Proceedings of the International Conference on Community Empowerment and Engagement (ICCEE 2021)

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Television Coverage: Between Social Movement and Violence

Amrina Rosyada, Vinisa Nurul Aisyah
The ratification of the omnibus law on job creation sparked debate among various groups, resulting in protests across Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to explain how TV One and Metro TV framed news about protests against the omnibus law. The framing model used in this research is Robert N....
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Jokowi’s Dynasty Political Issues in Online News

Eka Suryaning Putri, Vinisa Nurul Aisyah
The issue of dynastic politics emerged during the simultaneous regional head elections in 2020. Many candidates for regional heads were political relatives. This study aims to describe how the media and framed the political issues of the President Jokowi dynasty towards the participation...
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Legal Uncertainty in Disharmony Phrase Abuse of Authority in Legislation in Indonesia

Rina Nur Widyastuti, Nuria Siswi Enggarani, Nunik Nurhayati
This purposeful. for. Discussing legal uncertainty in the occurrence of disharmony phrase abuse of authority in legislation in Indonesia, namely Law No. 30 of 2014 concerning Government Administration and Law No. 20 of 2001 concerning Amendments to Law No. 39 of 1999 concerning Eradication...
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Self-concept of Victims of Cybersexual Harassment on Instagram

Alfrisa Renuat, Ratri Kusumaningtyas
Cybersexual harassment is a form of harassment in online media due to the technology, internet, and social media advancement. The global use of social media and networks has risen the forms of harassment on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Some forms of harassment that often occur...
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Tiktok and Online Selective Self-Presentation

Thomas Putro STH, Palupi Palupi
Communication on social media is classified as Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) since the interaction does not occur directly. Tiktok is one of the social media that is widely used for many purposes. By utilizing video share feature, users can post everything they want. The purpose of this study...
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Microblog Used as Personal Branding

Study on Instagram Account @vikirahardja

Fadhila Azzahra Apridita, Nieldya Nofandrilla
As social media, Instagram can be utilized to send messages, in the form of either writing or images, to the public. One of the barista influencers, Viki Rahardja (@vikirahardja), employed it to build strong personal branding. The purpose of this study is to describe how a microblog can be used as a...
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The Influence of Ustaz Hanan Attaki’s (UHA) Podcast Digital Da’wah on Religious Behavior

Erwaningtyas Ami Sekar Pramesthi, Agus Triyono
Digital media literacy impacts not only the education sector but also the religious field, as in the case with the development of digital da’wah. On the other hand, the pandemic due to SARS-CoV-2 has affected various activities, including religious activities. Specifically, Ustaz Hanan Attaki’s (UHA)...
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Internet Skills in Using Smartphones for Children with Intellectual Disability at SLB Negeri Wonogiri

Sidiq Setyawan, Andhika Wulandari
The development of ICT makes it easier for people to acquire information, show expression, and fulfill other needs. Although information can be accessed easily by anyone, people need digital skills to master digital technology that develops rapidly. Digital skill is a person’s ability to determine information...
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The Effect of Celebrity Endorser Raffi Ahmad and Testimonial on Consumer Buying Interest of Lemonilo Products on Social Media

Survey on Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta Students

Salma Sepilla, Dian Purworini
Humans become inseparable from communication technology, transferring and disseminating information via the internet and social media. Entrepreneurs are competing to create marketing communication strategies to attract the attention of potential consumers to product purchasing decisions. To increase...
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Reducing Covid-19 Information Uncertainty Through Social Media

Descriptive Quantitative Study of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta Students

Erika Fitriani, Dian Purworini
Social media, one of the developing technologies, has an important role in information dissemination, especially information related to COVID-19. One of the media utilized as the fastest information source related to COVID-19 is Instagram. However, behind the advantages of access and rapid distribution...
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Branding Strategy of Bulls Syndicate as Clothing Motorcycle Worshiper

Hafidz Haykal, Palupi Palupi
Bulls Syndicate operates various branding strategies to introduce the brand to a wide audience. Bulls Syndicate is a clothing brand with a motorcycle design in Solo City, Central Java. Bulls Syndicate establishes a branding strategy amid the intense competition among clothing industries. In executing...
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The Role of Communication on Self-Isolation during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Social Support Theory Approach

