Proceedings of the International Conference on Administrative Science (ICAS 2017)

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How Do Public Officials Perceive Themselves as Taxpayers? A Study of Effect of Modernized Tax Administration System, Tax Sanction, Tax Service, and Tax Morale on Tax Compliance of Public Officials in Indonesia

Abdul Rahman
Low tax compliance in Indonesia constitutes an anomaly conditions if it is referred to the considerable GDP per capita growth and the tax reforms conducted more than three decades. It means that Indonesia still faces with problematic tax compliance influenced by the behavior of public officials. Therefore,...
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Bureaucracy in Criminal Justice A Study of Criminogen Factors in Law Enforcement on Narcotics Crime Settlement

Agus Raharjo, Yusuf Saefudin
The criminal justice system is conducted through bureaucracy, with hope that law enforcement can proceed smoothly, efficiently and responsibly. However, this does not apply in the settlement of narcotics cases. The research method used to solve the problem is the approach toward law as law in action....
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Creating a Trusted Public Organization -- Organizational Trust Analysis in Implementation Network of the Education Quality Assurance Policy in Indonesia

Prof. Alwi, Mashuri H. Tahili
The main purpose of this research is to analyze the perspective of organizational trust in the implementation network of education quality assurance policy in Indonesia. The results showed that organizational trust has not been a key driver to achieve the effectiveness of the implementation of education...
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Does the Government Hear Us? A Picture of Interaction between Netizen and Indonesian Local Government in Twitter

Anang Dwi Santoso, Nurul Hidayah, Dhia Khalila Rinjani
Social media is a space that allows society and government to interact and exchange information. Unfortunately, there is little empirical research to prove the benefits. This paper aims to describe the interaction between society and government in twitter. We collected 591 tweets from the community to...
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Measuring Quality of Citizens' Participation in Local Development

Andi Ahmad Yani, Andi Rahmat Hidayat, Amril Hans, Andi Yudha Yunus, Salma Tadjang, Abdul Naris Agam
The main purpose of this study is to present the quality of citizens participation in the process of local development in Kutai Kartanegara Regency. It is argued that four main aspects of participation namely access, awareness, control and benefit are the key in determining the quality of participation....
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The Implementation Model of Poor Fisher Community Empowerment - A Study of Poor Fisher Families in Pangkep, Indonesia

Anwar Parawangi, Rulinawaty Kasmad
This study aims to figure out a model to implement the empowerment in poor fisher: (1) the tendency of local rural development has not improved the existent capability and solid society in coastal community poor fisher family. (2) There are many programs that have been done but none can solve the obstacles....
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Radical Decentralization Reform and Communal Conflict in Indonesia, 2003-2014

Aris Rusyiana, Mujibur Rahman Khoirul Muluk, Dr. Sujarwoto
Radical decentralization reform works or does not work for reducing communal conflict is still debatable. This study examines the linkage between decentralization policy and communal conflict in Indonesia. Two measurement of decentralization: administrative decentralization, and fiscal decentralization...
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Social Justice in Educational Policy: How do Students Perceive It?

Asal Wahyuni Erlin Mulyadi
Discussing the issue on social justice in educational policy is also important to consider the voice from the students as the beneficiaries. In this study, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) were performed to a group of senior high school students in public and private schools Yogyakarta city as a data collection...
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Policy Core Belief in Policy Change

Dr. Aslinda, Muhammad Guntur, Muhammad Akmal Ibrahim
Policy of spatial utilization by street vendors in Makassar city has changed from regulation determined by government. This research aims to know and analyze policy core belief from actors related to policy of spatial utilization by street vendors and impacts resulted from spatial utilization by street...
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Analysis of Business Information Services Innovation in Bantaeng, South Sulawesi

Badu Ahmad
This article aims to explain how public service innovation forms in business licenses in local government in Indonesia. For this purpose the study was conducted in Bantaeng district, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The research was conducted using qualitative so that data collection techniques include...
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The Implementation of Halal Tourism in Indonesia National Park

Bhayu Rhama, Mochamad Doddy Syairul Alam
Halal tourism is a new phenomenon based on demographic factors and needs to be taken into consideration by tourism destinations. Nature tourism, especially tourism in national parks, in this case, also has the potential to become a halal tourism destination. However, the parks' halal value still requires...
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Empowerment for Women Laborers Based on "Civic Education" - A Case Study of Women Laborers of Cigarette Industry in Malang, Indonesia

