Proceedings of the 2015 International Symposium on Computers & Informatics

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The Start-up Mode Test of SBR Process for Pickle Wastewater Treatment

Xiang He, Jinxiang Fu, Xuejiao Feng, Zhaoxian Dang
Salted wastewater with high salt properties, the salinity range at about 6%, its treatment processing is difficult .This experiment studies the start time and treatment effect of SBR process in different ways (stage cultivation ,full cultivation).The experimental study shows that: with the use of 2-stage...
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Research on image mosaictechnique based on Contourlet transform

Li Li, Jun bo Chen, Jin Cheng
The image after image mosaic apply in not demanding occasions case, This paper presents the splicing method based on Contourlet transform.Through the feature extraction, feature matching, ranking is obtainedafter image stitching.The experimental results show that this method improves the quality of image...
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The Formal Method of Metaphor Understanding within Dynamic Context

Min Zhu
The research of metaphor understanding is a significant field of cognitive science. Metaphor plays an important role in natural language discourse. There is a close relationship between logic and metaphor. Metaphor can be described by dynamic epistemic logic. This article, we attempt to dynamically describe...
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CBR-Recommendation System on Massive Contents Processing Using Optimized MFNN Algorithm

Rui Li, Jianyang Li, Benkun Zhu
Though recommendation systems have been widely used for websites to generate new recommendations based on like-minded users’ preferences, IEEE Internet Computing points out that current system can not meet the real large-scale e-commerce demands, and has some weakness such as low precision and slow reaction....
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Analyzing Communication Competences in Professional Mathematics of University Students by Using GRA

Hsiu-Lan Ma, Der-Bang Wu, Yu-Kuang Cheng
This study analyzed the Communication ability of professional mathematics of university students of technology by using Grey Relational Analysis (GRA). Current results of this study not only identify the hardest and easiest problems for students, but also show how proposed GRA provides a novel approach...
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Research on Lean Cloud Process Management

Ziqin Ma, Pengfei Zhao, Yanan Chen, Tong Wang, Chen Peng, Li Sun, Qiang Cheng, Jiang Wei
As a kind of manufacturing technology, Lean manufacturing can not only greatly reduce the switch time, idle time, but also can improve the product quality, reduce inventory, shorten the product development cycle of design. Process management is the basis of enterprising management and the important guarantee...
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A Microarray Image Gridding Method Based on Projection Transformation and Power Spectral Analysis

Yanjun Feng, Kai Song, Jun Liu
Microarray image gridding is one important step of microarray image analysis to determine 2D image coordinates of all array spots in the hybridized gene chip image. Accuracy of image gridding will affect the reliability of gene-chip data extraction and even the final analysis results of gene-chip assays....
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Design and Realization of Jingdezhen Tourism E-commerce Website

Jingfang Hu, Busheng Li
With the development of electronic commerce mode, the use of e-commerce of tourism has become a hot spot, this paper studies and analyzes the Jingdezhen tourism environment and tourism electronic commerce present situation, proposed the Jingdezhen tourism electronic commerce operation mode, key technology...
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Design of LAN Platform for the Fusion of Communication and Networking

Busheng Li, Jingfang Hu
LAN Platform is application software based on UDP for LAN chat software, set the mainstream communication functions into one body, play LAN stability, quick advantage, provide interactive communication platform for LAN users. The software does not require a server, start the engine and the current online...
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Analysis of the HTML to XML Conversion Method

Busheng Li, Jingfang Hu
In this paper, the features of HTML and XML were compared, and expounds the necessity of transition from HTML to XML, and finally introduces document conversion, XHTML conversion and intelligent instead of three kinds of HTML to XML conversion method.
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Technical analysis of XML document in WEB

Jingfang Hu, Busheng Li
In the Web page XML document that has a lot of technology, this paper introduces the XML data shown by CCS and XSL in two ways, and the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of display mode to do a comparison. This paper also to the XML document on the server and browser display methods are...
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Research on 3-D Trajectory Prediction

Yubing Dong, Ying Sun, Mingjing Li
The innovation of this paper is that a mathematical model of 3-D trajectory prediction is proposed and studied, based on 2-D trajectory prediction algorithm. And 3-D trajectory prediction algorithm is applied to object tracking system, in order to fast and efficient tracking. A large number of experiments...
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Bat Swarms Intelligent Optimization Multi-Modulus Algorithm and Influence of Modulation Mode on It

