Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Information Technology

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The Study of Running Behavior of Pedestrian at Urban Signalized Intersection

Zhiyin Li, Ziyang Wang, Boran Wan, Mingtao Wu, Haiyue Zhao
Pedestrian is the main traffic participants in the signalized intersection. And its running behavior, on the one hand, will increase hidden danger because of reducing driver's reaction time; on the other hand, it will decrease the time of exposure to the road and reduce the security risk. The study found...
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Adaptive Compensation Method Based on STCKF for AHRS

Shengfeng Gao, Hai Zhu, Zhengdong Guo
Aimed at the problem that the compensation method for attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) cannot adapt the changing magnetic field environment, an adaptive compensation method based on strong tracking cubature Kalman filter (STCKF) is putted forward. The system equation of magnetic deviation...
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A New Type of Automatic Opening and Closing Light-Operated Curtain

Biqing Li, Hongyan Zhang, Congjun Yang, Shiyong Zheng
The automatic opening and closing light-operated curtain device designed in this paper applies the photosensitive resistance to collect current light intensity, then transforms the collected analog signal to digital signal by a serial A/D chip TLC549, and finally the converted data is transmitted to...
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Research on the Genetic Algorithm and the Convex Optimization Theory and the Applications on the Large Scale Integrated Circuit Design

Zhenbang Xu, Hong Shi
In this literature article, we conduct research on genetic algorithm and convex optimization theory and the applications on the large scale integrated circuit design. Integrated circuit test system's main function is to test the microprocessor, semiconductor memory circuit and a variety of dedicated...
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A Hierarchical ML-kNN Method for Complex Emotion Analysis on Customer Reviews

Hongwei Qi, Yanquan Zhou, Qi Guo
Aim at multi-label sentiments classification of customer reviews. This paper presents a hierarchical ML-kNN algorithm. Different from the traditional ML-kNN algorithm, this algorithm can capture the connection of labels by introducing auxiliary labels. The experimental results show that our proposed...
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Fault section locating method for coalmine high-voltage network based on SVD

Junfeng Li, Zhengjun Yao, Shujun Bai
According to multi-branch structure of high voltage power network in coal mine, a new method based on singular value decomposition (SVD) was proposed. The characteristics of reflection and refraction of the traveling wave generated by the fault point were studied and the values measured by devices at...
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Short Term Prediction of Coal Mine Methane Concentration with Chaos PSO-RBFNN Model in Underground Coal Mines

Yue Geng
Gas disaster is the serious threat to coal mine safety, the accurate prediction of coal mine methane (CMM) is one effective method avoiding the hazard occurrence. This paper first confirmed the chaotic characteristic of CMM sequence and calculated the delay time and embedding dimension. Combined chaotic...
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Cylindrical Panorama Stitching Based on a Common Camera

Xue Leng
Panorama mosaic technology is an important research content in image rendering technology, it can express the complete information on the surrounding environment. As the cylindrical panorama with excellent visual effects, and accord with people's habits of observation, therefore be studied by many researchers....
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Finite Element Simulation of Lamb Wave Detection in Thin Plate

Chun'an Ai, Xiaofeng Cai, Jian Li, Kaixuan Liu
In order to reveal the Lamb wave propagation mechanism, the Lamb wave detection of thin plate structure was investigated numerically. To this end, a finite element model was established and the corresponding boundary conditions, mesh size and time step were set. On this basis, the displacement field...
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Simulation Analysis on Airflow Field of Plot Harvester

Yingchun Xiao, Shuang Wang, Min Liao, Jian Liang, Junfu Zhang
Airflow field play an important role on the cleaning performance of the air-and-screen cleaning device of the plot harvester, and an unreasonable airflow field can lead to poor cleaning quality. In order to understand the cleaning chamber airflow distribution and improve the cleaning quality of the cleaning...
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Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of Small-rotor Aerodynamic Characteristics

Yao Lei, Yuxia Ji, Changwei Wang
Aerodynamic characteristics of small-rotor were studied based on the finite volume method. In an attempt to study its performance, hovering flow field of the single-rotor was established, meanwhile, the boundary conditions were set up. In addition, flow field was analyzed numerically by using computational...
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The Side Force and Yawing Moment in Archaeological Boating Sailing

