Proceedings of the 2023 4th International Conference on Big Data and Social Sciences (ICBDSS 2023)

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Xiaofeng Ding, Chaochun Shen, Neema Ghenim, Nor Fariza Binti Mohd Nor
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2023 4th International Conference on Big Data and Social Sciences (ICBDSS 2023) during 18-20 August 2023 in Changsha, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers] and approved...
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Explore the Aging of the Population and its Impact on Technological Innovation

Liujuan Chen, Jiale Tan, Peng Luo, Zongliang Hu
The results of the seventh national population census show that the aging of the population in China has significantly accelerated, leading to a decrease in the proportion of working-age population, and thus affecting China’s scientific and technological innovation. With the continuous and complex changes...
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Study on the Mechanism of the Effect of Leader Pro-Organizational Unethical Behavior on Employee Cyberloafing Behavior

Yuxin Wang, Jianju Wang, Fanfan Liu
Using social cognitive theory, this study employs multiple regression and the Bootstrap method to analyze 249 data samples, examining the mechanism of how leader unethical pro-organizational behavior (UPB) affects employee cyberloafing behavior. The results of the study indicate that leader UPB has a...
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Analysis and research on the evolution of public opinion emotion based on the theory of social combustion

Kexin Zhang, Jianhua Dai
In the new media era, the emotions of netizens have an important impact on the trend of online public opinion. Therefore, taking “China Eastern Airlines MU5735 crash incident” as an example, keywords in each stage of public opinion life cycle were extracted, keyword co-occurrence network was constructed,...
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Risk Assessment and Control of Enterprise Fund Management Based on Genetic Algorithm

Yufeng Wu
Enterprise capital management is an important link in enterprise management, risk assessment and control is the key to ensure the safe operation of enterprise capital. In view of the problems existing in the previous application of enterprise capital management methods, a risk assessment and control...
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Research on Financial Crimes Detection based on Big Data Technology

Ran Xu, Junhao Bao
Financial crimes including fraud, money laundering, insider trading, pose significant challenges to the stability and integrity of global financial systems. Detecting and preventing these crimes is a complex task that requires sophisticated tools and technologies. Currently, there still leaks effective...
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Construction of Green Intelligent Building Operation and Maintenance Management Platform Based on Big Data Technology

Huiqun Liu
In the era of digital intelligence, the blessing of intelligent engineering can further enhance the practical benefits of green buildings in application services and environmental conservation, but it also increases the difficulty of green building operation and maintenance management. In this regard,...
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A macroeconomic monitoring index construction management method based on big data analysis

Liangyoutong Li
In order to effectively forecast and monitor China’s price data, the article takes CPI and PPI price series as an example, constructs CPI and PPI high-frequency monitoring indices using commodity price big data, collects high-frequency big commodity big data from January 1, 2009 to December 27, 2019,...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of Digital Economy on the Income Gap between Urban and Rural Areas

Chuangli Shang, Yue Wang
This paper selects panel data of 31 provinces and cities from 2012 to 2021 to explore the impact of digital economy on urban-rural income gap through empirical research. The results indicate that the improvement of the development level of the digital economy has a significant narrowing effect on the...
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Research on factors influencing opinion polarization based on QCA algorithm

Jianhua Dai, Shaoqiang Shen
The phenomenon of opinion polarization in unexpected online public events constantly challenges the construction of clear cyberspace, which can also lead to social harms such as cyber violence, rumors, moral abduction and doxing, etc. Studying the influencing factors of opinion polarization can help...
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Similarity analysis method of power unstructured text based on multi-dimensional fusion feature extraction

Li Yongle, Chen Jiaqi, Liu Yang, Sheng Shuang, Zheng Ling, Chen Fei
Similarity analysis of power unstructured text is one of the most important tasks in power unstructured data management. This paper studies the feature extraction and similarity analysis of electric power unstructured text. A multi-dimensional fusion feature extraction-based similarity analysis method...
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Intelligent Emergency Evacuation Model for West Lake Scenic Area Based on Path-Flow Feedback Network and Evacuation Cost

