Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Asian B&R Conference on International Business Cooperation (ISBCD 2018)

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The Present Situation of Sino - Thai Trade and the Enlightenment from the Belt and Road Construction

Shuai Lu, Meng Sun, Jin Chen
Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand, the trade exchanges between China and Thailand have become more frequent, which have brought about many problems such as unbalanced trade and information asymmetry while promoting the economic development of both countries and...
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The studying of the risk and trends of China's investment in the background of the Belt and Road in Burma

Ruitao Gu, Aiqing Kou, Jin Chen
In The Belt and Road background, whether it is China or Southeast Asian countries on mutual cooperation and development in the future, reasonable and avoid the risk of investment are very important to both sides, in the process of cooperation, there may be policy, civil war and other factors, so it is...
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Research on the Business Legal Environment of China-India Transportation Infrastructure Investment

Da Li, Yufang Qiao, Hong Yi, Wei Wang
The rapid development of the Indian economy has attracted worldwide attention. With the continuous deepening of the Indian government’s opening up policy, China’s investment cooperation with India has continued to deepen. Cooperation in transportation infrastructure investment has been particularly prominent....
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Symbiosis Principle: The Basic Principles of the Community of Common Destiny

Qianqian Yang
From traditional human geography, consanguinity, out of the political community, to the transformation of modern community is in essence the individual mutual ties changed, namely by dominated by emotion, clan, beliefs, social relations to benefit or value pursuit of social relations, the nature harmonious...
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A Study on the Problem of Cross-border Employment between China and Myanmar and its Countermeasure

Lairu Li, Qiqi Ding
In recent years, with the further opening up of border areas in China and its rapid development, such as the further advancement of the construction of the Golden Port in Dehong Prefecture of Yunnan Province, a large number of foreign personnel, especially Burmese migrant workers, have been attracted...
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China and India's Economic Transition and its Challenges in the Post-crisis Period

Haibin Yang, Xuemin Ding
To effectively solve China's and India's economy faces many challenges, we must deeply realize that the two countries belong to the late-development country, at the technical level in the realistic background of economic system is in transition period. Thus, this paper argues that in the current between...
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Research on Spatial Agglomeration of Real Estate Investment in China

Youyang You
In this paper, Linear Footloose Capital Model (LFC Model) is used to explain the spatial agglomeration principle of real estate investment, and regional return on capital determines the direction of real estate investment, while the rate of return on capital is influenced by combined action of both market...
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Impacts of urban-rural income gap on consumer demand in China

Jiawu Gan
Under the background of China's current economic development, this paper brings forward the urgency for discussing the impact of China's urban-rural income gap (IG) on Residents' consumption demand (CD), and summarizes and describes the research methods and research ideas of the problem. First of all,...
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China Model: What Can Africa Learn from China’s Path?

Mekru Alemayehu Biniam
Africa and China have several similarities; both have a long history with beautiful cultures and traditions. Furthermore, they passed through misfortune periods. Besides, the continent of Africa & china had almost similar economic status before 50 or 60 years. But now their difference is very huge, China...
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A Review of Direct Investment between China and ASEAN countries

Yue Yang, Qiang Zhang
The establishment of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area has brought unprecedented opportunities and space as well as greater common interests for China and ASEAN in the developing countries and regions. The desire to seek common development based on economic cooperation has become increasingly strong ....
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uantitative Analysis of the Impact of Urban Labor Productivity on the Economic Corridor of Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar

Panpan Wu, Yaqin Lu
In 2009, the World Bank proposed the "3D" analysis framework, namely density, distance and division. Based on the theoretical framework, this paper uses the provincial state data of the countries along the Bangladesh, China, India, and Myanmar Economic Corridor from 2004 to 2014 to analyze the effects...
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The Determinants of Foreign Managers’ Moral Judgment from the Perspective of Configuration —in Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Tianting Fan, Yongsong Liu, Yunlong Duan
Given the increasing concern on ethical issues in China, the purpose of this study is to identify the determines of moral judgment. They are perceived moral intensity, moral maturity, and moral ideology. A sample survey was conducted in Shanghai, China, which involved 110 domestic and foreign managers...
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The Analysis of FDI’s impact on Foreign Trade between China and Pakistan

Shushu Feng
Pakistan is a long term strategic partner and long time friend of China. Under the background of B&R Initiative and China Pakistan Economic Corridor, it is critical to improve the economic cooperation and investment cooperation between two countries. This paper will summarize the status quo of China’s...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Chinese Interest Rate and Stock Price

