Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Applications

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Stochastic Non-autonomous Lotka-Volterra Mutualism systems with Impulse Jump and Markov Switching

Fangxia Lu, Zuomao Yan
In this paper, we investigate a stochastic non-autonomous Lotka-Volterra mutualism with impulse jump and Markov switching, and two sufficient conditions for stochastic persistence are established.
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Analysis of the algorithm of the dual spectrum feature extraction of communication radio station

Wenle Yuan, Xuanmin Lu, Wensheng Luo, Jinjie Cao
In order to study the characteristics of double spectrum radio signals, based on higher order statistics and the double spectrum definition and properties, using two kinds of direct and indirect bispectrum feature extraction algorithm, and two kinds of radio signal bispectrum estimation is simulated....
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SOC estimation for Power Lithium-ion Battery Based on AUKF

Enguang Hou, Xin Qiao, Guangmin Liu
In order to improve vehicle performance and safety, need to accurately estimate the power lithium battery state of charge (SOC), in allusion to nonlinear characteristic of power lithium-ion battery, presented a method estimation of power lithium-ion battery SOC based on AUKF. Introduced the principle...
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Stock price forecasting model analysis based on the wavelet neural network and the data cleaning technology

Xin Sun, Ziqi Tang, Ziwei Guo
Financial time arrangement, for example, stock cost and trade rates are, regularly, non-straight and non-stationary. Beforehand, numerous scientists have endeavored to conjecture those utilizing factual models and machine learning models. Measurable models expect the time arrangement to be stationary...
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The Design and Implementation of Intelligent Greenhouse Monitoring System Based on WEB

Hengguo Zhuang, Ruming Gao, Zhibin Du, Jiansheng Guo
With the development of Internet and information technology, the traditional greenhouse environmental monitoring system operation is not stable. This paper designed a greenhouse intelligence remote monitoring system based on Web. The system used B/S architecture to realize real-time monitoring and adjusting...
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Discussion on Industry Cloud Service System of SMEs

Xue Huang, Liutao Zhao
The Industry Cloud Service is a cloud application and service platform which is built to promote the informationization of SMEs. It provides services of purchase or lease information products and integrates mechatronic products design of CAD, CAE, CAM, CAPP, PDM, and PLM with production process management....
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Modeling of integrated quay cranes, yard trucks and yard cranes scheduling problem for outbound containers

Yujie Xiao, Yan Zheng, Peng Li
In container terminals, quay cranes, yard trucks and yard cranes are three main handling equipment and responsible for transporting inbound and outbound containers. To lower ship turnaround time, it is crucial that operations by these three handling equipment are well coordinated. Most previous studies...
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Optimization And Implementation Of Item-based Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Attributes and Penalty Factors

Lukun Zhu
A new item-based collaborative filtering algorithm based on attribute similarity and Penalty was proposed by analyzing the drawbacks of traditional item-based collaborative filtering algorithm according to the similarity between items to select the nearest neighbor[1].The new item-based collaborative...
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Analysis of Load Control Strategy

Junxia Qian
In the paper a management scheme is proposed. Firstly, the yardstick competition is applied to optimize the electricity energy rationing model to realize maximum energy consumption efficiency. Secondly, the objective of load control is to achieve the maximum of energy consumption efficiency and the minimization...
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Anomaly Detection in Industrial Control Networks Using Hybrid LDA - Autoencoder Based Models

Hua Zhang, Shixiang Zhu, Jun Zhao, Minghui Gao, Zheng Shou, Ye Liang
This paper introduces a hybrid model that combines Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) model with autoencoder to detect anomalies in Industrial Control Networks. The autoencoder provides a low-dimensional embedding for the input data, whose subsequent distribution is captured by the LDA model. The autoencoder...
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Geometric Correction Algorithm for UAV Remote Sensing Image Based on Neural Network

Lirong Diao, Riuan Liu, Tingting Chen
In the process of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) remote sensing image geometric correction, the method of the geometric correction plays a vital role. Since the neural network is a distributed and parallel mathematical model, and it has good learning ability for nonlinear, so the nonlinear and uncertainty...
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Dynamic analysis of communication transmission tower based on finite element method

Xingwu Kang, Yongwei Zhang
Communication transmitting tower is an important part of communication engineering, analyzing structural characteristics and dynamic characteristics of the tower has practical significance. The three-dimensional model of communication tower is established by Solidworks, and the model is simulated and...
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Research on the Integration Mechanism of Communication Technology Specialty

