Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Business Corporation and Development in South-East and South Asia under B&R Initiative (ISBCD 2019)

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The Structure Evolution of China’s Urban Networks from the Perspective of Flows–Take 2007–2014 as an Example

Youyang You
China’s massive high-speed rail construction in a short time has exerted a huge impact on accessibility and connectivity of cities. As the rise of “Flow space” theory, the impact of high-speed rail construction on urban network is more noteworthy. According to 2007-2014 HSR time schedule data, this paper...
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Technology Transfer Spillover from FDI-A Comprehensive Literature Review

Shushu Feng
Technology can be transferred between countries through different channels such as international trade, foreign investment and contract transfer. The direct impact of foreign investment on business efficiency has made foreign investment create a positive spillover effect for local enterprises and become...
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The Relationship Between Learning Effectiveness and Cultural Identity of Overseas Students in China–the Regulating Role of Active Personality

Yao Jiang, Ying Yang
This paper mainly takes the overseas students in Yunnan universities as the main subjects of the questionnaire. This paper studies the relationship between cultural identity and learning effectiveness of foreign students in China. Data were collected by questionnaire survey and analyzed by SPSS statistical...
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Research on the Impacts for College Students’ Financial Management Behaviors

Cheng Peng, Ailing Yin
With the development of social economy, financial management has gradually become a national activity. Investment and financial management are indispensable for everyone, including college students who are active in the campus of college. The aim of this essay is to study the influence College Students’...
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Analysis of the Business Model of “Internet +” Intellectual Property Trading Platform—Based on

Yan Zhang, Yan Li
In China, innovative development has become a national strategy. Both the government and enterprises attach more and more importance to intellectual property rights. How to effective use of intellectual property rights, make technology transfer more efficient and realize the industrialization of science...
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The Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuation on Economic Growth – Empirical Studies Based on Different Countries

Yujing Han
Under the condition of open economy, the trade between countries is getting closer and closer. Therefore, the exchange rate fluctuation become an important factor affecting the country’s economic growth. In order to deeply understand the mechanism of the effect of exchange rate fluctuations on economic...
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An Overview of One Belt and One Road Initiative and the Sustainable Development Concept

Junjie Zhang
The transformation trend of business running around the One Belt One Road countries shows that the concept of sustainable development has gradually gained popularity. This paper focused on identifying the critical issues of sustainability through a literature review to provide supports for its transforming...
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How Does Openness Affect the Innovation Performance of Private Enterprises?

Jiacheng Xin, Qicheng Lu, Lei Pei
Open innovation is an important way for private enterprises to improve their innovation performance. However, there is still much controversy about how corporate openness affects corporate innovation performance. The paper uses the micro data of China’s private manufacturing enterprises published by...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of China’s OFDI Based on Principal Component Analysis

Yamei Zhang, Ying Yang
The continuous advancement of China’s “going out” policy has made China’s deeper economic and trade cooperation with overseas host countries and countries along the line closer, and actively promoted the development of foreign investment. This study selects the relevant data of China’s Outward foreign...
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Time Lag of Monetary Policy at Different Interest Rate Stages

Lingjuan Li
This paper selects the data of 12 major member states of the Eurozone, and uses the PVAR model to compare and analyze the output lag of four kinds of monetary policy instruments: money supply M1, overnight lending rate r, loan balance LOAN and exchange rate e in positive, zero and negative stages. It...
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The Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on RMB Internationalization and Development Strategies for Mutual Benefit

Yuan Li
On the big stage of the world, the Chinese economy has increasingly become an indispensable and important force, making the realistic demand for RMB internationalization deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The proposal and promotion of the “The Belt and Road” strategy has played a catalytic role,...
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Research on the Integration Mode of Urban and Rural Economic Development Based on “Internet +”

Ming Yang, Ying Li, Tilei Gao, Yijia Li, Wanyu Xie
Under the background of the new era, use the idea of “integration of urban and rural development” and “Internet +” to explore a new practice mode that helps to tackle poverty and help rural revitalization and development. The new model does not increase the burden of the government, applies internet...
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Research into Making Yunnan a Pivot of China’s Opening-up to South and Southeast Asia from the Perspective of “Growth Pole”

Piju Kang
“Making Yunnan a pivot of China’s opening-up to South and Southeast Asia” is a strategy for the development of the current economy. From the “growth pole” theory, the construction has many problems such as weak economic strength, lagging infrastructure, and competition with Guangxi. Accelerating the...
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Study on the Impact of the Development of Scale and Efficiency of Financial Institutions on the Income Inequality in China

