Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on International Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities (CISOC 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Daniel Barredo-Ibáñez, Farrah Bérubé, Paulo Carlos López-López, Daniel H. Mutibwa
All of the articles in this proceedings volume were presented virtually on 28th and 29th July 2022 at CISOC 2022, Québec à Trois-Rivières . These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful...
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Mapping Quality Digital Journalism

Research Trends and Pending Challenges in the Age of Hi-Tech

Rubén Rivas-de-Roca
Quality is a priority concept of journalism that connects with the social function of the press. The achievement of quality would ensure a proper work of the media. Technology is driving journalism today; hence, this purpose of excellence requires new common parameters that allow its assessment, especially...
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The Theory of Social Comparison and the Body Positive in Female Consumers of Underwear in Instagram

Adriana Coloma-Escobedo, Eliana Gallardo-Echenique
This study analyzes body positive, a movement challenging women’s beauty standards to promote acceptance of the body as a whole, and the relationship with the theory of social comparison, which indicates that people are continually comparing themselves with similar ones, upward or downward. A qualitative...
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Verification of the Public Discourse of Ecuador’s Mayors on Local TV and Inclusion of Innovation and Technology Topics, Between February 20 and March 22

Abel Suing, Jonathan Villavicencio, Pablo Lomas-Chacón
The purpose of the research is to determine the accuracy of the statements made by the mayors of Ecuador, and the inclusion of issues related to innovation and technology management, based on the fact-checking methodology. The research question is: Do the public statements of Ecuador’s mayors presented...
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The Coexistence of Diverse Definitions for the 4th Industrial Revolution: A Multidisciplinary Analysis

Andres Leon-Geyer
The term fourth industrial revolution is a notion used with increasing frequency, especially when it comes to descriptions of contemporary technological and economic developments. However, the term contains a problematic aspect: it does not have one unique definition, but several, and these vary to such...
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Academia and Media in Ecuador

A Verification and Digital Literacy Alliance Against Disinformation

Pamela Cruz-Páez, Melissa Clavijo, Camila Villacrés
In the health crisis due to Covid-19, two coalitions to fight disinformation were born in Ecuador. This article analyzes the actions taken by the Interuniversity Observatory of Ecuadorian Media and Ecuador Verifica. Both organizations are pioneers in implementing media-academic alliances to verify political...
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YouTube and Transmedia Storytelling on Educational Marketing of a Business School in Perú

Andrea Elizabeth Laberian Caceda, Victor Omar Vite León
The convergence of digital technology and media technology has led to the emergence of new media and a new way of distributing content: transmedia storytelling. This research analyses transmedia content in social networks by a Business School in Perú. The methodology used is qualitative and addresses...
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The Contribution of Fandom to Value Generation and Innovation in the New Audiovisual Fiction Transmedia Ecosystem

Tomás Atarama-Rojas, Mariana Velarde-Arriaga, Diana Hernández-Mesta
This research focused on how social network activities enrich value generation dynamics and innovation in the new audiovisual fiction transmedia ecosystem. Through content analysis of five phenomena spurred by interactive digital platforms, which, with the support of fandom, were published and received...
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The Use of Real Time Marketing on Social Media in the Burger King Case During the “Vaccinagate” Scandal in Peru

Samirah Heresi, Francisco Arbaiza
This study explores Real Time Marketing (RTM) in Peru through the description of a paradigmatic case in the country. Due to its virality, this branding strategy -which consists of tackling viral dates, news, and events to create content and insert itself into the flow of a massive conversation in networks-...
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Technological Platforms of the “Aprendo en Casa” [Let’s Learn at Home] Strategy

Perceived and Desired Changes 2020–2021

Luis-Rolando Alarcon-Llontop, Mirtha-Rafaela Carrasco-Yovera
In order to evaluate changes in the “Aprendo en Casa” [Let’s learn at home] strategy in Peru, between its first and second year, the three platforms that integrate it: radio, television, and web, were compared in their educational purposes, within the framework of one of the meanings of digital interconnection....
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Teaching Methods of English During Covid-19 in Members of the Technological Degree on Teacher Assistant

Sylvana Ithamar Gordillo Pérez, María Magdalena Bravo Gallardo
This article proposes an analysis of innovation in the English language teaching methodology during the health emergency of COVID- 19. To this end, teachers and students in professional teaching practice of the Teacher Assistant degree offered by Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo ISPADE have been...
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Mansplaining and Sexist Practices in Cable and Multiplatform Sports Journalistic Programs of Infotainment in Peru

