Proceedings of the International Conference of CELSciTech 2019 - Science and Technology track (ICCELST-ST 2019)

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Identification of the Success of Learning Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan Using Machine Learning

Edi Ismanto, Eka Pandu Cynthia
Learning Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan (AIK) is one of the compulsory learning in all levels of Muhammadiyah education which has the general goal of forming human learners who are pious, noble, advanced and superior in science and technology as the embodiment of tajdid amar makruf nahi mungkar. In order...
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Implementation of Augmentative & Alternative Communication Methods in Mobile Applications for Therapy of Autism Spectrum Disorder Patients

Evans Fuad, Rahmad Gunawan, Fitri Indra Yani
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is an overall developmental disorder that causes delays in social skills, communication, and behavior in children, so it is very influential in academic and non-academic results. In this case some parents of children with ASD get difficulty to communicate and understand...
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Analysis and Design of Calories Burning Calculation in Jogging Using Thresholding Based Accelerometer Sensor

Finanta Okmayura, Noverta Effendi, Witri Ramadhani, Adlian Jefiza
Jogging has many benefits, and one of them is to lose weight. Calories burned while jogging cause weight loss 90% more than just walking alone. The fact that often happens is that someone is exercising by forcing his body that has passed his normal threshold. This results in over or lower combustion...
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Server Virtualization Acquisition Using Live Forensics Method

Soni, Yudi Prayudi, Bambang Sugiantoro, Didik Sudyana, Harun Mukhtar
Server virtualization is a technology that can run multiple operating systems simultaneously on one computer. The emergence of server virtualization invites a new crime gap that is different from the challenge of finding clues and digital evidence in uncovering cases of crime. This certainly makes it...
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Design of E-Learning Structure Model based on Artificial Intelligence for Constructivism Learning Theory

Rahmad Al Rian, Kasman Rukun, Refdinal, Melly Novalia, Vitriani, Pratama Benny Herlandy
The constructivism learning model can be used to form students' critical thinking skills through knowledge formation with the guidance of a mentor. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 presents challenges to constructivism learning models to be able to apply e-learning. The e-learning process through information...
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Preparation of Porous Hydroxyapatite Bodies Using Bamboo and Rattan Templates

Ahmad Fadli, Komalasari, Feblil Huda, Zultinar, Toni Ardi, Agung Prabowo, Deska
Hydroxyapatite (HA) has been widely used as bone graft in form of porous HA/scaffold. This research has a purpose to fabricate HA scaffold by using different biotemplates and determine which biotemplate will give well pore structure on produced HA scaffold. First, HA scaffold obtained used bamboo template....
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Effect of pH Value and Doxorubicin/Hydroxyapatite Ratio on the Release of Doxorubicin from Hydroxyapatite Surface in Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS)

Ahmad Fadli, Silvia Reni Yenti, Rozanna Sri Irianty, Nursyaniati, Ulfah Naida Marbun
Hydroxyapatite (HA) can be used as drug delivery material in cancer treatment by adsorption of cancer drugs such as doxorubicin (DOX) to hydroxyapatite surface. This experiment studied the effect of pH value and DOX/HA ratio on the release rate of doxorubicin from hydroxyapatite in phosphate buffered...
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Design and Manufacturing of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) System Using R-134a as Working Fluid with Solar Collector as Source Energy

Awaludin Martin, Clinton Naibaho, Iwan Kurniawan, Romy
Renewable energy sources such as solar heat, wind energy, geothermal, biomass and exhaust heat is one way to overcome the crisis of energy and environment in the world. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is a power generation system modified from Rankine Cycle by using organic liquid with low boiling point...
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Design of Hybrid System Power Management Based on Load Demand Using Operational Control System

Zulfatman Has, Fachmy Faizal, Nurhadi
Renewable energy is a limited energy source that involves of sunshine, wind, and water. It’s normally used as sources of renewable power plants. Despite of its advantages, these power plants also contribute some disadvantages, such as high generation costs, highly dynamic behavior, etc. The disadvantages...
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Single Phase Induction Motor with 4 Windings Design and Current Control in Auxiliary Winding

Zuriman Anthony, Erhaneli, Fauzan Ismail
A single phase induction motor usually has two windings, the main and auxiliary windings. The winding design was more complicated than the poly-phase induction motor. Because of that, this study was aimed to show a new design that simply by using 4 windings in the stator. This study was focused to design...
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Analysis of Corn Starch Additives against Filtration Loss and Drilling Mud Rheology

Novrianti, Idham Khalid, Dedi Sufiandi, Aivo Tritasani
One of the problems that is very avoided when oil and gas drilling operations is the filtration loss. The usual and often used additive to overcome this problem is the Carboxymethil Cellulose (CMC) where the CMC is relatively expensive, so research needs to be done using alternative materials or natural...
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A Short Review on the Cost, Design, Materials and Challenges of the Prosthetics Leg Development and Usage