Lin Zhang, Xingqi Wang, Xiaoqing Feng, Jianing Ye, Weijie Wang
If a senic spot is too crowded, there will be a stampeded accident. The existing emergency evacuation methods can be divided into two categories. The evacuation model without information feedback develops routes according to the flow of people at the beginning of the model, with high computing efficiency,...
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Research on Mental Health Investigation and Early Warning of College Students Based on Smart Campus

Ruipeng Guo, Bowen Cui, Yutong Du
Contemporary university students have a strong sense of individuality, and their psychological problems are hidden and complex, so traditional psychological surveys can no longer meet existing needs. How to use the new generation of information technology to solve this problem and establish a “24/7,...
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Public Data Security Risk Prevention Research

Yingxue Zhao, Ge Hu, Jianhua Zhu, Nan Li, Denghua Hou
This study analyzes and compares the domestic and foreign public data open-sharing cases involving the confirmation of rights, privacy, intellectual property rights, and other types of cases by examining the concept of public data open sharing and the current status of legislation, as well as the links...
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Research on the construction and use of a choral conducting learning platform based on the context of big data research

Linying Huang
Based on the choral learning background research secondary school choir choral education work is the core content of the systematic construction work, trinity systematic construction, it can be said that the formation of the management and team operation of the good construction is to provide a more...
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Comprehensive evaluation of the principal components of the key industrial chain development

Bin Bai, Xiaofeng Miao, Yu Ma, Zhaoyu Tang, Shengpeng Li
In order to systematically plan, scientifically study and judge and prudently determine the key direction, goal and path of Inner Mongolia industrial transformation and development, lay a good foundation and pave the way for the future transformation. Based on the registration data and regulatory data...
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A study on public acceptance of self-driving cars based on structural equation modeling in the city of Chongqing

Chenhao Lu, Shaoyicheng Zhu, Xunyu Tao, Yushu Gao
This study constructs a novel theoretical framework to uncover the effects of perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, perceived risk, original trust, and behavioral attitude on people’s acceptance of self-driving cars. A survey data on potential users for the public acceptance of self-driving cars...
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Research on the Upgrading of Shenzhen Smart Tourism Network Service System

From the Tourist-oriented Perspective

Yanhong Liu, Sihui Yu, Benyi Zheng, Jun Yuan
At present, web and mobile terminals have acted as important infrastructures in the public’s daily life, and the information technology orientated to which has gradually penetrated into the tourism, such as big data platforms, intelligent service products, etc., which have received widespread attention....
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Analysis of vocational training for workers in new employment patterns based on spss statistics

Haoran Wang, Xiaoyang Wang, Yanzhi Duan
With the rapid development of the platform economy, the group of new employment pattern workers is expanding, and improving the welfare of new employment pattern workers is not only a realistic problem, but also a hot spot of academic concern. Based on the questionnaire survey data and analysed by using...
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Research on the Optimal Promotion Path of Government Procurement Suppliers Based on Knowledge Graphs

Shuming Jiang, Xingchao Lu, Hong Zhang
Government procurement is an important form of support for enterprise development. In China, there are a large number of suppliers involved in government procurement, and the transaction data is large and diverse. For platforms that provide contract financing services to suppliers in government procurement,...
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The gender differences of marital satisfaction’s influencing factors in China

Yan Sun, Weiwei Wang
The discussion on gender differences can be traced back to the early stages of human society, where different division of labor was formed between men and women based on physiological gender. The traditional gender role concept positions men as the role of “supporting the family” and forms a labor division...
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Variety of Chronic Diseases of the Elderly in a Pension Institution in Guilin

