Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Energy (5th ICMEME2016)

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Finite element analysis of the pre-stressed concrete box-girder bridge with corrugated steel webs

Shuqin Li
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for publisher. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins: bottom 1.5...
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Design and Development of Generators-Power Grid Dynamic Performance Online Monitoring System Based on WAMS data

Xiuping Shi, Wei Tang, Jun Pu, Yuanchao Huang, Xinqiao Fan, Wenchao Zhang
Generator set and its control system are the most important dynamic components in power system. It has a vital effect on the safety and stability of power system. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of power system, we must strengthen the monitoring of power generation units and control...
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Research on Reliability Calculation Method of Metal V-belt Cvt in Sliding Friction Transmission Condition Based on the Oil Film

Jingang Liu, Jian Chen, Dianlun Xue, Youhong Zhao
To analyze the bearing reliability of oil film between the element and the pulley of metal V-belt cvt, an mathematical model of oil film thickness between the element and pulley was build based on the theory of EHL (elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication) and the experimental data. And then solved by multi-grid...
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Transfer matrix method of linear multibody systems for free vibration analysis of beam carrying elastically mounted point masses

Laith K Abbas, Dongyang Chen, Guoping Wang, Xiaoting Rui
The analysis of natural vibration characteristics has become one of the important steps of the manufacture and dynamic design in different industries. An efficient approach called transfer matrix method of linear multibody systems (MSTMM) is proposed to determine the free vibration of a cantilever beam...
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Testing levelness error of long cylindrical guide rail by laser tracker

Yiliu Xu, Yong Lu, Tao Guo, Weizhi Zheng
Laser tracker has been widely applied in the field of long rails geometric tolerance measurement due to high precision, ease of use and other reasons. Round rail levelness measurement is used to be calculated by means of electronic level using the pitch method which is more cumbersome and error-prone....
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Catastrophic/benign flutter boundary evaluation carried for two-dimensional aerodynamic surface in subsonic flow

Wenjia Cai, Laith K Abbas, Dongyang Chen, Xiaoting Rui, Pier Marzocca
The catastrophic/benign flutter boundary character evaluation and its control are carried out for 2-DOF lifting surfaces. Catastrophic/benign implies that the Limit Cycle Oscillation (LCO) is either unstable or stable. Within this work: (1) Quasi-Steady (QS) theory and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)...
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Temperature Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System with Coefficient Diagram Method

Chananchai Wutthitha Nyawat, Nawadee Srisiriwat
In this work, we address a coefficient diagram method (CDM) for designing temperature control available to an energy integrated solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system that the high temperature of SOFC exhaust gas can be a heat source for all heat exchangers in SOFC system. The SOFC system represents the...
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Rotation modulation scheme for the restraint of carrier maneuver and gyro scale factor error

Jiaxing Zhao, Lei Wang, Guohua Su
Rotating inertial navigation system(RINS) using rotating modulation technology to compensate the error of inertial sensors and it can improve the precision of the navigation system. Rotation modulation scheme, including rotation coordinate system and rotation direction, plays a key role in RINS. In this...
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Design and the Reliability Research of the Restorable Dental Implant System Aiming At the Central Screw Fracture

Xiao Zhang, Lei Liu, Xianshuai Chen, Wei Feng, Yang Chen
In the modern dental surgery, due to the misoperation during the surgery or the higher loading force suffered for long time, the situation of the central screw fracture usually occurs, and thus which may result in the failure of the surgery or of implant prosthesis; and aiming at this fact, we now designed...
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Shape Optimization of the Air Compressor Supporting Leg by Using the Optimization Technique

Witchakorn Wongchanasit, Teetut Dolwichai, Chalothorn Thumthea
The air conditioner installation in general, the air compressor is installed at the external of the building that has well for heat rejected and pretty location. The air compressor must be used the supporting leg for support the its weight. Now a day, the production of supporting leg has the measure...
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Frequency-dependent friction for non-Newtonian power-law fluid in transient pipe flow

Peng Jia, Jun Fang
The pressure wave transmitted in the non-Newtonian drilling fluid is widely used for the information transmission in Measurement While Drilling/Logging While Drilling technology. It is essential to get the friction model in the non-Newtonian drilling fluid to evaluate the signal attenuation. A model...
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An Approach to Simulate the Manufacturing Process of Thermal Spray Coatings

