Proceedings of the 6th International Seminar of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science (ISANFS 2021)

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Auxin and Cytokinin Effect on In vitro Callus Induction of Maize (Zea mays L.) Srikandi Putih

Muji Astutik, Bambang Suhartanto, Nafiatul Umami, Nilo Suseno, Miftahush Shirotul Haq
Maize plant (Zea mays L.) can be an alternative for sustainable forage because easy to obtain and can be cultivated in the dry season. Increasing plant biomass is needed to maximize maize plants as a forage crop through genetic mutations. Callus production by tissue culture is one of the planting materials...
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Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) Plants Nutrient Content and In Vitro Digestibility at Different Harvest Ages at the Second Defoliation

Nafiatul Umami, Wardi Wardi, Renata Lukman Nisa, Bambang Suhartanto, Nilo Suseno
This study aimed to determine the butterfly pea nutrient content and dry matter and organic matter in vitro digestibility with different harvest ages, fertilized with NPK at 80 kg/ha dosage. This study used butterfly pea, which was cut at different ages in the second defoliation. There were four treatments,...
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Comparison of Sorghum Straw (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) Digestible Quality With and Without Indigofera (Indigofera sp) By In Vitro Technique

Armina Fariani, Gatot Muslim, Anggriawan Naidilah Tetra Pratama
The purpose of this research was to study the comparison of sorghum straw (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) digestible quality with or without Indigofera (Indigofera sp) by in vitro analysis. The sorghum were added at 5% dry matter to 100% sorghum straw (T0), 70 % sorghum straw + 30 % Indigofera (T1) and...
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Crude Aflatoxin B1 Production Using Maize and Rice Substrates for Animal Research

Muhsin Al Anas, Lies Mira Yusiati, Cuk Tri Noviandi, Ali Agus
This study aimed to develop a simple method of crude aflatoxin (AF) B1 production for animal research. A. flavus was planted on potato dextrose agar (PDA) medium as an isolate to be grown on maize and rice substrates at a concentration of 107/mL. Maize was added to water until the water content reached...
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The Ks and µmax Determination of Proteolytic Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Colostrum of Dairy Cattle with Differences in Energy Source Levels

Yuhud Agung Nugroho, Zaenal Bachruddin, Widodo Widodo, Yuny Erwanto, Chusnul Hanim
This study determines the optimal substrate-level used by proteolytic acid lactic bacteria to produce a product expressed in substrate affinity constant (Ks). Proteolytic lactic acid bacteria were isolated from cow colostrum, carried out at the Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry, Faculty of Animal...
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Effect of Cinnamon Extract on Energy and Protein Utilization Efficiency of Broilers Chickens

Ihsan Zain Nida, Aji Praba Baskara, Bambang Ariyadi, Nanung Danar Dono, Zuprizal Zuprizal
This study aimed to evaluate the effect of cinnamon extract (Cinnamomum burmannii) in drinking water on energy and protein utilization efficiency of broilers. 200 Lohmann W99 Grade-A broilers were randomly divided into 5 treatment groups and 5 replications, and each replication consisted of 8 chickens....
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Effect of Condensed Tannin and Myristic Acid in Corn Straw-Based Complete Feeds on NH3 Concentration and Microbial Protein Synthesis

Siti Chuzaemi, Mashudi Mashudi, Poespitasari Hazanah Ndaru, Asri Nurul Huda, Eko Agus Siswoyo
This study aimed to determine the effect of condensed tannin (CT) and myristic acid in corn straw-based complete feed on NH3 concentration and in vitro synthesis of microbial protein. The materials used in this study were corn straw, CT, myristic acid, coffee husk rice bran, soybean meal, copra meal,...
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Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Nutmeg Seed Essential Oil on Nutrient Consumption and Digestibility of Ettawa Crossbreed Goat

Ratna Amalia, Chusnul Hanim, Lies Mira Yusiati, Muhlisin Muhlisin
This research aimed to determine the effect of nutmeg seed essential oil (NSEO) dietary supplementation on nutrient consumption and digestibility of Ettawa Crossbreed Goats. Eleven Ettawa Crossbreed Goats, 1 to 1.5 years of age, with initial body weight ranged from 19 to 22.5 kg, were divided into control...
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Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Protected Lemuru Fish Oil on Nutrient Intake and Average Daily Gain of Thin-Tailed Sheep