Yucheng Wang
The ship directional stability is an important index in studying ship maneuverability, but there has not been good method to detect the direction stability of ship. This paper attempts to obtain the side force and yawing moment of fixed symmetrical ship model by using RANS method at steady speed. The...
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The Research on Live Surveillance Monitoring Technology for Marketing Expenses Remote Control

Shuiping Ding, Haifeng Lin, Guang Chen, Xiaoguang Li
Electricity Cost Remote Control in Marketing Business has been playing an important role in the business management of electricity information collection. Through analysis on the information about electricity cost remote control, it can study the cost control data and provide the real-time estimation...
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Research and Improvement of LPDC Decoding Algorithm

Tingting Chen, Riuan Liu, Lirong Diao
Low Density Parity Check(LDPC) code itself has a good performance and the application of LDPC in the communication field is extensive. LDPC codes have the characteristics of low bit error rate, easy adjustment, low decoding complexity and excellent decoding performance. LDPC is considered to be the "best...
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An Improved Multi-Level Screening Identification Algorithm for Lunar Impact Craters

Jiaheng Chen, Zhankai Li, Xiaolin Tian
This study proposes an improved Multi-Level Screening Identification algorithm for the automatic extraction and identification of impact craters based on CCD image. Compared with previous algorithm of Multi-Level Screening Identification, we improved the robustness of algorithm based on terrain classification....
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Algorithm about Ordering the Departing Flights on Multi-Runway

Yu Guo
This paper aims at ordering the departing flights on multi-runway, to alleviate the severe flight delays in our country nowadays. We respectively use FCFS scheduling algorithm and multilevel feedback queue scheduling algorithm, to get the result by the simulation calculation above. Finally, the paper...
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The Research on Biosynsphere Damage Analysis Based on 3D Vessel Bioprinter

Huanbao Liu, Huixing Zhou, Haiming Lan, Xiaoyan Wu, Ying Liu
3D bioprinter is an emerging interdisciplinary technology, which offers a new plan not only for the functional materials, ( droplets, drug delivery, organ regeneration, tissue engineering), but also for the new artificial vessel called 3D vessel bioprinter. In this paper, we developed a theoretical proposal...
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Design of a Novel Cargo-Loader for Spacecraft Container

Chunsheng Yang, Bile Wan, Zaicheng Wang, Yi Lu
To meet the requirement of loading/ unloading large-sized spacecraft containers with IL-76 aircraft, a novel cargo-loader was designed in the study. The cargo-loader including shunt mechanism and electric control system not only could moves all-around, but also be adjusted attitudes automatically. The...
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Normal-Mode Based MUSIC for Bearing Estimation in Shallow Water Using Acoustic Vector Sensors

Weiwei Ai, Jinyu Xiong, Xiaoyong Zhang
To realize unbiased bearing estimates of multiple acoustic sources in a range-independent shallow water, Normal-Mode based MUSIC (NM-MUSIC) method using acoustic vector sensor (AVS) array is proposed in this paper. Comparing to NM-MUSIC method based on scalar array, the method based on AVS array solves...
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Design of the Intelligent Air Humidifier

Biqing Li, Wenya Lai, Chongjun Yang, Shiyong Zheng
The ordinary sensors require manual control and do not have the indoor air humidifier test function. This design mainly adopts STC89C52RC SCM control, and connects with the auxiliary circuit to achieve automatic test and sound-light alarm of the intelligent air humidifier. The intelligent air humidifier...
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Study on the Application of Data Mining in Bioinformatics

Mingyang Yuan
In post-genome era, dealing with biology data from all of aspects has become a main work of bioinformatics. This study mainly analyzes the application of data mining in bioinformatics. Based on the summarize of the definition and main research contents of bioinformatics, the processing flow of bioinformatics...
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Control Design of Tunnel Robot Based on ARM