Xiaojiao Ye, Ziling Huang
As economy and society improves rapidly, the strength of a country is inseparable from the development of the financial industry. As an important regulatory tool for monetary policy, the interest rate level affects investors' demand for stocks, and on the other hand, it reflects the fluctuations in the...
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Towards Better Team dynamics for International Projects in Belt and Road Countries

Ying Zhang, Xialing Wei, Tonge Tiffany
This paper offers an aggregate view of emotional intelligence (EQ), team dynamics and innovative climate within multicultural teams on international projects in belt and road countries. The main objective is to establish whether there is a mediated relationship between emotional intelligence and team...
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The Industrial Structure Upgrading— A Knowledge-Accumulation Approach

Shushu Feng, Ersi Liu
As China’s economy steps into the new normal phase, industrial structure upgrading plays a critical role in improving the international competitiveness of the Chinese industries and enterprises. It is also the key factor to decide whether China can transit from a manufacturing country to a leading manufacturing...
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Research on Cross-cultural Adaptability Demands for Expatriates

Yan Wang, Bei Wu
This study mainly investigates the demands of cross-cultural adaptability for expatriates in Shaanxi enterprises. It aims to understand the relationships among English ability, curriculum models, and cultural resilience of these people through questionnaires and interviews, and analyze the difficulties...
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Belt and Road: A New Journey for Foreign Investment -A Case Study of the Internationalization Strategy of BYD

Wenjia Cao, Ying Zhang, Bush Antony
Recently, under the impetus of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, BYD Company Limited (“BYD”) has sped up the process of internationalization. As it mastered the core technology of power batteries, which is the most important part of the new electric vehicles, and has mature conditions for large-scale production,...
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A Brief Analysis of the Influence of Internet Finance on Traditional Commercial Banks under the Background of “One Belt One Road”

Wanying Rao, Meng Sun
This article analyzes the development of China’s Internet finance and the status quo of traditional commercial banks and the impact of Internet finance on traditional commercial banks under the background of “One Belt One Road” strategy, in order to better grasp the historical opportunities and promote...
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Research on Energy Cooperation among Countries in China and along the Belt and Road Initiative

Yang Hou, Linlin Liang
The concept of the “One Belt and One Road” is to promote cooperation and development among countries. Strengthening international energy cooperation is one of the important tasks of the “four revolutions and one cooperation” energy revolution strategy proposed by general secretary Jinping Xi. In the...
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Research on Yunnan Province’s Path of Energy Sustainable Consumption under “One Belt and One Road”

Linlin Liang, Qicheng Lu
Energy and environmental problems have become two major problems in the world. Compared with the energy consumption level of the whole country, the energy consumption of Yunnan 100 million yuan is significantly higher. As the industrialization of Yunnan province to the middle and later on, the energy...
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An Empirical Analysis of RMB Exchange Rate Pass-Through Effect in Yunnan Province

Yili Hu, Haoran Wu
In microeconomics, the exchange rate pass-through effect does not only affect the pricing of products and production adjustment of the enterprises involved in international trade, but also has significant implications for the decision-making of consumers. This paper analyses the mechanism of exchange...
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Study on Difference of Enterprise Green Sustainable Innovative Efficiency in Different Regions on Undesired Perspective

Qian Wang, Lisheng Yang, Qian Wu
With the development of science technology and social economy, green sustainable innovation has become an important power to promote rapid economic development. The regional green sustainable innovation efficiency is different because our country regional economic level and industry structure are different....
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Countermeasures for the Development of Small-scale Border Trade of Yunnan Province

Zhiwei Tong, Ning Yan
Small-scale border trade is a form of trade at the border areas. It is not only an important part of the import and export trade, but also the main way to develop an export-oriented economy at the border areas. Yunnan province is located in the southwestern border of China where plays an important role...
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Research on the Reverse Innovation Recognition Mechanism of Core Enterprises in Industrial Innovation Network-Take the Power Industry of Yunnan Province as an Example

Guifeng Song, Dongping Yu, Sai Zhao
Innovation is the key to maintain the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Besides, innovation can make non-core enterprises become the core enterprise. Therefore, it is crucial for non-core enterprises and even core enterprises. This article uses the electric power industry in yunnan province in 2010-2016...
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Alignment of Belt and Road Initiative with Africa Agenda 2063