Ratri Ratna Dewi, Kustantinah Kustantinah, Muhlisin Muhlisin
This study aimed to determine the effect of dietary supplementation with protected lemuru fish oil (Sardinella longiceps) on nutrient intake and the average daily gain of thin-tailed sheep. This study was conducted from September to October 2020 in Dumbira Farm, Kalasan, Yogyakarta. Twelve sheep were...
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Effect of Different Combinations of Rice Straw, Cassava Powder, and Palm Kernel Cake on Intake and Digestibility by Ongole Crossbred Bulls

Cuk Tri Noviandi, M. Shihabudin Muzaki, Andriyani Astuti, Dimas Hand Vidya Paradhipta, Ali Agus, Simon Quigley, Dennis Poppi
The present study investigated the effects of different combinations of cassava powder and palm kernel cake on intake and digestibility of Ongole Crossbred bulls fed a fixed amount of rice straw. Ongole bulls (n=24) were assigned to five dietary treatments (n=5 bulls/treatment for all treatments, except...
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Effect of Kiapu (Pistia Stratiotel L) in Fermented Diet on Feed Consumption, Final Body Weight, Feed Conversion, Feed Efficiency and Cholesterol Content of Breast and Leg Muscle on Selected Local Chicken

Sri Jeksi, Muhammad Daud, M. Aman Yaman
The purpose of present study was to examine the effect of Kiapu (Pistia stratiotes L) in fermented diet on feed consumption, final body weight, feed conversion, feed efficiency and cholesterol content of breast and leg muscle on selected local chicken (SLC). Fermented diet containing different levels...
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Effect of Mycorrhizal Provision at Different Watering Levels and Frequency on Nutrient production of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

Yustus Serani No Mbeong, Nafiatul Umami, Chusnul Hanim, Andriyani Astuti, Muhlisin Muhlisin
Sorghum is a cereal crop that has the potential to be developed as an animal feed crop. This study aimed to determine the effect of giving mycorrhizal fungi at different levels (0, 10 grams, and 20 grams/plant) and different watering frequencies (every day, 4 days, 8 days) on the morphology and the production...
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Effect of Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) Inclusion and Multi-Enzyme Supplementation on Layer Performances

Agustin Herliatika, Arnold Parlindungan Sinurat, Tuti Haryati, Ivone Subeni
Palm kernel cake (PKC) has been used in poultry diets with limited amounts to decrease the feed cost. An experiment was designed to study the effect of PKC inclusion and the addition of a commercial multi-enzyme (DGDP) into diets of laying hens. A control diet without PKC and a diet with 10% PKC was...
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Effect of Sex on Rumen Fermentation Characteristics and Enzyme Activities of Garut Sheep

Chusnul Hanim, Lies Mira Yusiati, Titi Widya Ningrum
This study aims to determine effect of sex on ruminal fermentation characteristics and enzyme activities in Garut sheep. Twelve Garut sheep (6 females and 6 males) were used. The sheep were about twelve months old with an average initial body weight of 25±2 kg, and were divided into two groups according...
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Effect on Nutrient Digestibility of Dairy Cows by Addition of Galangal (Alpinia galangal) Essential Oil

Dewi Ratih Ayu Daning, Chusnul Hanim, Budi Prasetyo Widyobroto, Lies Mira Yusiati
Galangal essential oil (EO) with cineol as the main component has antimicrobial activity. The level of nutrient digestibility in dairy cows is determined by the mechanism of action of the rumen microbes. The addition of galangal essential oil to dairy cows feed is expected to reduce the activity of proteolytic...
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Effectiveness Of Rice Husk Charcoal As Bioadsorben In Absorbing Heavy Metal Lead (Pb) On Freshwater Snail Meat (Pomacea sp.)

