Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Economics and Management, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (EMEHSS 2019)

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Refined Execution of Courts based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Jiejing Yao
By promoting the change of big data execution thinking, it will accelerate the integration of traditional execution and digitalized execution, and use digitalized execution to promote autonomous execution. According to the address data of taxi-hailing apps, Taobao receiving, navigation software and the...
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People-oriented is a New Leap in the Theory of All-Round Human Development

Jing Li
The all-round and free development of human beings is the subject for which Marx and Engels struggled all his life in theoretical exploration and practice, and it is a never-ending process. "People-oriented" is the Sinicization of the Marxist theory of all-round and free development of man, and is the...
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The Practice of Experiential Teaching in the Course of Ideological and Political Theory

Qinying Yuan
Experiential teaching method has advantaged that traditional teaching methods do not have. It can use various forms to inspire students to think independently, and plays an irreplaceable role in the initiative and autonomy of participating in teaching. At the same time, it can fully improve student’s...
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Application and Analysis of Case Teaching Method based on Cloud Platform in Business English Teaching

Xiaowei Hou
In recent years, case teaching method has gradually become one of the main teaching methods for business English majors. In order to make better use of this teaching method and improve the teaching quality in intensive reading of business English, the author, based on cloud platform, makes a thorough...
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Marked Themes in WKU Student Writing: A Systemic Functional Linguistics-based Analysis

Yiwen Zha
This study looks at marked themes in WKU student writing. Two issues will be investigated in this paper: what are the most popular marked themes and which ones are overused and misused. Multiple case studies approach will be used to analyze the data, which are student writings in WKU according to optimism...
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Problems and Research Emphases of Higher Education Informatization in Chinese Universities

Bo Shi, Jingjing Shi, Ping Lu
The higher education informatization is the trend of education development, the whole information system is a complex and open dynamic structure. in which the components are co-developed collaboratively in a constantly changing environment. After 20 years of development, the results of development have...
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Study of Cultivating BIM Application-oriented Talents in Civil Engineering by Production-education Integration

Feiyan Li, Danqing Huang
After the 19th National Congress of CPC, “deepening production and teaching integration”, “enterprise school cooperation to cultivate talents” has become the education hot spot in China. This paper analyzes the significance of production and teaching integration in the cultivation of BIM application...
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An Approach of Traditional Handicraft Products Innovative Design from the Perspective of Regional Ethnic Minority Culture

Yiwan He, Jianhua Lyu, Ming Chen
Explore and analyses regional ethnic minority cultural resources and provide strong references and supports for the research and development of traditional handicraft products with distinctive regional cultural characteristics. Focusing on the elements of cultural creative product design, this paper...
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Intelligent Landscape Design Fusion of Ceramic Waste Materials based on AHP Model

Wangming Hu
With the continuous improvement of the economic level of Chinese residents, people's requirements for quality of life have shifted from the satisfaction of material conditions to the improvement of spiritual and cultural levels, so that they can fully relax themselves under the stress of busy study and...
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An Improved Curriculum Evaluation Approach based on the Course of Mechanical Design

Chunxing Gu, Di Zhang, Xiaohong Ding
Improving the curriculum evaluation is of significance for promoting the teaching innovation and course construction of colleges and universities. In this paper, an improved curriculum evaluation approach would be developed based on the well-known educational philosophy of outcome-based education (OBE)....
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The Mediating Role of Subjective Well-Being in Job Burnout and Generativity Concern

Xingniu Lan
Recently, more and more researchers focused on the generativity concern. This study constructed a mediation model to examine whether generativity mediated the relation between job burnout and generativity concern. Based on cluster sampling, 415 white-collar workers in Guangxi province were recruited...
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How to Cultivate College Students’ Awareness of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Jincheng Feng, Zheng Yao
Innovation and entrepreneurship education are the key of college students’ entrepreneurial dreams, and cultivating the awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship has become a problem that college and universities must pay highly attention to. In order to make contemporary college students have competitiveness...
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Reflection on Classroom Teaching Method of Scratch Programming

