Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research

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Investigation and Analysis on Current Situation of Community Sports Activities in “Urban Village”of Guangzhou City

Jing Gao
The surveys on current community sports for urban village residents in Guangzhou, and the content of concerning of government as well as the degree of public awareness of physical fitness and other aspects are performed by the methods of questionnaire and in-situ investigation .It has been analyzed the...
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The Political Misunderstanding and Its Countermeasures on Urban planning and Construction - A Case Study of Ordos City Kang Bashi District

Chaowen Ji
In Ordos City, Kang Bashi District of Western Area, the objectives of urban planning are too big that public buildings is asked to be seeking large and novelty, Public resources are seriously wasted and other misunderstandings of "making political achievements" are also obviously. An urgent improvement...
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Jingdezhen’s Ceramic Civilization: the Past and Today

Ganlin Zhang, Zhou Cheng, Qingli Wang
As the main host city, Jingdezhen, celebrated China’s ninth “Cultural Heritage Day” on June 14, 2014. After several thousand years’ inheritance and development, Jingdezhen now has unique and unmatched ceramic culture nationwide and even worldwide. It has many precious cultural heritage and immovable...
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An Effective Strategy for Human Resource Management Crisis in Enterprises

Chunlin Yuan
Talent is the core competitiveness of the organization. Organization's competition is the talent competition, however, the problem of brain drain is increasingly troubled by the management of the organization, how to reduce the brain drain has become an important subject in human resource management....
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On Improving the Identification of the CPC for University Students Communists

Xinwei Li, Quanwei Zhai
Abstract: Student Communists are the precious resources of CPC, so it is quite significant to improve the identification of theirs toward the CPC. Based on the previous research done by Bao Gongmin, Professor from Zhejiang University, this thesis proposes three approaches to improve students’ identification...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of College Students Installment Purchase

Jiayu Song
The article designed based on consumer psychology theory and other related research from inner and foreign country. The utility theory and discounting factor are used to establish a model to determine the level of psychological discount rate that consumers would be willing to accept. Finally, this paper...
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Impacts of EU Technical Barriers to Trade upon Export of Chinese Agricultural Products and Countermeasures

Zhenhua Yang, Qiang Shen, Ge Yang
Over the past few years, technical barriers to trade have been applied by EU countries for trade protection owing to their flexibility, variability, privacy and great variety. In China, export of agricultural products to Europe has been deeply impacted as well. After current situation that China’s export...
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Customer Value Analysis of Small and Medium Enterprises in Internet Environment

Biao Tong, Liang Li
With the rapid development and popularity of Internet and the approach of customer economy era, the business environment of enterprises has undergone tremendous changes, and the traditional business model is increasingly challenged, particularly in the current significant trend-homogenization of products...
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A Study of American Individualism in Proverbs from the Perspective of Sociolinguistics

Hongping Chen, Xinhe Ao
Language is the carrier of culture, therefore, when learning American English, a deep understanding of American culture is required. Proverbs are colloquial and from the folks, and a few words of them can often capture the essence of national culture. This paper tries to explore individualism which is...
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Evaluation and Optimization on Knowledge Value Chain of Enterprises in the Logistics Park

Rongli Shi
Enterprises in logistics park in the period of logistics park adjustment and transition, began to look to the development of enterprise knowledge value chain. In this paper, the basic activities and auxiliary activities of the knowledge value chain of enterprise in logistics park were analyzed, and combining...
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The Impact of Environmental Policy on Low-Carbon Technology Innovation Performance of Chinese Manufacturing Industry

Qun Fang
In this paper, taking the low-carbon technology innovation enterprise in China as the research sample, we design a questionnaire survey and obtain relevant data and develop the relationship between environmental protection policy and manufacturing low carbon technology innovation performance. By Using...
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Study on the Evaluation Mode in Air Conditioning Engineering and Practicums

Jian Chen, Yijun Liu
Air Conditioning Engineering is a main professional theoretical course in the major of Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, in practicums of which both production and graduation practice play an important role. Students’ professional knowledge and virtue can be improved by the combination...
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Characteristics and Causes of Economic Cycle Fluctuation during the 30 Years after China's Reform and Opening Up

