Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Contemporary Problems in the Development of Economic, Financial and Credit Systems (DEFCS 2020)

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Internal Control System in Credit Organizations

Majd Alnakoula
Credit institutions should very carefully manage risks, constantly adapt to the competitive environment, and develop their activities daily. At the same time, they have to comply with certain rules of conduct, which are controlled by both external and internal control bodies. In order to more identify...
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Digital Transformation of the Russian Banking Sector in Terms of Pandemic

Natalya Bykanova, Daria Gordya, Tatiana Ten
The article discusses the issues of development and implementation of digital technologies in the banking sector in the context of a pandemic. The concepts of “digitalization” and “digital transformation”, which underlie the transformation processes of banking activity, are defined. The authors have...
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Transformation of Industrial Enterprise Management to Support Its Sustainable Development

Evgeniya Eliseeva, Dmitriy Ryakhovsky
Modern management by the company oriented on principles and requirements standards The ISO 9000 series. In present time organization management industrial businesses represents a system of interconnected processes, the purpose of which is sustainable development and upgrade efficiency based on leadership...
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Payment Services Availability in the Context of Digital Transformation of Financial Markets

Anzhelika Gulko, Tatyana Saprykina, Elena Pashkova
The article discusses the issues of increasing financial inclusion based on the development of payment services, taking into account modern processes of digitalization of the economy. Various approaches to the content of the concept of “financial inclusion» and their evolution are presented on the basis...
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Stock Market Analysis of China and Foreign Countries

Olga Makarova, Svetlana Gladkova, Yulia Makarova
The study of the Chinese securities market is of considerable scientific interest due to its rapid development and limited knowledge of the subject in Russia. In China, as well as in Russia, before the beginning of economic reforms, securities markets were practically absent, which is why with the launch...
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Trends of Expansion of the Customer Base in the Banking Sector

Ezechiel Manirakiza
Post-crisis regulatory systems are gradually being developed and implemented, and financial institutions are adjusting their business models accordingly. It is now becoming clear that the accelerated pace of technological change is the most creative force in the modern financial services ecosystem. In...
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Crowd Funding as a Promising Alternative Model of Bank Lending

Natalia Melnikova, Tatyana Zaitseva, Natalia Putivtseva, Egor Belotserkovsky
The article examines the theoretical aspects of crowdfunding technology and generalizes methodological approaches to crowdfunding types. The emphasis is primarily that crowdfunding is an innovative tool for financing business projects and is a promising counterpart to bank lending. The main advantages...
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Matrix Representation of the Graph Describing Temporary Transitions of the States of Investment Attractiveness of the Russian Regions: on the Example of Regions of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Moskovkin, Sizyoongo Munenge, Marina Sadovski
The study uses Google Scholar search engine to show an unjustified boom of Post-Soviet publications on the investment attractiveness of various territories and objects, which are several times higher than the number of publications from non-CIS countries. It is shown that the most popular approach to...
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Study of the Interrelation between the Dynamics of Wages in the Public and Private Economy Sectors

Aleksandr Myasnikov, Anna Orlova, Gennady Kryksin
In this study, the authors analyzed the availability and degree of interrelation between salaries of the budget and private economy sectors in the regional context based on data from 2013 to 2020. Dynamic and graphical analysis of the relationship between wages in the public and private economy sectors...
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Relationship Between Bank Deposits and Profitability of Commercial Banks (Practical Example of Jordan Commercial Bank)

Hussein Zaboon Oleiwi
In this article research in the field of Bank’s deposit policy is conducted and deposit operations are classified. Special attention is paid to the analysis of savings and deposit accounts in the Jordan Commercial Bank based on quantitative analysis of current deposits. Also, external and internal factors,...
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Improvement of Customs and Tax Authorities Interaction in the Process of Carrying out Customs Control After the Release of Goods

Maksim Selyukov, Aleksej Kostin, Natalya Shalygina, Svyatoslav Evdokimov, Oksana Moskalenko, Dmitry Solodilov
The analysis of legal acts and literary sources has led to the conclusion about the need to develop customs control after the release of goods in Russia. Control is a widespread objective phenomenon in all areas of public life. Control can be described as an independent management function, which includes...
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Financial Models of Public-Private Projects

