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WITHDRAWN: Research on Digital Audio Authenticity Analysis

Hong Guo, Yin Zhang
With the rapid development of digital multimedia technology, digital signal processing increased the potential for economically and efficiently editing and manipulating recorded audio material, which reduced the reliability of the audio evidence. This paper discusses the "authenticity" of audio forensic,...
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An on-Chip Clock Controller for Testing Fault in System on Chip

Wei Lin, Wen-Long Shi
In this paper, an on-chip clock (OCC) controller with bypass function based on an internal phase-locked loop (PLL) is designed to test the faults in system on chip (SOC), such as the transition-delay faults and the stuck-at faults. A clock chain logic which can eliminate the metastable state is realized...
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A Study on Turbo Code Performance Based on AWGN Channel

Peng Zhu, Jun Zhu, Xiang Liu
Turbo codes have a wide range of applications in 3G mobile communications, deep-sea communications, satellite communications and other power constrained fields. In the paper, the Turbo Code Decoding Principle and several major decoding methods are introduced. Simulations of Turbo code performance under...
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The Application of Authorware to the English Teaching in the Multimedia Environment

Xu Tian, Yanling Lv
The development of multimedia technology in computer science enriches the traditional English teaching methods. As soon as the new technology applies to the English teaching, it arouses the attention and is welcomed by the English teaching professors both abroad and at home. At present, the multimedia...
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Resource-sharing Construction of Area E-government Information Based on Cloud-computing

Linna Huang, Baoguo Gu
Cloud computing, with superior computing power, low-cost and high-security, will be applied to the resource-sharing area of E-government information with great significance and value. From the point of theory, technology and practice, it is scientifically feasible to build a cloud-based E-government...
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Weight Set Of State Estimation Based on Partition

Jiayi Zang
In power system state estimation, bad data of local area can make state estimation difficult, and accuracy of measurement can also have great influence on the result of state estimation. Based on grid partition, this paper forms a lot of independent sub area, then measurement weights are adjusted using...
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Research of Shielding Effectiveness of Metallic Experiment Box Based on Modal Method of Moments

Guishu Xia, Chao Zhou
In this paper, electric field shielding effectiveness (SE) of metallic experiment box with apertures illuminated by vertical polarization plane wave has been studied by using modal method of moment technique. Electric field SE has been calculated at three different points on the same plane inside enclosure....
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A Pneumatic Miniature Robotic Control System Based on Improved Single Neural Network PID Control

Wen Li, Hong-Min Li
At present pneumatic miniature robotic control system usually adopts PID control strategy. The basic PID control strategy has its limitations. To cope with this problem, a lot of methods to optimize this strategy have been researched. In the paper an improved single neural network PID control strategy...
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A digital watermark algorithm based on DCT and improved Watson perceptual model

Shaoyu Chen, Xinwei Wang
An adaptive image watermarking algorithm is proposed based on block Discrete Cosine Transformation(DCT) and the improved perceptual model of Human Visual system(HVS).At first, the digital watermark is transformed by Arnold, then it is effective to make full use of the improved perceptual model in DCT...
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A Programmable Approach to Evaluate Ramanujan Sums

Lina Zhou, Zulin Wang, Jiadong Shang, Lei Zhao, Song Pan
Ramanujan sums, which have been widely researched in mathematics, recently began to attract more attentions in signal processing and communications. The traditional methods to get the values of Ramanujan sums follow the definition and formulas in number theory, both of which need factorization information....
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Improvements of RSA algorithm for hardware encryption implementation based on FPGA

Youguo Li
In the field of information security, encryption and decryption operations in RSA cryptographic algorithm are both modular exponentiation. The direct computing method to implement this algorithm through software programming is to multiply M e times with iteration statements and later make modulo operations....
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Status and Design of Digital Oilfield

Xiaohong Xu, Hu Tian, Jilin Fu, Zhihua Sun, Xin Xu
At present, the global petroleum exploration and production enterprises are all faced with dual huge pressures which are to lower operating costs and improve labor productivity, but the appearance of digital oilfield let these companies find a silver lining. This paper expounds the difficulties that...
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The Application of GIS in The Digital Oilfield Construction

Xiaohong Xu, Yanlin Shao, Jilin Fu, Zhihua Sun, Xin Xu
In the 21 century, the construction of oil and gas resources information system has stepped into the mature and development stage, However,it also faces two technical difficulties: multi-data integration and the integration of attribute information and location information.This paper analyzes the technical...
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Simulation Algorithm of Naval Vessel Radiation Noise