Azureen Naja Amsan, Ahmad Kafrawi Nasution, Muhammad Hanif Ramlee
Prosthetic is an artificial limb that helps an individual with amputation to restore the lost part of the body and neuroskeletomotor function. The existence of prosthetic makes it possible for individual with amputation to perform their daily task and remove the barrier of social participation. An ideal...
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Failure Analysis of Condenser Tube in Unit 1 of the Tenayan Steam Power Plant 2 X 110 MW

Nur Rohman Aziz, Ahmad Kafrawi Nasution, Ridwan Abdurrahman
This study conducted a failure analysis of the condenser tube in unit 1 of the Tenayan Steam Power Plant. It started from the inspection in the first year after the commercial off date (COD) where there is a leaky tube, so there is further suspicion. Various tests and analysis are carried out such as...
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Design of 2-Phenylamino Benzothiopyrano [4,3-D] Pyrimidines Compound as an Anticancer

Jufrizal Syahri, Rahmadini Syafri, Hasmalina Nasution, Della Pratiwi, Emmy Yuanita, Beta Achromi Nurohmah
In this study, the design of benzothiopyrano pyrimidine derivatives as an anticancer was carried out using the Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) method. The method used for calculation of the properties was semiempirical Austin Model 1 (AM1), and the activity data (GI50) was obtained...
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Manganese Oxide Synthesis of Birnessite Type Using Sol-Gel Method for Methylene Blue Degradation

Prasetya, Yola Prihardini Sasqia Putri, Yuhelson, Amir Awaluddin
The need for catalysts for effective and environmentally friendly waste degradation is increasing. Manganese oxide has a layered structure which is theoretically capable of producing catalysis properties. The synthesis was done through variation of mole ratio of precursors and time of washing. The variations...
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Utilization of Blood Cockle Shell (Anadara Granosa) Waste and Silica Sand in Manufacturing Calcium Silicate as Fillers in Paper Making Industry

Rahmadini Syafri, Hasmalina Nasution, Antonius Manurung
This research aims to utilize blood cockle shell waste and silica sand as a new innovation in the manufacture of calcium silicate minerals which were used as fillers in paper making industry. In this study the manufacture of calcium silicate mineral fillers (CaSiO3) used solid state reaction technique...
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Effect of Flouride Acid Activation of Natural Bentonite on Bleaching of Palm Oil

Sri Hilma Siregar, Wirdati Irma, Fitra Perdana, Jusnita, Olif Syahbella
A natural bentonite from Indonesia was activated with 1 % of fluoride acid. In characterizing the activated and raw clay samples, XRD, BET and infrared spectroscopy were utilized. Bleached oil was analysed to find out peroxide value content, the percentage of colour reduction (%CR), acid value as well...
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Local Wisdom of Riau Mascot Flora (Oncosperma Tigillarium (jack) ridl.) In Baganbatu, Bengkalis District Riau Indonesia

Desti, Fitmawati, Putri Ade Rahma Yulis, Mayta Novaliza Isda
This research aims to describe the local wisdom of nibung as Riau’s Mascot Flora. The survey method used in this research. The research method used included field observations, discussions and deeply personal interviewed with the local community in Baganbatu Regency, Bengkalis District, Riau Province....
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Growth and Survival Rate of Red Tilapia (Oreochromis Sp.) Cultivated in the Brackish Water Tank under Biofloc System

Iskandar Putra, Irwan Effendi, Iesje Lukistyowati, Usman M Tang
This study is aimed to evaluate the growth and survival rate of red tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) cultivated in a biofloc system brackish water tanks with the addition of different carbon sources. The experimental treatment was addition of different carbon sources to the media, namely molasses (B), tapioca...
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Isolation, Characterization, in Vitro and in Silico Antidiabetic Activity of Bioactive Compound of Katemas Leaves (Euphorbia Heterophylla, L.)

Rahmiwati Hilma, Netti Gustina, Nurlaili, Jufrizal Syahri
The purpose of this study is to isolate, purify and characterize active compounds from E. heterophylla L. plants and to know the antidiabetic activity of pure Katemas (E.heterophylla, L.) leaf compounds in vitro and in silico (molecular docking) through inhibition of alpha glucosidase enzymes. In this...
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Exploration of Antibiotic Producing Bacteria from the Human Beard

Nurfazira, Israwati Harahap, Elsie
This study aims to explore antibiotic producing bacteria from beards, test antibacterial activity on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus and characterize antibiotic producing bacteria from beards. Bacteria were isolated using the pour plate method, and then tested for antibacterial activity on...
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The Prediction of Methane (Ch4) Gas Emission from Muara Fajar Landfill, Pekanbaru Using Dynamic System Model

Sri Fitria Retnawaty, Yulia Fitri, Aifat Zahiroh, Yeeri Badrun
Prediction of methane gas emissions has been made to the Muara Fajar Landfill which is the final disposal site for all waste in the city of Pekanbaru. Prediction was made to find out the amount of methane gas emissions resulting from waste that has been piled up for a long time. The method used for prediction...