Proceedings of the Business Innovation and Engineering Conference 2020 (BIEC 2020)

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Developing Information System Strategic Planning for Smarter Regional Development in Ternate Smart Island

AR Minhajuddin Kasman, Farisya Setiadi
Regional development is a foundation of successful national development. In order achieve better regional development process, Ternate has been preparing their capability for smart city transformation with the title of Ternate Smart Island. However, the challenges faced by the government regarding ICT...
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Routine Aircraft Airframe Spare Parts Inventory Analysis Used on Planned Maintenance at PT XYZ

Adhika Prajna Nandiwardhana, Muslim Efendi Harahap
Managing aircraft spare parts has been troublesome since there is demand uncertainty. Maintenance cost has been a concern nowadays especially spare parts cost. The objective of this research is to study costs generated by spare parts procurement using new inventory model compared with existing inventory...
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Factors Influencing Decision-Making Process in Relation to Public Service Delivery (PSD) in Malaysia

Rozaina Ali, Ahmad Shaharudin Abdul Latiff, Sazali Abdul Wahab
Efficient public service delivery is a main objective for every government. An important aspect of public service delivery is ensuring services provided fulfil the changing needs of the citizens and benefiting the public. However, the challenge on how best the government can serve the public continues...
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LPG for Power Generation in Indonesia: Techno-economic and Distribution Analysis

Yussa Dony Antarius, Rinaldy Dalimi
Application of LPG for power generation in Indonesia can be replacing the usage of fuel-oil at the existing power plant. It turns out that LPG is also a flexible and low-emission alternative to other fuel types within power generation that equal with other natural gas such as LNG or CNG. The main LPG...
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Read the Future Needs of Gas Station Consumers in DKI Jakarta And Banten

Rafdi Dzulfikar Ramdhani, Lukman M. Baga, Popong Nurhayati
The Business of Gas Stations in DKI Jakarta & Banten have become an attractive business for investors because of the demand for fuel and the growth in the number of vehicles that continues to increase every year. With so many choices of gas stations in DKI Jakarta & Banten: PERTAMINA, SHELL,...
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Price Decision of Digital Parking with Capacity Constraint Based on Reservation System Considering by Changes Modes of Transportation

E Widodo, D Handayani, Suparno
The advancement in ICT has been providing some advantages for community, including cashless payment system. This is used by the Sidoarjo government to replace subscription parking to the digital one due to criticisms from society. Most people agree that the old parking mode is poor quality and expensive....
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Critical Success Factors in Business Operation and Its Impact on Productivity Growth

Rahimi Abidin, Nor Hasni Osman, Rushanim Hashim
Service sector in Malaysia continues to be the top source of employment. In the private sector, most jobs are created in sub-sectors such as trade, tourism, finance, insurance and business services. These industries operate in a competitive environment where customers are increasingly able to make choices....
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Factors Influencing Service Quality in Restaurant Business: A Case of SME Bank Cafeteria

Siti Zakiah Abu Bakar, Choo Chun Hoong
Many restaurant businesses have faced demise due to stiff competition. Competition is more aggressive due to the emerging of on-line food services and the changing food preferences among consumers. Due to the increasing competition, ‘survival of the fittest’ will be those who could understand the factors...
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Preliminary Review of Online Collaborative Kit-Build Concept Map Tool in Practical Use

Aryo Pinandito, Didik Dwi Prasetya, Hanifah Muslimah Az-Zahra, Yusuke Hayashi, Tsukasa Hirashima
Kit-Build concept map framework is one of the learning frameworks that involves and uses concept maps in its learning activities. The learning process that uses the Kit-Build concept map framework is called the Kit-Build method. Previously, the use of the Kit-Build concept map framework in learning is...
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The Effect of Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use on Affective Commitment and Actual Usage of the Flexible Benefit System: The Mediating Role of Individual Absorptive Capacity