Tatyana Shubina, Aleksandr Ivanov
The authors carried out the study of the factors that determine the attractiveness of infrastructure projects initiated by the state or municipalities for private investors. Research object is types of public-private partnership. Research subject is the economic relations of economic agents. Aim of the...
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Opportunities and Potential for the Development of Crowd Investing in Russia

Julia Solovey, Natalya Bykanova, Denis Evdokimov
The article considers the development of a promising “crowd investing” economic model for investors in projects in the Russian and global financial market. The advantages and disadvantages of crowd investing, as well as the principles of work of crowd investing platforms, are identified. The authors...
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Development Trends and Factors Affecting the Financial Performance of Food Industry

Natalya Solovjeva, Igor Karachev, Inna Shapovalova, Victoriya Shved, Ekaterina Dombrovskaya
The article examines the activities of the food industry, which produces and sells products necessary for the livelihood of its citizens. Trends in the development of the food industry are considered and factors influencing the main indicators of organizations in the food industry are identified. These...
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Analysis of Implementation of Import Substitution Policy on the Russian Agricultural Machinery Market

Oksana Vaganova, Andrey Peresypkin, Natalya Solovjeva, Dmitry Polunin
The article analyzes the structure of the agricultural machinery market in Russia. The level of development and potential of Russian manufacturers and their involvement in world markets are considered. The problems preventing Russian companies from completely replacing foreign competitors are described,...
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Establishing Agro-Industrial Complex Innovative Development Mechanism

Oksana Vaganova, Viktor Zakharov, Natalya Solovjeva, Mahamadou Sidibe
The Agro-Industrial Complex of the Russian Federation, like any other complex, cannot function without investment. The authors propose a model of the mechanism of innovation in the Agro-Industrial Complex. The article analyzes investment in fixed assets, reveals the dynamics of export of agricultural...
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Contemporary Empirical Aspects of Banking and Insurance as Financial Market Segments: a Case Study of Belgorod Region

Vladimir Yanovskiy, Galina Zabnina, Gennady Kryksin, Svetlana Podoprigorova
The paper analyses contemporary empirical aspects of the financial market development in terms of its main segments, based on the case of an individual region of Russia. The research is focused on the recent changes in the region’s financial market. The time period under study includes months before...
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An Investigation into Factors Adoption of Electronic Banking Services in Russia

Ragheed Yousef
The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that adopt electronic banking services. A conceptual framework is developed based on the technology acceptance model and several additional factors. After reviewing the literature, the factors that adopt electronic banking services from the point...
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Environmental Policy and Directions of Development of “Green Economy” in Ecuador

Gonzalez Rair Alejandro Alulima, Azima Primova, Yulia Rastopchina, Evgenii Schastlivenko
The article considers the essence of “green economy” and its role in improving people’s welfare in the framework of the concept of sustainable development. The current model of development of the world economy as a whole and its individual countries is aimed at implementing the “green economy” model...
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About the Possibility of Building of the System-Phenomenological Models of the World Economy

Gennadiy Averin, Anna Zviagintseva, Anzhela Shvetsova
The historical and most widely known “Mir-2” and “Mir-3” models developed at the initiative of the club of Rome by J. Forrestor and D. meadows are analyzed. The model of M. Mesarovich and E. Pestel is briefly described. The analysis of such models of the world economy as the model of A. Onishi, V. Leontiev,...
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Digital Transformation of the Economy: Problems and Trends of Development

Anzhelika Borzova, Elena Dorokhova, Natalya Shalygina, Maksim Selyukov
This article examines the digital transformation of the economy, which has become a significant phenomenon for the entire world economy. The results of Russia’s transition to the digital economy are considered and analyzed. A number of problems arising in the development of the domestic digital economy...
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The Cost-Effectiveness of Export of Educational Services in Russian Universities

Elena Dorokhova, Yulia Rastopchina, Olesya Pishalchenko, Ekaterina Dorokhova
Although Russia has a strong educational potential, its share in the market of educational services is insignificant. This article analyzes the structure of income from the export of Russian educational services. The article provides calculations of the economic effect of the export of educational services,...
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Anti-Aging Healthcare Programs at Companies of the Russian Federation Regions: Relevance, Conditions and Algorithm for Successful Implementation

Elena Kamyshanchenko, Svetlana Gorelik, Laura Avidzba, Karina Ishchenko, Sergey Kolesnikov
The article presents the results of the study aimed to reveal the relationship between the implementation of anti-aging healthcare programs at companies in the regions of Russian Federation, the health of employees and the efficiency of companies. Based on the results of the study, the authors proposed...
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China’s Migration Policy and Direction of Improvement

