Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication and Media 2022 (i-COME 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Adibah Ismail, Mohd Khairie Ahmad, Romlah Ramli, Norhayati Mohamad Hussain, Syarizan Dalib
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Crafting Enemy

Ideographs in Iranian Political Discourse

Alireza Azeri Matin
Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the public discourses in Iran have been flooded with a series of ideographs which were characteristically vague, and at the same time persuasive or even provocative. One of the key ideographs, particularly within the realm of political communication that saturates...
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The Expression of Hate Motive on Social Media: Perspective of the Malaysian

Noramira Fatehah Azman, Norena Abdul Karim Zamri
“Muslims are terrorist”, is one of example of hate speech that occur in cyberworld. Hate speech, also known as malicious expression, is the use of insulting, hostile, or contemptuous words intended towards certain religious practises or groups who share a collective identity, such as sex identification,...
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Effects of Media Exposure and Family Communication on Violent Behaviour of Jordanian Adolescents

Mohammad Fawwaz Eneizat, Haslina Halim, Syarizan Dalib
Violence is one of the most common problems in societies now a days. Cases of adolescent violence are increasing in many countries, particularly Jordan. Violence has negative effects on adolescents which has become a major obstacle to the stability and progress of society. While exposure to media and...
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How Online Behavioral Advertising Affects Purchase Intention with Consumer Trust as Mediating Variable

Fitri Ayu Nofirda, Mulkan Ikram
Introduction/Main Objectives: This study investigates the role of consumer trust as mediating in the relationship between informativeness, credibility, and entertainment on purchase intention. This study will also look at the effect of consumer trust as a mediator on E-commerce in Indonesia. Background...
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Information Ecosystem Among Malaysian Youth: The State and Challenges

Mohd Khairie Ahmad, Wathshlah Naidu, Vinodh Pillai
Today’s era of communication technology has seen that information plays a very important role. Information is no longer just notification and messages, but it has become an important commodity in almost every aspect of life. Accordingly, this study aims to examine the scenario of the information ecosystem,...
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Integrated Marketing Communication for Tong Tji Tea House Semarang Indonesia

Monika Teguh, Gaby Swastika, Yoseviene Kuntjoro, Hadjar Malika
The Food and Beverage (FnB) business in Indonesia experienced a great shock during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was mainly due to the Large-Scale Social Restrictions which required food and beverage businesses to close their businesses and not accept guests to dine-in. After the COVID-19 transmission...
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Does CSR Communication Influence Trust?

Wan Nor Hidayah Wan Afandi, Jamilah Jamal, Nurul Zaitul Itri Alias, Nathasya Mohd Kamal
Trust has been perceived as the basis in developing and maintaining long-term relationship. In business context, trust is an important key factor for business to sustain its relationship with stakeholders especially customers. One of the factors that is found to improve trust is corporate social responsibility...
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Building Comprehensive Tourism Brand in Zhanjiang Using Integrated Marketing Communication

Yunwei Li, Ahmad Fahmi Mahamood, Habee Bullah Affendy
An increased emphasis on comprehensive tourism development has been seen in recent years. In-depth theoretical exploration and analysis on the creation and promotion of comprehensive tourism brands, however, have not been taken into account by the current research, which has primarily focused on the...
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Global Capabilities Framework: Perspectives of Public Relations Practitioners in Malaysia

May Bel Koh, G. Manickam Govindaraju, Cheng Ean (Catherine) Lee
The development of the Global Capabilities Framework (GCF) for the public relations and communication management profession was the first globally applicable Capability Framework for practitioner, employer and academic communities. Due to the lack of a global benchmark, GCF was developed in 2018 by a...
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The Role of Student’s Satisfaction in Mediating Relationship Between Service Quality and Brand Image

Sidra Shehzadi, Che Su Mustaffa
In the current era, higher education institutions faced many issues due to its weak and improper education system. Many factors are involved and service quality is one of them which is majorly considered within this paper. To explore its importance, Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and...
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Team Effectiveness Among Nursing Team: Leader-Member Exchange and Cooperative Communication as Determinants

Farah Lina Azizan, Razlina Razali, Muhammad Aiman Arifin, Haslina Halim
The leader-member exchange (LMX) method focuses on the roles that managers and employees exchanged. Although LMX is important in the workplace, the impact of LMX and cooperative communication on team effectiveness in the healthcare setting has received less attention. Social Exchange Theory (SET) was...
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Communicating with Employees During Remote Working

