Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSEE 2013)

2350 authors
Chen, He
A Refined Concentric Anchor-Beacons Location Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Received Signal Strength Indicator
Chen, Hong
A Graph Model for Recommender Systems
Chen, Hong-Yao
Multiobjective Optimization of Power Control for CDMA Systems
Chen, Hui
Series-parallel combined constant pressure water supply pipeline design of high-rise building
Chen, Huipeng
Study on the Multi-domain Modeling and Optimization Designing Method for the Band Sawing Equipment
Chen, Jiankang
An IBE Implementation of REESSE1+
Chen, Jie
Heat Dissipation Simulation Research of LED Downlight and Optimization of Light Source Layout
Chen, Jing
Virtual Prototype modeling studying of breech mechanism based on the software Pro/Engineer and ADMAS
Chen, Jinhua
Reseach on Regional Education Informatization Based on Cloud Computing
Chen, Jun
A Method of Traction Partial Jamming on GPS/INS Integrated Navigation
Chen, Jyun-jye
Solving a Five-linked Robotic Manipulator CNC Problem Using Direct Collocation with Nonlinear Programming
Chen, Kai
Tracking Technique for Athletes in Skilled Video
Chen, Kai
Observation on Spammers in Sina Weibo
Chen, Kefei
A Scalable Video Encryption Algorithm for H.264/SVC
Chen, Li
Application of Bacterial Foraging Optimization PID Control in VAV System
Chen, Liangbin
Research on Multicast Routing Algorithm for P2P Overlay Network
Chen, Lin
De-noising Algorithm of Modified Thresholding Function Based On the Best Basis of Wavelet Packet
Chen, Lin
Wavelet Image Denoising Based on The New Threshold Function
Chen, Ling
The Experimental Teaching Based on Hybrid Cloud Management System Research
Chen, Lu
Iris Recognition Using Spatial Pyramid
Chen, Lu
Reverse k-skyband query based on reuse technology
Chen, Mingyang
Non-rigid registration between brain CT images and MRI brain atlas by combining grayscale information, point correspondence on the midsaggital plane and brain surface matching
Chen, Peibin
Application and Research on Data Mining Technology in the Hospital Information System
Chen, Qi
Criteria for nonsingular H-matrices
Chen, Qian
Analysis of mobile phone camera performance estimation method
Chen, Rong
Automatic Diagnosis for Composite Web Service in Cloud Computing
Chen, Shan Xiong
A Novel Algorithm for Filling Incomplete Data Based on Attribute Reduction
Chen, Shaoyu
A digital watermark algorithm based on DCT and improved Watson perceptual model
Chen, Shunjin
Complex Networks Theory Based Vulnerability Analysis of Power Grid with Distributed Generation
Chen, Wei
Bearing Fault Diagnosis of Sorting Machine Induction Based on Improved Neural Network and Evidence Theory
Chen, Wei
A New Method Based on Undirected Graph and Polygon Triangulation to Prove the Four-color Theorem
Chen, Weidong
A Wide Beam And Broad Band Microstrip Helical Antenna Array For Mobile Communication
Chen, Weilong
the Planning of Maintenance Support Capabilities of the Wartime Armored Equipment Autonomic Logistic System Based on QFD
Chen, Wen Bo
Research and Analysis the Performance of NAMD- Molecular Dynamics Simulation Based Multi-core +GPU
Chen, Wenlu
Just-in-time Kernel Classifier for Online Process Diagnosis
Chen, Xiang'en
Chen, Xiang-min
Application of Fuzzy Variable Structure Control in DC Source of Plasma Arc Welding
Chen, Xianxiang
A Platform for 3G and Internet-Based Healthcare System
Chen, Xiao
Data mining Approaches in Manpower Evaluation
Chen, Xiao
The Nonlinear Dynamics Characteristics of Stock Market and Its Variation
Chen, Xiao
Data Processing and Analysis Method of NLOS Ranging Radar System
Chen, Xiao
Content based Image Retrieval with Color Invariants
Chen, Xiliang
Research on Simulation of Grid Communication Network
Chen, Xin
Design of an Amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O TFT Current-Scaling Pixel Driving Circuit for AMOLED with Threshold-voltage Shift Compensating
Chen, Xin
Application of image processing to the vehicle license plate recognition
Chen, Xing
A Review on Estimation for Medical Image Registration
Chen, Xinpeng
Predistortion Linearization of a Ku-Band TWTA for Communication Applications
Chen, Xinyu
Joint Data Link System Based on Cloud Computing
Chen, Yan
Research of Radiographic Image Enhancement Technology
Chen, Yanyi
A Review on Estimation for Medical Image Registration