Qiuyun Zhao, Zhi Zhang
With the continuous infiltration of artificial intelligence into people's lives, programs as the core soul of artificial intelligence, programming education is becoming more and more popular. Compared with adult programming, Scratch programming has great advantages in interest and application. At the...
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Objective and Creative Source of Visual Communication Design

Yue Chang
For a long time, people only pursue a certain characteristic too much and ignore the dialectical unity between them. This article will start from the functional and artistic aspects of visual communication. How to make people directly understand the content of communication is the key to the entire communication...
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Application of Garden Plants in Real Estate Landscape in Northeast China

Lixin Zhang
Taking the real estate landscape of 10 communities in northeastern China as the research object, the paper investigates the types, application frequency, spatial distribution, growth status, ornamental characteristics of garden plants in residential areas, and analyzes the application status and cost...
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Development of Psychological Suzhi Observer-rating Questionnaire for Grade 3~6 Pupils

Yinghao Liang
Objective To develop an instrument to measure the pupils’ psychological Suzhi. Methods Based on literature review, interviews data and expert evaluation, a three-dimensional theoretical concept was formed. 464 questionnaires from grade 3-6 were surveyed in the first test which contains 10 items, and...
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Difficulties in the Improvement of Garment Design Equipment Technology based on Multidimensional Intelligence Theory

Yipin Huang
In the 21st century, with the acceleration of the global economic integration process, the clothing sector has also undergone rapid changes. Three-dimensional cutting is a brand-new fashion design model. Intelligent clothing design is a new and new model in the design field. Due to the novelty of its...
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Study on the Visual Perception of Ceramic Culture Landscape Based on Aesthetic Perspective and Reconstruction Design-Taking the Landscape Design of the South Bank of Dehua as an Example

Gulong Wang
In the overall layout of the urban landscape design of Dehua County, it is necessary to deeply explore and sort out the unique natural characteristics, social and cultural characteristics and industrial characteristics of the city, and present them in the planning. The appearance of ceramics was once...
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Mathematics Discipline Competition Promotes Teaching Reform of College Mathematics Course

Cuiping Ren, Yinli Dong
Firstly, we analyze the development of university mathematics competition and the challenges faced by university mathematics curriculum teaching. Secondly, we propose the organic integration of mathematics competition and university mathematics curriculum teaching and practice reform, and five practical...
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Research on Information Literacy Improvement of College English Teachers in the New Media Era

Lifeng Tang
The rapid development of modern information technology proposes new requirements for college English teaching: English teachers must not only have good professional qualities, but also have good information literacy; use advanced teaching concepts, integrate modern information technology into English...
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A Brief Analysis of the Positive Effects of Music Therapy on College Students’ Psychological Health

Yi Xiong
With the development of education in college, universities pay more attention to the physical health of students. In fact, under the pressure of study and emotion, various college students have demonstrated some problems in psychological health, such as anxiety, nervousness, loneliness and so on. This...
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Research on the Subjective Well-being of Urban and Rural Residents under the Perspective of New Urbanization

Yuanlin Cui, Yinghao Liang, Xue Gong
Currently, China's new urbanization pays special attention to the happiness of residents, and due to that, the study surveyed 1,000 urban and rural residents with "Brief Version of the Subjective well-being Scale for Chinese Residents", and the outcome indicated that factors like gender, education as...
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Analysis of the Concept of "Self-Organization" in Post-Modern Curriculum View

Kun Wu, Rensheng He, Yadan Guo
During the current informatization period, teaching and learning activities are undergoing more and more changes. However, looking at the teaching methods of these teaching modes, they all hide the post-modern curriculum concept: emphasize the individual's personality liberation, difference and freedom,...
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Application of STEAM Theory in Robot Teaching

Fangyi Ding, Mengqiu Cai, Shuguang Chen
After the 21st century, the demand for comprehensive talents in the United States is increasing. In order to accelerate the country's economic development, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) talent cultivation strategies have been deployed. With the widespread spread of STEAM...
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Looking at the "Security Dilemma" between India and Pakistan from Structural Realism

Liliang You
After the partition of India, India and Pakistan sowed the seeds of ethnic hatred. Recently, conflicts in Kashmir recurred, and suicide attack happened in India, which causes the Indian Foreign Ministry to censure this attack related to Pakistan. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry immediately protested India’s...
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Study on Formation of French Compound Nouns