Budhy Prianto, Mr. Mardiyono
Based on our previous research it was known that women workers were in weak position both personally and in the context of industrial relations. The weaknesses were caused by the lack of knowledge and understanding of: rights and obligations as workers, gender, and the rights and obligations as members...
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Synergy Implementation Policy -- A Case of Study of Quality Home Improvement Program in West Bandung, Indonesia

Budiman Rusli
According to Article 1 number (1) of Law Number 1 Year 2011 on Housing and Settlement Area, what is meant by housing is a collection of houses as part of settlements, both urban and rural, equipped with public utilities, facilities and utilities as a result of efforts Fulfillment of a habitable home....
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Administrative Service of Civil Servant -- A Case Study of Civil Service Agency in Majene, Indonesia

Dr. Burhanuddin
public service is the task of public organization. This study aims to analyze the performance of regional civil service agency (BKD) in Majene Regency. The research approach used is qualitative analysis. Data collection were taken through observation, in-depth interviews and documentation studies. Data...
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Patterns of Power Relations in Governing Street Vendors - A Case Study of Bandung, Indonesia

Caroline Paskarina, Rina Hermawati, Selly Riawanti, Budiawati Supangka
This paper focuses on the discussion of power relations in governing of street vendors (Pedagang Kaki Lima or PKL) in Bandung. The objective is to identify the pattern of power relations between the government and street vendors as a consequence of the street vendors' governing approach applied in Bandung....
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Community Tourism Entrepreneurship in Disaster-Prone Areas of Mount Merapi

Citra Fathimah Salipi, Fentiny Nugroho
The eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010 has caused a rather significant material and immaterial loss for the people living around the area, particularly the district of Cangkringan in Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. As time goes by, an effort to improve the living standards of the population...
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Behind Street Vendors Stall - A Case Study on How Organizations Plays Role on Implementing Policies

Dani Mohammad Ramadhan, Rina Hermawati
This paper aims to explain how various organization plays role on implementing policies among street vendors in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Using qualitative method with participant observation and structured in-depth interview as data gathering technique, the result shows that not only effectively...
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The Dynamic of Institutional Relation of BPD and Village Head -- Problems of Local Political Representation

Dina Dwi Rahayu, Tuhfatul Maula
BPD (Badan Permusyawaratan Desa) is a public political representation instituted in the village governance structure. Institutionally, the dynamics relation of BPD and village head have been influenced by the institution of BPD such as Badan Musyawarah Desapraja, Lembaga Musyawarah Desa, BPD (Badan Perwakilan...
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The Need of Public Administration -- An Islamic Perspective for Higher Education in Indonesia

Wisber Wiryanto
Public Administration is a branch of Social Science disciplines taught at universities in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country that is predominantly Muslim. However, the education system faces problems of secularization that is split between education and religion. This can be seen in the teaching of public...
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Public Service Performance and Public Trust in Government -- An Indonesian Case Study

Gita Susanti, Siti Halwatiah, Novayanti Sopia Rukmana, Andi Ahmad Yani, Andi Rahmat Hidayat, Suherman Ahmad
This study aims to determine public performance and public trust to government over education, health, population and security. This research used a quantitative approach, and the data in this research were collected by Asian Barometer Survey conducted in 33 provinces in Indonesia. Data collection by...
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Analysis on Handling Community Cultural Values Erosion in Semarang, Indonesia

Hardi Warsono, Dyah Hariani, Sarwo Edy
Globalization era, cultural value erosion in Indonesia, the declining interest and public concern of Semarang city people to art and culture, and the performance of Culture and Tourism Office are the backgrounds of this study. This research aims to analyze the performance of Culture and Tourism Office...
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Revitalization of Slum Area in Semarang City with Thematic Village Program -- A Case Study in Bandarharjo Village, Indonesia

Hartuti Purnaweni
Each city in Indonesia has slum area, including in Semarang. Semarang has 415 hectares of slum area, scattered in 64 villages in 15 sub districts out of 18 sub districts all over Semarang City. Aiming at parts of solving this problem, Semarang Municipal government responding with Program of Thematic...
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The Empowerment of Coastal Women Through Capacity Improvement of Seaweed Farmer Groups -- Obstacles and Challenges

Dr. Hasniati, Rabina Yunus, Dr. Hamsinah
This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of the institutional capacity development program of women's groups in the coastal area of Sanrobone District of Takalar Regency and possible factors that influence achievement of the program. The research approach used is qualitative approach with in-depth...
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The Effectiveness Of The Socialization Strategy of Taxation Regulation in Establishing Taxpayer's Objectives in Tax Rights And Obligations