Honglie Zhang, Niway Tesfaye
The Chinese state to strategically lead and solve the problems related with unemployment, unbalanced economic development of people of more than 1.4 billion, it has formulated 3 [1] major strategies, and among which Belt and Road Initiative (hereinafter called BRI) is the one. Africa, through its continental...
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Analysis of Merger & Acquisitions Motivation and Post Performance of Internet Corporations in China——A Case Study of Youku Merger with Tudou

Ziyu Huang, Xiaojiao Ye
With the maturity of China's Internet industry, the Chinese Internet industry has entered a new wave of mergers and acquisitions. This study takes the merger and acquisition case of the two largest online video companies in China as an example, Youku and Tudou. Its goal is mainly to analyse the motivation...
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Design of Cross-culture Business Graphic Symbol Communication Application

Wei Wang, Yuhui Feng
With the development of The Belt and Road construction, the business communication between those Countries which located in GMS has been more frequent and deeper. Thus, intercultural network communication is urgent demanded indeed. However, the so-called intelligent translation software does not fully...
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Reflections on the Development of Overseas School Running by Higher Education Institutions of China under the Background of the “Belt and Road” Initiative

Hongmin Li, Zhifei Li
Overseas school running is an important part of the “international development” strategy of China’s educational internationalization, with greater sense of the era and practical value under the “Belt and Road” Initiative. In the paper, the development history and present situation of overseas school...
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An Analysis of the Linkage of Stocks between China and Countries along the Belt and Road

Wenbo Du, Yaxian Lu, Xiaojun Yao
This article has conducted an in-depth study on the linkage between China and the daily returns of the stock markets of 17 countries from Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, North Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe. Based on the stock market indices of 18 countries including the Shanghai Composite...
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Overcapacity Resolving Mechanism in Yunnan Province under “One Belt One Road” ——Take Manufacturing Industry as an Example

Siyuan Chen, Honglie Zhang
This paper analyzes the overcapacity phenomenon of manufacturing industry in Yunnan Province, and takes the manufacturing industry of Yunnan Province as an example, and combines with the special geographical location of Yunnan Province, and analyzes the economic and trade cooperation status of the Southeast...
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Internationalization of Enterprises in Yunnan Province and Opportunities from “One Belt and One Road” Building

Jing Lv, Ziqi Liu, Honglie Zhang
The “One Belt and One Road” initiative has provided good international public opinion, policy environment and trade facilities for the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. Under this background, Yunnan enterprises, as the carrier of provincial economic development, should also actively respond...
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Comparison of the Export Competitiveness among Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar (BCIM) to Japan

Huijun Shi, Yaqin Lu
This paper mainly analyzes the export competitiveness of Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar in the Japanese market First, the data from 1995 to 2016 are used to compare the export quotas and trends of the four countries with Japan, and to initially determine the trade strength of the four countries...
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Study on Bank Cooperation Risk under the Background of Financial Opening and Cooperation in Southeast Asia —A Case of Study of Laos

Ping Yang
Laos became a important cooperative partner under the One Belt And One Road (OBOR) strategy based on the good –neighborliness and friendship. In this paper , through the framework of bank system in Laos , analyzed the existing problems in financial opening and cooperation between China and Laos.
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An Analysis of the Positioning of the Vientiane Saysettha Development Zone in the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative —Based on the Platform Economic Theory

Xiangshi Mao, Huanbin Liu, Yuanyuan Zhuang, Yan Lee
This article introduces the investment background of the Vientiane Saysettha Development Zone, reviews the construction history of it and analyzes in depth the success of the Vientiane Saysettha Development Zone positioning which will be taken as a reference for overseas investment of Chinese enterprises...
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Research on the Investment and Financing Mode of Chinese Overseas Infrastructure Construction under the Background of the “Belt and Road” Initiative

Yuxuan Jiang, Honglie Zhang
Under the “Belt and Road” initiative, to realize the interconnection of regional countries’ infrastructure is important .The pace of overseas infrastructure construction of China has been accelerating in recent years, thus investment and financing models have gradually diversified. Many years of experience...
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Study on Management of Project for HK and Macao Exchange Program of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics under SECI Model