Xiaoqin Hu
The formation of compound nouns is complex but plays an important role in language creativity. It is always an important issue in linguistic research. This article aims to present the combing rules of French compound nouns in order to better understanding their formation process. A discussion about several...
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Enlightenment of Kodai Teaching Method in Piano Teaching of Preschool Education Major

Siwen Wang
The national policy pays more and more attention to quality education, and the enlightenment education as a music discipline has become very important. Among them, the piano learners are increasing day by day, not only to improve their playing skills, but also to carry out rich music theory knowledge...
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Art Teaching Design and Course Arrangement for Preschool Education Major —— Take My Small World-Stereo Paper Model as an Example

Jing Lei
Art education can improve the aesthetic ability and artistic accomplishment of students majoring in preschool education. The training and learning of basic art skills will lay a foundation for the students majoring in preschool education to engage in kindergarten art education activities, handicraft...
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Evaluation Index System of Practice Teaching Quality: A Case Study of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics

Yujie Xiao, Zhiyuan Wang
Among the many methods of cultivating students' practical and innovative abilities in Colleges and universities, the practical teaching method is one of the main ways. At present, the evaluation index of practical teaching quality is not very perfect. In this paper, the construction principle of the...
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Research on the Development Path of Sports and Leisure Characteristic Towns under the Background of New Urbanization

Kexin Chen, Changjin Xiong
The proposal of construction of small towns with sports and leisure characteristics is an important measure to promote the integration of urban and rural development and implementation of the "mass national fitness" strategy. Sports and leisure characteristic towns are results of the interaction between...
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Relationship between Self-differentiation and Self-disclosure of College Students: The Mediating Role of Peer Attachment

Xueting Zhu
The research conducts a survey of 623 students from 5 universities by the instruments of college students differentiation of self-inventory (DSI), inventory of parent and peer attachment (IPPA), self-disclosure and self-hideaway scale, which analyzes the relationship between self-differentiation and...
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Practical Analysis on the Effectiveness of Second English Class in Higher Vocational Colleges

Wenjing Gu, Aiqin Zhang, Pan Liu
In recent years, the second classroom has gradually become an important auxiliary means of English teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges. Despite some teaching achievements have been made, some higher vocational students still take its effect as unsatisfactory. In this paper, the necessity of developing...
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Research on the Protection and Development of the Cultural Landscape of Shaanxi Cave Dwelling

Fan Lai
The cave dwelling is an important residential building in the Loess Plateau, which is the inheritance, development and evolution of the ancient human' cave life on the Loess Plateau, it is built along the mountain and underground of the Loess Plateau, it is a form of cave dwelling in natural loess, it...
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Research on the Promotion of Space Innovation Policy based on Entrepreneurial Ecosystem -- Taking the Aba Ethnic Area as an Example

Chengbing Huang, Wu Xiang
Analyze the overall requirements, basic principles and key tasks of the development of the space. Based on the characteristics, structure and mechanism of the space-creating entrepreneurial ecosystem, the path of improving the spatial performance of the public is analyzed. By comparing the outstanding...
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The Application of Distance Education based on QR Code

Cheng Chen, Jie Yang, Xing Tang, Ning Song, Jiacheng Lu
In this paper, a novel application in distance education based on QR code is investigated. In the proposed application, each student would login in distance education platform by the unique QR code which is generated by the platform. The generated QR code would be updated each time when finishing the...
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Research on the Cultivation of Infants and Young Children' Early Reading Habits in Two-Child Family Environment

Jieping Cheng
Reading is an extremely important way of learning for the Chinese people, through which the masses can get a lot of knowledge. However, for infants and young children, the cultivation of reading ability is not negligible. Family environment plays an important role in the development of reading ability...
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Thoughts and Practice on the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

Tingting Zhu, Haoran Wen
This paper gives consideration to the interim measures on loan risk compensation management of national guiding fund for transformation of scientific and technological achievements. At present, bank loan is the main channel of enterprise financing. Due to the high risk of transformation of scientific...
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Application of Excel in Financial Management Teaching

