Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environmental Science 2015

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Experimental Study on the Improvement of Schisandra and Epimedium Extract on the Memory Ability in Mice

Jiahong Li, Chunmei Wang, Bing Li, Jinghui Sun, Weijing Sun
To observe the improvement of Schisandra and Epimedium extract (WY) on the memory ability in mice. Methods: ICR male mice were randomly divided into control group, low-, medium- and high-dose WY groups. The mice were intragastrically given the same volume of distilled water, 300 mg/kg WY, 600 mg/kg WY,...
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Distribution of root carbon storage of Salix gordejevii at different forest age

Juan Wang, Yue Feng Guo, Yun Feng Yao, Jun Tang
Comparative distribution characteristic of root system and the root system carbon stocks from three forest age of S. gordejevii in Aohan sanditificational. And three plots were set by using stratified segmentation mining method to test the root biomass and the carbon ratio in different soil assays and...
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Study on Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology for PV System using Pattern Search Algorithm

Wei Zheng, Yong Zhi, Shibin Chen, Fubo Liang, Yangjun Li, Qiao Wei, Yun Zhang
In order to improve the efficiency of the Photovoltaic (PV) system. Firstly, Solar Cell Array (SCA) model was established, and the simulation analysis of which was conducted through MATLAB/Simulink, then, the output characteristic curves of PV system with different external environment condition were...
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Study on land use change in Ge Yu city Nature Reserve

Lingjun Meng, Fang Liu, Zhongke Feng, Jinying Gu
The establishment of nature reserves is one of important ways and measures to protect biodiversity, which plays an important role in maintaining balance of regional ecology, and promoting scientific research. To analysis the using and covering of land in the studied area and the variety of landscape...
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Inhibition Behavior of Compound Corrosion Inhibitors for Carbon Steel in Natural Seawater

Fu Qiang, Xiaogang Yang
A kind of environment-friendly compound corrosion inhibitor has been made from sodium tungstate, sodium silicate, calcium gluconate, sodium polyphosphate and zinc sulfate. The inhibition capability of the corrosion inhibitor in seawater for carbon steel is carried out by weight-loss method and electrochemical...
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Reliability Evaluation of High Voltage Circuit Breaker Based on IFAHP and GA

Peng Sun, Hongyun Jiang, Hong Yu, Xuyong Huang, Yiyun Sun, Xin Wang
In order to assess the reliability of circuit breaker more scientificly and effectively, a method based on improved fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and genetic algorithm is presented in this paper. Firstly circuit breaker fault tree is established according to analyzing the circuit breaker failures...
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A Large-capacity DC-DC Converter with Input-Series-Input-Parallel Output-Series-Output-Parallel Connection

Zhenghong Tu, Xin Wang, Yihui Zheng, Lixue Li, Guo Chen, Feng Zhu
In order to improve the capacity of DC-DC converter, a large-capacity DC-DC converter with input-series-input-parallel output-series-output-parallel (ISIPOSOP) connection is proposed in this paper. The converter consisting of multiple basic DC-DC modules has the ability to withstand the high voltage...
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Finite Element Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor of Electric Vehicle

Lingling Wang, Xin Wang, Yihui Zheng, Lixue Li, Wei Wang, Hao Wu
In this paper, finite element analysis is used to analyze the torque of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) of electric vehicle. Firstly, a 2D model of the PMSM is made. By forming magnetic field lines and flux density distribution of the PMSM with no-load condition, the accuracy of the model can...
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Bi-directional Full-bridge DC-DC Converters with Phase-shifting Control and Its Phase-shifting Range Analysis

Jiabo Yuan, Xin Wang, Yihui Zheng, Lixue Li, Daqian Shen, Quanlun Deng
In order to simplify the generation of phase-shifting waveform and reduce the range of phase angle, an angel-fixed method to generate the phase-shifting waveform is presented in this paper. Firstly, it studies the advantages and the topology structure of the bi-directional full-bridge DC-DC converter,...
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The Research for DISO DC-DC Converter Based on the Topology of Push-Pull M2DC

Wei Lin, Yihui Zheng, Lixue Li, Xin Wang, Chunming Zhao, Jianping Lie
In order to improve the flexibility and make energy transmissing between power system and distributed generators more efficient, a double-input single-output DC-DC converter based on the topology of push-pull modular multilevel DC converter is presented in this paper. First, it selects the topology structure...
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Design and Simulation of EV Charging Device Based on Constant Voltage-Constant Current PFC Double Closed-Loop Controller