Xueqin Jiang
In China's rapid economic and social development, economic restructuring and industrial upgrading, the phenomenon of homogenization appears in university development, and students are facing the problem of difficulty in employment and so on, so it urgently needs for high-level application-type talents....
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Method of Flatness Pattern Recognition Based on Chaos Particle Swarm Algorithm Optimization Elman Network

Zhimin Bi, Yan Wang
In order to obtain flatness pattern recognition method of high accuracy and simple operation .this paper presents a chaotic particle swarm initialization sequence, as well as put the chaotic sequence join into the thin iterative search process after meeting some conditions, Elman neural network shape...
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Import and Export PSCAD Document Based on XML Technology

Weimei Zou, Min Liu, Lixiang Sun, Dongyue Yang, Guochao Xie, Jiayu Wang, Chongru Liu
To figure out a way to solve the problem that the model of a system built in a simulation software is needed to simulation in another software, a transfer technique based on XML is proposed in this paper. It can help the users transferring simulation system from PSCAD between other simulation software...
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Ultimatum Game Model Based on Facial Trait Inference

Yujia Wu
The existence of a beauty premium in the labor market suggests that appearance can exert effect in the real world. We explored facial trait inference-especially focused on facial attractiveness and facial trustworthiness-in an Ultimatum Game experiment, which is commonly used to examine economic decision...
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Study on Measurement of Group Delay in Broadband Channel Based on Nonlinear Fitting

Xinfeng Mao, Hong Ma, Ge Song, Baotong Peng
In VLBI, obtaining group delay characteristics of equipment is essential to ensure the measurement accuracy. The thesis proposes a new measurement method, nonlinear fitting method, by analyzing how to get group delay characteristics with direct phase difference method and linear-least-squares fitting...
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Internet Key Exchange Protocol Fuzzing Test On Extended Peach Framework

Jiawei Zhang, Yijie Shi
With the development of computer network technology, network security issues are also making more and more people pay attention. IPsec protocol as a viable solution to IP communications security was put forward, and many IPsec products were also launched. Therefore, to detect and mine possible vulnerabilities...
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Implementation of Parallel CASINO Algorithm Based on MapReduce

Li Zhang, Yijie Shi
In recent years, with the rapid development of social network, deeply analyzing and mining the social network users is of great significance in the area of information propagation and advertising, and there have been increasing research efforts on it. In this paper, we analyze the CASINO algorithm deeply...
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Improving Louvain Algorithm for Community Detection

Bin Hu, Wenmin Li, Xuesong Huo, Ye Liang, Minghui Gao, Pei Pei
Community is one of the important characteristics of reality network, which can effectively reflect the inner information of network and the relation among nodes. For the division of the community there already had many effective algorithms, the Louvain algorithm based modularity is a more popular community...
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Medical health data analysis based on Spark Mllib

Tong Xiao, Yijie Shi
In recent years, health and disease prediction has become an important part of medical wisdom, and has attracted more and more attention. At this stage, the prediction of health care mainly relies on the medical health records data. For predicting results, it is only in view of the disease or not. At...
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Optimization of Real-Valued Self Set in Immunity-based WSN Intrusion Detection

Weipeng Guo, Yonghong Chen, Tian Wang, Hui Tian
Real-valued negative selection algorithm (RNSA) has been a main algorithm of immunity-based intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). However, the real-valued initial self-set which is used to train detectors has some defects: boundary invasion and overlapping among the self-samples. Detectors...
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The research on grid ionospheric delay algorithm of BDSBAS

Geng Yu, Mo Peng
With the development of BD navigation system, it is pressing to develop Satellite-Based Augmentation System of BD system. Based on the observation data on March 20, 2016 of 10 GNSS reference stations from Cmonoc, the paper verifies the accuracy of grid ionospheric correction algorithm of BDSBAS in part...
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Effectiveness of Vehicle Dynamic Reassignment Dispatching in Interbay Material Handling System

Jianping Chen, Beixin Xia, Xin Chen
This paper proposed a multi-attribute of intelligence dynamic scheduling method in Interbay automated material handling system (AMHS), this method can response to OHS idle status and wafer lot's request in real-time, then developed an optimal re-assignment, thus promoting the performance of the Interbay...
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An Effective and Novel Weighted Support Vector Machine Method for Control Chart Pattern Recognition

Jianping Chen, Beixin Xia, Xin Chen
Control chart pattern recognition is the method to realize quality online monitoring and diagnosis of production process. For the conditions that the number of existing normal mode products is much higher than the abnormal ones during the actual manufacturing process, we proposed a method about WSVM...
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Design of Wireless Temperature and Humidity Acquisition and Alarm System for Calibration Laboratory