Mingshan Jiang, Hongmin Li, Zhifei Li
Through the concept of “Urban Agglomeration at Guangdong-HK-Macau Great Bay”, as important members of “Guangdong-HK-Macau Bay Area”, the educational exchange among HK, Macau and mainland have also aroused lots of attentions. Yunnan University of Finance and Economics joined the “College teachers and...
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The Revelation of Philippine Labor Exporting Experiences in the Context of the Belt and Road

Jingyan Duan, Dan Lu
In the background of the Belt and Road, China get more opportunities to export surplus labors to other countries. However, there are many issues about labor exporting management and administration. As the biggest labor exporting country around the world, the Philippines has exported labors since 1960s,...
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Research on the Characteristics of Reverse Innovation of Non-core Enterprises in Industrial Innovation Network

Sai Zhao, Dongping Yu, Guifeng Song
For many SMEs in the low-end of the global value chain and the absence of the domestic value chain, how to achieve transformation and upgrading through innovation, and gradually become the leading enterprise in the industry, this is a practical problem that is extremely important and affects the future...
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Research on International Financial Cooperation under the “One Belt and One Road” Strategy

Qingjuan Chen, Aiqing Kou, Jin Chen
International financial cooperation occupies a pivotal position in the "One Belt and One Road" strategy. Its development is the basis and prerequisite for the smooth implementation of the "One Belt and One Road" strategy. However, the current differences in the level of economic development among the...
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Research on the Relationship between Government Procurement Scale and Economic Growth Based on VAR Model ——Take Yunnan Province as an example

Yaru Sun, Yong Yu
The government procurement system is an important part of the national fiscal system. The government procurement system has played an increasingly important role in stimulating economic growth and promoting the expansion of industry scale. Based on this, this paper collects the time series data of Yunnan...
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Environmental Risks and Precautions of Chinese Enterprises’ Foreign Investment in the Context of Green Belt and Road Initiative

Xiangshi Mao
Since the Belt and One Road Initiative was put forward, Chinese enterprises have further increased their investments in countries and regions along the route. In recent years, global awareness of environmental protection has generally risen, and the environmental protection needs of countries along the...
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The impact of Indian tax reform on China India economic and trade

Lairu Li, Yang Lei
In the past, tax management level and the kind of tax in India were various, tax rate was complicated, and regulatory was inefficiency,which is limiting the economic development. In order to reduce tax rates, expand the tax base, simplify tax process, coordinate the relationship between local and central...
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An Analysis of Reputation Restrictions of countries along the Belt and Road's Third Party Credit Reporting Agencies Based on Game Theory —Take China as An Example

Yaxian Lu, Wenbo Du, Hongmei Li
This paper analyzes the advantages of third-party credit reporting agencies over traditional credit bureaus and shows that third-party credit reporting agencies provide a convenient financing approach for SMEs among countries along the “The Belt and Road”. Taking China as an example, it introduces the...
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The “Sense of Fulfillment” of the People in Host Nation and Its Impact on Overseas Investment Projects ——The Case from Myanmar

Jun Li
The initiative to build "The Belt and Road" by Chinese government has provided more opportunities for the development of Southeast Asian and South Asian countries. Myanmar is one of the key nodes connected “The Belt and Road”. China and Myanmar have maintained good neighborly relations and good cooperation...
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The Influence of “The Belt and Road” Strategy on the Internationalization of RMB

Lanyue Zhang, Honglie Zhang
This paper uses the core word “The Belt and Road” strategy as the main line. The paper introduces the current status of the internationalization of RMB firstly, then analyzes the opportunities brought by the construction of “The Belt and Road” to the internationalization of RMB, and finally makes recommendations...
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Analysis of the Financial Liberalization Degree in Vietnam Based on Mattoo Index

Liujie Tang, Chang Liu
Mattoo index measures the degree of financial liberalization in a country. This paper classified laws and regulations of Vietnam in banking and insurance and used Mattoo index to analyze the degree of financial liberalization in Vietnam. It concludes Vietnam's financial liberalization degree was higher...
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Research on Sino-Cambodian regional tourism cooperation based on Symbiosis Theory

Yuanhao Guo, Yun Liu
Regional tourism cooperation in China and Kampuchea is an important part of China "One Belt One Road" strategy, which is of great significance to the development of tourism between China and Cambodia.In This paper, the author uses the symbiotic theory to analyze the symbiotic mechanism of the Sino-Cambodiann...
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A Study on Development and Suggestion of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running School in Yunnan Province