Yan Zhong, Hongyun Jiang
This paper analyzes the advantages of Excel in the teaching of financial management courses, and elaborates on the specific application of Excel in financial analysis, operating capital management, financing management, investment management, etc., and discusses the problems that should be paid attention...
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Research on Chinese Semantic Role Labeling with Hierarchical Syntactic Clues

Yicheng Wang, Fucheng Wan, Ning Ma, Ding Liu
As a key task in the process of natural language understanding, semantic role labeling has been widely used in the field of natural language processing at a higher level, such as information extraction, text analysis and machine translation. This paper adopts the current mainstream semantic character...
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Peng Zhen's Democratic Legal System Thought to Contemporary Enlightenment

Yanteng Gao
Comrade Peng Zhen is one of the important founders of China's socialist legal system. His democratic legal system has played a major role in the establishment of China's socialist legal system. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China hold in 2017 set new goals and new requirements...
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Research on New Rural Planning and Design based on Urban Design Techniques

Tian Ma
urban and rural areas jointly build the living place of our people, as a very important form of population aggregation, in the process of promoting China's urbanization process, the feasibility of rural planning and design has become an important factor affecting the urbanization process. In this paper,...
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Exploration and Practice of Effectively Improving the Quality of Practical Education in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Lin Shi, Yanxia Liu
Practice is the only criterion to test truth and an important means to cultivate talents. The effect of practical education will directly affect the quality of applied talents training. How to strengthen the effectiveness of practical education and improve the quality of practical education is a problem...
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Case-based Analysis of the Impact of Japanese National Culture on Corporate Culture

Nanying Piao
In order to explore the impact of Japanese national culture on corporate culture, the impact of Japanese corporate culture on the national culture is explored through four representative national cultures: village culture, Confucian culture, Buddhist culture and Shinto culture in Japanese traditional...
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A Study on the Construction of New Engineering in Local Universities

Guohua Zhao
Ability-oriented education mode, results-oriented education mode and cooperative education personnel training mode are of great significance to the reform of China's new engineering education mode. The new engineering education mode should focus on the cultivation of college students' independent thinking...
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Combining 2018 World Cup Cristiano Ronaldo "Hat Trick" Case Analysis of Football Mechanics Knowledge

Tianbo Yu, Yue Wang, Qi Li
The football book originated in China and was called " ancient game of kicking a ball " in ancient times. It is recorded in "Warring States Policy" and "Historical Records". However, the modern development of the national football team is hard to say. How to integrate football into subject knowledge...
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Study of Establishing and Perfecting Modern Apprenticeship System with Chinese Characteristics

Fan Yang, Xiaotao Gong, Chunling Wang, Jianfeng He
Modern apprenticeship is an important measure to substantially promote school-enterprise collaborative education under the condition of imperfect laws related to school-enterprise cooperation in China. Based on the basic model of apprenticeship in developed countries, this paper makes a detailed analysis...
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Empiricism and Hermeneutics in Descriptive Translation Studies

Lei Dai
With empiricism at its core, Descriptive Translation Studies aims at deducing and validating the translation norms for specific translation activities under the specific cultural contexts. Besides, understanding and interpretation are essential to humanities and Translation Studies. Therefore, while...
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Brief Study of English Translating Strategy from Cross-culture Perspective

Lan Zheng
There are great differences between eastern and Western languages and cultures, and in the process of translation between English and Chinese, because of the asymmetry of lexical meaning, the lack of cultural meaning, the difference of language structure and other factors, it is often difficult for translators...
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The Emergence of Internet Language and Its Influence on Chinese

Yue Zhu
Internet language, a kind of communicative language appeared on the internet along with the boom of the Internet, has drawn much attention for its conspicuous characteristics. From sociolinguistic perspective, this paper explores the social causes for language variation. Then it analyses the social causes...
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Present Problems and Countermeasures for the Construction of Safety Engineering Course System of Local Colleges under the New Situation

Xiaoshuang Li, Bingyan Dong, Xueyi Zhi, Shun Yang
Based on social requirements for the professionals of safety engineering under the background of the industrial revolution 4.0, Made in China 2025 strategy and China education new engineering reform, the questionnaire survey and field investigation were carried out on 70 enterprises in 12 industries...
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Discussion on the Cultivation of Multilingual Applied Translation Talents under the Background of "The Belt and Road"