Cheng Zhang, Yihui Zheng, Lixue Li, Xin Wang, Jianyou Yu, Jingbo Yang
Electrical vehicle has low emissions, high efficiency and other merits. In this paper, an efficient charging device program based on constant current-constant voltage charging, PFC, and Dual Closed-Loop control is proposed. Firstly, at the beginning of the charging stage, constant current charging method...
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Research and Simulation of SCR Soft-Start Asynchronous Motor

Quan Li, Xin Wang, Jun Zhou
Direct starting method of asynchronous motor does a lot harm such as current surge and mechanical shock, etc . In order to reduce the harmful influence of direct starting method and improve the starting performance of asynchronous motor, a scheme of asynchronous motor soft starting system based on antiparallel...
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The Study and Simulation on Effects of UHV access to Power Grid

Mengyao Zhang, Xin Wang, Min Li
The access of Ultra-High Voltage (UHV) line must have a great impact on security and stability of power grid. In this paper, to access a 1000kV UHAC line to a power grid, the stability and security of power grid are analyzed and a sensitivity method is proposed to solve the problem of threshold-crossing...
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The study of a new type of micro-electrolysis technology on nitrobenzene wastewater treatment

Jing Wang, Xin Luo, Yinping Huang, Yang Liu
In this work, a new type of micro-electrolysis technology using combined materials containing fly ash, iron scraps and rare earth Gd on the treatment of toxic and harmful nitrobenzene wastewater was presented. Fly ash was applied instead of activated carbon in the combined materials and single-factor...
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Power Distribution Feature of Coil-based Power-Tapping from Ground Wire of Typical HV Overhead Transmission Line

Yanbin Xie, Xiaofang Wang, Qingyue Luo, Jiafang Liu
Power-tapping from ground wire is an ideal method to power on-line monitoring devices of HV overhead transmission line. And the way with bus-like power-tapping coil plays an important role for its simple engineering and excellent lightning protection performance. The key to the PTC way is whether enough...
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Kuznets Curve of Carbon Emissions in China

Xu Yang, Dasha Fan, Pan Luo
This paper studied the dynamic relationship between China's carbon emissions and economic growth from1960 to 2009. The results indicate that as the economy growed, carbon dioxide emissions has increased steadily since 1960.The use of environmental Kuznets curve model to simulate the relationship of per...
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Urban Park Planning on Spatial Disparity between Demand and Supply of Park Service

Shaoli Liu
Urban parks are one of the important parts of public infrastructure and have the function to improve residents quality of life, therefore, one of the primary issues in urban planning is to ensure to meet residents demands for the quantity and spatial distribution of parks. In many cities, some localities...
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Experimental Research on Anti-seepage Performance of Modified Clays Base on Fly Ash Landfill Waste

Xuejing Sun, Zhanghua Wang
In this paper the issues of impervious performance based on fly ash clay are analyzed in detail. The specimen preparation experiment and variable head permeability experiment are introduced. The experimental results of this paper can provide reference for practical engineering application of fly ash-modified...
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A high-power ultrasonic pulser-receiver for concrete non- destructive testing

Qingbang Han, Youpeng Xie, Cheng Yin, Xueping Jiang
In order to improve the ultrasonic test penetration in the concrete members, a kind of high-power ultrasonic pulser-receiver was designed. With the instantaneous high-voltage pulse by capacitor of charging and discharging, the transformed voltage can reach a peak of 800v. A specific receiver was designed...
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Course tracking and simulation of unmanned amphibious platform based on adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control

Qingge Cai, Yulong Hua, Fuyong Cheng, Xingxing Niu
Unmanned amphibious platform (UAP in short) is a complex nonlinear system. It shows plenty of dynamic properties, such as parameter uncertainty and large time-lag, when controlled, which hinders the development of the approaches of exactly course tracking. Motivated by adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control...
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Policy Implications of Shale Gas Research in Collaboration Network Analysis

Jie Liu, Tieju Ma
Shale gas as an increasingly important form of hydrocarbon energy raises natural gas occupancy and reduces carbon emission in North American, attracting more and more focus all over the world. The main purpose of this paper is to identify the differences in cooperation network in shale gas research and...
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Analysis the influence of grassland degradation in Du Meng County of Heilongjiang Province

