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Implementation of a Network-wide Time Synchronization Strategy for WirelessHART

Sheng Zhang, Zhongsheng Xiang, Jie Chen
WirelessHART is an international wireless communication standard proposed by HART Communication Foundation. As a crucial technique for wireless networks, time synchronization plays an important role especially in WirelessHART networks. For constant and reliable communication, it is necessary to provide...
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Automatically extracting contours of cross-sections from 3D point clouds of tunnel

Zihao Wang, Qiuping Lan, Ermin Wang
For 3-d laser scanning point clouds of an expressway tunnel, a method of automatically extracting complete contours of cross-sections from them is proposed. By taking advantage of abundant normal vectors embedded in point clouds, this method can accurately compute the central axis of the tunnel and build...
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Pedestrians Crowd Segmentation Based on Bayesian Formulation

Yun Liu, Guangpeng Ma
Crowd people segmentation algorithm in complex environments is proposed based on Bayesian formula. In this method solved the case of the occlusion of crowd pedestrian which are difficult to detect one pedestrian from each other. This algorithm uses the Bayesian formula to convert the problem that how...
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The Application of Improved GG Clustering Algorithm in View-irrelevant Behavior Recognition

Yun Liu, Jin Shao, Yan Yue
When cluster descriptors of behavior feature in the analyzing the behavior feature data of behavior under different view, the traditional FCM algorithm can not determine the number of clusters to the data with spherical structure, so this paper proposes an improved GG clustering algorithm to solve this...
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The Experimental Research on Grain Storage Heat and Moisture Transfer

Siyu Chen, Wenfu Wu, Yan Xu, Chunshan Liu, Yaqiu Zhang
Different moisture content corns were stored by the self-made simulated silos. Heat and moisture transfer in different initial moisture content simulated silos were analyzed during the static storage. The experiment result indicated that the bottom grain layers were acutely affected by the external condition...
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Analysis of the Modeling Method and Application of 3D City Model based on the Cityengine

Xifang Jin, Fangzheng Wang, Lianxiu Hao, Yaping Duan, Lili Chen
Modeling method at present based on traditional manual modeling method has bottleneck problems that restrict the development of digital city, mainly for the long cycle, large workload, high cost. Based on the analysis of digital city and 3D GIS, this paper designs a solution based on CityEngine 3D modeling...
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Visualization of Storm Surge based on GIS

Xifang Jin, Fangzheng Wang, Lili Chen, Jie Li, Wei Zhao
The core of this paper is the visualization of the multi-source data of the storm surge. The multi-source data includes the flow-field, water level, sea temperature, wave, wind-field and some other prediction factors. Around the visualization, some creative work has been done in this paper. Firstly,...
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Aflatoxin B1 Detected by Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy

Fei-yu Lian, Hong-yi Ge
Developing physical methods to detect aflatoxin is a significant area of research in food safety. Because the current detection methods that use near-infrared spectroscopy are not sufficiently accurate, we focus here on using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy (THz-TDS) to detect aflatoxin B1 in food....
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Research on Chi-square Distribution-based Firing Accuracy Data Analysis

Zhiqiang Zhao, BoChuan Jiang, Jingang Zhang
In the test and evaluation of operation, the test benefits may be greatly reduced because no useful conclusions may be obtained from test data due to missing or incompleteness of test information records. Based on the characteristics of gun firing and by separating firing errors, this paper proposes...
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An Improved SRS Noise Estimation Algorithm Based on Interference Cancellation

Kewen Liu, Weiwei Tian, Mingyue Wang, Xianglin Chen, Jihua Gong
This thesis studies SRS noise estimation method with multi-users in the Long Term Evolution(LTE), and proposes a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) time-domain filtering algorithm based on interference cancellation. By calculating signal power in the system protecting band, decision threshold of time domain...
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Interrogative Sentence Generation and Dialogue Management in Intelligent Tutoring System

Zhixiang Zhang, Xiongwei Shang
Intelligent tutoring is a hot field in the study of information-based teaching. This paper proposed a series of methods for building ITS in training of operational regulation domain. To make the dialog between system and users more intelligent, a frame-based knowledge representation is proposed, and...
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Design of Any Ratio Methanol / Gasoline Dual-fuel Controller