Ning Guo, Kang Guo, Xiangdong Mao, Haitao Liu
Aiming at the high requirement of the environment of calibration lab, this paper designs a kind of wireless temperature and humidity acquisition and alarm system. This system based on AT89C52 microprocessor can collect, process and store the data from the sensor nodes in the laboratory and transmit the...
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The Analysis of Characteristics of Aviation AC Series Fault Arc

Feng Zhong, Junmin Zhang
The AC series fault arc tests are conducted by a self-design platform according to several common test standards for fault arc circuit breakers in this paper. Compared with the no-arc current waveform, the current of fault circuit has shoulders when the current passes zero, and the current of fault circuit...
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Genetic Diversity Analysis of Red Rice from Hani's Terraced Fields in Yunnan Province

Mengli Ma, Yanhong Liu, Hengling Meng, Bingyue Lu
Genetic diversity is the main source of variability in any crop improvement program. There are abundant rice landraces in Hani's terraces fields in Yunnan, especially red rice resources. A set of 61 red rice landraces were characterized using 78 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers to study genetic diversity....
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Cluster Analysis of Red Rice based on SSR Markers from Hani's Terraced Fields in Yunnan Province

Mengli Ma, Yanhong Liu, Tiantao Wang, Bingyue Lu
Genetic diversity is the main source of variability in any crop improvement program. There are abundant rice landraces in Hani's terraces fields in Yunnan, especially red rice resources. A set of 61 red rice landraces were characterized using 78 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. Cluster analysis...
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Phenotype Diversity Analysis of Amomum tsao-ko in Lvchun County of Yunnan Province

Shaoze Duan, Kunlong Zhu, Wenqiang Li, Linyan Xie, Xianwang Zhou, Dong Shen, Tiantao Wang, Shenxuan Yang, Mengli Ma, Bingyue Lu
Genetic diversity analysis is very important for germplasm conservation and utilization. In this study, 13 quantitative traits of 50 Amomum tsao-ko plants were assessed by basic statistical parameters and principal component analysis (PCA). The results indicated that the phenotypic diversity was abundant...
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Analysis of Positive and Negative Emotions based on EEG Signal

Juan Li, Guozhong Liu, Jie Gao
The use of computer technology for emotion recognition is the key to achieve high-level human-computer interaction. Aiming at the research of emotion recognition and classification based on EEG signals, emotional stimulus was designed with positive and negative emotions. The emotion feature extraction...
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Distribution Network Planning Evaluation Considering Risk Cost

Jianwei Xu, Haifeng Su, Zhirui Liang
There are many uncertain factors that affect the planning of power network, and these uncertain risk factors appear in all stages of the life cycle. The uncertainty of load and electricity price directly affects the whole life cycle cost of the plan. In the whole life cycle cost calculation of power...
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Elevator Regenerative Energy Feedback Technology

Peng Gao, Weifei Niu, Zhuojun Quanji, Yang Yang, Yinghui Lv
Elevator regenerative energy feedback technology is an important method of reducing energy consumption. Elevator regenerative energy feedback technology includes energy feedback system structures and feedback energy storage methods. This article introduces the feedback system structures and energy storage...
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Equipment Quality Importance Evaluation for Wind/Photovoltaic Energy Storage and Transmission Demonstration Project via Index System and Cluster Analysis

Long Jiang, Lei Du
22 kinds of equipment for wind/photovoltaic energy storage and transmission demonstration project were selected to establish the equipment quality importance index system via their operation and quality supervision data. Then, the evaluation results were combined with the cluster analysis to further...
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Research on Control System for Whole Process of Informatization

Xiaoyi Yu, Yan Cui
The traditional IT Management and control system has several problems. Firstly, focus on many points such as designing, projects and documents. The whole process is not connected and controlled by the system. Secondly, the lack of flexible results in the inconsistent of control process and application...
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Design of Hydraulic Pulse Test System based on PLC and HMI

Zehong Wang, Jungong Ma
A test and control system for hydraulic pulse test is designed according to the requirement of high temperature pulse endurance test of automotive air conditioning system. The system can control the temperature, pressure and switching frequency. It also has the function of timing detection and fault...
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Drink Bottle Defect Detection Based on Machine Vision Large Data Analysis

Yuesheng Wang, Hua Li
Aiming at the problem of low efficiency, low quality and uncertainty of the subjective control of the beverage bottle defect, this paper designs a kind of beverage bottle defect detection based on machine vision large data analysis and multi-sensor information fusion. System. At the same time, a large...
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A Solution for Identification of Bird's Nests on Transmission Lines with UAV Patrol

