Proceedings of the International Moving Image Cultures Conference (IMOVICCON 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Rista Ihwanny, Salima Hakim
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the IMOVICCON on 31 October-1 November 2023. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Board of Reviewer and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description of the conference’s...
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Adaptive Interactive Environments: Harnessing Audience Interaction for Immersive Multisensory Spaces

Adam Sloan, Daniel Turner
This paper represents the first stage of the practice-led research project outlined below. It is concerned outlining the objectives, methodological approach and contextualizing the need for the study. The project aims to develop an affordable, flexible, and adaptable system to enable audience control...
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Batik Kawung as Key Visual for the Graduation Ceremony of the UMN

Ahmad Arief Adiwijaya
Pattern design that serves as key visual has an essential role to captivate audience’s eyes and becoming a design identity that can display a strong message in many creative projects. In Indonesia, especially in the region of Central Java and Jogjakarta, there are multiple traditional Batik pattern designs...
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Resisting the Disappearance: Documentation of the Endangered Boatbuilding Tradition in Indonesia

Ahmad Ginanjar Purnawibawa, Chiara Zazzaro, Agni Mochtar
This article discusses the importance of documentation on endangered boatbuilding traditions in different areas of Indonesia through motion picture and other forms. The boatbuilding tradition has become part of daily life for people in many places, such as South Sulawesi and the North Coast of Java....
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Touchable Animation: Touching the Sound in Expanded Animation

Bharoto Yekti, Rangga Winantyo
Motion, visuals, and sound constitute the primary attractions in the realms of film and animation. Experimental artists leverage abstract imagery and sound in their animations to convey their emotions. However, the motion depicted on a two-dimensional screen limits the full embodiment of the viewer’s...
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Bibliometric Analysis for a Decade of Moving Image Cultures

Brian Alvin Hananto
The term “moving image cultures” is a term that is losing interest over time today than it was twenty years ago. Over time, the decline of people’s interest prompted the author to explore research published about “moving image cultures.” This study aims to identify the scope of “moving image cultures”...
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Historical Accuracy and Artistic Expression in 3D Digital Sculpting: Exploring Marcus Aurelius as Historical Representation

Christian Aditya
This practice-based research project investigates the relationship between historical accuracy and artistic expression in 3D digital sculpting, utilizing Marcus Aurelius as a case study. In order to generate insights into best practices and tactics for 3D digital sculpting as a form of historical representation,...
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The Analysis of Freud Theory on Psychological Aspects of the Main Character in Movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (2022)

Christine Kurnia, Lala Palupi Santyaputri
Film is a unique form of art because it can reflect human life through its character, story, and conflicts. Every human being has their own psychological condition that affects their personality. The psychological condition of a human being is very complex and shaped by the many life experiences they...
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Table for Two – The Past, Present and Future of Cinematic Parallel Narratives

Delwyn Jude Remedios, Deepak John Mathew, Max Schleser
This paper experiments with parallel interactive narratives in cinematic virtual reality by examining its past, present and anticipated future. Some novel innovations of cinematic parallel narratives are observed in The Kleptomaniac (1905), Rashomon (1950), Pulp Fiction (1994) and Run Lola Run (1998)....
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Designing Interactive Virtual Reality for Distance Learning from Professional Screenwriter’s Point of View

Kus Sudarsono, Perdana Kartawiyudha
Covid 19 has propelled distance learning to a level never seen before. Virtual reality has become more common to the masses and more commonly used in education. The immersive ability of virtual reality can benefit students to learn without the need to leave the classroom. Storytelling has been entertaining,...
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Humor Characterization Analysis in “My Stupid Boss” Indonesian Comedy Movie

Kheivlen Cunsuela, Baptista Anton
Comedy film is a genre of a film which focused on humor and prioritizes comedic elements and laughter. Film with comedy genre communicates its humor message through the use of various humorous techniques. There are 4 categories of humor techniques; language, logic, action and identity. These character...
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Analysis of Personification and Anthropomorphic Design Theory of “Kiko and Friends” Animation

Azariel Isaiah Layantara, Jeniffer Angelica Podung
Kiko and Friends is an Indonesian animated children’s series about a young goldfish and his best friends. The conflict in this animated series involves a catfish, the antagonist who causes various problems. Kiko and his friends embark on different adventures to solve these problems. The background of...
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The Application of Narrative Elements in Explaining the Premise of Documentary Film “Perayaan Detik Mengiringi Detak”

Lidwina Audrey Mulia, Petrus Damiami Sitepu
The process of storytelling in documentary films is different from fiction films. While dramatic elements are essential for fiction films, they are also necessary for documentaries. The inclusion of dramatic elements in documentaries keeps the audience engaged and helps them comprehend the film’s message....
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VR Storytelling?

