International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2008
Valérie de Witte, Stefan Schulte, Etienne E. Kerre
Pages: 103 - 115
In this paper we present a new vector ordering ≤RGB for colours modelled in the RedGreenBlue colour model. The RedGreenBlue colour model becomes with this new ordering and associated minimum and maximum operators a complete lattice. We also have defined a complement co for colours in the RedGreenBlue...
Cengiz Kahraman, Orhan Engin, Ihsan Kaya, Mustafa Kerim Yilmaz
Pages: 134 - 147
This paper addresses the Hybrid Flow Shop (HFS) scheduling problems to minimize the makespan value. In recent years, much attention is given to heuristic and search techniques. Genetic algorithms (GAs) are also known as efficient heuristic and search techniques. This paper proposes an efficient genetic...
Luis Martinez, Macarena Espinilla, Luis G. Perez
Pages: 148 - 158
Evaluation is a process that analyzes elements in order to achieve different objectives such as quality inspection, marketing and other fields in industrial companies. This paper focuses on sensory evaluation where the evaluated items are assessed by a panel of experts according to the knowledge...
Xian Shen, X.Z. Gao, Roufang Bie
Pages: 168 - 176
Artificial Immune Systems (AIS), which is inspired by the nature immune system, has been applied for solving complex computational problems in classification, pattern rec- ognition, and optimization. In this paper, the theory of the natural immune system is first briefly introduced. Next, we...