Limei Zhang, Lingjun Meng, Xueping Zhang, Shufeng Zheng
In recent 50 years, because of the interference of natural factors and human activities, the quality, productivity and the carrying capacity were decreased of Dumeng Country grassland in Heilongjiang Province. According to the division of county, Dumeng County township is determined disturbed grassland...
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Effect of 1-MCP treatments on ‘Hanfu’ apples during long cold storage

Xiaoming Li, Ying Zhu, Baiqing Zhang, Baodong Wei
The experiment aimed to evaluate the effect of 1-MCP treatment on postharvest ‘Hanfu’ apple. The fruits were treated with 0, 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 L•L-1 1-MCP before put in cold storage condition (2±0.2 ) with modified atmosphere package for 240d. The storage quality and physicochemical change were measured...
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Suitability Evaluation of Cold Water Paddy Field for Rice Planting in Jianghan Plain

Qingjun Deng, Yuru Chen
Cold water paddy field is one of the main factors to agricultural production and crop high yield. This paper proposes a suitability evaluation index framework of cold water paddy field for rice planting with site conditions, soil physical and chemical properties, soil nutrient status, social and economic...
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Urban environmental pulsation research based on Wavelet Decomposition enhanced ARMA model

Xiang Li, Ling Peng, Tianhe Chi, Congcong Wen, Yizhi Xu
With the rapid development of Internet of Things technologies, smart city public information platform is collecting more and more city data. Make full use of these data, to analyze the pulsation rule of city development, is very important for solving the existing problems in cities. Relying on the Sino-Singapore...
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Kinetic and influence factors on debromination of decabromodiphenyl ether by organo-montmorillonite supported nanoscale zero-valent iron

Zhihua Pang, Jinrong Qiu, Li Liu, Yutao Lei
The organo-montmorillonite supported nanoscale zero-valent iron material (M-NZVI) was synthesized to degradate decabromodiphenyl ether (BDE-209). The kinetic and influence factors of apparent rate constant on debromination of BDE-209 by M-ZVI were studied, the experiment was conducted to investigate...
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The research on producing modes of well AH2 in Jinzhou oilfield

Xu Zhang, Wei Hua Liu, Jie Liang, Yu Pan, Teng Lv
The oil in place of Jinzhou oilfield is more than 7000 104m3. Because of good reservoir properties and adequate formation energy, the field has good developing prospects. However, with the end of flush stage after developing for years, we have to solve the problems such as which mode of production we...
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Variation of algae scum in electro-coagulation-flotation (ECF) process

Liang Tian, Tian Xu, Xiaoxiao Lu, Jinrui Xu
Algae scum, which is inevitable in the algae water separation process, should be harvested and forbidden to discharge into the water. This paper studied the variation of algae scum in electro-coagulation-flotation (ECF) process. All experiments were conducted in the homemade electro-coagulation-flotation...
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The Investigation of benthic macroinvertebrates in Baiyangdian Lake

Hongwei Wang, Likun Yang, Chunlong Zhao, Zhaojin Cui, Haitao Zhao, Weifeng Tang, Qianqian Liu
The Zoobenthos in Baiyangdian Lake in Hebei province of China were investigated during August to October 2014, including the community structure and diversity. Total of 23 zoobenthic species were collected at 9 sampling sites, including 17 species of mollusca, 2 species of annelida and 4 species of aquatic...
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Growth inhibition of Prorocentrum minimum by Ulva pertusa Kjellm under different N and P nutrient limitations

Hengjiang Cai, Zhihua Zhang, Junxin Zhang
The effects of different N and P nutrient limitations on the growth inhibition of Prorocentrum minimum by Ulva pertusa Kjellm fresh tissue and dry powder were studied in this paper. The results showed that U. pertusa fresh tissue and dry powder could inhibit the growth of P. minimum, and the growth inhibition...
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Phenolation of alkali lignin of wheat straw in ionic liquid

Zhiguo Zhang
Alkali lignin is an important biorecourse. Its low reactivity and indissolubility in water make it difficult to be utilized. In present study, we verified dissolving capacity of [Bmim]Cl and researched the effect of some influencing factors, such as time, temperature and the amount of reactants, on the...
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Improvement of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis conditions for rin mutant tomato fruit

Ling Li, Yuanyuan Song, Yifeng Wang, Baoxin Zheng, Tieling Liu
Tomato fruit contains a lot of pigment, polysaccharide and secondary metabolism substances. These substances can affect protein separation effect, and interfere with the process of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. The extraction of tomato fruit protein sample, conditions of isoelectric focusing and...
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Effects of Grafting on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Potential Cd-Hyperaccumulator Solanum photeinocarpum under Cd Stress