Fiorella los Milagros Chunga-Roncallo, Lorena Teresa Espinoza-Robles
Sports journalistic programs of infotainment have become highly relevant in recent years. However, the visibility of women journalists in this type of programs is minimal compared to their male colleagues and is often a decorative presence. This article highlight the sexist practices in the intrinsic...
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Diagnosis of Digital Competencies for the Use of B-Learning Methodology in the Teaching and Learning Process

Eliana Ortiz, María Isabel Loaiza-Aguirre, Paola Salomé Andrade-Abarca
Education is undergoing processes of change, accentuated during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the importance of developing competencies that ensure effective educational processes, such as digital competencies, which allow teachers to adapt to different learning environments. The objective of this...
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Audiovisual Production for Creating Digital Content on YouTube. Systematic Literature Review

Fabrizio Rhenatto Arteaga-Huarcaya, Adriana Margarita Turriate-Guzmán, Melissa Andrea Gonzales-Medina
The objective of this systematic review was to document the research trends in audiovisual production applied to the creation of digital content for the YouTube platform, in Ibero-America, between 2010–2021. The research considered the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis)...
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Democratic Culture, Citizenship and Digital Literacy in Mexico: Challenges and Prospects

Araceli Espinosa-Márquez, Carla Irene Ríos-Calleja, Jesús Mario León-De la Rosa
The configuration of modern digital spaces suggests that citizens interact in a responsible way generating and selecting information on which our criteria is based, it also implies that they can deliberate in the digital public sphere to influence decision makers in government; placing them as transformers...
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Proposal of Playful Innovation for Decision Making in Savings Cooperatives. The Case of Ecuador

Javier Herrán Gómez, Bernardo Salgado, Angel Torres-Toukoumidis
Although theory helps to lay firm foundations on business cooperative development, practices based on bottom-up actions and adaptation to new forms of interaction through telematic platforms catalyze the manifestation of situations that can positively affect the participation of members, employees and...
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The Reimagined Princess, The Empowered Female Warrior

A Comparative Analysis of Mulan (1998) and Mulan (2020) Using the Fourth-Wave Feminist Framework

Caroline Yiqian Wang
For nearly a century, the Walt Disney Company has been constructing the world-famous Princess Line and enjoying a lengthy reign of female-centred, female-targeted media productions. Relying upon a problematically androcentric formula, these princess fairy tales advocate stereotypical femininity and romanticise...
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From Mental to Visual Image: An Iterative Method for Designing Pictograms to Promote the Understanding of a Drug Treatment

Golda Cohen
Taking medication requires several precautions. The use of pictograms, when accompanying prescribed pharmacotherapy, is considered as an effective way to facilitate the understanding of sensitive populations (e.g., Older people, low literacy levels, migrants, etc.) regarding their pharmaceutical treatment....
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The Consequences and Limits of the Libertarian Ideology

An Empirical Analysis

Carlos Eduardo Santos Saint Romain, Santiago Andrés Ullauri Betancourt
The globalisation convergence thesis proclaims that increasing international trade will force welfare states to participate in a “race to the bottom” to maintain their international competitiveness. This is true, particularly in Liberal Market Economies (LMEs) ran by the means-ended libertarian ideology....
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Interculturality in the Training of Cultural Managers. Case Study of Politechnic Salesian University

Blas Garzón Vera, Luz Marina Castillo
This article examines a journey through the main theoretical edges that study Interculturality from a Latin American perspective. It also analyzes the definition of cultural management, considering how it has developed in Ecuador and the region. As a case study, it analyzes the Master’s Program in Cultural...
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Corruption and Typical Behaviors Among Peruvian University Students in the Andean Region

Úrsula Freundt-Thurne, Ambrosio Tomás-Rojas, Manuel Anchapuri, Eliana Gallardo-Echenique
Corruption is an emerging issue in the scientific field that has seldom been studied in Peru from the perspective of university students. The aim of this study is to identify the typical behaviors related to corruption among students of a public university in the Peruvian Andes (Puno). This is an exploratory...
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University Educational Experience in a Virtual Environment in Times of Covid-19

