Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Business Corporation and Development in South-East and South Asia under B&R Initiative (ISBCD 2017)

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The classification of urban systems: a review from monocentric to polycentric

Youyang You
A city could be defined either monocentric or polycentric, in the passage; a systematic review of the urban systems is developed. After defined the elements of disappearance of monocentric system, four types of polycentric system is classified. In conclusion, a city could be locally important or regionally...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Reverse Innovation of Non - core Enterprises

Guifeng Song, Dongping Yu, Xiangxue Lu
Innovation is the key to maintain core competitiveness for enterprises. In addition, innovation can make non-core enterprise become core enterprise, so it is vital for non-core enterprises and core enterprises. With the development of economic globalization and the deepening of reverse innovation, it...
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Research review on definition and support of small and medium-sized enterprises

Dongping Yu, Xiangxue Lu, Lifeng Wang, Guifeng Song
In the background of "One Belt and One Road" and "the setting up of the investment bank "will largely promote the development of small and medium-size enterprises in these areas. Small and medium-size enterprises support is a hot topic in the research field in recent years. Based on analysis of existing...
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An analysis of the causes of lagging development and the prospects of Laos e-commerce

Yue Yang, Hong Yi, Wei Wang, Wen Zhang, Li Huang
The development of e-commerce in Laos is at the initial stage, but the development momentum is better and shows a steady upward trend. In this paper, through the local research and questionnaire survey conducted in Laos, obtained a single hand data, with accessing to the relevant literature, analyzed...
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The Analysis of Bank Mobile Payment Project's Schedule Management Based on Improved Critical Chain Method

Cheng Peng, Liang Song
Bank's mobile payment project schedule management is a crucial part in project management. It is not only related with the development cost of the project but also affects the cost of benefit in the late stage of the project. It is a crucial guarantee to grasp the first opportunity of the market. The...
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Correlation with Internet Finance and Residence Consumption

Jing Tie, Wenjing Zhao, Yu Dai
Cui (2014) illustrated that, in recent years, the development of Chinese Internet finance has not only deeply changed Chinese financial system, but also influenced the way people live as well. China is spending a period, which transferred the cash society to cashless society. Market participants will...
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Poverty and Countermeasures on Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Zhixiang Xie, Li Ma
China has made remarkable achievements on the work of targeted Poverty Alleviation in 2016, but we still face grave challenges. Due to the fact that poverty has special performance on economy and culture, only by taking targeted measures, can the goal on targeted poverty alleviation be achieved.
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The Development Prospects of Cross-border E-commerce in Thailand

Fang Liu, Yuhui Feng, Wei Wang, Menglan Qiu, Haiyang Yang
With the development of Internet technology, cross-border e-commerce has become a new trade industry in the world. It is an unstoppable trend to expand the cross-border e-commerce and increase trade among countries. Cross-border e-commerce in Thailand develops relatively late, but Thai authority also...
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Research on the Application of RFID in Chinese Healthcare

Jing Zhang, Xin Li
Radio frequency identification is often referred to by the acronym RFID. Today, "RFID is used for automatic toll collection, access control, security, equipment tracking, payment at gas pumps, fast food establishments, and other retail outlets, and a wide range of other applications" [5]. RFID, as the...
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The Theory of Polanyi's Free Market Path:a Practice of China's Land, Labor and Monetary Reform

Zhenli Wang, Jianyu Lin
Karl Polanyi stresses that the establishment of the free market is dependent on the formation of the state compulsory intervention, and since ancient times, there has been no such thing as completely free, self-regulating market system, and the claim of spontaneous adjustment market is a thorough utopia....
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The Relationship between the Consumer Credit and the Expected Income Based on the Theory of Adaptive Expectation

Yili Hu, Yuanyuan Li
Although the development of Chinese consumer credit is very fast, the development of consumer credit is not optimistic due to the expectations of residents. There is still a big gap with western countries. The study of the relationship between consumer credit and expected income has important practical...
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The Industry International Competitiveness Analysis between China and South Asia Countries ??the Capacity Cooperation Path Building Based on 'One Belt One Road'

Shushu Feng, Ersi Liu
This paper analyzes the international trade status quo between China and 8 South Asia countries by utilizing UN Comtrade data from 2011 to 2015. By comparative advantage and competitive advantage analysis, it studies the industry international competitiveness of the 9 sectors of China and the South Asian...
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Evaluation of Post-Merger Performance of Public Listed Companies in the UK