Siti Dharmawati, Muhammad Halim Natsir, Osfar Sjofjan, Hartutik Hartutik
This research was aim to identify the effectiveness of rice husk charcoal as a bioadsorbent in absorbing heavy metals Pb in freshwater snail meat (Pomacea sp). The main material used was adult fresh water snail with body weight of 80-120 g/head obtained from the swamp waters of Banjar Regency, South...
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Effects of Bamboo Leaf Extract Supplementation on Heterophil, Lymphocyte, and Heterophil to Lymphocyte Ratio of Broiler Chickens

M. Ifan Fathurrahman, Abun Abun, Novi Mayasari
This experiment was conducted to assess the effects of bamboo leaf extract (BLE) supplementation on heterophil, lymphocyte, and heterophil to lymphocyte ratio of broiler chickens. A total of 90 one-day-old Cobb broilers were randomly allocated to 5 treatments with 3 replicates of 6 broilers each. The...
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Effects of Dietary Supplementation with Jackfruit Leaves and Soybean Meal on Nutrient Intake and Digestibility in Sheep

Prakosa Wirayudha, Wahyu Setyono, I. G. S. Budisatria, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Kustantinah Kustantinah
This study aimed to evaluate the effect of dietary supplementation with soybean meal (which is known to have high nutritional value) and jackfruit leaves (which are abundant resources) on nutrient intake and digestibility in sheep. For that purpose, 12 female thin-tailed sheep (age = 1.5 years old; body...
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Effects of Different Milk Somatic Cell Count Level on Plasma Total Protein, Albumin, and Globulin in Transition Dairy Cows

Muhammad Rifqi Ismiraj, Novi Mayasari
This study tried to confirm whether there is an effect of milk somatic cell count (SCC) levels on total protein, albumin, and globulin levels in plasma of dairy cows. A total of 18 Friesian Holstein cows in transition were included in this study, divided into three groups based on their milk SCC levels,...
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Effects of Drinking Water Supplementations with Nanoencapsulated Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) Leaf Extract on Broiler Chicken’s Blood Antioxidant Profiles and Meat Proximate Compositions

Sokvicheaodom Kem, Zuprizal Zuprizal, Nanung Danar Dono
Objective of this study was to investigate the effect of nanoencapsulated lime leaf extract (LLE) on blood antioxidant profiles and meat proximate compounds of broiler chickens. Ionic gelation method was used to encapsulate nanoparticle of LLE using chitosan and sodium tripolyphosphate. A total number...
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Estimation of Rumen Microbial Nitrogen Supply Based on Purine Derivatives Excreted in The Urine of Male and Female Garut Sheep Fed Ad Libitum

Mutiara Mustika Putri Mahanani, Chusnul Hanim, Kustantinah Kustantinah, Zaenal Bachruddin, Budi Prasetyo Widyobroto, Lies Mira Yusiati
This experiment aimed to compare the rumen microbial nitrogen supply in male and female Garut Sheep. Six male and female Garut sheep were put in the metabolism cages, fed ad libitum with Pennisetum purpureum and bran pollard with a ratio 60: 40. This study begins with an adaptation period of 14 days....
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Evaluation of body condition score, reproduction performance and feed management in housing group system pangestu, girikerto, turi-sleman

Risna Nur Khoirunnisa, Kustantinah Kustantinah, Diah Tri Widayati
This study aims to determine body condition score, reproductive performance, and feeding management in the housing group system Pangestu. Evaluation of body condition score is carried out directly by feeling the part of the loin area (back) which describes the longissimus dorsi muscle, muscle, and fat...
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Evaluation of Kandis Acid (Garcinia xanthocymus) as Acidifier on Broiler Performance

Maha Bintang Wanda Prasmanasari, Widya Hermana, Rita Mutia
This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of organic acids in kandis acids solution as acidifier on broiler performance. Totally 300 broiler of hybro strain was devided into four groups. This study used a Completely Randomized Design consisting of 4 treatments and 5 replications. Each replication...
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Feed Digestibility and Feeding Behaviour of Sheep Fed Gracilaria Sp. and Chromium Organic Supplementation

Munasik Munasik, Caribu Hadi Prayitno, Titin Widiyastuti
Bioactive compound in Gracilaria sp and organic chromium supplementation could improve feed digestibility through methanogen inhibition, increase carbohydrat metabolism effectiveness and feeding behaviour of sheep. The research conducted for 90 days using 18 heads of male local sheep and 3 heads as replacements...
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Identification Of Weight And Size Diversity Of Arbila (Phaseolus lunatus L.) Seed As Feed In Amabi Oefeto District, Kupang Regency

