Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSEE 2013)

2350 authors
Guo, Xiaojun
A wireless networking architecture using MANET for mobile communications of remote pastoral areas in Tibet
Guo, Xiaoyong
Application of Binary System to Information Table Based on Rough Set
Guo, Xingzu
A Platform for 3G and Internet-Based Healthcare System
Guo, Yi-Zhuo
University Teaching Administration System based on Active Database
Guo, Yi-zhuo
Campus Network Based on VRRP Redundancy and Reliability
Guo, Yi-zhuo
Self-adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Mutation Operation based on K-means
Guo, Yuanhua
Functional Link Artificial Neural Networks Filter for Gaussian Noise
Guo, Yudong
Deadlock Detection Based on the Parallel Graph Theory Algorithm
Guo, Zhaozhuang
Stability and bifurcation analysis in leukopoiesis models with two delays
Guo, Zhiqiong
Multi-agent Simulation for the Adaptive IT Capability based on Swarm
HAN, Bing-xia
Reflection of the Nation Cybersecurity’s Evolution
HAN, Fangfang
Robust Memory Gradient Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Error Sign Decision
HAN, Zhongxu
Design and Application of Feed Water Control System for Super-critical Power Generation Unit
HE, Jianfeng
A Study of The Peak Boundary Method and Effect Evaluation Based on NaI(TI) Detector for -Spectrum Analysis
HE, Yi-hong
A New Method of Designing Double-tuned Filter
HU, Anlei
Backing up your DNS Cache
HU, Ting
Study on Combination Model of Wind Power Generation Prediction
HUANG, Can-yi
Research of improved particle swarm algorithm based on apparel intelligent marker making
HUANG, Hai-hong
Active feedback control used in plasma vertical unstable displacement for EAST
An Approach of Advanced Optimistic Protocol Based on Time Dams
A novel Fingerprint Image Preprocessing Algorithm
HUANG, Sheng
Rapidity Optimization of the Aircraft Carrier Based on the Minimum Resistance
HUANG, Sheng
Analysis on Aircraft Sortie Generation Rate Based on Multi-class Closed Queueing Network
Research on Method of Random Error Separation Based on Wavelet Transform and Frequency bands Character
Han, Bing
Study on the Applications of FBG Technology in River Level Monitoring
Han, Dianyuan
Comparison of Commonly Used Image Interpolation Methods
Han, Qianpeng
Research of Intelligent Vehicle Internet of Things based on anti-worm Model
Han, Weihong
Mining components of micro-blogging user Influence and their correlations
Han, Weihong
Mining micro-blogging users’ interest features via fingerprint generation
Han, Xiuling
The Optimal Design of Hydraulic Fracture Parameters in Fractured Gas Reservoirs with Low Porosity
Han, Xuesong
Optimization for Coal Heavy Haul Transportation Assembly Scheme Problem Using Genetic Algorithm
Han, Yang-Yang
A Study of Intelligent Hospital Environment Monitoring Method Based on the Android Platform
Han, Yinyong
Evaluation Method of Jamming Effect on ISAR Based on Target Recognition Characters
Hao, Ning
An application of LDPC code for wireless coherent-light commutation in atmospheric channel
Hao, Rui
Research and Improvement on Error Back Propagation Neural Network and Learning Algorithm
Hao, Ying
LBS System Design and Prototyping of Digital Campus
He, Bing
An Introduction to Viewpoint Selection in Volume Visualization
He, Gang
Studies of High-accuracy Stress Calculation Method in Isogeometric Structure Analysis
He, Hao-dong
High-precision absolute laser interferometer distance measurement system
He, Honggang
Study on the Broadcast Beam-forming of Smart Antenna by the Method of Baseband-Amplitude-Weighting
He, Huijian
A Low Complexity Packet Loss Recovery Method for Audio Transmission
He, Jhen-Hong
Clock Network Power Saving Using Multi-Bit Flip-Flops in Multiple Voltage Island Design
He, Jiuran
The application of ARIMA-RBF model in urban rail traffic volume forecast
He, Jun
Design and Implementation of a Quadruple Floating-point Fused Multiply-Add Unit
He, Qinlu
Performance Measurement Technique of Cloud storage system
He, Shuaitian
Performance Research on Anti-noise AM Spot Jamming of PRBC-SFM Combined Fuze
He, Tingting
A web based method for Measuring Semantic Relatedness between words
He, Xianghui
Fire Fighting Equipment Management Based on Grid Technology
He, Xinxin
A new joint algorithm based on EMD-ICA to reduce the cross-term in Wigner-Vill distribution
He, Ye-Ming
Quaternion model of video quality assessment based on structural similarity and inter-frame-different
He, Yi-hong
An Improved Control Strategy of Four-wire Shunt Active Filter
He, Yong