Jinzhe Wang
With the rapid development of economy for 30 years after reform and opening up, China's economy has basically entered the mature stage of advance according to the theory of stage of economic development presented by Ross. While when China succeed in achieving economic development, many people all over...
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The Research on Situation and Prediction of Anqing’s Industrial Economy

Jun Hu, Wu Xie
Industry is the dominant of national economy. The development of industrial economy becomes an enduring and dynamic topic with generally increasing of the second industry. Based on the qualitative method and data, we illuminated its current situation and found some problems, on account of the statistical...
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The Contribution Rate of Higher Education on Economic Growth in the Central China, 2004-2013

Huadong Cheng, Kun Liu
Firstly, the contribution rate-estimating model was constructed by Cobb-Douglas production function. Secondly, the author estimated and analyzed the contribution rate of higher education on economic growth of whole country. especially, ShanXi, AnHui, JiangXi, HeNan, HuBei, HuNan province during the period...
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Language and Culture from the Communicative Perspective in the Context of Globalization

Jianna Qiu, Ke Xu
This paper is to explore the inseparable relationship between language and culture from the communicative perspective in the context of globalization, with a view to raising some practical suggestions from contents to forms on English language teacher skills development.
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Research on Countermeasures to Speed up the Economic and Social Development of Poverty-Stricken Mountain Areas--A Case of Jinzhai County in the Dabie Mountain Area

Wu Xie, Yelian Shi
In order to fulfill the goal of building the all-round well-off society, it’s of great necessity to promote economic and social development , reduce and eventually eliminate absolute poverty in poverty-stricken areas. By observing researches on poverty at home and abroad, and taking Jinzhai County, a...
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A Perspective on Ecological sustainability In Wuling Mountain Area

Weijun He, Xiaoyun Du
Wuling Mountain Area is one of the areas which of high importance in the Yangtze River watershed because of its rich ecological capital.A startegy which integrates and the economic devlopnment efforts with the environmental protection is of great importance for the sustainable devlopnment of the area....
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A Study on Asymmetric Preference in Foreign Exchange Market Intervention in Emerging Asia

Yanzhen Wang, Xiumin Li, Yutan Li, Mingming Liu
Using asymmetric loss function, this paper estimates asymmetric preference in central bank foreign exchange market intervention in seven emerging Asian economies between January 1999 and December 2014 and its three sub-sample periods. The estimation results indicate that all the seven countries have...
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An Analysis of Linear Algebra Teaching Problems and Solutions

Jianming Liu
The paper aims at examining real mathematics teaching situations existing in local universities and colleges and exploring relative practical solutions to these problems. Based on a thorough study on mathematics teaching situations and related experts’ research reports, the author’s in-depth discussion...
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A Feminist Analysis of Jane Eyre & Pride and Prejudice

Lili Lu, Youbin Zhao
Both Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë are distinguished writers in the literary history, especially significant women writers in the18th-19th century of England. Jane Austen played a pioneering role in the generation of English female literature, and Charlotte Brontë further developed feminist thoughts....
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Research on the Management Thought of “the Top-Grade Doctor can Govern the Country” in Huangdi Neijing

Li Wen, Dingding Yang, Jinzhan Shen
Huangdi Neijing not only has historic, practical and post-modern significance on medical guidance but also has scientificity in natural and social attributes. When we explore the wisdom of Huangdi Neijing from the perspective of modern management, we can find the existence of some problems in present...
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On the Background of “One Belt and One Road + Internet”the Dilemma and Strategy of TCM “Culture Output”

Zheqian Su, Xiaochun Du, Zhanyi He
With the development of the strategy of “One Belt and One Road/ Beijing Silk Road Initiative”, the Asia-Europe Continental Bridge ushers the economic and cultural exchanges once again; On the background of the concept of “Internet +”, the traditional industry drives to the fast track of development....
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Research on Strategic Supplier Selection and Evaluation Method of Manufacturing Enterprise Based on AHP-GCA Method

Banglei Wu, Xiaojuan Chen, Jing Yu, Qing Sun
With the application of intelligence technology in manufacturing industry, the competition of supply chain in manufacturing industry is becoming more and more competitive. Strategic supplier is a key element for the success of manufacturing enterprise. At present, there are many methods for the selection...
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Optimal Credit Card Customer Portfolio Construction Under Uncertain Situation