Xiaolong Zhou, Wei Song, Jiangcheng Wang, Xinping Li
In order to improve tunnel in long, narrow tunnel environment flexible robot control and autonomous obstacle avoidance ability, designed the control platform based on ARM, more modular sensor fusion, through WIFI communications and figure and raspberry pie auxiliary control system in the field of image...
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Design of the Tunnel Robot Based on the Crawler Chassis

Wei Song, Xiaolong Zhou, Ying Zhang, Jie Xiao
In order to promote the movement inside tunnel robot in the cable tunnel and obstacle capability, designed a swing arm type crawler chassis, applied to the robot. The chassis adopts the modular design, assembly simple replacement maintenance convenience, enhances the terrain adaptability. Swing arm type...
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Kinematic Simulation of Telescopic Sleeve Anti-Swing Device Based on Ship Swing

Guangdong Han, Haiquan Chen, Shenghai Wang, Jinnan Zhang
In order to reduce the impacts of wave on ship-mounted crane during operating the crane under rough weather conditions. A new type of shipboard crane telescopic sleeve anti-swing device was proposed. It uses the rigid constraints of the sleeve to reduce the swing range of the load, and through the universal...
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Low Cross-Polarization Slab Waveguide Filter for Narrow-Wall Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna with High Gain Horn

Guoan Xiong, Jin Pan, Yucheng Jiao, Zhaonan Jin, Boyuan Ma
A low cross-polarization slab waveguide filter for narrow-wall slotted waveguide array antenna with high gain horn is presented. In narrow-wall slotted waveguide array, the horizontal polarization (HP) is the co-polarization, while the vertical polarization (VP) is the cross-polarization. Slotted waveguide...
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Improved Contrast Infrared Small Target Detection Algorithm Based on Local Edge Extraction

Shuai Wang, Zaiping Lin, Hongwei Cheng
An algorithm of small and dim infrared target detection base on LCM (Local Contrast Method) combing with edge detection to solve the problem of high false alarm in small and dim infrared target detection under complex background. This algorithm firstly uses the LCM (Local Contrast Method) to extract...
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Control System Design of Automatic Door Based on PLC

Yangyang Xu, Ying Wang
Aiming at enhancing the reliability of the automatic door operation S7-200 programmable logic controller (PLC) was used as the core of the automatic door system. The principle of control system was analyzed with description of the control system hardware it was introduced that the working process of...
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Simulation and optimization of key link of Production logistics in automobile production

Yunrui Wang
Automobile production logistics would affect output rate directly, it included some processes such as cutting, stamping, welding, painting, assembly, testing. For the main question not to delivery in time in a company of main produce car, by observation and analysis in the scene found the painting process...
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Topology Characteristics of Resting-State Brain Network in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease

Ping Hu, Ting Mei
To provide technical support for computer diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients, the data of resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) are collected from 9 AD patients and 11 normal elderly people. We adopt the Automated Anatomical Labeling (AAL) template to divide the brain...
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Using a Model Matching Method for Rolling Bearing Fault Determination

Chunhe Shi, Xiaowei Han
This paper mainly introduces the model matching method in fault determination of an application, first before applying the model matching method for characteristics of principal components analysis, reducing their dimensions to improve the performance.
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The Design of Bearing Fault Diagnosis Classifier Based on the Bayesian Classification

Chunhe Shi, Xiaowei Han, Zhen Li
The advantages of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in dimension reduction are obvious, while the classifying methods are various. PCA, applied to Bayesian classification with the minimium risk, is adopted to realize classifying and testing the learning samples in this paper, eventually accurately realizing...
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Effect of Geometrical Parameters on Wrinkling of 0Cr21Ni6Mn9N Stainless Steel Tube in Numerical Control Bending

Jun Fang, Shiqiang Lu, Kelu Wang, Xuguang Min
In order to study the effects of geometrical parameters on wrinkling of 0Cr21Ni6Mn9N stainless steel tube in numerical control (NC) bending process, a three dimensional elastic plastic finite element model of the 0Cr21Ni6Mn9N stainless steel tube in NC bending was established based on ABAQUS/Explicit...
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Loading Capacity Analysis of Hydrostatic Oil Pad Based on Fluid-structure Coupling