Santika Rahma Gantari, Dian Purworini
Communication has immense benefits in human life, including interacting with the environment, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic to support and determine behavioral decisions. For society affected by COVID-19, social support in interpersonal communication is the primary driving factor as a coping...
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The Study of the Impact of Covid Pandemic on Higher Education with Reference to Management Institutes in Pune, India

Kirti Dang Longani, Preeti Sharma
The danger of Covid pandemic has reached in every country of the world. India is not exception for this. India is now fighting with this danger to protect its population. Indian government declared lockdown in entire country. During the lockdown period every sector have been adversely affected. Through...
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Social Network Analysis of Citizen Initiated Vaccination Campaigns on Twitter

Astri Yogatama, Indar Sugiarto, Agustinus Bimo Gumelar
During the Covid-19 pandemic, opinions in the form of hashtags related to the early vaccination period are trending in early 2021. Among those hashtags, two hashtags that will be discussed here are #TolakDivaksinSinovac and #JokowiDivaksin. In this paper, those hashtags will be analyzed in the context...
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Aisyiyah’s Involvement in the Prevention of Violence Againt Women

Study on Aisyiyah’s Anti-Violent Activities in Bekonang, Sukoharjo

Kuswardani Kuswardani, Syaifuddin Zuhdi, Andria Luhur Prakosa, Marisa Kurnianingsih
As a human rights violation and societal sickness, violence against women must be addressed by both the state and society at large. ‘Aisyiyah’s role in reducing violence against women was examined in this research in light of the organization’s role as a women’s organization. ‘Aisyiyah’s policies were...
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Ritual Communication and Disasters Preparedness in the Slope of Merapi Volcano

Vinisa Nurul Aisyah
This paper explores how ritual communication as cultural behavior in the slopes of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Symbolic interactionism theory is used to understand the forms and meanings of ritual communication that are associated with disaster preparation through qualitative research. The unique...
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Framing Indonesian Women Leaders During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Mass Media

Novi Setya Ningrum, Vinisa Nurul Aisyah
The reality of women in political leadership is constructed by the mass media, which is then conveyed to the public. Often, the media places women as sexual objects that focus on body shape. On the other hand, the media has the power to influence public opinion, which raises the question of how the media...
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Legal Protection of Wife as a Victim of Sexual Violence from Positive Law and Human Rights Perspective

Luthfiyyah Amalina Husna, Muchamad Iksan, Arief Budiono
This research was conducted based on violent incidents often experienced by women in the domestic sector. As wives, women are often forced to undergo various obligations, while their rights are often neglected. Domestic violence is not a new event for Indonesian people, one of which is sexual violence...
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Comparison of the Rape Law in the Indonesian Penal Code and the Indian Penal Code

Yayi Purwati, Kuswardani Kuswardani, Arief Budiono
Rape is a crime that violates women’s rights as human beings which are exacerbating. This article aims to examine the differences and similarities in the regulation of rape between the Indonesian Penal Code and the Indian Penal Code. This research is normative or commonly referred to as library research...
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Semiotic Analysis of Women’s Representation in the Animated Disney Film Raya and The Last Dragon

Salsabila Kamila Wardah, Rina Sari Kusuma
The stereotype inherent in society is that women are vulnerable, inferior, and frequently depend on men. Similar to what is shown by the media, including films, the plot often discredits women in the public sphere, only focuses on domestic work, and does not highlight their competent side. As the largest...
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Semiotic Analysis of Mental Disorders in BTS Magic Shop Lyrics

Verisa Rizki Amara, Rina Sari Kusuma
This article examines the meaning of mental health in the lyrics of the BTS’s song Magic Shop with Roland Barthes’ semiotic analysis. The meanings obtained through this analysis are connotation, denotation, and myth. The research method used a qualitative method with an interpretive approach, while the...
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Interpersonal Communication of Parents to Children with Special Needs in Assisting the Implementation Distance Learning

Lisa Dwi Puspitasari, Palupi Palupi
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on many fields, including education. Learning activities are shifted from face-to-face learning into distance learning using online media. Due to this situation, parents encounter challenges regarding their role in accompanying their children with special needs...
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Representation of a Healthy Lifestyle in Lemonilo Noodles Advertisement “Lemonilo Towards a Great Generation”

Ginindya Nugra Widyasari, Yudha Wirawanda
Lemonilo has promoted one of its products, namely instant noodles, through advertisements. This half-minute advertisement is attractive to the public. The researchers assume that it is because some of the scenes and dialogues really describe the habits and apply a healthy lifestyle. Hence, this study...
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The Social Class Representation in the Heidi Film