Fuyi Tang, Lijin Lin, Ming’An Liao
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of grafting on photosynthetic characteristics of potential Cd-hyperaccumulator Solanum photeinocarpum under Cd stress. Four treatments were used in the experiment: ungrafted (UG), self-rooted grafting by the same S. photeinocarpum seedling (SG), self-rooted...
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The Effect of Gas Energy Propagation Velocity on the Transport Security

Sun Song
With the development of technology and the progress of life,gas energy play a more important role in our daily use. The transmission process is a key part of the security use of energy. In the transport process,the flame velocity caused by the combustion of enengy have a crucial impact on the pressure...
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The Buildings Explosion Venting Research For The Gas Resource Utilization

Tianhui Zhao, Ruliang Zheng
For the advantages such as clean and environmental,the gas has been frequently used in human production and living.However,the gas explosion also becomes the major threaten for the production safety,the casualties caused by which is mainly due to the buildings collapse.This paper studies the deflagration...
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Simulative Study for the Impact of Signal Frequency on Precision of Grounding Wire Detection in 10kV Distribution Network

Jun Lu, Lefeng Cheng, Tao Yu
Aimed at temporary grounding wire detection problems in distribution network, some factors influence the detection precision, on this basis, an electromagnetic transient simulation model for temporary grounding wire detection was established based on PSCAD/EMTDC platform, the model simulates the actual...
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The Research progress of Conversion of Land Use and its Effects at Small region extent

Kun Dong, Xueru Zhang
The land use change is an important research field of landscape ecology, through the model simulation of land use change tendency is one of the main research content of this field. CLUE - S model as one of the model can well simulate the land use change of small scale, it has multiple areas at home and...
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Research on Construction Features, Dilemma and Improvement Countermeasures of Ecological Environmental Protection in Shanghai

Guodong Yan, Guowei Yan
The features and dilemma of ecological environmental protection in the districts and counties of Shanghai City, and the countermeasures are presented in this Paper, so as to provide references for relevant governmental departments to improve the ecological environment construction.
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A research on the vertical transfer process of Cu in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang
Based on the investigation data on Cu in surface and bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in 1983, this paper analyzed the seasonal variations, vertical variations and horizontal distributions of Cu. Cu contents in surface waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in May, September and October...
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Aggregation, divergence and homogeneity of Cu in Marine bay bottom waters

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang, Fengyou Wang
Based on the investigation data on Cu in surface and bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in 1983, we analyzed the contents, pollution levels, and distributions of Cu. Cu contents in Jiaozhou Bay bottom waters in May, September and October 1983 were ranged from 0.86-3.95 g L-1, 1.31-1.90 g...
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Impacts from human activities and natural background to Zn contents in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu
Based on the analysis on the content and spatio-temporal distribution of Zn in surface waters in Jiaozhou Bay in 1983, this paper assessed the pollution level, pollution source and source strength of Zn, and to assess the impacts from human activities and sea water pollutant background in the early stage...
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Researching on the method of Rayleigh wave extraction

Xufang Zhu, Bing Yan
Rayleigh wave is a secondary wave characterized by low frequency and strong energy,propagating mainly along the interface of medium and rapid attenuation of energy with increase in interface distance.The same as reflected wave and refracted wave,Rayleigh wave also contain subsurface geological information....
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Research on Construction of New-type Low Voltage Distribution Area based on Smart Distribution Transformer Terminal

Shuisheng Lai, Lefeng Cheng, Xueli Yang, Yuanmin Lin, Zhengjia Li
In distribution automation systems, transformer terminal unit (TTU) which, as a basic unit was distribution measurement and control equipment and was installed in branched distribution box of power basement and communicated with power main station through the communication network. Its performance determined...
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Expression, Purification and Binding Activity of Ripening Inhibitor (RIN) protein of Tomato Fruit

Ling Li, Lu Liang, Yunxi Liu, Yanxiu Liu, Xiaodan Li, Tieling Liu
RIN protein plays a very important role in tomato fruit growth, development and ripening process. In order to study the regulation mechanism of RIN transcription factor in tomato fruit, the high purity RIN protein was firstly needed to get. In the study, RIN protein was efficiently expressed through...
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Research on the calculated model of Protective Relaying of considering wind power connected to the grid