Nan Zakiah Megat Ibrahim, Mohammad Shamsul Ibrahim, Nurul Zaitul Itri Alias
This research objective is to identify the relationship between communicating with employees, upward and downward communication, communication problems and remote working. This study applied the Neo-institutional Theory as the main theory to be applied in this study in order to strengthen the relationships...
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Students’ Perspective on Public Relations Curriculum and Their Preparedness for the Industry

Sharon Tan, Cheng Ean (Catherine) Lee
Public relations scholars and practitioners have raised a concern on the gap between students’ acquired knowledge and skills in the classroom learning and meeting the expectation from employers. There is a call for public relations educators to better prepare students before they enter the industry....
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Postgraduate Students’ Practice on Usage of Copyrighted Images for Educational Works

Ani Munirah Mohamad, Felicia Yong Yan Yan, Nor Zuhaidah Mohamed Zain, Norasikin Fabil, Nor Ezdianie Omar, Nurhazman Abdul Aziz
The advent of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in various disciplines brings potential benefits to the users. In the context of education, postgraduate students can get hold of a wide variety of resources for their educational purposes, including images. Nevertheless, one major drawback...
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(Re)Conceptualizing Intercultural Competence in Malaysia: An Agenda for Future Research

Syarizan Dalib, Haslina Halim, Bahtiar Mohamad
The unprecedented times of a global pandemic have illustrated the need for people to seek interconnectedness of humankind. Given this need, there arises the necessity to explore new ways of understanding “competent” communication that enables people to “live together” with those who speak different languages...
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Multicultural Adjustment Among Self-Initiated Academic Expatriates: The MPQ as a Determinant

Haslina Halim, Che Su Mustaffa, Farah Lina Azizan
As an academic entity, higher academic institutions provide a distinct atmosphere with different mission and work tasks, unlike corporate organizations. Thus far, only a small number of investigations have turned its focus on self- initiated academic expatriates (SIAEs). Taking this into consideration,...
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Cultural Influences on Interpersonal Communication

Aida Suhana Abdul Hamid, Aida Zuliyana Ahmad Anuar, Nan Zakiah Megat Ibrahim, Azfa Izzah Roslan
The establishment of cultural was driven from the past cultural activity which inherited from generation to generation. An individual perception of a culture meaning might vary depending on what they are experiencing. However, the need of good communication skills is important to survive especially in...
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Use of Social Media for Advertising and Its Effectiveness

Immie Rozianie Abd Rahim, Nor Azah Abdul Aziz
The goal of this study was to examine the various social media platforms that are utilised for advertising. The results of the study will demonstrate how variables like market expense, target market, and flexibility relate to the use of a specific advertising strategy. In this study, questionnaires were...
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The Role of Facebook in Political Socialization and Political Participation Among Women in Pakistan

Hadia Khalil, Haslina Halim, Mohd. Zuwairi Mat Saad
Gender gaps in political participation are universal in democracies around the world. Women constitute half of the world’s population (49.6%). In South Asia, Pakistan has the largest gender gap and discrimination against women in all areas of life. This topic has largely been studied in relevance to...
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The Perception and Behaviour of Youth in Facebook Towards Active Citizenship Acceptance

Noor Fareena Binti Salleh, Suhaimee Saahar
The study purposely to determine the perception and behaviour among youth who use Facebook as the source to search related information. The study performed the acceptance of active citizenship which elaborately discusses active citizenship and the factors that can increase the awareness of acceptance....
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NDE and Televisual Hegemony: An Ideological Analysis of Life After Life

Alireza Azeri Matin
The near-death experience (NDE) is an unusual out-of-body incident taking place on the brink of death which is recounted by a person on recovery. With globalization of media, the retellings of these personal experiences have become a commonplace phenomenon, fascinating many people around the world regardless...
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Child Online Grooming in Malaysia: Prevalence and Current Legal Standpoint

Norhayati Mohamad Hussain, Nurzali Ismail
Child online grooming is an act that includes online behaviours of adults that aims to attain some type of sexual contact with a child. Along with the exponential range of research focusing on the information and communication technology (ICT), research involving child online grooming has grown considerably...
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Exploring Hedonistic Values Aspects in Pro-environmental Behaviour Among Young Adults

Nursafwah Tugiman, Chiew Tung Moi, Minah Harun
Numerous studies have examined the relationship between consumer pro-environmental behaviour and biospheric or egoistical values. For instance, biospheric values define kindness and care for the environment, whereas those who engage in pro-environmental behaviour may seek social status or a positive...
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Media Users’ Willingness to Pay for Premium OTT Media Services in Kuala Lumpur

