Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electromechanical Control Technology and Transportation

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Temperature Control System of Cold Storage

Ting Lu, Zeliang Liu
This design is a temperature detection and automatic control system based on STC89S52 micro controller for the cold storage. Mainly consists of a power supply, a temperature detection circuit, a system control circuit , actuator, the temperature display circuit, alarm circuit and other parts, using DS18B20...
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The Planning of Reducing the Train Reception of Angular Traffic Flows in Bidirectional Marshalling Yard

Qing Sun, Jian Li
The angular traffic flows of the bidirectional marshalling station would greatly increase the task for its characteristic of repeated unmarshalling with subsequently affecting the productive efficiency. Therefore, how to decrease the amount of trains of angular remains an urgent problem needed to be...
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Design of 3-Dimensional Discrete Sliding Mode Guidance Law Based on ESO

Nuan Wen, Zhenghua Liu, Le Chang
In the paper ,a new approach to design discrete sliding mode guidance laws is presented based on the target-missile relative motion equation in three-dimensional space. The paper also proposes a new method to estimate the real-time target acceleration through the Extended State Observer. Finally, by...
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Grey Relational Analysis of the Correlation between the Road Transportation and the National Economy

Yong Zou
In order to reveal the correlation between the road transportation industry and national economy in China from 1985 to 2013, the grey relational analysis method is chose to calculate the gray correlation degree between GDP as main performance index in national economy system and other four factors,such...
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Numerical Predictions of Heat Transfer Performance in Dimple/Protrusion Channels with the Working Fluid of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide at High Re

Qi Jing, Qiuwan Du, Li Xiong, Di Zhang
The RANS method and turbulence model are adopted to numerically investigate the turbulent flow and heat transfer performance of dimple/protrusion arranged in rectangular channel with the working fluid of supercritical carbon dioxide and air. Investigated is 90000. The distribution, the flow resistance...
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Research on Vehicle Active Anti-Collision Warning System

Fei Xie, Wenying Liu, Jianhua Wang
This paper discussed an automotive collision avoidance and warning system based on millimeter-wave radar. With the theory and application research of proactive early-warning and avoidance control, we have established the avoidance control strategy and algorithm. This system can identify dangerous targets...
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Grey Correlation Analysis and Grey Prediction Based on the GDP and Each Industrial added Value of Sichuan Province

Changwei Xiong, Yi Zhang
In this paper, the grey correlation analysis is used to analyze the influence of each industry added value on GDP of Sichuan province. The GDP, the first, second and third industry added value of Sichuan data in 2005-2012 is analyzed. The grey GM (1.1) model is used to establish a forecasting model for...
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Multiple-Model Adaptive Control - Disturbance Rejection Study

Ya Wang, Zhuo Kong, Baoyong Zhao
This paper is concerned with the disturbance rejection of weighted multiple-model adaptive control (WMMAC), in which the error index of weighting algorithm has been improved to filter out the influence of severe disturbance. Simulation results verified the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.
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Thermodynamic Design and Aerodynamic Analysis of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Turbine

Dongbo Shi, Liangliang Li, Yanyao Zhang, Yonghui Xie
Supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle can reduce the power consumption and achieve higher system efficiency with the properties mutation phenomenon of supercritical fluids near the critical point. Turbine is the critical component of the heat-work conversion in cycle which has advantages of compact...
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A Railway Transportation Safety Assessment Method Based on Safe State Index

Yijia Yang, Xiaoning Zhu
In order to make a better railway transportation safety system and reduce the number of railway accidents, we establish a safety status index to assess the railway transportation safety level. We calculate the risk value by classifying the safety information provided by the China Railway in accordance...
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Modeling and Performance Analysis of a Flywheel Energy Storage System

Owusu-Ansah Prince, Yefa Hu, Agyeman Philip, Misbawu Adam
This work discusses performance analyses of a flywheel energy storage system rotor using ansys. Design of a rotor based on 3D modeling and simulation is presented, the flywheel theory is also studied. A basic static structure and modal analyzes were carried out to evaluate the performance of the model...
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Study on the Bending Moment of waist beam for the Excavation Retaining Structure

Yongqiang Lei, Jiangang Han, Jiacan Wang, Yuan Chen
The pile-anchor supporting system is wildly used in the excavation supported system, and waist beams play an important role in the supported system. If the waist beam is destroyed, it may lead to the collapse of the retaining structure. But now, the designers tend to ignore the specifically designed...
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Experimental Study on Energy Dissipation Optimized Damping Arrangement of L-Eccentric Structure with Viscous Dampers

Guojing He, Lin Tu, Aijun Chen, Xiaomei Jiang
Viscous damper is a kind of velocity-related damper without rigidity. It can dissipative seismic energy and also can effectively reduce vibration of the structure .In this paper, a dynamic experiment for L-shaped eccentric structure was carried out to compare and verify seismic energy dissipation effect...
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Model Analysis of Car Five Degree of Freedom Vibration System Based on Energy Decoupling Method

