Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSEE 2013)

2350 authors
AO, Wei
Analysis and Design of E-Shaped Dual-frequency Microstrip Antenna Based on CPSO Algorithm
Abayomi, Randle Oluwarotimi
An Overview of Supervised Machine Learning Techniques in Evolving Mancala Game Player
Abdul Alim, Md.
A Fuzzy Based Clustering Protocol for Energy-efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
Ai, Shanshan
The Hardware-In-The-Loop simulation system of the diesel generator set based on the NARMAX model
An, Gang
Analysis of mobile phone camera performance estimation method
An, Li
An Applicable Technical Analysis Based on Accomplishment of Vehicle Troop Monitoring System
An, Xin-yuan
A Method of Traction Partial Jamming on GPS/INS Integrated Navigation
Aqeeli, Mohammed A.
Design of a High Performance 5.2 GHz Low Phase Noise Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using 90nm CMOS Technology
BU, Shupo
A design of multifunctional IPTV STB
Bai, Bing
Multi-agent Simulation for the Adaptive IT Capability based on Swarm
Bai, Qi Feng
Research and Analysis the Performance of NAMD- Molecular Dynamics Simulation Based Multi-core +GPU
Bai, Xiaomei
The Research of Library Digital Resources Retrieval system Integration
Bai, Zhiguo
The design and implementation of forecasting and application system for wind power
Bamodu, Oluleke
Secure Web Based System Development
Bao, Guangyu
Research on Evaluation Model of Situational Awareness for The Grid Information Network
Bao, Hong
Interaction Between Object Detection and Multi-Target Tracking
Bao, Yi
Source Digital Image Identification based on Cross-correlation
Ben, De
Compressed Sensing Trilinear Model-based Angle Estimation for Bistatic MIMO radar
Bi, Jiana
A Reliable and Energy-efficient Traffic Attack Detection Protocol for WSN
Bi, Jianquan
Adaptive Parameter Estimation Based Congestion Avoidance Strategy for DTN
Bi, Zhen-Bo
Thinking of the advance of software development method in the future
Bi, Zhen-Bo
Research on Basic Strategies of Constituting Software Development Method
Bi, Zhen-Bo
Research on Large Space Building Fire Positioning Technology Using Video Surveillance Images
Bian, Xiangjuan
Students’ comprehensive evaluation system based on data mining method
Bin, Binchao
A Fast BPNN Based Image Deblurring Method
Bo, Yu-cheng
Circular Arc Gear Reliability Study Based on Modified FOSM Method
Bo, Yucheng
Fuzzy Reliability Design on Mechanical Components under Normal Distribution Based on Entropy Theory
Bu, Yun
A chaotic prediction algorithm using a new cost function
CAI, Jun
A New Scale Free Evolving Network Model with Community Structure
CAI, Jun
A New Method of Detecting Network Traffic Anomalies
CAO, Huaihu
A Context-aware Member Clustering Algorithm based on ant colony and Genetic optimization for P2P Mobile Social Network
CAO, Jiandong
Study of Measurements for the Image Qualities of 3D TV
CAO, Peng
Circuit design and system error analysis based on MR / GPS combination measuring projectile roll angle
CAO, Zhenzhou
A Multi-resolution Model of Curve for Progressive Transmission over the Internet
CHEN, Hui-Bing
A Static Malicious Javascript Detection Using SVM
CHEN, Naijian
Machine Vision Based Information Collection of Mobile Manipulator for Moving Object Grasping
Bayesian Multi-instance Learning for Image Retrieval with Unlabeled Data
CHEN, Xin-yu
Research on Adaptive Triangular Irregular Network for Virtual Battlefield Terrain
CHENG, Bingyang
Research on Initial Filter Criteria of IP Multimedia Subsystem
CHENG, Bingyang
Design of Reliable Communication Protocol Based on Emergency Satellite Communications Ground Station
On the Research of Adaptive Frequency Hopping in the Wireless Communication
CHENG, Liang
A Multi-resolution Model of Curve for Progressive Transmission over the Internet
CHI, Tao
Silicon detector for the Saline Soil Degree in ETM Image
CHU, Xiaorui
Analysis of Low frequency Oscillation in Power System
CUI, Wei-jia
Spatial Domain Adaptive Transmission Based on Precoding in Cognitive MIMO System
CUI, Yanping
A Method for Generating the Timetable of Double-track Railway Line
Cai, Derong
Based the Morphological Filtering BP Algorithm of SAR Image Recognition
Cai, Guangyou
Research on the effectiveness evaluation method of VLF Communication Jamming
Cai, Guifang
Application of Fuzzy Neural Networks on Missile Launcher Fault Prediction
Cai, Jichen
Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System Based on Zigbee