Yanjun Zhang, Shiqi Zhang, Qiuyu Yang, Biyun Hang
Thermal spraying technology is one of the most efficient methods to surface modifying in the field of surface engineering, meanwhile, the application of spaying operation on the workpieces conducted by industrial robot enjoys increasingly popularity. Based on the analysis of thermal spraying components...
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Graphical Modeling and simulation of the Hydropower Plant Switch

Yihui Zhou, Tangxian Chen, Binqiao Zhang
The circuit breaker and the relevant disconnecting switches of the hydropower plant have different varieties in large quantity. Due to the different specific operation processes of the switches, the simulation is quite complex. Adopting the graphical and modular modeling approach, classify the switch...
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Study and Development of Process Material Fiber Board from Sugar Cane Leaf in Applied Product Design for Sugar Cane from Agriculturist Thai

Songwut Egwutvongsa, Somchai Seviset
This research has objectives as this following: 1) to study the properties and quantities of the leave-buds and the leaves of sugar cane 2) to develop the transformation process of the leave-buds and the leaves of sugar cane as the materials replacing of wood 3) to test the replacing material standard...
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Analysis of Main Characteristics of Hydro-mechanical Continuously Variable Transmission

Zengming Zhang, Huanyong Cui, Ruichuan Li, Xijie Tian, Xinghua Hu, Jikang Xu
A kind of hydro-mechanical continuously variable transmission (HMCVT) is put forward on the basis of the power split fundamental principle. The equations of speed, torque, power and efficiency characteristics of HMCVT are established according to the transmission principle in this paper. The analysis...
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Design of Tension Control System for Automated Fibre Placement

Mengjuan Chen, Baolin Wu, Yao Chen, Tianyi Luo, Fengyu Yang
Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) has been widely used in composites manufacture and the tension control system is the key to successful placement. This article designs the structure of tension system for AFP and an in-depth analysis on the process of tension control is carried out. Then, a mathematical...
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Fatigue behavior in the mechanism of the Speed Bumper by using the Finite element method

Sitthiphong Promdan, Teetut Dolwichai
In the nowadays scenario the fossil fuel sources are depleting. Energy is obtained by the conversion of energy into other. The renewable sources of energy become more popular. One such energy is explained in this paper. The number of motorcycle pass through Speed Bumper on the road is increasing every...
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Trajectory planning of rescue robot based on TRIZ effect

Hongliang Liu, Lisong Yang, Haidong Tan, Liyan Chen
In this paper, based on the TRIZ effect, combined with the working mechanism of the rescue robot, determine the parameters affecting the working performance of the rescue robot. And through the principle of conflict resolution, find the principle of the invention, Trajectory planning for rescue robot,and...
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Study of airfoil shape optimization by using the evolutionary method

Oranit Traisak, Teetut Dolwichai, Jiraphon Srisertpol, Chalothorn Thumthae
Nowadays, Airfoil shape optimization are developed by many researchers. Especially, evolutionary method is taken to find out the shape of airfoil. The main objective work is finding the shape of airfoil that get the aerodynamic properties which good for lift and drag of the aircraft wing. PSO is the...
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Design and Analysis of power-train system of New Pure Electric City Bus

Xiaoying Liu, Kai Wang, Liping Zhou, Jisheng Wang
Realizing the traffic energy diversification and low exhaust is important to promote competitiveness of the automobile industry in our country and realize sustainable development of the society . Due to the trips of pure electric city bus are relatively short and fixed, it has great application value...
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Data-Based Gain-Scheduled Modeling and Nonlinear Control of Engine Intake and Exhaust System

Xiaoming Wang, Shujun Zhang, Kemal Bechkoum
In this paper, the parameterized dynamical model of the diesel engine intake and exhaust system using a data-based method, namely a Gain-Scheduled model is proposed and designed based on the data from a virtual engine test bench under normal load conditions. In the first step, the Multiple Input Multiple...
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Phase transition and phonon characteristics of PbTiO3 single-crystal nanorods prepared in NaCl flux