Bo Xu, Jiading Bao, Jianwei Wu, Hanchao Wang
In linear vibration system, it is difficult to determine the relationship between generalized coordinates and the natural frequency and to obtain the coupling relationship between generalized coordinates. Therefore, based on the MATLAB language the energy decoupling method is used to calculate the energy...
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A Study on Damage and Crack Propagation in Ceramics under the Static and Cyclic Conditions

Nezu Tatsuyuki
In this study, the three-dimensional stress distributions in the area surrounding indentation pattern for three different materials, Al2O3, Si3N4 and SiC were analyzed by FEM. Those theoretical results were also compared with the experimental ones by Rockwell hardness test. The effect of loading stress...
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Simulation of Extrusion and Die Design of Plastic Gear

Zhihong Fu, Chen Yao, Jinxia Zhang, Wei Liu
The FEM simulation of flow of extruding plastic gear during cooling and die design was studied in this paper. A capillary rheometer MLW-400 was used to measure the curve of shear rate VS viscosity of POM-500P, the Power Law constitutive equation was used to describe the POM rheological characteristics,...
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Study on Training of Computer Science and Technology of College Students

Zhiqiang Zhao, Yan Gao, Shengxiao Li
Now days, Computer science and technology program is not only one of the required programs in the modern colleges and universities, but also necessary knowledge and skill that are required by the information age on talented personnel to possess. At present, seen from the teaching activities and training...
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RTV Automatic Spraying Equipment Research of Post Insulators

Jie Chen, Mengzhou Zhu, Wei Liang, Zhicheng Zhou
RTV is one of effective methods of power transmission equipment external insulation properties improving. However, the performance of RTV coating was affected by spraying operation, which was mainly artificial spraying on site. In this paper, automatic spraying equipment was developed to deal with the...
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Dynamic Split Tension and Energy Dissipation of Fiber Concrete Under Impact Loading Effect

Bing Du, Hongwei Ma, Long Lin
This paper introduces a test for the dynamic split tension of fiber concrete. The dynamic-split-tension test, which used a Hopkinson bar, was performed for plain concrete, steel fiber concrete, and polypropylene fiber concrete. Test phenomena were described and analyzed. The effects of different fiber...
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Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching of Silicon 3D Nanostructure Using Direct Electric Field

Xiaodong Jiao, Yan Chao, Liqun Wu, Anqi Yao
Metal-assisted chemical etching (MaCE) of silicon (Si) is a well-used method for the fabrication of Si nanostructures. To simplify the control etching for the fabrication of Si 3D nanostructures, we developed a new method using direct electric field to control the etching direction. We examined the MaCE...
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Research on Deformation Law of Surrounding Rock During Excavation of Tunnel

Deshen Zhao, Yunping Wang
Research on the deformation and failure of surrounding rock is very important to the excavation of tunnel, in this paper, based on the geological data and mining conditions of a tunnel engineering using the finite element software FLAC3D to simulate the process of tunnel excavation, and the failure characteristics...
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Research on Real Time Simulation and Protection Test of Power Transformer Inrush Current

Jun Liu, Shiwu Xiao, Xiaojiao Liang, Huanju Liu, Hao Zou
This paper introduces the principle of the excitation inrush transient calculation firstly, including the basic thoughts of simulation calculation and the basic method of numerical calculation. And then the dynamic magnetization of the transformer core is described, and the simulation of inrush current...
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Study on Mechanism of Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process using Low - Frequency Alternating Magnetic Field

Jinzhong Wu, Yanhua Zou
The finishing force acting on workpiece surface generated by magnetic cluster is an important factor which affects cutting behavior of abrasives in magnetic abrasive finishing (MAF). In this study, we measured finishing force in alternating magnetic field and direct magnetic field, respectively. Experimental...
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Multi-Layer Linkage Sealing Mechanism on Solar Cell Tool

Huaxin Yang, Yuehui Hu, Yichuan Chen
The PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) process chamber is dynamic sealed by the Multi-layer Linkage Sealing Mechanism, which is installed in front of process boxes. The leak rate attach uniformity requirement of process gas and RF flow distribution. Meanwhile, The efficiency of aSi/uc...
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The Study of Corridor Height Influence on Fire Smoke Diffusion in Room-Corridor Fire

Zheli Xing, Jinfeng Mao, Chaofeng Li, Jin Zhou, Pumin Hou
For researching the influence of the width of corridor to the smoke distribution in room-corridor geometry fire, based on similar principle to build a model-entity ratio of 1:4 model experiment system, conducted three conditions of model experiment, analyzed the temperature distribution in corridor,...
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Shape Fastener of the Bus Skeleton Testing