Loose accumulation grain size distribution measurement based on digital image processing technology
He, Yong
A Dynamic Round-robin Packet Scheduling Algorithm
He, Yongrong
Students’ comprehensive evaluation system based on data mining method
He, Zhiwei
An Active Energy balancing System for Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
He, Zishu
Kalman Filter Algorithm for Adaptive Digital Predistortion
Hei, Xinhong
Parallel Programming Based on Microsoft.NET TPL
Hong, Yingsen
A Parallel Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm Based on Stem Regions Combinatorial Optimization for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
Hong, Yingsen
Research of Parallel Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on MPI
Hongbin, Tian
Research on control method of complex time-varying system
Hou, Fang
A Multi-dimensional Data Storage Using Quad-tree and Z-Ordering
Hou, Jingwei
Simulation Research on Hydraulic Stewart Force Feedback Master-Slave System
Hou, Qinsheng
Research of Cloud Security Communication Firewall Based on Android Platform
Hou, Tao
Internet of Things key technologies and architectures research in information processing
Hou, Tao
The Research of Workflow Engine States
Hsieh, Tsai-Ming
Optical Proximity Correction Using a New Hyper Error Estimation Method
Hsieh, Tsai-Ming
Clock Network Power Saving Using Multi-Bit Flip-Flops in Multiple Voltage Island Design
Hu, Bin
Study on the Physical Model and Experiments of MIMO Theory
Hu, Binliang
An Algorithm of Plus-Closures of Loop-Nonnegative Matrices over Idempotent Semirings and its Applications
Hu, Chunsheng
Software Design and Implementation of Management and Control System in GNSS Simulation Platform
Hu, Fanjun
Infrared Moving Multi-target Tracking Based on Particle Filter and FCM
Hu, Fanjun
Application of Fuzzy Neural Networks on Missile Launcher Fault Prediction
Hu, Fanjun
Neural Network Application for Netted Radar Information Processing Systems
Hu, Hanying
Non-ideal SSS Coherent Detection in 3GPP LTE System
Hu, Hanying
Multi-channel Coordinated Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
Hu, Hanying
MIMO-OFDM NLOS Identification Algorithm Based on Hypothesis Test
Hu, Jian
Neural Network Application for Netted Radar Information Processing Systems
Hu, Jianping
Low-Power Near-threshold MOS Current Mode Logic with Power-Gating Techniques
Hu, Qing
A reflective TWTA predistortion linearizer for Ka-band application
Hu, Qingmao
Non-rigid registration between brain CT images and MRI brain atlas by combining grayscale information, point correspondence on the midsaggital plane and brain surface matching
Hu, Rongqiang
A new hybrid clustering algorithm based on K-means and ant colony algorithm
Hu, Shanshan
Video Watermarking Scheme against Geometrical Distortions
Hu, Ting
The Research of The Disturbance of Lightning Strike on Rogowski Coil Current Transformer According to Wavelet Analysis
Hu, Ting
Research on Reactive Power Compensation Strategy Based on Time Series Method in Wind Farms
Hu, Ting
Research of Improved Active Frequency Drift with Positive Feedback Islanding Detection Method
Hu, Tong
Compressive sensing-based angle estimation for MIMO radar with multiple snapshots
Hu, Wenxin
A Computing Capability Allocation Algorithm For Cloud Computing Environment
Hu, Xiangyi
Research on Secure Transmission Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network
Hu, Xiaolong
A Defects Investigate of Classic Turing Machine Model and Its Extension in Virtualization Environment
Hu, Xiaoping
D-Optimal Design Applied to Calibration of Strapdown Three-axis Magnetometer
Hu, Yanhui
Machining Precision Research for Two WEDM Processes
Hu, Ye-fa
Design of Intelligent Controller for Active Magnetic Bearing System based on DSP
Hu, Zhaohui
Research on Kill Efficiency of Double Dogfight Weapon Fusillade in Complex Electromagnetic Environment
Hu, Zhirun
Design of a High Performance 5.2 GHz Low Phase Noise Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using 90nm CMOS Technology
Hua, Wen
Study of Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Coordination for MMC based HVDC
Hua, Xiayu
A Computing Capability Allocation Algorithm For Cloud Computing Environment
Huang, Cao
A wireless networking architecture using MANET for mobile communications of remote pastoral areas in Tibet
Huang, Chenghui
A Multi-dimensional Data Storage Using Quad-tree and Z-Ordering
Huang, Chenrong
Image Adaptive Enhancement Strategy Based on Neural Network
Huang, Chunlun
Functional Link Artificial Neural Networks Filter for Gaussian Noise