Proceedings of the Third International Conference of Arts, Language and Culture (ICALC 2018)

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Contemporary Painting Creation Through Exploration of Visual, Technical, and Media Based on Aesthetic of Surakarta Classical Batik

Adam Wahida, Endang S. Handayani
Surakarta classical batik is a work of artistic tradition that has a wealth of visuals aesthetic-artistic value related to the ornament, material, and techniques of creation. The richness of the artistic-aesthetic values has the opportunity as the source of contemporary painting creation. Based on that,...
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The Analysis of Design and Meaning on Jaranan Turonggo Yakso Art and Its Relevance toward Character Education

Afif Widyanto, Edi Kurniadi, Adam Wahida
Jaranan Turonggo Yakso is one of arts originally from Trenggalek. The study aims to describe character education of design and symbolic meaning in Jaranan Turonggo Yakso with using descriptive qualitative approach. Sampling technique employed snowball sampling. Data were obtained from key informants....
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Perspective of Wayang Kulit Purwa Figure Creation Product by Bambang Suwarno (A Case Study on Sanggar Ciptoning [Ciptoning Art Studio], Sangkrah)

Bagaskoro Ardhi, Slamet Supriyadi, Zaini Rohmad
Javanese wayang kulit (leather puppet) performance is a form of art living and developing in Java. The word Wayang in Javanese means “shadow”. The objectives of research were 1) to find out the important position of wayang kulit purwa position, and 2) to find out the visualization of wayang kulit purwa...
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Youth Creativity: Participation in City Identity Building in Surakarta

Figur Rahman Fuad, Adam Wahida
Surakarta has a long history as an ’old city’ which is built in a kingdom concept, including its political considerations, sociology strategies, economics, and culture orientation. All of the cultural products which are born and developed in Surakarta reflects the civilization level and ideology maturity...
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Message Design Logic in New Media The Political Marketing of The Governor Election Jawa Timur 2018

Fitri Pangastuti, Prihastiwi Utari, Ign. Agung Satyawan
In an effort to build democracy in Indonesia, it was carried out through General Elections. In Indonesia Regional elections (Pilkada) are held simultaneously followed by some of the existing Regencies / Cities and Provinces. One of them is the election of the Governor of North Java Province. Ahead of...
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Batik Woodcraft of Jarum Village as the Core Potentials of Klaten Regency

Margana Margana, Rara Sugiarti, Muthmainah Muthmainah
This community service program in the form of developing wooden batik handicrafts in Jarum Village as one of the core potentials of the Klaten Regency was based on several problems including the degradation of traditional crafts, limited motives, less variation of colour, and limited marketing strategy...
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Political Marketing As Arts And New Media: A Study of Website Usage For Political Marketing

Mira Adita Widianti, Pawito Pawito, Sri Hastjarjo
As global culture has been penetrating nearly all aspects of life in all around the world the use of new media including website become more ubiquitous. Even it is very common that websites are used to convey visual arts for the purposes of political marketing. The political elite, political parties,...
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Various Images of Contemporary Women in Popular-Culture Perspectives on Luna Dian Setya's Painting

Nanang Yulianto, Narsen Afatara, Bani Sudardi, Warto Warto
The study aimed to examine the variety of contemporary women's body images in the perspective of popular culture on Luna Dian Setya's paintings. The study was conducted at Luna Dian Setya's painting studio, Jl. Jayawijaya 55 Mojosongo Jebres Surakarta in April - July 2018 using qualitative methods. The...
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The Creation of Contemporary Artwork

Narsen Afatara
Indonesian contemporary art has blurred in its identity and time. A controversial understanding always gets along with it if we emerge the word “contemporary” in art creativity. This is a never ending controversial solving in its meaning and value. In contemporary fine art issue, the problem of modern...
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Plastic as A Media of Installation Artworks Based on Recycle Art

Ning Yuliastuti, Edy Tri Sulistyo, Nanang Yulianto
The study aims to create an installation artwork using plastic bottles of mineral water as the media, and by using glue and string as the supported media. The study was conducted at NN Studio which is located at Rt 04/07 Kismorejo, Jaten Karanganyar, by applying the method of brainstorming, exploration...
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Formal Dance Education at State Vocational High School 8 In Surakarta

Risang Janur Wendo, Maryono Maryono, Supriyanto Supriyanto
In principle, this basic research is a study of the significance of formal dance education at the State Vocational High School 8 (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan or SMK 8) in Surakarta. The researcher uses a qualitative research method, supported by theories of: (1) character building, (2) learning, (3) performing...
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Public Sculptures as an Informal Educational Tool Towards Local Society

