Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social, Economic and Academic Leadership (ICSEAL 2018)

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Social, economic and academic leadership: some introductory remarks

Wadim Strielkowski
Our rapidly changing and deteriorating modern world is marked by globalization and digitalization that are making it both smaller and more far apart. In addition, it is marked by the growing inclinations to sustainable economic growth that arises in the face of such threats as global warming and global...
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The philosophical and psychological aspects of a phenomenon of leadership in culture

Irina Khmyrova-Pruel, Аlexander Koloskov
This paper is devoted to study of the ontological and existential bases of a phenomenon of leadership in (mostly) Russian culture. The mere existence of the word "leadership" in concept language demonstrates the special status of this phenomenon in culture. Leadership is considered both in the context...
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Gender leadership as a social phenomenon: the experience of a narrative essay

Natalia Korostyleva, Ludmila Kovaleva
Gender leadership is a complex and multifactorial process, inscribed into social norms and attitudes of the society. It is viewed as a social phenomenon based on an analysis of a narrative essay. It is a creative work, the distinguishing feature of which is the description of the author's personal attitude...
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The “mirror effect” and the efficiency of a leader

Liudmila Kiseleva, Wadim Strielkowski
This paper investigates a phenomenon of leadership and factors that determine the formation of an efficient leader. The methods of analysis, comparison, concretization, generalization are used as the operation methods. With the help of action methods scientific theories, confirmed practically, are systematized,...
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Problematic aspects and methods of developing leadership capabilities in young Chinese people

Maria Mizintseva, Wenzhi Zhang
This paper investigates the problems of developing leadership capabilities in young Chinese people. It analyses youth as a socio-demographic category, characterizes the key specific features of the Chinese young generation including their typical parameters. The article also interprets the problems in...
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Female leadership and a competency-based portrait of a leader as perceived by female students

Tatyana Monastyrskaya, Gleb Toropchin, Aleksandr Katsura
Leadership can guarantee dominant positions for organisations pursuing their goals in entrepreneurship, business, politics, science as well as social and outreach activities and education programmes. Female leadership is most pronounced in this area. In spite of a significant number of studies in the...
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Development of enterprise innovative activity for leadership in production and economic systems

Svetlana Vasilyeva, Liudmila Glukhova, Raisa Krayneva
The competition and consequent struggle for a leading position in its market segment are an inseparable feature of the market economy. It is possible to achieve competitive advantage through the use of organizational, technical and economic changes, i.e. through the growth of innovative activity aimed...
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Leadership as the effective tool in the organizational management system

Olga Naumova, Nadezhda Nikolaeva, Anna Sherstobitova
There are constant complications in the structure of the organization and activity of people during historical developments of society. The similar movement is carried out in the form which represents the formation of new kinds of activity and their allocation as a result of division of the social activities...
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The impact of migration on the leading innovative development of the employment potential

Roman Chornyi, Nelya Chorna, Mariya Lalakulych
This paper focuses on the influence of migration on the leading innovative development of the labor potential. Moreover, it considers the main stimulate impacts of migration on innovative development of employment potential and risks of their use. The paper postulates the priority of educational qualification...
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Leading institutional mechanism of the state regulation and the shadow economy

Olexander Kopylenko, Inna Gryshova, Oleksey Diachenko
A world “association” acknowledges that dynamics of the development of the shadow sector becomes a global threat economic security, in this connection with what from the states acceptance of the concerted measures of fight is required against this publicly dangerous phenomenon both on national and on...
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Female leadership in the context of entrepreneurship in Russia

Liudmila Kiseleva
It is estimated that the share of females in management of Russian business companies is probably the highest in the world. Even though, in Russia women prevail among middle managers, while their share remains small in the top-tier management and among the large business owners. A number of women, who...
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Public-private partnership as the leadership composition of the development of industrial production

Vera Lebedeva, Natalia Dobrianska, Larisa Gromova
The development of industrial production through the transition to higher technological processes and the increase of efficiency of its management is a key task at the present stage of the functioning of the domestic economy. These circumstances give rise to the need to deepen the theoretical and methodological...
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Leadership and innovations in small and medium enterprises

Olga Yamova
Leadership has always been connected to innovations and innovative behavior. Making right decisions, coming up with novel concepts and conquering the market niches has been the key element of successful entrepreneurship since the times of the inception of the ideas of Schumpeter and the “Blue Ocean”...
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Compliance control as the leading technology of tackling corruption in enterprises

