Proceedings of the 2013 The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering (ICAISE 2013)

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Spontaneous Construction of higher order Voronoi Diagram

Hongmei Yang, Huaying Yin
The higher order Voronoi diagrams are difficult to construct because of their complicated structures. In traditional algorithm, production process was extremely complex. While spontaneous algorithm is only concerned with positions of generators, so it is effective for constructing Voronoi diagrams with...
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On-Line Modeling of AUV’s Maneuvering Motion Based on Sliding Window SVM

Yongjie Pang, Guocheng Zhang, Zhonghui Hu, Yushan Sun
In order to solve the problem of on-line modeling of AUV's Maneuvering Motion, considering that the sample space expends in the parametric identification, a learning algorithm for least squares support vector machines (LS-SVM) based on sliding window is deduced. The method improves the identification...
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Stochastic Simulation of River Water Quality Risk assessment under Coupling Effect of Reclaimed Water Recharge and Inner Source Release

Han Yan, Zhihong Zou
A river water quality model under a coupling effect of reclaimed water recharge and inner source release is constructed based on a one-dimensional steady river water quality model. In order to solve problems that triangular fuzzy numbers are not suitable for data sets having flat representation and no...
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The Research of Image Feature Matching Method Based on CH-SURF

Zhaodi Wang, Jicai Deng
Since SURF (Speeded-Up Robust Features) algorithm is designed for gray images in feature extraction and recognition tasks, it can't recognize some objects of similar shape but different color. CH-SURF algorithm is proposed,which combines Color Histogram feature and SURF feature together. CH-SURF algorithm...
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Li Tian, Wei Li, Qin Wang
In this paper, we discuss the solution of interval linear equations from the point of view of the vector components. Tolerance solutions, control solutions, algebraic solutions and localized solutions are defined based on the relationship of two vectors as a whole, this paper detailed considerate the...
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Based on RFID and NFC technology Retail Chain Supermarket Mobile Checkout Mode Research

Fugui Ruan, Daijiang Chen
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a non-contact automatic identification technology. NFC technology is an extension of RFID technology. This paper analyzes the application status of RFID and NFC technology and introduces the working principle of RFID, NFC technology and EPC system. Based on RFID...
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A Data Fusion Algorithm Based on Improved LEACH Clustering Routing for Wireless Sensor Network

Zhang Shiyue, Jiande Wu, Xiaodong Wang
Energy limited of wireless sensor network limits the practical application. Therefore, in industrial applications we need to take into account introducing data fusion to reduce the data redundancy, improve performance, reduce energy consumption, and prolong the network life. This research idea: data...
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Research on KAAS-based Social Knowledge Collaboration Service Mechanism and Application

Yuan Rao, Shaochuan Chen
Knowledge as a Service (KAAS), which merges the whole architecture of knowledge into service process, is proposed and defined in the paper. Based on the BNF definition of KAAS, the new knowledge service mechanism is provided to aggregate the knowledge resources together for satisfying various users’...
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The design and implementation of satellite communication signal spectrum automatic monitoring System

Mingbo Liu, Zhong Wang, Jishi Chang
This article introduces the design idea and implement process of satellite communications signal Auto-Monitor System based on GPIB interface, and puts forward the system design frame centered with spectrum analyzer of “frequency spectrograph + GPIB/USB converter+ computer”, detailed introduces the implement...
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Water demand forecasting based on adaptive extreme learning machine

Jinming Jia, Shengyue Hao
Predicting water consumption is of key importance for water supply management, which is also relevant in processes for reviewing prices.In this study, a hybrid method based on extreme learning machine model with the adaptive metrics of inputs is proposed for improving forecasting accuracy. The adaptive...
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Study on the Method of CGF Intelligent Decision-making

Xiaoming Du, Shuchao Tian, Xuefeng Xu, Gu Ping
The intelligent decision-making method applied to the CGF behavior modeling is studied more and more. In this paper, we introduce the intelligent decision CGF definition, method, and the characteristics. It analyzes the general process of CGF intelligent decision, and constructs the CGF intelligent decision...
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Stereo Image Watermarking Method for Authentication with Self-Recovery Capability

