Proceedings of the 2023 3rd International Conference on Modern Educational Technology and Social Sciences (ICMETSS 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Youbin Chen, Intakhab Alam Khan, Chaoqun Shen, Deepanjali Mishra
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2023 3rd International Conference on Modern Educational Technology and Social Sciences (ICMETSS 2023) during August 25-27, 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees...
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Trends in regional differences in information technology infrastructure for secondary education in China

Shuhan Li
China is currently in the era of education informatization 2.0, which has significant implications for the country's economic and social development. During the previous era, education informatization 1.0, the focus was on constructing and investing in informatization infrastructure. However, due...
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Transmutation and Action Path of Teachers’ Role in the Educational Metaverse——A Perspective on the Theory of Social Role

Yuxiang Shi
The education metaverse will place new demands on teachers. How teachers will reshape their roles in order to proactively meet the educational metaverse has become a key proposition that needs to be addressed when looking into the future of teacher development. Based on social role theory, this article...
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The Study on the Influencing Factors of College Students’

Returning Hometown for Employment

Guihua Liu, Xiyu Wu
Employment is the greatest livelihood. It has always been one of the issue of concern for the country and society. This paper uses Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, prospect theory, and social support theory as theoretical foundations to analyze the influencing factors of college students’ return-to-hometown...
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Bibliometric Analysis of Big Data Application in Education in China from 2013 to 2022

Liuyi Chen
Relying on the CNKI data platform, articles were screened for “education big data” and the search period was set to “January 1, 2013 to August 30, 2022”. The data were screened, collated and analyzed by using bibliometric statistical methods. The conclusions were as follows: 1. The attention of big data...
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Exploring the teaching model of an industrial robotics course based on integrated theory-virtual-practice

Yage Wang, Lianyao Tang, Dan Wang, Peiming Peng, Lu Zheng
In order to meet the demand for high-end industrial robotics talents in China, according to the current industrial robotics courses offered by applied undergraduate colleges and universities, there are problems in the teaching process such as incomplete content and inability to combine theoretical knowledge...
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The virtuous cycle of women’s job search remodeling and self-efficacy - A case study of the Yangtze River Delta region in China

Shijing Zhu
Chinese young career women, who are in their childbearing years, face multiple pressures from work and family. Previous studies have primarily focused on successful cases of women balancing their careers and families, with scant attention paid to the self-efficacy of female job seekers. This study, based...
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Do the “Guiding Opinions” Promote Equality of the Entrance Examination for Vocal Music Majors in Higher Education?

Jia Huang
With the emergence of vocal music education in Chinese universities, the problem of how to recruit corresponding students has also followed. Due to the low admission scores of the vocal music examination, some candidates want to utilize this as a shortcut to enter the university, which affects the effective...
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A Brief Analysis on the Factors Affecting Higher Education Attainments and the Effects of Higher Education Attainment on Social Well-being

Yue Qu
Education attainment refers to the highest levels of education attained by a specific population. In recent years, the importance of higher education attainment has been studied and published a lot. It has been shown that higher level of educational attainment leads to better performances in the job...
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A Special Model for Cultivating Higher Vocational Nursing Talents in China’s Fourth Tier and Lower Aging Cities Based on the Integration of Industry and Education

-Taking the Employment Contradictions of Nursing Talents in Yingkou, Liaoning Province as an Example

Bihan Dong
In the context of the 14th Five-Year Plan, “enhancing the adaptability of vocational and technical education” has become a priority for higher vocational education. Given the tilt of urban resources (e.g. education standards, employing institutions and government policies), the development of higher...
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Research on the Integration Path of Japanese Language Professional Education and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Guoshan Huang
The integration of Japanese language education and innovation and entrepreneurship education is an important issue faced by major universities with Japanese language majors. In dealing with the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional education, the concepts of...
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A Case Study on The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Education Industry

Qingyun Tang
In recent years, with the development of the internet, the application of artificial intelligence has gradually expanded, particularly in the field of education. In China, where the internet has been rapidly growing, the online education industry has been flourishing. This emerging industry cannot be...
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Exploration of Teaching and Talent Cultivation Strategies for College English C-E Translation under the background of “Chinese culture going out”