Qinghua Wang
Birds often disturb the normal operation of transmission lines during their activities in the nature. Now, it is common to rely on workers that check, identify and remove bird's nests on transmission lines, but their observation is less efficient and geographically limited. This paper proposes a solution...
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A Distributed Elastic Messaging System

Jiayuan Sun, Hua Zhang
The distributed message queue can ensure the stability and reliability of the asynchronous message communication between modules, and simplify the complexity of the system. In this paper, a distributed message system architecture is proposed, which can make the message system have the ability of elastic...
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Exploiting FastDFS Client-based Small File Merging

Haimeng Chen, Hua Zhang
How to store masses of small files is a generally acknowledged problem in industry and academia. Small file merging is the most successful strategy to solve this problem, which has been supported by many distributed filesystems, such as FastDFS. However, in FastDFS, our experiments indicate that excessively...
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An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Distributed Computing System

Shuhao Cui, Hua Zhang
In distributed computing environment, task scheduling is one of the most important factors that affect the overall efficiency of the system. Task scheduling has been proved to be a NP-completeness problem, and the only way to solve this kind of problem is the method of exhaustion. Genetic algorithm is...
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Research on lubrication performance of micro-textured journal bearing based on fluent

Lili Wang, Shaohui Guo, Guoxiao Yin
The micro-textured surface technology has obvious effect on improving the lubrication performance of the journal bearing. In this paper, a 3D micro-textured journal bearing model is established by fluent and compared with non-textured smooth journal bearing. The effect of circumferential total texture...
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Research on Control and Switch of Multi Operate Modes in a Micro Weak County Power Grid

Yu Liang, Lianhang Fang, Hongyan Liu, Qiang Wu, Qinchen Yang
When the grid structure area of county power grid is weak, its fragility is exposed in the face of major natural disasters (such as typhoon), which would result in serious consequences such as power loss in the whole city. If the traditional small hydropower resources of regional county power grids are...
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Optimization Research of AC/DC Power Grid Considering Complementary Characteristics of Multiple Power Source

Tao Liu, Fengmei Cao, Weihuang Huang, Zhichao Liu, Yan Li, Qiujuan Shi
With the rapid development of wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation. The power grid stability influence by randomness and intermittence of wind and solar energy more and more serious. Although the hybrid wind/photovoltaic power generation system with energy storage (HPWS) utilize the...
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Optimal Computation of AC/DC Incremental Transmission Losses Based on Adaptive Slack Bus

Tao Liu, Zhichao Liu, Ming Li, Qiujuan Shi, Ying Huang, Li Chen
With the development of HVDC transmission technology, AC/DC hybrid system has become an important means of regional power grid interconnection. As a prerequisite of the reliable operation of the system, it is very important to study the power flow calculation and network loss optimization problems of...
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Research on Marine Engine Fault Diagnosis based on Vibration Signal Analysis

Tao Ge
With the development of signal analysis and processing technology, the application of vibration signal analysis technology in the ship's fault diagnosis is more and more extensive and mature. The article analyses the diagnosis signal types and characteristics of vibration signal in the ship engine fault...
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Selection Method Study on the Best Grounding Resistance for the Neutral Point of 10kV Urban Power Distribution System

Shengsuo Niu, Hui Wu, Zhirui Liang
With the rapid growth of urban load and the increase of cable rates in urban distribution network, the shortcomings of traditional neutral point grounding are more and more obvious, which lead to the application of resistance grounding. Considering the technical and economic factors, this paper presents...
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An Information Extracting Scheme for Netdisk

Jinkui Dong, Hua Zhang
The netdisk not only supplies users with plenty of storage, but also provide the facility to share data. Therefore it has brought great convenience to users, but it also becomes the important channel for malicious and infringing applications to spread. Due to the extraction of netdisk information will...
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Effects of Flavonoids Extracted from the Diaphragma of Walnut (Juglans regia L.) on Spatial Memory of the Aged-model Mice

Yikun Liu, Jie Gao, Yue Dong, Ping Shao, Liyuan Tian, Yu Wang, Huiping Liu
Flavonoids from the diaphragma of walnut has good antioxidant capacity. In this study, the D-galactose induced aging mice were gavaged by flavonoids extracted from walnuts diaphragm with three different doses (low, medium and high).Results showed that D-galactose can reduce the content of unsaturated...
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The Impact of Microcell Deployment on Power Consumption in Heterogeneous Cellular Network