Cai, Kunyu
A Fingertip and Webbed Point Detection Method Based on K-vector and K-medoids Clustering Algorithm
Cai, Kunyu
A Hand Direction Vector Extraction Method Based on K Vector and K-medoids Clustering Algorithm
Cai, Lushen
Adaptive Driving Speed Guiding to Avoid Red Traffic Lights
Cai, Mengmeng
An Improved Multistage Variable-step MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic System
Cai, Miao
Research of Cloud Security Communication Firewall Based on Android Platform
Cai, Qian
Design of Software Defined Radio Platform Resource Model Based on SCA
Cai, Xiaoyan
SISR based Hidden State Estimation of HMMs with transition density function
Cai, Xun
ELIC and Streamline Injection Based High Quality Visualization for Time-Dependent Surface Flow Field
Cai, Zehua
A Data Storage and Management Scheme in Cloud Storage Model
Cao, Bin
Computer-Assisted Percutaneous Renal Access Using Intraoperative Ultrasonography
Cao, Chenjie
Spatial-Temporal Data Model on Emergency : A Review
Cao, Fangfang
The Strategy Of Ontology-based Semantic Replica In Cloud Storage
Cao, Huijian
An Improved Algorithm Research of Transit Signal Priority Based on Bi-objective Optimization Model
Cao, Jiandong
A design of multifunctional IPTV STB
Cao, Lei
Research on Simulation of Grid Communication Network
Cao, Neng
Modeling and Analysis of Grid-Connected Inverter for PV Generation
Cao, Ning
A Novel Grey Game-Theoretic Model for Intrusion Detection in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Cao, Ning
Cubic with Faster Convergence: An Improved Cubic Fast Convergence Mechanism
Cao, Qing
Study on Mobile Learning Platform based on Wireless communication
Cao, Qing
Multi-agent Based Modeling Simulation about VANET
Cao, Shuguo
Grade Exam Management System Design And Implementation Based on ADO.NET
Cao, Ting
Value Analysis of Transmission Distance in Urban Vehicular Networks
Cao, Wenqing
A Dynamic Responding Characteristic Non-linear Analyzing Method of Cryogenic Valve
Cao, Yajun
Modeling and Analysis of Grid-Connected Inverter for PV Generation
Cao, Zhi Wen
The Improvement Algorithm of Wavelet in Spectral Analysis
Cehn, Ligen
A virtualization-based method for analysis of Cisco IOS
Chai, Jianping
Design and Implementation of Broadcasting and Television Decision Support System module for Personalized Programs Recommendation
Chang, Xu
Chang, Yanjun
The computer virtual reality technology in the application of sports training
Chao, Yongjin
A Prediction Model for Electromagnetic Radiation of Multi- system Base Station
Chen, Bin
The Design of Motor Control System in Portable Ventilators
Chen, Chun-Ming
Analysis and Design of E-Shaped Dual-frequency Microstrip Antenna Based on CPSO Algorithm
Chen, Chun-liang
Construction of Army Equipment Support Transformation Demonstration System Based on Integration
Chen, Chun-ming
Design and realization of CNG intelligent monitoring system
Chen, Chun-yan
Research on the DFT for Mixed-Signal Circuits
Chen, Chunliang
the Planning of Maintenance Support Capabilities of the Wartime Armored Equipment Autonomic Logistic System Based on QFD
Chen, Chunyu
Application of image processing to the vehicle license plate recognition
Chen, Deli
Inner-Cluster Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Chen, Donglin
The Experimental Teaching Based on Hybrid Cloud Management System Research
Chen, Gang
Design of Terahertz-Wave Transmission Imaging System
Chen, Ge
Real-time Simulation of Large Bodies of Ocean Surface Based on Tessellation and Concurrent Kernels
Chen, GuoTai
Design of a 2.5GHz Beam Scanning Antenna Array Controlled by Voltage Based on CRLH TL
Chen, Guojin
Study on the Multi-domain Modeling and Optimization Designing Method for the Band Sawing Equipment
Chen, H.
Automatic gauge control hydraulic cylinder state identification using modified image based acoustic emission profile
Chen, Hai
Cubature Kalman Particle Filters
Chen, Hai-bo
The Whole Trajectory Simulation of Cruise Missile Based on Inertial Navigation Error Model
Chen, Hanlin
Fault Analysis of AC Uninterruptible Power Supply System in Gas Pipeline Compressor Station
Chen, Hao
Fuzzy Control for Two-degree of Freedom Point Light Source Tracking System Based on Digital Signal Processor
Chen, He
Downlink Performance of Cooperative Distributed Antenna Systems over Nakagami-m Fading Channels in Multi-cell Environment
Chen, He
Uplink Throughput of Multi-cell Processing with HDAF Cooperation Between Mobiles