Nik Nasrin Nik Mohd Fauzi, Wan Hartini Wan Zainodin, Fadzillah Aishah Ismail, Mohd Fadly Khamis, Mohamed Shamil Hizamie Mohamed Norhisham
The dominance of traditional media has been challenged by the emergence of a diversity of digital platforms, many of which integrate media content, as a result of media industry digital growth. Customer views regarding entertainment subscriptions have changed as a result of the rise of Over-the-Top (OTT)...
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Raising Star During Pandemic: K-Pop Fans as Actor in Indonesia Digital Activism

Amelia Syfa
During the pandemic, Indonesia has a new actor in digital activism, namely K-pop fans. Participating in digital activism is actually nothing new for K-pop fans in Indonesia. Before the pandemic, the Gejayan Memanggil action was also enlivened by K-pop fans in voicing the action on Twitter to become a...
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Challenging Women’s Reproductive Rights: Framing Analysis of Indonesian Women’s Reproductive Rights in Kompas.Com

Patrisia Amanda Pascarina, Louisa Christine Hartanto, Christania Angela, Felita Purnomo
United States of America or USA has always been the fitting example of using basics human rights as the supreme law. Nevertheless, USA were still struggling to prove their human rights ideology to life. The emergence of protest movements based on human rights abuses hits a record high during the presidency...
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Exploring Primary Demands of Chinese Network Literature Audience: Uses and Gratifications Perspective

Pei Cao
In recent years, network literature has developed at an amazing speed, bringing to an increasing number of network literature audiences. These phenomena were particularly common in China. From the perspective of the uses and gratifications theory, this paper postulated that “relaxing yourself to enjoy...
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Domestication of Soap Opera Stories: The “Battle” of Habitus and Capital Indonesian Woman Scriptwriter

Andi Budi Sulistijanto, Burhan Bungin, Cosmas Gatot Haryono
The stories built into soap operas are distinctive in that they are always related to (domestic) household problems and are full of emotional scenes (hate, longing, love, anger, laughter, etc.). The story is dense with patriarchal values, with women almost always cast as victims and oppressed groups....
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Enhancing the Experience of Malaysian Traditional Chinese Temples Through Virtual Reality (VR) Educational Games

Jingjing Xiong, Jinchi Yip
Malaysia is a multicultural nation with different races in Southeast Asia. It has rich and diverse cultural and heritage treasures; the Chinese constitute around 25%. As a cornerstone for traditional Chinese religion and culture, traditional Chinese temples have undergone the evolution and incorporation...
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Dhoho TV Management Policy

Entering the Digitalization Era

Ismojo Herdono, Gabriela L. D. Swastika, Ergita Jeny Ardane Shwari, Maghfira D. Anissa, Bunga Feby Nabilla
Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) policies Indonesian policies that will apply migration from analog systems to digital or what is commonly called switch off (ASO) on November 2, 2022, seem to be still requiring a considerable process. One problem was that the digital television socialization...
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Online Student Attendance System Using QR-Code for Kolej Komuniti Segamat

Mohd Nizam Saad, T. Zalizam T. Muda, Nanthini Oulaganathan, Ramithran Kaliappan
This study discusses the design and development of student attendance using QR-code for Kolej Komuniti Segamat (KKS). The current or manual attendance system in KKS requires lecturers to keep track of students’ attendance using timesheets, manually evaluate the percentage of student attendees and by...
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Online Learning at Higher Education

The Mediating Role of the Fear of COVID-19 Between Students’ Sustainable Engagement and Their Social Presence

Farhat Munir, Iqra Saeed, Aleena Shuja
Students’ engagement and social presence are the most critical components for effective online learning. Despite all technological advancements online teaching and learning is still a challenge, especially during emergencies. The pandemic COVID-19 situation has unlocked new dimensions of research in...
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Synchronous Communication in Post-pandemic Era for Higher Education

S. Maartandan Suppiah, Mohd Khairie Ahmad, Azelin Aziz, Mohd Amirul Fauzi
The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered nearly every aspect of society incapacitated. However, the advancement of communication technology has given rise to a substitute that can ensure the continuation of numerous industries, particularly education. Synchronous communication tools like Webex, Zoom, Microsoft...
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Public Trust Toward Government Online Crisis Communication: A Malaysian Youth Perspective

Jamilah Jamal, Norhafezah Yusof, Suhaini Muda
Using the backdrop of economic crisis following COVID-19 pandemic, this study measures Malaysian youth perception toward trust and the characteristics of social media used in government online crisis communication. Youth, just like other group of citizens, is directly and indirectly affected by the COVID-19...
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Digital Movement Dynamics of Opinion Mobilization Ahead the Demonstration in Indonesia

