Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering

1101 authors
He, Fang
Extraction and Analysis of Chaotic Characteristics about Multiple Physiological Signals under Different Emotions
He, Qianjin
Utility-Based Video Quality Model in Wireless Ad Hoc Network
He, Wei
Study on the Layout Planning and Optimization for an Electronic Product Workshop Based on Cell Manufacturing
He, Zeyin
Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Vertical Mill Reducer
He, Lixia
Research Status and Progress of anti-slide pile in Pan-Xi highway Landslide
Hong, Zhiguo
SPN-Based Performance analysis of troupes’ behaviors of sharing theatres
Hou, Fei
Circuit design for measure cable breakpoint location range based on AT89C52
Hu, Yong
Formation and Statistical Properties on Name Networks
Hu, Kunyuan
Construction of Intelligent Transportation Network Data Based on Open Street Map
Hu, Kunyuan
Research on Continuous Path Guidance Method Based on the City Point of Interest
Hu, Kunyuan
Research on Development and Model of Intelligent Transportation Systems
Hu, Kunyuan
Research on the Application of Intelligent Algorithm in Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecast
Hu, Shuilian
Effect of mechanical attrition on microstructure and property of electroplating of copper plating in acid solution
Hu, Yulong
Locating Datum Modeling for Minimum Normal Error in Aircraft Digital Assembly System
Hu, Xiao
Low Spatial Resolution Face Recognition Based on Compressive Sensing
Hu, Jian-wang
An improved particle filter based on genetic resampling
Hu, HongXia
Real-time Movement Image Capturing System Based on Apriori Association and Multiple Calibration Quantization
Hu, HongXia
Filter Algorithm Simulation and Logical Structure of Spectral Analysis in New Media Hardware
Hu, Wei
Online Monitoring of Indexing Technology Based on Parallel Computing for Large Data Stream
Hu, Jianwei
Research on Distributed TBL Support Vector Machine Based on MapReduce
Hu, Wei guo
The study of art design method based on 3D virtual vision
Hu, Zhongyi
Analysis of DNA molecular genetics features in infected styphnolobium japonicum
Hu, Hanying
Orthogonal Poly-phase Code Design Based on Adaptive Mix Algorithm in MIMO Radar
Hu, Jianbing
A Hierarchical Context Organization of a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture for Block Ciphers
Hu, Jie
2-D DOA Estimation for Acoustic Vector Sensor Array Based on Greedy Block Coordinate Descent Algorithm
Hu, Fang-xiang
Network Security Situation Assessment Based on FAHP
Hu, Lin
sampled fiber grating dispersion compensation technology based swarm optimization algorithm
Hu, Bongmei
Method of estimating the state of charge of a battery electric vehicle based on RS-SVM
Hu, Yue
Anti-ship Missile Target Dynamic RCS Statistical Distribution Fitting Technique
Hu, Jian
Application of Wavelet Neural Network to Fault Diagnosis of Power System
Hu, Fanjun
Application of Wavelet Neural Network to Fault Diagnosis of Power System
Hu, Jin
The Development of Heat Treatment Furnace of 30CrMnSiA Steel in Controlling Temperature System Based on PLC
Hu, Han Ying
Root-MUSIC Time Delay Estimation Based on Propagator Method
Hu, Han Ying
TOA Estimation Based on Forward and Backward Smoothing MUSIC in Frequency Domain
Hua, Rong
Research and Implementation of the Low Voltage Power Line Communication System Based on OFDM
Hua, Yu
(paper withdrawn) Research and Implementation of time synchronization in dis-tributed wireless communication networks based on UWB signal
Huang, Xianglin
Retrieval of Clothing Images Based on Color Feature
Huang, He-Qing
Design of Portable Otoacoustic Emission Detecting System Evoked by Swept-tone
Huang, Wei-wen
Analysis on the Application of the virtual reality Technology in the Graphic Design
Huang, Lisa
A study of automatically assembling paper fragments on simulated annealing algorithm
Huang, Wuhao
The Fault Location Method of Distribution Network with Fault Indicators Based on Impedance
Huang, Weiqing
The Regression Equation of Oxygen Content and Temperature to End Point of Bath Based on Exhaust Gas Analysis
Huang, Wenming
CSF images fast recognition model based on improved convolu-tional Neural Network
Huang, Zhi-tao
Blind Recognition of (n, k, m) Convolutional Code Based on Local Decision in a Noisy Environment
Huang, Wenming
An improvement of video recommender similarity measurement model
Huang, Wenchao
Design of Light Source and Light Controller Used for Bottle Defect Detection System
Huang, Yun
Research on the Massive Data Classification Method in Large Scale Computer Information Management
Huang, Jianghao
Network intrusion detection model based on genetic ant colony algorithm