Zhifei Li, Hongmin Li
Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running School (CFCRS) is the inevitable trend of economic globalization and education internationalization. This trend will promote the international cooperation of education, help universities learn from each other and improve the quality of higher education. Till April...
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Research on the Trend and Characteristics of Talent Localization in Multinational Corporations

Yamei Zhang, Ying Yang
With the help of globalization and the “Belt and Road Initiative,” Chinese companies have accelerated the pace of “going out”. There is a good opportunity for the development of multinational companies in China. In order to make transnational corporations more adaptable to the host country environment...
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The Characteristics and Financing of SMEs in China

Xiaolong Liu, Quanping Kuang
Since the reform of the market economy system was implemented in our country, China's small and medium-sized enterprises have developed at a rapid pace, which has contributed to China's economic development and cannot be ignored. However, many problems such as financing difficulties have severely limited...
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A Study of the Countermeasures of the Financial Cooperation under the Framework of “One Belt, One Road” Initiative

Yifang Zhou, Hao Lin
Finance is an important carrier of regional economic integration. Carrying out and deepening international financial cooperation are the prerequisite and guarantee for implementing “One Belt, One Road” initiative and realizing win-win progress of all countries. This thesis on the basis of collaborative...
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How do Chinese Agricultural Enterprises Carry on Open Innovation? Based on Entrepreneurial Social Capital

Jun Chen, Qicheng Lu
In the process of technological innovation, Chinese agricultural enterprises face the dual predicament of external "knowledge market failure" and internal "knowledge management inefficiency". In this context, the open innovation paradigm has become an important choice for agricultural enterprises (especially...
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Analysis on the Status Quo and Prospect of Interconnection between Traffic Areas in the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor

Hongmei Li, Chunjin Duan, Wenbo Du
The interconnection in the field of transportation is a key factor in the breakthrough development of the Bangladesh – China – India -Myanmar Economic Corridor and is also the guarantee for the integration of energy, agriculture, industry, and telecommunications in the four countries of Bangladesh, China,...
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A Study of Receiving Overseas Students from South and Southeast Asian in Yunnan under the Background of “The Belt and Road” Initiative —A Case Study of YUFE

Mingshan Jiang, Xin Wei
In the context of “The Belt and Road” initiative, China's peaceful rise and the accelerated era of education internationalization, as the frontier of educational cooperation and education opening to the outside world, overseas study in China is an important part of achieving communication among people,...
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The Impact of Income Gap between Urban and Rural on Chinese Economic Growth: Based on the Perspective of Fiscal Expenditure Structure

Ying Li, Jiawu Gan
Against the backdrop that the urban-rural gap is widening, this paper conducts a descriptive analysis of the urban-rural gap in China from 1978 to 2016. Combining the fiscal expenditure structure, this paper measures the income gap, per capita GDP, fiscal per capita expenditure of general public services,...
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Motivating Chinese Employees of Construction Projects in Algeria

Hadjira Merrah, Yan Li
The globalization nowadays over the world has made the world a small global village where the domestic and international employees working together side by side in the same team, the international organizations depend on multinational teams created to achieve the organization objectives and challenges....
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Research on the Trade Effect of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment in Myanmar

Fengbo Zheng
Traditional international investment theory holds that the foreign direct investment of one country to another will affect the import and export trade between the two countries. Based on the facts of the economic and trade relations between China and Myanmar, this paper analyzes the impact of China's...
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The Challenges of Yunnan’s Engagement on Sustainable Highway Infrastructure project in the Context of Belt and Road Initiative

Junjie Zhang, Ying Yang
Yunnan is regarded a hub reaching out to Southeast and South Asia within the China’s Belt and Road Initiative. But the shortage of highway to restrict its function as an international transport corridor connecting China with neighboring countries, develop the sustainable highway infrastructure will support...
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Vietnam's Financial Liberalization and Its Correlative Mechanism with Economic Growth

Liujie Tang, Fan Ji, Wenbo Li
To analyze and measure the degree of financial liberalization in Vietnam in the past 20 years, this paper quantifies the Vietnam's financial liberalization policies, uses the principal component analysis to measure its financial liberalization index. The regression result reflects a long-term and stable...
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The Study of International Exhibition's Temporary Cluster Effects on Exhibitor's Realization of Resource Integration Based on the Belt and Road Initiative