Chan Lin, Jingjing Chen
After officially proposing the “Chinese culture going out” strategy, China has put forward higher demand for translation talents with higher comprehensive quality. University translation major is an important place for cultivating translation talents. It is hoped that the university can adapt to the...
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The Construction of Higher Vocational English Blended Classroom Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Chubei Lin, Zedong Huang
Nowadays, the teaching reform continues to deepen, and experts and front-line teachers continue to explore and study the classroom teaching mode suitable for higher vocational students. This paper comprehensively evaluates the effectiveness of the new interactive classroom in practical teaching through...
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The Teaching Design and Practice of VBSE Course based on the Difference of Innate Traits

Liyan Chen, Xiaozhen Dai, Banchao Xiang, Qianqian Wang, Qiqi Shen
The application of Innate Traits Assessment helps to master personality traits, predict behavioral style and communication preference. It can be used to optimize the curriculum system and teaching key points and difficulties. This paper innovatively excellence in learning design of VBSE course based...
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The Opportunities and Challenges for New Entrants of The Application Oriented University and College Carrying Out Vocational Education in New Period in China

Jie Chen
Most of the works of traditional manufacturing industry can be qualified by the skill type talents with single skill cultivated by traditional vocational education institutes. However, at present digital period, the digital manufacturing is the main stream. It is the deep cross and fusion of the digital...
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A Corpus-Based Action Research on the Teaching of Policing English

Shufang Yang
In the era of digital empowerment and the demand for high-quality development in education, the development and application of corpora, along with the use of case teaching methods, have become effective approaches to reform the teaching of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). This study focuses on the...
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Exploration on teaching reform of Mechatronics System Design

Bingchun Jiang, Lianyao Tang
“Mechatronics System Design” is a mechanical professional course involving many disciplines with high comprehensive degree and strong practicality. The traditional teaching method mainly uses the lecture-based, the examination method is old, the practical teaching is not strong, the effect is unsatisfactory....
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The Use of Cultural and Text Linguistics Theories in English Class

Liyuan Zhao
This paper explores the application of cultural and text linguistics theories in English instruction. Focusing on variations between Chinese and UK cultures, it highlights the significance of understanding cultural norms of politeness for effective communication. It proposes practical strategies to incorporate...
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Exploration of the Metaverse in the Business Education Context

Zaheen Rasyiqah Binti Zaharuddin
This study aims to examine the impact of interaction with technology, interest, motivation, and netiquette, on students’ attitudes towards using the Metaverse in education. The scope of this study are business school students in Malaysia. Data was collected via questionnaire and analyzed using the statistical...
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Reform of the Collaborative Studio Teaching Mode of Master of Arts Based on the Constructive Theory

Dehui Ye, Yuanyuan Tan, Shana Wang, Haifeng Chu
Given the current challenges faced in Master of Arts (MA) education, such as the lack of robust senses of effective teaching design and the inadequate allocation of teaching resources, this paper explores the collaborative studio teaching mode for MA grounded in the constructivist learning theory. First,...
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Exploration on Teaching Reform of Mechanical Innovation Design based on OBE Concept

Xiaona Cai, Rong Chen
On the basis of analyzing the teaching status quo of "mechanical innovative design" course, based on the concept of OBE, the reform measures of this course are proposed, and the points for attention in teaching reform are pointed out, so as to guide students to learn independently and effectively,...
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Analysis on the current situation of college students’ participation in cross-border e-commerce under the new development pattern of “double circulation”

—— Taking Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province as an example

Chendian Tu, Feiyan Yang, Weiyu Chen, Hang Sun
The new development pattern of “double circulation” has opened up a broad international market for cross-border e-commerce. As the main channel of China’s import and export trade, cross-border e-commerce has a rising demand for talents under the new situation. As an emerging force, college students take...
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Analysis on the Construction of Practical Teaching Evaluation System in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on CIPP Model