Xiaoming Wang, Dong Li, Jiawu Gan
Many scholars study the relationship between the financial development and the urban-rural income inequality, but there are few researches about the intra-urban and intra-rural income inequality. By empirical testing, this paper finds that there is no long-term co-integrations relationship between the...
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The Countermeasures Study of Joint-Equity Commercial Banks Training in the Context of Lifelong Learning

Jingyan Duan
Nowadays, the financial industry develops rapidly with updated knowledge constantly and banking industrial competition intensely, so lifelong learning becomes the necessary requirement for the career development of employees. Joint-equity commercial banks face how to balance efficiency and effectiveness...
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Research on Social Network Analysis Method in Cooperative Innovation Performance

Sai Zhao, Dongping Yu, Jingfei Wang, Zhengyang Meng
This study analyzes the development status and trends of innovation network, introduces the social network analysis methods commonly used in research of innovation network, and studies the network structure in cooperative network with the research results of cooperation and innovation, enriches the related...
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Literature Visualization Analysis of Domestic Technology Transfer Research Based on UCINET

Zetao Zhang, Ersi Liu
Based on the bibliometrics software UCINET, a visual analysis was conducted on 898 papers with CSSCI in CNKI journal database from 2000 to 2019 by using the method of social network analysis. It is found that domestic technology transfer mainly focuses on the concept and function, mode and mechanism,...
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The Digital Economy Supports the Policy Recommendations of the “Belt and Road” Construction

Limei Hu
With the advent of the digital age of the Internet, the development of the digital economy has become an important engine for the development of the new economy, making new contributions to the construction of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, but the challenge of the digital economy supporting...
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Research on the Development Strategy of the Belt and Road Construction and the New Urbanization—Take Yunnan as an Example

Yusheng Gu, Honglie Zhang, Ruiting Wang
At present, China has entered a new period of development. The”One Belt and One Road” initiative and the new urbanization strategy have entered a stage of comprehensive promotion, which will have an extremely important impact on China’s regional development during the”13th Five-Year Plan” and beyond....
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The Impact of Tax Structure on Residents’ Consumption in China

Ying Li, Yuan Li
The author refers to the research methods of the existing literature, combined with the availability and manageability of the data, selects the panel data in China in the last 13 years from government statistics to study this topic. The results of model test show that per capital commodity tax has a...
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Research on the Promotion of County Economic Competitiveness in Yunnan Province Under the Background of One Belt and One Road

Ruiting Wang
Since the implementation of the “One Belt And One Road”, yunnan has become a new strategic highland, which has a significant and far-reaching impact on the economic take-off and leapfrog development of yunnan. In yunnan province, county economy plays an indispensable role. County economy is not only...
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Study on the Employability of International Business Graduates

Ning Liu, Honglie Zhang
How to improve the vocational skills of international business graduates has become a thorny issue in universities in the context of rising trade protectionism. By comparing and analyzing the training programs of international business professionals from 36 universities in China, the study summarizes...
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An Analysis on the Development Status and Innovation Path of Cross-Border E-Commerce in Yunnan Under the Background of Lancang-Mekong River Cooperation

Xiaobo Gao, Hong Yi, Li Guo
Under the Lancang-Mekong river cooperation mechanism, the development of cross-border e-commerce in Yunnan has brought unprecedented opportunities. The development of cross-border e-commerce is also one of the most important forms of implementing the “One Belt And One Road” initiative. At present, there...
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Analysis on the Construction of “Online Silk Road” in Yunnan province

Li Guo, Hong Yi, Xiaobo Gao
The “Online Silk Road” itself is an important part of the “One Belt and One Road” construction. The construction of the “Silk Road” has promoted the construction of the “ One Belt and One Road “. Compared with the high risk and low return that the “Silk Road” may encounter, the “Online Silk Road” has...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Trade Development Between China and “Belt and Road” Countries

Tao Zhang, Kun Zhao, Ying Li, Yuanxin Ruan
In September 2013, the Belt and Road initiative entered the vision of all countries, and strengthened economic exchanges such as facilitating the development of international trade between China and “Belt and Road” countries. The major strategic move complied with the trend of China’s opening up to the...
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Analyzing Characteristics and Trends of Economic Growth in the Sectors of National Economy of Uzbekistan