Bernadete Barek Koten, Emanuel Natal, Redempta Wea, Melkianus D. Randu, Aholiab Aoetpah, Cytske Sabuna
This study aimed to identify the diversity of weight and size of Arbila (Phaseolus lunatus L.) seeds as feed in Amabi Oefeto District, Kupang Regency. This research was conducted in Amabi Oefeto District on October 2020 - February 2021 using a field survey method in 3 villages, namely Pathau Village,...
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Influence of Kiapu (Pistia Stratiotes, L) in Fermented Diet on Weight, Length of Intestine and Bacteria Population in Intestine of Selected Local Chicken

Koji Al Adam. S, M. Aman Yaman, Muhammad Daud
The research entitled the effect of Kiapu (Pistia stratiotes L) in fermented diet on the relative weight and length of the intestine (duodenum, jejunum, ileum) and the total plate count (TPC) of E. Coli and Coliform of selected local chicken. Superior local chickens are native chickens that are the result...
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Legume and Methane Emission Reduction in Livestock

Bambang Suwignyo, Asih Kurniawati, Medino Gedeun N. Yebron, Amado A. Angeles
Legume is one of the types of high quality forages. It is available in some types of trees and shrubs. The specific thing that connotes with legume is protein content since legume can do nitrogen fixation. In regard, legumes can also be known as leaf protein sources. Legume usually also has tannin content...
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Methane Gas Mitigation Strategies to Increase The Productivity of Ruminants by Moringa Leaves and Jackfruit Leaves as Additional Feed

Angelia Utari Harahap, Hermon Hermon, Suyitman Suyitman, Evitayani Evitayani, Lili Warly
Global warming has become an environmental problem that has received much attention. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that the increase in the earth’s surface temperature increases where global warming is related to the high accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere....
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Mineral Composition, Physical Properties, and Nutritive Values of Calcined Limestone and Bivalve Shell for Muscovy Duck Starter

Khalil Khalil, Andri Andri, Ridho Kurniawan Rusli
The mortality rate of muscovy duckling raised extensively was very high due to malnutrition. This study aimed to study the beneficial effects of calcination on mineral composition, physical properties of limestone and bivalve shells as mineral supplements for muscovy duck starter. Samples of limestones...
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Mineral Content, Energy, and Fiber Fraction Analysis of Fermented Liquid Feed With Tamarind Seeds in Different Water Ratio

Redempta Wea, Christian Abimanyu More Laka, Theresia Nur Indah Koni, Helda Helda, Bernadete Barek Koten
This study aims to examine the mineral, gross energy, and fiber fraction content of liquid feed fermentation contains tamarind seeds with different water comparisons. The study used whole tamarind seeds and feed ingredients are corn, bran, meat and bone meal, and soybean meal. The parameters of the research...
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Modelling Egg Production of New-Kampong Crossbreed Chicken (KUB) as Promotion of Indigenous Chicken Breeds Using Three Mathematical Methods

Danung Nur Adli, Osfar Sjofjan
The research was conducted to estimating egg number from the new-kampong-crossbreed chicken (KUB) using three mathematical methods. A total one hundred 24-week-old KUB hens were randomly allocated to individual cages. Egg records totalling were divided into eight different ages (weeks); 22-25; 26-29;...
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Nutrient Content and Total VFA Concentration Evaluation by Addition of Condensed Tannin and Myristic Acid in Complete Feed Through In Vitro Method

Asri Nurul Huda, Siti Chuzaemi, Mashudi Mashudi, Poespitasari Hazanah Ndaru, Khoirunisa Khoirunisa
The objective of this study was to determine the effect of condensed tannins and myristic acid addition in complete feed on nutrient content and VFA concentrations in vitro. The materials used for this research were maize straw, condensed tannins, myristic acid, coffee husk, rice bran, cassava waste,...
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Nutrient Content Digestibility of Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) with Different Nitrogen Source Fertilizers in the Third Harvest

