Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Society (EMCS 2017)

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Discussion on the Work of College Network Ideological and Political Education

Xianfa Lan
Since the popularization of colleges digitization, the traditional ideological and political education can not meet the needs of college students. It is urgent to carry out ideological and political education with the times by the means of computer network. It is necessary and urgent to carry out the...
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Research on Safety Management of Tall Template Support System Based on BIM

Dongsheng Yu, Jintuan Zhang
In order to improve the security and stability of tall template support system during the construction, the paper apply BIM to the safety management of tall template support system. Put forward to design method, arrange construction scheme, constructionÿtechnologyÿdisclosure,dynamicÿprogressÿcontrol,...
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A Certain Naval Gun on Empty Firing Command Decision Research

Changpeng Pan, Liang Ma
The operational effectiveness of naval gun's anti-air besides related to naval gun weapon system, also to a large extent under the influence of firing command decision making. How to reasonable use of naval gun weapon system's anti-air, we need to empty for naval gun firing command decision making problems...
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Application of PCA in Psychological Health and Assistance Program of Middle School Student

Feihua Qu
The ideas of psychological health and assistance program of middle school student, its services, benefits are introduced. At the same time, the authors tell what the primary components analysis (PCA) is and the advantages it has. On the basis of PCA model and the scores by the experts, the authors compute...
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Effect of Asset - Liability Structure on Bank Performance

Keqi Zhang
The banking sector is the core of modern financial system, and it plays an important role in national economy. The general performance of banking sector is low, therefore it is important for us to research asset-liability structure and bank performance. This paper examines the relationship between asset-liability...
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Inorganic Particles Emulsion Stabilizer and Its Application in Lubricants of Water-Based Drilling Fluids

Tao Zhang, Jie Li, Tingting Wang, Fengbao Liu, Baolin Cui, Lin Zhou, Fengshan Zhou
Emulsion type lubricants made from mineral oil, animal oil, plant oil and surfactant with its good comprehensive lubrication performances commonly used in water-based drilling fluids. However, the stable preparation techniques and the stability improvement techniques of the emulsions have been the two...
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Research into Differential Threshold of Packaging Design

Xingguo Xu, Zongye Lu
There are four prerequisites to successfully sell a product. The first is that that product packaging should successfully attract customers. After customers are attracted by the product package, they can have a good impression of the product. Customers become interested in the product are a necessary...
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Research on Forecasting of Traffic Volume of Heilongjiang Bridge

Rui Hua
The construction of the Heilongjiang Bridge is an important international channel connecting the Heihe River and the Russia Brisbane. The construction of the Heilongjiang Bridge is of great significance to strengthening the trade between China and Russia and promoting the economic and social development...
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The Theoretical Analysis of Underground Economy

Chen Song
The size of underground economy has been expending quickly during past decades due to its nature. There has been increasing theoretical and empirical research in this area, trying not only to determine the size but also the main reasons for it. This paper summarizes the main opinions in this research...
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Construction Research and Practice of Landscaping Course

Wenjun Wang, Hongxing Yi
At present, the environmental art design course in art and architectural institutions or "landscaping" in landscape architecture and other related courses value theory more than practice; combined this phenomenon with the prominent problem existing in teaching process, according to the learning characteristics...
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Practice of CDIO Model in the Financial Marketing Course

Xinyan Shi
CDIO educational idea is the latest achievement of international engineering education reform in recent years,combined with the characteristics of financial marketing course and introducing CDIO education idea effectively changed the present situation of the "Disconnection between schools and society"and"Disconnection...
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The Rural Electric Power Market Development Research

Wei Wei
Since 1998, China has implemented a large-scale rural power grid construction and transformation. In 2006, the transformation project of the first stage and the second stage have been basically completed. With the rapid development of power industry, rural power grid construction and transformation has...
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Research on Real Time Low Illumination Color Image Enhancement Method Based on FPGA

Huihua Jiao
In the environment of insufficient light, vedio monitoring system could be easy to get indistinct vedios and blurred pictures. In order to achieve better image effect, this paper proposes a method for color image enhancement in real time low illumination. By means of color space conversion, histogram...
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Data Mining Research on Beijing Population Growth

