Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSEE 2013)

2350 authors
DU, Xin
Study on Cooperative Control Strategy of Back-to-Back Dual-PWM Converter based on power Feedforward
DU, Yuyue
Research on Web3D in Distributed Monitoring and Control Systems
DU, Zhong-Wei
Development of waveform digitizing system for neutron detector
DUAN, Xiuyun
Research on Method of Random Error Separation Based on Wavelet Transform and Frequency bands Character
Dai, Hui
A Q-learning-Based Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Algorithm
Dai, Jian
A Novel Moving Object Trajectories Clustering Approach for Very Large Datasets
Dai, Qiongxing
Detection of Information Hiding by Modulating Intra Prediction Modes in H.264/AVC
Dai, Wei
A Improved Network Risk Assessment Model Based on HMM
Debnath, Joyati
A Methodology Based on Business Intelligence for the Development of Predictive Applications in Self-Adapting Environments
Debnath, N.
Trust in Cyberspace: New Information Security Paradigm
Deng, Baosong
Visualization of Vector Data on Global Scale Terrain
Deng, Haojiang
Detection of Information Hiding by Modulating Intra Prediction Modes in H.264/AVC
Deng, Qingxu
Design and Implementation of the CNC Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things
Deng, Sijian
Sensitivity analysis of parameter variation in T network impedance-matching
Deng, Xiuquan
Multi-agent Simulation for the Adaptive IT Capability based on Swarm
Di, Guoqiang
A Review of Checkpointing Strategies for Mobile Networks
Ding, Guoqiang
Research the key technologies of the Mongolian full-text retrieval based on Lucene
Ding, Jin-Kou
An Improved Dynamic ID-based Remote User Authentication with Key Agreement Scheme for Multi-server Environment
Ding, Lili
Application of ANN in Hydraulic Pressure Control Fault Diagnosis System
Ding, Ling
The Research on Road Congestion Of Pre-diversion Method
Ding, Qiao
Research of Cloud Security Communication Firewall Based on Android Platform
Ding, Qiaolin
Research on the distribution automation system based on IEC61850
Ding, Renjie
A Novel three-phase unbalance Control Strategy of SST under Passive Microgrid
Ding, Shu-chun
Methods for Determining Differences of Attribute Weight between Evidences In Bridge Assessment
Ding, Shuchun
Research of Transport Junctions of Flow Analysis Algorithm based on Decision-making Theory
Ding, Xiaoli
Research on Visualization Conference Cooperative Work Platform based on CSCW
Ding, Yan-song
Dsign of Low-voltage Power Supply Drive Circuit Based on the Piezoelectric Ceramic Transformer
Ding, Yongsheng
An Improved D-S Evidence Theory based on Genetic Algorithm to VIP Intelligent Recognition and Recommendation System
Ding, Yukui
Construction of distributed computer test system of the ammunition warehouse based on the grid technology
Dong, Chunkeng
A reduced LTP coding on spatial interest points for Human Action Recognition
Dong, Mingming
Feasibility Study of Application of PRT at a Tourism Island
Dong, Peichao
Fuzzy Control for Two-degree of Freedom Point Light Source Tracking System Based on Digital Signal Processor
Dong, Tianlin
Exact Analysis of the Main Bistatic Scattering Area on Sea Surface
Dong, Wenbo
The Method of Positioning Error Measuring Compensation of the Multiple-Target Motion Simulation System Based on Neural Network
Dong, Xin
Saliency-Based Adaptive Object Extraction for Color Underwater Images
Dong, Yan
Application and Research on Data Mining Technology in the Hospital Information System
Dong, Yongfeng
Research and Design on Vision System of the Mobile Robot
Dong, Yunfeng
The Research and Application of Improved Decision Tree Algorithm in University Performance Analysis
Dong, Zhanyong
Design and Implementation of USB-based Microwave Power Sensor
Du, Baorui
An algorithm for surface segmentation of aircraft structural parts
Du, Chao
A Scalable Video Encryption Algorithm for H.264/SVC
Du, Feng
Steganalysis of LSB Matching in WAV Audio
Du, LiPing
Research on Micro-Certificate based Authentication Protocol
Du, Liping
Design of A Micro SD Card based Security Middleware for M-Commerce
Du, Liping
Research on Secure Transmission Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network
Du, Xin
A Source-Filter Model-Based Unvoiced Speech Detector for Speech Coding
Duan, Fei
Design of A Micro SD Card based Security Middleware for M-Commerce
Duan, Hong