Nafiatul Umami, Prihutomo Suharto, Asih Kurniawati, Elsa Defrilitha Kusumah, Andriyani Astuti
This study aimed to compare the use of gandasil balanced fertilizer with various levels towards the nutrient composition and dry matter digestibility (DMD) and organic matter digestibility (OMD) of butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea) by in vitro method. This research used butterfly pea, fertilized at the...
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Nutritional Value of Modified Banana Tuber Meal (M-BTM) as Duck Feed

Eko Alfiansyah Putra, Osfar Sjofjan, Muhammad Halim Natsir, Danung Nur Adli
Banana tuber meal has good potential as hybrid duck feed, its nutritional content in banana tuber meal needs to be increased through processing technology. The purpose of this study was to determine the nutritional content of banana tuber meal resulting from the rebinding process (cellulose enzyme +...
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Peanut Plant (Arachis hypogaea) Productivities In Exs Merapi Pyroclastic Land With Different Fertilizers

Bambang Suwignyo, Sukmi Al-Kautsar, Bambang Wahyudi Pratomo, Bambang Suhartanto
This study aimed to determine peanut crop/plant (Arachis hypogaea) productivities in exs Merapi pyroclastic land with different fertilizers. Peanut seeds planted on land of exs Merapi eruption Kepuharjo village, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta with an area of 13 x 10 m2 divided in three blocks with 3...
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Physicochemical Properties of Ongole Crossbreed (PO) Beef at Lamongan District of Indonesia

Edy Susanto, Anik Fadlilah, Mashudi Mashudi, Muhammad Fathul Amin
The characteristic of local quality beef in every country had been researched including in Indonesia. This research aimed to determine the properties of physical and chemical of Ongole crossbreed beef in Lamongan district as the character of beef and it could be a reference for comparison of the various...
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Pine Based Blend Essential Oil Did Not Reduce Methane Production But Increase Organic Matter Digestibility On Ruminal Feed Fermentation In Vitro

Asih Kurniawati, Muhlisin Muhlisin, Chusnul Hanim, Muhsin Al Anas
This research was done to investigate the effect of blend essential oil EOs1 with pine (Pinus merkusii; Jungh. and de Vriese) essential oil as the main component on feed nutrient digestibility and methane production. Blend essential oil consist of pine and eucalyptus (Melaleuca leucadendra (L.) essential...
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Prepartum Zinc Supplementation in Dairy Cows and Its Effect on Plasma Calcium, Titers Antibodies and Milk Zinc Content in Postpartum Dairy Cow

Novi Mayasari, Ahmad Fizri Afriandana, Endang Yuni Setyowati, Lia Budimulyati Salman
The plane of energy nutrient and supplementation of mineral fed to cows in the prepartum period has been shown to influence energy status, immune response, and metabolic health. However, the effect of supplementation of essential mineral like Zn in the diet on plasma titers antibodies and mineral status...
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Production and Fatty Acid Content of Friesian Holstein Crossbred’s Milk Fed Fermented Completed Feed or Silage as Forage Replacement

Cuk Tri Noviandi, Zeka Septa Riyadi, Ristianto Utomo, Ali Agus, Budi Prasetyo Widyobroto, Abdul Razak Alimon, Andriyani Astuti
This research was intended to determine the effect of replacing forage with fermented completed feed or silage on milk production and fatty acids of Friesian Holstein Crossbred. This research used 6 of 3rd – 6th month lactating cows in average weight of 386.2±30.3 kg. The study consisted of 3 dietary...
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Productivity of Different Types of Grass That is Produced on Ex Coal Mining Land

Harmini Harmini, Sajimin Sajimin, Achmad Fanindi
This study aims to determine the productivity of cut and carry grass in ex-coal mining land. Samples of soils for analysis at the Soil Research Institute were taken at three points. The design used was a Randomized Block Design (RBD), with plant varieties as treatment, namely Brachiaria brizantha cv....
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Profiles of Steroid Hormones on Follicular and Luteal Phase in Saanen Etawah Crossbred (SAPERA) Does

Seraphina Kumala, Pradita Iustitia Sitaresmi, Yuni Suranindyah, Diah Tri Widayati
Reproductive rate may be a major issue conducive to the potency of animal production such as milk and meat. Determining estrogen, progesterone also cortisol during the phase of estrus in goats is supervised one of the most necessary parameters used to examine reproductive status. The purpose of this...
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Quality and Rumen Fermentation Profile of Indigenous Forage on Karst Mountain