Xin Li
With the initiative of "The Belt and Road" in China, China’s economic development has reached a certain height, and the development speed has been effectively improved, which has also greatly promoted the economy of other countries in the world. Under such circumstances, our country’s ties with other...
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A Research on College English Teaching Design based on Mosoteach App

Zujun Chen
With the concept of "Internet +" hitting College English teaching, the disadvantages of traditional teaching are becoming more and more obvious. This paper attempts to make mobile phones gradually enter the classroom to participate in the interaction of public foreign language teaching, and become a...
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How does New Media Play an Effective Role in School Ideological and Political Education

Anna Kang
the rapid development of new media has brought new opportunities and challenges to the ideological and political education in Chinese schools. How to grasp this opportunity and use new media to better carry out school ideological and political education activities, and actively deal with the negative...
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Investigation and Study on Mathematical Metacognition of Pupils in the "Nutrition Improvement Plan" Implementation Areas

Yanping Hong, Hongxia Yang, Huixing Lu, Xiaxia Jiang, Feng Zhang
Objective: understand current situation of mathematical metacognition of subsidized primary school students in China's ''National Nutrition Improvement Program for Rural Area'', and provide guidance for mathematics learning of ''mathematically poor students'' in rural poverty-stricken areas in our country....
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Analysis on the Present Situation and Existing Problems of the Development of Creator Education

Yue Zhang, Zhi Zhang
The creator movement has swept the world, and creator education is in the ascendant. The vigorous development of the global creator Movement provides a new opportunity for innovative reform of education. This article simply gives a basic overview of the creator education, and makes a brief explanation...
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Research on Training Mode for Majors of Internet of Things Application Technology in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yan Tan
As a new strategic industry in China, the Internet of Things has been widely used in many fields such as intelligent city, transportation, logistics, power grid, medical treatment, industry, agriculture and so on in recent years. The rapid development of the Internet of Things industry has put forward...
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Exploration and Analysis on the Reform of College English Application-oriented Courses based on the Demand of Vocational Ability

Rongqiong Guo
College English teaching in application-oriented undergraduate colleges should focus on cultivating listening and speaking abilities and comprehensive application abilities, all teaching activities are carried out around students, giving full play to students' subjective initiative and encouraging them...
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A Discussion on the Education Model of Children's Mental Health in Deaf-mute Schools

Mingying Liao
Having conducted a survey on the mental health of 158 children in deaf-mute schools and 188 normal children in grades 4-6, the results showed that the loneliness factor on the mental health of children in deaf-mute schools was significantly better than that of normal children, while the learning, self-blame,...
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Analysis on the Influence Factors of College Students’ Willingness to Participate in Community Volunteer Service based on Logistic Model

Xingxing Deng
A survey of 400 college students in Sichuan Province shows that the proportion of college students participating in community volunteer service is relatively high. Through logistic regression model analysis, the main factors influencing college students’ willingness to participate in community volunteer...
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The Implementation Effect of English Graded Teaching Mode in College

Haiyan Xi
The purpose of this study is to improve the teaching effect of college English. In this study, combining with the teaching principle of individualized teaching, according to the regional and individual differences of students, taking Shanxi Datong University as an example and starting from teaching objectives,...
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Optimization of Rural Mutual Assistance Pension Mode under the Background of Aging Population

Zhimei Yang, Aixiang Huo
The purpose of this study is to improve the living standard and quality of rural elderly. In this study, firstly, the status quo of the main pension modes in China’s rural areas under the background of population aging is analyzed. Secondly, the problems existing in China’s rural pension mode under the...
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Construction and Discussion of Practical Teaching System of Digital Media Technology Major in Independent Undergraduate Colleges

Xianfeng Zeng, Junshan Li, Eryou Wei
Practical teaching is an important guarantee for cultivating talents, the practical teaching system contains the various elements of practical teaching activities. This paper introduces the main content of the practical teaching system, and discusses the characteristics of digital media technology major...
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Research on Training Strategies of Foreign Engineering Professionals based on English FIDIC Contract Conditions