Xinfang Song
In this paper, a significant increase in population in Beijing the status quo, analysis of Beijing Population significant increase in the status quo, to identify relevant factors by reading literature, summed up the result of the rapid population growth in Beijing 30 factors, and to all the factors grouped...
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Application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology in Goat Dairy Traceability

Zuliang Wang, Yu Su, Fang Yang, Xiaojim Zhang
The goat milk wins its wide recognition and concern for its nutritional value, which overpasses milk and human milk. However, frequent food safety incidents, especially those of dairy products closely related to the health of infants and young children, affect tens of thousands of parents. To study and...
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The Exploration of Computer Aided Translation from the Perspective of Information Technology

Changhong Zhai, Xiangxin Liu
Based on the explication of basic principles of the computer aided translation, this essay studies the main functions of the popular computer aided translation software nowadays. What's more, it also builds a way to optimize the process of translation and improve the efficiency and quality of translation...
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A Novel Image De-blur Algorithm based on Wavelet Packet Transform Model and Framework

Xinxin Xie, Wenzhun Huang
In this paper, we propose the novel image de-blur algorithm based on the wavelet packet transform model and the framework. Wavelet analysis has the characteristics of the multi-resolution, multi-scale, when it is applied to basic image enhancement, wavelet coefficient on different scales in different...
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Exploration to Improve the Service Quality and Reduce the Power Customer Complaints

Jie Lu, Liyun Liu, Yun Nie, Hao Huang
With the reform of the national Power Grid Corp system, China's power supply enterprises are facing new opportunities and challenges. However, for a long time, it has been influenced by traditional ideas, management system, personnel quality and other factors. The power supply enterprise should not only...
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Anti-tumor Effects Elicited by Heat Shock Protein 72 Functional Peptide and Alpha-fetoprotein Epitope Peptide Vaccine

Xiaoping Wang, Qiaoxia Wang, Bing Xu, Na Chang
Objective: Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is an oncofetal antigen during hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) development which could lead to weak reproducible antitumor immunity, and may act as a target for cancer therapy. Therefore, it is imperative to enhance its immunogenicity and develop therapeutic vaccines...
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Design of Manipulator PLC Control System

Yan Bao
Through the research of CNC lathe automatic programming and machining simulation parameters, summed up in the CNC lathe processing of complex shape programming procedure has advantages, and the complex parts processing as an example, the processing technology and NC program is complete, the use of CATIA...
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Reflections on the Necessity of Constructing a New Energy Vehicles Major

Shanshan Guo, Yun Liu, Gang Wang, Jinpeng Tian
The Government attaches great importance to the new energy automotive industry, so the new energy automotive industry develops rapidly. Meanwhile, the demands of the new energy vehicles professionals become more and more urgent. However, as the new energy vehicles industry is a new subject emerging relatively...
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Study on the Preparation of Sm Doped TiO2 Catalyst by Microwave Hydrothermal Method and its Photocatalytic Activity

Yuejie Lu, Xin Wang, Xianjun Bi
Samarium doped TiO2 photocatalyst TiO2-Sm was prepared by microwave hydrothermal method using Samarium nitrate and tetrabutyl titanate as raw materials. Degradation of methyl orange was used to photocatalytic reaction of TiO2-Sm respectively under the conditions of visible light, microwave (MW), ultraviolet...
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The Application of PBL and TBL in Nursing English Teaching

Lei Li
Problem-based learning (PBL) and task-based Learning (TBL) can both be applied to the teaching of nursing English to encourage and guide students' self-learning abilities. Teachers should design teaching tasks and carry out teaching activities based on actual situations, make a timely evaluation and...
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Construction and Optimization of Practical Teaching System of Electronic and Information Engineering

Zuliang Wang, Lintao Lv, Jie Jiang, Minfang Hu
Based on analysis of problems existing in current practical teaching system of applied undergraduate electronic and information engineering specialty, the paper aims at its training objective and orientation of application-oriented undergraduate, and makes a design plan of practice teaching system focusing...
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Power Relations Revealed by the Kinship Terms Based on the Tones of Other Relatives

