Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSEE 2013)

2350 authors
Feng, Xiang
Research on Multicast Routing Algorithm for P2P Overlay Network
Feng, YanBin
Research and Application of Automated Testing Tool Based on STAF
Feng, Yanbin
Application of Binary System to Information Table Based on Rough Set
Feng, Yuan
A Torque Vectoring Control System for Maneuverability Improvement of 4WD EV
Feng, Yue
Research on PID Neural Network Control System of Temperature for Agricutural Film Unit
Fong, Hong-cai
The nearest neighbor algorithm of filling missing data based on cluster analysis
Fu, Haiyang
Study on the Physical Model and Experiments of MIMO Theory
Fu, Haiyang
Study on the Broadcast Beam-forming of Smart Antenna by the Method of Baseband-Amplitude-Weighting
Fu, Haiyang
Research on the Joint Detection of TD-SCDMA
Fu, Huasen
Practical Enhanced Topology Discovery Algorithm for MANET
Fu, Jilin
Status and Design of Digital Oilfield
Fu, Jilin
The Application of GIS in The Digital Oilfield Construction
Fu, Weihong
A QoS-Aware Scheduling Algorithm Based on Service Type for LTE Downlink
Fu, Weihong
A User Selection Algorithm Based On the Combination of Block Diagonalization and SLNR Maximization
Fu, Yuanyuan
Comparative analysis of three regression methods for the winter wheat biomass estimation using hyperspectral measurements
GAO, Xingrong
The Secure Communication Technique Based on Lorenz Chaos System
GE, Junwei
Research of cloud computing task scheduling algorithm based on improved genetic algorithm
GUAN, Peng
Li-York Chaos of Set-valued Discrete Dynamical Systems Based on Semi-group Actions
Gan, Mingxin
A Graph Model for Recommender Systems
Gan, Yihe
A Torque Vectoring Control System for Maneuverability Improvement of 4WD EV
Gan, Zhiwang
A characteristic set method for reflexive differential-difference polynomial systems
Gao, Aili
Non-rigid registration between brain CT images and MRI brain atlas by combining grayscale information, point correspondence on the midsaggital plane and brain surface matching
Gao, Chao
A Real-time Stitching Algorithm for UAV Aerial Images
Gao, Chuang
Remote Sound Data Collection and Analysis Based on LabVIEW
Gao, Chunxiao
A Real-time Stitching Algorithm for UAV Aerial Images
Gao, Feng
The design and implementation of the surveillance and control system for photovoltaic power station
Gao, Guohua
OCCI And PSO-based Optimization And Management System for Grid Maintenance Scheduling
Gao, Haijun
Entropy-based Adaptive Image Denoising
Gao, Hao
Cost-Sensitive Sparsity Preserving Projections for Face Recognition
Gao, Jun
Link 11 Network Simulation Based on OMNeT++
Gao, Lei
Design of Handheld Test Equipment For High Performance Network over Coax
Gao, Lei
A Dynamic Round-robin Packet Scheduling Algorithm
Gao, Ling
Processing of spectrophotometric array signals using an artificial intelligence method
Gao, Lixin
Fault Diagnosis of Roller Bearing Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform, Rough Set and Neural Network
Gao, Mingyu
An Active Energy balancing System for Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Gao, Sanhong
A Parallel Delaunay Algorithm Applied in Lunar Rover Stereo Vision System
Gao, Sijing
GIS System Gas Analysis
Gao, Sijing
Wireless automatic router in the application of wireless meter reading system
Gao, Wei-ming
Chaotic System Parameter Identification Based on Firefly Optimization
Gao, Wushi
The Research and Application of Improved Decision Tree Algorithm in University Performance Analysis
Gao, Xin
Soundness Efficient Determination Algorithm of Services Composition in Surrounding Restraint Situation Based on OPN
Gao, Xing-Bao
A Class of Nonconvex Nonsmooth Approximate Potential Functions for Nonconvex Nonsmooth Image Restoration
Gao, Xingrong
The Feature Description and Identification Method of Radar Signal Based on Kernel Density Estimation
Gao, Ya
Design and Implementation of Broadcasting and Television Decision Support System module for Personalized Programs Recommendation
Gao, Yan-xia
SOC estimation of Lithium-ion battery based on Kalman filter algorithm
Gao, Yu
Thinking of the advance of software development method in the future
Gao, Yu
Research on Basic Strategies of Constituting Software Development Method
Gao, Yunqi
Design and Implementation of Distributed Crawler System for Opinion Mining
