Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSEE 2013)

2350 authors
Zhou, Xuyang
Research on Symbol Synchronization Algorithm of LTE System
Zhou, Xuyang
RETRACTION: Constructing IPv6 with Small Local Network
Zhou, Xuyang
Data Mining Improves Pipeline Risk Assessment
Zhou, Yi
Observation on Spammers in Sina Weibo
Zhou, You
Non-ideal SSS Coherent Detection in 3GPP LTE System
Zhou, You
MIMO-OFDM NLOS Identification Algorithm Based on Hypothesis Test
Zhou, Zan
A Real-time Stitching Algorithm for UAV Aerial Images
Zhou, Zeshun
A Hierarchical QoS Routing Protocol for the wireless sensor networks
Zhou, Zhe
An Improved Multistage Variable-step MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic System
Zhou, Zhi
Inhibition of Envelope Correction Method to EMD End Effect
Zhu, Chengwen
SISR based Hidden State Estimation of HMMs with transition density function
Zhu, Chengwen
The parameter’s MCMC estimation of HMMs with transition density function
Zhu, Guojin
Discovering Algorithmic Relationship Between Programming Resources on the Web
Zhu, Haiyan
The Research and Implementation of Nonferrous Metallurgy Informatization Service Platform
Zhu, Honggao
A Video Bit Rate Control Algorithm Based on Weighted Estimate of Image Brightness Difference
Zhu, Honggao
Network Video Transmission Quality Assurance Algorithm Based On Congestion Control
Zhu, Jubo
Eigenvalue Decomposition Based Modified Newton Algorithm
Zhu, Jun
A Study on Turbo Code Performance Based on AWGN Channel
Zhu, Peng
A Study on Turbo Code Performance Based on AWGN Channel
Zhu, Ping
An Efficient and Secure Mutual Authentication with Key Agreement Protocol for Automobile Roaming System
Zhu, Pingfei
Effective Data Localization Using Consistent Hashing in Cloud Time-Series Databases
Zhu, Pingfei
A Novel Dynamic Mind Evolutionary Algorithm for Unit Economic Dispatch Problem
Zhu, Qi
A Cross-Layer Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Based On Minimum Interference Duration
Zhu, Shao-lan
High-precision absolute laser interferometer distance measurement system
Zhu, ShiBen
Design of Monitoring Control System Based on MODBUS for Transformer Measurement Equipment
Zhu, Songhao
A New Kernel Orthogonal Projection Analysis Approach for Face Recognition
Zhu, Tianxiang
Data Mining of the Association Rules Based on the Cloud Database
Zhu, Tianyu
Data mining Approaches in Manpower Evaluation
Zhu, Tianyu
The Nonlinear Dynamics Characteristics of Stock Market and Its Variation
Zhu, Weifeng
Research on Operation Optimization Problem of Material Handling System for Large Ship
Zhu, Weifeng
Model of the equipment selection of material handling system for large ship
Zhu, Xiaohua
Target Detection within Sea Clutter Using the Saturation Phenomenon of Fluctuation Analysis
Zhu, Ying
Design and Implementation of a Quadruple Floating-point Fused Multiply-Add Unit
Zhu, Ying
Object Tracking by Corrected Background-Weighted Histogram Mean Shift with Sum of Gradient Mode
Zhu, Yong-li
Fractional Feature Extraction and Pattern Recognition of Transformer Partial Discharge Sources
Zhu, Yu
QoS Deployment in PTN based Power Communication Networks
Zhu, Zhu
Unsupervised Extrinsic Parameters Calibration for Multi-beam LIDARs
Zhu, Zilan
The Design and Implementation of the Tracking and Monitoring System for Gerocomium based on Semi-active RFID Technology
Zhu, Zongda
Nonlinear Disturbance Observer-enhanced Depth Control for Submarine: A Sum of Squares Technique
Zhuo, Shenglong
Design of Low Power 12.5Gb/s 10:1 Multiplexer
Zi, Yun
The Network Security Management Problem of Library
Zong, Guanghua
Force Control of Electrical Load System Based on Single Neuron PID Adaptive and Repetitive Control
Zong, Guanghua
Design and Application of Large Torque Electrical Load Simulator for Positive and Reverse Operation
Zong, Kai
Zong, Na
The Design of a Hospital Environment Data Acquisition System Based on ARM11 and Embedded Linux
Zong-li, Zhang
An Intrusion Detection Method Study Under the Environment of IPv6
Zou, Lina
The BP Algorithm Model of Evaluating Network Learning Behavior
Zou, Wei
SecGOT: Secure Global Offset Tables in ELF Executables
Zou, Wei
Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System Based on Zigbee
Zuo, Huijun
The Software Requirement Development of Information System