Jing Wang, Gangyi Jiang, Chen Feng, Xingbin Zeng, Xiaodong Wang, Mei Yu, Yo-Sung Ho
To address issues of content authenticity verification and integrity protection, a stereo image watermarking method based disparity is proposed. Firstly, the stereo image blocks are classified into eight types according to the smoothness of it, and the alterable-length recovery bits are generated. The...
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ERWD: A Measure for Nearest-Neighbor Search in Undirected Graph

Junyin Wei, Binghui Qi, Mingxi Zhang
Finding nearest neighbors in graph plays an increasingly important role in various applications, such as graph clustering, query expansion, recommendation system, etc. To tackle this problem, we need compute the most “similar” k vertices for the given vertex. One popular class of similarity measures...
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ICA and BP neural network based fingerprint recognition

Lu Zhao, Wenyong Wang
According to the recognition of fuzzy fingerprint and the ones with strong noise, proposed a new method which combining the ICA (Independent Component Algorithm) and BP (Back Propagation) neural network. First, using the FastICA method to extract fingerprint characteristics, then classify and recognize...
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Interacting Multiple Gaussian Particle Filter

Yanwen Qu
Inspired by the framework of the Interacting Multiple Model (IMM), a method, called Interacting Multiple Gaussian Particle Filter (IMGPF), is proposed for solving the nonlinear Bayesian filtering problem with unknown continuous parameter. IMGPF regards the continuous parameter space as a union of disjoint...
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Research and Development on Supply Chain Collaboration Management System

Yong Cen
The fierce competition pressures on supply chain management of tobacco industry enterprise increases emphasis on supply chain agility, integration, and visibility to respond rapidly and efficiently to changes in the marketplace. In this paper, we analysis the requirements and characteristics of the system,...
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Convergence and Parameters Analysis of Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm

Lianguo Wang, Yaxing Gong
Markov chain is an effective tool for convergence analysis of intelligence optimization algorithms. This paper briefly studies the state space of the basic Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) and theoretically analyzes the convergence behavior of SFLA by using Markov chain. It is proved that the SFLA...
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Expert System of Fault Diagnosis of Dry-mixed Mortar Fieldbus Control System

Huan Zhang, Shuqi Shang, Dongwei Wang, Jiasheng Wang, Ranbing Yang
A design and implementation of expert system of fault diagnosis of dry-mixed mortar based on Profibus field-bus and large-scale PLC is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the control principle and algorithm, hardware choice and integration of the control system are introduced. Secondly, by analyzing the...
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Competitive Decision Algorithm for the Rooted Delay-constrained Minimum Spanning Tree

Xiaohua Xiong, Xuemin Chen, Aibing Ning
In this paper, we make research on rooted delay-constrained minimum spanning tree (RDCMST). RDCMST seeks to find a minimum spanning tree and no path from a specified root node to any other nodes may exceed a given delay bound. RDCMST is a NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem which arises both in...
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AMDS: Sentence Extraction Based Proficient Framework for Multi-Document Summarization

C. Balasubramanian, K.G. Srinivasagan, S. Geetha
Rapid improvement of electronic documents in World Wide Web has made overload to the users in accessing the information. Therefore, abstracting the primary content from numerous documents related to same topic is highly essential. Summarization of multiple documents helps in valuable decision-making...
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The Number of Economic Relations Analysis of Regional per Capita GDP and Quality Level in China

Wuyi Zhang, Yunfei Yang
This paper regarded the quality management level of regional pillar industries as the average level of regional quality, and selected the quality level of representative seven provinces of China as samples. By drawing scatter diagram and doing the fitting analysis, we ultimately find out the relation...
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Study on the Model of Quality Safety Information Diffusion