Lijing Wang
The kinship terms based on the tones of other relatives are the unique cultural characteristics of China. From ancient times, China has attached great importance to ethnic relations, so the appellation of relatives is very diverse. As a special part of kinship terms, kinship terms based on the tones...
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Design and Implementation of Yak Growth Information System Based on B/S Architecture

Junqiang Li, Xiaowei Bai, Cai Wen, Wei Xiang
PHP is an open source general-purpose computer scripting language and especially suitable for network development, and can be embedded in the use of HTML[1]. In this paper, the author used PHP script language and MySQL database to design and implement the yak growth information system based on B/S architecture....
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Analysis of Tibetan-language Speech Technology

Xiaowei Bai, Xingyu Tao, Yiwen Wu, Wei Xiang
This paper studies the speech technology (Speech Recognition and Text To Speech) for Tibetan. Recognition of Tibetan characters is a significant module of multi-language information processing system in China. Speech is the most convenient and natural way of communication. Owing to the special structure...
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One Type of Bio-Phase Microscopy Imaging Method Based on a Con Beam with Double Dove Prisms

Jingrong Liao, Jingye Liu, Yuanyuan Xu
Optical interference is an important technique in precision measurement and microscopy imaging. Especially, phase imaging technology of the biological cell has attracted increasing attention. In this paper, considering the high stability characteristics of the coaxial interference technique, one interference...
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Comparison of Grey Prediction with Age Shift Equation Used in Population Forecast

Yonghong Zou, Jiatao Huang
Population is big national power. It helps the government making macro-economic decision if the population dynamic change trend is hold. It is necessary to predict population. Age shift equation is one of the population prediction methods. Also, grey model is used by some scholars to predict population....
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The Industry Development Mode Innovation of Wenzhou Foreign Trade E-Commerce

Lizhen Liu
The electronic commerce industry has characteristics of both information elements and modern commerce. It is an important point of strength while modern industry is transforming. "The Twelfth Five Year Plan" has made the electronic commerce industry as the national strategy. This paper introduced the...
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Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research: Challenges and Solutions

Caihong Zhang
Despite the urgent need of collaboration crossing disciplines in higher education, many challenges still exist, hindering the multidisciplinary work from going efficiently in practice. This essay describes difficulties faced by faculty members in interdisciplinary organizations on teaching and research....
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A Study of College Students' Innovative Spirit and Practical Ability Cultivation

Xianfa Lan
With the high-speed development of the economic society and the more competitive job market, it is very urgent to cultivate high quality talents with innovation and entrepreneurship. To cultivate the college students' innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability is of great significance to foster applied...
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Analysis on NetEase Games Marketing Mode in New Competitive Environment

Xiaowei Zhu, Haoting Song
products have an increasingly shorter lifetime, so traditional cost model can not be adapted to new environment any more. In order to adapt to such a highly competitive and changeable market, developers are looking for more preferable marketing modes to stimulate customers' consumption desires. Therefore,...
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Teaching Resources Construction and Teaching Methods Research of Data Structure

Yuping Qin, Qiangkui Leng
According to the characteristics of data structure and the requirements of practical personnel, the necessity and guiding ideology of the teaching resources construction and the teaching methods research of data structure are illustrated firstly, and then the contents of teaching resources construction...
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A Study on Smart Growth

Jinyi Shen
With the continued urban sprawl, numerous community planners promote the idea of smart growth, an approach to direct development in a long-range, sustainable way. Combining the concepts of the three E's of sustainability and 10 accepted principles, we put forward our theory of four E's of sustainability....
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Research on the Effectiveness of College Students' Ideological and Political Education Based on Mobile Internet

Chao Wang, Junzheng Wang
Ideological and political education is an essential part of the process of human survival and development, which has the characteristics of times, class and politics. As an important part of college education, which has been attracted much attention.The ideological and political education methods are...
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Optimization of Inspection Schedule for Hidden-Function Systems

Xiaoli Zou
An optimal model for determining minimum-cost inspection schedules for hidden-function systems is presented. The probabilities of the hidden-function system failure as well as the failure of the object the system intends to protect are taken into account to develop this model. Through balancing the cost...
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Research into the "Internet+Education"Technology Flipped Classroom English Teaching Mode