Jun XIE, Liang-long DA
Propeller cavitation noise continuous spectrum results from noise radiated from random collapses of a large number of cavitation bubbles. In consideration of randomicity of initial collapse of cavitation bubbles and similarity of frequency spectrums of various cavitation bubble radiated noises, theoretical...
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A Hardware Design of EDT Algorithm Applied to Binary Images

Hanxi Feng, Liping Tang, Peifeng Zeng
In this paper, a hardware Euclidean distance transform (EDT) algorithm is proposed. The binary image data of each row are independent. For a binary image, the row distances and column distances are separately calculated. By taking the advantage of these two characteristics, a parallel EDT circuit based...
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Sensitivity analysis of parameter variation in T network impedance-matching

Jianwen Tan, Sijian Deng, Fangwei Ye, Chunliang Zhao, Deping Zeng
In the practical application of passive network impedance matching, variations in component tolerance, process, and load impedance may make the performance of impedance-matching network deviate from the designed or simulated result. The current work investigates the effect of these parameter variations...
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Design and Implementation of Teaching and Training System Based on Radar Hardware-in-loop Simulation

Jun LUO, Ji-shan ZHANG, Wen-jun LU, Shuang-xi SUN, Dong-hui PENG
On the basis of a certain type of radar is proposed to establish based on C / S architecture, teaching and training loop simulation of radar system design. System prototype developed by the host analog receiver with the received signal, and display the data passed to the client, and then displayed by...
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A Method for Parallel Arc Fault Detection and Identification

Yuan Wu, Zhengxiang Song, Jianhua Wang
Every year, fires bring great loss and damage, and arc faults is one of main causes. But it is identified that the conventional circuit breakers fail to interrupt the circuit when an arc fault occurs. It is necessary to find new protecting techniques to improve the safety of circuits and reduce the probability...
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Study on Method of Underwater Electromagnetic Target Dimension Recognition

Zhiliang Ren, Siwei Tan, Changcun Sun, Jiong Sun
The detection range and the equipment-target encounter speed are key factors to the capability of target dimension recognition in an underwater electromagnetic detection system. In view of that, a novel dimension recognition method based on the detection range and the encounter speed extracting was proposed...
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Silicon detector for the Saline Soil Degree in ETM Image

Tao CHI, Song ZHANG, Guofu FENG
A silicon photoconductor apparatus having improved efficiency in infrared radiation detection by sandblasting the reflective surface of the apparatus and thereby creating a near-infinite number of reflecting angles and a corresponding multiplication of quantum energy yield. This article describes its...
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Based on the Quickbird remote-sensing image of Aoshan vegetation extraction

Xue-xian Li, Guang-wei Wang, Hong-jun Pan, Chang-song Qi
On the analysis of terrain spectral features of Aoshan remote-sensing image, we identify spectral differences between the vegetation and other surface features, it combines mathematical morphology with vegetation distribution planning to complete the vegetation area extraction. Thus it can effectively...
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Application of AHP to security protection ability comprehensive evaluation during classified evaluation

Jing Yuan, Weihong Ren
On the basis of analyzing the situation of classified evaluation, this paper brings forward a security protection ability evaluating indicators system based on AHP. According to the algorithm of AHP, the hierarchical architecture, the computing method of indicator weights and synthetic weight are established....
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Visualization of Vector Data on Global Scale Terrain

Baosong Deng, Dong Xu, Jinxia Zhang, Chiyang Song
Vector represents a major category of data managed by GIS, which is traditionally used for representing geographic entities such as political borders, roads, rivers and cadastral information. In this paper we present a key data structure and associated render-time algorithm for the combined display of...
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Fire Fighting Equipment Management Based on Grid Technology

Xianghui He, Qingying Zhang
This paper put forward the new idea of combining the fire equipment with grid technology in order to improve the efficiency of the fire fighting equipment management, as well as to ensure effective supervision of fire fighting equipment.
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Distributed Collaborative DDoS detection method based on traffic classification features

Zeyu Xiong, Yongjun Wang, XiaoFeng Wang
This paper classifies the DDoS attack prevention technology from the view of defense stage and defensive position. DDoS attacks have relatively low proportion of normal flow in the boundary network at the attack traffic, and the characteristics of the network are not very obviously. For these characteristics,...
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The Research and Application of Improved Decision Tree Algorithm in University Performance Analysis