Yongsheng Zhao, Haiming Zhang, Weizhe Yu
Hydrostatic guideway is the key component of heavy-duty CNC machine tool feed system. The working performance of the hydrostatic guideway have great influence to the accuracy of machine tool. In order to analysis the performance of the oil pad, a calculation method based on Reynolds equation and the...
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Research on Characteristics of Equivalent Sequence Impedance of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine

Xiang Li, Yongning Chi, Haiyan Tang, Xinshou Tian
Wind generation is widely utilized today as a promising form. As the major type of wind turbines, doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbines have been widely used. Now great attention is paid to the relay protection of power systems integrated with wind power of large capacity. Based on fault...
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Preliminary Discussion on Principle and Application of Thermoelectric Power Generation

Kai Yan
Energy-saving and environmental protection is a serious problem that mankind faced in the 21st century. In recent years, with the rapid development of economic, energy security situation is increasingly severe. Thermoelectric power generation technology, which is based on Seebeck effect, can directly...
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Comprehensive Performance Test of Dobby and Analysis System

Honghuan Yin, Hongbin Yu, Yongliang Jin, Xuekui Li
Dobby, as a kind of commonly used fabric system and shuttleless loom, is applied to all kinds of weaving factory. Compared with the tappet loom, it could weave more complex flower fabric. Dobby fabric play a key role in the process of research and development of new varieties and batch manufacturing....
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Optical Stealth Design of Satellite

Dongjun Zhu, Zhanyue Zhang, Letian Zheng
Satellites play an irreplaceable role in human daily life, more and more satellites are being sent into space. At the same time, foreign space powers are competing to develop the satellite stealth technology, the safety factors and survival ability of the satellite can't be ignored. Analysis of space...
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Object Tracking System for Video Recording based Qt and OpenCV

Zhiyong Tang, Kun Liu, Zhenji Yang, Zhongcai Pei, Zeyang Zhang
In this paper, an object tracking system was introduced for video recording based Qt and OpenCV. The system can track any moving target in dynamic background. The tracking algorithm was designed based on TLD tracking algorithm and some refactoring was implemented. The architecture of the system is clear...
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Fountain Codes in Broadcast Channel: Transmission and Joint BP Decoding Algorithm

Kai Fang, Dazhuan Xu, Shengkai Xu
In this paper, we study systematic Luby Transform (SLT) codes over broadcast channel with the white Gaussian noise. First, we adopt the incremental encoding and decoding method to transmit information. To reduce the multiple users' interference and improve the throughput performance of the system, we...
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Research on the Comparison Test of Massive Data Storage in Electric Power Acquisition

Qi Qian, Jianhua Yang, Tao Liu, Shuiping Ding
In this paper, we study the problem of mass data storage and encountered in its process. We choose D3Base, one of distributed database products, to compare with the Oracle, and do relevant testing work. The deployment of distributed database products and the construction of network environment are also...
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Blind Signal Separation Algorithm for Space-based ADS-B

Kai Liu, Tao Zhang, Yang Ding
Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) is a main technology for Air Traffic Management (ATM). As a trend of aerial surveillance, space-based ADS-B uses satellite to receive ADS-B signals to realize aerial surveillance globally. The space-based ADS-B has a series of new features that Terrestrial-based...
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Radio Resource Application in Aeronautical Mobile Communication System

Fan Hu, Tao Zhang
This paper systematically analyzed resource application allocation process and the timing relationship of resource application in aeronautical mobile communication system's link layer. This paper aimed at a new generation space ground data link technology which was called L-band digital aeronautical...
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Expansion the Output Swing of the Ultra-Low Noise Transimpedance Amplifier for Microcurrent Measurement

Xueyou Shi, Kai Xie, Bin Sun, Kai Zhao, Anfeng Huang
Accurate measuring of micro currents in fA range requires an ultra-low bias amplifier which has relative low output swing, limits the value of feedback resistor, and ultimately results a poor noise performances. In this paper, an improved low-noise transimpedance amplifier with a large feedback loop...
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Power Allocation and Partner Selection for Physical Layer Security in OFDM Wireless Networks