Marlita Dwi Yulianti, Elok Savitri Pusparini
The purpose of this study is to understand the role of individual absorptive capacity after implementation of flexible benefit system by its users. We assume the effect of benefit that satisfy employees will increase their affective commitment with the firm. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) were used...
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Analysis of Implementation of Robotic Process Automation: A Case Study in PT X

Ricky Arnaz, Muslim Efendi Harahap
PT X as one of the largest manufacturing companies in Indonesia, has a large workforce and assets, complex business processes and has an important portion in the market share in the industry. PT X has decided to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiative which is expected to make operational...
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Analytical Hierarchy Process Model for Vendor Selection

Muhammad Fariz Tiowiradin, Nurmala
The selection of vendors in Supply Chain Management is crucial in every company because it will help companies in dealing with global problems where the selection of the right vendor will have a significant impact on company efficiency. The purpose of this study is to determine the priority order of...
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Investigating the Distribution of Knowledge Structure in Extended Concept Mapping

Didik Dwi Prasetya, Aryo Pinandito, Yusuke Hayashi, Tsukasa Hirashima
Extended concept mapping is a technique to integrate prior existing knowledge structure a new relevant information. Some researchers argue that the extended concept mapping approach is efficient in building a knowledge base and facilitating improved meaningful learning. However, no information has been...
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The Factor That Affects the City’s Readiness to Adopt Electric Vehicles: A Conceptual Paper

Ismail Nooraini, Nor Hasni Osman, Siti Norhasmaedayu Mohd Zamani
Transportation is one of the highly demanded industries as a benefit to the owner at this time as rapid access to any geographical location in the world. However, some drawbacks arise when this sector contributes to worldwide environmental pollution. This paper compiled and analyzed the previous literature,...
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Product Development Framework for Ginger Tea

Nada Widyanto Rizki, Febriantina Dewi, Anita Primaswari Widhiani
One of the popular ginger-based products in Indonesia is ginger tea. It is believed that ginger can boost immune system. Targeted customers are adults under 50 years old, who will go back to work at the office for new normal era at this covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this study was to develop ginger...
Proceedings Article A Business Model to Cater the Needs of Graduates on Graduation Ceremony

Dita Yuniar, Arif Imam Suroso, Febriantina Dewi
Graduation ceremony, especially from higher education institutions, is a cause for celebration in Indonesia, where graduates and their family will dress to the teeth and have their photo taken by professional photographer. Therefore, there is high demand for clothes, accessories, professional make-up...
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Are Institutional Pressures Influencing on Sustainable Business Performance in the RMG Industries of Bangladesh?

Marjea Jannat Mohua, Wan Fadzilah Wan Yusoff
With intensifying the global climate change phenomena throughout of the world as well as escalating of surroundings demands firm’s operational performance is being evaluated in the context of holistic approach inclusion of economic, environmental and social proportions currently. From the prior 20th...
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Setting Up Women Sociopreneurship Model Based on Textile Waste

Armaudiah Putri, Andina Oktariani, Arief Daryanto
Textile waste, known as patchwork, is solid waste which is difficult to decompose and thus requires treatment to reduce the impact on the environment. Convection centers make housewives who are part of residents around the area employed as tailors. This research raises the issue of empowering female...
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Setting Up Sustainable Development of Social Enterprises Model in Indonesia

Natasya Larasati Lontoh, Andina Oktariani
Social Enterprise is a business explicitly aimed at social, community, and environment through business structures that can lead to sustainability [5]. In recent years there has been a definite trend towards the development of the social enterprise business model. This phenomenon also occurs in Indonesia....
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Setting-Up Characteristics Needs Of Customer E-Commerce Business Dieter

Muhammad Danang Prasetyo, Andina Oktariani, Arif Imam Suroso
Public awareness of the importance of health and a healthy lifestyle is increasing. Diet wants and needs are the healthy lifestyle that most people choose. In practice, there are still many people who do not know the principles of a healthy diet and still have an inappropriate diet. This study aims to...
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Designing an Elderly Day Care Business Model in Bandar Lampung