Xiang-kui Chen, Cheng Zhang
This design of dual fuel controller is out of consideration to start the engine by using methanol gasoline of different proportioning since the calorific value of methanol is lower than that of gasoline. Adjusting the low- level width of injection pulse control signal from ECU and increasing the fuel...
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An Host Anomaly Detection Algorithm Based on Bayesian Tree

Yaning Zheng, Wujun Yao
The naive Bayes algorithm in intrusion detection have the problem of high internal dependence and the data "broken" in decision tree, in order to solve the problem, this paper combines the advantages of section in decision tree and multi-evidence fusion in naive Bayes, uses the Windows Native APIs related...
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Emotional Semantic Calculation Model and Retrieval of Wedding Image based on Color Features

Qiaoyan Liu, Yi Sun
Content-based retrieval is now commonly used in image retrieval system. One of the disadvantages of the traditional content-based image retrieval technology is the “semantic gap”, which means could not get the semantic meaning from the basic image features. In the context of wedding image, considering...
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Photorealistic Computer Graphics Identifying Algorithm based on Edge Detection

Lin Deng, Changming Liu, Haiyu Li
As for the problem the image can be generated by computer software, so that we cannot recognize the authenticity of these images using our eyes. In this paper by analyzing the differences between photorealistic computer graphics and natural image on image texture, we put forward a photorealistic computer...
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The Design and Realization of Connect-six Computer Game Software

Xinyang Wang, Xiali Li, Rui Wu, Hailong Xie
This article design and implement the new connect-six computer game software. We use C# language to develop a man-machine program with the optimized search engine, move generator and situation evaluation function. We use window-based Alpha-Beta pruning search algorithm and evaluation function based on...
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Review of User Behavior Analysis Based on Big Data: Method and Application

Mimi Zhang, Yan Wang, Jianping Chai
This paper reviews the existing user behavior analysis systematically and summarizes the latest progress of user behavior analysis. It introduces the user behavior analysis from multiple perspectives such as concept, data mining algorithm, application of different fields. It analyses deeply the advantages...
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Text Document Fragments Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Human-Computer Interaction

Wen-Ya Niu, Ning-Xin Weng, Zhi-Wei Li
This paper proposes a novel human-computer interactive algorithm to reconstruct fragments from a text document paper. Three types of adjacent information, namely, distances based on (1) border pixels matching, (2) baseline matching and (3) letter templates matching, are proposed. Average of these distances...
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Research and WebGIS based System Design of Flight Monitoring based on ADS-B

Yubin Xu, Jie Yang, Kun Liu, Jing Guo, Yan Ma, Yuncheng He
This article aims to give general description of principle, application and problems of ADS-B technology, which is mainly developed and used for civil aviation. Based on the advantages of ADS-B, more and more applications are being derived, especially in aircraft surveillance. There are some world known...
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The Study on the Regional Library Alliance Service Mode

Li Chen, Yong Wang, Xiangdong Xin, Chen Hu, Banglian Xu
The library implements regional alliance is a great progress of service mode. This paper discusses the current operating status of the domestic and foreign library regional alliance, forecasts the future development trend of the regional library alliance service mode. Focusing on analyzing the current...
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The Design and Implementation of Network Monitoring and Analyzing System Based On Campus Network in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xinxia Li
With deepening the construction of modern vocational education system, how to develop vocational education has become a major hot issues in education in China. Studying the characteristics of vocational education students is to be one of the precondition of how to develop vocational education. This paper...
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A Kind Index Structure based on VGI information Combined Query

Lingli Zhao, Shuai Liu, Junsheng Li
The paper proposes a kind of data index structure - the hiberarchy index tree to implement joint inquiry, this structure can expand the search range and has the ability to quickly query. The experiments confirmed that the proposed the hiberarchy index tree can create spatial index, implement a direct...
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Text Dependent Speaker Recognition Study

Hui-hong Xu
The speaker recognition is a sort of biometrics according to person's sound. This paper proposed a method that extracted characteristic parameter from sound signal by LPCC and MFCC. Improving LBG algorithm, training and testing the samples by continuous left-right HMM, A speaker recognition algorithm...
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Intelligence System for Error Analysis Based on the Takagi-Sugeno Model

NuHua Cheng, Wei Lv, YuHua Ni, Cai Yong
Through the error from feedback of classroom teaching system ,based on the analysis and judgment of the intelligence system, the system can provide the cause of the error for students, and automatically push the error corresponding after-school classroom exercises , enhance learning relevance and learning...
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Application of Computer Numerical Simulation in Movement Technique Research