Shuanglin Huang, Aixia Jing, Jian Xu
Most orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) wireless communication system is poor in secure transmission. Based on user's physical layer security rate requirement, an OFDM system cooperative scheme over multi-relay cooperative communication networks to achieve optimal relay selection and power...
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Architecture of Data Fusion System Based on Big Data Technology

Chunhui Yang, Bo Cheng
Data fusion technology has been widely used in many fields, but the existing data fusion system is faced with the test of the system scalability, real-time processing and fusion abundant dimension. This paper tries to design a data fusion system architecture which can be able to support massive data...
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Review on State-of-the-art Technologies and Algorithms on Recommendation System

Haoyang Li, Yuanxu Wu, Wei Xia
With the rapid development of Internet technology, we have entered into an era of information explosion. An obvious feature of this era is that it has a huge amount of data information. Facing with the huge amount of information, we need a system to effectively screen and filter the large-scale data....
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Research of Development Situation, existing problems, strategy, countermeasure and supporting policy for Ningbo Cross-Border Electronic Commerce

Qianqian Ge
Small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises play the decisive role in improving Ningbo's economy forward. This paper analyzes the main problems faced by small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises while developing cross-border electronic commerce, proposes the constructive countermeasure, conducts...
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Research on Key Technologies of Data Mining System Based on Web Service

Wang Yi
As more and more data accumulated, companies are eager to dig out the knowledge behind a large amount of data to support decision-making. The existing data mining tools such as IBM's IntelligenceMiner and SAS EnterpriseMiner, although they provide a comparatively rich mining function, these tools cannot...
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Measures on Electric Vehicles Charging Piles Based on Beijing haze

Yurong Zeng
At present, the increasingly heavy pollution haze in Beijing has widely been paid attention. According to index of pm2.5 data for the past few years, correlation coefficients of simple coefficient among different characters are analyzed. The result is that there are three main reasons giving rise to...
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Analysis of results of long-term monitoring prestressed anchors In Slope Engineering

Jian Li, Lijie Li
Prestressed reinforcement technology has been widely used in Slope Engineering, but anchor prestress losses still lack a comprehensive systematic understanding. Through systematic monitoring and data analysis of prestressed anchors in the slope of a sandy slate, discussion on the Slope Prestress Loss...
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Impacts of Groundwater Heat Pump System on Microorganism Growth in Beijing Plain, China

Binghua Li, Licai Liu, Qijun Li, Junxiong Huang, Yong Yang
Here one demonstration project of groundwater heat pump (GWHP) system in Beijing plain, China, was selected to study impact of temperature, pH, and ratio of carbon and nitrogen in groundwater on the growth of microorganism. Results showed that pH, and ratio of carbon and nitrogen had little influence,...
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Mine Dewatering Water reuse in Large Scale Thermal Power Plant

Yanning Gao, Kecheng Liu, Wenlong Hou
The articletaking actual project as an example, introduces the design and operation of the system of coal mine drainage reuse in the large-scale thermal power plant. Operation data shows that mine drainage water treatment system is stable in operation, the effluent quality can meet the power plant auxiliary...
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The Analysis of Trapped Volume in Gear Pump

Xiaoru Hao, Xiaojun Zhou, Xiaoguang Liu
The large pressure overshoots or spikes could be easily provoked by virtue of the rapid volumetric change in working process of gear pump, which cause the gear machines to be noise, vibration, strength and other problems, directly affect the stationarity and lifetime performance of the gear machine....
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Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process to Establish a Food Tour Guide Selection and Evaluation Model

Ting Li
The travel and green food tour industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world, as well as an important direction for the development of China's contemporary economy. After the Chinese government implemented the two-day weekend policy in 2001, domestic food green food tour has becoming...
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Optimization of Transit Ridership Using Parallel Negative Algorithm

Caixia Han
Macroscopic models are in general not suit-able for modeling adaptive ridership control since they do not consider individual vehicle arrivals, which are a necessary input to adaptive traffic ridership. The use of a global weighting factor also unavoidably assumes that the passengers in a transit vehicle...
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Turning Model of a Skid-Steering Unmanned Ground Vehicle under Steady State Conditions Based on Magic Formula