Xiangni Mu
With the continuous deepening and promotion of the One Belt and One Road strategy, more and more Chinese enterprises are going abroad to undertake engineering projects so correctly understanding and applying the FIDIC Contract Conditions will help Chinese enterprises to stick to their standards and gain...
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Research on the Language Teaching Characteristics in Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running School Project -- Taking Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running School Project in Guangzhou College of Commerce as an Example

Lifeng Tang
Foreign language ability is the core competence of internationalized talents; language teaching plays an important role in the process of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running school. The Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running school project should strengthen the construction of language curriculum...
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Research on Digital Case Teaching Mode of Mechanical Design Basic Course for Emerging Engineering

Yijie Zhang, Jie Shi, Shengsong Gao, Lingqiong Kong
Under the background of the rapid development of new economy in our country, how to train new engineering innovative talents more effectively is an important issue to be solved urgently in higher engineering education. Under the guidance of the innovative educational idea of "Emerging Engineering", this...
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Exploring the Spread of Urban Culture in Xi'an from the Activity of "The Spring Festival in Xi’an Most Cultural and Traditional"

Lina Ma
After the slogan of "The Spring Festival in Xi’an Most Cultural and Traditional" was put forward, Xi'an constructed the traditional culture and Xi'an urban culture around the activities of New Year. In this process, the dissemination of urban culture in Xi'an was from the media of geographical position...
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Illumination of Cognitive Metaphors on the Reform of College English Teaching

Huayan Sun
Metaphor which is an important rhetorical device exists everywhere in our life. It is not only a linguistic phenomenon but also a cognitive phenomenon which is a cognitive activity that humans use in one field to explain or understand the experience of another field. This paper combines cognitive metaphor...
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Research of Digital Media Art based on Virtual Reality on Animation Design

Bohong Liu
With the improvement of science and technology, virtual reality technology, a new high-tech, has gradually entered people's lives. At present, the application of virtual reality technology has extended to the field of digital media art. The rapid development of digital media art has brought more creative...
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Mathematical Modeling Training Model in College Mathematics Courses of Exploring the Improvement of Students' General Knowledge

Cuiping Ren, Yinli Dong
The university mathematics curriculum is a compulsory basic course for colleges and universities. As a basic course necessary for many sciences and technologies, it plays a particularly prominent role in improving the quality of personnel training. How to improve the quality of university mathematics...
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Research and Analysis on the Improvement of College Students' Professional Quality Cultivation from the Perspective of Innovation Perspective

Shanxue Ma
In the process of continuous social development, the number of university graduates in China is also constantly improving. It is difficult to find employment and recruitment difficulties. It has become one of the hot issues in China. Under this situation, the teaching work of university teachers has...
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Practical Research on the Combination of Teaching and Literary Works in the Course of Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis

Juan Liu
This topic integrates literary works into the teaching of Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis, which is conducive to the realization of educating people with culture and literature, and improving the pertinence and effectiveness of Ideological and political teaching in Colleges and universities....
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The Construction Planning Research and Practice of Process Equipment and Control Engineering Major in the New Economy

Yongbin Lai, Xiu Chen, Guang Wu, Yijun Zhou, Xuebin Li, Long Wang, Hongtao Yang, Qinhua Chen
Facing the impact of the new economic situation on the structure of traditional knowledge and cognitive structure, the problem that how to carry out professional construction planning which is in line with the cultivation and development of future engineering talents is of great significance. This paper...
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The Exertion and Function of Core Strength Training in Competitive Sports Training

Qi Li, Yue Wang, Donghui Dai
The core strength is a kind of power ability that stabilizes the core part of the human body, controls the movement of the center of gravity, and transmits the strength of the upper and lower limbs. It is a "power source" for human movement. The essence of core strength training is the core stability...
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Research on the Hierarchical Teaching System based on the Training of Professional Post Ability

Chunling Wang, Xiaotao Gong
With the diversification of students’ source in Vocational colleges, students’ learning abilities and knowledge levels are quite different which leads to the poor effect of organizing teaching activities in accordance with the unified teaching model and teaching standards. Through the pilot study and...
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Study of Standardizing Teaching Management and Promoting High Quality Development of Aeronautical Characteristic Technical Skills Talents

