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Improved Pedestrian Detection Based on Extended Histogram of Oriented Gradients

Li-hong ZHANG, Lin LI
In order to further improve pedestrian detection accuracy and avoid the disadvantage of original histogram of oriented gradients (HOG), differential template, overlap ratio and normalization method and so on are improved when HOG features are extracted, then more gradient information are extracted and...
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A New Algorithm of Eyed Typhoon Automatic Positioning Based on Single Infrared Satellite Cloud Image

Gang Yin, Yu Feng Chen
According to the characteristic that the gray value difference is quite obvious in different areas of the singles infrared cloud, this paper puts forward an algorithm of the eyed typhoon's center automatic positioning. After pretreating the cloud image, we use the template to segment the airtight cloud...
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Multi-object Tracking In The Overlapping Area Based on Optical Flows

Ningning Wang, Mingli Luo, Xiaohui Luo
For the question of incorrect target tracking when a dynamic occlusion occurred between two or more objects within a surveillance video, this paper raises use the optical flow to track pedestrians in partial occlusion and interaction area.We based single target locating and tracking model on the optical...
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The analysis of the method on the one variable function’s limit

Ke Wu
The limit of one variable function is an important problem in Higher Mathematics, it is a basic method to study the relationship between the function of variables. This template describes some important method about counting the limit, and gives the solving skills.
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An Analysis of Postgraduates’ Information Literacy and Academic Ethics

Tai Xiang
The development of graduates’ information literacy is inevitably connected with their academic morality, so more attention should be paid to combining them in education of graduates. This thesis both analyzes the role of information literacy and problems in five aspects, meanwhile, it also proposes some...
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Functional Requirements Analysis on Construction Project Cost System

Nannan Zhang, Jingzhao Luan
Construction project cost is the key problem in the control and management of construction project. For the existing cost system can not adapt to the development of the construction industry information needs of the status, this paper based on the use case model technology to the construction cost system...

On Implementation Scheme of Agriculture Industrialization APP Based on Industrial 4.0

Yanfei Sun, Pen Wu
the Intelligence based on the information physics system will enable humans to enter the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing in the next ten years, that is the industrial 4 era. Product of the whole life cycle and manufacturing process of digital and based on information communication...
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Application of sliding mode in the construction of reinforced concrete

Hejun Xu, Yuyan Huang, Chao Jiao, Yu Wang
The sliding formwork construction is a new technology of cast-in-place concrete project, compared with the conventional construction method, synovial fast construction speed, high degree of mechanization, can save formwork and scaffold required quantity, can be more convenient and flexible template apart...
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Analysis of a kind of bearing capacity of reinforced concrete hollow pillar compression and construction application mode

Hejun Xu, Fan Zhu, Yuhui Wang, Chuxian Zhang, Xi Han
This article introduces a kind of reinforced concrete hollow pillar, the pillar with hollow beam and column composed of reticular cells, each mesh cell in the horizontal direction through the telescopic column connection, in the vertical direction through the internal screw sleeve connection, terminal...
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A Novel Accurate Localization Method of Vehicle-logo

Jin Liu, De Cai, Zhonghan Shi, Jiahao Deng
Aiming at the problem lied in existed methods which cannot suppress grille background completely, a novel method of vehicle-logo accurate localization was proposed. Firstly color invariants and prior information are used for fast localizing license plate in RGB color space directly; and then process...
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Pedestrian Detection Using Self-Organizing Map Neutral Network

Yong-biao Shi, Feng Guo, Xiang Long
This paper presents a method of detecting pedestrian’s side in video frames of cluttered scenes. This detection technique is based on the novel idea of wavelet template and SOM neutral network. In order to make detection results more accurate and reduce computation cost, we process video frames for interpolation...
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Preference Template of D-Robots

Yuemin Hou, Linhong Ji
The term of design robot (D-Robot) refers to a finite state computing entity that changes the state of the object through a set of variable programmed actions for the performance of a variety of tasks that need both action-level mental activities of human designers and iterative operational activities....
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Preparation of Naphthalene Molecularly Imprinted Absorbent and its adsorption for Naphthalene

Dan Jia, Huimin Liu, Dongyan Gu
A novel naphthalene molecularly imprinted material was prepared using a template immobilized on Silica gel matrix by surface imprinting technique using naphthol as template, 3-isocyana to propyltriehthoxysilane as monomer, ethyl silicate as crosslinking agent. FTIR spectrum was adopted for the characterization...
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A novel knowledge engineering application platform for armored vehicles