Elena Kamyshanchenko, Dilobar Ruzieva, Su Fangyun, Margarita Mkhitaryan
Population migration, as a manifestation of globalization, has become a popular phenomenon in the XXI century. It affects the political, socio-economic and demographic development of countries all over the world and interaction and integration process among them. China has become the most dynamically...
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Genesis of International Commercial Custom (Lex Mercatoria): the Role of Rôles d’Oléron

Yulia Komnatnaya, Dmitry Menyaylo, Evgeny Miroshnikov, Maria Chistyuhina
In this article, the authors made an attempt to appraise the role and significance of the Roules d’Oleron in the formation of lex mercatoria as a special legal phenomenon on a par with the conflict of law, as well as in the development of both the national law of European countries and the norms of international...
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Evolution of International Commercial Customs (Lex Mercatoria) in European Countries of the XII-XVI Centuries

Yulia Komnatnaya, Ludmila Menyaylo, Ellina Miroshnikova, Yulia Golubyatnikova
This article studies the history of international trade customs formation and development on the territory of Europe in the XII-XVII centuries, analyzes the collections of trade customs known in history. The reasons for the spread of some collections and the interest decrement to another ones are also...
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Features of the Development of the World Oil Market in Conditions of Coronavirus Pandemic

Elena Kovaleva, Artem Seminog, Margarita Mkhitaryan
This article considers the features of the world oil market development in modern conditions. The world oil markets significantly affected by uneconomic factors in particular pricing processes, primarily political ones. Economists predicted the beginning of the global economic crisis in 2020. The coronavirus...
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Assessment of the International Cross-Countries Investment Flows: Empirical Evidence from Russia and China

Natalia Saprikina, Anna Masurek, Tamara Schastlivenko
The present paper differentiates the bilateral investment flows into the cross-countries FDI flows and the mutual bilateral FDI flows. The latter presumes deep and significant investment linkages between the pair of countries. The study introduces the indicators and criteria of the mutual bilateral FDI...
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On Features of Russian-Chinese Economic Relations in the Integration Field of Eurasia

Maksim Selyukov, Natalya Shalygina, Elena Kamyshanchenko, Cheng Hao
The reorientation of the Russian economy to new markets for domestic products and the strengthening of trade and economic relations with a number of countries in Asia and Latin America have created conditions in recent years for the development of long-term foreign economic relations with them. First...
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Development of Trade and Economic Relations of Russia with the Countries of the European Union: Problems and Prospects

Natalya Shalygina, Natalya Zaitseva, Maksim Selyukov, Ol’ga Znajdenova
The geographical proximity of Russia and the countries of the European Union contributed to the development of trade and economic bilateral relations, which have a significant impact on all spheres of interests of the participating parties. Currently, Russia and the EU are key trading partners, as evidenced...
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Foreign Economic Relations Between China and Countries of Central Asia: Trends and Development Prospects

Nadezhda Sivtsova, Yulia Boltenkova, Jin Changhao
China’s economic presence in Central Asian countries is becoming more systematic and complex. The countries of Central Asia, which officially include such States as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan, are the closest neighbors of the people’s Republic of China. A special...
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The Role of Personnel Audit in International Business

Anna Yanovskaya, Elena Kamyshanchenko, Sherbek Khaitov
International business is not possible without an effective management system. Despite the influence of the global trend towards digitalization, the main role in the implementation of the business strategy is assigned to the staff. This article considers the main approaches to personnel management and...
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Peculiarities of Intellectual Development of Human Capital at the Regional Level in the Context of Digital Transformation

Natalya Gerasimova, Alessio Zuppelo, Anna Kulik, Dmitry Solovjev
At the current stage of development, the digital economy encourages the use of innovative technologies to be used for training, create various webinars, conduct video conferences, implement online learning platforms and practice distance learning. The article examines the intellectual development of...
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Potential Threats of Using Digital Money to Legalize Shadow Income

Svetlana Gladkova, Inga Antsibor, Anzhelika Gulko
The article discusses the changes in legislation of the Russian Federation related to the regulation of the crypto-currency market. Irreversibility of performed operations (transactions), absence of centralized data storage on servers and, as a result, much lower data vulnerability, ability to sign and...
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Legal Regulation of Citizens’ Investments in the Russian Financial Market