A Method of Gesture Segmentation Based on Skin Color and Background Difference Method
Duan, Hong
A Fingertip and Webbed Point Detection Method Based on K-vector and K-medoids Clustering Algorithm
Duan, Hong
A Hand Direction Vector Extraction Method Based on K Vector and K-medoids Clustering Algorithm
Duan, Hong
A Gestures Trajectory Recognition Method Based on DTW
Duan, Hong
A Algorithm for Static Gesture recognition Using combination of object features
Duan, Lei
SecGOT: Secure Global Offset Tables in ELF Executables
Duan, Ran
Design and Implementation of Remote Control Software for Nuclear Inspecting Devices
Duan, Xiaohui
Design of Handheld Test Equipment For High Performance Network over Coax
Duan, Xiaojun
Eigenvalue Decomposition Based Modified Newton Algorithm
Duan, Yanqing
Application of Binary System to Information Table Based on Rough Set
E, Xu
A Reliable and Energy-efficient Traffic Attack Detection Protocol for WSN
Er, Nie
An Intelligent Test Paper Generating Algorithm Based on Maximum Coverage of Knowledge Points
FANG, Fang
A Study of The Peak Boundary Method and Effect Evaluation Based on NaI(TI) Detector for -Spectrum Analysis
FANG, Zhao-Lin
A Static Malicious Javascript Detection Using SVM
FENG, Cheng-xu
An Energy-Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
FENG, Guofu
Silicon detector for the Saline Soil Degree in ETM Image
FU, Chao
Study on Cooperative Control Strategy of Back-to-Back Dual-PWM Converter based on power Feedforward
FU, Chao
Research on deadbeat Current Control Strategy of Three-Phase PWM Voltage Source Rectifier
FU, Chao
A Novel Control Strategy for Three-phase Rectifier
FU, Ming
A novel Fingerprint Image Preprocessing Algorithm
Fahn, Chin-Shyurng
A Machine Learning Algorithm of Human-Computer-Interface Application-An AdaRank Model Approach to Facial Expression Recognition
Fan, Guidan
Research of POS Tagging Rules Mining Algorithm
Fan, Ming
Multi-Label Classification via Manipulating Labels
Fan, Ming
Multi-path Decision Tree
Fan, Tai-zhi
Computing optimzation methods for 3D real-time computer generated hologram
Fan, Wei
A model for airline seat control considering risk and discount
Fan, Xiaohui
Run-time Leakage Reduction in Near-threshold Circuits with Gate-length Biasing Techniques
Fan, Xiaohui
Low-Power Near-threshold MOS Current Mode Logic with Power-Gating Techniques
Fan, Zhanqi
A Robust Large Envelope Flight Controller Design Method based on the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Fan, Zhenke
Enhanced Fast Association for 802.15.4e-2012 DSME MAC Protocol
Fang, Biao
Link 11 Network Simulation Based on OMNeT++
Fang, Biao
An Energy-Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Fang, Hui
Study on the Physical Model and Experiments of MIMO Theory
Fang, Jian
A Trappy Alpha-Beta Search Algorithm in Chinese Chess Computer Game
Fang, Jian
Comparative Analysis of Continuous Entropy Estimation with Different Unsupervised Discretization Methods
Fang, Xin-yue
Rapidity Optimization of the Aircraft Carrier Based on the Minimum Resistance
Fang, Xu
Research on Symbol Synchronization Algorithm of LTE System
Fang, Yuzhuo
All Night Analysis of Snoring Signals by Formant Features
Fang, Z.J.
Contrast Enhancement and Optimization for Underwater Images
Fang, Zhen
A Platform for 3G and Internet-Based Healthcare System
Faro, Alberto
Location based services for mobile users: a scenario based implementation account
Feng, Chengxu
Link 11 Network Simulation Based on OMNeT++
Feng, Haikuan
Comparative analysis of three regression methods for the winter wheat biomass estimation using hyperspectral measurements
Feng, Hanxi
A Hardware Design of EDT Algorithm Applied to Binary Images
Feng, Hong-cai
Shot Boundary Detection Algorithm Based on Multi-Feature Fusion
Feng, Hua-Li
Face Recognition based on Modular 2DPCA and Contextual Constraints based Kernel Discriminant Analysis
Feng, Jun
Design of Low Power 12.5Gb/s 10:1 Multiplexer
Feng, NAN
Identification of the D-S evidence conflict based on multi-source information
Feng, Qi
A Video Bit Rate Control Algorithm Based on Weighted Estimate of Image Brightness Difference
Feng, Qi
Network Video Transmission Quality Assurance Algorithm Based On Congestion Control
Feng, Qi
Shot Boundary Detection Algorithm Based on Multi-Feature Fusion
Feng, Shu-Rong
An efficient and provably secure certificateless short signature scheme
Feng, Wei
Orientation estimation for corner detection