Lei Liu
At both middle schools and colleges, polarization among students exists in English education. Therefore, flipped classroom is needed to reduce such polarization and teachers' load, improve students' independent learning ability and finally reduce unfairness in English education. Meanwhile, "Internet...
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The Water Quality Detection in Fuyang River (Hengshui Section)

Zhongqiang Zhang, Yan Wang, Yan Zhang, Qiuying Lin, Wenwen Wang
The water quality in Fuyang River (hengshui section) had been detected by atomic absorption spectroscopy analysis and titration analysis and other analysis methods, such as, the hardness, turbidity, coloration, pH, conductivity and the content of four kinds of heavy metal ions.The test results showed...
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Research on Teaching Reform and Practice in Hydraulic Transmission

Jian Li, Liujin Cai, Haoyi Ma
Hydraulic transmission technology is a combination of fluid mechanics, mechanical design, mechanical principles, electrical and electronic, automatic control and other aspects of the comprehensive knowledge of the curriculum. In order to cultivate students' innovative spirit and practical ability, this...
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Status Investigation and Construction Strategy of College Students' Safety Culture

Jingya Li, Dan Mei, Yu Cheng, Wangmei Chen, Zheng Cheng
Due to the frequent safety accidents, the pressure and challenges faced by colleges and universities are growing increasingly. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward to meet the occupational safety needs and strengthen the crisis consciousness on the construction of safety culture. Through...
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Numerical Investigation on the Leakage Characteristics of Brush Seals Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction

Yitong Wang
This paper investigates the leakage characteristics of brush seals including the flow field characteristic and the effects of structural parameters on the leakage characteristic, which was discussed based on three-dimensional (3-D) computational model of brush seal, two-way fluid-structure interaction....
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Extension and Implementation of Curve

Honglin Li
In this paper,the positive leaf lines and the positive leaf bow are generated by the transformation of curve.For example,the bezier curve.It doesn't change the basic properties and the control points of the berzier curve,and then we can extend it.The shape of the curve is changed by adjusting the factor,which...
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Discussion on the improvement of teaching quality from the teaching reform of "Animal Quarantine Technology

Zexiao Yang, Yin Wang, Xueping Yao, Zhiwen Xu
To improve the teaching quality of "Animal Quarantine Technology" course. According to the "national long-term education reform and development plan (2010-2020)" and combining the development status and social demand of the major of animal and plant quarantine, the teaching reform exploration of "Animal...
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Research on the Innovated Management Mechanism of Courses Restudying in Universities

Hua Li
From the perspective of teaching management in universities, this paper analyzes the curriculum revisions and related data of different types of students in the past three years, and makes a rational thinking on the basic factors that affect the students' restudies. From the four dimensions of student...
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Analysis of LTE Wireless Network Planning in Power System

Qing Liu, Tie Guo, Jiwen Yu, Yongchao Luo, Fan Liu
With the popularity of intelligent terminals and the rapid growth of mobile data services in recent years, the demand for mobile broadband network is greatly increased. LTE system proposed by 3GPP uses new air interface technology and flattened IP network architecture that can provide the peak rate with...
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The Combination of Language and Image - Scorses's edition the Age of Innocence

Weina Ouyang
Vivid description by combing painting and writing is characterized in Wharton's Age of Innocence, in which the extravagant and hypocritical upper class of society in Old New York is reproduced. When the art of language is brilliant enough, the real life will come to the life, just like the example in...
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Discussion on "Selective Investigation" and "Rule of Law Soft Constraints"

Zhukang Xu
In the rule of law, the law would have been a clear, openness, institutional rules that everyone should follow. However, , in our country, "rule of man" is still overwhelming "rule of law" in some places at present. From the nature, source, time, objects, and methods of supervision investigate five cases...
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Analysis of Baidu Mobile Search Promotion in Wenzhou

Zhijie Xia
With the coming tide of mobile Internet, many companies in the PC side of the promotion are increasingly concerned about the promotion of mobile sites, along with the arrival of the mobile era, more attention are essential to be paid to mobile business opportunities, for enterprises, it is an opportunity...
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CGP-WPSO Hybrid Algorithm for Gene Regulatory Network Construction

