Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (ICEESD 2018)

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Correlation analysis of the population and energy--the coexistence of promotion and inhibition

Lingxiao Wang, Yufang Chen, Weifeng Zhu
The energy innovation has brought about an exponential increase of population each time, meanwhile, population growth brings greater energy demand. Hence how to maintain a balanced relation between energy production-consumption and population is of great importance. This paper highlights the relations...
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Optimal local pressure control in water distribution network based on valve location

Chengui Chang, Xinyu Zhang
When accident or maintenance occurs in water distribution network, how to improve the service level of the user is the problem that urban water supply enterprises need to solve. This paper presents a optimization model based on DMA partitions for attempting to use the sensitivity method to find the pipelines...
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Laboratory tests of soft ground improvement with drained-timber pile:A new timber pile technique

Limin Wu, Xinjun Chai, Yifan Xiong, Peng Zhou
In modern times, with the rise of high buildings, the timber piles were replaced by steel piles, precast concrete piles and various composition foundation, the main reason is that the soft ground improved with timber piles has the weakness of low bearing capacity and large post construction settlement....
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Micron poly-L-lactide fibers fabricated by melt direct writing

Huichao Liu, Jingxin Kang, Yong Liu
Through three-dimensional (3D) printing pen methods on the high-voltage electrostatic field with a needle shaped collector, the refined poly-L-lactide (PLA) finished product has been achieved. Through orthogonal experimental methods, We found that optimal conditions at 180?"?, a nozzle-to-needle shaped...
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Research on Operating Mechanism of Ocean Energy Industrial Technology Innovation System

Yingying Ding
The ocean energy industry, as one of China's emerging industries, is the key development goal proposed in China’s 13th Five-Year Plan. Compared with foreign ocean technology, there is still a lot of space for development of China’s ocean energy industry. Taking the ocean energy industrial technology...
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Practice and exploration of "cooperative education" from the perspective of the symbiosis theory

Ning Guo, Jinliang Zhuang
“Symbiosis” is a universal phenomenon in the biological universe and it also prevails in the social system. Cooperative education is an important path of colleges and universities to cultivate applied talents and the key to break through close development of newly built universities, homogeneous inefficient...
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Development of wind-hydrogen coupling system

Tao Wu, Shuju Hu, Fenglin Li
This paper presents an overview of the wind-hydrogen coupling system(WHCS), as an effective method of solving wind power accommodation, WHCS has great economic, social and environmental benefits, which has been attached great importance to and promoted widely. The paper introduces the basic structure...
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Development of Antibacterial Fruits Wax and Its Application

Zhencai Qu, Mengjie Zeng
The cinnamon essential oil micro-capsules was prepared by β-Cyclodextrin (β-CD) embedding technology, the commercially available fruit wax was used as substrate and cinnamon oil micro-capsule was added as antibacterial agent. The concentration of fruit wax, micro-capsules addition, dissolution temperature,...
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Comprehensive Evaluation on Exhaust Heat Power Generation System

Zhonglan Hou, Xinli Wei, Xiangrui Meng, Bingxue Zhang
Because the exhaust heat is multitudinous and the level of the heat utilization is various, it is significant to exploit the appropriate technologies to convert the waste heat to electricity. In this article, the assessment methods for the exhaust heat power generation system and the comparison on the...
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Actual thermal and ventilation environment fieldwork test analysis of sun space design strategies in a net-zero house

Junjie Li, Yehao Song, Qingguo Wang
Passive design has widely been identified as one of the most economical and effective strategies for reducing energy demand. This research is based on the physical surveillance, and has adopted physical environment fieldwork test and data analysis methods to evaluate the effectiveness of passive space...
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The optimal emission reduction rate and price with carbon quota and manufacturer competition

Linghong Zhang, Hao Zhou, Wenxing Sun
With environment quality decreases, consumer’s environmental awareness (CEA) increases and more and more manufacturers are willing to produce the product with low carbon emission. At the same time, government employs the carbon quota to stimulate the manufacturer to produce green product. This paper...
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Study on response of water-table aquifer under shallow, deep and high-intensity exploitation