Jin Wen
Adopt the literature review method, apply the computer numerical simulation technology, and combine the research method and characteristics of the physical exercise technology. It discusses the application methods, process, specific steps and function of the computer numerical simulation technique from...
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The Applied Research of Video Image Processing Technology in Athletics Programs

Jin Wen
In this paper, it adopts the document literature and comprehensive analysis methods and it studies the use of video capture images in athletics programs. Then it draws the appropriate conclusions, so that the athletic coaches will use and guide the athletes a reasonable training.
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Parameters Optimization of Region growing Segmentation Based on Differential Evolution algorithm

Huang Wanli
Image segmentation is the first step of GEOgraphical Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA). Because of no obvious mathematical relationship between the parameters of segmentation algorithm and the optimal segments, users select parameters by “trial and error” method, which is time-consuming and subjective. This...
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A Priority Based Resource Allocation Algorithm for Transmission Delay Optimization in TD-LTE-A System

Bingchan Fan, Wenbin Liu
TD-LTE-A; Transmission Delay Optimization; Scheduling; Resource Allocation; QoS
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Color Mapping Studies of the Meteorological Data

Lin Gong, DingJun Hu
The meteorological data color mapping method is proposed according to the type, spatial frequency characteristics of the meteorological data as well as the human perceptual awareness and color theory. The specific color mapping step of high and low spatial frequency meteorological data have been given...
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Summary of the Uyghur language information processing

Guixian Xu, Erguli Nu, Qi Liu, Mengjuan Yang, Guanhao Feng, Sudian Wu
As the mother tongue of Uyghur Uyghur language plays an important role in the expression and heritage of Uyghur The development of Uyghur information processing technology directly affects the degree of informationization and intellectualization of minority areas. This paper will summarize the current...
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Blind Spot Detection Algorithm of Random Deployment WSN Research Based on Voronoi Diagram

Lijn Gao, Hang Yin, Yuhua Wei, Le Wang
In this paper we mainly researchthe coverage problem of WSNwhich is deployed by the UAV according to the pre-established track under themajor disaster environment. Because the deployment regionis uneven and buildings may change at any time, the blind spot will beproducein the deployment process.To overcome...
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Data Collection Methods Based on Mobile Sink Node

Lijn Gao, Hang Yin, Yuhua Wei, Le Wang
Mobile sink node can collect data anytime and anywhere in sensor networks. Therefore, the research on data collectionmethods is becoming increasingly important. In this paper, we classify the existing data collection methods according to mobile sensor network structure, and give a detailed analysis and...
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The Application of Genetic Gray Model in Exploration Investment Prediction

Xin Wang, Min Bian, Shichun Wang
This paper is a study of existing GM(1,1) model and manages to improve its inadequencies, such as the initial value, the background value of the model, the smoothness of the original data sequence, etc. By replacing the least square method with artificial intelligence method, the paper proposes a new...
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Design and Implementation of UAV Flight Simulation Based on Matlab/Simulink

Xing Zheng, He Yang, Jian Cheng
This paper elaborates the composition and function of the flight simulation system according to characteristics of UAV flight simulation in simulation training device. Flight control model and navigation model are designed based on the Matlab/Simulink to solve mode switch and other key technical difficulties...
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Security Solution Based on WSO2 IS

Yuanyuan Xu, He Yang
this document introduces the requirement of identity management in business and the enterprise product WSO2 Identity Server, as well as the key components: Inbound authentication, Authentication framework, Local authenticators, Federated authenticators, Provisioning framework and IdP and SP configurations....
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The Performance Analysis of GlusterFS In Virtual Storage

Dawei Xiao, Cheng Zhang, Xiaodong Li
The virtual machine have memory bottleneck in the application, two mainly aspects are the I/O limit and dynamic virtual machine migtation. GlusterFS is a distributed file storage system with high level and open source uses the Scale-Out architecture and elastic hash algorithm to solve the I/O limit bottleneck....
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Application of Computer Image Processing Technique in Medical Science

Yan-Ming Li, WeiZhong Song
The modern medicine has closer relationship with the support from the medical image information, medical facility or system. In the medical image processing and medical facility, the ultrasonic imaging, CT, magnetic resonance, surgery, and traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis are closely related to...
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Application of Wavelet Analysis in the Vibration Signal of Diesel Engine Noise Reduction Techniques