Pastucha Peter, Ondek Vladimir, Murgas Filip, Rehor Jan, Hosnedl Stanislav
The paper deals with the bending tests of new designed joints for bus skeletons. The frames of buses have to satisfy various demands, but the safety of the passengers is the priority. The actual welded joints should be replaced by new type of profiles connections in the future. Finite elements method...
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Technological Devices Design Using Simulation Tool

Pastucha Peter, Cizikova Andrea, Smeringaiova Anna, Hricova Romana, Hric Slavomir
The article deals with the research of the pressures originate inside the cooling system and also in the mould cavity during the injection moulding process. The reason for this research is the fact that the wear on the injection device reduces with the decreasing of pressure in the mould cavity during...
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Nanoimprint Resist Stress Analysis under Low Temperature by Finite Element Analysis

Hongwen Sun, Xiaochao Ma, Chenhui Hu
Traditional thermal nanoimprint lithography (TNIL) needs high temperature. This limits its application in the biological and medical area where substrate cannot sustain high temperature. Low temperature nanoimprint lithography (LTNIL) allows imprint conducted under temperature a little higher than transition...
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Optimization Design of Drive Head on CBM Vehicle Drill Rig

Zhi Liu
This paper introduces the working process and technical parameters of drive head on CBM vehicle drill rig in detail. With structural parameters as design variables, minimum volume as objective function and parameter and checking conditions of single gear transmission axis and gear as constraint conditions,...
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The Transformer Condition Estimation Method Research

Junyu Dong, Jie Wei, Hong Yu, Zhigang Cui, Yongqin Chen, Xin Chen, Ma Lan
For the electrical transformer equipment state analysis to obtain the accurate status, and reliable maintenance strategy, to long-term safe, reliable and economic operation of the power grid is particularly important. So, it is proposed the condition evaluation method of the power transformer equipment,...
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The Research and Application for the Method of the Intelligent Condition Evaluation about the Power Transmission Equipment

Junyu Dong, Jie Wei, Hong Yu, Shilin Jiang, Bing Duan, Junxian Dong, Rongdong Li
Power transmission equipment condition is fatal in the power system. Incipient fault of transformer is detected as early as possible, which can make for reducing the loss by the interruptions of temporary ceasing run and increasing the level of the run and maintenance. Thus, it is proposed the condition...
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The Performance Analysis of Full-Duplex System

Linjun Wu
This paper presented a design using full-duplex wireless signal inversion adaptive cancellation. Signal inversion using a transmitter based on balanced / unbalanced design was simple (Balun). The new design, different from the previous work in support of broadband and high-power systems. In theory, this...
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Research and Application Study on Accident-Based 3D Power Station Simulation Technology

Tie Li, Xiaoming Jin, Miao Liu, Shan Jiang, Xu Zhang, Yuanlai Zhang, Dalu Li
Nowadays, 3D simulation technology is widely used for training electric grid employees in term of simulating transformer substations. However, there is also the need for accident handling and simulation that transitional 3D technologies cannot be applied. This paper introduces an accident-based 3D simulation...
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Analysis of Climatic Conditions Effect on Tourism Plants and Flowers of Guilin by Computer

Xianda Bai, Yu Tan
To development of Guilin plants and flowers tourism, Guilin tourism plants and flowers has been studied by computer. A lot of date of Guilin climatic change and tourism plants has been study by computer. It is mainly analysis of climate change effected on some main ornamental plants optimal viewing period...
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Secure Communication and the Leak Proof Positioning Technology of Wireless Sensor Based on Region Partition

Min Xu, Nige Li, Zhansheng Hou, Gang Wang, Lin Peng, Haiyun Han, Haibo Du, Yunyou Zhu
Power transmission network depends on various sensors to obtain the real-time status of the network, due to the huge number of sensors and random distribution, direct access to the network will bring huge waste of bandwidth resources, and in the process of communication, the key data of the power transmission...
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Design and Implementation of Low Coupling and High Available Mobile Workflow for Power Operation

Gang Wang, Chen Wang, Yuanbing Zheng, Xingchuan Bao, Min Xu, Zhansheng Hou, Haiyun Han, Lin Peng
In the field of the power supply enterprise, it is urgent to use the mobile workflow to carry out the process management. This paper adopts low coupling and high available workflow design, which design the workflow client through the long connection and SMS with the power mobile operation state manager...
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Research on Radio Fuze Ranging Method Based on Multi Carrier and Linear Frequency Modulation

Jie Zhou, Quanli Ning, Chunsheng Hu
The nonlinear frequency modulation technology is applied to the fuze detection system, which makes the modulation signal in a period of a nonlinear change, so that the interference of the enemy is difficult to detect. Studies have shown that the fuze system has good speed resolution performance and the...
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Aircraft Oil System Fault Detection Expert System