Xiaotong Wang, Xiaoxue Ma
As an important part of vocational education, the quality of practical teaching will directly affect the overall quality of talent training and education in higher vocational colleges. How to ensure the education quality of higher vocational colleges by improving the quality of practical teaching is...
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The Development and Genre Characteristics of Metaverse Films

Jieling Liang
Under the impetus of the metaverse, metaverse films are emerging as a distinct genre. Metaverse films represent a new cinematic category that establishes a symbiotic relationship between two worlds: the virtual and the real, depicting potential future human existence and reflecting societal contemplations...
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Parental Education Anxiety and Investment in Summer Enrichment Programs: Factors and Strategies for Balance

Xinyao Zou
Study aims to explore the factors influencing parental education anxiety when choosing summer enrichment programs and analyze its relationship with the amount of parental educational investment, in order to reduce parental education anxiety. Against the backdrop of parents being eager to enroll their...
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Implications of Satya’s Iceberg Theory for English Teaching and Learning

Shuyu Nan
With the development of globalization, countries are closely connected politically, economically and culturally. Therefore, as an important language commonly used in the world, how to help most students learn English better in the classroom has become an important topic. The main findings of this paper...
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A Study of Cognitive Strategies for the Comprehensive Realization of Common Wealth: a Cognitive Theory Perspective

Mengfen Luo, Tianyu Li
The importance of cognitive strategies to the formation of socialist spiritual civilization is evident. Improving people's perception and actions of affluence through cognitive strategies can aid in enhancing the economic level in underdeveloped areas. Previous research has demonstrated that the...
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Reimagining Pedagogical Practices in Teenage Science Education: A Post-COVID-19 Perspective

Yiting Guo, Thomas Smith, Jiayi Chen, Quan Zhang, Mengyao Wen
The global landscape of educational provision has witnessed a momentous turning point with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The “emergency remote teaching” responses have revealed a remarkable educational gap for teenagers and spurred the demand for advanced pedagogical methods and disruptive remote...
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Research Progress and Enlightenment of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage to Help Rural Revitalization

Xueqin Lei
With the further promotion of the rural revitalization strategy, China’s intangible cultural heritage has made deeper progress in practice and research. In this paper, CSSCI, SCI and other core journal literatures collected by CNKI database from 2018 to 2022 are used as research samples to visually analyze...
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Examining Data Property Rights from the Perspective of Law and Economics

Ruichen Zhang
This paper employs a perspective rooted in the field of law and economics, utilizing the Calabresi-Melamed Framework and its extended rules of pliability, to undertake a comprehensive examination of the construction of property rights. It revisits the fundamental purpose underlying the establishment...
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Exploration on the Dynamic Mechanism of Young Colleges and Universities Teachers in Gold Course Construction

Mingdong Lv, Zhijiang Yuan, Haiqi Liu
Gold Course construction is an important approach to improving the quality of talent training in Chinese colleges and universities, and it also requires young teachers to participate as the backbone. This article starts from the policy background and connotation of the Gold Course, finds the policy basis...
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Application of virtual simulation technology in experimental teaching of analytical instruments

Kai Zhu, Pengyan Wang, Dong Han
As a new teaching mode, virtual simulation technology provides a new way of thinking for laboratory teaching. At present, there are some problems in the experiment teaching of instruments, such as small amount of equipment, lack of professional and technical personnel, and short time for students to...
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Consumer-Oriented Development Strategy Study of Red Sports Tourism

in Shenzhen Dapeng Fortress based on Questionnaire and SWOT Analyses

Xinyi Dong, Yifan Liu, Yanhong Liu, Yifeng Qiu
Red sports tourism has injected new vitality into localization of economic development and cultural heritage in historical sites. Based on the questionnaire survey to the consumers' preference, demand, and satisfaction degree with the red sports tourism, through field research and SWOT analyses,...
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Analysis of the Necessity of Ratifying the Affirmative Rights Amendment for Gender Equality

Yuyang Gao
This article argues for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to ensure gender equality and prevent sex discrimination. While the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause offers a level of equality, it lacks specific provisions for sex discrimination, resulting in less rigorous scrutiny....
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Research on the reform of “three immersion and three integration” in the assessment and evaluation of embedded system design and development courses under the background of new engineering