Gen Fan, Wenbin Liu
This paper synthetically analyzes and compares classical denoising methods, discussing their respective field of application, their denoising performance and influencing factors, etc. We summarize the advantages and disadvantages of these methods. Finally, vibration acceleration signal sampled on Diesel...
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Webpage Recommendation Model in Personalized Service based on the Group Clustering

Rong Fu, Yi He, Yingqian Zhang
This paper proposes an effective model to realize the Webpage recommendation in personalized service based on the data mining technology. Applying user interest feature vector and user session feature vector to represents user’s interest and generate user groups’ interests by clustering, and extends...
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An Image Edge Thinning Algorithm Based on Fuzzy classifications

Yi He, Rong Fu, LiYan Liu, Yingqian Zhang
This paper has presented secondary determination of image edge based on fuzzy classification theory and pixel directivity, as well as real edge sharpening. Experiment show the algorithm can detect fuzzy image edge effectively with strong anti-noise ability, and the edge is obviously thinned.
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Distributed Fuzzy Sets-based Clustering Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Shao-Juan Xu, Hai-Xia Yu, Li-Qiang Diao, Zhong-Gao Sun
Clustering provides an effective way for data gathering in wireless sensor networks. In this paper, a new distributed clustering algorithm called DFSC that maximizes lifetime for energy heterogeneous wireless sensor networks is proposed, in which the cluster head selection approach is based on the concept...
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An Integrated Method to Acquire Fuzzy Rules

Liyan LIu
An integrated method to acquire fuzzy rules is presented. First Kohonen network is used to quantify data, and then the rough set theory is used to produce the initial rules, and the model of fuzzy neural network is established according to the rules, to generate less concise rules, finally through the...
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An ALSA Audio System Based On the Linux System

Hai-Xia Yu, Shao-Juan Xu, Cai-Kui Fu
Audio system has become an indispensable part in many products. On Linux 2.6 kernel audio driver is taken as a bridge to connect the audio hardware with ALSA audio subsystem. This paper described interface of ALSA audio subsystem and audio driver programming essentials in detail. Specially, PC audio...
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Improved RTO Algorithm for TCP Retransmission Timeout

Jianliang Xiao, Kun Zhang
The transmission control protocol (TCP) retransmission timeout (RTO) is calculated based on a round-trip time (RTT) with weighted smoothing. This algorithm is sensitive to the initialization, and convergence is slow. The RTO changes lagging behind the RTT. The algorithm only takes into account the size...
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Research on Sliding Window Uplink Frequency Domain Scheduling Scheme in LTE-A

Hongxia Xiong, Zhitao Yang, Na Du, Kewen Liu
In order to advance the transmission data rate and meet the traffic needs of users, the higher requirements for wireless communication system radio resource management was put forward by mobile operators. Meanwhile, considering lower rate radio resource utilization resulted from unreasonable particle...
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Method for Presenting Danger Signals Based on System Balance

He Yang, Si Xiong
The second generation Artificial Immune Systems based on Danger Theory are not limited to distinguish Self/Nonself. Instead, the Danger Signals generated when systems are threatened, for this reason, the problems of high training costs and low coverage are effectively avoided. The definition and presentation...
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An Improved Positioning Algorithm Based on PSO and PLS

Hongmei Zhao, Yanan Wu
In order to realize the high precision positioning indoor based on the technology of ultra wideband,this paper proposes one kind of algorithm based on the partial least squares (PLS) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm, for the problem about the search ability of PSO algorithm low efficiency....
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Multidimensional Analysis Model for Network Information Dissemination

Cong Liu
With the rapid development of social information technology and the rapid expansion of information quantity, every day people have to face a wide range of information resources. How to use these resources with high frequency, high efficiency and high quality, and how to better play the advantages of...
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The Research and Design of the Materials Inventory Management System based on the digital pipeline

Zhongli Yu, Xiaodong Wang, Yun Liao, Xingxing Yao
This paper based on the present development situation of the most enterprises material inventory management system. Aiming at the existed problems and deficiency of the materials inventory management system, combined with the actual needs of modern inventory management and advanced technology of computer...
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Research on an improved MAP Super-Resolution in the Intelligent Transportation system