Hao Long
For the problem of fault diagnosis of aircraft oil system, a new method using CLIPS to build expert system is presented in this paper. By building Knowledge Base, Infer Engine and using CB tool, the relevant software environment is set up. Consequently the fault diagnostic system of aircraft oil system...
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Assessment Method of the Test Firing Accuracy

Baozhong Qu, Na Wang, Jie Song, Nan Feng
The firing error rule of the weapon equipment test was studied, and before and after test’s distribution density was confirmed on two conditions with prior information and without prior information. Based on this, the Bayes estimation and hypothesis inspection for the firing accuracy was given, and a...
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The Application of Computer Network and Information Technology in English Remote Education

Huaxin Xing
With the fast development of education information, application of computer network and information techniques in teaching subjects is more and more common, and the English remote education is no exception. This paper firstly analyzes the necessity of the application of computer network and information...
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Design and Realization of the E-learning Evaluation Based on TEST

Shaojing Zhou, Pengrui Qiu, Wen Chen, Kuncan Zhao
Design and development of online evaluation system is the current hot research about the online learning evaluation, but the current implementation of the evaluation systems are mostly based on the given evaluation model to develop an experimental system or build a technology framework, which do not...
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TMusic: A Music Player Based on Tangible User Interface

Handan Zhang, Xinglong Gong
Tangible User Interface is a new human-computer interaction interface which purpose is to interact with the digital world through the objects in physical world. Based on this, we present a novel interaction system allow user to play music, and we call it TMusic. In the TMusic, user can manipulate the...
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Laboratory Instruments Management System Based on IOT

Zeliang Liu, Baohai Yang, Ting Lu
Most colleges and universities have established an open lab, but there are two major problems, one is uncertain identity into the laboratory personnel, and the other is the safety of laboratory instruments. Using RFID and Zigbee technology, this paper gives the design of laboratory instruments management...
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A Dynamic TDMA Protocol Utilizing Channel Sense

Demin Zhou, Yunjiang Liu, Man Li
Aimed at the situation that channel source is wasted seriously when traffic is not uniform belong all of the nodes in a TDMA net, a dynamic TDMA protocol (CS-TDMA) utilizing channel sense is was developed. The CS-TDMA protocol based on the TDMA protocol frame, and the node with CS-TDMA protocol counts...
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A Kind of Differentiated Business Sense RWA Based on Wavelength Layered Graph

Weihong Cai, Hongjuan Liu, Li Du
The network congestion problem and differentiated business are important factors to impact the performance of network. This paper studies the RWA of differentiated business based on the wavelength layered graph model in the IONs and puts forward some designs. Firstly, combined dynamic weight formula...
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Semantic Description and Information Retrieval Research of Surveillance Video in Smart Transportation System

Boxiong Yang, Jing Huang, Yuqi Yang
It is a hotspot to retrieve the desired information or find specific target inside the mass traffic video information. To achieve video content, it is necessary to build up a bridge between the low-level visual information and the high-level semantics. In this paper, firstly we propose a framework of...
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Quality Analysis of Reheated Oils by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Keying Zhao, Lei Shi, Zhilong Liu, Jinhong Li
Based on the study of Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy of the unheated and repeated heating soybean oil, the identification method is rapidness for quality analysis of reheated oil measure quickly quality analysis of the cooking oils. The article records the Fourier transform infrared...
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Computer Simulation Method for the Bubbling Performance of the Vortex Microbubble Generator

Zhekun Li, Wenli Shi, Wei He, Yujin Fan, Hongjun Luo
The vortex microbubble generator relies on the internal strong swirling flow that will make the air from inlet be stirred into tiny bubbles, and then flow mixed with the water from the outlet. Although the structure of the vortex microbubble generator is simple, the sizes of the structure parameters,...
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Simulation Study on Runway Threshold Stagger and Utilization Pattern of Closely Spaced Parallel Runways

Xiong Li, Xiaoqing Chen, Dongbin Li, Dongxuan Wei
Closely spaced parallel runways(CSPRs) is the configuration mode frequently employed in planning and construction of the current airport runway. Simmod simulation software was operated here to construct the computer simulation models for different utilization patterns of runways, and made a well-organized...
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The Optimization Research of EMU Second-grade Maintenance Plan Based on Simulate Anneal Arithmetic

Qing Sun, Xian Zhang, Hongyan Yang, Lei Chen
As for the optimization of EMU second-grade maintenance plan, the author has made a model out of the target function which is the minimization of total mileage wasted within scheduled duration and managed to get solutions out of simulate anneal arithmetic. Finally, taking the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city...
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Image Enhancement System Based on Improved Dark Channel Prior