Huapeng Wu, Yecai Guo
In order to greatly improve the performance of multi-modulus blind equalization algorithm(MMA) and evaluate the influence of modulation mode on it, MMA based on bat swarm intelligent optimization(BA-MMA) is proposed. This proposed algorithm uses the global optimal position vector of a bat swarm which...
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Design of intelligent university management services information platform based on large data

Liu Hao
"Long-term education reform of the nation and development plan outline (2010-2020)" promulgated in July 2010,has put forward: "The information technology has revolutionary influence on the development of education, so it must be attached great importance to".With the rapid development of information...
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Ultrasonic Enhanced treatment wastewater dairy farming organics of single-factor test

Yong-guang Bi, Kuan-xin Zhang
In dairy farming simulated wastewater resorcinol as the research object, examines the ultrasound enhanced treatment of resorcinol single factor test, the results showed that: resorcinol degradation rate increased with the ultrasonic power is reduced, when sonication is 200W, its degradation rate of 45%;...
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Novel Crossover Genetic Artificial Fish Swarm DNA Encoding Sequence Based Blind Equalization Algorithm

Hui Wang, Yecai Guo
A novel crossover genetic artificial fish swarm DNA encoding sequence based weighted multi-modulus blind equalization algorithm(ncGAFS-DNA-WMMA) is proposed to solve the defect that error function doesn’t match with the signal constellation model in the multi-modulus blind equalization algorithm(MMA)....
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Analysis of dividend policy of listed company and its financial impacts

Xian Mei, Xing Wei
Dividend policy-making is an important part of enterprise profit distribution, and moderate and reasonable dividend distribution policy is beneficial to the development of enterprise and improving the earnings level in the future, as well as enhancing shareholder confidence in the enterprise, making...
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Application analysis of financial indicators

TuYun You, Xing Wei
This article applied financial index analysis method, combining with the concrete enterprise financial indicators to evaluate the financial position and operating results of enterprise, through detailed analysis to the enterprise operation ability, debt paying ability, profit ability and development...
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Research on distributed price monitoring system based on Multi-Agent

Puyun Bi
The paper puts forward new ideas for the establishment of distributed price monitoring system on based on the Multi-Agent theory, in order to make the price monitoring process intelligent, the fault diagnosis of real-time price intelligent and conflict resolution intelligent. Price monitoring intelligent...
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Software Reliability Modelling Considering both Testing Effort and Testing Coverage

Chang Liu, Yuan Liu, Zhanyong Ren, Haifeng Li
Considering testing effort function (TEF) or testing coverage function (TCF) in the non-homogeneous Poisson process (NHPP) software reliability modeling can further improve the fitting and prediction performance of the NHPP software reliability growth models (SRGMs). Thus this paper discusses how to...
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A high order numerical method of MCM equation for image denoising

Guangyuan Chi, Xiaozhong Yang
The nonlinear PDE model with special geometry, mean curvature motion (MCM) equation has been implemented by many methods in image processing. In this paper, the compact alternating direction implicit (CADI) method is constructed for MCM equation to denoise the noisy image, which is based on the alternating...
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Organization and management system based on workflow and web technology

Xueqin Liu, Huarui Wu
Workflow technology[1] is a business process modeling , process management and integration, and ultimately implement business process executing automatically. It is crucial to improve business process efficiency. With the popularity of the Internet and Web technologies, the traditional c/s mode is designed...
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Optimal and Robust Data Aggregative Fusion in Internet of Things for Data Collection on Equipment Status

Feng Xie, Xiaohui Ye
Internet of Things has been regarded as a promising technology and architecture for instant maintenance of equipment status in large marine ships. Data aggregation and data fusion are essential operations in sensing data collection. The energy efficiency of aggregative tree affects the lifetime of the...
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Urban Sustainable Development Capacity Evaluation Model Research and Application Based on entropy and distance functions

Bingfeng Ruan, Huarui Wu
Sustainable development is an important issue in the world care, research and exploration on various aspects of sustainable development has also been concerned about the community, the issue of sustainable urban development is one of them. This will combine the connotation of sustainable urban development,...
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Research on the logistics distribution model of RT Mart supermarket chain

Yan Liu, Lijie Xie, Hu Zhao
Supermarket chains as a profitable business model and organizational form is a mode of operation the world's most widely used. With the rapid development of supermarket chains in our country, the role of logistics distribution becomes more and more important. In this paper, based on the research of the...
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The application status and prospect of ant colony algorithm