Sarah Angela Manik, Annisa Ramadanti, Nimmi Zulbainarni
Nowadays, human life expectancy begins to increase year by year, especially in the elderly group. Therefore, the attention for the elderly deserves to be improved by paying attention to their welfare and health. Current development demands the life of the modern society in Indonesia to have a high work...
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Developing an Indonesian Local Culture Business Model

Indah Tria Mardhatilla, Nyayu Lathifah Tirdasari, Heny Kuswanti Suwarsinah
Indonesia has many beautiful local fabrics. However, its businesses are rarely well developed. This study focuses on songket Silungkang, local fabric originally from West Sumatra, Indonesia. As a part of the fashion sub-sector with a creative economy, Silungkang is capable to drive the Indonesia economic...
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Journee: Digital Tourism Platform for Hidden Gems Destination

Indira Alima Pradipta, Retnaningsih, Raden Isma Anggraini
One of the tourist attractions that attract tourists are hidden gems destinations. However, tourists often have difficulty finding accurate information on hidden gems destinations. There are many hidden gems destinations in Indonesia that need to be exposed so that their existence is known by tourism...
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Performance Optimization of Anchovy Fish Processing Industry Cluster Through Value Chain Analysis on Pulau Pasaran

Nanda Alifia Putri, Raden Isma Anggraini, Mohammad Syamsul Maarif
Pulau Pasaran is known as the main centre of salted anchovy fish production in Bandar Lampung City which have capabilities to produce twenty to thirty tons of salted anchovy fish a day and will be marketed to several region on Java Island and Sumatera Island. This study is proposed to (1) identify the...
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Determinant Factors Affecting Efficiency Intermediation and Production Approach (Case Study: Bank Buku II Go Public in Indonesia)

Ferry Ardiansyah, Mulya E. Siregar, Dedi Budiman Hakim, Hermanto Siregar
There are several approaches that can be used to explain the relationship between input and output from financial institutions, namely the production approach and the intermediation approach. Technical efficiency reflects the ability of the company to produce output with a number of available inputs....
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Analysis of Lean Implementation on Spoiler Production Process with Monozukuri Innovation Activity Approach in PT. Inoac Polytechno Indonesia

Morgan Parlindungan, Muslim Efendi Harahap
The importance of operations management in the manufacturing company has increased in the era of the globalization of the automotive industry, however many local manufacturing companies have not yet fully developed a systematical and integrated system to manage and monitor the efficiency of their performance...
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Analysis of Waste of Cost Factors During Engineering Phase of EPC Project with Lean Thinking (Case Study: PT.XYZ)

Esaputra Mangarul Rajagukguk, Muslim Efendi Harahap
An engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company is challenged to compete in a cut-throat industry with many competitors and slim profit margin. Previous studies revealed that 70% of activities in a construction project are non-value adding which diminish productivity and profitability. As...
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Hypepreneur: Digital Platform to Accelerate Business Opportunities for Millennials

Madania Agusta, Retnaningsih, Dikky Indrawan
The shift of shopping behavior from offline into online platform grows new startups and SMEs in Indonesia. The increase number of new business put Indonesia in number one ranking among Asia Pacific countries with an entrepreneurial spirit. However, due to lack of experience, startups businesses face...
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Puan: Pop-up Market for Women-Owned Small Business

Rhea Nisa Humaira, Idqan Fahmi, Dikky Indrawan
Women entrepreneurs in Indonesia face various obstacles when starting and running their business daily. The inability to expand business networks is a major obstacle to the development of women’s businesses. This limits their ability to increase their customer base. Therefore, businesses owned by women...
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Working Fluid Selection for a Simple System of Low-Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle Plant

