Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering

1101 authors
Liang, Xian
A study of automatically assembling paper fragments on simulated annealing algorithm
Liang, Zheng
Study on Application of Computer Vision Technology to Pneumatic Proportional Position System
Liang, Jun Li
CAID Research Based on Design Project of Rehabilitation Medical Robot
Liang, Binghui
Data Signal Detection of RUP View Online Interchange Based on Micro Message Platform
Liang, Binghui
Simulation Numerical Calculation of Mentality State Based on Network Visualization Design
Liang, Changfei
Study of Vehicle Handing Stability Based on ADAMS/Car
Liang, Hong
The Designation of Bio-Inspired Intrusion Detection System Model in Cloud Computing Based on Machine Learning
Liang, Weihong
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UVA) Bionic Wing Design and Performance Analysis
Liao, Zili
Study on the Gear Gap of Gun Tower
Liao, Zili
Design of Communicating Section of FlexRay Bus Based on MFR4310
Liao, Shengchong
Study on the Layout Planning and Optimization for an Electronic Product Workshop Based on Cell Manufacturing
Lin, Jiao
Financial Security Evaluation in Power Production Industry Based on BP Neural Network Optimized by Genetic Algorithm
Lin, Changhai
Research on Transmission Selection Optimized Evaluation Algorithm of Multi-frequency Transmitter
Lin, Chuang
The Modeling and Simulation of Proportional Reversing Valve Based on AMESim
Lin, Chao
Non-point Pollution Estimation of Zhouhe River Basin
Lin, Qinhua
Mobile terminal 3D image reconstruction program development based on Android
Lin, Jing
The Study On A Decision Tree Based On The Classification Preference Ratio
Lin, Qiang
Improved Fuzzy Evaluation Model of Military Supply Chain Performance Based on Variable Weight
Lin, Yi
Ground penetrating radar in crack detection to the forward research
Lin, Tengjiao
Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Vertical Mill Reducer
Liu, Dongyun
The Research of Gas Detection Based on data Fusion
Liu, Yan
Research on the Solar Distributed PV's Impacts on the Voltage of Distribution Network
Liu, Jianming
Design of Multi-channel MAC Mechanism for WIA-PA
Liu, Shaowei
Multi-Kernel Partial Least Squares Regression based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Liu, HongJing
Forecasting Model of Supply Chain Management Based on Neural Network
Liu, Jipeng
Research and Simulation of Compartmental Network Based on Matlab
Liu, Minghua
Research and Simulation of Compartmental Network Based on Matlab
Liu, Hong-Gang
Study of the Improved Projective Approach and the Variable Separation Solutions in a (2+1)-Dimensional Soliton System
Liu, Yanxia
The Regression Equation of Oxygen Content and Temperature to End Point of Bath Based on Exhaust Gas Analysis
Liu, Jingliang
Research on Calibration Method of the Beam Direction the Point Laser Sensor Based on Standard Ball
Liu, Fei
Research on Calibration Method of the Beam Direction the Point Laser Sensor Based on Standard Ball
Liu, De-hui
High-Precision Pump Based on Shape Memory Alloys
Liu, Yuling
Analysis of College Students Adopting Mobile E-commerce
Liu, Tao
(paper withdrawn) Research and Implementation of time synchronization in dis-tributed wireless communication networks based on UWB signal
Liu, Chaoying
Design and implementation of the inverted pendulum optimal controller based on hybrid genetic algorithm
Liu, Guangkai
The Comparative Study on VHF Radio Received Link
Liu, Zhijing
An Improved Community Detection Method in Massive Social Networks
Liu, Xiuyun
Design on Robot Electrometrical Control System
Liu, Xiuyun
Optimization and Realization Technology of Embedded Electromechanical Control and Start
Liu, Yuling
Correlation Model Design between College Students of Xi’an and Mobile Electronic Commerce
Liu, Chunhui
Design of Light Source and Light Controller Used for Bottle Defect Detection System
Liu, Lang
BGP routing design and optimization of large scale network
Liu, Dalong
Sensor Network Node Positioning and Fusion Algorithm of Electric Vehicle Charging Stood in Cloud Computing
Liu, Chun
Simulation on the Effective Detection Model for Network Differentiation Intrusion
Liu, Ningfang
Living Voodoo Priest Huoshan Dendrobium Stem Cultivation Technology Research
Liu, Tao
Establishment on Information System Data Base of Provincial-level Farmland Quality Management
Liu, Hui
Research on the Dispersant Effectiveness with the Action of Waves
Liu, Hui-Min
Chemical remediation of heavy metals-contaminated soils by the“ASP” eluent
Liu, Wei
Simulation on the effective guidance model for data flow in large scale multimedia teaching system
Liu, Dong
A Construction Method of Semantic Weapon System of Systems Based on Ontology