Rosli Zakaria
Modernisation and rapid growth of buildings in the city of Kuala Lumpur has open up the chance for public sculptures to grow in parallel with the growth of other buildings. Public sculptures in the heart of Kuala Lumpur could be the icon of the city and also for Malaysia. Public sculptures not only improve...
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The Importance of Literacy on Product Design Concepts

Sri Sumarni, M. Sri Kuswardani
Reading skills play an important role in life because knowledge is gained through reading. Reading literacy can measure aspects of understanding, using, and reflecting. Literacy education in Indonesia is required to develop Higer Order Thinking Skills, which include analytical, synthesis, evaluative,...
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Pracimayasa Building of Pura Mangkunegaran, Surakarta: A Review from Semiotics of Visual Communication Study

Sunarmi Sunarmi
Interior design is a work of applied art that not only talks about the problem of physical function, but also reflects the meanings to be conveyed to others. Thus, this study attempts at discussing meanings reflected from the interior of Pracimayasa building in Pura Mangkunegaran as a traditional Javanese...
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The Potentials of Gamelan as Education Tourism Media in Surakarta

Suryo Ediyono, Setyo Budi, Sahid Teguh Widodo
Gamelan is a type of traditional Javanese musical instrument that has existed since hundreds of years ago. This traditional Javanese musical instrument is increasingly in demand and studied by world musicians as an art of classical music. The specific purpose of this research is to know the potential...
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The Education of Art Archipelago (Testimony about the Linkage of Culture, Education and Art)

Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi
Education and culture always shows its dynamic side. On the other hand, the environmental resources are also constantly changing; and the change felt faster. This paper aim is to explain and understand the Art Education Archipelago in the changing’s context in the inside and around; a testimony about...
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Aesthetical and Philosophical Values of Mu Yi (Wooden Fish) in Vihara Buddhi Bandung

Tjutju Widjaja, Setiawan Sabana, Ira Adriati
Vihara Buddhi, formerly known as “Female Temple”, is a sacred place where Chinese people in Indonesia worship their Gods and do their rituals. Chinese Indonesians adhere to Sanjiao teaching. Sanjiao means Three Teachings; a syncretic form of three main religions or teachings: Buddhism, Confucianism,...
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The Effectiveness of Multicultural Education Implementation Model in Social Science Learning Using Contextual Teaching and Learning

Akhmad Arif Mussadad, C. Dyah Sulistyaningrum I, Leo Agung S
The research to describe the effectiveness of multicultural education implementation model in Social Science learning using Contextual Teaching and Learning in improving creativity and social attitude of Junior High School students in Surakarta City. This research was conducted using research and development...
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Making the Local Transformative: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Banyuwangi’s cultural policy

Albert Tallapessy
This article analyzes the AAA’s statements delivered in his speeches from 2011 to 2012 about a new cultural policy of Banyuwangi. Using Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis, I will explore how local cultural discourses are constructed in a variety of his statements. These statements were the basic...
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Input of Forum Sanggar in Pkbm Qaryah Thayyibah

Annisa Oktaviani Shabrina, Mulyanto Mulyanto, Harini Harini
The research aims to describe the input components in the Sanggar forum. Inputs in writing include forum participants, mentors, alumni, learning facilities, curriculum, community and guardians of students. This qualitative descriptive study was conducted to understand and explore the functions and involvement...
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Spiritual Logic as Culture and Political Expression in Sultan AgungHanyakrakusuma’s Ruling

Aris Aryanto, Bani Sudardi, Andrik Purwasito, Wakit Abdullah Rais
This study aims to describe the role of spiritual logic during the reign of Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma from the Javanese community mentality’s viewpoint recorded in the book of Babad Tanah Jawi (BTJ). BTJ recounts the genealogy of Javanese kings until the reign of Pakubuwana II in Kartasura. BTJ in...
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Domination of Editorial Ideology on Instagram based on Hybrid Media System

Ayu Prawitasari, Susanto Susanto, Deny Tri Ardianto
The media convergence era emerging media integration with computers and Internet based on telecommunications became a necessity for media managers today. The speed of conveying information causes the process of making, distributing, and receiving news to be very different from the era of conventional...
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Are Humans the talking Animals? Exploring Language as a Window to Physical-Metaphysical Knowledge