Galina Menshikova, Nikolai Pruel, Valeriy Malychev
This paper considers the system of compliance contract as a further development of the theory of the social contract, social interactions and organizational leadership. Moreover, we reveal the similarities and the differences between these two concepts. In our view, compliance control represents a truly...
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Socially responsible development strategies of the leading regional enterprises

Tetyana Batrakova, Oleg Gelikh, Alla Shapovalova
This paper tackles the need for the elaboration of the theoretical basis and the development of practical recommendations for integrating the principles of a socially responsible concept into the strategic development of domestic enterprises. Achieving this task appears to be important in order to consolidate...
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Enterprise competitiveness as an informative characteristic of leadership

Marina Borovitskaya, Anna Sherstobitova, Olga Shnayder
Russian enterprises operate in the market terms which dictate a constant search for strategic developments aimed at ensuring at the leading positions in the sector, industry and competitiveness increase. Success and leadership in a competitive economy are possible in the case of an objective studying...
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Transformation of entrepreneurial leadership in the 21st century: prospects for the future

Igor Britchenko, Sergyi Smerichevskyi, Igor Kryvovyazyuk
The 21st century imposed many challenges on mankind, among them there is a very important problem of entrepreneurial leadership transformation. Entrepreneurship gradual modification under the pressure of factors of innovation, informatization of the environment and the need for socialization of the relations...
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Leading trends in state budget regulation: a case of the United States

Tatiana Veynbender, Valentina Kashintseva
Maintaining a healthy state budget is a tricky and cumbersome task that any functioning government should undertake. It appears that it takes a true leader when it comes to regulating a balanced budget that is free of losses and unexpected spending. This paper describes the mechanisms and leading trends...
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Analysis of a structural and logical model of a leading company’s financial standing

Marina Charaeva
Analytical work is actualized in the context of macroeconomic instability when the interpretation of findings makes possible determining the level of company’s financial standing, since in today’s economy it is the most important characteristic of business activity and reliability of the company. It...
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Manager as a leader in implementing strategic changes at the enterprises

Elena Korneeva, Raisa Krayneva, Alexandr Platitsyn
Readiness and ability to adapt flexibly to the dynamic environment, i.e. to be susceptible to the changes, define the effectiveness and success of any activity of the person, the organization, society in many respects. Management of changes performs the function of the catalyst for development and improvement...
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Regional commercial banks: problems of leadership under the current economic conditions

Elena Tarkhanova, Natalia Baburina, Svetlana Shemshurina
The processes of centralization are characteristic for the modern Russian economy. On the one hand, local companies try to go through the process of consolidation and go beyond the individual territory. On the other hand, large holdings themselves come to the regions, displacing local enterprises in...
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Leading approaches to modernization of state financial control: a case of Ukraine

Natalia Novikova, Lydmyla Deshko, Anna Gurzhii
With the deepening of European integration, steady development of the national system of public finances and transition to international standards of state audit, become of particular importance the issues of the state financial control, as a key instrument for ensuring the legality, correctness and...
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Leading organizational and economic models for the development of inbound medical tourism in Russia

Olga Nikitina, Wadim Strielkowski
The paper is based on vast research of primary and secondary foreign and Russian scientific materials, qualitative interviews with foreign and home experts on the development of international medical tourism, as well as the analysis of the peculiarities of its development in Russia. Medical tourism represents...
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Financial leadership: an analysis of investment behaviour on financial markets

Elena Danilova, Elena Nazmutdinova
Financial leadership is about having the right feeling and demonstrating an intuition when it comes to investment and investment behaviour. Modern technological companies such as Facebook or Apple represent attractive assets for the investment attractiveness. However, one needs to be very careful where...
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Harmonization of accounting for public sector entities in accordance with the leading international standards: a comparison of Italy and Ukraine

Mariya Lalakulych, Igor Britchenko, Tetyana Hushtan
In recent years, there have been many reforms in the field of accounting. In the same time, scientists focus on the leading methods of accounting, financial management and economic opportunities for the additional use of accounting tools to introduce reforms in the field of the accounting of public sector...
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Competitiveness of the agrarian business in the context of maintenance of leadership positions on the market