Qing Yan, Dongliang Nan, Xiaoping Feng, Yuanzhen Yang, Xiaotong Cheng, Wei Cao, Li Zhang, Le Yu
Due to large-scale wind farms connected to the grid, so when the grid computing need to consider the impact of wind farm integrated into the power grid. Paper firstly analyzes the model individual wind turbine. Analysis of the resistance Crowbar access to wind turbine model and the number of wind turbines...
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Analysis of the Characteristics of Landscape Pattern Changes in the Estuary of the Yellow River

Wenli Yang, Min Zhang, Xiaotian Chen, Dong Fan, Yaolin Li, Fengran Zhang, Peng Guo, Guotao Dong
To improve the increasingly degenerating environment of the wetland in the estuarine delta of Diaokou River, the Yellow River Conservancy Commission conducted ecological water supplement to the wetland during the water and sediment regulation period in 2010. In this study, we analyzed the landscape patterns...
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Research on the Land-Saving Measures for Tramcar Depots

Shu Dong
In light of the increasingly tense urban construction land, this paper offers an in-depth research on the land-saving measures for the tramcar depots and puts forward the related suggestions with a view to fulfilling the target of saving land resources and building conservation-oriented tramcar depots.
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Security-constrained Economic Dispatch of Wind Power Integrated Power System based on Interval Optimization

Hongmei Li, Hantao Cui, Zhaoxing Ma, Yanli Chai
The high penetration of wind power brings in new challenges for power system secure operation. As forecast error of wind power exists, system economic dispatch model needs to be enhanced to accommodate such uncertainty. Based on interval optimization theory, wind power and load uncertainties are described...
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Relationship between City and Energy Based on Economics Theory

Mingsheng Li
In order to investigate the relationship between city and energy, three types of relationship, including relationship between energy and resident life, relationship between energy and urban growth and relationship between energy and environment in a city, was established in accordance with economic theory....
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High-temperature Corrosion of Water-wall in Supercritical Boiler

Ling Pan, Guangyuan Ma, Shunan Cao
With the development of large capacity and high parameters of power plant boiler, water wall high temperature sulfur corrosion of coal-feed boiler is becoming more and more frequent. Some of these corrosion even have affected the boiler operation safety. In this review, the domestic research in high...
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Exploration on Culture Landscape Design of University Campus 20

Zhizhong Su, Jianing Li, Jingzhong Li
University campus landscape as a unique cultural space should embody the humanistic value and cultural connotation undoubtedly. In the article, by investigating ten universities in Jiangsu Province and by analyzing the current campus culture and landscape construction, the author set forth the necessity...
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LVRT Research Based on Novel Energy Storage Control System

Juping Gu, Tianbo Qiu, Jianhong Zhu, Linlin Yuan, Yangyang Miao
The energy storage system (ESS) with isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter based on parameter adaptive fuzzy PI control method is proposed to realize the low voltage ride through (LVRT) of the double fed wind power generation system. Firstly, the mathematical model of doubly fed wind power generation...
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The Study of China's Water Resources Governance Emphasis and Model Innovation During the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period

Limin Dong, Guojun Li, Xu Chen, Ping Dong
Currently China’s water resources have met many problems, such as water resources shortage, water pollution phenomenon, flood and drought coexistence, water ecological environment deterioration and so on. Based on the series of objective facts, this paper from international and domestic visuals analyses...
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Research Report on the Protection of Drinking Water Sources in Kite Rock Reservoir

Ping Dong, Xin Xiang, Limin Dong
The protection of drinking water sources is an important part of water pollution control and management in China. Drinking water sources is not only an important source of water for residents, but also plays an irreplaceable role in agricultural irrigation, flood control, power generation, aquaculture...
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Numerical Simulation of Fluctuation Falling Film Absorption

Mingyue He, Hongtao Gao
Based on the features of the falling film absorption, a CFD model of heat and mass transfer of falling film absorption in a vertical tube using LiBr /H2O as working fluid was presented. The CFD model using the volume of fluid (VOF) method was presented for predicting the mass-transfer process of the...
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Study on Fingerprint Construction of Pu'er Raw Tea by GC-MS