Bagiya Bagiya, Kadaryati Kadaryati
Through language, a religion came into existence at the heart of human life. The language used within a believing religious knowledge manifest in itself the objective references, matters which address the problem of knowledge both physical and metaphysical. The concept of human being as a speaking animal...
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A Study on Noble Values of Tembang Macapat Kinanthi in Serat Wulangreh by Pakubuwono IV

Bremara Sekar Wangsa, Suyanto Suyanto, Edy Tri Sulistyo
The research entitled A Study on Noble Values of Tembang Macapat Kinanthi in Serat Wulangreh by Pakubuwono IV aimed to discuss the values contained in Tembang Macapat Kinanthi in Serat Wulangreh. This study employed hermeneutic approach with Javanese letter disciplinary analysis. Data source employed...
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Culture Tourism to Pesarean Kawi Mountain as A Culture of Cultural Products

Dwi Sulistyorini, Bani Sudardi, Warto Warto, Mahendra Wijaya
This paper aims to find out how the production of Pesarean of Mount Kawi area which was originally a sacred has been developed into a cultural tourism area that aims to attract the number of tourists to this region. This research was conducted at Pesarean of Mount Kawi which is located at the administrative...
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Verbal and Non Verbal Expression of Salt Farmers In Gedangan Village, Rembang Regency (An Ethnolinguistic Study)

Faris Febri Utama, Wakit Abdullah Rais, Sumarlam Sumarlam
Salt farmers are a fairly unique profession which is usually pursued by coastal communities, for example by the people of Gedangan Village in Rembang Regency. The success in salt farming cannot be separated from the influence of Javanese language and culture in the form of verbal and non-verbal expressions....
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Lexical and Cultural Meanings of Majalan Sortana Tradition in Death Ceremony of Aeng Tong-tong Madura Society

Hodairiyah Hodairiyah, Wakit Abdullah Rais, Inyo Yos Fernandez
Aeng Tong-tong society still clings to death ceremony, one of them is doing majalan sortana tradition. Sortana is giving a religious meal which is abstract because it is given to a human with the purpose for giving the one who dies as the first stock on his journey to the afterlife. This research aims...
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Never-ending Local Beauty: Neo-Exoticism in Tourism Activities and Online Media Narratives

Ikwan Setiawan, Andang Subaharianto
This article aims to discuss the construction of cultural-related-locality discourses in tourism activities and media narratives that cannot be separated from market civilization in Indonesia. With the post-colonial exotics framework by Huggan (2001), we will analyze data derived from our field research...
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Community Reception Towards Poligamy Practice in Film of Air Mata Surga

Karkono Karkono, Bani Sudardi, Istadiyantha Istadiyantha, Titis Srimuda Pitana
Islam regulates polygamy comprehensively. Polygamy is very sacred because relates to religious teachings. However, the sacredness of polygamy can shift if it enters the profane realm. When polygamy becomes a commodity as the main theme in the film, it has shifted polygamy from the sacred domain to the...
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“風土(Fuudo)” as Lingkungan Hidup

Kawasaki Naomi, Andrik Purwasito, Titis Srimuda Pitana, I Wayan Sukarma
There is a Japanese word which consist of two characters, that is “風 (sounds “fuu” and/or “kaze” which means wind)” and “土 (sounds “do” and/or “tsuchi” which means land and/or earth) ”. This word “風土 (Fuudo)” was noted by Watsuji (1889-1960, a philosopher from Japan) as a word that was toward environment...
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The Uses and Impact of Social Media for Teenagers in Sub-urban Area

Khusnul Amalin, Pawito Pawito, Sutopo Sutopo
It seems like new media technologies, especially social media, are widely used in the today’s society in Indonesia regardless of the area where the people live, i.e. urban area, suburb, or rural area. Yet, that the most prominent users of social media are simply teenagers. Despite the variations of motive...
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The Meaning of Tembang Sinom in Serat Kidung Kandhasanyata by Nyi Bei Mardusari and its Relevance to Character Education

Mambaul Khasanah, Suyanto Suyanto, Sudiyanto Sudiyanto
This research aimed to reveal and to explain the meaning contained in tembang macapat Sinom in serat Kidung Kandhasanyata by Nyi Bei Mardusari and its relevance to character education. This study was a descriptive qualitative research using hermeneutic approach method. Data source employed was library...
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Intercultural Communication For Maintaining Harmonious Relationship Between Javanese-Muslim and Balinese-Hindu

Melati Budi Srikandi, Pawito Pawito, Andre Rahmanto
Indonesian is simply a pluralistic society characterized by numerous ethnic groups, cultures, habits and religions. To some extent, the diversity often triggers social conflict. This research deals with such like issue focusing primarily in Dusun Wanasari, Denpasar, Bali. In this respect, the habitants...
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Punggawa Baku in the Mangkunagara I Leadership’s Discourses