Jie Zhou, Yong Zhang, Mei Song, Qun Gu
In recent years, people pay more attention to the problem of increasing power consumption of wireless network due to the rapid development of information and communication industry. Using heterogeneous network has been a possible way to solve this problem and improve energy efficiency. Significant research...
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Design of a Dynamic Ship Draft Detection System in Inland Navigation

Jiahai Zhou, Panpan Zhang
With the development of China's economic development, the waterborne transportation plays more and more important role. However, ultra-draft issues in inland shipping are becoming a big problem which will bring unsafe factors and affect the efficiency of inland navigation. Thus, ship waterline inspection...
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The Comparison of two Different Authority Management Methods on the Base of ASP.NET

Yaoqin Zhu
Taking the research and development of H-H Distribution System as background, aiming at the safety problem of user's authority, this essay analyses the requirement of system user's authority management under the B/S mode. The author designs the system function and operation procedure with adopting the...
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Reluctance Electromagnetic Launch Technology Development Summary

Qiong Wu, Xiangfei Cao
This article describes non-lethal weapons and expatiates the research work and results of the reluctance electromagnetic launcher by the researchers at home and abroad. And predicts the development trend and application prospect of the reluctance electromagnetic gun.
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Identification of Mass Parameter of Non-Cooperative Space Target based on Vibration Characteristic of Flexible-joint Manipulator

Yanhua Han, Xinyu Li
For the identification of mass parameter of non-cooperative space target in on-orbit servicing missions, a method of mass identification based on vibration characteristic of the flexible-joint manipulator is proposed. Firstly, the flexible-joint manipulator captures non-cooperative target. Then, the...
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Attitude Control Method of Spin-Stabilized Satellite Base on Equiangular Precession

Yonggang Li, Jiping Ren, Libing Guo, Wen Mao, Yi Wang
Attitude control is a basic task of a spin-stabilized satellite control. There are many kinds of attitude control methods, this paper does research for equiangular precession method. The paper first introduced the basic principle of equiangular precession method, and then gave out a detailed calculation...
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Dynamic characteristics analysis of the water storage system of the Non-supplementary Fired Compressed Air Energy Storage System

Ping Jiang, Ranran Chang, Haijian Lv
Non-supplementary Fired Compressed Air Energy Storage System (NF-CAES) consists of compressor, turbine, gas storage chamber, heat exchanger equipment, such as the complementary combustion type compressed air energy storage system is an important link in the thermal efficiency of heat exchanger. Tube...
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The Implementation of Student Logistics Management System Based on Responsive Design

Li Yu, Lu Zhao
Along with the development of times, the traditional way of management system in universities has become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of teaching staff and students. Traditional web design works for PC, while since mobile is becoming more and more popular, mobile terminal web design is gradually...
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Design and Analysis of Car Explosion-Proof Tire Safety Wheel Hub

Jie Wu, Yanbin Qi, Yue Zhang
The wheel hub is a metal part which is in a car tire for supporting a tire and fixing the tire rim. It is loaded with the tire by the car. When the car is moving, interaction force by the wheel contact with the ground and drive the vehicle by the torque is transmitted to the hub. So, the strength of...
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Development of Data Acquisition System for Vehicle Power Battery Based on Virtual Instrument

Lijie Chen, Yanmin Xu
Based on the hardware structure of PCI bus and the software system with hierarchical management and multi-thread technology, the data acquisition system of power battery for multi-channel parallel and high speed data acquisition can be realized. The acquisition system has the characteristics of flexibility,...
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Research on on-orbit SEU characterization of the signal processing platform

Pengcheng Liu, Kefei Xing, Wei He, Zelong Zhang, Wei Deng
Satellites have suffered many single event upset (SEU) abnormalities in the past decades. To get a detailed SEU characterization of the on-orbit signal processing platform, we installed surveillance programs on 48 signal processing platforms mounted on 24 low-orbiting satellites and monitored the Virtex-II...
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Safety Analysis Method for COTS Software Components in Train Control System

Jiancheng Mu, Dongmei Huang, Lianchuan Ma, Yuan Cao
Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and hardware components are widely used in the design of train control system. In order to satisfy the application requirements of the safety computer in train control system, it is necessary to analyze its safety properties. In this paper, a method of safety...
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The optimization of the outputs of loose coupled SINS/GPS system

Yiting Liu, Ying Xu, Tingting Li, Xin Jin
In addition to check the availability of the Global Position System (GPS) receiver, residual 2 detection method, which is used to assess the quality of auxiliary information provided by GPS and the fluctuations of the outputs of Kalman filter, is introduced in this paper. If the value of the detecting...
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DRFuzzer: Detector of Android APP inter-component vulnerability

