alexandr Kokovkihin, Elmira Gatina, Ivan Borisov
This article aims to analyze corporate promotion practice of different worker categories taking into consideration their level of education, work experience and firm-specific capital. The analysis is based on the model of career theory proposed by one of its founders - Lorne Carmichael. The basic model...
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Classification of innovative activities in universities

Aleksandr Sergeevich Bovkun, Alena Olegovna Troshina
The article deals with different classifications of innovative activities in universities. The innovative activities are analyzed. The article concludes that the existing approaches to the classification of innovative activities pay insufficient attention to the business role of universities. The authors...
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Financial Strategy for Establishing Leasing Company

E.I. Bulatova, S.M. Syurkova, L.Z. Aliakberova, E.R. Nurmukhamedov
The article deals with the research results of the feasibility of implementing recommendations and suggestions towards developing a financial strategy for creating a leasing company.
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Methods of estimation of competitiveness of innovation project in foresty sector

Vladimir Iosifovich Bunkovsky, Igor Yurievich Ilichev
According to the authors, the main drawback of the existing methods of assessing the competitiveness of innovative projects is that they involve their comparison with each other. The proposed method involves an individual approach to evaluating the competitiveness of each innovation project, because...
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Small entrepreneurship as factor of sustainable development of region's economy under environmental restrictions

V. Y. Burov, P.V. Seliverstov, O.N. Vladimirova, N. B. Kaibalina
The article concerns the problem of ensuring of sustainable development of the region's economy under environmental restrictions. The recession of the levels of functional capabilities of the formation of various management systems in the aspect of the impact of technogenic factors on man's organism...
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Financial Provision of Contract by Limiting Price of Products

A.F. Hernenko, O.A. Afonina
In some cases, the product price, which is the output price for the enterprise, does not reflect the actual costs of the product. In this way the organization is to minimize its losses that appeared due to the discrepancy of established and real figures. In case of production output in accordance with...
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customer support phases register in enterprise management system

A.F. Chernenko, P.P. Maslennikov
At present, the process of exchange of goods and services has moved to a new level: thanks to the development of technologies, the availability of the Internet and an impressive number of proposals, specialists of the marketing analysis and sales department of enterprises in various fields are looking...
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Analysis of financial effectiveness of economic-mathematical model of investment projects

R.R. Chernyatieva
To ensure long-term financial stability and enterprise sustainability, executives need a strategic approach in solving financial problems, in effective ways of investing and in creating models for investment analysis and forecasting. The offered mathematical model allows one to provide optimization of...
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Mathematical modeling of state support of investment process

R.R. Chernyatieva
In this article, the mathematical model of the state support of investments is analyzed. The target function represents the maximal tax budgetary payments; the system of restrictions consists of linear and nonlinear functions, which corresponds to normative data. The maximal tax efficiency portfolio...
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Analysis of Demographic Pressure on Nature

N.I. Didenko, D. F. Skripnuk, K. N. Kikkas
The article evaluates the demographic pressure on nature. Demographic pressure on nature means the development of anthropogenic factors, caused by an increase in population and, consequently, by increased production and growth of the agrosphere. Analysis of demographic pressure on nature includes the...
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Concept of Lean Production Using Marginal Analysis in Conditions of Innovation Economics

E. Dolzhenkova, L. Iurieva
The article develops an algorithm for optimizing the orders portfolio of iron and steel companies based on marginal profitability analysis, which allows one to reduce "overproduction losses" of rolled metal products, as well as losses for carrying out the calculations - "expectation losses", in conditions...
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Method of Express Assessment of Innovative Development of Region Based on "Triple Helix" Model

Nikolay Egorov
The article provides a method of express assessment of a level of region innovation development based on the use of minimum key indicators of effectiveness of innovation activity - patent activity, production of innovation products and state support of innovation activity by an example of subjects of...
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Estimation of economic efficiency of integration processes by example of Eurasian economic union

Olga Ergunova, Viktor Blaginin
Modern economy is characterized by significant strengthening of integration processes caused by the deepening of relations between countries, international trade liberalization, scientific and technological progress, development of productive forces and the deepening of international labor division....
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Customs examination of intellectual property items in international economic activity

Olga Ergunova, Viktor Kovalev, Viktor Blaginin
The article is devoted to various aspects of examination, as an integral part of customs control, aimed at ensuring the protection of intellectual property items in international economic activity, as well as assessing the economic damage caused to the right holder by violating trademark rights. Particular...
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Financial support of investment process