Jianjun Lin, Dong Yu, Bo Li
As a practical application of knowledge innovation mode, knowledge innovation platform can improve enterprise dynamic capabilities and sustainable competitive advantages which have great significance. Knowledge innovation platform can be applied to the production systems of actual models or engineering...
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Retrieving Collocation Frameworks for Entity Attribute Knowledge Acquisition

Hong-lin Wu, Ruo-yi Zhou, Ke Wang
The key problem in the acquisition of the entity attribute knowledge for natural language understanding lies in the connections between the entity attributes. These connections could be represented by entity attribute collocations. It is impossible to get these entity attribute collocations manually....
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Research on Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Sparse Representation

Jianliang Meng, Rui Ni, Ye Wang, Peng Zhao
Visual tracking has been an active research topic which has a wide application in many computer vision tasks such as intelligence surveillance, vehicle navigation, human computer interaction, and so on. Introducing the background into the template set as the negative sample, the representative ones combine...
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A comparative study of anode properties of two ordered mesoporous carbons with tailored crystalline structure for lithium ion batteries

Jianguo Cao, Zhaohui Hou, Fanyan Zeng, Chongyong Ge, Yafei Kuang
Ordered mesoporous carbons (C-1 and C-2) with tailored pore size and defined crystal orientation are prepared by liquid crystal template carbonization method using AR-mesophase pitch as carbon precursors and SBA-15 as template. The topography, pore/crystalline structure are extensively characterized...
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Molecularly Imprinted Absorbent for Selective Recognition and Binding of Naphthalene

Li Min WANG, Ying Hua LI, Wei WEI
A novel surface imprinting material was synthesized using a template immobilized on Silica gel matrix by surface imprinting technique using naphthol as template, 3-isocyana to propyltriehthoxysilane as monomer, ethyl silicate as crosslinking agent. FTIR spectrum and scaning electron microscope were adopted...
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Iris recognition with 4 or 5 fuzzy sets

Nicolaie Popescu-Bodorin, Cristina M. Noaica, Patricia Penariu
In current literature, the degrading performances of iris recognition systems is put in user’s responsibility (Biometric Menagerie-BM), or explained through a va-gue mix of time-related changes in biometric pattern, its presentation and the acquisition sensor (Template Age-ing-TA). Actually, BM and TA...
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Research of Real-time Face recognition method on mobile intelligent device

Wu Lv, Tian-huang Chen
In order to solve the problem that traditional face recognition scheme was not efficiently suitable for the smart mobile terminal. This paper proposes a Real-time Face Recognition Method based on geometric features and improved template matching. The method is divided into two steps from general to detail...
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The application of the median filter in image restoration

Fengming Zhou, Weilan Wang
Image filtering is an important part in the process of image preprocessing, such as get rid of the noise from image. This paper introduces the application of median filter in image restoration, and the purpose is to repair the contains a lot of tiny crack in images. By comparing all kinds of filter,...
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Research on Camera Calibration of the Binocular Vision Light Pen Measurement System

Feng sHou Zhang, Jian Li Jin
To binocular vision light pen measuring system, calibrating the camera fast and accurate, can improve the practicality of the system application. In the establishment of ideal camera imaging model, considering the lens radial distortion and tangential distortion factors, studies the practical imaging...
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Machine Vision Processing System based on Embedded Linux

C. Ma, L.P. Xu, Z.D. Wang, K. He, R.X. Du
Machine vision is widely used in automatic equipments, but the vision system based on embedded Linux is seldom at present. The key points and difficulties are the image processing and its real-time on embedded system. This paper introduces the vision processing system based on ARM and Linux, mainly introduces...
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Image Matching Based on Election Campaign Algorithm

Qinghua Xie, Xiangwei Zhang, Wenge Lv, Siyuan Cheng
Image matching is widely used in image analysis and computer vision. Traditional Image matching method is to move the template in the reference image pixel by pixel, calculate their gray similarity. It has high computational complexity. If there is a rotation between the template and the reference map,...
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In Site Investigation and Statistical Analysis of Live Loads of Large Span Frame Structure during Construction

Zhengwu Ye, Chaojun Jian, Changming Hu, Yili Yuan
Combine with a large span frame structure project ,a survey on live loads of this building has been conducted,and the survey lasted the whole construction period of the building, the loads in the four phases of template erection, steel banding, concrete pouring and curing were recorded. According to...
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Measurement Method Research on Calibration Error of Radio Compass for Some Type Aircraft

Chang Wang, Chengliang Guo
This electronic document is a “live” template. The various components of your paper [title, text, heads, etc.] are already defined on the style sheet, as illustrated by the portions given in this document. DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS, SYMBOLS, OR MATH IN YOUR TITLE OR ABSTRACT.
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Synthesis of Biomorphic Fe2O3 Fibers Derived from Silk Template