Hongji Song, Hua Zhang
In recent years, the Android system developed rapidly. It has become the leader of the smart phone operating system. The research of Android security mechanisms is significant. If an Android application could not protect its private components well in the process of inter-application communication, there...
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A novel approach based on ant colony system for IP traceback

Menglin Liu, Zhengping Jin
Ant colony algorithm is often used to solve the IP traceback problem without the entire network routing information. However, such algorithm is easy to converge to a local suboptimal solution. Especially with the increase of network topology size, the real attacker is more difficult to find. In this...
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An Interactive Approach for Operation Evaluation: Temporal Planning as a Basis

Qiang Tao, Tongzhou Zhao, Dunbo Cai
How to evaluate an operator (or its operations) reasonably is a very important and practical issue. However, many evaluation methods may work as a kind of post-hoc analysis and lack of interaction with the operator. In this paper, we proposed an interactive online evaluation approach that is based on...
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Reliability Optimum Design for Bevel Gear Driven Systems Based on Genetics Algorithm

Chang Li, Mingyong Hu, Xing Han
Genetics algorithm is a global group search optimum calculation method based on the natural selections and the genetic variations. Mechanic reliability design makes sure that the reliability indexes can be realized. However, it cannot guarantee that the products have the best working performances and...
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A non-linear random vibration reliability analysis method for multi degree of freedom helical gear driven system

Chang Li, Mingyong Hu, Xing Han
Firstly, taking rigidity excitation, error excitation, meshing impact, clearance variety and other non-linear factors into account, the bend-twist-shaft-swing non-linear coupled vibration model and differential equations for the multi degree of freedom helical gear driven system are built based on the...
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Research on Optimization Model of Online Shopping Supply Chain

Ying Chen, Yonghua Yang
How to improve vendor management inventory levels, and how online retailer optimize inventory costs and transportation costs, to obtain greater profit margins, has become the supply chain cannot be ignored. In this paper, revenue sharing contract under the conditions set forth the number of multi-stage...
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Static memory leak detection based on a new memory model

Hangyuan Liu, Hua Zhang
Memory leaks of static analysis need to be more accurate to determine memory state of different times. The current static memory model has a high false positive rate and false negative rate, mainly because the current memory model cannot accurately represent memory state and memory hierarchy. In this...
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Research on outlier detection for high dimensional data stream

Liping Yu, Yunfei Li, Juncheng Jia
The development of the Internet of things has put forward new requirements to the data processing capacity, and outlier detection has found an increasingly wide utilization in the field of data mining. The accuracy of the outlier detection algorithm based on Euclidean distance in the high dimensional...
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Simulation analysis based on the dual spectrum characteristic algorithm of communication radio station

Wenle Yuan, Xuanmin Lu, Wensheng Luo, Jinjie Cao
In order to study the characteristics of double spectrum radio signals, based on higher order statistics and the double spectrum definition and properties, using two kinds of direct and indirect spectrum feature extraction algorithm, and two kinds of radio signal spectrum estimation is simulated. Therefore,...
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Parameter Estimation of Polyphase Code Signals Based on Periodic FRFT

Jiandong Zhu, Tengfei Jia, Yanfei Wei, Zhiqiang Ji, Youyi Fan, Junkui Xu
In order to improve the ability to intercepting polyphase code continuous wave signals for the radar reconnaissance receiver, a polyphase code continuous wave signals detection algorithm based on Periodic Fractional Fourier transform (Periodic FRFT, PFRFT) is proposed. In this paper, the PFRFT and its...
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Network Maintenance Optimal Strategy Model Building based on Game Analysis and Hierarchical Clustering

Pengfei Xu
This paper proposes the novel network maintenance optimal strategy model building based on game analysis and hierarchical clustering. The urban water supply system is city people life and economic development important infrastructure, and is lost the distribution network of water supply system comprised...
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Research on Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation of Continuous Wave Doppler Radio Fuze

Fengchen Li, Dongguang Zuo, Longtao Hu
Based on the action principle of continuous wave Doppler Radio fuze, the hardware-in-the-loop simulation system is designed. Will test the role of the fuze Doppler signal which the fuze generated will be collected by using precision operational amplifier OPA378, after its adjustment to the processor,...
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Overview of Weapon Operational Suitability Test