Liu, Dong
The Evaluation Method of Equipment System of Systems Based on Big Data Analysis
Liu, Wei
Shard Level Transaction Based Cluster Management for Online Distributed Storage
Liu, Chun-mei
The Quantum Teleportation Fidelity of the Squeezed Vacuum State
Liu, Xinning
A Circuit Design of High-precision Channel Equalizer for WSN-OFDM System
Liu, Junqiang
Study on Trust Model of Internetware System
Liu, Chunyu
Electricity communication transmission network risk calculation model design and management system achievement
Liu, Chaoying
The motion simulation of three-DOF parallel manipulator based on VBAI and MATLAB
Liu, Chunyu
The Electric Power Communication Transmission Network Risk Assessment Index System Research Based on AHP
Liu, Changhua
A fast SPIHT algorithm based on the end scan threshold
Liu, Lili
Computer vision feature recognition method based on Improved Wavelet arithmetic
Liu, ChunSheng
Modeling Analysis for the effect of night environment on athlete’s psychological intervention
Liu, Xiao-li
Optimization design of effective management model of large construction project
Liu, Wanfeng
Statistical analysis of the spatiotemporal characteristics of loess landslide in Qingyang area of Gansu province
Liu, Jian-hua
SVM and wavelet analysis method for hydraulic pump fault of rock drilling
Liu, Hua
Numerical Investigation of Hypersonic Slip Flow
Liu, Xuewei
Numerical Investigation of Hypersonic Slip Flow
Liu, Jie
Dynamic characteristics of a spur gear transmission system for a wind turbine
Liu, K.G.
A new practical teaching system to cultivate application-oriented innovative talents majoring in materials science and engineering
Liu, Jian-hua
PID and Neural network decoupling control system for special shape pipe automatic welding machine
Liu, Zhengping
Ground penetrating radar in crack detection to the forward research
Liu, Shi-dong
Application Research of PulsON@ 410 UWB Module on Accurate Locating in Substations
Liu, Zhonghua
Analysis on Fluid Characteristics of Friction Plate in Wet Multi-plate Clutch Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics
Liu, Zhonghua
Optimal Control of Gearshift in Automatic Mechanical Transmission
Liu, Xi
Optimal Control of Gearshift in Automatic Mechanical Transmission
Liu, Chunguang
Simulation of Switched Reluctance Machine with ‘E’ Model Stator Based on Ansoft
Liu, Bin
Design and implementation of time synchronization system based on GPS signal
Liu, Meiju
Research on the Graph Matching based on Shape Context and Sequential Monte Carlo
Liu, Jian
An elevator target tracking method based on kinect
Liu, Wenru
Identification System Based on Near Field Communication and Fingerprint Technology for Android Mobile Devices
Liu, Chuansheng
Fractal Simulation on Random Rough Surface
Liu, Juan
Research about key technologies of simulation training systems based on Variable Message Format (VMF)
Liu, Hui
Research of MIMO-OFDM Model
Lu, Xinyi
Voltage Stability Control Strategy of Rural End substation Based on SVG
Lu, Zhigang
Reactive power optimizational configuration of wind farms on the distribution network based on improved random black hole particle swarm optimization algorithm
Lu, Quanguo
Optimization design and simulation of giant magnetostrictive precise flow valve
Lu, Quanguo
Structural optimization design on composite cantilever-beam-type actuator withTbDyFe alloy
Lu, Zhigang
Optimal Environmental and Economic Load Dispatch of Power Systems Based on the Pareto Front of Particle Swarm Optimization
Lu, Chunmei
Study on the Method of Speed Detection and Image Recognition Based on Signal Normalized Cut Algorithm
Lu, Haidong
Luminescent Properties of Eu3+ Doped -Bi2MoO6 Powder Prepared by Co-precipitation Method
Lu, Nanyou
Optimization and Application of Engineering Data Survey Based on Nonlinear Compensation Algorithm
Lu, Haitao
A Generalized Weighted Closed Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm with Item Interval
Lu, Jin
SOC Estimation Based Combined Model For Vehicle Batteries
Luo, Xiaohui
Analysis on the design of the Integrated DC Regulated Power Supply and its Failure Diagnosis
Luo, Bingjie
Pricing Mechanism Design of Supply Chain under Game Theory
Luo, Guangchun
A Composite Descriptor for Shape Image Retrieval
Luo, Man
Model for analyzing the relationship between cost of energy-saving and construction
Luo, Jinyu
The Electric Power Communication Transmission Network Risk Assessment Index System Research Based on AHP
Luo, Kai
Study on the method of test and control system for low speed wind tunnel
Luo, Kai
Numerical Investigation of Hypersonic Slip Flow
Luo, Kai
Research on The Dynamic Characteristics of Relaxed Static Stability Control Aircraft