Jun Han, Guoquan Ren, Dongwei Li, Ziyong Jia
In recent decades, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), as a part of the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS), have become a hot research area in national defense science and technology. In order to study the influence factors of steering performance, turning model of a six-wheeled skid-steering UGV is established...
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Research and Implementation of Data Providing Platform Based on Internet of Things

Huan Gao, Bo Cheng
With the development of Internet of things, multi-source heterogeneous data of a large number of sensors exist in the Internet of things. How to refine and encapsulate these heterogeneous data is one of the bottlenecks in the development of the Internet of things. In this paper, the data platform uses...
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Design and Implementation of Encoder and Decoder for SCCPM System Based on DSP

Xuebao Wang, Jun Gao, Gaoqi Dou
Serially concatenated continuous phase modulation (SCCPM) combines serially concatenated convolutional coding (SCCC) with continuous phase modulation (CPM). Continuous phase encoder which is decomposed from CPM is used as a convolutional coder, and iterative decoding based on log-MAP (maximum a posteriori...
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A Multiagent Evolutionary Algorithm for Minimizing Network Coding Resource in Dynamic Environment

Fuhong Song, Huanlai Xing, Zhimin Xia, Yingjie Wang, Shili He, Xingxue Zhou, Yu Zhang
This paper investigates the network coding resource minimization problem in the context ofdynamic network environment.As a combination of multiagent systems and evolutionary algorithm, multiagent evolutionary algorithm (MAEA) is adapted for the above NP-hard problem. Simulation results demonstrate that...
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Implementation of CORBA-based data transfer between multiple machines

Yongbin Bai, Yupeng Liu, Haiming Tong, Zhen Liu
In this paper, complete Virtual Radio Control System software bus, mainly multi-machine data exchange between modules of this key technology. Environmental monitoring and control for distributed systems, data exchange based on CORBA technology between multiple machine function modules.
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Study on the gas movement in oxy-fuel combustion heating furnace

Yongfu Wu, Guanglei Zhao, Liangliang Li, Zhongxing Liu
In order to study the gas movement in oxy-fuel combustion heating furnace, the fire simulation software FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator) is used to build the simplified model of oxy-fuel combustion heating furnace and carry on the correlation analysis of simulation parameters and mesh number which impact...
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Decision Model of Equipment Support Command for Large Scale Joint Operations Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Reasoning

Xinxin Huang, Yongjun Ruan, Yukun Chen
According to the characteristics of large scale joint operational equipment support command, the factors of equipment support command decision were analyzed. On the basis of fuzzy processing command and decision factors, the intuitionistic fuzzy sets of each decision factors were established, and the...
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Reconstructing the Mode of College English Writing Teaching with Information Technology

Ge Liu, Yandong Qu
As an important aspect of complex cognitive activity, English writing is regarded as the difficult part in college English teaching. The popularity of Internet and mobile terminals marks a new era of big data, which has significantly changed the ways of thinking and learning, and also brings new opportunities...
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The Key Technology Research on Privacy Protection Based on Big Data

Xueguo Li, Yinglan Shen
Big data is a research focus in the academic and industrial circles currently, which is affecting people's daily life-style, work habits and thinking modes. But at present, the big data is confronted with many security risks in the collection, storage and use processes, privacy disclosure caused by data...
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A Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Hotel Recommendation

Ling Shen, Qingxi Peng
Recommendation systems apply knowledge discovery techniques to the problem of making personalized recommendation for information, products or services in the Internet. These works, especially collaborative filtering algorithms acquired relatively satisfactory results. They can millions of users easily...
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Research on the incentive mechanism of young teachers' training in Local Colleges

Dichen Shen
With the development of incentive theory, the incentive mechanism of foreign university teachers is mainly through the work design and to meet the needs of teachers to mobilize their enthusiasm, focusing on the study of effective incentives and measures. The research on the incentive mechanism of university...
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Research on the Development and Construction of Information Technology Superiority Subject Management in Agricultural Colleges of Jilin Province