Ming Zheng, Mugui Zhuo
It is of great significance for the global food security to rely on the gene regulatory network to predict the performance of crops. A hybrid algorithm based on Cartesian genetic programming and linear decreasing inertia weight particle swarm optimization is proposed. Furthermore, in order to verify...
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Study on the Application of BIM and VE in Construction Scheme Optimization

Dongsheng Yu, Jintuan Zhang
Construction scheme is established according to the construction project, it's a technical pdfument which has an important influence on the quality and safety of engineering construction. The paper researches how to obtain a better construction scheme by using BIM and VE. In order to provide a solution...
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A Study on Hedges of Spokesperson Remarks in Whitehouse Press Conference from the Perspective of Pragmatics

Zhenzhen Xiang
This paper describe and analyze the hedges frequency and its pragmatic functions of Spokesperson remarks in Whitehouse press conference in perspective of Cooperative Principle and Face Theory. From the perspective of pragmatics, the qualitative and quantitative research methods are employed to analyze...
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Design and Research of Mobile Learning Platform from the Perspective of Flipped Classroom

Chao Chen, Lishuang Zhao
With the rapid development of educational philosophy and educational technology, the Flipped Classroom has been typical model of teaching mode innovation in the 21st century. But limited classroom time cannot meet the needs of students' learning and teachers' teaching. The mobile learning terminal and...
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Water quality parameter monitoring system in multi-region based on IOT

Hui Li, Jing Li
For multi-region fishery water environment, multi-regional water quality online monitoring system is present in this paper, which is implemented in the Android mobile phone. And through it many of water quality parameters in different water region can be monitored online, such as water level, salinity,...
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Analysis of Soybean Supply Fluctuations and Its Influencing Factors------A case study in Jilin Province

Chenxi Li, Shuai Liu, Wenming Liu
Jilin is an important commodity grain base in China, meanwhile, it is also one of the 13 main grain producing provinces; and, the soybean planting area in Jilin has been always ranked in the forefront of China. Soybean is one of the most important food crops in China, as well as an important industrial...
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Management Life Prediction Based on Gray Theory

Su Dai, Gengbao Huang
Most researches focus on the relationship between managers' background characteristics and enterprise performance, technological innovation, etc., and more focused on the direct link between the management background characteristics and corporate performance, technology innovation, to leave a certain...
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Effect of Magnesium Content on Resonance Fatigue Life of Aluminum -Magnesium Alloy FSW Weld

Na Yang, Zhian Shi
Friction stir welding (FSW) was conducted on three kinds of Al-Mg alloy of different magnesium content. Vibration fatigue life under resonant frequency was obtained according to the test standard of plane bending fatigue testing of metal plates. The crack propagation characteristic of the sample was...
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One Design about Educational Game Based on Big Data on Campus

Peng Zhang
Under the background of the rapid development of information construction in Colleges and universities, this paper puts forward a design about educational network game. The design based on the analysis of the big data on campus, according to the different characteristics of students, provides a function...
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The study of non-contact anthropometry technique and method in natural wearing state

Keke Sun, Yijui Chiu
This paper discusses how to get the body contour and size measurement, when people are measured wearing daily clothes in natural environment. This paper aims to propose the method of curve segmentation, extraction of effective feature points and curve fitting to make body silhouette curves reappear on...
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A Research on Cognitive Mechanism and Teaching Strategies of Mathematical Modeling

Huipeng Zhang
Mathematical modeling is the bridge using mathematics to solve practical problems. In recent years, colleges are actively exploring effective measures to deepen the reform of College Mathematics Education. At the same time, more attention is paid to cultivating college students' innovation ability of...
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Research on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Transmission and Transformation Project Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Shuliang Liu, Yijing Liang
The establishment of a power transmission project needs to take into account the technical, economic and social benefits and so on, these factors affect each other, which is difficult to accurately distinguish and define. In this context, a method of combining AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation is...
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Design of Video Acquisition System Based on ARM

Yili Xiong
At present, the video acquisition and compression system which is based on PC achieve the purpose of video capture through a dedicated video capture card by using PC's powerful data processing capabilities and its marvelous interface. Although the PC-based system is currently widely used and with a strong...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Computer Basic Course in Higher Vocational Colleges