Na Wu, Shijuan Xu, Xianlan Chen, Shaoping Feng, Dushu Huang, Yanchang Wang, Wei Liu
Taking example for Pu'er raw tea 7542(106) in paper, sample pre-treatment conditions ( Headspace) and detection of the gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) were optimized. Under the condition of optimization, the chromatographic fingerprints of nine batches of Pu'er raw tea 7542 sample for different...
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Design of Micro-grid Protection based on The Communication System

Yalin Li, Qianshuang Wang, Jingtao Zhao, Tao Hong, Tao Yang
This paper firstly analyzes the problems in the existing micro-grid protection. Then, the paper puts forwards a new method for micro-grid protection judgment and fault location. By using the communication system, the over-current protection device can satisfy the protection-requirements of alternative...
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Analysis of distribution of chlorophyll-a and sea-ice in the Southern Ocean using MODIS data

Chao Song, Chen Zeng, Qian Li
Chlorophyll-a concentration is an important parameter of the Southern Ocean water environment, and is influenced by factors such as melting sea-ice and so on. This paper validated and justified the applicability of chlorophyll-a and sea-ice extent derived from MODIS data in understanding the spatial-temporal...
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Three fields used in lubricating oil for demulsification

Ye Peng, Tao Liu
Lubricating oil can be easily polluted by water, thereby negatively affecting the lubricating property. A single technological method is difficult to develop for efficient demulsification and dehydration of emulsified lubricating oil. In this paper, we propose the combination of swirl centrifugal field...
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Research on the Mechanical and Acoustic Properties of Porous Aluminum for Noise Reduction in Substation

Haoyang Du, Xin Su, Xin Chen, Jingkai Nie, Xiaofeng Kong, Qingshan Xu, Bin Wang, Yonghe Tang
Noise from the power substation is an arousing environmental issue in recent years. Noise has also been strictly required by GB12348-2008. Noise measuring on certain power substation stations show that noise indices in most stations exceed the Class 1 level according to GB12348-2008. Porous aluminum...
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Gas Prediction of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Based on ARMA Model

Yizhi Xu, Peng Ling, Xiang Li, Gaosheng Li, Shaolong Cui
With the development of Chinese economic growth, energy consumption is growing. Among them, the gas is an important energy source of urban living, and its consumption has increased year by year. In this paper, based on the data aggregation platform, and residents daily natural gas consumption data in...
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Application of CSAMT and high resolution seismic prospecting in geothermal Survey in Guanting

Chenglin Yao, Zhongjun Deng, Yongmei Jia, Yubo Yang
The distribution of geothermal resources is influenced by the geological structure. It is of great significance to find the factors which influence the heat source. On the other hand, geothermal causes the local temperature anomaly, and further causes the change of the physical properties of the target...
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Experimental Study on Overtopping Failure Mode of Reinforced Tailings Dam

Yishu Zhao, Xiao Zhou, Xiaofei Jing, Kehui Liu, Chen Ye, Xiaoshun Zhang
Recently, the tailings dam accidents have frequently occurred caused by flood overtopping, which have great harmful to the downstream people`s lives, property safety and the surrounding environment. Based on similarity theory and take the tailings in Sichuan as test materials to doing the physical model...
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Ip Intermediate Gradient and resistivity sounding application in anomalies evaluation of a tin polymetallic mining anomalies evaluation

Yubo Yang, Zhongjun Deng, Chenglin Yao, Yongmei Jia
Activation polarization method apply the IP effect in different rock, ore as the foundation, an exploration method base on the observation and research IP effect of earth to detect underground geological conditions . Ladders can be found in the use of IP and IP anomalies of delineation of metal ores...
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Intercropping Different Density of Galinsoga parviflora Can Increase Cadmium Accumulation in Radish

Qianqian Ma, Xuena Yu, Lijin Lin, Ming’An Liao
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of intercropping density different density (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) of cadmium (Cd) hyperaccumulator Galinsoga parviflora on Cd accumulation of radish. Intercropping different densities with G. parviflora decreased the growth of radish, and increased cadmium...
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The Researching on the Difficulties and Path of Realizing the Green Development of the Automobile Enterprises under Low Carbon Economy

Xiu-Rong Liu
There are still many difficulties in realizing the green development of the automobile enterprises under the low carbon economy.In this paper,The author analyses the difficulties of realizaing the green development, and finds out the path of achieving the green development of the automobile enterprises...
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The Research on the Problems Relevant for Water Resources in Coal Mines