Meiting Wu, Shangyuhui Huang, Jingwen Liang, Tao Jiang
Objective According to the clinical characteristics and types of chronic diseases of an elder care institution in Guilin, the number of multiple chronic disease types, basic physiological indicators, and influencing factors were counted. This paper aims to explore the establishment of an...
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Early warning analysis of financial risk of new energy enterprises based on neural network

Lixing Zhu, Xue Yang, Xue Jiang, Yuqi Tian, Junjie Yan
In the new energy sector, financial risk management is crucial. Nonlinear financial data can challenge traditional early warning models. Neural networks can better predict financial risk for new energy enterprises. New energy enterprises’ financial risk research is reviewed first. Then we discuss neural...
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Study on the Development of Smart Tourism in Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins Park--Based on Visitors’ online commentary data

Yan Min, Zhou Bo
Smart tourism is an important way of creative transformation and innovative development of cultural heritage, as well as an important means of enriching the way tourists experience tourism. As a world cultural heritage, Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins Park shoulders the mission of spreading Chinese culture...
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Based on the Big Data College Students’ Perception of Rituals and Reflection on Ritual Education

Yuewei Bai
Rituals, as a form of expression of human understanding of nature, society, and oneself, serve as the carrier of ritual education. Ritual education, through the performance of rituals, aims to evoke a sense of ritual and a sense of responsibility among participants. The survey findings reveal that: (1)...
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Research on AGI based on Big Data to Improve the Quality of Life of Single People

Bei Wang
This paper aims to explore the feasibility of the application of the AGI in the life of single people. According to development of AI technology, this paper proposes the application path of the AGI entering the core relationship of human beings for improving the quality of the life of single people.
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Equity and Efficiency analysis of health resources allocation in Guangxi County based on Balance index model: evidence from an ethnic minority region in Western China

Shangyuhui Huang, Tao Jiang, Jingwen Liang
Background Equity and efficiency in the allocation of health resources directly affects health equity and is a prerequisite for the achievement of health equity. This study analyzed the equity and efficiency of health resource allocation in Guangxi County to provide rational research evidence...
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Research on the choice of the “Internet +” business model based on a multi-level grey evaluation method

Sizhe Wang, Yongjin Zhang, Yanying Shang, Chenxing Li
Through the morphological matrix combination, the industrial chain integration driving body, the flow degree of the value chain, and the way of value creation are divided into 12 business models. Based on the analysis of the value proposition, value transmission, value realization, and scope of application...
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A Study on Religious Beliefs among College Students Based on FP-Growth Algorithm

Weihua Yao, Shunfei Yan, Yanshuang Wang
In the backdrop of ongoing societal development, the trend towards secularization of religion becomes increasingly apparent. The infiltration of religious thoughts and influences within university campuses is progressively on the rise. In this context, countering and preventing the incursion of religious...
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News Data Analysis and Social Science Research on Intangible Cultural Heritage Canton Embroidery

Bifeng Wang, Tianci He, Qian Liu
Big data analysis methods have been widely applied in social science research, and the public knowledge and practice of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) protection are greatly influenced by media reports. This paper takes Canton embroidery, an ICH treasure in Southern Chinese, as the research object,...
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Digital Preservation and Development of Historic Buildings

Xu Wang, Yifan Cao, Ning Tan, Caiqiang Yang
This paper analyzes the advantages of the current stage of digital technology in the protection and updating of ancient buildings, to complete a systematic perspective, the current stage of digital building protection technology to sort out, and put forward the application path of digital protection...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of User Privacy Disclosure Behavior Based on DEMATEL Model

Jinglei Li
[Purpose/Significance] In order to deeply understand the user privacy disclosure behavior in the big data environment, so as to effectively formulate privacy protection strategies and promote sustainable digital development. [Methods/Process] This study followed the system thinking and built an index...
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Principal component and cluster analysis of Macao tourism destination competitiveness based on Big data

