Proceedings of the International Conference on Trade 2019 (ICOT 2019)

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Creative Economy Development with Technosociopreneur: Case Study: Halal Travel

The purpose of this study is to formulate a development strategy to become a technosociopreneur for the Halal Travel Agency in order to increase tourism rates in Indonesia. The research was done using qualitative method with secondary data obtained from literature studies. The data is then analysed using...
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Business: Innovation: Implementation Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership in Era Industrial Revolution 4.0

Some time later, the world economy experienced changes. The economic growth of the United States is estimated to remain strong. During the monetary crisis in 1998, the current state of the global economy had no effect on Cooperatives and SMEs. The reason is because at that time almost no SMEs borrowed...
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The Possibility of Indonesia and United Kingdom to Form Free Trade Agreement After Brexit

Endah Ayu Ningsih, Fithra Faisal Hastiadi, Risna Triandhari, Leo Mualdy Christoffel, Fitri Tri Budiarti
On June 23, 2016 held a referendum which resulted decision that United Kingdom or Britain determined to exit the European Union membership that we call Brexit. The exit of UK will absolutely impact UK’s trade with its trading partner including Indonesia. In connection with this issue we conducted a study...
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Environmental Issues in Trade War: a Political Economy Perspective

Husnul Isa Harahap
A trade war is a conflict that occurs between two or more countries in the sector of trade. The conflict can be seen in the case of an increase in tariffs or other obstacles made to disrupt the economic balance of a country, so that the country changes its economic policy or trade. One issue in trade...
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Factors Affecting E-Commerce Adoption and Their Impact on SMEs' Performance: A Case Study of Jabodetabek Region

Ratnaningsih Hidayati, Ririh Kusuma Permatasari, Ashry Noviana Fajry
The development of information technology (IT) has disrupted the world business. E-commerce significantly increases effectiveness and efficiency in trade. This research analyzed organizational support, technology competence, and external environment as factors affecting e-commerce adoption by the Small...
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The Utilization of AFAS on Indonesia's Retail Service Expansion to ASEAN Markets

Arie Mardiansyah, Kerub Henpra Gokniel, Jane Marisi Rapmeriah
The utilization of the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (AFAS) negotiations by Indonesia’s retail industry is still considered low. Retail business expansion to regional market is really expected to increase Indonesia’s trade performance and to maximize ASEAN market potential as its economic growth...
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Determinant Factors of SMEs in Adopting E-Commerce in Indonesia

Rahayu Ningsih, Sahara, R.R Febrinda, Selfi Menanti, Andhi
The potential of digital economy in Indonesia in 2025 is predicted to provide added value up to USD 115 billion (McKinsey Study). Meanwhile, the adoption of e-commerce by SMEs in Indonesia still limited. Based on survey of Indonesian E-Commerce Association (IdEA), less than 16 percent of SMEs utilize...
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The Economic Impact of Indonesia-Bangladesh Preferential Trade Agreement

Devina Cieny Juventia, Eka Choirulina, Yucky Anggun Anggrainy
This study aims to review the economic impact of PTA and arrange indications of product requests/offers. The methods used are Revealed Comparative Advantage, Trade Complementary Index, and Partial Equilibrium. The study found that the TCI for Indonesia is 18,4 while Bangladesh is 3,31. Here, Indonesia...
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Barriers to the Implementation of One-Price Policy on Cement Commodities and Possible Policy Options

Avif Haryana, Yati Nuryati, Dwi Wahyuniarti Prabowo
This study aims to address barriers that will arise if a single price cement policy is implemented and propose policy to reduce cement prices disparity between regions. Questionnaires and Focus group Discussion (FGD) are the instruments to collect data. These data were analysed using Regulatory Impact...
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Tourism Value Chain Activities Model for Competitive Advantage Measurement

Filda Rahmiati, Yunita Ismail, Grace Amin, Togar Simatupang, Dwi Larso, Norfaridatul Akmaliah Othman
Tourism characterized as an industry with a strong competition. Therefore, it is crucial to create a competitive advantage in order to stay in the market. In the case of the tourism industry, creating competitive advantage could be done by providing an extraordinary experience which is the ultimate goal...
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Strategy for Optimizing the Role of MSMEs in Government Good and Services Procurement E-Marketplace

Mustofa Kamal
This study aims to examine the development strategy and increase the role of small businesses in the E-market place for the procurement of government goods and services. One of the objectives of the procurement of government goods and services is to increase the participation of Micro, Small and Medium...
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Effective Business Strategy: Key to Winning Business Competition in Industrial Estate