Wushi Gao, Yunfeng Dong, Kan Li
with the promoting of education informationization process, more and more complex data is accumulated, the data mining techniques used in education. The work, that finding in hidden and useful information to guide education from large number of educational data, will be helpful to the education reform...
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A 3D Simulation approach of Pool Fire

Jianfeng Zhou
Pool fire is a major accident type of flammable liquid. In this paper, a particle system based 3D simulation model of pool fire flame is established. On this basis, a multi-point source model of pool fire thermal radiation is proposed. Each living particle in the particle system is considered as a radiation...
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CFD numerical simulation analysis of small and medium caliber 90 ° circular bend

Kai Wan, Ping Wang
Using standard k- model with FLUENT software on large diameter CFD numerical simulation of air flow in a 90 ° bent tube, are three dimensional stress field and velocity field in the pipe. To explore non-change law of fully developed pipe flow through CFD numerical simulation on large-diameter flue gas,...
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An Improved Data Mining Algorithm Based on Concept Lattice

Xiao-feng Li, Jian-guo Luo, An Shi
In order to solve the multidimensional data model and relational data model, query between the two-way data system query, data cleansing, data conversion, centralized, distributed data accuracy and consistency control problem, this paper described the concept of grid-related, the global data mining combined...
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A virtualization-based method for analysis of Cisco IOS

Cheng Zeng, Shengli Liu, Ligen Cehn, Da Xiao
Traditional debugging and disassembly tools are much demanding to analyze as well as debug Cisco IOS. At the same time, analysis with these tools isn’t performed in single-step. In addition, some other defects also contribute to its inaccuracy. This paper presents a dynamic debugging platform based on...
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A model for airline seat control considering risk and discount

Wei Fan, Jianwei Wang
Most seat control models rely on the concept of marginal seat revenue and the assumption of risk neutrality to develop an policy to solve this kind of problem. For the multi-leg dynamic seat control problem ,this study proposed a modified multi-leg policy to take risk into consideration by discounting...
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An Active Energy balancing System for Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Yu Zeng, Zhiwei He, Mingyu Gao, Hongtian Pan
In this paper, a cell balancing circuit for the Lithium-ion battery pack based on the Flyback topology is proposed. Balancing the lithium-ion battery pack is often employed to improve the energy utilization and lifetime of the battery. The proposed circuit uses the minimized power path to simplify the...
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Failure Categorization for Problem Diagnosis on Exception-Based Software Systems

Shuhai Li
Traditionally, distributed system software developers print log messages when creating a program to track the runtime status of a system to help identify where problems may have occurred while the program is running. People often use system logs produced by distributed systems for troubleshooting and...
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Information system of warehousing logistics enterprise

Yumin Tao, Qingying Zhang, Jing Liu, Zhengguo Wang
The logistics processes of the storage logistics enterprises is analyzed, the warehousing information models, system structures, management modules and their operational processes are studied, to provide enterprises with an automatic business information platform which not only meets internal management...
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Design and Implementation of Wireless Data Link Calibration Equipment of UAV

Jun Luo, Wen-jun Lu, Fei Ye, Shuang-xi Sun, Dong-hui Peng
UAV system with a wireless data link for the calibration and test objects, designed and implemented a wireless data link system calibration equipment, medium-range UAV system to solve the simple means of technical support, equipment calibration testing process takes a long time, personnel, results poor...
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Orientation estimation for corner detection

Ling-wei Ye, Zhe Wang, Wei Feng
Although many work have been done on corner detection, no generally accepted mathematical definition exists. This paper gives an explicit definition of corner which is based on the multi-orientation nature of corner and presents an algorithm for corner detection based on orientation estimation. Experimental...
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Application of One-Cycle Control Based on Active Power Filter

Lan Li, Zeng-shang Kang
For the great deal of harmonics and reactive power produced by these non-linear devices, active power filter can effectively compensate.To all alone realize the harmonic component and reactive power compensation,or to compensate both at the same time,the ip-iq detection method is applied in active power...
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Information systems for the manufacturing supply chain management

Qian Shi, Qingying Zhang, Zhengguo Wang
Information is one of the crucial factors of supply chain management, as well as manufacturing industry. The requirements of manufacturing supply chain management, the exchange of information between enterprises are stated, system architecture and function are built, so as to find a way to optimize the...
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An Improved Algorithm Research of Transit Signal Priority Based on Bi-objective Optimization Model