Doso Sarwanto, Caribu Hadi Prayitno, Nur Hidayat, Harwanto Harwanto
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the quality and rumen fermentation kinetics of indigenous forages that were common to fed the goats by farmers. The method used was a survey by identifying the forages for the goat fed by the farmers surrounding South Gombong, Central Java, karst hills. The soil...
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Ratio Effects of Dietary Energy and Protein using Local Feed on in situ Rumen Degradation Kinetics of Ongole Crossbreed

Gita Nofriantika, Andriyani Astuti, Ali Agus, Cuk Tri Noviandi, Dimas Hand Vidya Paradhipta, Dennis Poppi, Ahmad Sofyan
The present study investigated the ratio effects of dietary energy and protein on in situ rumen degradation kinetics of Ongole Crossbreed. Local feed consisting of dried cassava as energy source and palm kernel as protein source were used in the present study. Two dietary ratios of dried cassava and...
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Secondary Metabolites Content of Seaweed (Sargassum sp.) Based on the Different Drying Methods

Agustinus Paga, Ali Agus, Kustantinah Kustantinah, I Gede Suparta Budisatria
Sargassum sp. is a non-consumable and underutilized seaweed that is considered waste, although it has the potential to provide secondary metabolites to ruminants. The purpose of this study was to see how different drying processes affected the secondary metabolite content of the seaweed Sargassum sp...
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Study of Kinetic Fermentation of Proteolytic Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Colostrum of Dairy Cattle with Inulin Substrate

Iqbal Wahyu Samudra, Zaenal Bachruddin, Widodo Widodo, Yuny Erwanto, Chusnul Hanim
This research aimed to determine the effect of the additional inulin level as a carbohydrates source for the fermentation kinetics of the proteolytic lactic acid bacteria (LAB Pro 4). The fermentation kinetics were observed using growth charts of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) or LAB Pro 4 with inulin substrate...
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Study on Nutrient Composition and Fermentation Quality of Caragana korshinskii Kom. Anaerobic Fermentation with Different Additives under Low Moisture Conditions

Chunze Guo, Yi Xiong, Xuekai Wang, Fuyu Yang
The purpose of this experiment is to explore the effects of different additives on the anaerobic fermentation of Caragana korshinskii Kom. with low moisture. The research of adding additives to the anaerobic fermentation test of C. korshinskii Kom results show that, adding cellulase alone significantly...
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Supplementary Feeding With Concentrated Protein Sources In Ettawa Crossbreed Does

Risna Nur Khoirunnisa, Diah Tri Widayati, Fajar Ajimukti Atmojo, Kustantinah Kustantinah
The main constraint of the Ettawa Crossbreed does management at the farmer level is that the forages as the only feed given because farmers are unable to provide another feed, which causes the failure to reach optimum productivity. In this study, the supplementary feed was added as a protein source concentrate...
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Agronomy Value of Elephant Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) With STU Organic Fertilizer for Dairy Cattle Feed in Mentawai Islands

Evitayani Evitayani, Lili Warly, James Hellyward, Ivan Moharya Kasim
This study aims to determine the effect of Sarana Tani Utama (STU) fertilizer on the growth and production of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) cv. Taiwan is grown on a dairy farm in Sipora Jaya, Mentawai Islands. The study used a randomized block design with 5 treatments P0 = 100% fertilizer N,...
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Application of Papaya Leaves Level on Multinutrient Block as Feed Supplement upon Palatability and Feed Consumption of Thin Tailed Sheep

Retno Iswarin Pujaningsih, Baginda Iskandar Moeda Tampoebolon, Surahmanto Surahmanto, Muhammad Azka Wibowo, Alifya Putri Pratiwi
Papaya leaves as feed addition contain saponins, which has function as defaunation agents in the rumen. However, the saponin content can cause a bitter taste that is disliked by livestock. This study aims to evaluate the addition of several papaya leaves levels to the multinutrient block (MNB) as feed...
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The Assessment of In Vitro Digestibility on Combination of Timor-Leste Native Grass, Leucaena leucocephala, and Corypa elata Robx

