Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education, Language, Literature, and Arts (ICELLA 2021)

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Conducting Online Speaking Class: Adjustment and Compensation

Agustina Lestary
Since early 2020, every educational institution has been forced to make major changes in the teaching-learning process. What was once an occasional practice, online learning, now becomes the only option available to transfer the knowledge from the teachers to the students. Everyone tries to adapt to...
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EFL Students’ Problems in Writing Argumentative Essays

Agustinus Bambang Balinga Saputra, Jumariati, Emma Rosana Febriyanti
Writing in a foreign language is not easy because students have to consider not only the content but also the vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics. This study aimed to investigate the problems that English students have in writing argumentative essays. The subjects of this research were 55 students who...
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Learner Identity Construction of EFL Postgraduate Students: A Narrative Case Study

Ai Fatmawati
The learners of English as a foreign language commonly have a variety of linguistic and cultural background and the learning of a new language will influence how they construct their identity. The present narrative case study attempted to explore how English learning has shaped the learner identity of...
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The Use of Audiobooks as Part of Digital Literacies in Indonesian Students’ Perception

Asmi Rusmanayanti
The emerging concept of digital literacy has much contended nowadays. High or low technologies support varied applications and tools in the EFL context to facilitate teaching and learning English activities. The requirement to improve the capability and be up to date with the newest Information and Communication...
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Bottom-up or Top-down Reading Strategies: Reading Strategies Used by EFL Students

A. B. Bintang Nadea, Jumariati, Nasrullah
To strengthen the understanding of reading, a reader needs to apply a certain strategy. Although previous research on reading strategies has been carried out, little research has been devoted to investigating reading strategies involving EFL learners. The main objective of this study was to investigate...
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Translation Ideology in Translating Narrative Text: A Case Study on EFL Students’ Translations

Cindy Kusuma Pertiwi, Yusuf Al Arief, Emma Rosana Febriyanti
Nowadays, translation has become one of the centers of human interaction. In the translation process, translators ask to translate words or sentences considering the elements and meanings of the source language (SL) to the target language (TL). In translation, there are two ideologies, namely Domestication...
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Face Threatening Acts Used by Debaters in the NUDC 2021 Lambung Mangkurat University

Cinthya Kesuma Adistana, Noor Eka Chandra, Yusuf Al Arief
This study aims to discover the Face Threatening Acts and FTAs most often used by the debater in the NUDC (National University Debate Championship) 2021 at Lambung Mangkurat University. In general, the debate is arguing and giving reason about something from the person who is debating. It is clear that...
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Local Culture in Environmental Conservation: An Ecocritical Overview of a Novel Set in Meratus Mountains, South Kalimantan

Derri Ris Riana, Jahdiah, Rissari Yayuk
Environmental issues that we face today encourage efforts to increase ecological awareness. The green literature movement is used as a medium to raise awareness by voicing criticism of the environment. This movement highlights the increasing environmental damage along with the anthropocentric perspective...
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An Analysis of Illocutionary Acts Produced by the Lecturer in Online Classroom Interaction

Dessy Karmila Sari, Noor Eka Chandra, Yusuf Al Arief
This study aimed to figure out the types of illocutionary acts produced by a lecturer in online classroom interaction and the functions of the illocutionary acts. This research applied a descriptive qualitative design by involving a lecturer of the English Language Department of Lambung Mangkurat University....
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Students’ Preferences Towards Lecturer’s Written Corrective Feedback in Writing Class

Gusti Sofia Rizky Ramadhani, Abdul Muth’im, Emma Rosana Febriyanti
Providing written corrective feedback on student’s writing is one of the ways to guide students in improving the quality of their writing. In providing written corrective feedback to student’s writing, the lecturer should select the appropriate types of written corrective feedback by considering the...
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Weighing Up Contextual and Personal Factors in Selecting Grammar Teaching Approaches: A Case Study from Indonesia

I.G.A. Lokita Purnamika Utami
It is widely accepted that EFL teachers may teach grammar through deductive or inductive approaches or a combination of both. In Indonesian context, despite the emphasis of communicative purpose of learning English demanded by the curriculum, the trend of using deductive approach in teaching grammar...
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Strategies for Answering TOEFL: The Correlation Study between Its Use and the EFL Students’ Listening Score

Ika Hidayanti, Alfan Zuhairi, Kurniasih
The EFL students need to take the TOEFL test to measure their English achievement, and this is also a compulsory test regulated by universities. This study was taken place in Universitas Islam Malang, especially English Department Students at Faculty of Education. The objectives are to investigate whether...
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Argumentation Skills: An Analysis on EFL Students’ Essays Based on Toulmin’s Model of Argument