Haitang Chen, Guoyong Huang, Yan Yang
An improved MAP super-resolution was proposed aiming to the problem that the image dealt by traditional super-resolution was quite smooth and the marginal information was vanished. This algorithm constructs a 2×high resolution image from a low resolution image by Curvelet interpolation. The constructed...
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A Moving Object Detection Method Based on Improved Three-frame Difference Algorithm and Edge Information

Liping Zhang, Zhongkai Shao, JianDe Wu, XiaoDong Wang
The moving object detection for expressways plays a significant role in intelligent transportation. A moving object detection approach of that is proposed, which combines the improved three frame difference with edge information. For obtain the marginal information of images, first the moving object’s...
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Study on Classification of EEG Signals Based on Wavelet Transformation and BP Neural Network

Zhulin Yu, Bing Zhao, Jie Liu, Mingtao Yu, Ling Xu
The method of wavelet transformation and BP neural network for classification of epileptic intermission and epileptic attack signals was studied. The discrete binary wavelet transformation of EEG signal was carried out with db4 wavelet function. The third to fifth level signals by reconstruction and...
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The Linear Frequency Modulation Pulse Signal Adaptive Detection Method

Feng Gao, Bing Jia, Guijuan Li, Mingwei Zhang
It is first elaborated that when the transmission time of underwater acoustic waves is estimated from the transmitting end to the receiving end, LFM pulse signal is often used, because after it is processed through matched filtering, a very important phenomenon will produce, which is pulse compression...
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Fault Diagnosis for Rolling Bearing Based on Lifting Wavelet and Multi-fractal Dimension

Zhongyun Zhang, Jiande Wu, Jun Ma, Xiaodong Wang
The vibration signal of rolling bearing is complex and nonstationary. In the process of fault diagnosis,if only describe the single fractal characteristics of signal,some certain conditions can’t be identified accurately. Therefore, this paper uses the multi-fractal dimension as the characteristic quantity,...
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Research on Software Behavior Evaluation Method Based on System Calls

Yaling Yu, Xiao Dong, Jingfeng Xue, Chen He, Xuyang Zhou
Software anomaly behavior detection depends on the software behavior modeling. The key of software behavior model based on system call is the maturity level of the model. Based on the analysis of currently used software behavior modeling method, Combined with variable-length sequence model and VT-Path...
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Simulation of Computation and Experimental Investigations about Water Hammer in High Lift Water Transmission Pipeline

Jun Ma, Jiande Wu, Xiaodong Wang
For the study on water hammer protection problems of long distance, high lift and a pressurization hoisting for long distance water supply system, the paper analyzes a long distance water transmission system whose high lift is up to 2100 meters by a pressurization hoisting in southwest china. The water...
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Tendency of Restaurant Reviews Mining Model Combining FP-Tree Algorithm

Qixiang Wang, Chen Li, Guanyang He, Xinyi Xu, Jing Li
A restaurant review tendentious mining method that combines FP-Tree algorithm is presented to dig and identify high-frequency noun pairs in reviews associated with services, the environment, food, to name just a few, by mining association rules. A feature word dictionary is established and Training the...
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Analysis of Apparel’s Pattern Grading on Basic Collar Contour

Li-na Cui
Before we make pattern grading of apparel, we have to master the changing law of the human body. In this research, we withdrew human measurements through the advanced non-touched 3D body scanner, and then utilized SPSS software to analyze the data gathered, and then through geometric method we obtained...
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Research on the Data Storage Security based on Cloud Computing

Xinqiang Ma, Yi Huang, Yongdan Zhang, Youyuan Liu
Cloud Computing has been envisioned as the next-generation architecture of IT Enterprise. Although envisioned as a promising service platform for the Internet, this new data storage paradigm in “Cloud” brings about many challenging design issues which have profound influence on the security and performance...
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Urban Mobility Mining and Its Facility POI Proportion Analysis based on Mobile Phone Data

Rong Xie, Chao Gong
It is very important to analyze urban mobility patterns and facility distribution for urban planning and management etc. Using mobile phone data, original base station data are made statistics and analysis. We improve AHC hierarchical clustering algorithm to discover community structure of urban base...
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Research on personalized recommendation system on Item-based collaborative filtering algorithm