Lidan Zhang
This paper follows the spotlight of the Belt and Road Initiative, and focuses on the research of the exhibitor's proceedings of resource acquisition from international exhibition by utilizing the theoretical framework of temporary cluster. The study designs an investigation targeting exhibitors of China...
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The “Going Global Strategy” Case Analysis and Countermeasures of China Railway High-speed under the Belt and Road Initiative —taking the cooperative program of China-Indonesia Yawon High-speed Rail as an example

Qing Ge
The Belt and Road initiative" has achieved results and the pace of international capacity cooperation has been accelerating. China Railway High-speed has mastered core technologies and achieved integrated and scale advantages, it has also owned the conditions of "Going Global strategy" and obtained a...
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Analysis on the Barriers and Countermeasures of Chinese Medicine Enterprises for Countries along the Belt and Road

Wannan Wang, Yongsong Liu, Yunlong Duan
Culture is the bridge connecting countries in the construction of The Belt and Road Initiative. Chinese medicine, one of the essences of traditional Chinese culture, not only shoulders the responsibility of such bridges and bonds, but also faces an excellent opportunity to go with the The Belt and Road...
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Current Situation, Trends and Countermeasures for Overseas Education of Universities and Colleges in Yunnan Province in the Context of the “Belt and Road Initiative”

Qian Zeng, Jing Wang, Yiyin Jin
Overseas education of Chinese universities and colleges has generally experienced three stages: the stage of exploration, the stage of legally running schools, and the stage of rapid development in recent years; the research on this topic by the academia has gradually come into focus. With the overall...
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Study on Differences in Correlation between the Accounting Data and Stock Price of China and Thailand base on Ohlson Model

Yongling Zhang, Guihua Lu, Wenyun Zhou
This paper compares the correlation between the accounting data and the stock price of China and Thailand by using the Ohlson residual income valuation model base on the 10680 companies’ data of 1068 listed companies during 2007 to 2016. The total assets of the company, the number of circulating shares...
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A Research on the Influencing Factors of Goods Trade Between China and India

Nian Yue, Yongsong Liu, Yunlong Duan
The article first analyzes the per capita GDP, population, per capita gross national product, import and export volume of China and India from2002 to 2016. It indicates that the economic growth rates in China and India are similar and the population is quite similar, too. While, the gap in export trade...
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Internationalization of Higher Vocational Education in Yunnan Province under the Belt and Road Initiative

Ying Zhao, Fan Yu
There is an important developmental opportunity for internationalization of higher vocational education in Yunnan Province under the B&R Initiative. Rationales for internationalization and the present condition of it are presented. According to the analytical framework for internationalization, internationalization...
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Research on the Financial System of Cambodia

Mingshan Jiang, Ping Yang, Wen Wu
As an important region covered by “The Belt and Road” in Southeast Asia, Cambodia has become a hot spot at present. The purpose of this paper is to elaborate the composition of Cambodia's financial system from three major aspects: The Overall Framework of Financial System, Financial Regulation System,...
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Influence of Tourism Development of Local Real Estate Price in China

Jing Tie, Wenjing Zhao, Dan Wu
In recent years, the living standards of people continue to improve with the rapid development and rise of China. The Chinese tourism and real estate industry have become an vital strength of economic contribution in China. The coordinated development and relationship between the industries have attracted...
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Study on the Cross-Cultural Management of Chinese Enterprises under “The Belt and Road “Initiative

Minna Wu, Chongyou Ruan
At present, “The Belt and Road” initiative creates a good opportunity for the development of the enterprises “going out". But, the cultural conflict between two countries in transnational operation is a serious problem that Chinese enterprises will inevitably face in the process of development. In the...
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The Analysis of the Religious Risk and Countermeasures along the Belt and Road -Taking Thailand as an Example

Meiwu Liu, Wei Zhang
As an important node country in "Belt and Road" initiative, Thailand has maintained cooperation with China in various aspects, including economy and trade. In addition, compliance with the initiative will undoubtedly provide a broader cooperation opportunity for both two countries. However, the religious...
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The Influence Mechanism Study of Cultural Intelligence to Expatriate Adaptation

Cheng Peng, Siqi Gao
With the development of economy, the international financial market has been moving towards a diversified structure. Shadow Banking as a product of financial innovation and financial globalization, it is one of the financial intermediaries and activities, and it is far away from the existing regulatory...
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Risk Analysis of Lenovo Acquiring IBM PC Division