Chengping Zhang, Zhiqiang Chen, Yu Deng
By annealing PbTiO3 (PT) nanoparticles together with surfactants in NaCl flux, single-crystal PT nanorods were prepared with diameters of 60-80nm and lengths of several micrometers. The PT nanorods are in tetragonal phase and grow along the (100) direction. A first-order phase transition from tetragonal...
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Analysis on shear distribution of composite box-girder with corrugated steel webs under construction phase

Guohua Zheng, Hao Huang, Shui Wan
The paper is devoted to the shear force distribution of box girder with corrugated webs. A non-linear finite element software (ABAQUS) was used for simulating cantilever girder under construction phase. We take 8 research sections for analyzing under concentrated load. The results indicate that, from...
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Luminescence Properties of Eu3+ ion doped Strontium Borate Phosphate Phosphors

Fang Wang, Haidong Li, Haixia Xiao, Lanjun Liu
The Eu3+-activated strontium borate phosphate phosphors of 2SrO-nB2O3-(1-n) P2O5:1% Eu3+(0.01 n 0.90) were synthesized by solid state method. The results indicate the ratio of B to P is below 1, the magnetic dipole 5D0-7F1 emissions of Eu3+ is stronger, the fluorescent lifetime of 5D0 levels gradually...
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Closed-loop Design and Simulation Analysis for Condenser Pressure Control on Direct Air-cooled Units

Huichao Liu, Wei Wang
Variable-speed fans are employed to support cold source for direct air-cooled units, and their speed regulation can ensure continuous control of condenser pressure and turbine power. The condenser pressure closed-loop control system is, on the basis of safe regulation, designed to ensure the unit changing...
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Synthesis and characterization of high concentration Nd3+ doped YAG nanopowders for laser applications

Subrata Das, Sudipta Som, Cheyuan Yang, Chunghsin Lu, Yenchung Chen, Hsioujeng Shy
Herein, neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) ceramic powders were fabricated via a wet chemical reaction method followed by heating in air. The structural studied confirmed the formation of single phase Nd:YAG nanocrystallites without any intermediate phase at 1000 øC, and the average particle...
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Optimization of social force model in subway station aisle

Changwen Zhu, Xiangyong Yin, Yushang Fan
According to the research on pedestrian collision avoidance in Xizhimen subway station of Beijing, This paper gives some optimizations about existing pedestrian collision avoidance model in subway station aisle. Through analysis and observation of survey data, find that the psychological repulsion force...
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Mechanical Reliability Analysis of Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Considering Airflow Disorder

C.Y. Huang, H.M. Su, B.S. Jian, C.L. Yao, T.Y. Kam
The mechanical reliability of a pneumatic solenoid valve is studied with the consideration of the failure mode of airflow disorder. The key mechanical components that have important effects on the improper airflow phenomenon are identified as the conical compression spring and rubber O-ring seal. The...
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Effect of New Material and Production Technoligy Development on Food E-tail

Yukun Li, Feng Tan, Keith Walley, Yang Xu
With the development of e-business technology and the policy support by the nation, industries has taken part in e-business and food industry is not an exception. E-tailing formats of food products is not only driving by general development of e-business in distribution channel, but also drive by adoption...
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Analysis Method of Sucker Rod Centralizer Spacing in Three-dimensional Hole

Tao Ren, Zhenjiang Nan, Wen Sun, Xiaoqing Kang
The usage rate of sucker rod centralizer more and more broad with the development of a sucker rod pump , adding sucker rod centralizer is very effective to reduce the impact of rod and tubing wear, increase the sucker rod and tubing service life, reduce the frequency of maintenance and the production...
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Performance Analysis of a Novel Swing Crank- slide Bar Beam Pumping Unit

Xiaoqing Kang, Fei Zhang, Tao Ren
A novel swing crank-slide bar beam pumping unit composes of motor, reducer, crank, slider, guide rod, frame and wire rope. Up and down stroke is performed by slider moving along guide-rod guide apparatus resulting guide rod up and down movement against supporting point of pumping frame. Crank automatically...
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A Robot Application for Fatigue Tests to Estimate Life Time of Metal Parts

Burak Erkayman, Ahmet Dumlu
Propagation behaviour has a remarkable importance because the rate and the size of propagation may result in significant failures and thereby costs. It is a necessity that the determination of these insidiously proceeding cracks just in the right time and providing the sustainability of conformity to...
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Effect of mechanical vibration on the residual stress of direct laser metal deposition workpiece

