Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Economics and Management, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (EMEHSS 2019)

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Study on the Application of Participatory Teaching Model in the Teaching of Ancient Chinese Literature

Shuyan Yi
The ancient literature is not only an important part of Chinese traditional culture, but also an important element in the curriculum of Chinese students. In view of the fact that college students have a prominent sense of alienation in the study of classical culture at present, this paper studies the...
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How do Colleges and Universities Push Forward National “Internet Plus” Strategy?

Nuan Wen, Zhanfang Chen, Jiaao He, Zixiang Song, Weina Yao
In 2015, our country put forward the strategy of “Internet Plus”, which has stimulated the competition for computer students in all works of life. From the perspective of colleges and universities, this paper discusses how to push forward the national strategy based on the employment of computer students.
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Practice of New Employee Training Mode in School-enterprise Cooperative Enterprises based on "SPOC Method"

Jingjing Yao, Yong Wang
The higher vocational colleges are taken as the base for enterprise employee training to give full play to the educational advantages of colleges and universities, and the enterprises are taken as the subject to conduct joint training on enterprise employees through school-enterprise cooperation and...
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Research of Cultivating Music Inner Hearing based on the Principles of Business Psychology

Xiaxuan Zheng
As a very important part of music quality, it is very important and necessary to improve and cultivate the music content auditory ability. The auditory quality is not only innate, but also can be improved through continuous training. Based on the effective application of the principles of business psychology...
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Discussion on the Influence of Confucian Culture on College Students’ Ideological and Political Education

Yuanyuan Lin
At present, many college students are living in an environment where the pace of life is too fast. Faced with the change of new media information every day, it has become an indispensable part of contemporary college students’ life, and this environment has an important impact on their lives, learning...
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Research on the Correlation between College Students' Self-disclosure and Their General Self-efficacy

Guanglu Wu
The purpose of this paper is to understand the status quo of self-disclosure and general self-efficacy of college students and the relationship between them. Methods: This study used questionnaires to conduct a questionnaire survey of 377 undergraduate students from four universities including Shenyang...
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Enhancing the Design and Innovation Capability - A Study on the Effectiveness of Augmented Reality and Big Data Supported Pedagogy for Undergraduate Students in Electronic Information Engineering Major

Xiaobin Lin, Jianxing Wang, Yingwu Zhou, Chen Lin
In this research, the effectiveness of Augmented Reality (AR) and big data-based pedagogy in the integrated project for undergraduate engineering students was studied. The goal is to identify whether this new pedagogy can enhance students’ design and innovation capability to meet the new pedagogical...