Xiaoxia Huang, Xiaohong Zhao
Since the absence of portfolio model, banks may admit the credit card application without an effective evaluation standard in the extension of credit card business. This paper discusses a credit card customer portfolio selection problem in which the returns from customers are given by experts’ estimations...
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A New Analysis Framework on the Influencing Factors of Grid Management System

Junming Tu, Menghua Fan
Based on the existing research on grid management system focusing too much on single country studies and neglecting universal laws behind grid management system choices, the study constructs a universal analysis framework on the influencing factors of grid management system and makes an empirical research...
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The Subjectivity of the Stream of Consciousness in Munro’s To Reach Japan

Yuanzhen Peng
The story To Reach Japan presents a magnificent picture of a female Greta’s hard struggle between her daily life and her broken thoughts. For the vivid depiction of her underneath longing, techniques of stream of consciousness are put into use. This paper attempts to illustrate the inner world of the...
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Research on Strategic Supplier Selection and Evaluation Standard System of Manufacturing Enterprise

Banglei Wu, Jing Yu, Qing Sun
With the market competition aggravating, strategic supplier of manufacturing enterprise is becoming more and more critical for the success of manufacturing enterprise. It plays decisive role in the areas of product quality, date of delivery, service, etc. At present, there are many methods on selection...
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Red in the Development of Sports in Colleges and Universities Sports Education to Promote Study

Xueda Yang
using the literature material method, logic method and dialectical analysis and other research methods, based on the status of red sports and the perspective of value, interpretation of the alienation phenomenon of sports education in colleges and universities in our country, to red sports education...
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Study on the Endogenous and Preventive Strategies of Financial Fraud in China's Listed Corporation under the New Normal

Hong Ji, Yunqin Zou
With the development of our social economy enters the new normal, and the development of China's capital market, the phenomenon of financial fraud and the consequences are increasingly serious, which not only hinder the healthy development of the listed Corporation, but also destroy the capital market...
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Characteristics of English for Science and Technology

Xiuhua Li, Li Li
With more and more works and papers on science and technology published in English, English for science and technology has developed into an important variety of modern English with its unique characteristics that contribute to the style of science and technology materials. The paper explores the characteristics...
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Analysis on Teaching Method of Soil Mechanics Course

Jianwu Gong, Bingyan Wen, Tianhui Liu
Soil mechanics is an important basic course in civil engineering specialty. According to the characteristics and teaching status of the course, the course teaching contents, teaching methods, practice teaching, assessment methods and quality of teachers are analyzed in order to improve the teaching quality....
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The Study on the General Situation of Chinese Cultural Non-Profit Organization - Based on the Empirical Research from 2007 to 2012

Xiaofei Gai, Xuefang Xie
As the intermediary to the development of cultural industries, the cultural non-profit organization plays an important role. The text makes an analysis about the cultural non-profit organization of China from the perspective of the development trend and structure of Chinese cultural non-profit organization,...
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Application And Analysis Of Witkey Mode In Network Economy

Liucheng Zhang
Witkey mode in the network economy application of Witkey mode conforms to new ways to now economics of law of value, but also to stimulate the Internet use. The rapid development of the Internet, on all aspects of social development plays a strong role in promoting and depth of penetration. Network economy...
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Application of Synergisticity Model in High-Tech Industrial Cluster Innovation System

Min Chen, Qiuming Wu
Based on synergetics, through to the research of high-tech industry cluster innovation system, Having established the coordination model of industrial cluster innovation system. Carrying on the empirical analysis by practical examples and verifying the correctness of the model.
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Role of Practical Teaching in Cultivation of Civil Engineering Talents

Yan Liu, Xiyuan Sun, Weimin Yin, Zhengyin Zhang, Bingquan Tang
construction & production practice is very critical to the cultivation of civil engineering talents. Firstly, the paper discusses the importance of practice, and believes that to integrate understanding the world and reforming the world, and to combine theoretical knowledge with professional practice,...
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Study on the Development Dilemma and Strategies of Small and Medium Enterprises in the New Period