Yiqun Feng, Hsuanhan Lai, Chiming Lin, Weite Wu
Mechanical vibration with different frequencies was operated during the direct laser metal deposition process in order to discuss the effects of vibration on residual stress and other characters of deposited workpiece in this study. Sub-resonance, resonance and the optimum frequency (OPF) were selected...
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Influence of Surface Defects on Performance of Journal Bearing

Wenfeng Yin, Sanxing Zhao, Yong Zheng
This study mainly uses the mass conservation algorithm to analyze the influence of the rectangular surface defects, which are distributed on the bearing surface, in terms of the position of surface defects, defect area, defect depth, and defect occupancy rate on the performance of journal bearing at...
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Light collection engines with micro compound-eye arrays for pico-projection displays

Heng Zhao, Jun Wang, Qing Yan, Dengxin Hua
Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have recently gained much interest as projection light sources due to their long lifetimes, large color gamut, small size, and absence of mercury vapor. In this work, a compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) coupled to a compound-eye array is designed and fabricated as a light...
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Joint replenishment and delivery problem with fuzzy chance constraint resouce restriction

Chengyan Li, Tianwei Zhang, Shujie Yin
The joint replenishment and delivery problem with fuzzy chance constraint resource restriction is considered. In the proposed approach, the objective function is to minimize the ordering cost, the inventory holding cost, the transportation cost and the customer waiting cost. Mathematical model is developed,...
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Producing Ti-Al coatings by mechanical alloying method

Mazhyn Skakov, Zhuldyz Sagdoldina, Olga Stepanova, Bauyrzhan Rakhadilov, Wojciech Wieleba
research of microstructure of Ti-Al coatings received by method of the mechanical alloying on the surface of titanium was conducted by the scanning electron microscopy method and X-ray structure analysis. The morphology of coatings is formed depending on the efficiency of powder components staying in...
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Study on Characteristics of Magnetic Memory Signal of Q345R Steel during the Tensile Process

Chao Yang, Yiliang Zhang, Xiaoyang Li
A systematic experiment research is carried out on the study of magnetic memory, aiming at the problem of quantitative relationship between the strain varying process and the magnetic memory signals. The Q345R steel was used as the object material. A large plate specimen was used to perform the magnetic...
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An Agricultural Sensor Data Sparse Representation and Recovery Method Based on Redundant Dictionary

Feng Liu, Zhong Yang
The applications based on Internet of Things are widely used. In these applications, how to efficiently compressed wireless sensor data and recover them accurately is an important problem. In order to solve this problem, we design an agricultural sensor data sparse representation and recovery method...
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Selecting Training method of a rehabilitation robot Based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

Lei Chen, Changniu Yang, Wenquan Huang, Zegang Sun, Yucong Liu
Gait training is an important part of robotic gait rehabilitation, which is helpful to provide consistent, adjustable physical therapy comparing with traditional manual training. However the selection training mode has become a problem. In order to solve the selection problem of training mode of a lower...
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Optimization Design of Sucker Rod Centralizer Spacing in Straight Hole

Wen Sun, Bin Feng, Tao Ren, Xiaoqing Kang
The usage rate of sucker rod centralizer more and more broad with the development of a sucker rod pump , adding sucker rod centralizer is very effective to reduce the impact of rod and tubing wear, increase the sucker rod and tubing service life, reduce the frequency of maintenance and the production...
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The Research of Metering Well Yield Technology Based on Dynamometer Card

Tao Ren, Cheng Sun, Wen Sun, Xiaoqing Kang
At present, the main method of metering oil well output is transporting all oil to the metering station for centralized measurement in china oil fields, but it is hard to meet the requirements of ground system in convenience, simple and relative reliability. Therefore, an crude oil metering technology...
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Leakage current study for dielectric breakdown in electrowetting systems

Weiqiang Wang, Yan Su
In this paper, we study the leakage current and breakdown phenomena of SU8 dielectric film in electrowetting systems. The experimental results showed that the leakage current is negligible when the applied voltage is smaller than the onset voltage of contact angle saturation, but this current exhibits...