Chen, Yong
Application of Ontology Engineering in Satellite Network Simulation
Chen, Yong Yan
A Improved Network Risk Assessment Model Based on HMM
Chen, Youhui
Sensor Fusion in Analogue Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Transferable Belief Model
Chen, Yu
The Image Steganography Method Based on the Nonlinear Optimization
Chen, Yu Feng
Relationship between Short Term Traffic Flow Chaos Fractal Properties and the Necessary Data for Prediction
Chen, Yu Feng
A New Algorithm of Eyed Typhoon Automatic Positioning Based on Single Infrared Satellite Cloud Image
Chen, Yuan
SIBR: A Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks
Chen, Yurong
Chen, Zaiyu
The Selection Of Wavelet Function In Singular Signal Detection
Chen, Zaiyu
Wavelet Image Denoising Based on The New Threshold Function
Chen, Zengping
A Hybrid Algorithm for Estimating the Parameters of Polynomial-Phase Signals
Chen, Zengping
An Efficient Algorithm for Estimating the Parameters of Multicomponent Cubic Phase Signals
Chen, Zhe
A binocular vision system for underwater target detection
Chen, Zhe
Research on Underwater Polarization Image Segmentation Inspired by Biological Optic Nerve
Chen, Zhe
Saliency-Based Adaptive Object Extraction for Color Underwater Images
Chen, Zhihua
Modeling Research on Micro-blog Users
Chen, Zhixin
Fault Diagnosis of Roller Bearing Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform, Rough Set and Neural Network
Chen, Zhong
Heat Dissipation Simulation Research of LED Downlight and Optimization of Light Source Layout
Cheng, Baoliang
Design and Implementation of Remote Control Software for Nuclear Inspecting Devices
Cheng, Baozhi
Application of image processing to the vehicle license plate recognition
Cheng, Dong
Sensor Fusion in Analogue Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Transferable Belief Model
Cheng, Jinxiang
The Design and Realization of Wireless Sensor Network Gateway Node
Cheng, Ruzhong
Nighttime Pedestrian Detection Using Local Oriented Shape Context Descriptor
Cheng, Xi
Study on Simulation Performance of OFDM-IDMA System
Cheng, Xin
Design of Intelligent Controller for Active Magnetic Bearing System based on DSP
Cheng, Xudong
Application of Intelligent Traffic Control Based on PLC
Cheng, Yuan
A Novel Multichannel Access Scheme with Directional Antennas in WLANs
Cheng, Yuan
Eutrophication Evaluation Model and Application for Reservoir Based on Fuzzy Pattern Theory
Cheng, Yunli
Design and Implementation of a Digital Campus System based on the URP platform
Cheng, Zhenxing
The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Ocean Development : In the View of World Expo 2010
Chi, Jian
A Trappy Alpha-Beta Search Algorithm in Chinese Chess Computer Game
Chi, Zhen-hua
The Application of Distributed Database on the Ship Parallel Collaborative Design Platform
Chong, Yao-hua
Chaotic System Parameter Identification Based on Firefly Optimization
Chou, Tzren-Ru
Research on Tangible Acoustic Interface and Its Applications
Chu, Wenhua
Numerical Simulation of the Protection System of Explosive Reaction Armor
Cieslik, Slawomir
GPU Implementation of the Electric Power System Model for Real-Time Simulation of Electromagnetic Transients
Costanzo, Alfio
Using GPS data to monitor road traffic flows in a metropolitan area: methodology and case study
Cui, Jianming
Research on K-means clustering algorithm and its implementation
Cui, Jiao
Parallel Random Walk Algorithm in VLSI Analysis
Cui, Jun
BER-based Optimal Power Allocation for Cognitive Relay Networks
Cui, Rui
Evaluation Method of Jamming Effect on ISAR Based on Target Recognition Characters
Cui, Wei Ping
The Improvement Algorithm of Wavelet in Spectral Analysis
Cui, Wen-Cheng
A Study of Intelligent Hospital Environment Monitoring Method Based on the Android Platform
Cui, Yuxin
Simulation Research on Hydraulic Stewart Force Feedback Master-Slave System
DA, Liang-long
Simulation Algorithm of Naval Vessel Radiation Noise
DAI, Weixiao
Local Mean Decomposition Combined with SVD and Application in Telemetry Vibration Signal Processing
Determine the Polarity of Domain-specific Sentiment Words with Usage of Semantic Pattern of Sentences
DENG, Huifang
Bayesian Multi-instance Learning for Image Retrieval with Unlabeled Data
DING, Zhenliang
Research on real-time laser range finding system
DU, Juan