Chang Liu, Jun Zhu, Xiaojun Peng
In order to reduce the bad influence of hazes on the computer vision system, an image dehazing algorithm based on dark channel prior is proposed. Firstly, we analyze the dark channel prior based image dehazing algorithm. Since the complexity of the algorithm is great and the acquired images have halo...
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The study of the three-Dimensional meshless solver based on AUSM+-up and MUSCL scheme

Yuanding Wang, Xiaowei Cai, Mu Zhang, Xinjian Ma, Dengfeng Ren, Junjie Tan
The meshless method does not need the mesh cells to divide the computational domain, but use the 'clouds of points' to replace the function of mesh cells. For this reason, the meshfree method can bring the advantage of flexible point distribution to divide the computational domain. In the present paper,...
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Broadband Signal Spectrum Monitoring Method Based on Chirp-Z Transform

Yalan Song, Zhibin Zeng
Sampling rate reduction is a key to spectrum analysis of broadband signals. To avoid spectrum aliasing, the sampling rate for broadband signal is always too high for implementation. In this paper a new spectrum analyzing method based on respectively signal is proposed. Compared with conventional FFT,...
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Fractal Tie Dyeing Pattern Design based on Visual Basic Language

Ning Tang, Jianxia Su, Hongyi Chen
In this paper, VB language is used to realize the design of fractal tie dyeing pattern, and apply Iterative and recursive algorithm to the design of fractal pattern. Koch curve algorithm is used to realize the design of fractal tree recursion and iteration function of affine transformation to realize...
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Effect of the Directional Characteristics of the Microphone Pair MD441 on the Measurement of the Speech Transmission Index STIPA and Comprehensibility CIS

René Drtina, Fejfar Pavel, Sedivy Josef, Turecek Oldrich
Acoustic information transmission path even today maintains a dominant position. Concept clarity measurement method Stipe is based on the empirical finding that variation the level of speech signals carry important information relating to speech intelligibility. Modulation of speech arises from acoustic...
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Effect of the Directional Characteristic of the Waves Sensor ME36 on the Measurement of the Speech Transmission Index STIPA and Comprehensibility CIS

Drtina René, Fejfar Pavel, Sedivy Josef, Turecek Oldrich
The acoustic transmission channel has a unique place in the information transfer in all spheres of life. The dominant position acoustic communication today keeps prsonálním process information transfer. Yet achievable intelligibility in classrooms, lecture halls and a congress does not pay close attention....
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A Face Recognition Method Based on Total Variation Minimization and Log-Gabor Filter

Qingwen Yu, Xiaoyu Tan, Hong Wang
A new face recognition method is proposed by using total variation minimization and Log-Gabor filter. First of all, facial images are transformed by total variation minimization model. Secondly, the facial feature is extracted by Log-Gabor filter from the result of the former transformation. Then, dimensionality...
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A Method of Automatic Annotation for Medical Record Text Based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Xinyu Jin, Qiliang Jin, Yuze Li
With the rapid development of medical information, medical data, especially medical record text, are difficult to intelligent analyses, because these data have loose grammar structure. Latent semantic analysis technology in the field of text mining in recent years made extensive research and application,...
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Low-dose Liver CT Images Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction

Fan Liu, Xinyu Jin, Wenyuan Qiu, Lanjuan Li
Computed tomography (CT) technology and three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction technology based on CT both play a significant part in many medical applications such as auxiliary diagnosis and surgery simulation [1]. But the radiation in CT may induce other diseases such as cancer. Therefore, low-dose...
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Numerical Simulation of Tidal Flow and Suspended Sediment Concentration Field in a Marina Project

Ruijin Zhang, Jinmei Zhou, Xuezhi Huang, Yan Zhang
It is an effective way for reclamation to expand our living space and improve our living environment, but with the reclamation construction more and more, it makes land and sea environments tremendous influence and destruction in recent years. In this paper, by using the numerical simulation methods,...
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Research on Non-stopping Toll System for Highway Based on the Modern Internet Payment Technology

Fengyi Rong, Xiaoxu Chen, Canran Li, Yaning Shen, Peirui Wang
In recent years, highway congestion is becoming our concerned topic, and the toll-speed congestion problems are most important cause of the congestion and the biggest obstacle to the promotion of the quality of highway service. In this regard, we propose a payment technology with non-stopping toll system...
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Design and Implementation of the EinStein Würfelt Nicht System Based on Multi Attributes Evaluation

He Sun, Fa Shao, Shuqin Li
EinStein würfelt nicht (EWN), just beginning in China recently, has little relative research on it with the computer fighting algorithm. This paper designs and implements an EWN computer game system. The Monte Carlo algorithm, a large number of sets are simulated by rules, reduce random by dice generated....
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Target Location Algorithm by Acoustic Energy-Ratio and Experimental Research