Luis Tavares, Endang Baliarti, Tri Satya Mastuti Widi, Cuk Tri Noviandi, Andriyani Astuti
The research aimed is to assess the effect of the combination of Timor-Leste Native Grass (NG), Leucaena leucocephala (LL) and Corypa elata Robx (CR) on in vitro Dry Matter (DM) and Organic Matter (OM) digestibility. The NG, LL and CeR were collected from Balibo sub-district, Bobonaro district, Timor-Leste....
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The Difference Queen Cup Materials on the Acceptance Grafted Larvae and Wing Morphometrics in Apis cerana Queen Rearing

Ustadi Ustadi, Suyadi Suyadi, Nur Ikhsan, Lilik Eka Radiati, Osfar Sjofjan, Agus Susilo, Djati Batoro
This study aims to determine the success rate and wings morphometric on Apis cerana queen rearing based on differences in wax sources (Apis cerana, Apis mellifera, Apis dorsata and their mixtures) as artificial queen cell cups. This study was used six replications and six treatments (P1: 100% Apis cerana...
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The Effect of Ca-PUFA, Protein Protected by Tannin and Organic Minerals (Zn, Cu, Cr, and Se) on Thyroxine Levels in Dairy Calves

Aulia Miftahunnisa Exa Putriyana, U Hidayat Tanuwiria, Didin S Tasripin
Dairy cows live in a comfortable environment with a THI of less than 72, if it’s higher than it can be affected by heat stress conditions that are indicated by changes in the concentration of the thyroxine hormone. This study aims to determine the level of thyroxine hormone in dairy cows that were given...
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The Effect of Composition and Raw Materials Differences on Yield, Quality and Price of Forage Feed Pellets

Bambang Suwignyo, Rifqi Danang Subagya, Andriyani Astuti
The aim of the research was to determine the effect of composition and raw materials differences on the yield, quality and price of forage pellet. This study used a mixture of various types of weeds as the main raw material for making forage pellets, pollard and rice bran as the ingredients. Each forage...
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The Effect of Different NPK Fertilizer on Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) Production on the First Harvest

Nafiatul Umami, Zen Adyatama Solekhah, Wardi Wardi, Asih Kurniawati, Nilo Suseno, Bambang Suhartanto
This study aimed to determine the growth and production of butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea) with NPK fertilizer. This research used a completely randomized design one-way ANOVA. The treatments were the 3 levels provision of NPK fertilizer of 0 kg/ha, 80 kg/ha, 160 kg/ha. This research used 30 days old...
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The Effect of Mixed Leaves Tannin Sources (Acacia mangium Willd, Swietenia mahagoni, and Artocarpus heterophyllus) in Pellets on In Vitro Methane Production

Wahyu Adi Setiawan, Lies Mira Yusiati, Chusnul Hanim, Muhlisin Muhlisin
Mitigation effort to reduce methane emissions using plant bioactive compounds has been extensively studied and applied as feed additives. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of three leaves mixtures of tannin source (Acacia mangium Willd, Swietenia mahagoni, and Artocarpus heterophyllus)...
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The Effect of Modified Palm Kernel Meal Utilization to Replacing Corn in The Diets Based on Intestinal Quality and Metabolizable Energy

Ernanda Sofi, Sjofjan Osfar, Muharlien Muharlien, Adli Danung Nur, Saraswati Sinta Ayu
The research conducted to investigated the effect of modified palm kernel meal containing α-β-mannanase to replacing corn in the diets based on nutrient digestibility and intestinal morphology. Twenty hybrid ducks [(Pekin x Khaki Campbell)] aged 52 days (unsexed) with 1623.3 ± 162.17 g BW were divided...
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The Effect of Shade on Peanut Plant Performance as Fodder, in The ExS Merapi Volcano Eruption Land with Silvopastoral

Bambang Suwignyo, Nafiatul Umami, Nilo Suseno, Yogi Sidik Prasojo, Miftahush Shirotul Haq, Bambang Suhartanto
The aimed of the study was to determine the effects of shade on peanut plant (Arachis hypogaea) performace as fodder, planted in the farmland exs Merapi volcano eruption. Peanut seeds were planted in Kepuharjo Village, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This study was carried out two years after the eruption,...
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The Effect of Using Water Spinach on the Physical Quality of Pellets