Jian Guo, Beiduo Zhou
Ant colony algorithm is one of the representative methods of swarm intelligence. It is a kind of simulation optimization algorithm. Because it has many good qualities, many NP - hard problems have been solved successfully by using it. This article first expounds the basic theory of ant colony algorithm...
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Comparison and analysis of the compression algorithm based on DCT and DWT warehousing image

Jian Guo, Xianwei Lv
In order to ensure safe operation of the storage system, Warehousing environment for real-time monitoring of effective security is very important. Due to the huge amount of image data warehouse monitoring system acquisition, image acquisition of the warehouse for effective compression become hot. This...
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Image segmentation based on gray-level spatial correlation maximum between-cluster variance

Zeng Fu, Jianfeng He, Yan Xiang, Rui Cui, Sanli Yi
When processing the background and target blurred image, 1D-Otsu and 2D-Otsu segmentation effect is not good. The proposed algorithm used the gray value of the pixels and their similarity with neighboring pixels in gray value to build a histogram which was called gray-level spatial correlation histogram....
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K-means Clustering Optimization Algorithm Based on MapReduce

Zhihua Li, Xudong Song, Wenhui Zhu, Yanxia Chen
Aiming at the defects of traditional K-means clustering algorithm for big data, this paper provides K-means clustering mining optimization algorithm based on big data, shows a MapReduce software architecture which is suitable for large data processing mechanism, provides an improved method for selecting...
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The Location of Appliances Garbage Recycle Bin Based on AHP

Jiao Chen, Yue Wu, Lei Liang
Appliances garbage not only has a lot of harmful substances, but also has a high economic value of precious metals gold, silver, copper, etc. It can be recycled to reduce pollution and achieve recycling of resources. TV sets, refrigerators, mobile phones and other electronic products also contain lead,...
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Study on Computer Network Technology of Digital Library

Yanming Sui
With the development of information and communication technology, the concept of libraries has changed dramatically. The traditional libraries are gradually getting digitized. Modern digital library can not be separated from the computer network technology. The potential safety hazard of library computer...
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Modified Analog Transmission Scheme for Distributed Detection

Xiangyang Liu, Tenglong Jiang, Zhijie Mao
In this paper, we consider the design of a modified analog transmission scheme for binary distributed detection systems in which the compressed information made by the local sensors are sent to the fusion center (FC) over parallel Rayleigh fading channels. For complexity concerns, we focus on the equal...
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Friction parameters identification and compensation of LuGre model base on genetic algorithms

Yuqin Wen, Ming Chu, Hanxu Sun
According to the interference of the servo system, a method is proposed that identify the parameters of LuGre friction model and compensate the friction torque base on genetic algorithms. First, establish the LuGre friction model, on the basis of the model, identify the static parameters and the dynamic...
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Investigation on multi-dimensional energy saving system

Fuzhong Nian, Baochao Wang
With the development of Internet of things technology, the energy saving system has been investigated extensively. However, So far there is little research on multi-dimensional dynamic smart system. In this paper, a multi-dimensional smart control system was designed and developed based on internet of...
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Quantitative Assessment Method Of Rock Burst

Bin Liu, Xing-xin Peng, Quan-sheng Liu, Kai-zhong Huang
Rock burst is one of the three big power disasters in deep mining environment and its quantities assessment method study is a hotspot issue. The analytical mode and method is set up for analysis of rock burst quantitative assessment in Deep Mining environment stress in this paper. The influence and sensibility...
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Improved Random Load Processing Algorithm Based on Kalman Filter

Yong Gu, Yun Zhu, Desong Zhu
This paper first analyses the reasons of the disturbance signal emerging in the process of weighing, and then selects an improved algorithm based on Kalman filter method to deal with the raw data. After the analysis and comparing the new results with the static weighing data, we finally verify the accuracy...
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Design and Implementation of Smartphone Rapid Triage APP in Emergency Medical Rescue System

Yu Chen, Zhi-hao Zheng, Jia-shun Ren, Shang-kun Chen, Yu Xiang
Objective: To explore the new methodto improve the efficiency of mass wounded rapid triage in emergency rescue system. Methods: Develop the Smartphone rapid triage client (APP)in emergency medical rescue system. Results: Smartphone triage APP costs 2/3 shorter time than the writing paper mode, and shorten...
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Calculation of the Transmission Spectrum of Long-Period Fiber Grating Based on the Mode Field Analysis Method

Wei Zhang
By using the coupled mode theory, the vector expressions of the core and the cladding electromagnetic field components of long-period fiber grating are analyzed. After the effective refractive indexes and the coupling constants of the core and cladding mode are solved, the transmission spectrum of the...
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Prediction of Sewage Wastewater Quality Based on PSO-LIBSVM