Jin-Jin Li, Xu Feng, Tian-Chi Wang, Qin-Kun Yu, He-Yi Liu, Ching-Ping Wong
Natural silk fibers were used as the template to synthesis biomorphic Fe2O3 fibers. Silk fibers were first immersed into a Fe(NO3)3 solution and then sintered in air at high temperatures to produce the final Fe2O3 fibers. Their microstructures, phases, and synthesis process were analyzed. The results...
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Preparation of Superhydrophobic ZnO Surface Derived from Wood Template

Xu Feng, Jin-Jin Li, Tian-Chi Wang, Kai Chen, Gui-Ju Liu, Ching-Ping Wong
A superhydrophobic ZnO/C surface with a carbon morphology derived from a wood template was fabricated through a solution immersion process, sintering, and modification by FAS. The distribution of zinc oxide on the carbon substrate surface was controlled by changing the mass fraction of Zn(NO3)2. After...
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Research on Image Processing Based Component Localization Techniques

Jiawen Liu, Yixin Su
Affected by influence factors such as physical lighting environment or joining structures of the workpieces, etc., the positioning of workpieces by image processing may have huge deviation and are even not the location of the final target workpiece. This article realizes objective workpieces positioning...
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Design of Advanced Static Var Generator

Na Zheng, Qinghua Bai
This template explains the working principle of reactive power compensation of ASVG firstly, selects reactive current control mode to compensate reactive power, and uses composite switch to control the compensation device switching and off. In hardware circuit, it uses TMS320LF2407 DSP chip as the core...
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An supervised learning method for overlapping cells

Pengfei Shen, Jie Yang
The clustering phenomenon often appears in histopathology image, some cells overlap or touch together to from a big area. It is necessary to design an effective algorithm to separate the clustering cells into single one. We describe a generic method for segmentation microscopy images based on supervised...
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Influence of dual template on the synthesis of size controllable zeolite SAPO-34

Wencan Xiao, Bo Zhang, Hao Xu, Song Xiao, Yanna Liu
Nanosize SAPO-34 zeolite was successfully prepared by hydrothermal method using tetraethylammonium hydroxide(TEAOH) and triethanolamine(TEA) as template. It was investigated by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The results show that the dual template can control the particle size and...
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A Soft Template Method to Graphene Oxide Nanosheet/Polypyrrole Nanofibers Hybrid as Supercapacitor Electrode Material

Weitong Xu, Xiwen Yang, Ke Jiang, Li Li Zhang, Lijuan Luo, Xiaoning Tian
A simple and effective method has been used to prepare graphene oxide and/or partially reduced graphene oxide–polypyrrole (GO/Ppy and PRGO/Ppy) composite with sandwich structures by using the soft template method. In the case of GO/Ppy8, a high specific capacitance of 456 F/g at a current density of...

Research on the Law Against Employment Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities in the United States and Its Reference

Tingyu Li
The United States has a sound legal system against employment discrimination against persons with disabilities, including the constitution, special laws, and other levels. Through the promulgation of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the United States has established a basic...
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Synthesis of Ce/N Co-doped TiO2 Using CTAB Template with Improved Visible-light-driven Photocatalysis

S.Y. Yang, L.F. Yao, X. Wang, D.G. Xie, Y. Mao, Y. W. Geng, C. C. Jiang
Visible light active photocatalysts were prepared using N/Ce co-doped anatase TiO2 nanoparticles and using cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) as template. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), fourier transformation infrared spectroscopy (FTIR),...
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The synthesis of SSZ-13 with mixed template and it's catalytic performance for methanol to olefins reaction

Yunshui Deng, Yuan Li, Yu Su
In order to reduce the cost, a mixed template of BTMA+ and TMADA+ was used to synthesize SSZ-13 zeolite. The effects of the compositions of the mixed template on structure and morphology were characterized by XRD, SEM. The catalytic performance of prepared SSZ-13 was investigated in a fixed-bed reactor...

China’s Policy Option for Participation in Governance of International Digital Trade Rules Under the Background of COVID-19 Pandemic

Haitao Zhou, Zhigang Duan, Shaobo Yang, Zongjian Wu, Tianyu Hu, Haibo Zhou, Ting Wan, Ning Su, Zenan Dong
Benefiting from the rapid development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, digital trade has grown rapidly worldwide, changing the original development pattern of Digital Trade Rules, and being virtual, digital, intelligent, and convenient have become the new...