Sri Sarjana, Nur Khayati
Global competition requires high speed, accuracy, creativity and consistency to win business through strengthening optimal competitiveness. Choosing the right business strategy create effective business achievements to be able to compete in the face of uncertain and turbulence economic conditions. This...
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Household Characteristics of Eco-tourism and Impact on Poverty Alleviation (study in Lubuk Beringin Village, Bungo District)

Aminah, Khusnul Ashar, Susilo, Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of household characteristics on ecotourism and its impact on poverty alleviation in Lubuk Beringin Village. Ecotourism development is one of the keys to economic improvement towards poverty alleviation. The methodology used in this study is descriptive...
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Co-creation Benefits by Re-configuring the Value Network in Creative Agri-food Transformation through the SMEs e-commerce channel: A Business Market Perspective

Hesty Nurul Utami, Eleftherios Alamanos, Sharron Kuznesof
The information and communication technology revolution has led to the adoption of technologies such as the internet for generating value for businesses. Meanwhile, little is known about the role of e-commerce in value co-creation initiatives for agri-food SMEs and specifically its role in the collaboration...
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Price Transmission in International Crude Palm Oil Markets: The Effects of Export Tax of Indonesia

Immanuel Manurung, Bernhard Bruemmer, Thomas Kopp
Over the past decade, there have been fluctuations in the global price of CPO. These variations in global CPO price are likely to affect the local CPO price as well. To overcome this, the Indonesian government has implemented an export tax on CPO in order to maintain stability in the business of the...
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The Cooperation of Japan-Indonesia in the Oil Palm Sector

Ngadi, Triyono
Indonesia and Japan have established cooperation in various fields including investment and export-import of oil palm sector. Although Indonesia has the largest palm oil production in the world, palm oil exports from Indonesia to Japan are lower than Malaysia. This research aims to explore the cooperation...
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Exploring Non-Tariff Measures Facing the Indonesian Agricultural Products in FTA/CEPA Trading Partners

Ernawati Munadi, Ayu Sinta Saputri
Agriculture is an important sector for Indonesian economy with 21.8% contribution to non-oil and gas export, but it is observed that Indonesian agricultural products face challenges in complying with stringent non-tariff measures (NTMs) imposed by importing countries, mainly on SPS and TBT. This article...
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Accounting for Regulatory Distance and Looking for the Most Potential Indonesia's FTA/CEPA Partners

Ernawati Munadi, Ayu Sinta Saputri
As tariff is declining, Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) become significantly important to supercede tariff role in protecting domestic industry. To overcome the negative impact of NTMs, some countries, including Indonesia, have been actively developing economic cooperations, so does . This study seeks to...
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Do Exports to Developed Countries Stimulate Export Sophistication? Evidence from ASEAN Countries

Aditya Rangga Yogatama
A country’s sophistication of production and exports is important for economic transformation. Theoretically, the export destination influences country’s export sophistication. One of the main mechanisms by which exports to developed countries can have a positive impact on production and export sophistication...
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Determinants of Indonesian Gold Export to Singapore in 2006-2017

Regita Hikmatuz Zakia, Siskarossa Ika Oktora
In Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the highest gold producer, in which Singapore has become the main destination for Indonesian gold exports since 2014. The volume of Indonesian gold exports to Singapore increased eightfold compared to 2013. At the same period, Singapore, which is not a gold producer is...
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Analysis of Potential Export Diversification of Rubber Tire Derivative Products to 9 Nontraditional Countries

Aulia Niky Pinandhita, Neli Agustina
Indonesia economic resilience is in a vulnerable condition amid the high global economic challenges. For this reason, there is a need for a strategy to improve the economy sustainably, one of which is through increasing and stabilizing exports. However, so far the Indonesian export market has only been...
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The Economic Consequences and Strategies of the US-China Trade War on Indonesia: A GTAP Simulation Analysis

Muhammad Rizal Taufikurahman, Ahmad Heri Firdaus
At present, the world economy is in uncertainty. One reason is that two economically large countries, the United States (US) and China are in conflict and beat the drums of trade war. This is indicated by the policy of US applying tariffs on a number of Chinese products, and then responded very quickly...
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Exports and Competitiveness of Indonesian Plywood

Indraswari Puruwita, Siskarossa Ika Oktora
Indonesia is the top ten countries with the largest forest area in the world and has the potential to become the largest forest products exporter in the world. Wood and articles of wood are the only forest product commodities that are included in the ten export commodities with the largest share of the...
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Employee Empowerment at PT PLN UIP JBB

Djoko Pitoyo
The purpose of this research is to find out the relationship between performance improvement through employee empowerment which is influenced by leadership and organizational culture factors in PT PLN Unit Induk Pengembangan Jawa Bagian Barat (UIP JBB). This study used the questionnaire method with respondents...
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Toko Tani Indonesia: National Program for Shortening Rice Supply Chain