Bin Qin, Bang Liu
Aiming at the problems of nonlinearity, time-varying and big lagging in an activated sludge wastewater treatment process, the forecast modeling of COD can be established according to the historical data of chemical oxygen demand(COD) collected from sewage plant, and using the LIBSVM toolbox to determine...
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Study on Cutting Processing Technology of Titanium Alloy

Yongdi Zhang, Rui Dong, Yuejing Zhao, Yang Wang
Titanium alloy as the main material of aerospace vehicles, its application is becoming more and more widely. Because of its high intensity, active chemistry and low elasticity the difficulty of processing is attracting more attention in machining field. The machinability of titanium alloy is analyzed,...
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Crack features of flexural members strengthened by carbon fiber sheet bonded with inorganic adhesive after fire

Fuxiong Wan
Crack distribution and Extension is the important mechanical features of flexural members strengthened by carbon fiber sheet bonded with inorganic adhesive after fire, which is helpful to understand all-round mechanical performance of the style of structural members. Four strengthened beams and four...
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Research of Clothing Sales Prediction and Analysis Based on ID3 Decision Tree Algorithm

Fangshuai Sun, Yi Liu, Saiyin Xurigan, Qing Zhang
This paper begins with the introduction of the classical algorithm of ID3 decision trees, which is widespread used into data mining. Through a study on the information gain of the noisy data, ID3 algorithm is used to create a corresponding model and an analysis model of prediction that applies to the...
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Review of Traffic Safety Situation Based on Analysis

Muhammad Asim Azim, Akhtar Shamim, Fengwen Zhai, Yangping Wang
Karachi is consider as foremost city of Pakistan regarding population and has huge contribution in entire economy, as well as has an attractive geographical position. But unfortunately entire city is facing immense causalities just because of bad road traffic safety system. The main purpose of this study...
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Road Safety Evaluation Based on Direct Approach for Identification Problems and Significance of Countermeasures

Muhammad Asim Azim, Akhtar Shamim, Fengwen Zhai, Yangping Wang
Karachi is the capital city of Sindh province and considers as a metropolitan city (of Pakistan) consist of huge population, faces high numbers of road causalities and/or accidents. Uncertain safety situation and rapid development in number of vehicles, the ratio of the vehicle accidents is increasing...
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Estimation of communication distance for VHF radios in Rayleigh channel

Jingwei Li, Houde Quan, Peizhang Cui
As a key indicator, communication distance directly affects the layout and the management of radios. In addition to the influence of the electrical performances, the radio is mainly affected by the channel and the background noise conditions. On the basis of the relationship of the propagation loss characteristic...
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The Research and Implementation of 3DES Encryption Algorithm Based on Chaos System

Heyuan Wang, Jian-nan Xu
This paper introduces the DES encryption algorithm and the characteristics of chaotic encryption algorithm, and propose a kind of hybrid encryption algorithm based on Rossler chaos equations and 3DES. The algorithm generate 3DES cryptographic key by Rossler chaos equations, and expand the 3DES encryption...
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Bank Customer Classification Model and Application Based on SVM

Yi Hu, Kui Fang, Zhu Xinghui
Based on the data mining method, support vector machine, technology and related analysis of variable selection methods, establishing binary classification model of VIP users and Ordinary users for commercial banks, executing classification prediction and results verifying on VIP users and Ordinary users...
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Efficient Durability Support for Multicore In-Memory Database

Qian Hao
The increasing core counts and memory volume open opportunities to perform online transactional processing (OLTP) in memory, leading to a new type of databases, called in-memory databases. However, this also makes durability and failure recovery a critical issue due to the volatility of main memory....
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An Embedded Software Testing Requirements Modeling Tool Describing Static and Dynamic Characteristics

Mingcheng Qu, Naigang Cui, Bingsong Zou, Xianghu Wu
It is generally believed that Model-based testing (MBT) began in 1956. MBT is an important software quality assurance technology. We propose a set of graphical components describing the testing requirements of embedded software, and research how to plan test items and how to generate test cases. We couple...
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Research on the method of the Test and Evaluation of Complex Simulation System

Rui Ma Cen, Li Liu, Long Guang zheng
With the development of science and evolution of society, the structure of a system becomes more and more complicated. There is an increasing need for the research, development and application of complex systems. Based on the brief introduction to the significance of T&E, the relationship between T&E...
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Improved BP Neural Network for Intrusion Detection Based on AFSA