Ziyodilloev Khushnud, Shomurodov Tokhir, Qingjie Zhou, Hong’en Yang
One of the most effective ways to achieve economic growth is structural transformation and diversification of main sectors in national economy, which focusing on the economic potential of the sectors, the development of new industries. This paper examines of economic growth in sectors of national economy,...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools in Yunnan Province

Yuting Gong
Sino-foreign cooperative education has a long history. Since the beginning of 2002, the Sino-foreign cooperative education in Yunnan Province has begun to take shape after more than ten years of development. However, the Sino-foreign cooperative education in Yunnan Province is faced with the problems...
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Research on Shaping of Chinese Corporate Image in Myanmar

Jiao Li, Wei Wang, Yang Zhou, Hong Yi
Based on the corporate image theory and the basis of the Chinese Foreign Languages Bureau’s Overseas Corporate Image Survey and Analysis Report (2014, 2015, 2016), this paper conducts on-the-spot investigation and in-depth study of Chinese companies in Myanmar. On the basis of in-depth analysis and summarization...
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Research on the Relationship Among Technical Standards, Economic Growth, and Innovation An Empirical Study of Chinese Construction Industry Data

Wenfang Sun, Bowen Xu, Qifa Jiang
As a pillar industry of the country, the construction industry is very important to the development of the country. This paper firstly analyzes the relationship among technical standards, economic growth and innovation, and then combines Chinese construction industry data, based on VAR model, using Stata.14...
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The Influence of Consumer Psychology on Consumer Finance for College Students–Based on the Survey in Yunnan Province

Yili Hu, Ye Chen, Xiaoyu Chen
This paper discusses the factors that hinder the rational, healthy and sustainable development of consumer finance in college students from the chaos of “campus loan”.From the optimization and improvement of these factors, the solution measures are put forward.This paper finds that the shaping of college...
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The Impacts of Standards on the Economic Growth in Construction Industry with the Example of China

Bowen Xu, Qifa Jiang, Wenfang Sun
Construction plays a key role in an economy, hence it is of critical importance to push this industry for developing countries suffered by under development. This paper introduces a good example of China in which standards are continuously implemented so as to quickly promote industrial competitiveness...
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Research on the Influence of Entrepreneurs’ Creative Thinking and Optimism Degree on Innovation Opportunity Identification

Dongping Yu, Jingfei Wang, Zhengyang Meng, Sai Zhao
Innovative entrepreneurial activities originate from the identification of entrepreneurs’ opportunities for innovation. Using the questionnaire survey method, the hypothesis of complex relationship between entrepreneurial creative thinking, optimism degree and innovation opportunity identification was...
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Review on China-Lesotho International Cooperation Platforms in the Background of Belt and Road Initiative

Matete Mahao, Ning Yan
The Kingdom of Lesotho like other developing countries participates in a number of international cooperation platforms. These kinds of platforms occur both at bilateral and multilateral parameters geared towards social development and economic growth as well as International Trade and support. China...
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Policy Implementation Performance and Political Trust

Zhengyang Meng, Dongping Yu, Jingfei Wang, Sai Zhao
Political trust is the embodiment of a country’s ruling level. From the micro psychological perspective of the audience’s political trust in policy implementation, the research systematically puts forward and empirically verifies the hypothesis of the relationship between policy implementation performance...
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Research on the Location Selection of China’s OFDI in Southeast and South Asian Countries—From the Perspective of Institutional Distance

Xuan Luo, Rui Hu, Chengjun Lu
In the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, the scale of China’s OFDI continues to expand. Based on the perspective of institutional distance, this paper selected the developing countries along the “One Belt and One Road” route and located in southeast Asia and South Asia as the research objects,...
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Research on the Factors Affecting the Performance of Mineral Enterprises—Based on Qualitative Comparison Analysis Method

Hao Cheng, Chang Mu, Xiaojiao Ye
Based on the qualitative comparative analysis (qca) method, this paper studies the conditional configuration of Chinese energy companies to achieve high performance and avoid low performance from the aspects of independent R&D investment, human capital, enterprise scale and regional institutional...
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International Investment Strategies of Chinese High-Tech Company——In the Example of DJI’ Four Flyings Strategy