Xiaotao Gong, Fan Yang, Jianfeng He, Chunling Wang
Focusing on strengthening teaching management, we should constantly improve the standardization, scientific and refined level of teaching management in Vocational colleges, and upgrade the modernization of school management ability. Taking Xi'an Aeronautical Vocational and Technical College as an example,...
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Study of Teaching English in Primary School with Original English Animated Films

Feng He
With the development of society and time, English teaching in primary school becomes more and more inevitable. In order to meet the need of English teaching in primary school and reform and improve the efficiency of English teaching, the author makes a detailed presentation to the usages of teaching...
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Application Framework Construction of Information Technology in College English Course

Qiutan Yu
The integrated application of information technology and language teaching is a major concern in international education. This paper first briefly introduces the current situation of the application of information technology in College English curriculum as a whole, and then elaborates the application...
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Research on the Effectiveness of College English Teaching under Educational Information Technology

Yong Wang
This paper takes the effectiveness of College English teaching in the context of educational information technology as the research object. Firstly, it briefly expounds the positive impact of educational information technology on college students' English learning, then introduces the current situation...
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Research on Artificial Intelligence Promoting English Learning Change

Rui Wang
English teaching and learning, as an important part of the new curriculum reform, has been paid more and more attention and recognition by the relevant education departments. With the continuous improvement and expansion of teaching level and scale, with the development of Internet information technology,...
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Discussion and Practice of Film and Television Production: Innovation with Big-data

Fangjiao Li, Yuqiang Zhu, Xiang Zhang, Rao Fu, Litian Deng
The significance of big data analysis strategy has been extended to more than the information conveyed by the data itself, particularly with the development of information technology. Concerning the overall level of society and economy in contemporary world, practitioners for the film and television...
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Interactive Design of APP for Children Traditional Chinese Culture Education

Jiabin Li, Tong Chen, Yan Wang, Ping He
A large number of children traditional Chinese culture education APPs have entered our sight with rapid development of digital terminals. These APPs are divided into two categories in the paper. Characteristics and shortcomings of the two categories are analyzed. The development trend of children traditional...
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Research on Physical Training Method and Content of Sprinters

Tianbo Yu, Qi Li, Ying Liu
In modern track and field sports, sprint is a typical physical type of speed-type competitive sports, in which the physical condition of athletes is the most important competitive ability of sprint. On the basis of summarizing the research results and current situation of sprinters' special physical...
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Research on the Education of College Students' Socialist Core Values in the Micro-era

Yingli Pan
The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China profoundly expounds the rich connotation and practical requirements of socialist core values, integrates socialist core values into all aspects of social development, and transforms them into people's emotional identification...
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Research on Development Trend in Interdisciplinarity of Educational Technology based on Web of Science-covered Data

Junxiao Liu, Xiangzeng Meng, Changsheng Chen
The purpose of this study is to provide references for researchers in the fields of educational technology (ET) and other sciences such as natural science, humanities and social sciences in their cross-integration research, and then promote interdisciplinary research and development of ET. To this end,...
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The Mental Health Service of the US Military and Its Enlightenment to the Psychological Work of PLA

Qi Xie, Ying Zhang, Chenlong Kang, Lina Ru, Hongfei Luo
Because of the diversity and complexity of US military operations, the psychological pressure of its officers and soldiers has become increasingly prominent, resulting in a continuous increase in the incidence of mental and psychological diseases among its soldiers. In order to deal with the non-combat...
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Research on Team Learning in College Cheerleading Teaching

Yi Wen
The research applies the theory of learning-team to the teaching design of cheerleading, and changes the teaching and learning methods of cheerleading courses, changes the classroom organization forms, and enhances teaching interaction through the construction of learning-team cheerleading. The teaching...
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The Innovation Path of Ideological and Political Education for College Students under the Background of "Internet +"

Wenjun Li
At present, the development of human society is progressing, and contemporary college students not only need to use the Internet in their study, but also in their life. Therefore, the combination of the Internet and contemporary college students' ideological and political education will become an inevitable...
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Analysis on the Cultivation of College Students' Entrepreneurship and Employment Ability