Tian Wang, Lihao Wei, Jieqing Ai
Establishing a complete information security policy is the most important step to solve the problem of information security and the basis for the entire information security system. Using intrusion detection technology to identify the source of threats and adjusting security policy is an effective operation...
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VL-mac: Enabling Multiple Battery-free Users in Visible Light Cognitive Radio Systems

Youling Zhou, Yongqin Yang
This paper introduces VL-mac, a media access control (MAC) protocol for visible light communication (VLC)-based cognitive radio systems. VL-mac provides a full stack of access control primitives for users that operate at visible light frequencies to access the base station and for the base station to...
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Face Recognition based on Sub-pattern Sparsity Preserving Projection

Qiwen Zhang, Xinlei Zhuang
In order to solve the problem of pseudo approach in SPP, an unsupervised algorithm named sub-pattern sparsity preserving projection(SpSPP) was proposed in this paper. In the proposed algorithm, face images are firstly divided into smaller sub-images, and sub-images from the same location are collected...
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The Design of Parking Space Intelligent Management System based on Technology of Visual Identification

BinShu Chen, QingXiang Wu, RongTai Cai, LiJuan Chen, HaiHui Xie
This paper presents a design of parking space intelligentmanagement system based on visual identification which combines visual image processing technology and intelligent management systems.In the system, visual processing technology is used to extract the vehicle information such as parking spaces,...
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Eye Localization Based on Maximal Complexity of Rotating Scan Lines

Sanliang Hong, Qingxiang Wu, Binshu Chen, Liuping Huang, Yanfeng Chen
A novel algorithm based on maximal grayscale complexity of rotating scan lines is proposed to locate the human eye in the detected human face region. First of all, the human face regions are detected from a number of outdoor photos using the skin segmentation algorithm. Secondly, the skin block is retained...
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Platform Angle Signal Blind Source Separation Algorithm Based on Wavelet –EEMD Method

Yuegang Wang, Wuxing Huang, Zhibin Guo, Qiangqiang Ren, Le Wang
To solve the problem that self-alignment accuracy of platform inertial navigation system will be affected a lot under significant interference, an adaptive blind source separation algorithm based on wavelet – EEMD method is proposed. This method use wavelet decomposition to remove the high frequency...
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Research on the Optimal Design of Computing Security based on Cloud Computing

Fan Yang, Yutai Rao
This paper analyzes the current problems in the data security and privacy of cloud computing. On the basis, this paper mainly research about the legitimacy and validity of research cloud computing process. First of all, this paper understand the concept of cloud computing technology, according to the...
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Research on the Statistical Method Based on Neural Network

Xiaofeng Zhu, Xi Tian, Tiantian Feng, Lingyu Li
With the expansion of China's economic development and reform and opening up, the requirements of the national statistical work are higher and higher. The introduction of a new method with modern techniques is an effective measure for improving the quality of statistical analysis. In this paper, by solving...
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Risk Evaluation Model of Supply Chain Logistics Service Outsourcing Based on FAHP

Yiling Peng, Daqiang Chen, Lingling Zhang, Tingyun Wu, Danzhi Sun
In the background of economic globalization, logistics service outsourcing has become one of the preferred. In this paper, through field research, large amounts of information access, analysis, consolidation effect of logistics outsourcing business related factors, build the supply chain enterprise logistics...
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On the Modeling of Airport Arrival and Departure Delay Distributions

Qian Wu
Airport arrival and delay distribution characteristics are analyzed and then modeled using probability density functions against a collection of departure and arrival delay data over an 8-month period of Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA). We present an optimized Generalized Extreme Value (GEV)...
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The design for restructuring translation model based on multi-feature inference hypothesis

Fu Yan
Syntactic reordering model is proposed on the basis of phrase-based statistical translation model in order to handle and count long-distance reordering in machine translation. In the method, various information obtained from monolingual and bilingual corpus is fully utilized under the maximum entropy...
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Design and Simulation of a Circularly Polarized Square Horn Antenna

Lizhong Song, Hongwei Cao, Weiwei Yin
This paper designed a circularly polarized (CP) horn antenna working at X frequency band in this paper. The stepped septum polarizer (SP) was used to convert the linear polarization into circular polarization for the discussed square horn antenna. The circularly polarized horn antenna designed in this...
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Chaotic Synchronization of Nonlinear-Coupled Fractional-order Liu System and Secure Communication

