Proceedings of the 2nd World Conference on Social and Humanities Research (W-SHARE 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Andi Anto Patak, Abdul Hafid Hasim
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Tessellation Technique on LORI MSME as Part of the Creativity and Application of Project-Based Learning for Design Students

Dewi Isma Aryani, Morinta Rosandini, Elliati Djakaria, Agnes Egidia Ananda Putri
Technological advancement is inextricably linked to the advancement of human civilization. Fashion accessories are a result of human civilization. Through this article, we will describe one endeavor to advance and broaden the range of jewelry designs is the use of Escher’s tessellation modular design...
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The Practicality of the Blended Learning Model to Increase Cadets’ Activeness in Makassar Aviation Polytechnic

Irfan, Hamsu Abdul Gani, Hasanah Nur
The practicality of the blended learning model to increase cadets’ activeness at Makassar Aviation Polytechnic is very effective. The model can be used as an alternative learning model to fulfill learning development and improve cadets’ competencies. The development of the learning model in this research...
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Online-Based English Vocabulary Learning Model in the New Normal Era

Haryanto Atmowardoyo, Geminastiti Sakkir
This article is part of the research results entitled “Online-based Student English Learning Model in Facing Curriculum Changes in the New Normal Period.” This research was conducted to see and identify the vocabulary learning model. English-based online for students. Descriptive qualitative research...
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Behavior Assessment Communicating: Scale Validation Through Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Abdullah Pandang, Mantasiah, Nur Fadhilah Umar, Azam Arifyadi
This study aims to assess the reliability and validity of the Politeness Behavior Scale (PBC) and derive the most suitable model from it. The researcher created the PBC scale. The researchers used a descriptive quantitative data analysis method, the PBC scale adaption process. Students from the three...
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A Study on the Impact of MBKM Program Implementation in Vocational Education: Improving Graduates’ Competitiveness

Ika Triwati, Nur Mustika, Farida Yusuf, Purnamawati
MBKM is a program initiated by the Ministry of Education and Culture to improve the quality of vocational education in Indonesia. The program aims to allow vocational students to learn independently, innovate, and be creative. However, vocational education institutions face several challenges, including...
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Enhancing Personal Knowledge and Metacognitive Competence Through Work Based Learning Model: A Case Study on Electrical Measurement Skills

Bambang Driyono, Husain Syam, Muhammad Yahya
This study aims to determine: 1) the need for developing the Work Based Learning model and 2) the effectiveness of the Work Based Learning model in improving electricity measurement skills—data collection techniques through interviews and questionnaires. The research approach is development research...
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The Influence of Teachers’ Teaching Methods, Attitudes, Motivation, and Commitment on Students’ Achievement at Vocational High School

Haekal Febriansyah Ramadhan, Zainuddin, Rosihan Aminuddin, Purnamawati, Suci Anita Octavia
The study aims to describe and examine teachers’ teaching methods, attitudes, motivation, and commitment to influence students’ achievement in Digital Simulation subjects at the Vocational High School at Soppeng Regency. The study used an ex-post facto research method, with a total population of 120...
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Students’ Learning Outcomes in Productive Courses: A Comparative Study Vocational High School and Senior High School Graduates

Zulhaji, Sutarsi Suhaeb, Abdul Mun’im, Purnamawati
This descriptive-comparative study compares how vocational and high school graduates learned in productive courses. In this study, learning outcomes serve as the sole variable. The sample in this study represented 50% of the overall population, comprising 146 students from three batches, 2018, 2019,...
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School Accreditation as a Certification for the Eligibility of Education Unit Services

Andi Cudai Nur, Sumarlin Mus, Muhammad Darwis, Sirajuddin Saleh, Risma Niswaty
Accreditation is a thorough evaluation process that assesses the qualifications of educational programs and units and ultimately results in the certification issued by independent and expert organizations. This study aims to investigate the current status of accreditation services, development, and implementation...
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The Influence of the Teaching Factory Learning Program on the Interests and Motivation in Entrepreneurship of Vocational High School Students

Hasanah Nur, Anas Arfandi, Nur Athiyyah Fadhilah
Vocational high schools are crucial in developing skilled workers and enhancing human resource capabilities. They serve as centers of excellence for vocational education, preparing students with practical and relevant training to succeed in the workforce. In doing so, Vocational High Schools play a pivotal...
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Implementation of Project-Based Learning in the Pandemic COVID-19 at Kindergarten

Herman, Azizah Amal, Sirajuddin
The purpose of this study was to describe the implementation of Project Based Learning during the pandemic at Telkom Makassar Kindergarten. The type of research used is descriptive research. The research subjects in this study were two teachers of Telkom Makassar Kindergarten. Data collection techniques...
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The Effect of Social Factors on the Use of Technology in Hybrid Learning on the Improvement of Critical Thinking Skills

Fatmawati Sabur, Sukarman, Musri Kona
The use of technology is critical in the hybrid learning model. A test was administered to 40 respondents aged 18 to 21 to assess the learning process's success level. The type of research used is one group pretest-posttest. Design in measuring student learning outcomes using a hybrid learning model...
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Development of Educational Games for Collecting the Alphabet Based on Desktop

Fathahillah, Muhammad Nurdin, Fitria, Purnamawati
This study aims to determine the results of the development of an educational game application to compose the letters of the alphabet and to find out the response of educators about the application of educational games to compose the letters of the alphabet. This study uses the Research and Development...
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360-Degree Panoramic Visualization in Archaeological Documentation: An Interactive Learning Tool