Iwan Setiajie Anugrah, Sri Wahyuni
One of The Indonesian government effort to achieve the community food security, is through Toko Tani Indonesia (TTI) or the Indonesian Farmers Shop which is shorten the supply chain, to achieve stable supply and price of basic food. To get maximum performance, indicators of achievement have been designed...
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Analysis of Potential Regional Mapping of Regional Specialization and Use of Technology in the Stimulus of Export Value

Dede Yoga Paramartha, Anisa Muna Majidah
The era of the industrial revolution requires extra handling if you want to compete well in it. In focusing on determining the right policy, it certainly requires an indicator that is able to answer the needs of my policy. The need that the Indonesian government usually wants is spatial mapping, given...
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Forecasting of Quantum Dots Technology using Simple Logistic Growth Curve

Nurmitra Sari Purba, Rani Nooraeni
Mastery of technology is the key to the success of a nation. One of the rapidly developing technologies in the fourth Industrial Revolution is nanotechnology, which is also said to be the beginning of the 5.0 industrial era. This paper is intended to forecast one of nanotechnology, quantum dots (QDs)...
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Analyzing Impacts of Renewable Energy Directive (RED) on Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Export and Forecasting CPO Export from Indonesia to European Union (EU) for 2019-2020 Using ARIMA Intervention Analysis

Anni Syahdia Nasution, Ika Yuni Wulansari
The implementation of Renewable Energy Directive (RED) policy on April 2009 by European Union (EU) received several responses from many countries, due to create nontariff barrier in international trade. RED (2009/28/EC) established an overall policy for the production and promotion of energy from renewable...
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Understanding NTMs between Indonesia and India for Development Strategies of Trade

Kumara Jati, Arie Mardiansyah, Leo Mualdy Christoffel, Endah Ayu Ningsih, Steven Raja Ingot
Understanding Non Tariff Measures (NTMs) principles enable someone to identify forms of policies other than import tariffs. NTMs are generally enforced to protect domestic producers and consumers in accordance with international rules and principles. Indonesia and India are the 4th and 2nd most populous...
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Analyzing the Perspective of Halal Tourism Development: City Branding in Jakarta

Genoveva, Igbal Muhammad Kamal
Indonesia as the world's largest Muslim country has enormous opportunities in developing halal tourism. Jakarta as the capital which is the gateway for foreign tourists can easily introduce halal tourism as part of a tour. However OIC (Organization Islamic Cooperation) data shows that Indonesia is in...
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Long-term Sustainable Strategy: Mapping Prospects for Labor Based on Productivity and Specialization

Dede Yoga Paramartha, Anisa Muna Majidah
Building good human capital can be based on how the Education scheme and sustainable Long-term programs are built. In entering current market share, business organizations face a diverse work environment with sustainable change and development and with the speed to respond to change effectively. In addition,...
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The Analysis of Inter-Island Trade Data Collection

Dwi Wahyuniarti Prabowo, Aditya Priantomo
Inter-island trade data becomes one of the bases to formulate policy recommendations to maintain price stability and reduce price disparity across regions in Indonesia. However, inter-island trade data still not well recorded and managed. The purpose of this study is to measure the performance of the...
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Family Business in Agriculture: Challenge and Strategy to Face Global Business

Nyayu Lathifah Tirdasari, Dikky Indrawan, Idqan Fahmi
Family business as the most business practice in the agricultural sector faces a challenge from global business via the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The purpose of this paper is to provide business strategies that support the competitiveness of the family business in the global value chain. We reviewed...
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Indonesia Global Value Chain Participation in Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

Steven Raja Ingot, Dian Dwi Laksani
The Global Value Chain (GVC) has proved to be an important factor that encouraged trade in the last 30 years. Cooperation within the RCEP can facilitate Indonesian trade as an effort to increase value added within global value chain framework. Economic cooperation is proven as a way to boost GVC participation...
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WTO Export Restriction of Agricultural Commodities and Its Impacts for G-33 Members

Steven Raja Ingot, Dian V. Panjaitan, Arie Mardiansyah, Leo M. Christoffel
The discussion of agricultural Export Restriction (ER) at the World Trade Organization (WTO), which is a mechanism to temporarily stop the export of agricultural product that aims to prevent food shortages in exporting countries has been intensively negotiated. However, as a net importer of agricultural...
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Upgrading Challenges in Global Value Chains

Dzulfian Syafrian
Upgrading local companies is one of the key concerns of host government, especially in developing countries, in the age of Global Value Chains (GVC). GVC provide both opportunities and threats for host countries. One side, GVC are the window of opportunities for local companies to catch up with the global...
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Analysis of Determinants Exports and Spatial Linkages: A Case Study of Indonesian Frozen and Fresh Shrimp