Xuejun Zhu, Kai Zhao, Daoyong Zhu
As water resources are closely related to people's life and production, the proper demonstrating and effective utilizing water resources has become a very important strategic issue. Water argumentation for coal mines and recovery of mine water are contributing for water saving, water resources protecting...
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Experimental study on some properties of a low-carbon cement

Quanlin Niu, Rui Zhang
A low-carbon cement (LCC) consists of 10% of cement clinker and 90% of industrial wastes was prepared, properties of the LCC such as setting time, soundness, consistency, as well as the compressive and flexural strength were examined. It is shown that early strength of the cement was slightly lower,...
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Effect of supersulphated cement on sulfate attack of cement mortar

Quanlin Niu, Rui Zhang
Supersulphated cement with 5%--10% of clinker, 15% of gypsum, 75-80% of slag was prepared, sulfate attack on mortars blended with ordinary portland cement and supersulphated cement was examined according to ASTM C1012 and the Chinese nation standard GB2420. It is shown that supersulphated cement exhibits...
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Development of a Numerical Well Test Simulator for Polymer-surfactant Flooding and the Pressure Transient Response Study

Zhichun Jia, Daolun Li, Detang Lu
The lack of well test interpretation techniques applicable to chemical flooding reservoirs has restricted the formation evaluation and project design in EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) production. In this study, a two-phase five-component well test model for polymer-surfactant flooding is proposed which...
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The Simulation of Viscous Fingering by Diffusion-Limited-Aggregation Model Based on Pressure-Oriented Rule

Wei Tian, Detang Lu
Viscous fingering phenomenon happens during CO2 flooding because of viscosity differences between CO2 and crude oil. It leads to premature breakthrough of displacement fluid and decrease of sweep efficiency. In this paper, a three dimensional Diffusion-Limited-Aggregation model based on pressure-oriented...
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Empirical Study on MFCA Introduced in Sekisui Chemical Group and its Enlightenment

Benyue Zhang, Jiana Liu
Environmental issue has always been the focus of world attention, actions of human being business, and society must be based on environmental protection. From the perspective of enterprise, wastes in the production process has become an important object of environmental protection actions. Recycling...
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Analysis on the Relationship between the Virtual Water and Economic Development in Jing-Jin-Ji Region

Ning Liu, Jinghua Sha, Hongliang Zhang
Water shortage and irrational allocation have restricted the economic and social development of Jing-Jin-Ji region. 70 percent of water is used for agriculture, while virtual water of agriculture come up to 1854×108m3 which is ten times of the annual water consumption of this area. According to the principle...
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Effects of Arrangements of Spherical Particles in the Sphere model on Rock and Soil Porosity

Xueqing Wang, Zibo Miao, Junjie Yu, Chongfan Li, Yi Chen, Dongchao Xue
Porosity is the ratio of the volume of the medium pores to the total volume.As an important indicator of the physical properties of porous rock and soil medium,It is directly related to the physical and mechanical properties of the rock and soil in the environment, and the permeability characteristics...
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CFD and experimental studies on the impact of impeller type on flow field and floc size evolution in a stirred tank

Pengfei Ren, Jun Nan
The impact of impeller type on floc size evolution during flocculation of polystyrene particles with aluminum sulfate has been investigated by both Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and experimental methods. The Lightning R100, A200 and A310 impellers were respectively examined. The results show the...
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Policy and legislation of China’s low-carbon development

Boyu Zhu
China has formulated many policies of low-carbon development and enacted a number of related laws and regulations and using policies and legislations to promote the low-carbon development. China brings forward more policy instruments, including macro-policy, energy policy and renewable energy policy,...
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The Establishment of China Low-Carbon Legislation and System

Boyu Zhu
The legislative system of Chinese low-carbon development includes the constitutional level, the basic law level and specialized legislative level, as well as local legislative level. In order to respond to low-carbon development, we should make low-carbon development strategies and national cycle development...
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Numerical simulation of a modified multiple fractured well model in tight gas reservoirs

Chunyuan Xu, Detang Lu
Most fracture patterns near the well region are more fickle in tight gas field than that in literature. In this paper, a modified discrete fractured well model is presented to account for dynamic characteristics of a vertical well with multiple asymmetrical fractures (MAF). Fracture closure effect is...
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The Physiological Change of Two Peony Varieties in dark-induced senescence leaves