Yonggang Tang, Hu Luo, Jun Shen, Xinhua Fu
A target location algorithm for distributed acoustic sensors was presented. Acoustic energy-ratio between sensors was used to solved the position of sound source iteratively, without priori information of position and rigorous clock synchronization. Experiments showed that target could be accurately...
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Grey system Research and Application in the Pool Game

Nezu Tatsuyuki
The objective of this study is to develop a defensive strategy of the intelligent billiard robot by using the grey system theory. The main purpose of this defensive strategy is to make a “safety play”, which is the defensive positioning of the balls to minimize the opponent's chance to score or to make...
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Integration of Grey Model and Fuzzy system to Estimate the Obstacle Avoidance and Path Planning Robot

Nezu Tatsuyuki
The objective of this thesis is to make an obstacle avoidance and path planning robot by grey system theory. The robot is able to avoid dynamic and static obstacle automatically. The center position is defined by the motor encoders of the Segway RMP 50. The position sensor is a laser ranger finder in...
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Benefits and Development of Adoption Building Information Models for Construction Management

Yunhui Yang, Ping Liu
Building Information Modeling is a revolutionary technology and process that has transformed the ways projects are designed, analyzed, constructed, and managed. BIM is becoming a better known established collaboration process in the construction industry. There are many advantages for using BIM from...
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An Elementary Study on PP/MHMWPE/EPDM Netting Twine

Jiangao Shi, Wenwen Yu, Yongli Liu, Lei Wang, Minhua Ming, Haiyou Ma, Xiaoxue Chen
The netting twine of PP/MHMWPE/EPDM was elementarily studied. The result shows PP/MHMWPE/EPDM netting twine is characterized in a high breaking load, when the high breaking load of a netting twine is not degraded. The linear density, diameter,raw material consumption and water resistance of netting gear...
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Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study on Parameter Optimization of Cold Flanging Process of Pipe Tee

Gang Cheng, Shiao Zhang, Xiuqing Ma, Yunjiang Li, Guoqun Zhao, Qiang Cheng, Zhonglei Wang, Teng He
Tee flange molding is a very complex process of change. The affect of the preformed holes is very large in the molding process , so we should calculate according to the parameters and Simulation by Dynaform in order to find the place of torn or wrinkled during the molding process . Then we can not only...
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3D Reproduction of Oil Painting Based on UV Ink-Jet Technology

Yansong Peng, Chen Chen, Liuxi He, Haozhi Chen
The goal of this experiment is to use UV ink as the modeling material to reproduce oil paintings with colorful three-dimensional features. The scanned picture of oil painting stored in bitmap format was sent into a software program that provided stratification processing. The layers were printed on paper...
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Bayesian Credible Interval Finite Element Method Applied in the Bird-Striking Canopy Problem

Changhong Liu, Bo Liu, Cunpan Yang, Junhong Qi, Yanbo Deng
For the uncertainty problem of structure strength of bird-striking canopy, firstly, the random finite element model is established by the prior random information. Secondly, according to the real test data, the Bayesian posterior distribution of the structure strength can be determined and the mean value...
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Value Network Embedding Choice of Strategic Emerging Enterprises, Cognitive Dissonance and the Loss of Business Performance

Huabai Bu, Shizhen Bu
Under the background of “Internet +”, strategic emerging enterprises must make themselves embedded in the enterprise value network to gain sustainable and healthy development, but it is difficult for decision maker to make the embedded choice effective. From the perspective of “cognitive dissonance”...
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Three-Dimensional Finite Element Simulation of Residual Stress Field For Shot-Peening and Grinding

Jiajin Sun, Yidu Zhang
The modeling and simulation of shot-peening and grinding process was carried out based on ABAQUS, in which the explicit dynamic finite element method was employed. This investigation studies the effect of grinding process on the workpiece residual stress field after shot peening. Furthermore, three-dimensional...
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The Analysis and Implementation of Edge Detection Algorithms in Image Processing Based on Matlab

Baoliang Yang, Fengming Jin, Mingdong Lei
Based on machine vision image feature extraction, the main content extraction edge detection chamber features, based on the analysis of the basic theory and methods of edge detection, edge detection algorithm for several commonly used Sobel, Log and Canny, on which the algorithm is simulated by use of...
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Coastline Extraction on Remote Sensing Image Using Gaussian Process Classification

Xiaochuan Hu, Zihua Qin, Jinhuan Wang, Guoshao Su
For more rapid and accurate coastline extraction methods, this paper presents a method of coastline extraction on remote sensing image using Gaussian process classification and then the coastline in coastal waters of Beihai city in Guangxi has been extracted. The results show that coastline extraction...
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Analysis of Opportunism Behavior in Construction Engineering Projects Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