Dongjie Jiao, Sujian Shi
Relative to the general higher education in terms of training academic talents,Higher vocational education emphasizes the cultivation of higher technology applied talents,But because the quality of education is not high, so the basic courses of vocational courses only by the older textbooks for lectures,...
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A Research Method of Identifying a Speaker Based on Human Motion

Jiping Liu, Hong Gao, Chao Chen
In this paper, a novel method is purposed to identify a speaker in a video. Instead of using techniques of audio processing and lip movement, head motion and hand waving are adopted as a criterion to identify a speaker as those two kinds of movements are always accompanied when a person is speaking....
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Inventory and Routing Problem of Supply Chain Under Carbon Emission Constraint

Jianhua Wang, Xianfeng Huang, Yingying Shang, Ting Cao
Sustainable development requires supply chains to operate in a low carbon way, and the inventory and transportation decision in a supply chain has an important influence on its overall carbon emissions. Based on the cooperative concept of jointly managed inventory among the members, this paper takes...
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Analysis of the Operation of Maternity-Baby-Children E-commerce Platforms - A Case Study of Haiziwang APP

Zhijie Xia
In recent years China's economy always maintain rapid development, people's living standards and quality are also rising. The gradual increase in labor income has led to a dramatic change in the concept of consumption, while stimulating the changes of demand diversification of consumers. In this economic...
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Haar Wavelet Transform Based Facial Emotion Recognition

Siyuan Lu, Fidel Evans
In order to propose an effective emotion recognition system, this paper proposed a novel Haar wavelet transform based emotion recognition system. This system is based on facial expression images obtained by digital camera. Our method used principal component analysis as the dimensionality reduction approach....
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Application of Multimedia Technology in the Course Teaching of Geography of China

Shouye Dong
Geography of China is a highly regional and integrated discipline. Physical geography involves climate, topography, hydrology, soil, and vegetation, while human geography includes population, agriculture, industry, transportation, and city. Good teaching results can hardly be achieved with traditional...
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On the Modernity Transformation of Chinese Translation

Xixiang Ke
Translation literature is raging like a storm at the beginning of the twentieth century. Interpreting prosperity of translation novels in late Qing Dynasty, New Youth literary translation practice and literary translation multiple choice during May Fourth period and combing relationship between Chinese...
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The Optimal Toll Plaza Design

Hao Yu
Traffic jam at toll stations of highway has been increasing seriously,which has done harm to the function of highway. Therefore, the research in congestion of highway has been attached great importance nationwide. we formulate a vascular branches analogy model to account for the most appropriate shape...
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Teaching Evaluation on the Theory and Practice of Control Courses in Complex Networks

Jian Xue, Qingyu Zou, Ping Xin
The control course is an important professional course for engineering students. It is also a course with both theory and engineering practice. Only by combining the theory and practice of the control courses, can we cultivate the comprehensive quality talents with engineering consciousness, practical...
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Thoughts on Full-time Postgraduate Veterinary Talents Training in Local Agricultural Universities

Shuming Liu, Lili Guan, Aidong Qian, Hongxia Ma
This paper is going to carry out a preliminary discussion on the cultivating system for full-time postgraduate veterinary from the perspectives of optimizing training plan, changing education methods, highlighting tutor selection as well as comprehensively regulating education process management based...
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Comparing Properties of Rising Factorial Function with Properties of Falling Factorial Function

Weida Qin, Wusheng Wang
This paper firstly introduces the definition of the falling factorial polynomial and the definition of the rising factorial polynomial, and then proves their properties by analysis methods, finally concludes similar properties of rising factorial function with falling factorial function and different...
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Analysis of Power Marketing Data Mining Based on the Big Data Technology

Jiwen Yu, Xiaoxiao Shu, Chao Shang, Fan Liu
The essay Introduces about the key technology database, OLAP and data mining technology in the framework of marketing decision support system of power supply enterprises.As for themethod for the mining spaceselection in the data mining model, an artificial neural network structure and algorithm is used,...
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Analysis of Development of Curriculum System for Electrical and Mechanical Professions

Miao Shang, Jiabin Li
The macroscopic education theory and micro teaching practice are connected through the course. Education theory, education idea, education ideology and training target, these can achieve must be with the help of course. The research of curriculum system is of great significance for correct understanding...
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Study on Rescue and Disposal Measures against Nitro-compound Accidents