Tianhong Gu, Huijian Cao
Optimization of adaptive traffic signal timing is one of the most complex problems in traffic control systems. In order to obtain control parameters of bus signal priority of the urban roads, a bi-objective optimization model for signal timing is established based on real-time data of GPS. As the goal...
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Design and realization of CNG intelligent monitoring system

Zhen-hua Wang, Ge-fei Yu, Chun-ming Chen, Yin-ting Wang
One CNG remote intelligent monitoring system is designed and realized in this article. The monitoring system can receive real time monitoring information and monitor environment of CNG filling station by using GSM short message platform , terminal PC and cell phone based on ARM microprocessor, PTM100GSM...
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Trust in Cyberspace: New Information Security Paradigm

R. Uzal, D. Riesco, G. Montejano, N. Debnath
This paper is about the differences between traditional and new Information Security paradigms, the conceptual difference between “known computer viruses” and sophisticated Cyber Weapons, the existence of a Cyber Weapons “black market”, the differences between Cyber War, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Crime,...
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A Methodology Based on Business Intelligence for the Development of Predictive Applications in Self-Adapting Environments

Marcelo Fabio Roldan, Joyati Debnath
Based on different methodologies, we have developed a new methodology that synthesizes, accelerates and optimizes the application of Adaptive Business Intelligence (ABI) in medicine, genomics, pharmaceuticals and other related sciences. This methodology -in its final phase- culminates in a stage called...
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A Machine Learning Algorithm of Human-Computer-Interface Application-An AdaRank Model Approach to Facial Expression Recognition

Chang-Yi Kao, Chin-Shyurng Fahn
A completely automatic facial expression recognition system is presented in this paper, which consists of three main procedures. The first is based on skin color blocks and geometrical properties applied to eliminate the skin color regions that do not belong to the face in the HSV color space. Than we...
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Analysis of the Type of Information Society Website

Zhenghong Wang, Xiaoping Li
Rely on the development of information technology, information industry has become an important symbol of the information society. The information industry is the electronic information industry to provide information products and information services. This article through the analysis of the current...
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A dynamic statistical method based on peer grouping for spatial data access laws in a distributed system

Shaoming Pan, Zhengquan XU, Xiaojun Liu
The spatial data access laws reflects the general characteristics of user preferences in tile access. According to the access laws, the strategy of storage and organization can be adjusted and utilized to store the spatial data in right place. However, the tile access has dynamic features(server peer...
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An Access Control System Based on Multistage Firewalls

Xingcheng Zhang, Zhongpan Qiu, Zhijun Song
In accordance with the company’s request, we have designed an Access Control System based on multistage firewalls, whose work flow consists of the centralized management, application, check and automatically alteration of firewalls, to effectively control the access to the server from the clients. In...
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Applying Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution Combined with Finite Element Method to Optimize Cable

Zhipeng Jiang, Xishan Wen, Xiaoqing Yuan
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) and differential evolution (DE) algorithm are biologically inspired computing, which simulate the behavior of survival of the fittest from the systems of nature biology, ecology and so on. As heuristic random algorithms, they have characteristics of self-adaptation,...
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The Improvement Algorithm of Wavelet in Spectral Analysis

Wei Ping Cui, Zhi Wen Cao, Yong Liu
This article is mainly about the application of wavelet in spectrum analysis. In signal processing, we usually need to know different frequency components in the signal. We use the frequency bands dividing characteristic of wavelet and FFT to process signals and pick up different frequency components....
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Researches on the Coordinated Rescue of Multi-helicopters Based on Feasibility Matrix and Track Planning

Zheng-hong Xia, Wei-jun Pan
the multi-objective distribution of multi-helicopter based on the feasibility matrix was proposed in this paper, which enhanced the effectiveness of aviation emergency rescue. The horizontal track planning of helicopters was put forward based on the morphology graphic process technology and heuristic...
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Bearing Fault Diagnosis of Sorting Machine Induction Based on Improved Neural Network and Evidence Theory

Wei Chen, Qing-xuan Jia, Han-xu Sun, Si-cheng Nian
Roller bearing is an important mechanical element of sorting machine induction. It usually has defects in outer race, inner race or balls due to continuous metal-metal contacts in high-speed operating conditions. This paper presents a novel diagnosis algorithm based on improved neural network and D-S...