Xiuming Yue, Changen Shao, Xiangli Dong
With the development of major colleges and universities on the research of teaching reform projects related to assessment and evaluation, the participation and influence of higher education are increasing, and the talent training program is the starting point and the most fundamental basis for professional...
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Constructing an IoT Engineering Curriculum for Engineering Education Accreditation

Hong Wang, Xiuming Yue, Wenhua Zhang
Starting from the requirements of engineering education accreditation for professional talent training, this paper analyzes the relationship between talent training objectives and curriculum system construction. Taking the IoT engineering major as an example, it develops graduation requirements and index...
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Research on Classroom Teaching Design based on the BOPPPS Model for “Operating System”

Wenhua Zhang, Xiuming Yue, Hong Wang
In view of the defects of the traditional “operating system” teaching design, combined with the learning characteristics of students, taking the task of “page-based storage management” as the research object, the BOPPPS model is integrated into the teaching design, each teaching link is reconstructed,...
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Gansu Province Non-ferrous Metallurgical Industry Network Collaborative Manufacturing Development Strategy

Wenlei Yao, Li Li, Tangyan Li, Qiming Gao, Xiangquan Gui
At present, the development of non-ferrous metallurgy industry is influenced by internal and external factors. If we continue to follow the traditional development path, it will be difficult to meet the requirements of high-quality development of the industry at the new stage of development. With the...
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Personal Information Leakage Threats and Suggestions for Improvement in China’s Epidemic Prevention and Control

Tianshu Chen
The pandemic of the New Crown Epidemic has had an unprecedented impact on the protection of personal data, and the collection of personal data based on the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism (JPCM) has increased the risk of personal data leakage and posed new challenges. The article firstly focuses...
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Social and Affection: Design Procedures and Methods Curriculum Reform Based on Project-Based Learning

Ting Gao, Yonghang Chen
Project-based learning is one of the commonly used teaching methods for long-term engineering and design disciplines, which has far-reaching influence in international and domestic countries, and there have been many application practice cases so far. Based on the PjBL (Project-Based Learning) teaching...
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Research on the New Education Mode of Radio and Television Major Based on the Perspective of the AI Era

Lina Li
This study compares the professional education mode of radio and television science in colleges and universities based on traditional radio and television science with the new education mode under the background of the AI Internet era. The study found that the conventional model pays more attention to...
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Demand Analysis of Virtual Reality Transportation Popularization of Science Application and Proposed Technical Solution Recommendations

Ziyi Lv, Zhaohui Wu, Lin Zhu, Zhiqiang Fu, Xiantong Li
In the context of the construction of a strong transportation country, it is necessary to improve the national transportation literacy and promote the development of transportation science popularization. In view of this, this paper first analyzes the current situation of virtual reality transportation...
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Humanistic Connotation in Xiangqi Game

Wei-jiang Shi
Unlike Go, with a draw, Xiangqi opens its way to symmetry breaking of the game ending between win and loss, which is expressed emergence in the concept of the system evolution. The emergence of a game will increase humanistic spirit, leading to the sublimation of player's subjectivity, If Xiangqi...
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Research on Strategies for Integrating Linguistic Landscape into International Chinese Language Education

Yanli Zhu, Xinjun Fu
As the application of language in public space, linguistic landscape not only contains Chinese elements such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and Chinese characters, but also carries rich and colorful cultural connotations such as local customs, dialects, and folk art. The linguistic landscape...
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Exploration of Online and Offline Blended Teaching Mode for Higher Algebra and Analytic Geometry Course

Ruyun Chen, Duan Mei
With the popularization of network information, curriculum teaching faces reform and innovation, and the traditional teaching mode can’t meet the teaching needs of contemporary college students. In this paper, we focus on the existing problems in the course of higher algebra and analytic geometry, such...
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Investigation and Enlightenment of English Attrition among Senior Undergraduate Cadets