Hong Ji, Haiyan Yan
Small and medium-sized enterprise is an important force in the national economy and social development. Its development is not only an important basis for the stable and rapid development of the national economy, but also affect the stability of people's livelihood and society. In recent years, although...
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Discussion On The Construction of Xi'an Community Culture

Guanhua Dong
Culture construction is an important part of community construction, but there are some problems on Xi’an commubnity culture construction. It is need to improve the participation of community residents, enhance the community cultural identity, strengthen the functional role of community culture, add...
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Empirical Research on Community Participation of Xiaoqing River Ecological Improvement Project in China

Yanlei Hu
This paper uses empirical research methods, including case analysis and surveys, to analyze the Xiaoqing River Ecological Improvement Project in Jinan, China. We found that this project has cost more than 10 Billion RMB over nearly eight years. However, pollution remains a major issue. We argue that...
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Pragmatic Functions of Questioning in TV Interview Program

Weihong Chen
As a special speech act and language use, questioning acts as a pragmatic strategy in TV interview programs. From the perspective of adaptive pragmatics, the paper intends to reveal that the host’s dynamic questioning in TV interview programs can realize various pragmatic functions in specific contexts...
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Survey on Spatial Econometric Model for Cross-Sectional Data

Xiaolong Wang
Spatial econometrics is a branch discipline of econometrics, which mainly studies the traditional econometric models with spatial effect. Based on the development of spatial econometrics context, this paper gives a brief survey about the main spatial econometric model form, estimation and testing methods...
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The Exploration and Practice for Project Teaching Method

Hailan Pan, Jian Chen, Cuihong Wu
Project teaching method is a kind of teaching method around the project, which let the students put the classroom knowledge into projects in the form of learning team, and improve the students' professional knowledge and skills through practice. This paper introduces the concept and characteristics of...
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Shawan Fish-Lantern Cultural Protection And Development in The View of Cultural Consciousness

Yanling Rang
Many local cultural heritage in the process of protection and development Producing cultural commercialization, and the loss of cultural authenticity, have become more and more serious problems. How to protect and develop cultural heritage more effectively, the author believes that these issues need...
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A Brand Equity Driving Model Based on Interaction Quality

An Yan, Juanjuan Chen
Brand equity, whose essence is the result of constant interaction between enterprises and customers, is important assets for enterprises. In this study, the concept of interaction and interactive marketing was defined and dimensions of brand equity were divided more clearly. A brand equity driving model...
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A Study on the Development and Management of Training Center in Higher Vocational Schools

Jiaqi Mei
The development of training center is an important way to improve education quality of higher vocational schools. It’s an essential condition for human resource training. In the development of training center in higher vocational schools we should follow the idea of combining school and company, corresponding...
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A Part of Speech Based Public Opinion Text Classification Method

Rui Liu, Zhiqiang Wei, Hao Liu, QianQian Fu
An improved text classification algorithm is presented to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the public opinion classification. The algorithm filters the part of speech before feature extraction to decrease the useless feature and then classifies text according to the calculated weight. The experimental...
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On Hester’s Defiance

Xiuhua Li, Liyang Zong
This paper suggests that Hester in The Scarlet Letter is always defiant throughout the plot and then discusses the effect of defiance on the moral growth of the woman when sinned against. Finally, it explores Hester’s defiance considering the historical background of America.
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A Brief Study of Sectarian Conflicts in India

Rui Hu, Keping Tian
In recent decades, India has made great progress in Comprehensive National Power, which has attracted widespread attention from the whole world. However, in this process, India has to face many obstacles, of which the most prominent is Sectarian conflicts. Since independence India has set secularism...
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The Effective Measures to Improve Classroom Teaching Quality of Enginery

Shuqiong Xu
There are some factors that affect the classroom teaching quality of Enginery, schools, teachers and students are the three most important factors. We can rely on the support of the school policy, the leading role of teachers and students' joint efforts. We should pay more attention to teach through...
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The Role of College Counselors in the Construction of Study Style

Shuqiong Xu, Duanchun Shen
The construction of study style is an important aspect in the university construction, establishing good study style becoming the key point to reach undergraduates’ prime. Counselors have to strengthen the propaganda and implement university discipline system through strengthen the political thought...