Xueyang Sun, Ziqiang Liu, Cheng Li, Liangdong Liu, Guigui Kou, Pengqiang Li
The depth of coal seam buried in Yushenfu mining area is shallow, and there is inevitable contradiction between the mining activities of high strength coal seam and the protection of aquifers. Therefore, it is very important to study aquifer's response law to coal seam mining for scientific mining of...
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Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Arsenic Speciation in Sediments of Plateau Lakeside Wetland and Their Relations to Environmental Factors

Yungen Liu, Mengying Li, Xiaojun Xu, Lei Hou, Yan Wang, Danhui Qi, Rong Zhao, Wei Ren
This paper chose the surface sediments of lakeside wetland from southern Yangzonghai as the research object, studied the sediment contents of total arsenic (TAs) and arsenic fractions (acid soluble arsenic-F1, reducible arsenic-F2, oxidable arsenic-F3 and residual arsenic-F4) of different seasons and...
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Dynamics Analysis and Prediction on the Land Use of Typical Karst Wetland Watershed in Southeast Yunnan, China

Yungen Liu, Guojing Wen, Xiaojun Xu, Yan Wang, Lei Hou, Chao Zhang, Yujing Guo, Yina Xie
In order to understand the situation of land use in Karst and the corresponding trend of variation in the future 30 years, based on the geographic information system (GIS), the dynamic variation of land use in Karst wetland has been analyzed by using the Landsat pictures in the year of 1990, 1995, 2000,...
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Asynchronous Motor Modeling and Dynamic Co - Simulation Based on ANSYS

Zhaozhao Wang, Luo Tao, Jianwei Mei, Weikang He
Three-phase asynchronous motor simulation model was established based on ANSYS software, the effect factor on the modeling of three-phase asynchronous motor was analyzed in this paper, such as the physical environment to create, geometric model of the stator, rotor geometry model, the asynchronous motor...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing Supply Effect of Farmland Water Conservancy Facility Based on Ordered Probit Model

Peng Li
Through questionnaire investigation of 320 rural households at 8 towns of Xichang City Liangshan Autonomous prefecture Sichuan, an ordered Probit model is constructed to analyze the influence of various factors on supply effect of farmland water conservancy facility based on populations with different...
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The Study of Hole Configuration Design in Complex Block Basing on Restriction of Pressure System

Yu Liu, Lihui Wang, Jinglei Zhang
Reasonable hole configuration can avoid drilling incident. Traditional hole configuration design method can't show the necessary cementing point with complex lithology. In this paper, firstly, the four pressure calculation models and the value basis of hole configuration design coefficient and value...
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The Study of Micro Crack Plugging for Steam Stimulation Well

Yu Liu
During steam stimulation, micro crack can lead to steam channeling and decrease steam ratio and quantity at the bottom. According to the theory of elastic mechanics and thermodynamics, the micro crack calculating model was established. Micro crack width increases with the increasing of injection steam...
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Big Data-driven Predictive Policing Innovation

Jing Leng, Guojun Li
Traditional reactive policing encountered marginal utility difficulties in crime control, and the predictive policing driven by big data and oriented by solving problems is an important direction for future policing innovation. The big data expands the new thinking of police operation, innovates the...
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A Preliminary Study on Evaluation Model of Bullacta exarata Invasion in the Yellow River Delta

Tianwen Zhang, Tong Liu, Yingjun Wang, Yan Zou, Yingying Wu, Aihuan Song, Wen Guo
In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese economy and the increase of the immigration, more and more alien species which cause a certain ecologic influence on the local area are coming in China. Risk assessment is the first step to prevent invasion of alien species, which is one the most...
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Analysis on Characteristics of Water Regime disaster in Floor Season of Western China in 2017