Haiqi Liu, Mingdong Lv
Language attrition is an interesting and important research area. In this study, questionnaire survey method is adopted to explore the patterns of English attrition of senior undergraduate cadets in a domestic naval academy and the impact of foreign affair activities on their English proficiency during...
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Research on the Training Needs and Main Curriculum System of Water and Land Transportation Support Talents

Zhijiang Yuan, Mingdong Lv, Xiaogang Jiang
In view of the important significance of talent cultivation for water and land transportation support, starting from the mission and task of the position, this paper systematically analyzes the ability cultivation needs of water and land transportation support talents. On this basis, a supporting main...
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What motivates individuals to disseminate disinformation on social media platforms? —— A study based on the SOR framework

Xinting Gao
As social media has become people's major source of information, it has also become a breeding ground for the widespread dissemination of disinformation, flooding these channels with a great deal of fake news. People are not only recipients of information but also disseminators in the web 2.0 era,...
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The Ethics of Including Pornography Literacy in Sex Education of Secondary School

Chuyun Wang
The relationship between the utilization of pornography and the implementation of sex education in schools is a convoluted and contested issue that involves various stakeholders. Studies indicate that, despite the prohibition of pornography sales to individuals under the age of 18 in Australia, there...
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The Relationship Between Criminal Procedural Law of Evidence and the Constituent Elements of Criminal Law

Jinke Li
Evidence is the factual basis for identifying a certain act as a criminal offense. From the current academic perspective and tendency, there is a significant disconnection between evidence and crime. Even in studies specifically focused on conviction, most tend to deliberately avoid the arduous task...
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Research on Copyright Protection under the Background of Big Data Application

Tan Xu, Wei Li
Accurately recognizing copyright protection in the era of big data is one of the important ways to protect intellectual property rights, and it is also an important issue to promote science and technology to serve the socialist economic construction with Chinese characteristics on the track of rule of...
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Dilemmas and Countermeasures in the Development of China’s Education Policy and Comparison with the United States of America

Rui Ma
Vocational education policy formulation, as the starting point of the vocational education policy process, is the prerequisite and foundation for the effectiveness of vocational education policy. China’s vocational education policy-making follows the distinctive logic of national will, the typical logic...
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A Guide to the Development of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in Teaching Dance Courses in Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology

Qiong Zhang, Savitri Chitbanchong, Wichian Intarasompun
The purpose of this study is the purpose of this study is: (1) To study the current status of the application of the flipped classroom teaching mode in the teaching of dance courses in Hunan College of Humanities and Science. (2) To provide a development guide for the teaching of the flipped classroom...
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Research on higher mathematics teaching mode based on JITT

Jun Xie, Jinlong Yuan, Xiao Lin
As a basic course in the field of higher education, higher mathematics plays an important role in the cultivation of students’ thinking. How to improve the classroom teaching effect of higher mathematics is a common concern of many teachers. In view of the shortcomings of the present situation of higher...
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Network Public Opinion Response to Ideological and Political Education in Universities

Quanjie Tan
With the development and evolution of the Internet, online public opinion has emerged on online platforms. Online public opinion has a profound impact on the development of ideological and political education in universities, and has shown characteristics such as platform openness, mechanism fairness,...
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The influence of junior College English teachers ‘teaching behavior on students’ learning habits

Jing Qi, Suhaidah Tahir
In order to improve the university teachers of good learning behavior, and help the students to form a good learning behavior, from the study of college students ‘good learning behavior and good behavior of college teachers, discusses the latter on the former, to the English classroom as the carrier,...
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Research on the Application of Video Feedback Interactive System in Vocational Education Practice Teaching

Dongsheng Yang
In view of the problems existing in traditional vocational education, such as lack of practical operation equipment, teachers’ inability to supervise and guide one to one, and the lack of effective recording of students’ practice, this paper proposes to build a video feedback interactive teaching system...
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Analysis of Chinese Family Education Perspectives from the Perspective of Norddings’s Caring Ethics Theory

Yuanyuan Liu
Family education is the starting point of one’s education, and one’s way of thinking and behaviour can often reflect the parents’ concept of education to a certain extent. This paper takes the caring theory and the happiness education theory of Noddings’ Caring Len theory as the perspective, compares...