Birong Xu
The synchronization of nonlinear-coupled fractional-order Liu systems is verified theoretically and numerically when the sum of the coupling coefficients of systems is . Numerical simulations coincide with the theoretical analysis, and show fractional order and linear matrix influence chaotic synchronization....
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Channel Selection Strategy of the Supply and the Demand of Service Based on Evolutionary Game

Xinyi Bu, Ying Dong
Under e-business environment, the evolutionary process of channel selection of service provider and customer is researched by evolutionary game. Firstly, the evolutionary game model between the supply and the demand parties of service is built. Then the channel selection to the traditional channel and...
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Development Strategy of fruit and vegetable intake based on comprehensive evaluation model

Xun Wang, Zhifeng Wu, Xunjian Yu
Cluster analysis and principal component analysis method to analyze the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables that: Vitamin A, C, E, sodium, potassium, calcium, ferrum, zinc, and phosphorusis the main nutrients.In addition, we firstly calculate per capita consumption of the intake of different...
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Incentive Model and Strategy Research of New Service Development Network Organization Based on Synergetic Perspective

Xinyi Bu, Ying Dong
With the increasing of external dependency, successful new service development (NSD) becomes more difficult. This study combines new service development theory and graph theory to analyze agents of new service development network organization. Sequentially, quantitative incentive model is established....
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Study of human identification by Electrocardiography frequency features

Yarong Wang, Gang Zheng
The paper proposed a human identification strategy based on ECG (electrocardiogram) frequency domain features. Fourier transform was used on ECG signal to get frequency domain features. The features contained frequency-domain signal slope, harmonic number, the magnitude gap, ratio of different frequency...
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General Research on Database Migration from RDBMS to Hbase

Chen Liu, Zhicheng Fu, Zhengqiu Yang, Jiapeng Xiu
In an information-based world, there needs the support of big data. But the emergence of large data makes the various shortcomings of RDBMS exposed. The application of distributed database HBase can solve this problem. Based on HBase, a very popular distributed database, this paper proposes a method...
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A Novel Overcomplete Dictionary Training Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and Its Performance Analysis

Shikui Wang, Yufeng Shao
In this paper, a novel overcomplete dictionary training method which is based on empirical mode decomposition is presented. The IMFs by empirical mode decomposition take part in the training of overcomplete dictionary, and K-SVD algorithm is adopted in the training process. Simulation results show that,...
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Prediction Algorithm for the Capability of Health Service Support Based on Support Vector Machine

Wen-Ming Zhou, Yong-Yue Fan, Wen-Xiang Xia, Chun-Rong Zhang
The health service support is very important for maintaining and enforcing effective military personal power to consolidate and improve battle effectiveness. Key links and main influencing factors of the health service support are analyzed. The index system of efficiency evaluation is presented. Due...
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A Study of Logic Model Based on Web Application

Xiaoguang An, Pengfei Liu
The study starts with the characters of Web application, then puts forward the concept, basic idea and method of construction of Web application logic model, after that the logic model obtained through the designed algorithm and the performance of algorithm achieves the ideal effect. It can be used to...
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Research on the Fuzzy Clustering of Communication Data

Ting Gong, Hui Yan
The ever-accelerated of communication technology narrows the distance among people. Telephone, as the main communication tool, has connected us quietly, and a huge social network is formed. The current call log data is used to summarize and analyze so as to make a reasonable decision, and thus to improve...
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Research on the Library Seat Management System Based on Zigbee

Hui Yan, Haiyan Hu, Pengfei Liu, Chenghao Ma
Along with the third wave of information science and technology, the main points are cloud calculating and the internet of things, and more and more people focus on the development and application of internet of things. Seat intelligent management system, which is based on Zigbee, has solved the problems...
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Design of OFDM-CPM Transceiver and Its Application in Optical Access System

Yufeng Shao, Anle Fang, Liandong Wang, Jiancun Zuo, Jianjun Wang, Qiudong Sun, Hongxuan Xu
A novel OFDM transceiver is designed and demonstrated in this work for optical access uplink and downlink transmission applications using continuous phase modulation (CPM) and demodulation. Electronic OFDM-CPM signals are offline generated by an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and a single-arm Mach-Zehnder...
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Training and Application of Radial-Basis Process Neural Network Based on Improved Shuffled Flog Leaping Algorithm

Qiang Zhang, Li-jie Liu
A radial basis process neural networks can be established ,which is based on expanding the traditional radial basis function neural network to the time domain. Combined with the excellent characteristics of cloud model transformation between qualitative and quantitative , a improved shuffled flog leaping...
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Cloud testing scheduling based on improved ACO