Fu Luo, Yingying Zhu, Xinxin Wang, Xiaojun Luo, Juncong Chen, Dongmeng Ye
This study investigates the principal components of the competitiveness of tourism destinations and their intrinsic classification by applying principal component analysis and cluster analysis with Macau tourism destination as the research object. First, a large amount of data on Macau tourism was collected,...
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Factors Influencing RED App on Young Women’s self-Construction of Body Image

Puxiu Jia, Shuze Geng
Social media is one of the mediums of self-expression and identity. In the trend of over-sharing, there is also the regulation of women’s aesthetic construction in social media. Social media is a medium of self-expression and identity, and social media is a medium of over-sharing. Therefore, this paper...
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Analysis on the application of sports data information management system in school physical education

Shuhua Tang, Yang Lin, Zhenyu Xie, Gang Zeng
This paper introduces the function and advantage of the athlete data information management system, studies its practical application in school physical education, and explores its future development trend, in order to point out the direction for the change of school physical education.
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Calculation of Future Population Change Based on Structural Equation Model

Xinyi Dong, Tingwei Zheng, Wei Xu, Syamsul Nor Azlan Mohamad, Wenxuan Ren, Lin Chen
As the main body of childbearing in the future, college students’ childbearing intention will undoubtedly affect their childbearing behavior. In this paper, we analyzed 289 valid data collected in Zhoushan City qualitatively and quantitatively in the questionnaire survey. We have constructed the structural...
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Paternal Co-parenting and Adolescent Non-suicidal Self-injury: the Mediating Role of Adolescent Self-blame and Depressive Symptoms

Junling Wang, Fei Guo, Zhiyan Chen
Objective To explore the mediating role of adolescent self-blame and depressive symptoms between paternal co-parenting and adolescent non-suicidal self-injury. Methods Teenagers and their parents completed the online questionnaire survey using a convenience sampling method from May to July 2022.The Adolescence...
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Interactive teaching based on equal probability principle from the perspective of social work

Lili Cui, Xiangzhen Cui
Based on the equal probability principle of statistical random events, this paper puts forward ‘random interactive teaching’ from the perspective of social work, lists the application strategies to realize random equal probability participation, and clarifies that it promotes the development of students’...
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Research on Energy Data Price Evaluation Index Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Chunting Kang, Tianguang Yang, Weisi Yan
Currently, the pricing of energy data products has not yet formed a relatively mature research result, which greatly restricts the development of the energy digital economy. This article starts with the factors that affect energy data prices, constructs an energy data price evaluation index system that...
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Research on Smart Agriculture Big Data Platform Based on the Internet of Things

Shubo Jiang, Shuang Hu
With the exponential advance of science and technology, Internet of Things technology is enjoying widespread applications. As a part of smart economy, smart agriculture plays an essential part in the digital transformation of agriculture. The combination of Internet of Things technology and smart agriculture...
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The Production and Operation Path of Net-generated Documentary High-Quality Development Based on Big Data

Yun Liu
Relying on the application and analysis of big data technology, the current mainstream video platforms have opened up a new situation for producing and marketing online documentaries. The video platforms take big data as the guide, boutique production of online documentary content, relying on big data...
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Unveiling Emotional Dissemination in Hotspot Events: “Village Super League” Case Study

Jing Zhang, Guangquan Dai
The “Village Super League” sports event in Rongjiang, Guizhou, China, has emerged as a phenomenon with over 30 billion online views. This grassroots football tournament, organized spontaneously by local residents, has ignited widespread attention and discussions on social media platforms. Using big data...
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Data-Driven Study on the Evolution of Forms and Types of Ancient Luoyang Coins

Pan Jing, Sastra Laoakka
This study delves into the evolution of ancient Luoyang coinage in terms of its forms and types. Leveraging big data technologies, the Selenium library combined with Python scripting was employed to drive web searches and capture data related to ancient Luoyang coins. Subsequently, the PyQuery library...
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Assessment and ML-based Prediction for Research Ability of Postgraduates