Mark Smith
Virtual Reality, now a maturing media platform, allows us a considered or more sophisticated understanding of its inherent storytelling mechanisms. We have become trapped in exploiting a language developed through the remedial journey from oral storytelling, to theatre, to cinema. Provocatively, we might...
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Unleashing the Power of Communication Techniques for Child Actor in Crafting the Short Film “Di Balik Luka”

Metta Bong, Annita
Films are works of art that require a lot of effort to create. One of the elements that involves a lot of attention in films is actors. To perform well, an actor, especially a child actor, must be prepared. This paper discusses how to handle a child actor by applying communication skills in producing...
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Reflective Subjectivity in Audiovisual Nonfiction: Empowering Global South Media Makers and Decolonizing Storytelling

Moses Parlindungan Ompusunggu
This study explores the application of reflective subjectivity, underpinned by autoethnography, in audiovisual nonfiction storytelling as a tool for empowering media creators in the Global South to challenge Western-centric views and decolonize storytelling. Amid a predominantly Western-centric media...
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Narration Effectivity with Artificial One Shot Cinema Using Michotte’s Focal Point Framework in “Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves”

Naldo Yanuar
The article will interpret how narration of time depicted in a story scene can be effectively wrapped in a single take or one shot cinema based on the study case of Doric’s escape scene in 2023’s film title “Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves” directed by the filmmakers Jonathan Goldstein and...
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100% Manusia Film Festival as Cultural Activism, Strategic Cinephilia and Queer Counterpublic in Indonesian Film Scheme

Nigel Giovano Teguh, Umi Lestari
100% Manusia is an annual festival that has been held since 2017. This festival aims as a space to spread awareness on inclusivity, especially on gender related issues and LGBTQ, for the public and cinephilia in Indonesia. This article examines the cultural activism, strategic cinephilia, and queer counterpublic...
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The Influence of Da’wa Messages to Audiences in Active Reception Theory Perspective

Nurhablisyah, Andi Faisal Bakti
According to the World Population Review, in 2020, Indonesia’s Muslim population will reach 229 million people, or around 87.2%. With the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia is both a market and an example in the daily lives of Muslims. Smart Skill Skool channel owned by David Poernomo...
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The Application Concept of Mise-En-Scene to Achieve Romance Genre and 1980’s Setting in the Film “Gita Cinta Dari SMA”

Petrus Damiami Sitepu, Peter Agustinus Soeyatno
Romance holds a prominent position among the most sought-after genres in the Indonesian film industry. The romance genre favors deeper narratives and thematic elements driven by love between characters, but films in the romance genre are not just strong in narrative, but also in style. Mise-en-Scene...
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More Than Just Playing: The Pleasure of Online Game Players

Ratna Permata Sari
Online games are often seen only for their negative impacts in the form of addiction, consumptive behavior, and other accompanying impacts. Regardless of the pros and cons, as an issue of cultural studies, online games have become popular cultural products that are interesting to discuss. This study...
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Adapting “Tickle Fickle” Comic Strip to an Animated Short Film

Sella Putri Arby, Yohanes Merci Widiastomo
One medium that is widely available in society is comics. McCloud (2006) reveals that comics are pictures that are arranged sequentially so that they can provide a specific context and purpose. This term is called juxtaposition, similar to making storyboards used in film production. Adapting from a comic,...
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Next Level of Y2K Fashion Trend in Aespa “Spicy” Music Video

Shannon Glenda Tenardi
The Y2K phenomenon originated from a computer bug that threatened global infrastructure. It symbolized the transition from 1999 to 2000, when systems recorded only the last two digits of the year, causing malfunctions. This crisis evoked mixed emotions, with people envisioning a utopian future infused...
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Gatotkaca Mutung: An Identity Project Transforming Pulung Gantung into a Platform for Gatotkaca in Sandosa Cinema

Tunggul Banjaransari
Pulung gantung is an event that is believed by the people of Gunungkidul to be the trigger for self-harming. An event that is said to have occurred centuries ago, so it is enough to be considered a normal occurrence in Gunungkidul. However, when the number of suicides is dominated by teenagers, the identity...
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Kay Mander and Mardi and the Monkey (1953): Woman’s Agency, Children Film, and Transnational Film Production in Indonesian Cinema

Umi Lestari
Kay Mander (1915 – 2013), British continuity specialist born in Germany, is an invisible figure in Indonesian film history. In the early 1950s, Kay Mander made two films during her stay in Indonesia: Mardi and The Monkey (1953) commissioned by Children’s Film Foundation (CFF) and the New Boat (1955)...