Tеtiana Shestakovska, Nino Durglishvili, Svetlana Kushnir
This paper presents the features of ensuring an adequate level of competitiveness of agrarian business with the aim of forming leadership positions both in the domestic and world markets, which will contribute to satisfying the needs of consumers and food security of the country. The paper systemizes...
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Leading trends and contradictions in bank crediting of the population in Russia

Elena Tarkhanova, Oksana Fedorova
The development of market relations in Russia has led to an increase in consumer activity and has become an important factor in the formation and evolution of the market of bank lending to the population. An increasing number of leading Russian commercial banks are involved in active operations in this...
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Marketing information for holding leading positions in the market segment of the grain processing enterprises

Iryna Markina, Viktoria Voronina, Yaroslav Aksiuk
This paper focuses on the marketing information for holding leading positions in the market segment of the grain processing enterprises. We develop and test the contemporary approach to the analysis of the raw material market for marketing needs of the leading grain processing enterprises. Our results...
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Economic potential of the agrarian leadership business in the context of effective personnel security and institutional regulation

Olena Nikoliuk, Irina Sedikova, Svetlana Kalyugina
The development of economic and social relations in the context of the transition to more specific technical requirements and the enhancement of its economic activity is an important development of the state in the educational phase of development. One of the key aspects of this is the personnel security...
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The leadership and success phenomena in the student community: a sociological analysis

Julia Krikunova, Tatiana Ivanova, Anna Kirillova
This paper discusses the theoretical and empirical positions of the leadership and success phenomena in the student community. This issue represents a critical need for the leaders all around the world whose activities correspond to moral imperatives. The paper is based on the own unique survey that...
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Leadership in higher education: social and communication aspects of the university image

Anastasia Semenova, Elena Chizhevskaya
This paper analyses the complex of factors that influence the efficiency of the university activity in terms of image problems. The phenomenon of the image of the university leader (in this case a university rector) is considered by us as a symbolic construct based on a number of socio-psychological...
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Scientific and educational leadership factors and the competitiveness of Ukraine

Larysa Gaievska, Rayisa Naumenko, Iryna Fedulova
This paper is devoted to discussing the influence of leadership factors of higher education and science on the formation of a society that seeks to develop a competitive economy in Ukraine. One of the characteristic features of the modern world is the transformation of information and knowledge on the...
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Developing students’ leadership skills at higher educational institutions for their successful adaptation at the labor market

Maria Mizintseva, Anna Sardarian, Alena Petrochenko
Our paper investigates key tools of developing students’ leadership at higher educational institution for their successful adaptation in the labor market. The key problems facing the youth labor market today are: a high rate of real youth unemployment, the problem of neet-youth, discrimination in the...
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Leadership in higher education: training specialists in humanitarian technologies

Valeriy Zarubin, Anastasia Semenova
Our paper analyzes the important and timely issue of training specialists in humanitarian technologies as a special case of fostering leadership in higher education. We investigate various alternative meanings of the concept of "humanitarian technologies" in higher education, as well as provide an insight...
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Achieving academic leadership through teaching mathematical methods in economics and finance

Irina Sukhorukova, Galina Bobrik, Vladimir Mushrub
This paper is devoted to ensuring the achievement of academic leadership on the market of educational services and for the sustainable development of higher education in the future. It is quite common that various optimization problems with linear constraints on variables often arise in economics and...
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Computer-mediated discourse analysis: an overview of leading vocabulary teaching strategies

Zinaida Vozgova, Olga Afanasyeva
Rapid advances in information technology and proliferation of social media services have caused a radical transformation of human communication. Having created a social media presence people engage in computer-mediated communication, set their own goals as well as perfect their knowledge of English as...
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Development of students’ leadership competencies: a case of summer schools

Veronika Smirnova, Yuliya Vasileva, Anna Sardarian
Our paper focuses on summer schools as a tool of building leader's competencies, intelligent and creative abilities in present-day students of higher vocational school. It deals with main concepts of summer schools based on the study of issue-related publications, presents the most complete and extended...
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Leadership fostering via teaching business case studies: opportunities and limitations

Manuela Tvaronavičienė
In a contemporary complex environment, sustainable development of SMEs and large companies considerably depends on effective and efficient leadership. Fostering of business leadership abilities at contemporary universities could not be imagined and designed without application of case study teaching...
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Leading factors of market profitability of the renewable energy companies