Roland Barthes Semiotic Analysis

Diva Anjani, Fajar Junaedi
Film and reality partake are engaged a relationship. It shows that film is a representational practice that relates the text with reality. The reality that appears and is raised in the film emerges from personal views or prejudices against the social issues raised. In this study, prejudice against social...
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The Childfree Phenomenon in the Perspective of Human Rights and Maqashid Al-Shari’ah

Dania Nalisa Indah, Syaifuddin Zuhdi
This research aims to find out the human rights and maqashid al-shari’ah perspectives on the growing childfree phenomenon in Indonesia. The research employed empirical or field methods, with primary data obtained by distributing online questionnaires to 62 respondents obtained through random sampling....
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Conflict Management Strategies for Children of Interfaith Marriages in Religious Decision Making

Nisful Laili, Rina Sari Kusuma
Interfaith marriage is a form of pluralism development in Indonesia. This, however, creates a conflict for someone who chooses to marry someone of a different religion, such as when choosing a child’s religion. Parents will decide the religion of their children when they are still a baby. However, when...
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Communication of Overseas Daughters with Their Parents

Rafa Indira Dini, Rina Sari Kusuma
Currently, many young people are willing to do anything to continue their studies, including leaving their houses. This study aims to identify the interpersonal communication of daughters with their parents who convey long-distance care because they move to other islands to continue their higher education...
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Birth Certificate Standing in Proof of Inheritance in The District Court

Study of Decision No. 49/Pdt.G/2016/Pn.Skh

Winda Permata Sari, Aristya Windiana Pamuncak, Marisa Kurnianingsih
Indonesia is a state of law that is just. Conflicts or disputes in the community are expected to be resolved through an institution called the Judicial Institution. This institution is expected to decide justly on a dispute. Justice, as expected by the community, can be realized if there is an authentic...
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Group Communication in Community Empowerment Through Mandiri Waste Bank Program Dukuh Santren, Srebegan Village, Ceper Subdistrict, Klaten Regency

Muhamad Ahsan Tamim, Sidiq Setyawan
The waste problem can be found in almost all layers of society and the environment requires concern from society to participate in protecting the environment from the dangers posed by waste. The communication used in this community empowerment is group communication. In this study, group communication...
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Settlement of Industrial Relations Disputes Through Peace Agreements

A Case Study of Termination of Employment at PT. Tyfountex Indonesia

Alfath Sartanto, Aristya Windiana Pamuncak, Marisa Kurnianingsih
Industrial relations are a close relationship between workers/laborers and employers based on various special regulations attached to both parties. Industrial relations disputes occur due to differences of opinion between the company and workers/labor regarding the dispute over the rights and obligations...
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The Implementation of Chaos Theory of Law on The Village Government System in Indonesia

Hadis Turmudi, Kelik Wardiono, Harun Harun, Khudzaifah Dimyati
Legal pluralism in Indonesian villages colors and influences the development of national law. The existence of local laws has long influenced the village government system and its diversity. This has an impact on the legal system in village government in the archipelago. This research investigated the...
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The Islamic Legal Maxims in Consideration of Religious Court Judge

Syaifuddin Zuhdi, Rizki Widyawati
Court decisions are statements of the judges stated in written form and expected to generate conviction on the truth of legal cases in the proper application of legislation in cases that have been judged. A decision of legal considerations should contain main issues, juridical analysis of all facts that...
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Juridical Overview of Under Hand Lease Agreement

Shyntanulloh Septi Songgo Langit, Wardah Yuspin, Aristya Windiana Pamuncak, Arief Budiono
House renting becomes an alternative for people who have limited funds to own a house. The legal form of a house renting contract between a lessor and a lessee requires an agreement. The private deed becomes one of its legal forms. This research aims to determine the process of a private deed agreement,...
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The Urgency of Penal Mediation in Equitable Criminal Law Reform

Nur Isti Qomatun Nafi’a, Kuswardani Kuswardani, Andria Luhur Prakosa
Regulations regarding the protection of the status, rights, and concern of victims are no longer sufficient. Victims who have suffered damages due to the actions of the crime perpetrators cannot voice their rights and concerns. Therefore, criminal law reform is urgently required to fulfill the balance...