Jing Zhang, Wenhua Yang
On 8 December 2004, when Lenovo announced its decision to acquire IBM PC Division, the IT industry and business community were shocked. It was a smaller Chinese company from a developing country that acquired a larger American company from the most industrialized economy in the world. Most people thought...
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Explicit-Implicit Option for the Communicative Competence in Expatriation Training under the “Belt and Road Initiative”

Bingbing Ai
As the proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative, many companies and organizations send expatiates to the nations alongside the Belt and Road. Their training will play important role in the completion of projects. Focusing on language training, the paper will first analyze the basic knowledge about explicit...
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The Impact of Top Management Characteristics on Performance of Bank —Research on Talent Strategy under the “Belt and Road” Initiative

Fan Gu, Xijing He
The “Belt and Road” Initiative and establishment of the AIIB have provided a convenient international environment and conditions for Chinese financial institutions to ‘go global’ and carry out cross-border business and transnational operations. Senior management personnel are major important factor for...
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Study on the relationship between external Learning and Radical Innovation

Liwei Wang, Ying Yang
Chinese enterprises are facing a highly dynamic and uncertain competitive market environment, and under the influence of external environment, the failure rate of independent Based on the situation of poor breakthrough innovation faced by Chinese high-tech enterprises, this paper divides the external...
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Research on Crisis Warning Process of China-Myanmar Cooperative Hydropower Project

Xiaoli Zhu, Hao Yin, Peng Peng
It is difficult to construct a hydropower station in Myanmar by transnational cooperation. Complicate social environment and erroneous management are the causes of crisis of hydropower project. So it is necessary to engage in crisis warning management for China-Myanmar cooperative project. Firstly, theory...
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The Dilemma and Solution of Private Real Estate Enterprises Investment in Laos

Junhua Tang, Wei Zhang, Qiqi Ding
The reasons of the investment dilemma of private real estate companies in Laos are found in the paper by checking numerous data, cases and documents. The dilemma is about cross-cultural communication, management talent, funding supply material supply and progress. Then, countermeasures and suggestions...
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The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Mandarin Education in Northern Thailand under the “Belt& Road” Initiative

Zhixiang Xie
China has made remarkable achievements on Mandarin promotion during last decades all over the world, especially in Northern Thailand. Nevertheless Mandarin education faces challenges and obstacles in the context of Belt & Road initiative. Several countermeasures should be adopted to tackle the problems...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Network Food Safety in China

Pingfang Yang
In recent years, more and more foods are sold via the Internet. At the same time, network food safety is much concerned by the consumers. First, we analyze network food safety problems and difficulties in supervision and safeguarding legal rights. Secondly, we propose some countermeasures to solve these...
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The Current Situation and Prospect of Agricultural Cooperation between China and Timor-Leste

Huiping Liu, Xiaoli Zhu, Hao Yin
Agricultural cooperation between China and Timor-Leste is not only a need for China's overall diplomacy, but also an inevitable requirement for the sustainable development of agriculture and the development of agricultural enterprises. In recent years, the agricultural cooperation between China and Timor-Leste...
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The Contemporary Value of Yunnan Cross-Border Ethnic Cultures in the B&R Implementation

Ning Yan, Mingyu Xu
Located in the southwest of China, Yunnan has unique geological and cultural advantages. After an illustration of cultural identity of Yunnan cross-border ethnic groups, the paper explores the historical value of their cultures in securing national unity and promoting rapport with surrounding countries...
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An Analysis of the Influence Mechanism of the Cultural Intelligence of Expatriate on Expatriate Performance

Liangliang Wang, Ying Zhang, Rui Hu
The paper discusses the influence of cultural intelligence on expatriate performance in view of the mediating role of expatriate adaptation between cultural intelligence and expatriate performance, and moderating effect of cross-cultural conflict management styles between the covering relationships....
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Sustainable Financial System with View of System Effectiveness and Efficiency in China

Wei Zhong
China has experienced high growth rate of GDP for nearly 30 years and accumulated production surplus, which contributed to the development of financial system of China. View of sustainable development is widely accepted to regulate the development of economy and environmental protection. This article...
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Study on the Operating Mode of Agricultural Demonstration Park in Laos Aided by China

Hao Yin, Ying Gao, Huiping Liu
Since the end of 1980s, as China carried out opium poppy replacement in the northern Laos area with agricultural projects, Chinese government and investors have played an important role in the development of agricultural industry and investment in Laos. The survey methods and case methods were used in...
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The Formation of Highly-Cooperative Organizational Climate Considering Impacts of Organizational Commitment and Team Cohesion