T.V. Ermoshina, I.B. Yulenkova
Investment activity is an important indication of economic development of the country and one of the main criteria of steady economic growth. Investment intensity greatly influences the solution of major macroeconomic tasks: structural adjustment in national economy, formation of favourable economic...
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in Russian economy in conditions of limited resources

M.K. Eseev, D.N. Makarov, V.B. Korobov, V.I. Matveev
The poor development of transport infrastructure in the Arctic is the cause of significant time losses and increased costs when delivering goods to points located on the coast and islands of the Arctic Ocean and its seas. Often, a helicopter is a way of unloading a ship, which is the only way to deliver...
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Small innovation businesses attached to higher schools as new funding source of Russian higher education

Sergei Sazonov, Ekaterina Kharlamova, Irina Ezangina, Maxim Pridachuk
Modern conditions of development of educational sphere actualize new, additional funding sources of higher professional education capable of reproduction. Under conditions of market economy, higher schools, on the one hand, have to increase efficiency of using budgetary funds, received from the state,...
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Development of New Methodology to Assess Effectiveness of Low-rise Housing Construction

Kristina Filiushina, Nataliia Gusakova, Olga Dobrinina, Nikolai Minaev
The given paper presents the new method to assess the effectiveness of low-rise housing projects based on the public-private partnership principles. The basic indicators of low-rise housing project effectiveness were defined. The possible options for the mentioned projects implementation were considered....
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Development and Justification of System of Effectiveness Indicators Applied to Public Control Models in Field of Housing and Utility Sector of Tomsk Region

Kristina Filiushina, Evgeniia Trush, Nataliia Gusakova, Olga Dobrinina, Nikolai Minaev
The paper describes Russian and foreign experience in elaboration of the monitoring system of budgetary expenses effectiveness. It is based on the system of indicators enabling to conduct comparative analysis within the expenditure directions, as well as it can be applied in the housing and utility sector...
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Formation of strategy of effective management of fixed production assets of oil company

Marina M. Gajfullina, Gylnara Z. Nizamova, Dilara R. Musina, Olga A. Alexandrova
The article considers the approach to formation of a strategy for effective management of the fixed production assets of the oil company. The stages of forming a strategy for effective management of the fixed production assets of the oil company are given. Recommendations on the choice of the strategy...
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Sustainable development of system of social-labor relations in conditions of transformation of labour and entrepreneurship

Ulyana Anatolyevna Nazarova, Aigul Sharifovna Galimova, Oleg Aleksandrovich Alekseev, Albina Eduartovna Galina
The relevance of the problem under study is due to, on the one hand, narrowness of the methodological basis of modern labour economics for formation of a single subject field of interdisciplinary studies of social and economic transformations of the labor and entrepreneurship in the modern world. On...
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Assessment of effects of property taxes imposed on small and medium enterprises in Irkutsk oblast

Ildus Ilyasovich Galyautdinov
The article describes the results of the three-year research on possible economic and social effects of the changes in the Act of Irkutsk oblast "On the property tax" on small and medium businesses of Irkutsk, Angarsk, Bodaybo, Usolye-Sibirskoe, Sayansk, Tulun and Shelekhov. The article shows the dependence...
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Migration processes and life quality

Irina Glebova, Alina Khamidulina
This article analyses the interconnection of migration processes and life quality on the base of the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation case. Far East takes the first place in the decrease of the population among the federal districts at the moment, what undoubtedly causes negative...
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Implementation of content analysis in assessment of business attractiveness of regions of Volga Federal district.

Irina Glebova, Andrey Vorobyev, Victoria Svishcheva
This paper contains the description of a method which assesses business attractiveness of a region based on the content analysis of the analytical publications. The analysis resulted in the qualitative assessment of the business environment and revealed issues that impede further development of small...
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Peculiarities of Organizational Economic Mechanism Development in correspondence with State Strategic Management in Russia

Liudmila P. Goncharenko, Sergey A. Sybachin, Mikhail V. Khachaturyan
In modern conditions, development of the organizational economic mechanism of state strategic management is a key element for ensuring sustainable development of Russia in the conditions of limited resources. The article considers basic approaches to the specific features of development of the organizational...
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Binomial model of profitability of sales