Wuyi Zhang, Yunfei Yang, Linjing Tao
Based on the SI communicable disease model, this paper established the model of quality safety information diffusion by comparing the system composition of SI model and the diffusing process with the model of quality safety information diffusion. Then, the paper overcomes the defect that and are fixed...
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Discussion on SME Financial Management Problems and Countermeasures

Xuhui Yang, Ruoxi Zhang
The paper analyzes the status of the financial management of SME based on the depiction of what to define SME, it can As to this, it gives the field research towards some representative SME financial management status, in order to find out where problems exist and dissect what the enterprise take counter...
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Fuzzy Control of Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robot Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Ling Wang
This paper aimed at the environment is unknown, the mobile robot can replace or partially substitute for personnel to enter the scene implementation of environmental detection and upload information. A path planning method is proposed for obstacle avoidance of robot based on fuzzy control algorithm is...
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Cognitive Component Analysis of Basic Mathematics Achievement Assessment

Yenwen Yang
To provide some useful information into teaching practice adjustment, teachers usually need some professional supports. In this study, an analysis framework on item cognitive component is proposed and implemented. The sample for this study consisted of the Nursing and Management College student from...
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Study on dielectric property of BST of gradient thick films

Maoyan Fan, Lifang Zhang
The multilayer BST thick film with composition gradient is becoming the important alternative material for the infrared detector and microwave modulator due to its good comprehensive dielectric properties such as moderate dielectric constant and high dielectric-temperature coefficient, etc. The Mn-doped...
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Systematic Analysis on Pipeline Leak Detection and Location

Qibin Yang, Wei Sun
Because pipeline has large pipe diameter, large throughout and high pressure, once pipeline leakage accident happens, the damage is quite serious. In addition, pipeline leakage accident caused by man-made drilling oil stolen every year results in huge economic losses on oilfield. Therefore, a real-time...
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A numerical method for nonlinear inverse heat conduction problem

Ailin Qian, Guangfu Wang
Inverse Heat Conduction Problems(IHCPs) have been extensively studied over the last 60 years. They have numerous applications in many branches of science and technology.The problem consists in determining the temperature and heat flux at inaccessible parts of the boundary of a 2- or 3-dimension al body...
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Effective and Efficient ways of Hybridizing GA with various methods while reviewing a wide variety of Hybrid Genetic Approaches.

Nafisa Maqbool, Chaoyong Zhang, Mudabbir Baddir
Hybrid genetic algorithms significant interest over the decade are increasingly used to resolve real-world problems. Genetic algorithm’s ability to incorporate various techniques within its framework to produce a hybrid that secures the best from the blend. In this paper, different forms of integrations...
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Ceramic Products Recommendation Based Improved Collaborative Filtering

Huiying Li, Yilai Zhang, Gongxun Cheng
In order to achieve personalized recommendation in the e-commerce platform for ceramic products, and improve the quality of recommendation, an improved collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm based on collaborative filtering algorithm was presented. By analyzing the insufficient of traditional...
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Fusion Recognition Fingerprints and Handwritten Signature Recognition Fusion Based on the Bayesian Algorithm

Xiaojie Yang, Yunyun Zhou, Mandan Liu
This paper puts forward the fusion recognition using fingerprints and handwritten signature method, using Bayesian decision theory establishment decision-making optimization mathematical model to calculate the decision-making level fusion.
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Checking Strong Optimality of Interval Linear Programming

Jiajia Luo, Wei Li
In this paper, we will discusse the strong optimality of general interval linear program (IvLP), that is, the IvLP has an optimal solution for each realization, and some necessary and sufficient conditions are established, based on the duality theory.
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The Effect of Tourism Competitiveness relating to Tourist Arrivals and Revenue in East Asia

Minglang Yeh, Laichu Lin, Yaju Hsieh, Chinhsin Chiu
Tourism industry has been growing in recent years, thus becoming a highly competitive market. Government improves its tourism competitiveness to attract a large amount of foreign tourists, increase tourist revenue, and create local employment opportunities. Studies of tourism competitiveness abroad began...
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Minimizing the Number of Tardy Jobs with Gammadistributed Processing Times