Ji-chun Zhao, Shi-hong Liu, Junfeng Zhang
A lot of learning resources and information occupy rural distance education platform, and farmers don't know how to find useful information in the learning platform. Personalized distance learning system can provide farmers with required learning resources. The paper analyzes classical collaborative...
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A Novel scheme of the Secure Campus Network

Lei Ao
With the extensive application of computer and the increasing popularity of the Internet, multi-data processing equipment are combined with each other, and this combination forms an increasingly huge information service platform. With the guiding principal of high reliability, high security and high...
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Research of Precise Measurement Technology of Automatic Production Line

Zhihong Wang, Wenbin Wang, Yuqin Yao
Digital image processing is to modify graphics, improving image quality and extract valuable information from the images. The detection technology based on machine vision is more applicable for the dangerous environment and situations that difficult to find, it is can also avoid the error generated by...
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Constructing and Solving Uncertain AHP Model

Tiane Wang, Yicheng Feng, Qi Liu
The most consistent approximation principle of the weight of is put forward on the basis of the interval probability hypothesis, and then gives the binarization processing of uncertain judgment matrix with consistency approximation method. To make full use of the information on the basis of expert judgment...
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Optimization Model and Solutions for punching Machine

Baocheng Wan, Cong Xiao, Taiyang Niu, Tiane Wang
The conversion time of punching machine tool is the important factors influencing the punching machine production efficiency, it increase the efficiency of the punching machine production.In order to solve the same hole type,it needs many and order limitation cutting toolsto translate. We establish the...
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Research on Security Strategy of Electronic Commerce Industry Websites

Songjie Gong, Ya Wang
Recently, scholars and specialists in the field of electronic commerce have generated a compelling list of website attributes that engender trustworthiness. The introduction of new information technologies has always been accompanied by security concerns, and the future of electronic commerce depends...
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Design of Online Examination System Based on SSH Framework

Yan Sun
The examination is an important means to measure the ability of people, already deep into all aspects of society, but there are many malpractices in the form of traditional examination, so the online examination system studied in this research has certain practical significance. Firstly, studied the...
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Design on University Dormitory Charge Report Software Based on Crystal Report

Minghui Li
Crystal reports to achieve a high degree of integration with mainstream programming language, is currently the most widely used professional reporting system. The software is designed and developed based on crystal reports, provide diversified and standardized report to dormitory charges. Firstly, research...
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WAP-based Comprehensive Inquiry System on Immune Systems Index

Xiaofei Liu
With the growing popularity and in-depth of scientific monitoring work, players' body shape has become a basic everyday work for the current athletic teams, in which the monitoring of immune system index is an important part of daily work, so the comprehensive inquire system on the immune system index...
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Management Software Development for Online Music Audio-visual

Jian Wang
PHP is a powerful and easy-to-use scripting language. PHP technology is used in this paper to achieve management software of music online audio-visual to help administrators manage. Firstly, a brief introduction on PHP technology was carried on, which includes its basic concept and several features;...
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Input Validation on Fitness Equipments Information System Based on Struts2

Kai Su
Due to the openness of the Web application, and the data collected by the input page is very complex, to prevent these illegal importations to enter the system, therefore, input validation is a question that must be solved by all Web applications, this paper studies based on Struts2 validation framework....
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Design of Specialized Vocabulary Management System for Accounting English

Lifeng Wang, Yiyun Wang
Accounting English as an international business language, its importance is increasingly apparent, because in terms of vocabulary its characteristics is particularly unique, so in order to facilitate memory and use specialized vocabulary designed accounting English specialized vocabulary management system...
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Design of Mobile Learning System for English Grammar

Dan Liu
Today, English has become the highest penetration rate of foreign languages in our country. Mastering and using English grammar is critical to learn English well. In order to improve the students' interest in learning English grammar and efficiency and the standard of English in a short time, in this...
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Design of Trigger of Foreign Language Audiovisual Products Accounting System

Xuefeng Liu
Referential integrity refers to data integrity between two tables, in the process of software development, if cannot ensure referential integrity, will result in disastrous consequences for data. In this paper, based SQL Server database management system designed on the trigger of audiovisual product...
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Database Design of Physics Experimental Equipment Management System

Xiang Teng
Physics is an experimental inquiry-based discipline, rational and effective preparation and management of experimental equipment, is a necessary prerequisite for completing the exploration of experiments, but in the real life, it is the effectiveness of experimental equipment management that is concerning,...
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A New Optimization Selection for Test Process of Equipment Manufacturing Based on Fused Algorithm