Jumariati, Emma Rosana Febriyanti, Muhammad Rizki
Writing argumentative essays is not only challenging because the writers must have adequate knowledge on the topic but also, they must provide strong arguments to convince the readers. This study analyzes the argumentation skills of advanced level students in writing the content of an argumentative essay....
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Teachers’ Readiness for e-Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of High School Geography Teachers

Karunia Puji Hastuti, Deasy Arisanty, Izzatul Mahya, Parida Angriani, Faisal Arif Setiawan
This study aims to analyze the readiness of Geography teachers in e-learning during the Covid-19 pandemic in high schools throughout Tanah Bumbu Regency. This study uses a quantitative descriptive method through a survey with data analysis techniques using the Aydin and Tasci model by calculating the...
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Investigating the Problems of Teaching Online by In-service Teachers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Maryani, Fatchul Mu’in, Nasrullah, Elvina Arapah, Emma Rosana Febriyanti
The invasion of the COVID-19 virus in Indonesia has sent in-service teachers and students to shift traditional teaching into online learning. However, the unpreparedness of the practice of online learning gives rise to problems in its implementation. Despite plenty of similar studies focusing on online...
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Digital Tools Used in Bahasa Indonesia for Non-Native Speakers (BIPA) Online Learning in Canggu Community School

Ni Luh Gede Dian Pondika Cahyaningsih
To accommodate online learning for young learners, teachers should find digital tools to create interactive teaching materials and to teach the learners online. Teaching Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) or Indonesian as Foreign Language online has been extra work for the teachers since there...
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Students’ Perception on the Affecting Factors in Writing Descriptive Essays

Netty Kumala Dewi, Jumariati, Yusuf Al Arief
Writing essays for EFL students is uneasy since they should have extensive knowledge on the topic, a good language use in vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation, and good motivation in writing. There are some factors that underlie these problems. This study aimed to find out students’ perceptions on the...
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Printed and Digital Dictionary for Multilingual Literacy Development: A Needs Analysis

Ni Made Ratminingsih, Ketut Agustini, I Gede Budasi, I Ketut Trika Adi Ana, Ida Ayu Ratsitha Dewi
This study aimed to describe the needs analysis of the printed and digital dictionary as one of the necessary resources for developing multilingual literacy in primary education. The study applied mixed-method research with a sequential embedded design. In this study, 27 teachers and 656 students from...
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Students’ Academic Identities in Time of Uncertainties

Ninuk Krismanti
This narrative inquiry is set to investigate how ELESP students enrolled in the pandemic era construct their academic identities and what possibly influences the deconstruction of these identities. This study involves five participants. The participating students are the ones enrolled as university students...
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Students’ Perceptions on Online Learning: A Study on EFL University Students in Pandemic Era

Nur Aini Ulfah, Noor Eka Chandra, Fahmi Hidayat
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused almost all activities to be carried out remotely, including learning and teaching activities. This is one way to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the school environment. Therefore, online learning is used to make learning and teaching activities possible even...
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Teaching Techniques Applied in Speaking Classes: Lecturers’ Voice of What and Why

Rahmah Isnaniah, Nanik Mariani, Jumariati
This research aimed to investigate the teaching techniques used and mostly used by the lecturers in Basic Speaking classes. Furthermore, the factors underlie their choice in using certain techniques more often than other techniques. It used descriptive qualitative involving three lecturers who taught...
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Beyond Classroom Wall: A Review of Research on Online Learning in EFL Teaching Contexts During Pandemic COVID-19

Siti Kustini, Nurfitriah
This paper attempts to synthesize and critically examine the empirical research on online learning particularly in EFL classroom contexts during the time of pandemic COVID-19. The research articles reviewed in this study utilized several inclusive criteria including (1) peer-reviewed articles; (2) studies...
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EFL Students’ Perceptions of Social Presence and Satisfaction in Online Learning

Tara Sania Suryana Putri, Nanik Mariani, Fatchul Mu’in
Research shows online students are more likely to quit class if they do not like the instructor, the format, or the feedback. In addition, since they work independently, relying almost wholly upon self-motivation and self-direction, online learners may be more inclined to withdraw from the class if they...
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Linguistic and Cultural Problems in Translation

Tiara Ridha Imami, Fatchul Mu’in, Nasrullah
Cultural problems in translation arise due to differences between the two languages in expressing identity and lifestyle. Translators will find it difficult to translate abstract or concrete concepts in the source language/culture (SL/C), completely unknown in the target language/culture (TL/C). This...