Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electromechanical Control Technology and Transportation

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Lightweight Concrete Containing Recycled Plastic Aggregates

Alqahtani Fahad K., Ghataora Gurmel, Khan M. Iqbal, Dirar Samir, Kioul Azzedine, Al-Otaibi Mansour
The concrete industry needs millions of tons of aggregate, comprising natural sands and gravels, each year. In recent years there has been an increasing trend towards use of recycled aggregate to save natural resources and to produce lightweight concrete. In this investigation, an attempt was undertaken...
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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Al Explosive Composite Plate after Heat Treatment

Shaogang Wang, Hongbo Xia, Xiaomin Han, Yan Huang
Annealing treatment is carried out for the TA2-2A12 explosive composite plate under the heating temperature of 440ºC and 480ºC with duration time of 1h, 3h, 6h and 9h respectively. The microstructure and mechanical properties of composite plate are investigated after annealing. Results show that recovery...
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Influence of Plasma-Induced Epoxy Coatings on the Interfacial Properties of Twaron/Epoxy Composites

Xiangyi Zhang, Weiwei Men, Na Ma, Zhiqiang Wang
This work deals with the oxygen-plasma-induced epoxy resin coating process on the surface of Twaron fiber in order to get a strong interfacial adhesion between the fibers and epoxy matrices. The influence of oxygen plasma treatment time on the surface morphologies and free energies of Twaron fibers and...
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Electrocatalytic Activity of Pt-Ag-Co/C Alloy Nanoparticles for the H2O2 Reduction Reaction in Direct NaBH4 - H2O2 Fuel Cell

Dan Zheng, Zaoxi Yu, Tingfang Yang
This study explores the catalytic properties of Pt-Ag-Co ternary alloys used for H2O2 reduction. All catalysts are prepared by impregnation reduction method and characterized by XRD and TEM. The electrochemical performance is examined by cyclic voltammetry (CV) at 25°C. The results show that Ag, Co and...
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Study on the Effect Of SO42- Ion on the Scale Inhibition Performance of Water Stable Medicament

Jinying Wu, Min Zhang, Changshan Huang, Caixia Sun, Min Chen
This article by joining the 20ppm water stable medicamentin the standard water sampleand the different dosage the SO42- ion carry onthescaleinhibition performance and the electronic scanning test, and concluded that inhibiting performance plummets with the increase of the amount ofSO42 – ion and explains...
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Effect of Layer Shifting on the Out-of-Plane Permeability of 0°/45° Alternative Multilayer Fabrics

Liangchao Fang, Jianjun Jiang, Junbiao Wang, Linchao Zhou
The shifting of layers has great effect on the permeability which is a key parameter in resin transfer molding (RTM). In this paper, a mathematical model was developed to predict the out-of-plane permeability of 0°/45° alternative multilayer fabrics with one extreme structure. The global permeability...
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Synthesis of Fe Nanoparticles on Polypyrrole Covered Graphite for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Xiuli Shang, Longning Suo, Wei Li, Shufen Chen
An amorphous Fe-based catalyst supported on polypyrrole-modified graphite is synthesized by a chemical method. The optimal Fe loading with the highest reduction current is 4 wt%. Their morphology, structure and chemical component were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X- ray diffraction...
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The Preparation of Polypyrrole / Cellulose Acetate Composite Films and their Electrical Properties

Longning Suo, Xiuli Shang, Rongping Tang, Yanqing Zhou
A new method was developed for directly preparing conductive polypyrrole (PPy)/cellulose acetate (CA) composite films by in-situ chemical polymerization. The surface morphology of the films was observed by the atomic force microscopy (AFM). It was found that the composite films were composed of two layers...
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Microstructure Fabricated by Monocrystalline Silicon Anisotropic Etching in Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate Solutions

Junjun Ma, Ruizhi Luo, Yaqin Wang, Shiqing Man
The fabrication method of microstructure for monocrystalline silicon wafers based on a mixture of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate solutions under different conditions has been studied in this work. The texturization process has been evaluated in terms of the surface morphology size and the coverage...
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Texturization of Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers with K3PO4 and K2SiO3 Solutions

Ruizhi Luo, Junjun Ma, Shiqing Man, Zheng Jin, Yaqin Wang, Qiaoyun Ye, Jinbao Chen
The pyramid construction was formed with different K3PO4 and K2SiO3 concentrations under different temperatures. The pyramid size, density and uniformity on monocrystalline silicon surface have been studied. We found that the temperature has a crucial influence on pyramid density; the K2SiO3 concentration...
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Improved Zero-Sum Distinguisher for SPONGENT-88

Shuxian Fan, Ming Duan
SPONGENT is a hash function based on the sponge construction and uses the PRESENT-type permutation as the internal permutation. The lightweight edition of SPONGENT has sizes of 88, 128, 160, 224 and 256 bits and we focus on SPONGENT-88. In this paper, we combine the higher order differential attack and...