Victoria Dalila Palacios Mieles, Gustavo Arquelino Palacios Mieles, Narcisa Jessenia Medranda Morales
This article shows the result of the implementation of a work plan designed at PUCE, for students of the master’s degree in Educational Innovation, carried out virtually. The experience takes place in the reality of the propagation of Covid-19, in the social and institutional context that determines...
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From Content Analysis to Content Analysis of Digital Social Networks

Specificities and Limits of a Particular Content

Balié Jean-Yves Guédé
Content analysis is a research method in the humanities and social sciences that has been around for many years. Despite its age, it does not always seem to be used adequately. Moreover, the rise of digital social networks has brought about a form of reconfiguration within humanities and social sciences...
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The Use of Audiovisual Language in Corporate Training in the Peruvian Banking Sector

Paulette Girard, Victor Omar Vite León, Jair Rolleri
The use of audiovisual tools in e-learning can be a factor that increases the effectiveness of job training. Therefore, it is relevant to analyze how this language is implemented in a country where the digital divide is significant. Therefore, the general objective of this research is to analyze how...
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Gay-Friendly as an Advertising Resource

Zoila Cordova-Vargas, Eliana Gallardo-Echenique
Gay-friendly is the resource that spreads the homosexual identity to create an inclusive culture, which reflects the values, principles of equal opportunities, and respect to diversity among the brands and the audience. This study analyses how the insertion of gay-friendly in the spot “Emotion unites...
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Short-Term Study Abroad Experiences of University Students in the US

Ariana Melchor-Bazalar, Jorge Lucas Vargas-Sardon, Eliana Gallardo-Echenique
Around the globe, nations have become more interconnected and increasingly intercultural and individuals must be able to efficiently deal with cultural differences at universities or colleges, at work, or in their private lives. The aim of this study is to analyze how students experience the process...
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Identity and Citizenship from the Post-truth in Peruvian Cinematographic Fiction

Oscar Alfredo Aybar-Cabezudo, Lorena Teresa Espinoza-Robles
Cinema has always been a mirror of reality, therefore it is important to reflect on the role of Peruvian cinematography in the construction of identity and citizenship. The identity reflected in stories that are capable of generating a sense of national belonging among their audiences and citizenship...
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Buying Motivation Toward Supermarkets’ Private Label Products Among Millennials Due to The Covid-19 Crisis in Peru

Ariana Tafur, Francisco Arbaiza
The presence of private label products on supermarket shelves in Peru is becoming more and more frequent; it is possible to notice a bigger effort by retail companies to position their products through marketing and advertising strategies, trying to leave behind the reputation of low quality that they...
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Crisis of Democracy in the American Continent:

A Critical Analysis of the Electoral Processes in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the United States

Daniel Javier Garza Montemayor, Daniel Barredo Ibáñez, Paulo Carlos López-López
In recent years, there has been a broad theoretical debate on a concept of democracy which is ideal for governments that correspond to the expectations of citizens. It is also possible to observe that in the present, the traditional political alternatives have demonstrated a progressive downfall, which...
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Misrepresentation of the Dreams of Peace

Analysis of Community Participation in the Road Map of the Development Programme with a Territorial Approach (PDET) in Putumayo, Colombia

Karla Díaz Parra
The Development Programs with a Territorial Approach (PDET) is the planning instrument that would allow the redistribution of rural property in Colombia to be provided with social goods and services. This chapter analyses the methodology of the Roadmap as the instrument that guides the execution of the...
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Media and Activist Discourses on Feminism in Quebec: Between Issues of Women’s Representativeness and the Mobilization of a Solidarity Network

Carol-Ann Rouillard, Al Hassania Khouiyi
The research has two objectives: (1) to document the mediatization of feminism by the Quebec media and (2) to identify the uses of social-digital media by Quebec feminist interest groups to make their demands heard in the traditional media. It is in line with the work on digital advocacy and the mediatization...
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Artificial Intelligence: The Views of Tertiary-Level Foreign Language Learners

Mariane Gazaille, Dana Léon-Henri, Andréanne L. Nolin, Noémie Gendron Perrault
Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed dramatically in recent decades. Its use has been unprecedented in various disciplines and fields such as: data science, information science, online marketing and data mining from the development of various platforms, as well as in the area of “connected’ objects....

Correction to: Mapping Quality Digital Journalism

Research Trends and Pending Challenges in the Age of Hi-Tech

Rubén Rivas-de-Roca