Haohao Li
This paper investigates two scheduling problems i.e., single machine scheduling problem with minimizing the number of tardy jobs and two machine flow shop scheduling problem with a common due date and minimizing the number of tardy jobs, in a stochastic setting in the class of non-preemptive static list...
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Functionally Equivalent Clone Detection Using IOT-Behavior Algorithm

Xia Li, Tiantian Wang, Xiaohong Su, Peijun Ma
This paper presents an algorithm for the detection of functionally equivalent code clones in C code. The functionally equivalent code clones is the forth type of clones, which means that two or more code fragments that do the same calculation but with different syntax. Thus, we can detect the functionally...
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Based on the improved AdaBoost OCSVM integrated application in image retrieval

Siqing Zhang, Run Zheng
In the traditional content-based image retrieval system, for a given query image, the number of relevant images in the database are not far outnumber correlation image. Therefore, a number of negative samples and the number of positive sample is unbalanced, the two class classifier traditional lose effectiveness....
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Secure Mechanism for Remote Bitstream Updates of Reconfigurable Computing Platform

Runfeng Huang, Qinglei Zhou
Although FPGA-based reconfiguration computing platform has been shown as a promising technique in high productivity computing field, it may suffer security threats during its bitstream remote update process. A secure mechanism is proposed in this paper to prevent tamper and replay attacks during the...
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Application of Count Data Models in Inbound Tourism Source Markets based on Data mining technology

Changfeng Yin
This paper applies Application of Count Data Models based on Data Ming technology by the index of Familiarity Degree of Scenic Destination and the index of Competitive State to carry out quantitative analysis on the inbound tourism market of Jiangxi Province in 2001-2012. The results show that: Most...
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A robust region_based active contours model for image segmentation

Jiandong Bao, Fan Jiang
A novel region_based active contours model is proposed to deal with the images with intensity inhomogeneities and weak boundaries. For the proposed model, new global force and local force which compose hybrid energy functional are defined. Then, the energy functional is incorporated into a variational...
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The Research on the Performance Evaluation of Civil Servant Based on Competency Model

Lei Zhao
This project roots in some common realistic problems in the performance evaluation of civil servant, such as paying attention to not quality but performance, which has led to serious division of talent development and evaluation in the public sector. So we devote to apply the competency model to job...
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An Adaptive Bayesian Network Inference Algorithm for Network Situation Awareness

Jie Li, Lingwei Chu, Cheng Dong, Xiaoyuan Lu
The traditional Bayesian network is relatively fixed, the set of nodes, and intensity dependence relationships are rarely change, thus, it is unable to reflect changes in the actual network state. Such an inaccurate network model is also difficult to inference subsequent network. In order to solve the...
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Neural network and improved method for wind power prediction

Rui Li
A single population genetic algorithm is introduced to optimize the weight value and threshold value of the BP network (SGABP) to overcome the issues of the slowly convergence speed and easy to fall into local optimum of BP neural network. Taking the premature of genetic algorithm (GA) into account,...
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Design and Implementation of the Inference Machine of an Intelligent Ultrasonic Emulsification Instrument

Aili Li, Zhiwen Yang, Xuyan Tu, Xuefeng Zheng
Based on the research of the intelligent cataract ultrasonic emulsification instrument, mainly discusses the principle of design and inference algorithm of the inference machine of intelligent ultrasonic emulsification instrument. Designing the cataract expert knowledge base by the use of relational...
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Rehabilitation evaluation model of a rehabilitation robot Based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

Lei Chen, Changniu Yang, Wenquan Huang, Zegang Sun, Yucong Liu
To solve rehabilitation evaluation problem of rehabilitation training, rehabilitation evaluation method based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation was presented for 6-DOF wearable lower limb rehabilitation robot. Relative degradation degree was introduced to represent the transformation of the actual state...
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Malicious Code Detection Based on Software Fingerprint