Xiangshi Mao, Jia Cheng, Yuan Li, Yan Zhang
nowadays many Chinese enterprises invest abroad, especially the high-tech companies, which possess stronger competence than before. For international enterprises, if they want to stand out in the intensive international competition and share a big piece of the international market, competitive products...
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Research on the Features and Credit Evaluation Indicator System of Social E-Commerce

Pingfang Yang
The combination of social networking and e-commerce has formed a new e-commerce model—social e-commerce. In recent years, with the rapid development of social media, social e-commerce develops quickly. In this paper, we analyze the features of social e-commerce. A new credit evaluation indicator system...
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Governance Improvement in India and China Based on the View of Social and Economic Development

Qifa Jiang
Governance as a kind of institution, can play a critical role in economic development. Being emerging economies, India and China must reform and improve governance to fit in with the rapid change of economic and social facts. After conceptualization of governance, the author constructs an assessment...
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Research on the Internationalization of Yunnan Cultural Industry in the Context of “Belt and Road Initiative”

Wenhua Yang, Chunyang Li
The proposal of “Belt and Road Initiative” has brought opportunities for the political, economic and cultural development in Yunnan, which is conducive to exchanges and trade between various ethnic groups in Yunnan and neighboring countries and regions. One of the important missions of the Belt and Road...
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Research on Yunnan Vegetable Export Industry in the Context of “Belt and Road Initiative”

Wenhua Yang, Piju Kang
Yunnan province is located in the core place of southwest of China and therefore becomes a strategic position in the context of “Belt and Road Initiative” because of its special geographical location and diverse natural resources. “Belt and Road Initiative” has brought opportunities for Yunnan’s vegetable...
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The Choices of Internationalization Strategy of Chinese Multinational Enterprises Under the Background of One Belt and One Road——Take Geely for example

Chengjun Lu, Xiang Wang, Xuan Luo
In the continuous “going out” campaigns and actions of China’s independent automobile brands, Geely group has continuously expanded its travel territory by acquiring Volvo, taking a stake in Daimler and establishing Lynk & Co brand, thus becoming a leader in the industry. How to meet challenges and...
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The Impact of Team Heterogeneity on Team Performance of Knowledge-Based Multinationals Under the Belt & Road Initiative

Mengxiao Liu, Yuanyuan Zhou, Shiyu Rong
Under the background of the Belt & Road, companies are turning their attention to overseas markets, and the strategic goals of multinational corporations are gradually turning into knowledge competition. The knowledge-based enterprise team has the characteristics of high degree of knowledge integration...
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Why National Capacity Affects the Level of Technological Progress: Based on the Experience of Asian Countries

Haibin Yang
Maintaining technological progress and growing national capacity in the process of opening up is an important condition for sustained economic growth in developing countries. The new economic normality that has emerged since the international financial crisis has fully highlighted the characteristics...
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Study on Cross-Cultural Adaptability of Foreign Students Coming to Yunnan: Based on the Cultural Intelligence Perspective

Haibin Yang, Haoxin Lu
At present, the number of foreign students coming to China in Yunnan accounts for about 4% of the number of Chinese students. However, among the students from Yunnan universities, the cross-cultural adaptation of international students is a topic that has received little attention. Based on the theory...
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Identification of Influencing Factors of Rural Energy Poverty in China

Mengchen Du, Linlin Liang
In order to alleviate energy poverty problem in China’s economic and social progress, it is significant to identify, evaluate and analyze the influencing factors of energy poverty to further overcome difficulties. Chinese government correctly understand that the actual situation of rural household energy...
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A Study of China-ASEAN Higher Education Exchange & Cooperation in the Background of China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership

Ning Yan, Mingyu Xu
Political security, economic & trade cooperation and people-to-people exchange & cooperation are the three pillars in ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership, among which education, especially higher education, plays an important role in providing talent and intellectual support as well as connecting...
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Analysis of Risk Assessment for Financing Small-Medium Enterprises’ Project and the Impact of Lending Decision Making

Ziyodilloev Khushnud, Qingjie Zhou, Yan Li
This research paper is an attempt to analyze risk assessment of financing Small-Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs’) projects and to investigate on the roles of lending managers and their decision making, also to demonstrate that it has a huge impact on project success, influence to implement bank financing projects....
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A Critical Review of Cross-Cultural Conflict Management in Transnational Projects