Budi Ismoyo, M. Idrus Alhamid, Muswar Muslim
Heat sources such as geothermal brine, biomass, and other waste heat sources have the potential to be recovered. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) plants can use to convert low-temperature heat sources into electrical energy. Working fluid selection for a simple system of the Organic Rankine Cycle plant is...
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Transforming the Library Culture Into Learning Lab Perspective to Strengthen Its Engagement

Rizal Ardianto, Lien Herlina, Raden Isma Anggraini
A library is a place where learning and sharing takes place. Currently with the technology advancement, library began to be less attractive place to visit. Based on this thought, aims of this study were formulated: 1) mapping community behaviour shifts and changes towards the use of libraries in the...
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Strategy of Instagram Marketing and Implementation of Competitive Design Packaging at SMEs Guriyana Baker Through Business Coaching

Rakhmat Dicky Mohammad, Sisdjiatmo Kusumosuwidho Widhaningrat
Breads are one of the most delicious foods in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. There are so many bread companies in Jakarta. To compete in this industry, SMEs should give much effort to survive. Guriyana Bakery is one of the SMEs that survive in this industry. They have a signature product, wide distribution...
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A Conceptual Framework for Big Data Analytics Adoption Towards the Success of Industry 4.0

Nur Khairiah Muhammad, Nor Hasni Osman, Nurul Azita Salleh
The rise of Big Data has inspired business organizations to venture into Big Data analytics, however academic research and empirical evidence about the business value remains scarce. This paper attempts to evaluate the readiness of Malaysia companies in taking advantage of Big Data adoption. Initial...
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Shortening the Local Food Supply Chain Management in Indonesia Based on IoT (Internet of Thing)

Heny Herawati, Agus S Soemantri, Elmi Kamsiati, Muchamad Bachtiar
Local food development in Indonesia often experiences barriers including the limited scale of exploitation and the extent of sporadic distribution chains that make it difficult to develop. Indonesia is known to have enormous resources related to local food resources. Small-scale concessions that are...
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Earnings Management: A Review on Family Ownership

Dr. Wan Fadzilah Wan Yusoff, Aklima Akter, Dr. Mohamad Ali Abdul-Hamid
The purpose of this study is to synthesize the existing research regarding earnings management practices in family firms. This research reviews the existing knowledge about earnings management practices in family firms, analyzing the findings and the theoretical frameworks used in the prior literature....
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Project Risk Assessment to Anticipate Potential Business Risk: A Case Study at PT Telkom Indonesia

Rifa Herdian, Raden Isma Anggraini
In project management, project risk assessment has a significant role in anticipating business risks. PT Telkom as one of the State-Owned Enterprises in Indonesia has implemented many projects aimed at providing the best service for customers in the field of telecommunications services. For this reason,...
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Technology and Education: A Deterministic and Instrumentalist Philosophical Approach

Abdul Shukor Shamsudin, Ayotunde Adetola Adelaja, Taofeek Adejare Owoseni
Over the past few decades, enormous studies examining the significant contribution of technology adoption and usage in the education industry have emerged. Albeit, miniatures of this literature tend to focus on the outcome of massive (total) dependence of these technologies. To achieve the study objective,...
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A Conceptual Analysis of Factors That Lead to Blockchain Technology Adoption in A Developing Country Context; Morocco.

Oumaima. Hafide, Yacoute. Zenjali, Younes. Lafraxo
The Blockchain is a relatively new concept that finds its source in the first cryptographic currency known as Bitcoin. The BC is essentially known as a decentralized ledger that records every transaction made in a network called a “block”, which contains the encrypted data of the entire transaction history....
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Conservation Risk Assessment for Managing Plant Collection of a Botanic Gardens in Indonesia

Reni Lestari
Botanic Garden (BG) is one of ex situ Plant Conservation Institution that manages documented collections for conservation, research, education, tourism and ecosystem services purposes. There are many processes for plants to become garden’s collection, from collecting the plants from their original habitat...