Jieqiao Li, Chenglong Nie, Lin Wang
Elaborated the concept of the operational test and the operational suitability test, described the contact of them. Define the meaning and connotation of weapon operational suitability test. Against the problem of the weapons operational suitability test, starting from both the evolution of defined,...
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Fabrication of SiCp/Cu Composites with SiCw/SiCnp hybrid addition

Peiling Ding, Yunlong Zhang, Xiaoxue Ren, Ming Hu
SiCp/Cu hybrid composites were fabricated by hot press sintering technology. Micron SiC particle (SiCp), SiC wisker (SiCw) and nano SiC particle (SiCnp) were chosen as hybrid reinforcement. The reinforcement distributed uniform in the substrate after electro-less plating. XRD, SEM and Vickers hardness...
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Improvement of Output Impedance Modulation Effect of High Speed DAC

Dongmei Zhu, Xiaodan Zhou, Jun Liu, Luncai Liu, Dayong Pu
High speed digital to analog converter (DAC) are always used in signal processing system to accomplish the signal reconstruction, where the spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) of the system is especially important. The SFDR determines the ability of DAC and the system to distinguish the carrier signal...
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The Design of a Wideband Microstrip Marchand Balun

Yan Pu, Xun Luo, Wei Zou, Guoqiang Wang
A miniaturized wideband microstrip Marchand balun is presented in the paper. The balun is simulated and optimized in ADS and HFSS to evaluate the characterization. The Balun is fabricaded on a double-sided PCB by Rogers's 5880 material. The results show that, the bandwidth of the balun is from 8GHz to...
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A Negative Output Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Quiescent Current Reduction

Wentao Liu, Jie Zhang, Maomao Sun
This paper presents a low-dropout regulator with quiescent current reduction. The quiescent current reduction circuit can change the Darlington Driver to the emitter follower at large dropout-voltage. The proposed LDO can output a steady voltage of -5V as the input voltage varies between -5V to -26V.The...
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Wideband Digital Phase Shifter with Low Insertion Loss

Chengpeng Liu, Zhengrong He
In this paper, we first analyze the structure of the commonly used phase shifter and analyze its characteristics. Secondly, after choosing the high-pass and low-pass filter structure to design the phase shifter, the characteristics of the phase shifter are analyzed and selected respectively. , The simulation...
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Numerical Simulation of Impact of NOx Emissions of Foursquare Tangential Circle Boiler by Over Fire

Lei Du, Yue Guo, Long Jiang, Qing Li, Zhenning Zhao
In this paper, the combustion and NOx emission characteristics of a 300 MW tangential boiler are simulated, we obtain the flue gas velocity field in the hearth, component concentration distribution of temperature field and combustion products, and the speed, temperature, concentration of oxygen and NOx...
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Effect Analysis of Different Combustion Models on the Combustion in Foursquare Tangential Circle Boiler by Numerical Simulation

Lei Du, Yue Guo, Long Jiang, Qing Li, Zhenning Zhao
The mixture fraction/probability density function (PDF) model and eddy break up (EBU) model were used to simulate the combustion in a 200MW foursquare tangential circle boiler, calculating the flue gas velocity field, temperature field and combustion product concentration distribution in the furnace....
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Binding Mechanism Analysis between AhR Protein and Typical Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether via Molecule Docking

Long Jiang, Gaojun Liu, Qing Li
In this paper, BDE-85 was selected as the typical polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) because of its obvious biological toxicity and the receptor binding affinity (RBA) was taken as the index of biological toxicity. By using the homology modeling, the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) protein molecule...
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Molecule Activity Analysis in Ground State of para-Halogenated Diphenyl Ethers Based on DFT Calculation

Long Jiang, Yue Guo, Qing Li
Taking diphenyl ether (DE) as the reference, this paper has calculated the ground state orbital energy of DE and other 9 para-halogenated diphenyl ethers via the Gaussian 09 software to discuss the molecule activity on the ground state from views of the gain/lost electron abilities and transition. Then,...
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An Investigation of the Mechanisms of Stall Margin Improvement in Casing Treatment with Bridge Structure

Shuchao Huang, Wei Yuan, Le Han
In this paper, casing treatment with a bridge structure is numerically investigated to study the mechanism of stall margin improvement. The results show that both the tip leakage flow and separation flow on the suction side of the blade can block the rotor tip passage and thereby lead to stall. Tip leakage...
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Dynamics Modeling and Simulation of Loader Working Device under Unloading Condition