Shuxin Wang
With the continuous development of higher education and the continuous advancement of market economy, the pressure of life faced by college students also increases, and the pressure of employment faced by college students is also growing. Therefore, the ideological and political education of college...
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Research on Personnel Training Model of Internet of Things Applied Technology Speciality

Jizheng Shi
At present, the global information technology is in a period of rapid development, and all sectors of society are also in urgent need of Internet of Things professionals. In addition, the society has also put forward higher professional requirements and standards for employees in the Internet of Things...
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Study on the Inheritance and Development of Local Culture in the Homestay

Zhengrong Jiang
Homestay is a comprehensive tourism product including the experience of local living environment, production, culture and entertainment, food and drinks. Therefore, the local culture is the soul of the development of rural homestays. This paper investigates the connotation of local culture behind homestays,...
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Impact of Household Registration System Reform on Rural Migrant Labor Employment

Hui Xu
In recent years, the reform of the household registration system aimed at promoting social fairness and justice has aroused strong repercussions in the whole society. Although the new household registration system has played a positive role in breaking urban-rural divisions, eliminating barriers to urban-rural...
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An Exploration of the Historical Context of Urban Construction

Yijun Dai
In the context of the new urbanization process, China's urban scale, modernization, and economic development, large-scale urban construction, led to the destruction of urban local cultural imagery. This paper attempts to sort out the predicaments and problems faced by China's current urban cultural construction....
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Empirical Study on the Impact of Employment Guidance and Employment Service on the Improvement of Employment Quality of College Graduates ——Based on Micro-data in S Normal University

Xianglong Xu, Huibin Cui, Ruier Liu, Shishun Liang
Achieving high-quality employment for college students is not only an effective way to promote economic growth, but also an important path for graduates to achieve shared development. Employment guidance and service are the keys to improve the quality of college students' employment, but the specific...
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Practical Research on the Cultivation of Core Literacy in Subject Teaching

Haoran Chen
With the continuous improvement of the average level of education in China, the emphasis on the cultivation of core literacy in teaching is also increasing. Therefore, this paper will study it from the perspective of Chinese subject. Firstly, the limitations of Chinese knowledge and its ability in the...
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Thoughts on the Training of Traditional Chinese Medicine Thinking for Students of Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine Major

Jingjing Shi, Bo Shi, Ping Lu, Le Niu
As a part of Chinese traditional culture, the specific thinking of traditional Chinese medicine is the source power of its production and development, however, in the actual teaching of colleges and universities, due to the lack of dominant position of traditional culture and the status quo of diversified...
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English Translation Strategies for Four-character Terminologies in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Lun Ma, Qian Wang, Zhiyan Zhang
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as the essence of Chinese culture, has rich connotations and distinct Chinese characteristics. Thanks to its splendid therapeutic effects in the treatment and prevention of diseases, TCM has won its increasing popularity both home and abroad. However, TCM is more than...
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Case Study on the Living Conditions of Disadvantaged Children in China’s Rural Areas

Yanping Hong
The living conditions of disadvantaged children in China attract attention of people. This study uses qualitative research method conduct investigation and case interviews for 35 rural primary and secondary schools, this paper analyzes four classic cases, from which we can see the current situation of...
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Research on the Teaching Reform Effect of Public Physical Education in Colleges and Universities

Jinjin Zhang
The reform of public physical education teaching mode in Colleges and universities is to adopt open physical education teaching according to the existing conditions of schools, so that physical education teaching activities become a teaching process from cultivating students' interests to pursuing knowledge...
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Analysis of the Application Strategies of Traditional Culture in Promoting the Overall Improvement of Students' Quality

Mingzhu Fu, Shuyan Yi
Chinese civilization has a long history, and Chinese traditional culture is ahead of the world. In the new era of college students' education, Chinese traditional culture has incomparable advantages in improving students' quality. In the process of teaching the history of ancient Chinese literature,...
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Research on Improving the Effectiveness of Group Collaborative Learning

Yadan Guo, Rensheng He, Kun Wu
Collaborative learning is a kind of social activity of collaborative knowledge building. In the current reform of classroom teaching in Colleges and Universities, college students' collaborative learning effect is not high. Through the questionnaire survey and the analysis of collaborative learning cognitive...