Yang Zheng, Lizhi Cai, Shidong Huang, Jiawen Lu, Pan Liu
Resources scheduling plays an important role in Cloud testing. The completion time for the entire testing works in Cloud testing and the cost of Cloud services could both reduce a lot through good scheduling strategies. This paper mainly focuses on the dependencies between testing tasks and proposes...
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Application of Internet of Things in Development of e-Navigation Architecture

Chenglu Wang, Guojun Peng
In the face of maritime security services with the rapid development of technology, information explosion and rigorous requirements of service, e-Navigation architecture also need to constantly improve and change to match for the situation and demand. The development of internet of things architecture...
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Automatic-Generation and Optimization of Elastic Scaling Rules Based on Neural Network

DaQin Wu, Shanshan Wang
With the cloud computing development, elastic scaling capability is an important factor to ensure the quality of cloud services. In this paper, the author designed resource requirement model about web system based on neural network under the certain quality of service on cloud platforms. According to...
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A New Algorithm for Ranging in Wireless Sensor Network

Kai Ruan, Xiaohui Chen, Mengjiao Zhang, Jiyuan Sun, Bangjun Lei
Traditional ranging model is not applicable due to the large ranging error under unknown environmental. In order to improve the ranging accuracy, this paper presents a new ranging model based on FUZZY – TS. The model analyzes the number of FUZZY rules and the parameters of the gaussian membership functions...
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Digits and Numeral Expressions Analysis in Machine Translation

Bei Li, Ling Zhang, Ying Wang
In order to improve the morphology analysis of expressions containing numerals for machine translation, this paper analyzes corresponding corpus and sums up characteristics of such expressions and proposes a handling strategy based on dynamic template matching and knowledge base. The workings and procedures...
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Research on Gravity Interpolation Technology for RAPINS/Log/Gravity Matching Integrated Navigation System

Fenglin Wang, YingHong Yang, Dongxia Wang
Rate azimuth inertial platform/Log/Gravity matching is a simple passive navigation system, the high resolution digital gravity anomaly map is essential for this system. The five kinds of gravity anomaly interpolation are introduced, which include bilinear interpolation, Shepard method, gravitational...
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The Effect of Glycosaminoglycan from Urechis unicinctus on the Protein C system and Relevant Factors Expression of HUVECs

Ping Liu, Qingman Cui, Wanying Wang, Chunying Yuan
The influence of glycosaminoglycan from Urechis unicinctus on the protein C system and relevant factors expression of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) were studied with enzyme linked immunosorbent and reverse transcript-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Results indicated that: glycosaminoglycan...
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Innovated Safety Inspection System on Construction Site Based on Mobile Phone Application

Tao Wang, Dongping Fang, Guijun Li
Safety inspection on construction site is an important method to prevent hazards around the site and unsafe behaviors of the workers. The traditional safety inspection system has several drawbacks. This paper developed an innovated safety inspection system on construction site based on mobile phone application....
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Research on the Spatial Distribution Characteristics of b-value in Southwest Yunnan

Zhuojuan Xie, Yuejun Lu
Southwestern YUNNAN is located in the southeast edge of the Tibetan plateau, is one of strong continental tectonic activities and frequent earthquake area in our country. In this paper, spatial difference of distribution b values along the fault belt, reflect the level of stress accumulation and activity...
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Impact Assessment of Seafaring Occupation using Fuzzy Aggregation Method

Leilei Xia, Pengjun Zheng, Geren Gao
The worldwide shortage of quali ed seafarers indicates that occupational attraction of seafaring career is dropping. The importance of seafarer rights protection is increasingly recognized by the international communities. The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, which is widely recognised as the “seafarers’...
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Weibull Distribution Parameter Estimation of the Algorithm Based on the Improved Flies

Xiu Ji, Hui Wang, Chuan-qi Zhao, Yuan Si
Based on weibull distribution model parameters of maximum likelihood estimation process trival, is obtained by using the Newton method and adopting the particle swarm optimization algorithm is easy to fall into premature and program variables is more complicated problems in the implementation, put optimization...
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Research on “Real-Network-in-the-Loop” Simulation Based on OPNET

Jian-jun Shen, Kai Li, Yu-qing Xu
As for communication network simulation, embedding real network into simulation loop can bring lots of advantage. However, there are some problems waiting to be addressed. Targeting the application of communication network training, this paper firstly put forward a simulation structure of “Real-Network-in-the-Loop”,...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Network Bank in China