Chengyi Huang, Shaohui Su, Kuang Xu, Chang Chen
Loader is a kind of typical engineering machinery, which plays a considerable role in the construction of the national infrastructure. As working device is a core component, which need do simulation and optimization. Because loader is composed of multisystem, how to conduct a unified simulation is a...
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Design of a power amplifier circuit for a starch gelatinization power supply system

Minghui You, Xue Li, Qixiang Sun, Liping Yin, Shijun Li, Jingsheng Liu
This paper presented the analysis and design of a power amplifier circuit for a starch gelatinization power supply system. This circuit can realize some functions: High power, high efficiency, no distortion, good heat dissipation. In order to meeting the requirements of the load, it outputted a certain...
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A Novel Data Race Detection Approach based on Buddy Memory Allocator

Zhengyang Liu, Hua Zhang
As a common problem of multi-core parallel programs, the problem of data race has been paid more and more attention in recent years. In this paper, a dynamic detection approach for data race problem detection is proposed. By introducing a new metadata storage based on the buddy memory allocator, the...
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A Novel Robotic System for Inner Wall Derusting and Grinding of Pressure Pipelines

Xingji Du, Defang Chen, Wuhao Tan, Zhangwei Ling, Weican Guo, Cunjian Miao
Inner wall derusting and grinding of pressure pipelines are important work for their safety operation. However, up to date, this important work are still in difficulty, the corresponding methods are still very limited and cannot meet the requirements of practical industry applications. Therefore, the...
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Study of Wear Characteristics and Contact Analysis of Metal Belt Type Continuously Variable Transmission

Jingang Liu, Zhenbin Ge, Jianwen Chen, Quan Li
Continuously variable transmission is to rely on the friction between the belt and the pulley to carry on the power transmission. Because of the steel - steel friction between the belt and the pulley, it will produce wear and tear, which will affect the service life and transmission efficiency of CVT....
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Research on Bolt Connection Loose Mechanism under Dynamic combination load

Zifan Fang, Hang Wu, Kongde He, Xufu Ge, Xuguang Xie, Hao Xu
Focusing on the loosening of bolt connection in the rotating mechanism under dynamic tension compression and shear combination load, virtual prototyping technology and finite element analysis method are applied in studying the failure mechanism and its influencing factors. Firstly, based on the virtual...
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Strategic Analysis & Countermeasure study on Environmental Logistics

Zhiguo Fan, Mengkun Ma
Human material civilization and spiritual civilization are improved along with the continuous development and progress of the social economy. However, resources we live on are decreasing while industrial waste, car exhaust, and other hazardous materials are increasing, which are threatening the ecological...
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Crowd monitoring based on Face Orientation Estimation

Xiaodong Wang, Hong Xiao, Rongxiao Guo, Jie Cui
Aim to the different needs, crowd monitoring and control is regarded to the key of modern surveillance. But, existing methods are still not good enough to be used on the large-scale spot, for the reasons of effect and efficiency. In fact, witnesses, who stay on the spot, practically act as "smart" sensors...
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Research on the Innovation of Modern Logistics Management Mode under the Environment of Electronic Commerce

Meng Wei, Yingchun Wang
With the development of the world economy, people are increasingly high requirements of e-commerce and logistics management under the environment of e-commerce. logistics management innovation and need to modern logistics operation and management talents in this paper in view of the problems existing...
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The Key Technology Research on Standard Current Transformer of Rogowski Coil

Zhiguo Tian, Mingming Chen, Xule Zhang, Shuangshuang Zhao
Based on Rogowski coil current transformer temperature characteristic, there are problems that conductor in the course of the development of key technologies such as eccentric and multiple range test .this article through to Rogowski coil temperature characteristic optimization, coil processing technology...
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Development of Static Magnetic Detection Anti-Collision System While Drilling

Binbin Diao, Deli Gao, Genkui Li
The technique of adjacent well anti-collision is one of key technologies in the cluster well directional drilling project. Based on research of the magnetic field distribution around casing string, a method is proposed to determine the distance between adjacent wells by measuring the magnetic field generated...
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Study of Integrated LDO on Chip

Xin Xu, Chengpeng Liu
In this paper, we first analyze the structure of LDO and analyze its key parts. Secondly, it analyzes the important parameters of LDO, which is helpful to finish the design better. Finally, we pay attention to the particularity of LDO, LDO design, simulation results to meet the design requirements. This...
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Kinematics Characteristics of Side Volley Shot with Different Size of Balls

Li Yang
Eight football players in the school team were asked to perform side volley shot at three different kick elevations (on the floor, at 1/2 of the knee and at knee).Two high-speed cameras were used simultaneously to shoot the lower limbs of the players when they performing the foot volley with two different...