Svetlana Gladkova, Inga Antsibor
For a market economy, investing as a “process” is a multidimensional and complex phenomenon due to interaction in it of numerous parties. If we are to classify the parties by principle of supply and demand, there are two main categories: sellers and buyers, each of which is as multi-faceted as the investment...
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Digital Transformation of the National Economy of the Republic of Belarus

Oksana Mashevskaya
The article is devoted to the research of transformation processes that are taking place today under the influence of digitalization in the Republic of Belarus. Effective economic development is impossible without the widespread introduction and widespread use of digital technologies. The introduced...
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Assessment of the Competitiveness of the Economy of Azerbaijan in the System of Modern World Economic Systems Communications

Zumrud Najafova
In the modern world economy, we are witnessing qualitative changes related to globalization, the gap in the levels of development of individual countries and regions, the transition of the world from a unipolar model to a multipolar one, and increased competition between the world’s States for sales...
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Role of Innovative Development in Implementation of Competitive Strategy of Business Organizations in Construction

Larisa Selyutina, Elena Pesotskaya, Almaz Hakimov
The article substantiates the feasibility and effectiveness of innovative development in the formation of a competitive strategy for a construction company. It is competitive strategies that represent the directions for realizing the competitive potential, which reflects the competitive advantages of...
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Digital Technologies in the Field of Public and Territorial Administration: New Challenges and Global Trends

Viktoria Tinyakova, Natalia Morozova
Today, the main challenge for economic development is the digitalization of all aspects of public life. The main task of public authorities is to create a digital ecosystem, which, unlike the traditional one, would reduce the time and financial costs for collecting, processing and transmitting information...
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Organizational and Management Features of the Automated Trip Payment System’s Implementation in Public Transport of the Republic of Crimea

Margarita Vakhovskaya
The article analyses the practice of the automated trip payment system’s (ATPS) implementation in public transport of the Republic of Crimea in terms of its organizational and management peculiarities. In order to achieve the objective of the article, the following problems have been solved: the characteristics...
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Investment in Human Capital as a Factor of Growth of the Gross Regional Product

Marina Vladyka, Elena Stryabkova, Aleksandr Mamatov, Elena Gorbunova
The article is devoted to the study of investments in human capital of the Belgorod region for 2010-2019 and the identification of its share in the gross regional product of this territory. As a characteristic of human capital expenditures, we consider expenditures on education, health care, and the...
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Methods for Evaluating and Improving the Effectiveness of Management of Integrated Structures in the Agro-Industrial Complex

Vladislav Anichin, Nikita Epifantsev, Alina Dobrunova, Yurij Yurchenko
The purpose of the research is to develop proposals for improving the management of a modern vertically integrated agro-industrial formation created in the Belgorod region of Russia on the basis of the APC “Collective farm named after Gorin”. During the analysis of production and commercial activities,...
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Actualization of Goal-Setting in the Management of Joint-Stock Companies

Vladislav Anichin, Yulia Zdorovets, Alina Dobrunova, Aleksandr Zhelyabovskiy
In the article, based on the results of the research carried out, the main directions of up-dating goal-setting in the management of joint-stock companies are substantiated: targeting, taking into account the complex of interests of stakeholders, including shareholders, personnel, buyers, authorities...
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Innovations in the Personnel Management of an Agricultural Enterprise

Vladislav Anichin, Galina Khudobina, Yulia Vashcheykina, Natalya Yakovenko
The research made it possible to substantiate recommendations for improving the personnel management of agro-industrial enterprises in the context of these areas. A proposal has been developed to improve information support on the state and movement of human resources of agro-industrial enterprises....
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Disposal of a Production Project in Russia

Petr Chumakov
Starting and running a business in Russia is significantly different from the same process Europe or the United States: it is much more difficult to dispose of a business than to start it, especially for unquoted companies. The inconvenience of liquidating direct investments is a serious barrier for...
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Market Values in the Structure of Students’ Human Capital: Network Diagnostics and Results of Empirical Online-Research (on the Example of the Research of Students of Belgorod State National Research University)

Pavel Deryugin, Olga Yarmak, Liubov Lebedintseva, Roman Travin
On the basis of the carried out theoretical analysis and the conducted empirical research, conclusions are drawn about the relationship of the human capital of students with market values. An algorithm for the formation of a methodology for diagnostics and construction of value networks, reflecting the...
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Prospects for the Extraction of Non-Ferrous Metals from Cell Phones