Ruhang Xu, Lingwenying Li, Qingfeng Tang, Meijing Lv
Opportunism behavior is an important factor that affects the outcome of a construction engineering project. But this factor is often ignored in the field. This paper studied the effect of opportunism behavior on construction engineering projects based on evolutionary theory. Firstly, this paper explained...
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Neural Network Structure PID Control of Power System for Hydraulic Walking Platform

Jun Wang, Yi Jin, Zhiyuan Zhang
To meet the control demand of power system in for hydraulic walking platform, based on the brief analysis of digital PID structure and its shortcoming, fast regulation and control precision control for requirement of power system is given, control algorithm for neural network structure PID is presented,...
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The Application of Traditional and Innovative Technologies in Studio Furniture

Jun Wang, Zhihui Wu
It is important to use materials, crafts and technologies to design and manufacture shapes of physical objects, such as furniture. This paper joins pieces of traditional and contemporary studio furniture, decoding them on the basis of material, craft, and computer design technologies. Drawing on Studio...
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A Study on the Characteristics of Nantong Fine-Brush Woodcarving Based on CNC Engraving and Manual Engraving

Weixia Gao, Zhihui Wu, Yuzhong Jiang
Nantong fine-brush woodcarving is semi-processed first through CNC engraving machines which use Chinese traditional fine-brush paintings as carving patterns, then finished by manual engraving with hand and power tools. This paper dealt with the characteristics of Nantong fine-brush woodcarving from development...
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A Source Code Review Method for Discovering Security Flaws Efficiently

Cheng Zhou, Weiwei Li, Yong Li, Chen Wang
Currently code review or white-box security detecting is widely used to parse the source codes and discover security vulnerabilities. In this paper we illustrate a more accurate code security review method based on the reference tree with security properties which made of all manipulable entries in source...
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A New Method Based on Wavelet Packet Transformation in 3D Face Feature Extraction

Yiyi Xu, Hong Liu, Jun Zhao
Transition from 2D to 3D in face pattern recognition in order to seek richer human face information but feature extraction as an important step among them can be seen as information compression. Obviously the two are contrary. For the fast effective locate and extract features in the large-scale 3D face...
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Design and Development of Multifunction Map Software Based on Android Platform

Qingru Lu, Haiyan Xin, Hui Huang, Yunlong Geng
With the general use of smart phones, mobile phone software development becomes more and more popular. This paper introduces the multifunction map software developed under the Android system based on the free API provided by A Map Software. The paper explains the development environment and the main...
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Research on Position-Based Routing Protocol HVSR in Ad Hoc Networks

Zhansheng Hou, Min Xu, Wei Liu, Weinong Wu, Xingchuan Bao, Gang Wang, Lin Peng, Haiyun Han, Liang Zhu
Ad Hoc network is a multi-hop temporary self-organized system, which consists of a set of mobile terminal with the radio devices. Each mobile terminal is both a host and router performing route setup and packet forwarding according to a routing algorithm. Location-based routing algorithm eliminates the...
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Research on Government Decision Support System Based on Large Data

Qiuhua Wen
Decision support system is widely used. This paper presents a comprehensive introduction to the decision information system, including the concept, structure, development, system type and application fields. Then, the decision support system based on data warehouse, on-line analysis and data mining is...
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Research on N-Gram–Based Mongolian Information Retrieval Unit

Junying Yue, Guanglai Gao, Min Lin
In order to improve the efficiency of Mongolian information retrieval, further research is carried out on n-gram-based retrieval unit with selected information retrieval model by combining the characteristics of Mongolian language. Selectable information retrieval model include Vector Space Model and...
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UAV Automatic Test System Design based on VXI-Bus

Dingwen Peng, Wenling Huang
In order to meet high precision and strict real-time requirements, an automatic test system design plan is proposed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with many test items based on VXI-bus. MXI control mode of the VXI-bus system achieves the automated testing of UAV electrical system, control system,...
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Book Loan Quantity Prediction Using Time Series Data Mining

Yuqing Shi, Yuelong Zhu
This paper shows a new method to book loan quantity prediction using time series data mining which unites data mining and chaos theory to characterize and predict events in nonperiodic, complex and chaotic time series. Intelligent library management, including inquire, borrowing and reading, typify a...
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Technique Analysis of Dots-and-Boxes

Chenguang Zhang, Shuqin Li, Xiaohua Yuan
As one important computer game, Dots-and-Boxes is always being taken as one project of the international computer Olympic tournament and the Chinese college students' computer game, and has already been listed in the 2015 Chinese intellectual games. In this paper, firstly, the rules and common terminology...
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Chinese Words Segmentation Based on Double Hash Dictionary Running on Hadoop

Chao Feng, Baoan Li
Words Segmentation is an essential stage to establish a search engine, and the quality of words segmentation directly affects the search speed and precision. We have to adopt a word segmentation tool which can deal with a big data when large amounts of data is being segmented, because the traditional...
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Object tracking Based on Local Structure Orientation