Xiaojiao Ye, Ying Zhang
The objective of this study is to examine whether merger creates value for shareholders in short run. This study is based on a near-exhaustive sample of UK public listed companies during 1993 and 2000, total of 237 takeovers. The acquirers are UK based companies. Results show that merger and acquisitions...
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The Impact of Internet Financing on Commercial Banks -A Case Study of Savings Business

Fan Gu, Jiahong Li
The rise of internet financing in China has brought considerable changes to the life style of people. It provides easier ways for different kinds of payments. It also derives other financing service such as on-line saving, online-lending, etc., which has impact the old structure of finance in China and...
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An Analysis of Chinese Enterprises Opportunities to Invest in Myanmar Electric Power Industry

Honglie Zhang, Peng Liang
Under "one belt one road" initiatives and the smooth progress of reform in Myanmar political, more and more Chinese enterprises "going out" to invest in the electric power sector in Myanmar. This paper analyzed the first-hand field research data and investment opportunities. Domestic support policies...
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The Uneven Regional Development Impacting on the Process of Thailand's Modernization

Meiwu Liu, Weilin Chen
This paper based on the situation of Thailand's uneven regional development and the modernization process which during a period from 1980s to 1990s. As a most controversial period of Thailand's modernization, the remarkable economic achievements of these two decades had attracts the attention of the...
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Sentence structure study of Emoji communication

Menglan Qiu, Yuhui Feng, Haiyang Yang
June 22, 2015, Chevrolet sent out a press release which is completely made up of Emoji symbols. Once this press release was published, it immediately drew a massive attention of Internet users who intend to interpret it. Unfortunately, there are only a few interpretations were corresponded with the results...
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The Study on the factors and Countermeasures of knowledge-based workers' loyalty in state-owned Commercial Banks ??based on the Psychological contract theory

Liwei Wang, Ying Yang, Yiting Luo
Under the construction of OBOR (One Belt And One Road), the transformation of China's banking industry speeds up the pace, but during the transition, bank neglects the talent management, resulting in serious brain drain phenomenon. Therefore, in this paper, we analyzed the characteristics of knowledge-based...
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The analysis about the internationalization of RMB under "the Belt and Road (B&R)"initiative --based on comparing and learning from international experience as reference

Qing Ge
Learning from history shows that the currency internationalization of a country need to have strong economic strength, perfect financial system, open capital projects, timely exchange rate system, free foreign capital and other necessary conditions. The internationalization of RMB, however, is facing...
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Research on the task design and incentive approach for the state-owned enterprise project managers

Ying Yang, Lu He, Feng Ma
With the implementation of the belt and road strategy, more and more state-owned enterprises go abroad and participate in international competition and cooperation. Because of its traditional mechanism, the incentive mechanism for project managers of state-owned enterprises faces with significant challenges....
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The predicted value of Environment pollution treatment project investment based on the GM(1,1) model

Ai-qing Kou, Sun Meng, Wei Zhou
The predicted value of Environment pollution treatment project investment is very significant in our country. It has less samples and uncertain information, a small dynamic sample prediction which is in view of the environmental pollution treatment project investment is very important .The GM(1,1) model...
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Research on the influencing factors of college students online shopping under B2C model

Jimin Guo, Yunlong Duan
With the popularity of the domestic Internet and the vigorous development of e-commerce industry, online shopping has set off an upsurge. Online shopping is active in the domestic economic market with its unique advantages. In the proportion of Internet users in China, college students account for a...
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The Reform of State - owned Enterprises in Vietnam ??the Capacity Cooperation Path Building Based on 'One Belt One Road'

Thi Hong Diep Dang, Ersi Liu
Over the past 20 years since the 1990s, Vietnam has embarked on the reform of state-owned enterprises in the light of the socialist direction and the state-owned economy as the dominant position of national economic development. The main purpose of its reform is to consolidate the dominant position of...
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Entrepreneurship in the Transformation of Yunnan 's Modern Industrialization

Yuanqin Guo, Haibin Yang
Modern industrial development in Yunnan is very rapid period, although it is affected by geographical factors and political factors, but its industry in the southwest region and even in the whole of China is still made a larger development, is an important emerging modern industrial power. Through the...
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Obstacles and Solutions to Chinese International Trade Under "The Belt and Road" Policy