Galina Chebotareva
Global investment into renewable energy sources (RES) development is setting new records in terms of volume. For several years, investment in new RES capacities have exceeded funds invested in conventional energy capacity. As a result, it is becoming a relevant task to know what reasons investors have...
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Sustainable leadership and the development of “green” economy in the European Union

Maria Gureva
Sustainable development set by the world’s leaders and powers as the only way for the future growth of the world economy under the conditions of global warming and climate change requires certain prerequisites. One of them is the deployment of “green” economy that involves steps like shifting to low-carbon...
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FIFA World Cup as a leading factor of sustainable development: a case of the Nizhny Novgorod region

Elena Kochkurova, Tatiana Zykova
The article reviews the influence of the 2018 World Cup heritage as a leading factor of the territorial sustainable development on the example of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The main objective of the study is to identify the positive and negative effects of hosting the FIFA World Cup on the tourist flow...
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Leading approaches to using renewable power sources for improving national energy security

Evgeny Lisin, Galina Kurdiukova, Ekaterina Rukina
Nowadays the main power sources extensively used by the humankind are represented by the various types of fossil fuels, first and most of all, by oil and gas. However, these sources have limited reserves that will be deploited within the next 100-200 years according to various estimates. Unlike traditional...
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Evaluation of investment attractiveness of a region as a guarantee for leadership in the territorial socio-economic development

Ruslan Skupskyi, Ruslan Zubkov, Inga Shapovalova
Effective assessment methodology of the investment climate of a country or region is a guarantee for the continuous socio-economic system development, provided by integrated approach in establishing the environment for their qualitative development and creation of a positive image.The purpose of this...
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Risk factors in the leading sustainable development for the Nizhny Novgorod Region

Tatiana Zykova, Elena Kochkurova
This paper reviews and systematizes the risk factors having an influence on the sustainable development of the tourism industry - one of the leading and especially promising development sectors of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The paper examines weaknesses, threats and risks of the tourist industry in...
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Leading innovations and investments into the new energy technologies

Anetta Zielińska, Igor Britchenko, Piotr Jarosz
This paper focuses on the novel and leading innovations and investments into the new energy technologies. Energy issues, including sustainability, energy security and energy dependency are probably one of the most crucial and critical issues that humanity must face at the moment. Recent global challenges,...
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Creative leadership: presumptions and methods of realization

Maria Avakyan
The concept of “leadership” is thought to be a special, profitable situation inside a specific social group presupposing the influence on other individuals with the aim of subsequent attaining of goals, i.e. perfection, leadership, career advancement, etc. Leaders have always existed, both in the animal...
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Leading role of state as a regulator of crypto currency

Andrej Semenihin, Aleksandr Kondrashin
This paper tackles the novel issues of possibility and feasibility of financial regulation of the crypto currency. At the same time, this research is also aimed at justifying the possibility and necessity of introducing state regulation over the crypto currency circulation. The state should act the leader...
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Economic sanctions, trade and economic relations between two leaders: a case of Russia and France

Olga Elfimova, Valeriya Vysotckaya, Tatyana Luzina
This paper examines the trade relations and trade flows between Russia and France. Both countries represent truly leading powers, one in BRICS and the other one in the European Union. Moreover, it also tackles the economic relations between these two leaders of international trade hindered by the recent...
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Cybercrime as a leading threat to information security in the countries with transitional economy

Mykola Syomych, Iryna Markina, Dmytro Diachkov
The peculiarity of the modern economy is related to its informational character which affects the sharp increase of cyber incidents in the field of information security that are widespread and becoming threatening and are relevant to a broad range of private, corporate, as well as state interests. The...
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Legal globalization and interstate integration as a leading factor of the formation of state security and sovereignty

Yuriy Voloshin, Viacheslav Krykun
This paper deals with systematization of theoretically applied research and presents a model of the impact of legal globalization and interstate integration on the formation of international security and ensuring the state sovereignty. The paper considers the definition of categories "legal globalization",...
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Geopolitical leadership in the modern world

Irina Ignatyeva, Boris Isaev
This paper focuses on the term "geopolitical leadership". With the world geopolitical landscape becoming more complex as the bipolar (or even tripolar) world order is setting in world politics and economics, the need for true global leaders is becoming more urgent. Quite often, it becomes important to...