Zefu He, Zhiming Ren
With the rapid development of Chinese chemical industry, nitro-compound accidents happen frequently and cause great harm, which are easy to result in explosion, poisoning and other secondary accidents with disposal difficulty. In this paper, by analyzing the physical and chemical properties of nitro-compounds,...
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Analysis on the Predicament and Way out of the Current Financing of Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises in the "New Normal" economy

Hongzhen Liu
The economic development has entered a new normal, and the development of SMEs in China has emerged new features. Financing problems are more complex. In order to solve the financing problems of SMEs, this paper makes deep analysis on the current major financing difficulties faced by the Chinese small...
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Development of the Control System in Bearing Roundness Measuring Instrument Based on CPAC

Yang Liu, Ziyue Wu, Tancheng Xie, Yanwei Xu
According to the application of bearing roundness measuring instrument in the field of bearing production, and developing a control system of the bearing roundness measuring instrument based on CPAC. The system adopted that CPAC as hardware platform combined with Otostudio as software platform to modular...
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New Ideas on the Construction of "Three Systems" in University Archives

Liying Cui, Haiyan Zhou
In the construction of "three systems", the construction of archives information resources is the foundation, the usage and construction of archives is the purpose and archive security construction is a guarantee. The proposition of elaboration and implementation of "three systems" construction is of...
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The Present Situation and Strategy Analysis of WeChat Marketing

Xingyue Yeweng, Ming Yan
With the rapid development of China's economy, due to changes in the market competition and consumption mode, the enterprise marketing demand more and more prominent, WeChat marketing as a new type of network marketing, it has also become a hot topic for current research. WeChat marketing is a new marketing...
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The BS Theoretical Price Of Shanghai 50 ETF Options

Caicai Xu
The purpose of this paper is to study option pricing problems in the Chinese market based on the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model, compare the theoretical prices and the actual price and analyze the reason of the difference.It calculated the BS theoretical price of Shanghai 50 ETF call options with...
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Research on the Reform of Basic Courses in Higher Agricultural Colleges-- Take animal physiology as an example

Guijuan Qu, Shanghong Ding, Xiaoqing Dong
Examination is an important link in teaching process and also a significant way to evaluate the student learning effect assessment. Animal physiology is one of the important professional basic course in agriculture and forestry universities. In this study, We used animal physiology course as an example,...
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People's and Animals' Responses to Drugs

Xin Lou, Ming Bai, Mingsan Miao
Due to the need of medical scientific research, it is necessary to study the mechanism of the occurrence and development of human diseases by making animal models, drug screening and treatment evaluation. Because of the differences between animals and people, there are differences in physiological characteristics,So...
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Study on the Current Condition of After-Class Reading of College Students and Enlightenment for Teaching

Lin Lin, Xuebo Yang
Reading can not only enrich people's spiritual world, but is also a pivotal method to cultivate taste. Reading grant words external value, which is more ethereal than images, clearer than memories and deeper than meditation. For college students, in order to adapt to the social development and improve...
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Research on the Application of Knowledge Visualization in Information Technology Curriculum

Fangzheng Wang
the purpose of this study is to make clear how to apply the knowledge visualization tool into information technology teaching in primary and secondary schools, so as to actively play its application value. Firstly, the connotation of knowledge visualization and the characteristics of the information...
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Research on Ownership Structure and Stock Price Fluctuation

Weice Ni
Based on the sample of A-share listed companies in 2015, we take an empirical research of the stock volatility of Listed Public Utility units from the perspective of ownership structure. The empirical results show that the institutional shareholders of listed companies in public utilities in China have...
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The Development of "Graphic Animation" Micro Video Based on the Concept of Micro Learning

Weiyan Liang
Micro teaching video is one of the important micro-learning resources, based on the determined before the video content module, and then to refine the knowledge divide, scripted, designed on the basis of Camtasia Studio is discussed as a development tool, record video, edit video, the output video teaching...
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Discussion on the Training Mode of Business English Major