Yu Han
Recent years network banks develop rapidly in china, the outlook is very optimistic, but so far application is not enough widespread, the service is not perfect, there are still many aspects need to be strengthened and improved. Based on this, the paper focuses on reviewing the development characteristics...
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The Pattern Analysis on the Variation of speech

Hongbing Zhang
Camouflage voice is the common check material form in judicial voice testing field that brings about many difficulties to speaker identification. Aiming at the electroacoustic disguised voice, we get fundamental frequency variation rule before and after voice change of multiple corpuses by analyzing...
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Improving Image Segmentation Quality Via Graph Theory

Xiangxiang Li, Songhao Zhu
Image segmentation is a fundamental process in many image, video, and computer vision applications. It is very essential and critical to image processing and pattern recognition, and determines the quality of final result of analysis and recognition. This paper presents a semi-supervised strategy to...
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Improving Image Classification Quality Via Dissimilarity Measure In Non-Euclidean Spaces

Lingling Chen, Songhao Zhu
This paper proposes an image classification scheme by learning the dissimilarity measure in non-Euclidean spaces. Specifically, the dissimilarity representations of samples from a pseudo-Euclidean space are first constructed; then, the dissimilarity increment distribution information of each category...
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An Application of Mobile Cloud Computing in the GPS of Taxi

Wen-qing Zhao, Yu-xin Dong, Jian-jun Chen, Yao Li
This paper is designed for the filtering algorithms of taxi GPS data, as well as vehicle trajectory statistics and prediction algorithm which based on the theory of spatial-temporal data mining algorithm. On the basis of these algorithms, we developed intelligent taxi forecasting system based on mobile...
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Research of BM Algorithm in Character Match

Baofeng Zhu, Bing Zhao
Character match is more and more applied in computer application field. BM algorithm belongs to an algorithm based on bad sign and good suffix rules. It has high match efficiency, which is widely applied. In the paper, some application fields of BM algorithm are firstly analyzed and discussed. Several...
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Study on human Action Recognition Algorithms in videos

Chun-Lin He, Wei Pan
Human action recognition algorithms are the one of the effective schemes to analyze the action of the people in the surveillance environment. It is one part of the event recognition algorithm. There are many types of action recognition algorithms, and in this paper, some classical methods are surveyed....
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Application of dual threshold image processing technology in the android Chinese font recognition system

Ming Xu, Caikou Chen, Chensheng Ji
This paper analyzes the design solutions and realization process of mobile phone font recognition software based on Android platform. The article mainly describes the key technology of font recognition, image processing technology, and how to use dual threshold technology automatic searches for the suitable...
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The study on denoising model of time series in big data

Xiaoming Guo, Xingwang Zhang, Jianming Cui
A model which includes wavelet analysis and windows Fourier transform has been designed to resolve huge time series and interferential data in big data. In the model, the mass data firstly has been clustered as static or dynamic data. The static data has been processed by windows Fourier transform, and...
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Communication Interface Design of Data Acquisition System Based on AT90CAN128

Bin-bin Pang, Yu Xiang, Zi-xu Zhao
Communication interface of data acquisition based on AT90CAN128 was designed. Given the system hardware frame diagram and program flow charts. 8-channel analog acquisition and 8-channel digital reading were implemented in the system. It succeeded in communicating with the other modules by RS232 and CAN...
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Multi-user Detection Based on Weight approaching particle filter in Impulsive Noise

Jin long Xian, Sheng Jie Li
To solve the problem of particle degeneracy and sample impoverishment in conventional particle filter, we propose the weight approaching particle filter(WAPF) to increase the particle diversity before resampling step for adaptive multi-user detection (MUD) in synchronous code division multiple access...
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Target Detection Via Combining Canny Operator With Vibe Method

Lingling Chen, Songhao Zhu, Xiangxiang Li
Due to the complexity of human motion, the target detection results by using traditional ViBe algorithm are not so satisfactory. Therefore, this paper proposes a method to deal with the target detection issue by fusing an improved Canny operator with Vibe algorithm. Specifically, the ViBe algorithm is...
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A Novel method for Target Detection

Xiangxiang Li, Songhao Zhu, Lingling Chen
Multilabel image annotation is one of the most important open problems in computer vision field. Unlike existing works that usually use conventional visual features to annotate images, features based on deep learning have shown potential to achieve outstanding performance. In this work, we propose a...