A. Muhammad Syafar, Muhammad Agung, Widya Wisanty, Haswah, Jheny Neriza Amanda
Tourism is one of the aspects of producing foreign exchange from the non-oil and gas economic sector for tourist attractions. One of them is documenting cultural heritage as a form of archaeological preservation. Therefore, adequate and complete data collection in spatial or three-dimensional (3D) attributes...
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Assessment of the Effectiveness of Airfield Lighting System Practical Learning for Students at the Higher Education

Bayu Purbo Wartoyo, Muhammad Agung
Airfield lighting practicum learning at the Makassar Aviation Polytechnic for now still uses the manual method where the cadets when doing the practicum have to go to Sultan Hasanuddin Makassar Airport to see the equipment and the equipment cannot be changed or opened because it is active equipment and...
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Exploring the Impact of Tutorial Learning Media on Vocational High School Students: An Evaluation of Content, Display and Application

Dian Hardianti Eka Lestari, Yasser Abd Djawad, Abdul Muis Mappalotteng, Hasanah Nur, Jamaluddin
This study aimed to develop tutorial learning media in Graphic Design subjects for students who take part in tutorial learning, knowing the practicality and effectiveness of the tutorial learning media that has been produced. This type of research was research and development. The development model used...
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Stepping Into the Future of Vocational Education: Exploring the Role of Virtual Reality Technology

Seni Asria, Muhammad Riska, A. Umar Patta, Purnamawati
Virtual reality (VR) technology and applications are developing very quickly. This can be seen in various technology products and VR technology support products on the market. Similarly, applications that use and absorb VR technology are increasingly used in various fields. However, the utilization of...
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Assessment of Students’ Attitudes in Higher Education: The Impact of Education and the Family Environment

Taufiq Natsir, Bakhrani A. Rauf, Faisal Syafar
Entrepreneurship education is not limited to theory, but there must be an attitude formation and a mindset to be ready to become an entrepreneur. The research aims to determine the correlation between entrepreneurship education and family environment to entrepreneurial attitudes. The study design used...
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The Use and Impact of Problem-Based Instruction on the Academic Performance of High School Students

Jasmin, Muhammad Danial, Halimah Husain
This quasi-experimental research aims to know the effect of the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) model on the learning outcomes of Class XI Senior High School students at Bulukumba Regency on the subject matter of hydrocarbon compounds. A posttest-only control group design was utilized for the research that...
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Developing Mathematics Assessment and Learning Packages in Basic Education Integrated with Web-Based Computational Thinking Skills

Hisyam Ihsan, Fajar Arwadi, Sutamrin
Computational thinking is a fundamental skill for everyone, not just computer scientists. It has been promoted as a skill as fundamental for everyone as numeracy and literacy. The idea of integrating computational thinking into mathematics education has been issued for a long time. However, there is...
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Implementation of Environmental Education in Universities: Impact on Student Knowledge and Attitudes

Ahmad Rifqi Asrib, Helda Ibrahim
To improve people’s knowledge, skills, and understanding of environmental values and issues for the benefit of both the present and future generations, environmental education aims to alter people’s behavior and attitudes. This research aims to examine the correlation between environmental knowledge...
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The Effectiveness of the Senior High School Learning Modules with an Integrated Guided Inquiry Approach

Muhammad Danial, M. Jabir, Yusmina Hala
Modules are printed instructional materials designed for independent student study. This research aims to develop a valid, practical, and efficient chemistry learning module based on guided inquiry. The instruments used to collect research data are a questionnaire for two validators, a questionnaire...
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Concern Environment Students to Problems Rubbish Through Application Field Trip Method

Erma Suryani Sahabuddin
Learning about environmental problems, especially waste problems, must also be carried out with appropriate and oriented methods that can change attitudes and behavior that care about the environment. Therefore, this research uses descriptive quantitative analysis to describe students’ environmental...
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End-User Computing Satisfaction Instrument: Assessment of Students’ Satisfaction Using E-Learning in Higher Education

Muhammad Agung, Muhammad Irfan Nur
This study aims to test the validity and reliability of the End-User Computing Satisfaction instrument (Content, Accuracy, Format, ease of Use, Timeliness, and User Satisfaction) for e-learning users at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Makassar. The research method used in this research...
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Assessing the Impact of Creative Problem-Solving Educational Models on Students’ Ability to Think Creatively

Anas Arfandi, Sri Wulandari, Muhammad Agung, Abdul Muis Mappalotteng
The capacity of students to think creatively is another factor that plays into whether or not they are successful in accomplishing their educational objectives. There will be less opportunity for students to cultivate original thought if they are exposed to fewer learning models. This study aims to answer...
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The Impact of a Conducive Learning Environment on Learning Motivation and Student Achievement in Vocational Schools

Fitria, Muhammad Yahya, Syahrul, Purnamawati, Hasanah Nur
The pedagogical process encompasses many elements, such as pupils, educators, educational aims, curriculum, instructional techniques, multimedia, and assessment. One of the learning outcomes is the manifestation of positive behavioral modifications in students after their engagement in educational pursuits,...
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Education as a Strategic Investment for National Human Resource Development

Elpisah, Muh. Hasan, Muh. Yahya, Andi Annisa Sulolipu, Suarlin
Education is crucial for creating competitive human resources and improving economic growth. It allocates individuals socially and requires expanding vocational education, improving teacher competence, and adjusting the curriculum. Developing superior human resources is essential for economic growth...
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The Influence of Parents’ Socio-Rconomic Status on Student Academic Achievement at Vocational Schools

Basri Bado, Thamrin Tahir
This study addresses whether parents’ socioeconomic status influences their children's academic achievement in a specific context: 10th graders at a vocational high school in Makassar City. The study employs the ex-post facto research method and a quantitative strategy, employing multiple linear...