Lu Sun
This paper discusses two key points in cultivating the talents of compound Business English, one is to strengthen the construction of business English courses, and the other is to improve the level of foreign language teachers. Through an overview of our professional college business English curriculum,...
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Security Analysis and Application of Common Dynamic Routing Protocol

Shoubai Xiao
Mobile Ad Hoc network is a kind of multi-hop wireless network without infrastructure. The network node is both a host and a router. The secure routing protocol can obtain trusted path information only by relying on all the trusted nodes in the network, which needs to use cryptographic security protocol...
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On the Psychological Realism of A Streetcar Named Desire

Xuefei Wang, Shuai Han
As a famous novel of the American literature, A Streetcar Named Desire represents Tennessee Williams' utmost achievement in fiction. Researchers are familiar with his undisguised description about symbolism in the novel, but less attention to the psychological realism in the novel. Psychological realism...
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Comparison of Statistical Classification of Financial Instruments and the Relevant Contents of Accounting Standards

Xia Ouyang, Yuan Xiao, Jiaming Zhong
From the two perspectives of "statistical classification of financial instruments" and "accounting standards", this article provides a brief description of definition and classification standards of financial instruments, carry out comparative and analysis of five items one of which is special drawing...
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Prediction of Container Haulage Demand using GM(1,1) Model

Fengyun He, Pengjun Zheng, Zhengfeng Huang
The reasonable estimation of container haulage demand is significant for the container transportation in port cities. Based on the number of container trucks and container throughput from year 2009 to 2015 in Ningbo Port, container haulage demand is predicted using GM(1,1) model, the result is compared...
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Problems Should be Paid Attention to on the Maintenance of the Equipment in the College Voice Room

Yun Fan
Abstract: The current national college speech equipment are carried out in-depth reform, which means pronunciation teaching plays a very important role in language education in College, but in the equipment management process, how to properly maintain and repair to ensure the normal teaching is very...
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A Study on the College Students' English Application Ability under the Framework of "Output-Driven Hypothesis"

Mojun Du
Improving the comprehensive application ability of college students is the goal of college English teaching in China. In order to cultivate students' English comprehensive application ability, language input is both a purpose and a means to promote input and absorption. The enhancement of the output...
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Creating Characteristic Training Platform to Deal with Opportunity and Challenge in Low-carbon Economy

Xingjia Liu
The purpose of this paper is to study the establishment of talent training platform in which low-carbon talents can be trained, in order to meet the talent market demand. This paper analyzes the necessity of producing low carbon economy and the urgency of cultivating low-carbon talents as well as the...
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Performance Comparison of Blind Equalization Algorithm

Wenjun Su, Haitao Chen
Theory and method of Baud spaced equalizer (BSE) and fractionally spaced equalizer (FSE) based on constant modulus algorithm (CMA) are reviewed. For the un-changed characteristics channel, adaptive constant modulus algorithm can achieve good performance in blind equalization. But the tracking ability...
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Design of Traffic Cone Localization and Angle Measurement System Based on Monocular Camera

Chenjian Du, Shuqiang Gao
In this paper, a traffic cone localization and angle measurement system is designed from the perspective of digital image processing based on monocular camera. The system can assist the traffic cone cart to automatically identify and locate the traffic cones during the process of collecting traffic cones....
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Outage Probability in Opportunity Relaying Cooperative Diversity System over Rayleigh Fading Channels with Interferes

Meirong He, Chunling Zhang
In this paper, we investigate the outage probability in opportunity relaying system with multiple unequal-power Rayleigh interferes at both relay and destination, the closed form expression for the outage probability is derived. Through simulation, it shows that the whole system outage performance can...
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Experimental Study of Plused arc Machining for Superalloy GH4169

Dongmei Zhao, Chenguang Zhu
Pulsed arc machining can be used to process the difficult-to-machining materials such as nickel base superalloy with high efficiency, but the surface processing quality is not unsatisfactory. To improve the processing quality, surface micro topography, recast layer were observed in the pulsed arc machining...
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Discussion on the Psychological Health of College Students

Chunfu Yang, Dongliang Yang, Weihong Min, Yunping Zhang
College students are the main driving force of social development, the main groups carrying the pressure of civilization and scientific and technological progress. The psychological health of college students not only affects their own growth and becoming excellent, but also relates to the prosperity...