Ruxi Xiang, Xifang Zhu, Feng Wu, Qinquan Xu
In order to solve the poor robustness resulted from the pose variances, occlusion or clutter in some challenging videos, we propose a robust particle filter tracking method based on a new similarity measure SPBRLSO (spatio-bin-ratio based on the local structure orientation). First, the object tracked...
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Circle-Block Local Binary Patterns for Face Recognition

Yifan Tang, Cairong Zhao, Duoqian Miao
In this paper a new texture operator based on Local Binary Patterns (LBP) was proposed for face recognition called Circle-Block Local Binary Patterns (CB-LBP). The mean gray values of a circle block pixels are calculated to achieve macroscopic feature extraction. Our method was compared with the LBP-based...
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Responsive Web Design Based on Different-Sized Devices

Xingli Feng, Zhihai Suo, Junfeng Luo
In order to adapt the Web page of the PC version to different-sized mobile devices automatically, reduce costs of web development and maintenance, and enhance the browsing experience of users, a responsive web with Html5 and Css3 language was designed and implemented in this paper . Through the simulation...
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Research on Performance of Asphalt Mixture from Central Plant Hot Recycling with Fly Ash

Ping Wu
Based on the concept of low carbon environmental protection, the used asphalt mixture was recycled and measured to determine the asphalt content of 3.8%, and to determine the regeneration mixture gradation of AC-20,the optimum asphalt content of regeneration mixture was 4.9% determined by Marshall test,and...
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The Development of Sprayed Concrete and Construction Technology Research

Ruyi Wang, Ziyi Hou, Jiliang Wang
Shotcrete is the best method to deal with the slope repair, surrounding rock bolting and other projects. This paper first summarizes current situation of the development of the sprayed concrete at home and abroad, and points out its characteristics; Secondly ,discussing the supporting principle and the...
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Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Cr(Ti)-Diamond/Copper Composites Prepared by Pressureless Infiltration

Yinghu Dong, Dechang Zeng, Ruiqing Zhang, Qingjun Chen
Ti(Cr)-diamond/copper composites were fabricated by infiltrating liquid copper into porous diamond preforms without pressure. Thermal expansion properties were measured from 50 to 500 °C by high-precision thermomechanical analyzer. The examination results were analyzed and compared to the predictions...
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Synthesis and Properties of Polymethyl Methacrylate/Nanodiamond Composite Material

Lifang Ma, Guoliang Cui, Chunjing Tao, Hepin Yan, Xiaogang Hu
Here, the nanodiamonds modified by different amounts of silane coupling agent were dispersed into the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) prepolymer. The PMMA/nanodiamond composite material was then synthesized by a room-temperature curing reaction. The dispersity of the nanodiamond in the composite materials...
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Whitening Effect of an Active Ingredient from Fresh Peral

Anquan Yang, Jing Wang, Lihua Zhang
OBJECTIVE To indent the function of an active ingredient from fresh pearl. METHODS Pearl extract in different concentrations were added into the 96-well plates, which contained B16 melanoma cell. The cell viability, tyrosinase activity and melanin biosynthesis of the B16 melanoma cell were measured....
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An Integral Type Extrusion Die for Semi-Hollow Aluminum Alloy Profile

Rurong Deng, Xuemei Huang
the concept of semi-hollow profile was introduced.the characteristics of two kinds of dies with a penetrating plane and a cover were analyzed.through the real examples from practice,a design of integral type extrusion die for semi-hollow aluminum alloy profiles was introduced.the advantages and applicability...
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Effect of Sintering Pressure on Microstructure and Properties of Ti/TiC/C Laminated Composites

Wenyuan Long, Fan Wu
The laminated structure of the Ti/C composite materials with sheet of Ti and C as raw materials was prepared by spark plasma sintering (SPS) technology. The effects of sintering pressure on the interface characteristics and mechanical properties of interfacial reaction were studied. The results show...
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Research on the Thermophysical Properties of Wall Materials of Dai nationality Dwelling

Liping Li, Shuai Fan
In this paper, taking the Dai-nationality dwellings of different materials in JingHong in Xishuaibanna as a research object, field tests for the thermophysical properties of wall materials in the sunmmer were carried out, that have tested the temperature of wall-surface and indoor temperature, and contrast...
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Novel Template-Free Solvothermal Synthesis of Bi2WO6 Micro/Nano-Structures with pH-Controlled Shapes

Wen Wu, Zhijia Zhu, Deihui Zhou, Baojiang Liu
A novel Bi2WO6 micro/nano-structures with pH-controlled shapes were synthesized by Novel template-free solvothermal synthesis method. Multiple technologies were applied to characterize the as-synthesized samples including X-ray powder diffraction(XRD), field emission scanning electron microscopy(FE-SEM),...