Himmatul Hasanah, Joelal Achmadi, Eko Pangestu, Muhsin Al Anas, Ali Agus
The high fiber content in forage causes nutrients challenging to digest. Pellet technology breaks down the cell wall and increases the soluble fiber fraction. This study aims to determine the effect of using water spinach on the durability and hardness of pellets. The study was designed using a completely...
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The Effects of Ciplukan, Betel, Moringa and Patchouli Waste Extract as Phytogenic Feed Additive and Their Effect on Broiler Performance

Muhammad Daud, M. Aman Yaman, Yunasri Usman, C. R. Maulida
The aim of this study was to examine the potential of ciplukan (Physalis angulata L.), betel (Piper betle L.), moringa (Moringa oliefera L.) and patchouli (Pegostemon patchouli Pellet) oil waste as a phytogenic feed additive to replace Antibiotic Growth Promoter (AGP) and their effect on broiler performance....
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The Proportion of Cassava and Palm Kernel Cake Affects in situ Rumen Degradation Kinetics in Ongole Crossbreed

Gita Nofriantika, Andriyani Astuti, Ali Agus, Cuk Tri Noviandi, Dimas Hand Vidya Paradhipta, Ahmad Sofyan, Simon Quigley, Dennis Poppi
The present study investigated the effect of varying the proportion of dried cassava and palm kernel cake on in situ rumen degradation kinetics in Ongole Crossbreed. Ongoles were fed two different concentrate rations of cassava and palm kernel cake (PKC) varying in percentage with one concentrate mixture...
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The Quality of Hydrolized Palm Kernel Meal and Its Efficacy on Laying Hens Aged 21-27 Weeks

Rahma Dhani Dwi Prasetya, Ai Karwati, Agus Wiyono, Anuraga Jayanegara, Nahrowi Nahrowi
Indonesia has a high potential for Palm Kernel Meal (PKM). The use of PKM as animal feed has not been optimal due to several obstacles, one of which is the high non starch polysaccharide (NSP) content. This study aimed to evaluate the quality of PKM that has been given physical, chemical, and biological...
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Utilization of Rejected Salted Fish as Fish Meal

Hermon Hermon, Riska Riska, Sahrul Sahrul
This research aims to improve making a fish meal from the RSF to obtain high protein content without crude fiber (CF) and having nutritive value. The result is that fish meal has a low protein content and contains crude fiber. By using a completely randomized design with four replications, the RSF were...
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Xylanase Enzyme on Broiler Performance Fed Cassava Based Diet in Forms of Pellet and Mash

Ni Gusti Ayu Mulyantini S. Sekarsari
Cassava contain a large quantity of starch, therefore it is good to be used as an energy source for poultry diet. However, cassava contain high level of insoluble fiber which are not well digested by poultry. Enzymes and diet forms are two things that must be considered for the provision of cassava-based...
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Study of Chemical Compositions of Trembesi (Samanea saman): Potential as Ruminant Feed

Ahimsa Kandi Sariri, Kustantinah Kustantinah
The purpose of this study was to examine the chemical compositions of the Trembesi (Samanea saman) plant so that its potential as ruminant feed could be found. This research is a descriptive study, The materials used in this study are young leaves, old leaves, young petioles, old petioles, fruit, seeds,...
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Feed, Animal and Human Health: Designing Functional Egg

Ali Agus, Chusnul Hanim, Muhsin Al Anas, Agussalim Agussalim
In currently decades, the demand of functional foods is increasing and would increase continuously in the future. Since their roles can decrease of several diseases risk and can increasing the life expectancy. In addition, the consumers expect more and more food especially from animal products that are...
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Feed Fermentability and Physiological Index of Sheep Supplemented with Garlic and Seaweed Powder in Organic Chromium Basal Feed

Caribu Hadi Prayitno, Agustinah Setyaningrum, Fajar Daya Winasis Azwar, Imam Sutrisno
This study aimed to identify the effect of supplementing garlic and seaweed powder into basal feed with organic chromium on the consumption and digestibility of dry matter (DM), organic matter (OM), crude fiber (CF), and crude protein (CP), ruminal fluid pH, and blood glucose level of the sheep. Three...