Hongcheng Liu, Wen Hu, Dong Sun
The assessment and prediction of research ability are very important in education. This paper 1) proposes an assessment scheme based on principal component analysis (PCA), which assigns a reasonable score for a postgraduate, and 2) proposes a prediction model based on multiple linear regression, which...
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Enhanced Inventory Demand Forecasting with Machine Learning

Haoyuan Ren
Modeling inventory demand is critical for businesses to manage resources and ensure customer satisfaction. Traditional economic models, rooted in utility functions and structural approaches, often face challenges due to stringent assumptions and inability to adapt to real-world data. This research harnesses...
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Space safety emergency prevention research

Chen Wang, Yongping Wang, Yanhe Wen
With the development and utilization of space, the probability of space safety emergencies is increasing, and the study of the prevention of space security emergencies is needed to safeguard space security and prevent the occurrence of various space security emergencies. This paper introduces the analysis...
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How the Chinese Media Shape Eileen GU in Beijing Winter Olympic: A Text Analysis of News Reports

Jiahong Lin, Tianci He, Lianxiang Fan
18-year-old Eileen Gu is the undoubted spotlight of the world with a three-medals debut in 2022 Winter Olympics. As the host country, China has crafted overwhelming media coverage towards the naturalized skier to boost national pride. This paper aims to explore the media portrayals and narratives of...
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Intelligent Learning Evaluation Method Based on Data Mining

Lilong Zhang, Yang Liu, Xuefeng Ying
With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the field of education has also begun to use artificial intelligence technology, and the intelligent learning system with intelligent assessment as the core has gradually become a research hotspot. Compared with traditional rule-based evaluation...
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Research on Neural Network Evaluation Model for the Implementation Effect of Digital Government Construction Standards

Yaru Wang, Liwen Tang
The article studies a model for evaluating the effectiveness of digital government construction standards based on LM backpropagation neural network. Firstly, a fuzzy AHP evaluation index system was established from three aspects and the weight coefficient of the evaluation index was calculated to characterize...
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Patch-aware Long-term Weather Forecasting

Aslan Feng
This paper explores the prediction of weather condition and employs long-sequence time-series forecasting techniques, specifically the Transformer model. Contrary to traditional methods that examined the model based on prediction length, we focus on the analysis of the relationship between patch value...
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Information Capability Evaluation Model of Military Personnel Based on Factor Analysis

Yang Wu, Yi Zhang, Zhenyue Zhang
Information capability of military personnel refers to the the comprehensive ability of military personnel to acquire, process and use information. Before the evaluation of the information capability of military personnel, a scientific definition of the system, composition, and evaluation model of information...
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Research on the performance evaluation system of digital government capacity building based on power data

Dawei Song, Yibo Jia, Zhe Ji, Yixue Yang
The use of power data to improve digital government capacity building is an effective way to realize the modernization of the national capacity system. By summarizing the application path of power data to empower digital government, six aspects including demand response, business support, data supply,...
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Newspaper reports analysis on Chinese Lion Waking Culture from a digital humanity perspective

Bifeng Wang, Xiaohe Liu, Qian Liu, Jiawei Chen
From a digital humanities perspective, data analysis methods are frequently used to address humanities concerns. Newspaper content has gradually become one of the forms to reflect the degree of attention and survival of non-heritage. In this paper, by using LDA thematic analysis to analyze the data of...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Public Acceptance of Autonomous Vehicles in Chongqing Municipality

--Empirical analysis based on binomial logistic regression models

Xunyu Tao, Chenhao Lu, Shaoyicheng Zhu, Yushu Gao
elf-driving cars are an important part of the national development strategy and are formally proposed for development in the 13th Five-Year National Science and Technology Innovation Plan and the 13th Five-Year National Strategic Emerging Industries Development Plan. Exploring the public’s willingness...