Xiaoting Li, Peinan Zheng, Jian Xu
The western region of China is vast in territory and rich in water resources. It is the birthplace and upstream region of great rivers such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and Brahmaputra River. During the flood season, flood disasters and secondary disasters such as landslides, mudslides and...
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The Influence of Ostomy Closure Opportunity Choice on the Prognosis of the infants with Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Jixue Zhao, Xin Fu
Objective: To explore the the influence of different ostomy closure opportunity choice on the prognosis of the patient with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Methods: From January 2012 to January 2018, 36 infants with NEC which had been performed ileostomy were treated with different ostomy closure opportunity...
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The risk analysis of reservoir operation based on uncertain theory

Kefei Li, Zhengmao Jia, Liyuan He, Baojian Hou
Uncertain theory is a new tool to quantitatively study the risk analysis under the uncertain condition. Based on uncertain theory and combined with actual characteristics of reservoir operation, the risk analysis model of reservoir operation was established and a hybrid intelligent algorithm coupling...
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Economic analysis of low-carbon economy and policy suggestions

Hongjun Cao, Guixin Han
Based on the finiteness of resources and the seriousness of environmental pollution, and considering that China is a large energy consuming country and a large country of carbon dioxide emissions, it is necessary to develop low-carbon economy. This paper analyses the application of environmental Kuznets...
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Research on the heat collecting efficiency of flat-plate collector and evacuated tube collector

Zhihua Zhou, Junwei Liu, Xin Huang
As the most mature kind of solar heat utilization technology, solar hot water system has been widely used and popularized. In this paper, the evacuated tube collector and the flat-plate collector are used as the research object. The two kinds of collector are most used, while the proportion of use at...
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A Review on Biomass Tar Formation and Catalytic Cracking

Ronghua Zeng, Shuzhong Wang, Jianjun Cai, Cao Kuang
In this paper the path of tar formation during biomass pyrolysis or gasification is described. When the reaction temperature is in the range of 800-900?"?, the tar yield is between 2.5% -5%. Meantime, the primary tar approaches 0, the secondary tar content is 40-60%, the tertiary tar content is 20-60%;...
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A Review of Pyrolysis Gasification of MSW

Ronghua Zeng, Shuzhong Wang, Jianjun Cai, Cao Kuang
The pyrolysis gasification treatment in the paper is the new direction of municipal solid waste disposal by comparing waste incineration, composting and sanitary landfill treatment technology. The principle and classification of pyrolysis gasification technology are described in detail. The research...
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On the Commercial Signboard Font Design in Shenyang that Establishes the City Visual Order

Yang Meng, Zhang Duo
Based on the idea of establishing urban visual orders, this paper aims to explore the demonstration form of Shenyang commercial signboard font designs under the influence of the visual order establishment and to handle problems currently existing on streets of Shenyang and major cities, including the...
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Research on the Innovative Packaging Design of the Tourist Souvenirs in Regional Intangible Cultural Heritages

Yan Dong
The package of the tourist souvenirs in the intangible cultural heritages is one of the topics that people pay less attention to, but with the rapid development of tourist industry as well as the transformation of intangible cultural heritages, it has caught their eyes gradually. The paper is meant to...
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Effects of heavy metals Cu, Zn and its compound stress on physiological characteristics of Cinnamomum camphora

Fan Yang, Shaohui Huang, Yang Liu, Haiyang Wang
In order to investigate the effects of Cu , Zn and their complex stress on the physiological characteristics of Cinnamomum camphora , the seedlings of C. camphora were treated with different concentrations of Cu , Zn ( 0 , 300 , 600 , 900 , 1200 , 1500 mg / kg ) and their mixture ( concentration of 300...
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Vulcanization Process and Properties of Conductive Silicone Rubber Filled With Silver-coated Carbonyl Nickel Powder

Weimin Xiao, Yongping Lei, Zhidong Xia, Jingkai Nie
The article investigates the effect of vulcanization process on electromagnetic shielding and mechanical property of the conductive silicone rubber filled with the silver-coated carbonyl nickel powder. The results show that the post curing process can remarkably improve the electromagnetic shielding...
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Experimental study on treating cellulose acetate wastewater based on electro-Fenton