Thiphaphone Keonouchanh, Cheng Peng
Globalization have stirred up competition and opened up markets for other markets to enter. This wave has also brought about issues of cross-cultural conflicts due to professionals of varying nationalities working together. Analysis of 15 research articles showed that prior knowledge of existing cultural...
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A New Perspective on Job Characteristic Model: Task Design and Working Incentive of Expatriate Managers Under the Belt & Road Initiative

Yuran Li, Ying Zhang, Puzhen Xiong
The Belt & Road Initiative brings out new conceptualization for the ability and competency of expatriate managers, the role of whom are of great significance to the development and operations of subsidiaries from multinational corporations. Due to the lack of effective training and incentive measures...
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Research on Dynamic Salary and Employees’ Creativity in Multinational Companies Under “the Belt and Road”

Nan Xu, Guobi Xie, Mengxiao Liu
The party’s 19th congress further clarifies the company’s strategy for going out of the country and “One Belt and One Road” strategy put forward to providing financial support for the enterprise to expand foreign markets. It is an opportunity to develop internationalization road for the economic transition...
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An Analysis of the Relationship Between Board Characteristics and Performance of Listed Commercial Banks in China Commercial Banks Development Under “Belt and Road “Initiative

Fan Gu, Qigeng Chen
Along with the implementation of “Belt and road”initiative, commercial banks of China has a great opportunity to develop their oversea business. It required a more reasonable internal governance of banks. Board of directors has played an important role in improving business performance of banks. This...
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The Research on Yunnan’s Foreign Trade in the Context of “the Belt and Road” Initiative

Yuxin Fan, Hao Lin
The development of foreign trade is an important accelerator for a country’s economic growth. Since “the Belt and Road” Initiative was put forward, the development of foreign trade in Yunnan has made great progress, however it still faces many problems. This paper analyzes the advantages of Yunnan’s...
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Research on Performance Evaluation of Knowledge Management Innovation in Colleges and Universities

Wenjiao Du, Hui Yang
In the context of the rapid development of the knowledge economy, knowledge in human resources and science and technology is an important capital to win in the fierce market competition. In universities, the knowledge is the source of life that the universities survive from the world. Currently most...
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The Belt and Road Initiative Under the New Era

Li Ma, Gang Gong
The opening strategy of a country should be adapted to the stage of its economic development. Since the reform and opening-up in 1978, the economy of China has entered a new stage of development-the new normal. The new normal not only means that the strategy of domestic economic development in China...
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Research on the Credit Consumption Behavior of College Students in Internet Finance—Based on Ant Credit Pay

Xuezhou Zhang, Ying Zhang
at present, Internet finance has become an essential part of people’s life, opening up a high-speed development model in China. This article studies the college students’ behaviors of use of Internet financial credit products. Taking Ant credit pay as an example, survey the college students’ use of ant...
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Perspective of Safety Climate Adaption in Day Surgery Under the Belt & Road Initiative

Jing Zhu, Zhenyong Zhang
The Belt & Road economic development initiative brings out new definition, connotation, and denotation of day surgery.This study discusses whether different leadership behaviors have different impacts on the creation of safety climate in the day surgery projects in different situations.Based on the...
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Research on Implementation Process of Conditional Cash Transfer International Poverty Aid Project

Xiaoli Zhu, Lei Duan, Hao Yin
Conditional cash transfers (CCT) international poverty aid project is an effective form of hematopoiesis poverty relief. An efficient project relies on thorough implementation process. The process is researched from the perspective of process management. Analyses are conducted on the origin, definition,...
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Neural Network Application of Risk Identification on Innovative Enterprises in Yunnan Province

Jing Tie, Wenjing Zhao, Zhe Niu
Innovation enterprise is an important component in the economic system of China, making indelible contribution for the flourishing and prosperity of economy of China. After a long-term development and improvement in many developed countries, the company major risk identification system has formulated...
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Game Analysis on Online Reputation of Cross-Border E-Commerce

Bo Peng
The development of Internet technology and e-commerce enables traders to find a wide variety of trading partners across geographical and national boundaries. Online trading has a significant role in promoting the development of One Belt and One Road business transactions. For transactions that cross...
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Empirical Research on Adoption Behavior of LBS Users of Mobile Management Information System — SEM Multiple-Group Analysis Based on UTAUT Model

Tao Fu, Bingbing Ai
Mobile management information system has the function of LBS (Location Based Service) which may bring brand new functions and experience to users and improve the management efficiency of the organization. However, due to the potential threaten of privacy leakage that LBS may bring with, users of different...
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Research on Marketing Strategy of Chinese Mobile Phone Brands in Southeast Asia