Gao, Zhiyuan
ANN-Based Modeling for Load and Main Steam Pressure Characteristics of a 600MW Supercritical Power Generating Unit
Gao, Zhongwen
The Research on Road Congestion Of Pre-diversion Method
Ge, Bin
Improved Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Based Feature Selection for High Dimensional Data Analysis
Ge, Bin
The Boundary Element Method of Testing Wood Moisture Content Problem in The Heterogeneous and Asymmetric Case
Ge, Gengyu
Mobile Robots Path Planning Based on Evolutionary Artificial Potential Fields Approach
Ge, Xianglong
Ge, Yu
The parameter’s MCMC estimation of HMMs with transition density function
Ge, Zhengyi
Research on Evaluating the Logistics Model of B2C Web store in China
Ge, Zhenyang
Design of Mechanical Arm for Laser Weeding Robot
Ghann, Patricia
Usage control: a solution to access control in a distributed- network-connected environment
Giacaman, Nasser
Parallel Programming Based on Microsoft.NET TPL
Gong, Jing-wen
Design of Intelligent Controller for Active Magnetic Bearing System based on DSP
Gou, Pingzhang
Researches on Distributed Image Database
Gu, Baoguo
Resource-sharing Construction of Area E-government Information Based on Cloud-computing
Gu, Chao
A Cross-Layer Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Based On Minimum Interference Duration
Gu, Guowei
HEES: a Hexagon-based Energy Efficient Scheduling Protocol for Target Tracking in WSNs
Gu, Hao
Studies of High-accuracy Stress Calculation Method in Isogeometric Structure Analysis
Gu, Tianhong
An Improved Algorithm Research of Transit Signal Priority Based on Bi-objective Optimization Model
Gu, Weikang
A Source-Filter Model-Based Unvoiced Speech Detector for Speech Coding
Gu, Xiaofeng
Analysis of Forward Tunnelling Current in GaN-based Blue LEDs
Gu, Xiaofeng
Design of Multi-standard Low Noise Amplifier based on Active Inductor
Gu, Yan
Study on Relay System Performance of Simulation Platform Based on LTE-A
Gu, Yi
Analysis on Children Custody Decision Making Model
Gu, Yilei
Study of Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Coordination for MMC based HVDC
Gu, Zhenghong
Optimization for Coal Heavy Haul Transportation Assembly Scheme Problem Using Genetic Algorithm
Guan, Hsin
A Global Route Planning Method for Intelligent Vehicles
Guan, Jianhe
Research and Improvement on Error Back Propagation Neural Network and Learning Algorithm
Guan, Yalin
A Composite Grid Method for Calculating The Input Impedance Of Dipole Antenna
Gui, Zhiguo
Research of Radiographic Image Enhancement Technology
Guo, Binghui
Multiple giant clusters in percolation of random networks
Guo, Chang
GIS System Gas Analysis
Guo, Chang
Wireless automatic router in the application of wireless meter reading system
Guo, Cui
The Boundary Element Method of Testing Wood Moisture Content Problem in The Heterogeneous and Asymmetric Case
Guo, Feng
Pedestrian Detection Using Self-Organizing Map Neutral Network
Guo, Hong
Comparison between live voice and voice over internet protocol
Guo, Huaping
Multi-Label Classification via Manipulating Labels
Guo, Huaping
Multi-path Decision Tree
Guo, JianWei
Research on Micro-Certificate based Authentication Protocol
Guo, Jianghong
Inner-Cluster Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Guo, Jianwei
Research on Secure Transmission Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network
Guo, Jie
A Scalable Video Encryption Algorithm for H.264/SVC
Guo, Jinxu
Research and Design of the DSRC device Measuring Instrument
Guo, Jun
Parallel Random Walk Algorithm in VLSI Analysis
Guo, Lin
A Combinative Similarity Computing Measure for Collaborative Filtering
Guo, Lin
Modeling and Simulation of Full-bridge Series Resonant Converter Based on Generalized State Space Averaging
Guo, Nianqin
The Research and Implementation of Nonferrous Metallurgy Informatization Service Platform
Guo, Pengfei
Modeling and Attitude Control of a Spinning Spacecraft with Internal Moving Mass
Guo, Qingju
Improved K-medoids Clustering Algorithm under Semantic Web
Guo, Qingju
The Analysis of the Ontology-based K-Means Clustering Algorithm
Guo, Rongxing
Modeling and Simulation on Temperature Control System of Farm Products Baking Equipment
Guo, Weiping
Study on Explosively Formed Projectiles Test System
Guo, Wenpu
Adaptive Blind source Separation with Dynamical Changing Source Number