Huagang Li, Ersi Liu, Jing Zeng
Under "The Belt and Road" policy, China largely rely on the existing bilateral and multilateral relationships with other countries through the fields of transportation, communication, trade, investment, bilateral and multilateral economic activities in order to achieve the expansion of trade and cultural...
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The Development of International Tourism in Myanmar

Zhifei Li, Hongmin Li
Myanmar's domestic and foreign policies have undergone dramatic changes since 2010. With the successful holding of the election in Myanmar, the new civilian government is accelerating its economic and democratic reforms. And the explosive development of tourism in Myanmar has earned more and more international...
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Effects of Cultural Intelligence and Cultural Distance on Expatriates' Cross-cultural Adjustment

Wenjia Cao, Ying Zhang, Antony Bush
This paper proposes to examine the relationship between components of a multi-dimensional model of the Cultural Intelligence and Expatriate Adjustment with critical consideration given to the effects of Cultural Distance. In terms of psycho-cultural and socio-cultural adjustment of expatriates, it is...
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A Research on the Legal Problems of Trade and Investment Facilitation in GMS

Yue Zhou, Fangmeng Nie
The Lancang - Mekong River is the only international rivers in Asian, the river including six countries Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. At present, under the new situation like the international political multi-polarization, the world economic globalization and regional economic...
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Do Factors Implied in Dividend Discount Models Really Affect Price-Earnings Ratios in Chinese Stock Market

Jingying Zhou
Price-Earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is frequently utilized to evaluate a stock. Determining what factors have influences on P/E ratios is beneficial to better interpretation and prediction of this ratio in practice. Historically, though some academic studies on this topic have identified some factors in...
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An interest balancing mechanism analysis of Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Economic Corridors

Qiong Wu, Yong Yu
Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) hinterland involving many countries and regions in Southeast Asia and South Asia, is one of the most dynamic regions in the world today .The mission of GMS economic cooperation is to expand and strengthen the cooperation among each subregion country, and realize common...
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The Development Trend of Electronic Money and Its Influence on Currency Liquidity

Yaxian Lu, Zhaowen Su
With the development of Internet and mobile communication, it has become an indispensable part of people's daily life, mobile payment and online payment has become an significant way of payment.The goal of this paper is to study the emergence and development of electronic money and to prove that its...
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Southeast Asian market entry mode choice of Chinese firms under the Belt and Road Initiative

Fan Yu, Ying Zhao, Jianfeng Yao
Based on extant foreign market entry mode choice literature and status analysis under the Belt and Road Initiative, this study has investigated four groups of factors that influence Chinese firms' entry mode choice for the Southeast Asian market, and has proposed a model with three groups of comprehensive...
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Research on reasons and effects of compensation control on executives of state-owned enterprises

Jiawu Gan, Ming Li, Xin Li
There has been controversies on the sky-high compensation of state-owned enterprise(SOE) executives over the years; and the Ministry of Finance issued a series of government-imposed pay curbs on their compensation to limit the pay of the state-owned enterprise executives. However, the effect of such...
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The studies of the cooperation model of Yunnan and neighboring countries in the restructuring of production capacity

Xianmin Zeng, Ersi Liu
Yunnan is located in the southwest corner of China, bordering Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.The unique geographical location and cultural environment make Yunnan the role of "important land channel" and "important strategic pivot" in the "One Belt And One Road" strategy.Yunnan province in recent years has...
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Research on the Characteristics of Overseas Schools Run by Chinese Universities in the Background of "the Belt and Road" ?Take Bangkok Business School of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics as an Example

Hongmin Li, Zhifei Li
Overseas education of colleges and universities is a new creator when the internationalization of high education in one country reaches a certain level. In China, it is an important form of the "going out" policy in higher education, and one of the important ways to enhance the level of internationalization...
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A Study on the Cooperation Mechanism of the BCIM Economic Corridor

Li Zhu, Jingyi Zhu
Since the authority of China and India proposed the BCIM economic cooperation in 2013, the four countries have reached a consensus on construction of economic cooperation, and they conducted a series of discussions and research. As a sub-regional economic cooperation mechanism, BCIMEC is involved in...
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Study on Influencing Factors of Mobile Internet on Enterprises' Management Capability

Tao Fu, Ersi Liu
This paper uses the methods of literature review, expert interview, and questionnaire survey to study the seven characteristics of mobile Internet which have impact on enterprises' management capability in comparison with desktop Internet, and further uses the Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) method...
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A Critical Analysis of Employing Immigrant Workers in Australia