Huang, Juan
Application of C4.5 algorithm in graduate enrollment
Huang, Jinxia
Research on streaming media adaptive transmission control strategy
Huang, Jin Xia
The virtual harvesting prototype design of Long-roots herbal and the motion simulation of key components
Huang, Yiren
Properties and Thermal Decomposition of SBS Flame Retarded with Phosphorus- and Nitrogen- Containing Flame Retardants
Huang, Xi
Optimization for massive data query method in database
Huang, Jian
Implementation of UCDOS Font Interface Based on QT
Huang, Ya-Ping
Smooth Test for Multivariate Normality
Huang, Manyi
Study of fiber Bragg grating reflection spectrum signal denoising
Huang, Wenkai
Research on the mechanism of high power solid laser
Huang, Xiangdong
Electronic image stabilization based on the DaVinci platform
Huang, Yuwei
Effect of Al-5Ti-B-RE Grain Refiner on the Microstructures and Properties of AlCuCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys
Huo, Cai-qiao
Research on the University Network Information Security Risk Management Model Based on the Fuzzy Sets
Jang, Rui
Development of firefighting training clothes based on embedded wireless sensors
Ji, Bing
An improved particle filter based on genetic resampling
Ji, Feng-zhu
Discovery Algorithm for Network Topology Based on SNMP
Ji, Feng-zhu
Network Security Situation Assessment Based on FAHP
Jian, Xianrui
Real-time fault detection approach of software under big data environment
Jiang, Zhi-wang
Enterprise Credit Evaluation Model Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization BP Neural Network
Jiang, Junhai
The Design and Application of Water Jet Propulsion Boat
Jiang, Ruochong
Research on Device Control System Design Based on Stepping Motor
Jiang, Lifeng
Research on Device Control System Design Based on Stepping Motor
Jiang, Fuyin
Design of Digital Phase-locking Amplifier Applied in Detection of Weak Photoelectric Signals
Jiang, Jiang
Advanced Timed Influence Nets with Random Time Delay for Weapon System-of-systems Combat Networks
Jiang, Kui
Model Research of Database Dynamic Pricing Based on DDLG
Jiang, Kui
A Hybrid Method for Extracting Deep Web Information
Jiang, Shu-qing
Image enhancement algorithm combining multi-scale Retinex and bilateral filter
Jiang, Junhai
Research on Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System
Jiang, Chunmeng
Expert S-plane Control of Underwater Vehicle
Jiang, Tianyuan
Research on Evaluation Model of Equipment Support Logistics plans in Wartime Based on Topsis
Jiang, Ning
Application of Fuzzy Cluster Analysis in the Location of Building Waste Recycling Center
Jiang, Dayong
Study on a New Type Destruction Method for Abandoned Combustion Tear Gas of CAPF
Jiang, Wei
SPN-Based Performance analysis of troupes’ behaviors of sharing theatres
Jie, Jingduo
Research on Fuzzy Multi-objective Programming based on Effect Probability
Jie, Yu
Study on the method of fast mining for intelligence data in a library database
Jin, Shuangyan
Water Consumption in Inner Mongolia Reach of the Yellow River since Integrated Regulation
Jin, Changjiang
Research and design of efficient resource scheduling model for asymmetric network
Jin, Shengcan
Adaptive streaming media VOD system under the background of new media
Jin, Zhao
The Population Predicting Based on the Curve Fitting Least Square Method
Jin, Chun
Design of College Students English Contest System Based on NET Platform
Jin, Yu
Combined Navigation System program under different flight conditions
Jing, Yuan
Risk Management Theory Application in national information security risk control—Analysis of the relationship between classified protection and risk management
Ju, Feng-zhou
Retrieval of wave information using nautical radar images based on the 2D CWT and 1D FFT algorithm
Kang, Yonggang
Research on Tracing Aircraft Assembly Error Source Based on SPC and SOFM
Kang, Shiyu
Research on Anonymous Network Topology Analysis
Kang, Xiao-yong
Study of Non-stationary Signal of Gearbox Based on Angle Domain Fourier Transform Analysis
Kong, Lei
Calculating the Fractal Dimension of the Material Fracture Surface Based on the Triangular Prism Surface Area Method
Lan, Lan
Research of Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems
Lang, Zhanpo
Electronic image stabilization based on the DaVinci platform
Le, Zhiqiang
Delay Optimization of Center Network Cache and Performance Simulation of On-chip Network Communication
Le, Guiqi
Living Voodoo Priest Huoshan Dendrobium Stem Cultivation Technology Research
Lei, Zhengwei
A New Method On Channel Coding Category Identification
Lei, Meng
Ant Colony Optimization and Road Transportation Route of Dangerous objects