Septi Anggita Kriskartika, Titis Srimuda Pitana, Susanto Susanto
In the 18th century, there is known a figure named Mangkunagara I or previously known as R.M. Said. He is one of the influential Javanese leaders which have the thought a concept of modern government. In the mid-18th century there is a political turmoil occurred, power seizure between the heirs of Mataram...
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Africa-Asia Relations: Forging Stronger Ties Building on Common Grounds of History, Economy and Culture

Silas Oghenemaro Emovwodo
The collapse of the colonial system and independence struggles of the peoples of Africa, Asia, Latin America and other regions of the world led to the formation of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). At inception, NAM's actions were important in the decolonization process, leading to the attainment of independence...
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Javanese Architecture is Not a Traditional Architecture

Titis Srimuda Pitana
The aims of this study is intended to understand the discourse of Javanese Architecture as a product of Javanese culture to fulfill basic human needs in form of a living space material. Javanese architecture is constantly oriented to preserve the harmony between nature and space along with society from...
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Local Wisdom of the Javanese Language and Culture of Orang Samin, Blora Regency: An Ethnolinguistic Study

Wakit Abdullah Rais
This study aims to describe 1) the background which affects the local wisdom in the Javanese language and culture of Orang Samin community from the Ethnolinguistics point of view, (2) the types of local wisdom in the Javanese language and culture of Samin, and (3) the differences of the local wisdom...
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A Dialogic Analysis of Compliment Strategies Employed by Replika Chatbot

Fauzia Zahira Munirul Hakim, Lia Maulia Indrayani, Rosaria Mita Amalia
The present research aims to describe compliment strategies employed by Replika within a dialogue and to analyse functions of each compliment strategy with regards to communicative purposes. Replika is an emotionally intelligent chatbot programmed to provide emotional support to users. It is therefore...
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Bagongan Language Representation in Abdi Dalem Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Daily Life

Hanova Rani Eka Retnaningtyas, M.R. Nababan, Dwi Purnanto
Javanese is a unique language and is often called complicated even by the user community itself This is because in Javanese there are variations in language in the form of speech levels which consist of Bahasa Jawa Krama, Bahasa Jawa Madya, and Bahasa Jawa Ngoko. The variation also has several versions,...
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The Indonesian language and its potential to become an international language

León Gilberto Medellin Lopez
The potential shown by the Indonesian language in less than a century for a neutral lingua franca is continually progressing, not only for the nation alone but it is indeed becoming more popular abroad thanks to Darmasiswa and other Indonesian scholarship programs offered to foreigners. Besides the cited...
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The Texture of Macro and Micro Genre on Advertisement in C’nS Magazine

Nur Arifah, Djatmika Djatmika, Riyadi Santosa
Genre is made through social process which is goal-oriented stages. The aims of this research are to describe language texture and to know how the language is achieved in genre by using SFL approach. The method is descriptive qualitative and the data is advertisement in C’nS magazine. The primary data...
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The Cultural Semantics of Color Naming Concept in Madurese (An Ethnolinguistics Perspective)

Nurul Fadhilah, Wakit Abdullah Rais, Inyo Yos Fernandez
Colour is not something meaningless for Madurese. Colour can represent the view of life and culture that is owned. Among the ten basic colours which are known by Madurese speakers, there are four striking colours which are identified with the Madurese; red, yellow, green, and blue. This study aims to...
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Positive Politeness Strategy in Women’s Directive Speech Acts on Facebook

Rosita Ambarwati, Joko Nurkamto, Riyadi Santosa
This study covers the positive politeness strategy in directive speech acts among adult woman in facebook. It is a qualitative study. The subjects were adult women at age of 25-35 years. The purposes of the research are: (1) to describe the directive speech acts applied by the adult women when communicating...
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Uncovering the Translator’s Techniques in Retaining the Beauty of Poetic Children's Stories

Nur Saptaningsih, Ardianna Nuraeni
Studies on translation of children’s literature have been widely explored by researchers with a number of focus on translation readability, proper names, titles, and culture-specific terms. One area that is still rare to study is the presence of bilingual children’s books that are presented poetically,...
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The Application of Innovative Puppet Paper Media as a Strategy to Increase the Success of Javanese Language Learning