Muhammad Iqbal Khatami
On April 11, 2022, there was a demonstration with the main demands of rejecting the discourse on postponing the elections in Indonesia. The discourse has been widely discussed on social media, especially Twitter, with various narratives and opinions. This article aims to analyze the actors involved in...
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Surfing the Hoaxes Wave Fabrication During the Pandemic Period in Indonesia

Cosmas Gatot Haryono, Kirana Ratu Sekar Kedaton, Hadassah Elisha Karsten
The hoax has evolved into a formidable foe in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe. Indonesia is no different. Hoaxes not only cause public distrust but also jeopardize important government strategies to combat the disease threat currently sweeping the world. The goal of...
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A Review of Game Elements in Developing Persuasive Game-Based Learning Model for Children’s Safety from Sexual Abuse

Azliza Othman, Nassiriah Shaari, Sobihatun Nur Abdul Salam
Recently, designing games for educational purpose has attracted much interest. Game-based learning (GBL) offers an alternative approach to learning that implements game elements in the learning environment. In addition, persuasive technology has been used to persuade users to change their attitudes and...
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Corporate Video Development: DAE Consultancy & Services

T. Zalizam T. Muda, Mohd. Nizam Saad, Siti Nor Hamidah Hidayah Abd. Jalil
This article reports on the development of a corporate video for DAE Consultancy and Services. The video was produced to promote and spread the existence of the company and their services. In today’s era of rapid and developing technological advancement, corporate video is one of the platforms for companies...
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Design and Development of Lost Boy Calculic Adventure: A Mobile Game-Based Learning for Year 1 Dyscalculic Children

Subashini Annamalai, Nur Fadziana Mohamed Faisal
Dyscalculia is a specific sort of learning impairment that affects mathematic processes such as counting numbers, recalling phone numbers, and understanding speed, time, and distance. In order to help the learning of dyscalculic children, a mobile game-based learning application named Lost Boy Calculic...
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The Influence of Mobile Phone Addiction on Academic Achievement Among Teenagers

Nur Diyana Norazman, Noor Mayudia Mohd Mothar, Immie Rozianie Abd Rahim, Aris Abdul Rahman, Noorraha Abdul Razak
This study seeks to investigate how mobile phone addiction affects academic performance. It focuses on mobile phone addiction, including internet addiction, game addiction, and ‘mobile youth culture.’ In this study, a conventional survey using a questionnaire was distributed face-to-face to 200 students...
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Usability Evaluation of e-KuPang: Digital Kuda Kepang Courseware for Mathematics Learning

Jasni Ahmad, Gee Hui Yee, Tan Soon Jing, Fakhrul Anuar Aziz
e-KuPang is an interactive mathematics education courseware that employs the representation concept to promote Kuda Kepang and enable Level 1 (Year 1 to 3) students to learn mathematics in a creative way. Students find the existing education system to be rather tedious since study sessions are too lengthy...
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Anatomy of Phone Scams: Victims’ Recall on the Communication Phrases used by Phone Scammers

Farhanim Mohamad Asri, Tengku Elena Tengku Mahamad
Scam activities has existed long before the advent of modern technology and today, it is still a growing concern that is happening across the globe due to the fast-growing technologies such as phones, the internet, and social media. Modern scams can either be physical (i.e., phone scam) or online (i.e.,...
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Communication Medium and Team Interaction Style During Pandemic COVID-19

Nan Zakiah Megat Ibrahim, Aida Zuliyana Ahmad Anuar, Aida Suhana Abd Hamid
There are still very limited studies in proving communication medium and team interaction style that could contribute towards pandemic Covid-19 in the context of organization. This research also seeks to determine the relationship between communication medium and team interaction style with pandemic...
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Political Branding Equity: A Study on Thai Young Voters’ Intention on Future Forward Party

Labuda Mad-A-Dam, Syamsyul Anuar Ismail
Political branding equity is communicating with voters using the cognitive psychological technique which is, creates promise, presents competency of political party and impacts attitude of the voters. Therefore, political branding equity is a strategy increase opportunity to achieve in elections. The...
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User Experience on Augmented Reality Card Mobile Application for Promoting a Non-governmental Organization Services (ARCare4NGO)

Azizah Che Omar, Yap Houng Ying, Yap Houng Minn
This paper reports the ongoing project related to the development of ARCare4NGO mobile application for promoting NGO services. Nowadays, people might know about a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) but did not know what services they had provided and where to donate the supplies. Besides, the awareness...
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Instagram (IG) as a Social Media Marketing in Sustaining Local Business During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case of Bask Bear Coffee

Muthukumaran Kanasan
This research paper aims to study on the use of social media marketing (Instagram) by local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of pandemic, many local businesses were forced to cease operation in order to adapt to the uncertainty due to COVID-19 pandemic. Only some local businesses...