Veronika Ershova
The article defines the significance of the extraction and use of non-ferrous metals from cell phones and other equipment, which has advantages over the extraction of non-ferrous metals from ores from an economic and environmental point of view. It is noted that alternative methods of extraction of non-ferrous...
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Harnessing the Potential of Localized Infrastructure Systems to Economic Management Based on Targeted Regional Programs

Elena Lekhman
The article studies the management of imports dependence impeding the economic growth of territories and the ways to mitigate the negative effects of imports dependence on the balanced functioning and development of the regions in the Russian Federation. The sustainability of economic functioning and...
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Benefits and Potential of Using Foreign Private Capital to Supply Innovation and Investment Needs in Russia

Olga Leonova
Nowadays the innovation and investment activities of Russian enterprises often acquire distinct international characteristics. The most important innovation and investment projects relevant for the dynamic socio-economic development of the country, in some cases, are carried out with the participation...
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Network Forms of Organization as Management Innovation

Olga Lomovceva, Olga Gerasimenko, Daria Sulimova
In the article, the authors analyzed the problems of networkization (theoretical category, and development factors), sectoral situations in the formation of partnerships and networks in the field of higher education, extrapolation of positive effects and promising development scenarios was carried out....
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Neuromarketing Approach to Assessing Tourism Products

Madina Smykova, Aiman Kazybaeva, Boris Tkhorikov
The article presents the possibilities and features of using neuromarketing research in the evaluation of tourism products. Initially, the role and importance of the neuromarketing approach in tourism and its advantages over classical research methods were defined. It has been shown that conducting neuromarketing...
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Balance Between Business and Government in Purpose of Ensuring Economic Security to Innovation Development

Maria Suraeva
In this article, digital platforms are viewed as the leading instrument for digitalizing the economy. The role of business and the state in ensuring the effective functioning of the economic sector by creating innovative products and systems is shown. The features of the digital environment that contribute...
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The Innovative Instruments for Implementing the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Depressed Region

Aslan Tamov, Saida Khatukay, Alexander Mokrushin, Emin Babalyan
This article reveals the issues of substantiation of strategic priorities and tasks of socio-economic development of the Republic of Adygea, which belongs to the group of regions of the depressive type. The features of strategic management of socio-economic development of the Republic of Adygea, problems...
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Priority Areas of Spatial Development in the Context of Ensuring the Sustainability of the Economic Security System of the Russian Federation

Kristina Ternavshchenko, Olga Frantsisko
Achieving the priority national goals and strategic objectives of the Russian Federation is impossible without a stable system of economic security of the state that can withstand modern challenges and threats. The article reveals the importance of the strategic planning system in the system of measures...
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Theoretical and Methodological Approaches and Stages of Formation Concept Geomarketing

Boris Tkhorikov, Aiman Kazybayeva, Olga Gerasimenko, Lyaila Zhakypbek
The paper describes the development stages of classical marketing (market demand exceeds supply, improving the production process; formation of the concept of marketing and approaches to marketing activities, understanding marketing as an integral system, maintaining the concepts of “consumer marketing”,...
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Motivative Tools for Increasing Labor Productivity in a Complexed Branch Network of Organizations

Larisa Tretyakova
The system of motivational tools, being one of the most important elements of the organization’s personnel policy, solves the urgent tasks of attracting and retaining highly qualified personnel, forming competitive production behavior and increasing labor productivity. The subject of the research is...
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Implementation of National Projects as the Main Instrument for Increasing the Economic Growth of Russia

Oksana Vaganova, Liliya Konshina, Igor Polevoy, Bogdan Palashenkov, Sizyoongo Munenge
The article deals with theoretical aspects of the implementation of the project-based approach in public administration. It considers prerequisites and features of the implementation of national projects developed following the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated May 7, 2018, No....
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Research on the Impact of Macro-Region Development on the State Economy

Marina Vladyka, Desislava Varadzhakova, Irina Chistnikova, Filipp Ermachenko
The article is devoted to the study of the key parameters of the macro-region’s development and their impact on the national economy. The country’s macro-region is viewed as a modern instrument of economic policy and an integrated unit of state space. The following are proposed as the main indicators...