Fitriani, Dwi Budi Santosa, Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra
This study aims to analyze the determinants of exports and the spatial linkages of frozen shrimp and Indonesian fresh shrimp. This research uses gravity model analysis and spatial autocorrelation analysis. The data used are panel data for the 2007-2017 period in 23 countries for frozen shrimp and 6 countries...
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The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on ASEAN Trade Flow

Iwan Hermawan, Eka Budiyanti, Edmira Rivani
Information and communications technology (ICT) would drive the acceleration of digitalization era, including dynamics of trade flow among ASEAN countries, both in low or high-tech also. Basically each country has different resources, and so why many factors must be known to be a winner. This aim of...
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Trade Policy Evaluation on Rubber and Palm Oil

Kumara Jati, Wibowo Kurniawan, Arie Mardiansyah, Muhammad Fawaiq, Rino Adi Nugroho, Deky Paryadi
Rubber and palm oil are the two main export commodities that contribute to economic development in Indonesia. Specific trade policy has to be implemented when export commodity prices fluctuating or increasing or decreasing rapidly in the short period of time. The research purpose is to write a trade...
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Analysis of Potential Non-Traditional Trading Partner Countries for Improving Indonesia's Trade Balance Through Countertrade Schemes

Choirin Nisaa', Farida Rahmawati, Ayu Sinta Saputri
Indonesia’s trade performance in 2018 experienced a deficit of USD 3,8 Billion, due to increasing of oil and gas imports. Countertrade scheme is proven as one way to improve the trade balance for country who experienced trade balance deficit through increasing on oil and gas exports channel. This study...
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E-Commerce Impact on the Shifting of Labor Demand in Indonesia 2015-2017

Arih Thoyyibatul Izdihar
Electronic commerce is an excellent capital to support the Indonesian economy. However, e-commerce can shift the demand for labor through the reduction of conventional or retail employment and increase the demand for labor in the fields of Information, Communication, Technology, and knowledge (ICTD)...
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The Impact of Aircraft Spare Parts Import Duty Exemption on the MRO Industry's Competitiveness and Its Services Export

Farida Rahmawati, Choirin Nisaa', Rizka Isditami Syarif, Herindra Adhi Nusantara
This study aims to identify the impact of import duty exemption on aircraft spare parts on the competitiveness and service export of the Aircraft Maintenance, Reparation, and Overhaul (MRO) industry including factors affected MRO competitiveness. In addition, this study aims to identify the problems...
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Evaluation of the Indonesian Log Timber Export Prohibition Policy and Proposed Potential Alternative Policies to Minimize Subsidy Allegations

Ayu Sinta Saputri, Rizka Isditami Syarif, Herindra Adhi Nusantara
Wood and paper industry sector become one of the heavily sector which has been charged with trade remedy in Indonesia mostly due to the implementation of log timber export prohibition policy. The implementation of this policy since 2012 has received many trade remedy allegations, particularly subsidy...
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Indonesian Readiness for Digital Economy: Case on Trade Flows in ASEAN Region

Iwan Hermawan
The purpose of this study was to analyze Indonesian readiness for digital economy, case on trade flow in the ASEAN region. This study employed a quantitative approach with Gravity Model. The secondary data in the form of panel data period year 2004-2016 (annual) and includes ASEAN-10 countries. The variable...
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Changing Global Trade Landscape: Developing Country Perspective

Mari Elka Pangestu
The current global trade landscape is changing rapidly with the escalating US-China trade war, technological disruption, and changing global trade pattern. This has raised question on whether the current multilateral framework is adept to these new issues, and what are the developing countries’ best...
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Production Networks and Unbundling: Reformulating the Conceptual Framework in Theory, Empirics, and Policy Discussion

Fukunari Kimura
This paper employs the concept of “unbundling” proposed by Baldwin (2016) and provides an overview of the dynamic transformation of the pattern of international division of labor in East Asia from the viewpoint of theory, empirics, and policy discussion. East Asia has led the world in aggressively utilizing...
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Human Capital Development Strategy

Kostas Mavromaras, Christopher Findlay
The impact of technology compared to trade on events in labor markets, especially the changes in the wage premium (the ration of skilled to unskilled wages) and the mismatch of skills, is considered in this paper. The drivers and some outcomes are identified. New data from the Pacific Economic Cooperation...
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Impact of Export Activities on Firm Performance: The Case of Indonesian SMEs

Mohamad D. Revindo, Devianto
Firms venture abroad with a view to gaining many benefits, including revenue growth, above-normal returns, less revenue uncertainty, realization of economies of scale and scope, lower average cost of input, higher efficiency and enhanced competitiveness in domestic markets. This study investigates the...