Astiana Ajeng Rahadini, Favorita Kurwidaria, Kenfitria Diah Wijayanti
Speaking is a basic humans’ need. Using languages, humans will be able to communicate with one another considerably. To maximize humans’ skills in languages, education world provides a means of supporting language learning in the school curriculum. Teachers are the source of message or knowledge to understand...
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Instagram : The New Environment of Art and Creative Public Pedagogy Nowadays

Condro Wiratmoko, Djuli Djatiprambudi
The technology developments nowadays continue to grow, which all have the right to become agents in dissemination of new knowledge. The Instagram has became an art space in the new pedagogical environment through public space. The shared content in the Instagram always rises rapid interaction. The form...
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Incorporating Higher Order Thinking Skills in Developing Reading Materials and Tasks for EFL Learners

Endang Kusrini, Sugirin Sugirin, Joko Priyana
This study aims to develop English Reading Materials with orientation to Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for EFL learners. This is motivated by the fact that knowledge and skill learned through higher-order thinking processes are remembered longer and more clearly than the information that is processed...
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Use of ELearning for Interactive Learning Media

Harry Dhika, Fitriana Destiawati, Michael Sonny, Surajiyo Surajiyo
The study discusses whether schools use e-learning applications, especially using Moodle CMS as a learning medium conducted in two cities, Bandung and Bogor. The method used in this study is a direct survey of high schools, discussing with school principals and discussing school knowledge and school...
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Improving Higher Order Thinking Skills and Students’ Learning Interest through Problem-Based Learning Model on Literacy

Kawit Sulastri, Peduk Rintayati, Sarwono Sarwono
This research aimed to increase students' higher order thinking skills and students' learning interest in the subject material of Interaction among ASEAN countries in class 8.6 of SMP Negeri 3 Surakarta through problem-based learning model on literacy. This research applied a classroom action research...
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Character Building for Early Childhood Learners Through the Shadow Puppet-Based Javanese Language Manners

Kenfitria Diah Wijayanti, Djoko Sulaksono
Character education has played an important role in children's psychological growth. Building positive characters during an early age can be a firm commitment to foster education in the subconscious state of mind. Children learn through what they see, hear and experience. Fun learning is inseparable...
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An Exploration of Socio-cognitive Aspects in Reading Course book for 10th Graders: Teachers’ Perspectives

Lanjar Utami, Joko Nurkamto, Nunuk Suryani, Gunarhadi Gunarhadi
Socio-cognitive theory claims that scaffolding serves as a teaching tool in the cognitive development of the students. Applied in a reading course book, scaffolding might take different types intended to scaffold students’ reading competence. However, it is hard to find a reading course book applying...
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Exploring the Use of Prose Appreciation Textbooks in Indonesian Higher Education Context: The Study of Multiculturalism Integration

Muhamad Sholehhudin, Herman J. Waluyo, Suyitno Suyitno, Nugraheni Eko Wardhani
Textbooks are the essential component of prose appreciation learning process. Analysis of textbook usage in the learning process is important so that its pedagogical contribution to teaching and learning process can be improved. Improvisation can be reached by enriching material, such as multiculturalism,...
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Prototype Model Authentic Assessment for Indonesian Language Subject in Junior High School

Muhlis Fajar Wicaksana, Sarwiji Suwandi, Retno Winarni, Ngadiso Ngadiso
This study aims at producing a prototype authenticassessment model in the aspect of skills in grade VIII of Junior High School. This study is divided into 3 steps: 1) find out the assessment conditions at school; 2) knowing the teacher's need for authentic assessment models; and 3) Development of authentic...
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An Investigation on the Metalinguistic Competence of Indonesian Students in Acquiring the English Tense-Aspect System

Ria Lusiyani
This study addresses how well Indonesian second language learners of English apply the English tense-aspect system. Further, the present study attempts to investigate and better understand the process of making sense of the English tenses and aspects the students have applied in their academic writing....
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Students’ Speaking Skill through Cooperative Learning Strategy: Time Token Arends

Sholihatul Hamidah Daulay, Maryati Salmiah, Zahrina Ulfa
This article is written to describe how time token strategy improving students’ speaking skill. Classroom Action Research was chosen as the research design. The subject of this research was the first grade (X-IPA III) of MAS Amaliyah Sunggal in academic year 2017-2018 which consisted of 40 students....
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Historical Value of Cetho Temple as Local Culture-Based Character Education Source and Material

Musa Pelu, Isawati Isawati
The objective of research is to find out historical values of Cetho Temple containing character content in local culture and tradition that can be used as the source and material of character education in school. This study was conducted in exploratory manner, emphasizing on: 1) character values in historical...