Yan Gong, Li Zhu, Jingyi Zhu
Under the background of global economic integration, brand internationalization has become an inevitable trend. The huge growth potential of the Southeast Asian mobile phone market has also become the opportunities which Chinese mobile phone brands should seize. Based on the theory of brand internationalization,...
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The Study on the Current Situations, Problems and Countermeasures in Economic and Trade Exchanges Between China and Lancang-Mekong Countries

Jingyi Zhu, Rui Wang, Li Zhu
Through the operation of Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Mechanism for several years, China’s economic and trade exchanges with Lancang-Mekong countries have reached an unprecedented height, and China has become the most important importer and exporter for these countries. However, comparing with America...
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The Establishment and Empirical Study of the Mechanism of Influence on the Expatriate Performance of Employees Enterprise

Liangliang Wang, Di Yang, Nan Xu
With the continuous growth of the economy and national strength. As the pace of internationalization of Chinese enterprises continues to accelerate, the management of expatriate employees has become a huge challenge for expatriate enterprises and multinational companies. The purpose of this study is...
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Current Status and Trends of the Research on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools — A Statistical Analysis Based on CSSCI Papers Between 2008 and 2017

Jing Wang, Xinzhi Xi, Qian Zeng
This study is carried out based on 186 papers published between 2008 and 2017. The sample papers are all titled with “Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (CCRS)”, and published in journal listed in Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI). A quantitative analysis of the distribution of...
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Etic and Emic Orientations on Cultural Intelligence of Global Professionals Under Belt & Road Initiative

Ying Zhang, Yunwu He, Jianchun Zhao, Yaqin Lu
This paper conceptualizes the Etic and Emic Orientations on Cultural Intelligence. The implications justify the importance of understanding the role of becoming global professionals under the Belt & Road Initiative. By identifying the individual differences in cultural intelligence and understanding...
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The Impact of Exchange Rate Shocks on Prices of China - ASEAN Free Trade Area

Yaxian Lu, Jin Shuang
This paper mainly discusses the correlation between exchange rate and price, which is conducive to the study of economic and trade development between China and ASEAN Free Trade Area. The research method is mainly using VAR model with related data of exchange rate and price, researching and analyzing...
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Research on Contract Risk Identification for Chinese Construction Enterprises “Going Global” Under the Background of “The Belt and Road Initiative”

Bohan Li, Lili Zhang, Chaojin Zhou
The proposal of the“ The Belt and Road Initiative ”has provided great convenience for construction enterprises“Going Global”. Firstly, this paper analyzes the current situation of “Going Global” of Chinese construction enterprises, identifies the risks faced by “Going Global” of construction enterprises,...
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Cooperation Between Yunnan Province and Overseas Industrial Parks Development Research

Qianyu Li, Lili Zhang
This paper mainly introduces the development status of overseas park cooperation in China, and the nature and positive significance of the construction park. It analyzes in detail the main cooperation problems existing in China’s overseas parks. The paper mainly describes from six aspects and the cooperation...
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Is China’s Higher Education of Tourism Ready for “The Belt and Road” Initiative?

Yu Liu, Hao Lin
Tourism professional education in Chin’s colleges and universities plays an important role in supporting China’s tourism development by continuously providing professional talents to the expanding market. In the context of “The Belt and Road” initiative, tourism professional education in China’s colleges...
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The Development of Regression Discontinuity Design and its Application in the Financial Field

Danxue Luo, Wei Zhou
Regression discontinuity design was proposed by Thistlethwaite and Campbell in 1960, and it was not applied to economic research until the end of the 20th century. With the gradual deepening of scholars’ research on regression discontinuity design, its related theory is gradually perfected, and its application...
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The Research and Citation Landscape of PM2.5 in 1993–2017: A Retrospective Analysis with Bibliometric

Sun Meng, Bingqing Ding, Jin Chen
In recent years, some countries are facing the haze pollution because of industrialization. PM 2.5 is an important factor affecting the atmospheric haze. There are many investigations about PM 2.5, but few of them are bibliometric analysis, including co-citation analysis, hot topics, burst detection,...
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The Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on China’s Stock Market

Yan Chen, Wei Zhou, Man Liu
Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, which evolved from the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States in 2008, China has successively introduced many different economic policies to regulate the financial market and the macro economy to maintain its stability, but this has also...