Gang Liu, Fang Li
Test optimization selection is a set cover problem, and heuristic algorithm for set covering problem is effective method. A genetic simulated annealing neural network fused algorithm was proposed by fusing the genetic algorithm, BP neural network and the simulated annealing algorithm, the genetic algorithm...
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Separation of Surface Roughness Profile from Raw Contour based on Empirical Mode Decomposition

Shoubin Liu, Hui Zhang
Engineering surfaces are comprised of different wavelength bands commonly referred to as roughness, waviness and form. The Gaussian filter is a common technique to separate surface roughness profile but it has some drawbacks. This paper presents an approach of utilizing Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD)...
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Research of data mining system

Ruiying Xu
Combining the current development situation of data mining system, this paper introduces the centralized and distributed data mining system respectively, focuses on the detailed introduce to the various components of the centralized data mining system and its concrete realization technology, and summarizes...
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Research on mobile learning system construction based on smart phones

Huiyu Nie
With the development of technology such as cloud computing, wireless networks and mobile devices, the application of mobile learning in the education of all types and at all levels is increasing popular. The importance will increasingly highlight: it is expected to become the primary entrance for the...
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New existence criteria for periodic solution to a Duffing p-Laplacian-Like equation

Zhiyan Li
In this study, we investigate a kind of Duffing type -Laplacian-Like equation. Some new criteria for guaranteeing the existence and uniqueness of periodic solution of this equation are given by using the Manásevich-Mawhin continuation theorem and some analysis techniques. Our results improve and extend...
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Calculating method of optimal path of data of traffic network

Hongfeng Sun, Ying Li, Yanchun Yang
According to the influence of traffic flow change on the selection of vehicle routing, to find a solution to the planning of travel routes in the situation that knowing the change of traffic flow. By using the method of particle swarm algorithm combined with dynamic programming to optimize the path of...
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The Design of Autokinetic Laser Gun Fire Device

Lu Xu, Enle Gan, Shengfei Zheng, Feng Wang, Zhiqiang Lu
This paper describes an electronic system which can enable the laser gun to aim, shoot and report target automatically. This system consists of a laser gun shoot system based on STM32F103VE MCU and an impact point identification system based on MC9S12XS128 micro controller. Laser gun, placed on a two-degrees-of-freedom...
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Study on the Information Security based on E-Commerce

Yu-qiao Meng
With the progress of economic globalization and information technology, e-commerce also has made a fast development. Meanwhile, the information security in e-commerce industry is becoming more and more important. This paper described information security issues existing in e-commerce, and provided technology...
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Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Magnetic Suspension Short-Stroke Stage in a Reticle Stage

Bizhong Xia, Shuang Wu, Yong Tian, Kaiming Yang, Xin Li
The reticle stage in lithographic equipment used to manufacture integrated circuits operates at nanometer accuracy during a scanning process. The modeling errors and external disturbances cause the coupling between multiple degrees of freedom (DOF) of the magnetic suspension short-stroke stage in a reticle...
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Multi-objective of parameters optimization design on Teleoperation Master hand with force feedback

Jiman Luo, Genbiao Li, Long Cui, Yannan Cui
Teleoperation master hands with force feedback are used in the project more and more widely and the design requirements about their structure sizes and the scope of work space are also increasing. In order to expand work space of the master hand robot, and to ensure its kinematic accuracy, the structure...
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Study and Simulation Analysis for Dual-Drive Control Strategy of the Firefighting and Rescue Equipment

Jiman Luo, Yannan Cui, Genbiao Li
The dual-drive synchronous control strategies are researched in the paper, in order to Solve the control problem of the firefighting and rescue equipment. Through analysis and comparison the control strategy of deviation coupling synchronous with the control strategy of the EVLS synchronous the corresponding...
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Research on the detection technology of structure intensity parameters of Rigid Optional Site

Yuan Zhao, Hongjie Cheng, Liu Yan
The feasibility analysis which selects the spreading cement site of service area of expressway as unsupported random launching site is studied in this paper. The structure stress in cement slab is calculated based on load characteristic of launch vehicle, and the key influence factors of bearing capacity...
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AutoCAD2010 based automatic dimensioning of size and tolerance