Haihui Guo
In an organizational team, the climate of the cooperative organization is very important to team success. The organizational commitment is the basis for the establishment of the team. However, team cohesion and organizational commitment play a certain role in it. This study uses the innovative project...
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Analyzing Financial Models on Water Supply Project in Thanh Tri District, HanoiS

Ersi Liu, Thi Toan Lu
Today, clean water is an urgent issue that attracts the attention of all communities around the world. Most of the freshwater sources in the world in general and in Vietnam, in particular, are contaminated at different levels of severity. Before that situation, Vietnam has promulgated the Law on Environmental...
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The Realization Way of Strategic Development of Colleges and Universities in Yunnan Province in the Background of “The Belt and Road”

Chongyou Ruan, Minna Wu
The silk road has promoted economic exchanges and cultural integration between China and foreign countries, and the strategy of "The Belt and Road" has established a new pattern of all-round opening up for our country. At present, the colleges and universities in Yunnan province should seize the opportunity...
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Literature Review of College Students’ Learning Ability

Minna Wu, Guihong Yang
This study provides a systematic review of literature on the College Students’ Learning Ability (CSLA) from the Student’s Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (SPIETP). There is a need to analyze CSLA intellectually and practically. This review gives the identification of CSLA...
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Study of the Effects of Communication Management on Infrastructure Projects in Jamaica

Parham Sean, Yan Li
Project Professionals require the transfer of relevant and appropriate information to the correct persons at all stages of a project in order to produce a structure as per specifications, on time and within budget to meet the clients’ needs. Hence, the use of an applicable technique for information transfer...
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Input-Output Analysis of Yunnan eco-tourism industry under the Belt and Road initiative

Yan Li, Jin Zhang
This paper focus on the economic impact of ecotourism in Yunnan province. Yunnan, an important strategic pivot in the blueprint of the “Belt and Road”, has developed tourism, especially Eco-tourism, comprehensively based on its location-specific advantages. Eco-tourism in Yunnan provinces significantly...
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Research on Ethnic Cultural Identity and Cultural Self-confidence under the Background of “Belt and Road Initiative”

Wenhua Yang, Jing Zhang
As China's new development strategy, the "One Belt and One Road” initiative is not only the process of economic cooperation and development, but also the process of cultural absorption and diffusion. In the context of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, cultural exchanges and economic activities...
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Opportunities, Strengths and Measures for China's Hotel Brands to Go Global in the Context of “The Belt and Road”

Yu Liu, Hao Lin
China's hotel industry grows rapidly under the guidance of China's open-door policy, in the context of “The Belt and Road” development, China's hotel industry gets a great opportunity to enhance its international competitive capability in the global market. This paper analyzes some existing problems...
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The Relationship between Economic Development and Governance Improvement

Qifa Jiang
Government is critical of importance for economic development. One reason for China’s rapid economic development is its experience and practice of governance. In this paper we build a regression model to discuss the relationship between governance improvement and rapid economic development in China....
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Research on Public Service in Yunnan Frontier of Ethnic Prefectures

Zhihui Wang, Yating Pan, Yuan Cui
Based on statistical data of public service in Yunnan 25 frontier of ethnic prefectures, and research fieldworks in Funing, Hekou, Ruili, Mangshi, this research found that, under the financial support from central government and Yunnan local government, a basic social security system has been established...
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Study of the Project Financing Model in the Development of Water Supply Project in Nepal —Melamchi Water Supply Project Kathmandu Valley Water Supply and Sanitation Subproject (Subproject-2)

Ersi Liu, Dangol Binu
Nepal has been facing lots of threat in the sustainable development of projects. The one of the major challenge for Nepal is the supply of unhealthy and inadequate drinking water in Nepal. Being Kathmandu Valley one of the densely populated areas of Nepal, the supply of drinking water is insufficient...
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Challenges and Realizing Path of Higher Education International Exchange and Cooperation in Yunnan under “The Belt and Road” Initiative

Chongyou Ruan, Yu Wang
Construction of “The Belt and Road” initiative is a major strategic conception with China’s national pooling under varying domestic and international situations.The implementation of “The Belt and Road” initiative has provided new endogenous impetus and external opportunities for the internationalization...