Luhui Men, Yusong Zhou, Hailin Guo
The anaerobic effluent from cellulose acetate wastewater was used as experimental object, removal rates of organic phosphorus and CODCr are used as index, the influence of reaction time, Fe/C particles, original pH value and current density on removal rate were investigated by electro-Fenton. The results...
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Microemulsion-based interfacial diffusion synthesis of uniform BaCO3 nanorods

Xianda He, Jinye Ran, Wenyu Zhang, Hongchuan Fu
Uniform BaCO3 nanorods were successfully synthesized by a novel microemulsion-based interfacial diffusion method using a lipophilic organic carbonate (CH3CH2)2CO3 as the precipitating agent. For comparison, two other similar methods, namely interfacial diffusion method in the absence of microemulsion...
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A Review on Data-Driven Modelling and Data Rectification for Steam Pipe Networks in Iron& Steel Enterprises

Xianxi Luo, Wei Wang, Hongwei Deng, Zehao Wu
Steam pipe network is important facility in the iron& steel enterprises to recycling the waste heat energy and reduce the comprehensive energy consumption. In this paper, we analyze the necessity of data-driven modelling and data reconciliation for the schedule and operation of steam system through EMS....
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The FFT Harmonic Analysis in Frequency Converters based on Wavelet Denoising

Shuxi Liu, Shan Li, Xiaoduo Yang
Running converters causes harmonics in the electrical system, so it is critical to detect and analyze the harmonics in the power signals. However, the various noises could heavily jeopardize the accuracy of detection and analysis of harmonics in the subject. In this paper, wavelet denoising is applied...
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SWOT Analysis of Developing Circular Economy in Small and Medium Enterprises in Hunan Province

Jingyi Wang
At the present stage, China has become more and more demanding in terms of resource utilization. The development mode of circular economy also came into being. Its purpose is to reduce pollution emissions, improve environmental and resource utilization, and fundamentally coordinate the relationship between...
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Analysis of oil & gas pipelines environmental accidents in China

Huiting Li, Mei Han, Peng Yuan, Haitao Wang, Fei Sun
With the rapid development of oil & gas pipeline construction, the pollution accidents are increasing in quantity. The safe operation of pipelines has aroused widespread concern. This study collected the historical cases of environmental accidents in the domestic oil & gas pipelines in recent 10 years....
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Single-phase Photovoltaic Grid-connected Inverter Current Control Method Based on MRAC

Ruiping Zhang, Hongxia Lu, Jie Yang, Tingrong Zhang
In view of that PI controller parameters changes when system model parameters of single- phase photovoltaic inverter change, a gradient reference based adaptive current loop control method is proposed. Ignoring the high order harmonics in PWM inverter, the mathematical model of the grid connected system...
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Application of MVC-DI process to the treatment of the municipal landfill leachate

Qihua Chen, Juan Liu, Jinning Dong, Yuheng He
An application of treating the landfill leachate by MVC-DI process is introduced. The leachate evaporation treatment system (MVC) of a landfill decreased by 70% in the treatment capacity, and the effluent quality was not up to the discharge standard. The hot-running test, the cold-stop detection and...
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Port machinery and equipment performance analysis system

Zhongfei Kang, Xu Guo
With the development of shipping and continuous promotion of energy-saving work,the performance level of port machinery has become an important parameter to measure the comprehensive utilization of energy in all port enterprises. At this stage,the continuous development and improvement of remote monitoring...
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Casting Aluminum Fatigue Assessment Correction Method Based on Crack Propagation Prediction

Guodong Li, Xingyu Wang, Jing Zeng
The fatigue requirement of casting aluminum alloy is varied for different industry, however, it is hard to avoid porosity, shrinkage, or slag during the casting process, leading to uneven quality of casting. the fatigue strength will be influenced by casting porosity, DAS length or stress level. This...
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Research on Route Optimization of Sino-Europe Container Sea-rail Transport