Zhimin Yin, Xiangzhan Yu, Linhua Niu
The malicious code on the network is increasingly rampant that the traditional detection method of characteristic code has been difficult to deal with malicious code, with features of various variants, deformations and other problems. In this paper we present a new static analysis model based on software...
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Application Analysis of Wall and Deck Numerical of Modelling Composite Ship EN AC-AlSi10Mg (b)+SiC*/15p By Using ANSYS ver. 12.0

P.H. Tjahjanti, Septia Hardy Sujiatanti
Composite Materials AC-AlSi10Mg (b)+SiC*/15p as alternative material for ship building and has been modeled well using ANSYS software ver. 12.0. Application modeling applied in wall and deck superstructure with the result that the reduction in thickness composite ship AC-AlSi10Mg (b)+SiC*/15p significant...
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Information Security based on Resource Conflict with SSH Architecture

Su Yu, Yin Wang, Ghassan M. Azar, Zhou Wei
Role-based access control has become the predominant model for advanced access control. SOD of RBAC is a good way to solve the problem of resource allocation and right management for improving the security of the system. According to the needs of the MVC-based information management system security,...
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Optimizing Gaze Typing with Pupil Size for People with Severe Motor Disabilities

Xiangsheng Wang
Thanks to recent technological advances in the field of eye tracking, eye typing provides means of communication for people with severe disabilities. Typing with gaze using dwell time has been made possible by the development of eye tracking technologies. Recent research indicates that pupil size is...
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Research on the Conceptual Modeling Method Base on System Six-view and Ontology

Wanghu Sun, Yanqi Bai, Xueming Zhang, Chuang Gu
With the application of simulation technology in the field of equipment support, how to solve the communication problems exist in the military field personnel and Simulation technicians has become a focus problem in the current research. On the basis of the research conceptual model approach, this paper...
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Enterprise Network Business Process Incompatible Vulnerability Detection Method Based on FPN Model

Huaizhi Yan, Wenwen Ye
This paper proposes a kind of enterprise network business process characteristics, gives the definition of incompatible vulnerability, analyzes the formation mechanism of incompatible vulnerability. Then, we establish the FPN mapping model of incompatible vulnerability, propose an incompatible vulnerability...
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Demonstration of an optical switch based on SOA-MZI operation at 10 Gbit/s

Yalin Guan, Ruidong Wang
It was demonstrated that an optical switch which was operated at 10 Gbit/s was realized using SOA’s in a Mach-Zehnder(SOA-MZI) configuration, which based on cross-phase modulation (XPM) in semiconductor optical amplifier(SOA) and interference struct. An analysis was presented to describe the phase changing...
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The Infuence Of Noisy Data On Skype Traffic Classification

Linhua Niu, Xiangzhan Yu, Zhimin Yin
Because of its popularity, encrypted traffic and proprietary design, there has been difficult to detect Skype from other P2P traffics. The research of Skype traffic identification focuses on collecting traffic flow feature and using machine learning method to identification. The key of machine learning...
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A New DFT-HQ Channel Estimation Algorithm in OFDM Systems for Sparse Multipath Channels

Li Chen, Yuanan Liu, Jinchun Gao, Gang Xie
In this paper, we propose an improved discrete Fourier transform (DFT)-based channel estimation scheme for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems. The proposed algorithm uses Hannan-Quinn (HQ) information criterion to estimate the number of most significant paths and the multipath...
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The research and development of Cross-fault site based information systems

Wenchao Yue, Ruiqi Wang, Ning Wang
In view of location basic data that in cross-fault site based information management and use have incomplete, and many are the paper dielectric storages, inconvenient inquiry and use; venues of fault monitoring data and related foundation of geographic information location separates, does not help carrying...
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A Solution of Indoor Positioning System

Chunchang Fu
This paper describes the use of ultra broadband indoor location technology within the area of the unified all personnel and equipment in planning, scheduling solution, realize the full view of the systematic monitoring sites, coherent continuous tracking and track the extraction. Realize the visible...