Hetti Herawati, Senny Lusiana, Roni Tabroni
To increase state revenues, it needs public awareness to perform its obligations to pay taxes. Currently, tax revenue in Indonesia is low. It takes a special effort to raise awareness of taxpayers, one of them by doing socialization. Socialization strategy conducted by the tax office is done by using...
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Effectiveness Implementation of Management Information System: A Case Study in Badung, Indonesia

I_Made Wimas Candranegara, I_Dewa Gede Putra Sedana
In the research of the Implementation effectiveness policy of management information systems in the area in local revenue department (Dispenda) Badung regency, is focused on variables implementation, namely the implementation of the communication factor, resources, attitudes and the targets realization...
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A Model of Village Government System Based on Systems Thinking - A Study in Kairane village, Indonesia

Ike Wanusmawatie, Bambang Supriyono, Luqman Hakim, Mujibur Rahman Khoirul Muluk
The purpose of this study was to construct a model of village government performance system in order to realize the community prosperity. This research used system thinking approach and dynamic system as tool analysis. Based on the research results indicates that village government performance is not...
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Predicting Future Performance Through Selection Methods

Ira Irawati, Nunung Runiawati, Rina Hermawati
One of the demands of bureaucratic reform in Indonesia is the improvement of the professionalism of state civil apparatus (ASN). In order to obtain professional human resources, the government has implemented a competency-based selection method. This paper would identify advantages and disadvantages...
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Social Network Harmonization and Public Service -- A Case Study of Boalemo, Indonesia

Ismet Sulila
This second-year research is the continuation of the previous research regarding the social situation on the pluralism in the district of Boalemo. The results of the initial year study consist of: 1) the social interaction, social mapping, and the social networking in Boalemo, 2) the contributing and...
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The Role of Leadership in the Implementation of Administrative Reform at the Indonesian National Institute of Public Administration

Mr. Kamaruddin, Eko Prasojo
Most administrative reforms in public organizations have not produced substantial changes, neither in structure, nor process nor attitude. Leaders in such organizations tend to prefer to implement reform as a formality or simply to comply with rules and legislations, given the great risks they will face....
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Collaboration Through Entrepreneurship in Non Profit Organization -- A Study of Hoshizora Foundation, Indonesia

Laras Wijayanti, Fentiny Nugroho
A high degree of dependency of an NGO as a nonprofit organization toward donor's funding threaten the sustainability of an organization. Revenue diversification can be an alternative for the sustainability of an organization. One of them can be supported by independency to seek funds through entrepreneurship....
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Patronage Leadership in Decentralized Developing Countries

Mochamad Doddy Syahirul Alam, Dr. Sujarwoto
Some decentralized developing countries in Asia and Africa have the same problem on patronage leadership. The same of historical story could be influenced of the matter. Mostly the patronage happens in political leadership and business leadership. The actor represents government leadership and business...
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To Break Dependence on Tin Mining -- The Analysis of Dependency Theory on Constructive Policy in Economic Development of Bangka Belitung After Tin Mining

Mohamad Adha Al Kodri, Bintarsih Sekarningrum
This study is a qualitative approach through study of post-tin economic development in Bangka Belitung. Economic development is carried out in order to realize the people equality of welfare and also in line with the development environment and people life. The purpose of this research is to know the...
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The Problem of Basic Education Policy and Its Implementation in Indonesia -- A Case Study in Tasikmalaya City

Maya Puspita Dewi
The purpose of this article is to understand the problems in implementation of education policy in Tasikmalaya City. The formulation, implementation, and evaluation on the fact of the matter is the struggle of various public interests in allocate and manage resources in accordance with the vision, hopes...
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Comparison of Culture and Organization Effectiveness -- A Case Study of Labuang Baji Hospital and Stella

Muhamad Nur Yamin, Muhammad Nur
The objective of the study was to analyze the relationship between organizational culture and effectiveness at Labuang Baji Hospital and Stella Maris Hospital. The research is explorative using qualitative method with case study approach. Interview and observation data were analyzed dominant pattern...
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Actors' Behavior in Policy Formulation - A Case Study of Woman And Child Protection Policy in Parepare, Indonesia

Muhamad Tang Abdulah, Siti Halwatiah, Gita Susanti
This study aims to describe the processes, which are the policy actors, what their motives, competencies and roles of actors in policy formulation on the protection of women and children. This research uses descriptive qualitative method with technical analysis model data including, reduction, display...
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Accountability in Public Services - A Case Study of Immigration Services in Makassar, Indonesia

