International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2013

1. Introducing IJNDC

Roger Yim Lee
Pages: 1 - 1
Review Article

2. A View Of Cloud Computing

Juhnyoung Lee
Pages: 2 - 8
Today’s IT infrastructure is under tremendous pressure and is finding it difficult to keep up. In distributed computing environments, up to 85 percent of computing capacity sits idle. 66 percent of every dollar on IT is spent on maintaining current IT infrastructures versus adding new capabilities. In...
Research Article

3. OSERENA: a Coloring Algorithm Optimized for Dense Wireless Networks

Ichrak Amdouni, Pascale Minet, Cedric Adjih
Pages: 9 - 24
The goal of this paper is to present OSERENA, a distributed coloring algorithm optimized for dense wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Network density has an extremely reduced impact on the size of the messages exchanged to color the WSN. Furthermore, the number of colors used to color the network is not...
Research Article

4. Improvement of Software Reliability Estimation Accuracy with Consideration of Failure Removal Effort

Myungmuk Kang, Okjoo Choi, Juhwan Shin, Jongmoon Baik
Pages: 25 - 36
In order to develop highly reliable software in a cost-effective manner, it is necessary to manage software reliability at the early test phases. Most of developers at those phases perform a test and debug activities together. In this paper, we propose a new reliability estimation model to manage the...
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5. Explicit Rate Control for MANET

Nazia Zaman, Morshed Chowdhury
Pages: 37 - 45
Streaming applications over Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) require a smooth transmission rate. The Internet is unable to provide this service during traffic congestion in the network. Designing congestion control for these applications is challenging, because the standard TCP congestion control mechanism...
Research Article

6. A Fault-Tolerant Schema for Clock Synchronization and data aggregation in WSN

Na Wang, Haihui He, DongQian Liu
Pages: 46 - 52
Event monitoring and determination is a popular application in WSN. Considering the special circumstance that some nodes of the wireless sensor network are faulty, a fault tolerant schema for data aggregation based on event clustering was proposed. Also, an improved HRTS algorithm named T-HRTS which...
Research Article

7. The Smart Energy Management of Multithreaded Java Applications on Multi-Core Processors

Kuo-Yi Chen, Fuh-Gwo Chen
Pages: 53 - 60
Multi-core processors are becoming widely deployed. However, more cores consume more power. A power saving technique for multi-core systems based on the observation of critical sections is proposed. Since only one thread works in a critical section, other threads on other cores that access the same resource...
Research Article

8. Realize Node Localization Based on OLSR Protocol in Ad Hoc Networks

Anbao Wang, Bin Zhu
Pages: 61 - 71
In wireless Ad Hoc network's many applications, learning accurately the position of the node is one of its important conditions. Node walks randomly in wireless Ad Hoc network, thus it causes the position of the nodes are stochastic; Therefore, the node localization technology is one of the difficult...