Changqi Ji, Zuoyi Liu
The paper summarizes domestic and foreign researches about route optimization of multimodal transport. On this base, it first analysis the operational modes and influential factors for container sea-rail transport. Next, it puts China and Europe as the endpoints of route and analysis the alternative...
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Rural tourism low carbonization cognitive problems and countermeasures research in Zhejiang - based on the investigation of Big creek village

Jianqiang Hu, Xiaofeng Lou, Baiyu Li
Low carbon has become a recognized future development direction of the tourism industry in Zhejiang. Closely linked to this paper, vigorously develop low carbon tourism industry requirements, to Big creek village Anji Zhejiang , for example, through on-the-spot investigation, the problems existed in...
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Research and Application of Power Consumers Behavior Analysis Based on K-means Algorithm

Genghuang Yang, Xiayi Hao, Yingmei Zhang
K-means algorithm is used to analyze pretreated monthly load data of power consumers from a certain domestic area in China. It can get different clusters in three months, and those can be roughly divided power consumers into different types, such as residents, businesses and factories based on power...
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Reducing the carbon emission in shipping industry- Application and development of LNG fueled ships in China

Mingyu Tian, Hao Cai, Hongbing Zou
Nowadays, a variety of shipping-induced environmental problems and increasingly rigid emission restrictions have drawn more attention to an emerging marine fuel??"liquefied natural gas (LNG). Although a number of theoretical research and experiment of the usage of LNG onboard have been successfully conducted,...
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Microstructure and phase transformation of Ni-Mn-Ga wires produced by the in rotating water melt-spinning technique

Xiaogang Sun, Xiaomin Peng, Anru Wu
Shape memory Ni55Mn20.6Ga24.4(at%) wires of approximately 200μm in diameter were produced by the in rotating water melt-spinning technique (INROWASP). The microstructure of Ni-Mn-Ga wire was changed from dendritic-like into bamboo grains structure with only one crystal in the radial direction by annealing....
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Effect of Irrigation with Dairy Factory Effluent on the Content of Soluable Cation in Soil of Winter Wheat

Ziwei Jiang, Chunlin Li, Huifen Liu, Huiying Du
With rapid development of large-scale dairy farming in China, unreasonable emissions of the dairy slurry have caused eutrophication of surface water and pollution of the groundwater. Through carrying out field experiment in wheat-maize rotation farmland from 2012 to 2016 in Xushui county of Heibei province,...
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The research on flocculation of Microcystis aeruginosa with combination of microbial flocculant and alum

Guowangchen Liu, Wenshuang Li, Cunpeng Duan, Heyu Lu, Dan Cui, Liling Gao, Junchen Dai, Jianchao Hao
Microalgae harvesting was a bottleneck for controlling eutrophic waterbody and microalgal biofuel production, the combination of Microbial floculant (MBF) and alum was used to flocculate Microcystis aeruginosa in different conditions. The results showed that the combination of MBF and alum had a better...
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The Influence of Land Use Change on Ecological Carrying Capacity in Wuhan Urban Agglomeration

Jinyi Xia, Heng Dong, Chengfang Zhang, Peng Huang
Obtaining the land use change and ecological carrying capacity change accurately and understanding the specific impact of land use change on biocapacity is of great significance for sustainable development. This study analyzed the influence of land use change on ecological carrying capacity, aimed at...
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The effect of transgenic cotton planting on soil microbial community structure based on PLFA analysis

Ruihua Liu, Yan Wang, Yingying Liu, Huifen Liu, Jianning Zhao
To evaluate the effect of genetically modified cotton planting on soil microbial community structure, four cotton materials, genetically modified cotton 013011 (drought-resistance), SGK321 (insect-resistance) and non-transgenic cotton TH2 (drought-resistant receptor) and Shiyuan321 (insect-resistant...