Muhammad Yunus, Wahyu Nurdiansyah
This study aims to analyze and describe the accountability of the public service in the Immigration Office of Makassar. The problem in this research is how Public Service Accountability in Passport Making Service at Class I Immigration Office of Makassar is reviewed from the relation with whom to be...
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Concept of Smart City Governance in Makassar City

Muhlis Madani, Mr. Nasrulhaq
This research aims to know the core concept of smart city governance in Makassar City. Smart city is one of new program in Makassar City. Its brand is sombere and smart city. However, practice of smart city have weakness and treatness in governance aspects. This research used qualitative method with...
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Local Wisdom and Character Education in Youth Organizations -- A Case Study of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

Mujib Hasib, Zulfan Nahruddin, Muchlas M Tahir, Mr. Handam, Muhamad Firyal Akbar, Wahyu Nurdiansyah
This study aimed to figure out how the characteristics of youth organization in south sulawesi. The devoloping local wisdom in youth organization in south sulawesi. Developing process of local wisdom becoming character education in south sulawesi. Research method employed is qualiatitative approach with...
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The Dynamism of Local Culture In Metagovernance - A Cursory Look at George Town World Heritage Site, Malaysia

Nagathisen Katahenggam
Inclusionary governance in the form of metagovernance expanded in George Town when the city was listed as a World Heritage Site. However, the governance culture in Malaysia favors hierarchism where public engagement is not entirely robust. Nevertheless, the local cultural climate in George Town allows...
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Model of Capital Structure For Small and Medium Enterprises in Bandung City

Nenden Kostini
Small business capital is limited in number and access to funding sources. The right composition of debt and capital can form an optimal capital structure. The purpose of this study is to examine factors associated with the capital structure of Small Business in Bandung; and to formulate a model of capital...
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Enhancing Local Own-Revenues -- Problems and Challenges

Nunung Runiawati, Rina Hermawati
Fiscal decentralization demand the regions to improve their creativity in collecting funds for financing local expenditures according to their needs (self-financing). The objective of this paper is to identify problems and challenges in enhancing local own-revenues faced by the local governments.. This...
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Changing Tax Culture to Increase Tax Revenue -- Study on Property Tax in Bandung

Nunung Runiawati, Ira Irawati
Tax culture has been studied to find out its influence on taxpayers' obedience. The focus of this paper is tax culture related to property tax which has the largest number of taxpayers and receivables in Bandung City. The objective of this research is to find out the relationship pattern of the tax collector...
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Evaluating Policy Implementation on the Coastal Area and Small Islands Management - A Case Study of Gili Matra Park in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Nur Indrayati
The Marine Recreational Park Gili Matra in North Lombok regency which is the object of research, facing serious environmental problems due to the demands of regional economic development. The study aims to evaluate the implementation of the law in the management of coastal areas that do not have local...
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Legal Uncertainty of Islamic Personality Principle by Supreme Court Circular Letter Number 8 Year 2010

Rahadi Wasi Bintoro, Tedi Sudrajat
The increasing competence of religious courts in Indonesia still creates a polemic for its competence of other judiciary institutions. It happens due to the clash of rules and the issuance of Supreme Court circular letter. This paper discusses the solution to the clash of rules and shows the existence...
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Internet Memes : Representation of Indonesian Political Culture in Jakarta Gubernatorial Election 2017

Rahmi Surya Dewi, Aceng Abdullah, Eni Maryani, Dadang Suganda
Jakarta Gubernatorial Election 2017 may receive considerably significant attention from Indonesian society. Many assume it resembled the presidential election because of the 'political heat' of the moment. This is apparent in particular conversations in social media, and even seen as the message of manipulation...
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Socio-Economic Dynamics of Street Vendors in Bandung

Rina Hermawatii, Nunung Runiawati
The presence of street vendors has become a hard problem to solve in some cities in Indonesia. Some existing policies have not yet been able to optimally handle the problem of street vendors. One of the causes why the problem of street vendors is hard to handle is unavailability of sufficient data on...
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The Role of the Government Internal Auditor in Fraud Risk Management: A Case Study in Local Government of Gunung Kidul and Sleman Yogyakarta Province

Setya Nugraha, Ely Susanto
The purpose of this paper is to explore the current practices of the internal auditors in the local government of Gunung Kidul and Sleman regency regarding their role in fraud risk management. This research has used qualitative methods through an interview with the highest level of those inspectorates,...
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Dear Mr. Mayor... Can You Clean the Housing? A Citizen's Dependency on Local Government in Environmental Collective Action