Nannan Chen
Despite the ongoing consideration of the cross cultural management, little research has been conducted on the specific context. This paper will focus on the immigrant worker who holding 457visas in Australia. Under this context, filling job vacancies and saving the training costs of company could be...
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A Brief Analysis on the Problems and Propositions of Yunnan Culture Export to South and Southeast Asia

Bei Wu, Chao Chen, Liang Ren
In the context of "Belt and Road" Initiative, Yunnan culture actively seeks to develop towards South and Southeast Asia. The paper analyzes the existing problems of Yunnan culture at present, attempting to bring up new thoughts for the development of Yunnan culture, and to create more development opportunities.
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Examining the Effects of Cultural Distance and Cultural Intelligence on Students' Overseas Experience

Hang Cheng, Ying Zhang
There is an increasing wave that students are being sent to overseas for either temporary study or global internship by international programs and institutions. This article aims to examine the relationships between components of a multidimensional model of cultural intelligence, and overseas students'...
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An Outlook on the Research Trends of the Stability of Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

Lixian Guo, Lisheng Yang
Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, as a new mode combining production, education and research, has attracted more and more attention. However, as the operating efficiency of the Alliance is not satisfied, the stability of the Alliance becomes the research focus. This paper, on the basis...
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Influence of Sino - Burmese Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction on Energy Structure in Southwest China

Guiyao Zheng, Ersi Liu
April 10, 2017, carrying 140,000 tons of crude oil "joint power" successfully berthing Myanmar Buddha Mude Island, and began to unload crude oil, which is a landmark moment, the Sino-Burmese crude oil pipeline project put into operation China-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline is China's Kazakhstan, Central...
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A Comprehensive Review of Literature on Individual Cultural Intelligence

Ying Zhang, Bingqing Ding, Peng Peng, Antony Bush
Cultural differences create the need for cross-border employees who are culturally intelligent. This research reviews recent literature on components of a multi-dimensional model of Cultural intelligence, its conceptualization, measurement and distinction from other types of intelligence. The implications...
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Analysis of the logistics services of ASEAN member countries

Yajie Huang, Ning Yan
Chinese direct investment in ASEAN reached $14.604 billion in 2016. The actual amount of direct investment by ASEAN in China presented a rising trend. According to the data from APEC Policy Support Unit (2016), as of the end of 2016, the total of two-way investment between China and ASEAN was more than...
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Analysis of Exposure to Foreign Exchange Risk for U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry

Shuting Niu
Multinational companies with a large proportion of foreign operations face one same problem which is foreign exchange risk. As for the world's largest economy, the United States has various kinds of industries that have global business and trade with currencies of different countries. American pharmaceutical...
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Status and Prospect of International Production Capacity Cooperation Carried out in Yunnan Province from the Perspective of OFDI

Xiaoli Zhu, Hao Yin
Foreign direct investment is the main form of international production capacity cooperation. The development of foreign investment in Yunnan Province is divided into three stages. Diversified characteristics are shown in the aspects of investment subject, industry, market, investment form and source...
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Enterprises as the main body to promote "The Belt and Road" international cooperation

Lili Chen, Bin Hu
With economic globalization going on and the economy emerging as a new norm, international cooperation is becoming increasingly frequent. The development of Chinese enterprises are faced with a complex situation. "The Belt and Road" provides a bridge for international cooperation, but also provides significant...
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Self-presentation Strategy of WeChat Users with Motives Impact on the Formation of Online Social Capital

Haihui Guo, Yunlong Duan
WeChat is a social networking platform. WeChat users create the content online to present themselves online, called self-presentation strategy, to build a personal network identity. This identity has the form of capital -- the social capital. If the WeChat users take full account of the dimensions of...
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Reflections on China - ASEAN Higher Education Cooperation in the Context of the "Belt & Road Initiative"

Jing Wang, Wenting Yang
As the regional higher education cooperation is attracting more attention than ever before, the landscape of global higher education is reshaping. China has put forward an ambitious initiative, known as the "Belt and Road initiative", to the world. The initiative provides a historic opportunity for China...
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Current Issues and Countermeasures of Chinese Labor Exporting in the Context of the Belt and Road

Jingyan Duan
Under the background of economic globalization and The Belt and Road initiative, it is a great opportunity for China, a developing and populous country to export surplus labors. This opportunity can transform the demographic advantage into the economic advantage, and will be very helpful to alleviate...
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Overview of International Business