Yulia Ivanovna Rastova, Alla Yurievna Gorbunova, Iurii Vadimovich Gorbunov
The article points to a high level of entropy current conditions that determine the need for further development of the methodology and methods of evaluating operating performance. The paper showed it based on the laws of the binomial distribution method for determining the direction of formation of...
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Econometric models for evaluation of marketing activities` indicators of social network

E. B. Gribanova, I. V. Shirenkov, A. V. Katasonova
In recent years, the analysis of social networks has received considerable attention in the literature because they have a global reach and the large number of data available. For organizations, there are the social networks attractive from the perspective of the promotion of their products and services....
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Peculiarities of interest rates as forecasting indicator in Russian economy

Elena Mikhailovna Grigorieva, Dmitry Sergeevich Valkov
The article studies the dynamics of different macroeconomic indicators from the point of view of their forecasting ability in the Russian economy in the period of 2012-2016. The article considers the changes in such macro-indicators as benchmark interest rates, the curve of zero-coupon yield, government...
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Sustainable forest development: problems and prospects

Olga Ikonnikova, Aleksandr Gorkin, Vitaliy Petrik
Russia is the largest forest power in the world, it accounts for a quarter of the world's forest cover. Occupying almost half of the territory of the country, forests provide environmental safety and are one of the most important factors of socio-economic development. In modern conditions, the problems...
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Optimization model of production and product sales within profit maximization

Maria F. Tyapkina, Elena A. Ilina, Dmitry I. Ilyashevich
Demand for some food differs from day to day. For example, a sharp increase in demand for poultry meat on weekends and holidays is notable. In such conditions, companies need to answer the following question: how many products and what kind of products shall be produced and sold to meet the demand of...
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Organizational Management Technologies for Maintenance and Repair of Power Grid Company Facilities

Larisa Ismagilova, Larisa Sitnikova
The article deals with the issue of organizational management of equipment maintenance and repair in a power grid company. A new concept of management has been formulated which reconciles the controversial requirements of cost efficiency and reliability. The peculiar feature of the proposed concept is...
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Integration of Structural Components of Russian and Chinese Accounting Systems

Larisa V. Iurieva, Elena R. Sinianskaia, Olga V. Savostina
The article compares the theoretical and methodological foundations of accounting in the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China in the context of a single concept of their integration into the system of the international financial reporting standards and increasing its informativity for...
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Choice criteria of personnel selection methods

Vladimir Andreevich Kadnikov, Alexandra Dmitrievna Kosintseva
This study investigates the staff selection process and identifies particular criteria influencing the personnel selection methods. Such methods of personnel selection as screening, interview, questionnaire, lie detector, biographical method, assessment center and reference checks are analyzed. This...
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Periphery of Old-Industrial Region Challenged by New Industrialization

Elena B. Dvoryadkina, Catherine I. Kaibicheva, Irina I. Shurova
The article addresses the concepts of an "old-industrial region", "periphery", "new industrialization", offering a generalized view of some current approaches to the evaluation of processes associated with the new industrialization. Having analyzed the statistical data available, the authors describe...
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Informational support for management decision-making in peripheries of region: problems and development prospects

Elena B. Dvoryadkina, Catherine I. Kaibicheva, Alisa Yu. Titovets
One of the means of increasing the availability of statistics information to local governments are information and analytical systems. The authors analysed and revealed the shortcomings of the current information and analytical systems at the regional and federal levels in Russia. The study of the information...
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Influence of Network Interaction Assessment on Regional Economy

Mariia A. Kamenskikh
Regions become more and more dependent on the level of innovations, because in recent years innovations have been developing as a resource of economic stability and growth. The region is an optimum platform for new knowledge commercialization. Thus, territories initiate the processes, which are connected...
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Modeling dynamics of price changes in housing market in Kazan

R.R. Khabibrakhmanova, R.A. Abramov
The article provides mathematical models to forecast the dynamics of price changing of residential property in Kazan. Verification of models was performed and results of the comparative analysis of prices in the secondary market of residential property in Kazan and other major cities of the Volga federal...
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Innovative development: regional analysis

Tatiana Khalilova, Lydmila Leontieva, Lekxander Khalilov, Gleb Leontyev
The social demand for accumulating the aggregate potential of the Russian Federation determines the need to solve the tasks of innovative activity facilitation, preserving and increasing the scientific-technical potential of the regions. Basing on systematic approach and results of research by the Institute...