Study on Replication Mechanism of Routines Based on Knowledge Perspective

Yanliang Chen, Junting Ye
Replication of routines is a kind of important value ceration strategy for organizations. However, the incompatibility between existing routines and new contexts in the process of applying existing routines to new contexts has become the core issue concerns organizations the most. Drawing on recent theories...
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Small Target Detection and Recognition based on Template Matching

Tiansheng Zhao
A small target detection and recognition algorithm based on template matching is proposed to quickly detect and recognize small targets in a video whose size are from 10ž10 to 40ž40 pixels in complex background. Existing approaches cannot detect and recognize small target whose size is less than 40ž40...
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Porous WO3 beads fabricated by microfludic device

Jun Tian, Zeliang Dong, Yanjie Wang, Dongmei Zhao, Yanhong Zhang, Liguo Sun
In this study, we have fabricated porous WO3 beads by microfluidic device. The polystyrene(PS) nanosphere arrays were filled by WO3 to prepare porous beads by using a template method. At the same time, in this paper, the raw materials used in this experiment is tungsten oxide which has the photoelectrochromic...
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A method of iris tracking based on machine vision

Dong-shuang Li, Lan-xiang Zhong
Through analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the template matching method, Kalman Filter and Mean Shift algorithm, we proposed the method of combining them. We use the template matching method to initialize the irises positions, extract the eyes area, and then combined Kalman filter with Mean...
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Effect of Annealing Temperature on Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) Activity of Nitrogen and Sulfur Co-doped Mesoporous carbons

Qiaowei Tang, Fang Dong, Fengyuan Zhang, Jinli Qiao
In this work, we have synthesized N and S co-doped mesoporous carbons as highly efficient electrocatalysts to investigate the influence of annealing temperatures on electrocatalytic activity of N and S co-doped mesoporous carbon for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline media. The catalysts were...
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Doped Mesoporous Carbons Derived from Transition Metal Iron and Chitosan as Efficient Non-Precious Cathode Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Electrolyte

Fang Dong, Enguang Zhang, Qiaowei Tang, Qinping Guo, Jinli Qiao
In this work, a series of mesoporous carbonaceous materials (MCs), which are simultaneously doped with N and Fe-containing species, were prepared by polymerization of potassium hexacyanoferrate-mediated chitosan on SiO2 nanospheres. The SiO2 template was carbonized and etched with NaOH. The electrochemical...
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Research on Video Object Segmentation Algorithm Based on Background Reconstruction

Fengmin Cheng
Aiming at the problem of occlusion and shadow in the existing video object segmentation algorithm, a new video object segmentation based on background reconstruction is proposed. In the time domain, the motion area of a single frame image is obtained, and the method of changing the template with the...
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Research on Filling Mining with Fly Ash-based Cement Materials

Weixin Chen, Fengyi Li, Xianhua Guan
In order to prevent surface movement and release “three under” coal, the new fly-ash cementing materials were utilized to take industrial test in Taoshan mine NO.3 colliery 95# coal-seam gob. The filling slurrys were transported into the filling bags in gob along the pipeline, taking away the pillar...
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Method for Military Conceptual Modeling Based on Template Description

Yang Zou, Yiping Yao, Wenjie Tang, Zhongwei Lin
Military conceptual model can help achieve the consistent understanding between experts and developers and strengthen the normalization of military simulation modeling and reusability of simulation model. To solve the problems (loss of modeling elements, non-standard description and so on) appeared in...

Database Marketing IN Life Insurance Marketing Development Strategy

GuozHen Sun
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for publisher. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to Letter format (21.59 x 27.94 cm or 8.5 x 11 inches); with the margins:...
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A Hierarchical Algorithm for Document-images Fast Matching

Tan Shuang, Jia Yan, Fan Hua
As digital libraries and document images largely use in the network, how to retrieve them quickly become one of the key issues. This paper presents a hierarchical matching algorithm to achieve fast retrieval of document images. Firstly, we can quickly find the possible matching location through approximate...
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Design on a Desktop Meal-assistance Robot

Fkerong Gai, Jinxiang Zeng
To cater for the demands to desktop meal-assistance robots, the paper designs a meal-assistance bluetooth-controlled robot which applies the wireless, embedded S3C6410 as the processor with ARM11 as the core, realizes voice interaction, foot-switch control and other functions through transplanting Linux-2.6.36...
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Dynamical properties of a new six-term chaotic system

Sen Qin
A new butterfly-shaped three-dimensional chaotic system with six terms is proposed, which includes four parameters to control its chaotic dynamics. Some dynamic behaviors, such as symmetry, equilibrium points, and Lyapunov exponent spectra, are theoretically and numerically discussed. The bifurcation...