Fan Chen, Sun Meng, Wei Zhou
With the rapid development of econom science and technology, international business comprises a large and growing portion of the world's total business. The purpose of this paper is mainly to state why we develop international business and how to do international business.
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Study on the development of nonferrous metal futures market

Qiaozhen Hu, Sun Meng, Wei Zhou
Since the introduction of the first commodity futures standard contract - Super aluminum futures contract in 1991, the metal futures market has developed for nearly twenty-five years.Although China's metal futures market overall development time is not long, but the development rate of the world attention,...
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On Cultivation of Intercultural Communication Competence in the Context of "the Belt and Road"

Rui Hu
The Strategy of "the Belt and Road" has brought great challenges and higher requirements for the domestic intercultural talents. Based on the theoretical connotation of intercultural communication competence, the paper analyzes the approaches of cultivating intercultural communication competence in English...
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Analysis of highway project financing in Laos

Yajie Huang, Ning Yan
This article analyses a financial environment of Laos's country, furthermore the financing mode of Chinese enterprises investment in Laos and a brief analysis of China's investment situation that reinforce power for financial investments. In 2016 the total mileage of the National Highway in Laos has...
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Survey of the Factors Affecting Women's Income in IFAD Poverty Alleviation Project in Cambodia

Hao Yin, Vanny Peou, Huiping Liu
Cambodia is a country which with a vast territory but along with a sparse population, its residents should benefit from this. But on the contrary, the reality is that most people in Cambodia still live on the edge of poverty, which is partly due to the low income of women. Female labor accounts for a...
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Study on Status and Investment Opportunity of Construction Industry Chain in Malaysia

Hao Yin, Ying Gao, Zhaojing An
Malaysia is an important country which located in the strategic pass of Maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century, which joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in 2015 as the founding members. In the next few years, Malaysia investment enterprises will transform small projects into major projects,...
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A Research on China's Infrastructure Investments in ASEAN in the Context of The Belt and Road

Nian Yue, Yunlong Duan, Lisheng Yang
ASEAN is the fast growing economic entity, so the market contains huge investments and demands. In terms of infrastructure, most of the ASEAN countries are lagging behind in electricity, transportation and communication. Well,the governments have imposed a large number of preferential policies, which...
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Research on China's energy poverty evaluation framework based on Capabilities theory

Linlin Liang, Qicheng Lu
With the rapid development of economy and society around the world, energy poverty is widespread around the world as one of the three major challenges of the world energy system, especially in developing countries, and has a serious impact on social life. This paper firstly reviews the energy poverty...
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New Connotation and Denotation of Global managers under the Belt & Road Initiative ?A Perspective of Individual Cross-Cultural Adaption

Xialing Wei, Ying Zhang
The Belt & Road economic development initiative brings out new definition, connotation, and denotation of global managers, the role of whom are particularly important in transnational management environment during the cross-border transition. This paper analyzes the adaptation of global managers in transnational...
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Study on the Influence of Coach's Sense of Work Alienation on Job Performance

Long Liu
The development and scale of campus basketball in China directly determines the basketball talent training of China in the future, therefore, in an increasingly competitive environment, the management and work efficiency of coaches are especially important! This paper selected 112 universities in China...
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An Analysis of Cultural Synergy of China Foreign Aid Program Participants

Yan Li, Jin Zhang, Ababacar SY Diop Khalifa
This paper mainly addresses the cross-cultural conflict within the organization, measures the cultural state of foreign education aid programs. Based on the "Denison Organizational Culture Model", the investigation team conducted sampling survey. With students in the foreign aid program of Yunnan University...
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Research on System Design of Government Promoting Corporate Technology Innovation

Chuan Pu, Lisheng Yang
In In this paper, the System Design of China Government Promoting Corporate Technology Innovation. Enterprises carry out technology innovation, government promotes it. The empirical results show that Government policies and systems have a stake in the corporate technology innovation. Currently, the government...
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Research on Personal Credit Evaluation

Wei Miao
Traditional regional economics and management science may justify the personal credit evaluation system in one way or another, but generally speaking, they are not specific enough. This article sets the personal credit evaluation based on criminal justice data as the focus and uses theories of management,...
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The impact of knowledge management on enterprise innovation capability: the mediation effect of dynamic capability

Qicheng Lu, Linlin Liang
Whether knowledge management has a positive impact on enterprise's innovation capability is still a controversial topic, and the mechanism of its influences is still very vague. This paper explores the influence of knowledge management on enterprise innovation capability under the unified framework of...