Siska Sasmita, Mohamad Fachri Adnan, Helfia Edial
This article explains inequality relationship between local government and society in Muaro Lasak in managing environmental problem which is indicated by society's tendency to hand over environmental affairs to local government. By involving society members, visitors, and apparatus from local government...
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The Advantages of Local Institutions in Improving Disaster-Affected Small Entrepreneurs and Surrounding Society - A Study of Paguyuban Kampung Sablon, Wedi Village, Klaten Regency

Syadza Alifa, Fentiny Nugroho
Paguyuban Kampung Sablon was established after Klaten District was hit by an earthquake that affected the economy of the community, including the convection industry in Pandes Wedi village, and its surroundings. The disaster aroused the spirit to empower the community in Pandes Wedi Village so they established...
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Questioning The Essence Of Bureaucratic Neutrality Dialectical Relationship Between Freedom of Speech and The Impact of Digital Democracy in Indonesia

Tedi Sudrajat, Rahadi Wasi Bintoro
As a constitutional state, Indonesian government has authority to make regulation regarding the rampant issue of freedom of expression from Civil Servants, especially in social media. The limitation in the form of restriction for Civil Servants in expressing their opinion which is contradicted with government...
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Organizational Design of Health Office to Improve the Effectiveness of Public Service in Health Affairs in Barru Regency

Mohamad Thahir Haning, Andi Imam Arundhana
Organizational design is an important issue needed to improve effectiveness of public service organization. This study aimed to explain the strategy of organizational design, shape of structural organization, and positioning of human resource in organization. This study was qualitative study through...
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Actors' Role in Public Asset Management -- A Study of Limboto Lake in Gorontalo, Indonesia

Trisusanti Lamangida, Haedar Akib, Muhammad Firyal Akbar, Muhamad Aswar
three pillars of development 1) Government, 2) Private Sector, and 3) Society. They had the role and function in answering public's questions and became a motor of development in providing solutions especially in asset management of Limboto Lake. Lake Rescue had made either through academic research,...
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Overcoming Challenges of Social Policy Reform in Indonesia

Ulfah Fatmala Rizky
Social security program is a common social policy to overcome the poverty in many countries. The policy making and implementation of this policy are different in every states. In many European countries, government has a strong support to fund the social protection program while in United States of America...
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The Influence of Leadership Style on The Village Apparatus Satisfaction With Work Motivation As Moderating Variable -- A Case Study of Village Governments in Gorontalo Regency, Indonesia

Walidun Husain
This study was aimed at finding out and analyzing and empirically testing the degree of leadership style with motivation as a moderating variable to simultaneously and partially influence the work satisfaction of village apparatus in Telaga sub-district. The results revealed that: 1) F test, the F-count...
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Innovation Public Goods Management Based on Local Culture -- A Case Study of Forest Park Management Ir. H. Djuanda, Indonesia

Yanhar Jamaluddin
The management of Ir. H. Djuanda Forest Park needs to be designed into an urban forest development innovation in order to have the allure and evocative of the natural charms of the forest park. Development innovation can be done by exploring the potential of thematic values based on culture. Ngabandung...
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E-Policy: Designing E-Aparatur In Bandung City

Yogi Suprayogi Sugandi, Dedi Sukarno, Sawitri Budi Utami, Ramadhan Pancasilawan
The aim of this paper is to describe three policies issued, they are: analysis of civil servant job; electronic-based policy named electronic aparatur (e-Aparatur), and harmonization of the evaluation of job information policy for civil servants. This research used policy gap method to find similarity...
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Enhancing Public Services Quality by Strengthening the Role of Ombudsman

Yuli Tirtariandi El Anshori, Mr. Enceng
Good public services have been very significant issues nowadays. All government agencies should conduct best service to serve the public. In fact, there are many complaints due to the delivery of public services by the agencies. It includes the matter of time, procedures, and costs. Sometimes the public...
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The Effectiveness of 9 Years Compulsory Education Policy towards Education Enhancement of Child Workers

Atta Irene Allorrante
The objective of this research is to determine the effectiveness level of 9 years compulsory education program in terms of increasing the accessibility of school age children to obtain education which finally can affect to the reduce of child workers. This research uses qualitative approach, whether...
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Arranging Street Vendors : A Study on Policy Management of Street Vendors in Bandung

Rina Hermawati, Caroline Paskarina
The policy paradigm shift of the order into structuring has not significantly solved the problem of street vendors in Bandung. This condition could not be separated from the formulation of policies that tend to top down and only involve the organization of street vendors as a condition of policy-making...