Yanwei Cheng, Mingxin Guo, Haiyan Feng, Wenqian Li, Huanling Zhang, Kai Gao, Yanzhao Zhang, Jianming Han
Leaf senescence regulatory mechanism was studied for many years for revealing the physiological and biochemical mechanism. In this experiment, two peony varieties, Juanyehong and Roufurong were studied for uncover the physiological change during dark-induced senescence leaves, including protein content,...
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A Review of the Biofuel Yield in Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Different Microalgae

Wenhan Song, Shuzhong Wang, Yang Guo
Among various biomass, microalgae has unique advantages such as fast growing, high efficient photosynthesis, no competition with crops etc. Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) is a potential technology for converting microalgae biomass into biofuel, with merits including higher biofuel yield than other methods...
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Study of the Effect of Calcium Ion in dark-induced senescence leaves of peony

Yanwei Cheng, Jiaojiao Zhang, Hongxia Liu, Jiawei Zhang, Kai Gao, Huanling Zhang, Yanzhao Zhang, Pengcheng Fu, Jianming Han
The effect of calcium ion on peony aging was studied. Different four calcium ion concentrations (0mmol/L,100mmol/L,250mmol/L, 500mmol/L) was setted. Leaf of the peony Roufurong on same growth period was cultured in vitro, Chlorophyll concentration was measured per four days. The results revealed that...
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Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification Associated Phosphorus Uptake Properties of Sludge Subjected to EBPR with Efficient Micro Aeration

Juan Ma, Xiaojun Yu, Lu Song, Hongwei Sun, Daniel R. Noguera
Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification (SND) under low dissolved oxygen (DO) and anaerobic/aerobic(anoxic) enhanced phosphorus removal (EBPR) are two processes that can significantly reduce the energy and carbon required for nutrient removal. The combination of the two processes is expected to...
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Conception of national carbon trading system Take china for example

Li Wei
China as a country of economic transition and a big country in the world. In the international trade, She passively accepts the price of the carbon transaction under great pressure from European and American developed countries to control greenhouse gas emissions. In November 26, 2009, the Chinese government...
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The synergetic development analysis on china new energy automobile enterprises diversification strategy - BYD as an example

Yan Zhang
In this paper, taking the automobile enterprises BYD as the research target, based on the basic theory of synergetic development, the author constructs the new energy automobile enterprise products synergetic development quantitative evaluation model, analyses the diversification strategy of automobile...
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The Effects and Adaptive Design Methods of Urban Space toward Flood

Rui Nie, Lijie Wang, Ping Zhang, Xiuping Zhao
Flood is one of the most important diasaters in city and occurs frequently in recent years.It has highly spatial relevance. The urban spatial relevance of urban flood risk are analyzed in the paper and adaptive methods of urban space toward flood, including avoiding high-risk areas , building buffer...
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A Study on Problems in Facilitation of Urban and Rural Integration and Countermeasures

Dongxin Wang, Yang Geng Dong
The urban-rural dual structure is a product at a certain stage in China’s economic and social development, which causes the inequality and imbalance of economic and social development in rural and urban areas as well as severely restricts the construction of a holistic well-being society. It is inevitable...
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Hierarchical Fe3O4/TiO2 hollow microspheres and their applications in photocatalysis and phase-change materials

Jie Li, Hongyi Gao, Shuang Fan, Zongrui Jiang, Yukun Jiang, Xinru Li, Sheng Wang, Li Tan
A novel hierarchical Fe3O4/TiO2 hollow microspheres were prepared by combining sol-gel process, hydrothermal etching technology, and high-temperature calcination. The microspheres displayed excellent performance in the photodegradation of methylene blue under visible light. The Fe3O4/TiO2-LiNO3 composite...
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Nanoencapsulation of n-Octadecane Phase Change Material with Polyaniline Shell for Thermal Energy Storage

Shuang Fan, Hongyi Gao, Qiming Xu, Huanqiu He, Lili Lu, Junyao Shen, Yu Xiao, Li Tan
Nanoencapsulated n-octadecane with polyaniline shell as composite thermal energy storage material was synthesized using emulsion polymerization method. In this composite material, the n-octadecane was employed as the core material that is the latent heat storage phase change material (PCM), and the polyaniline...
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Convenient Preparation of Superhhydrophobic Ormosil Powder

Baiyu Li, Xiaogang Gao, Zaiman Liu
Methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) was used as the precursor to prepare organically modified silica (ormosil) aerogel powder. The preparation was done in two steps. In the first step, MTMS was transformed into a gel through crosslinking by a small amount of sodium silicate, and the gel was broken into small...