Jiading Bao, Rui Zhao, Yonghou Sun, Fuyun Liu, Meifa Huang
Computer Aided Tolerancing (CAT) is the key technology of CAD and CAM integration. However, nowadays the tolerance analysis and synthesis in CAD/CAM are mostly realized by manual methods or the experience of the designers. Thus this not only increased the workload of the designers but also wasted a lot...
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An Integrated Digital Measuring System for Underground Mine

Yuan Sheng Zhang, Xiao Cong Yang, Le Wen Yu, Da Zhang
Surveying is an important work for different kinds of mines, the efficiency and portability of measurement is really very important for underground mine. This paper given a new efficient measurement system named integrated digital measuring system, it consists of integrated measuring instrument, transmission...
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Research on A Kinematic Performance by Interpolation Algorithm of Zadoff-Chu Sequence

Jian Cao, Gang Li, Cong Yan
There are many factors that can affect the engine network performance, such as delay, packet loss and capacity utilization. Application examples show that, this system can significantly improve the efficiency of aerodynamic design. Compare the kinematics function with the new design with the prototype...
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The Communication Design of the Optical Fiber Reflective Memory Network in the Semi-physical Simulation System of the Laser Beam Rider Guidance Missile

Tianpeng Yu, Yongbo Chen, Jinlinag Li
This paper introduces to set up an optical fiber reflective memory network, which needs the high transmission rate and the low data transmission delay in the data transmission process, in the semi-physical simulation system of the laser beam rider guidance missile because of the needs of the system....
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Research and Implementation of Heterogeneous Data Integration Based on XML

Hong-jie Tang
With the purpose of achieving data integration in heterogeneous environment, this paper proposes a new data sharing scheme based on XML and B/S three-layer architecture. On the basis of this, a new general data integration system is designed and implemented. This paper discusses the framework, workflow...
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Characteristics Test of Photoresistor and Its Application in Optical Control Switch

Lingbo Wang
Experimental teaching is important for the professional course; an experimental platform has been designed. Using this photoresistor experimental apparatus, characteristics of photoresistor could be measured, experimental results agree well with the theory. And the platform provides the students open...
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An Improved Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm and Its Application

HuiShu Shi, Ye San, Yi Zhu
Fruit fly optimization algorithm is a new swarm intelligent algorithm proposed in recent years and has been concerned for its few parameters and high computational efficiency. However, the application of the algorithm is limited for unstable optimization capability. To solve that question, an improved...
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A Review on Measurement of Gun Barrel Pointing

Xiusheng Duan, Yi Huang, Yaoxuan Zhu
The measurement of the gun barrel pointing is an important part of artillery performance test. In this paper, the existing methods are classified and their principles, advantages, disadvantages and application situations are introduced. Besides, we discussed the prospects and trends on the measurement...
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Study on multi-view calibration method in non-contact measurement

Zhixian Zhang, Xujuan Wu
This study do binocular calibration experiments on the basis of the Z. Zhang calibration method, then unify coordinate system which can determine the position of the camera with respect to the world. The whole process use image processing software halcon to perform the multi-view calibration. It is argued...
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Modeling and Quadratic Stability Control of Buck Converter in DCM

Xiaojing Li, Aiguo Wu
Quadratic stability is an important performance for control systems. In this paper, the model of Buck Converter in DCM is built based on the theories of hybrid systems (HS) and switched linear systems (SLS) primarily. Then quadratic stability of SLS and two switching rules based on state feedback and...
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Study on the bulk grain auto-loading system based on the machine vision technology

Zengpu Xu, Chi Zhang, Yongqiang Wang, Congling Zhou
This paper designs a kind of bulk grain auto-loading system based on the machine vision technology, introduces the hardware composition of system, sketches the collection process of the real-time images, and uses the Canny algorithm to process and analyze the images. It is thus clear that this system...
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A new method to eliminate dead zone of phase-comparison instruments adjacent to 0° and 360°

Yuzhen Jin, Zongqiang Xuan, Fuming Wang
Phase-comparison Curve; High Linearity; No Dead-zone.
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Analysis and transplant of Openwrt system

Bing Gui, Bi Zeng
This paper studies the organization structure, software architecture and the software compiler configuration process of Openwrt, and the transplant process of which will also be introduced detailedly on tiny6410 development board, and the 360wifi module is added to it; successfully created a WiFi hotspot,...