Liying Cao, Yidan Shao, Tengda Qie, Guifen Chen
This thesis focuses on microscopic study, with advantages of agricultural colleges and universities information technology subject construction in Jilin Province as an entry point, using the comparative research method, statistical evaluation method, using the web of science subject evaluation tool and...
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The Numerical Simulation of Temperature Field of the Coal Yard Based on Inverse Heat Conduction Problem Analysis

Jinrao Gu
How to protect the coal yard by monitoring the temperature of spontaneous combustion of coal is an important guarantee of the safe operation of thermal power plant. This paper for the strip coal yard, by using the Inverse Heat Conduction Problem Analysis to calculate the temperature within the coal pile,...
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User experience for landscape teaching mobile device software interface design

Long Yan
Based on the technical characteristics of human-computer interaction, combined with the interface design theory, the viewpoints that divided the interface design elements into the dominant and implicit factors are raised. Meanwhile, the model that design implicit elements dominantly is established. For...
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Search for X-ray quasi-periodic oscillations with weighted wavelet z-transform technique

Xiaopan Li
The searching for the quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) of some Active galactic nuclei (AGNs) plays an important role in understanding the physical mechanism and theoretical model of AGNs. The AGN PKS 0537-441 was monitored in the X-ray 15-50 keV bands in 2005-2016 by the Swift/BAT instruments, which...
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Research and Realization of Operation Monitoring System for Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station

Chang Liu, Bin Li, Jing Zhang, Lu Yu, Danping Zou
Building a fast charging network puts forward new demands of operation monitoring system for electric vehicle fast charging station, through investigation of different situations for fast charging station, study business needs of fast charge stations under different situations, and do system architecture,...
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Study on the Connecting Rods for Wheel-rod Hybrid Robot

Jie Huang, Yujun Wang, Chenyang Shen, Pengfei Yin, Xiang Fu, Huihua Li
This paper presents a model of wheel-rod hybrid robot and analyzes the performance and function of connecting rods. The wheel-rod hybrid robot can not only effectively walk on a flat ground, but also own better crossing ability on an irregular surface. The wheels with connecting rods are simply introduced...
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Solar Wings' 3D Deformation Measurement of Videometrics System

Fengzhe Zhang, Jiexin Zhou, Guangcheng Dai, Yijie Bian, Xia Yang
In this paper, we proposed a novel videometrics system application based on binocular stereovision. And we successfully measured three-dimensional (3D) deformation of the solar wings plane. Videometrics [1] has its inherent advantages in solving these problems, which can provide a non-contact, automatic,...
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Multi Semantic Feature Fusion Framework for Video Segmentation and Description

Rui Liang, Qingxin Zhu
It is a difficult task to make machine understanding video and describe it in natural language. In the reality, videos are much longer than these video clips in research experiments, each video contains multi parts of semantic. It is a challenge work to describe a long video, it requires to control the...
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Configuration design and performance analysis of a force feedback operating rod based on 3-RRR spherical parallel mechanism

Zhiming Wei, Dongtao Ma, Anping Tuo, Faduo Xu
According to the design requirements that the operating rod should provide a sensing capability to make the operator at the remote end be personally on the scene, in this paper, we propose a force feedback operating rod equipped with 3-RRR spherical parallel mechanism as the basic configuration by analyzing...
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DP Capability Analysis for HYSY981

Dongshi Wang, Bo Yan, Fengxi Gai, Wenhua Li, Gang Wang
Hai Yang Shi You 981 (HYSY981) is a 6th generation deep water Semi-submersible rig and the first DP3 drilling rig in China. To ensure safety operation of the rig, dynamic positioning capability analysis was performed on HYSY981. Firstly, the model of marine environment including wind, wave and current...
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The Remote and Centralized Control System for Wind Power Based on IEC 61400-25

Xiaoyun Ding, Liping Lu, Juan Liu
The vigorous development of wind power is the driving force behind several different monitoring systems for wind farms, thus arising an increasingly prominent problem of non-uniform communication protocols. The remote and centralized control system for wind power based on IEC 61400-25 can help standardize...