Proceedings of the International Symposium “Engineering and Earth Sciences: Applied and Fundamental Research” (ISEES 2018)

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Ecotoxicants in the System Water-Soil-Plant and Possible Risks to Public Health

Tamila Nasirovna Ashurbekova, Zaira Gadzhievna Natalia Gadzhibutaevna, Natalia Gadzhibutaevna Isaeva, Elmira Mugutdinovna Musinova
The article presents the results of a study on the content of arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury in water, soil and in plant products that are directly used by humans for nutrition. During four years of observation, water analysis demonstrates high arsenic concentrations. The arsenic content ranges from...
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Analysis of Chemical Composition of Underground Water

T.N. Ashurbekova, E.M. Musinova, N.G. Isaeva, Z.G. Gadzhimusaeva
The article deals with the problem of the content of toxic elements: cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb) and arsenic (As) in artesian wells of Chervlennaya (Shelkovskiy district), Naurskaya (Naurskiy district), Petropavlovsk (Grozny district) of the Chechen Republic and their impact on the health of the population....
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Tendencies of Poecilus Cupreus Morphometric Alteration Depending on Habitation Region

R.A. Sukhodolskaya, T.A. Avtaeva, V.V. Brigadirenko, A.L. Antsiferov, Sh.A. Kushaliev
The article presents the changes in physical dimensions of Poecilus cupreus under the influence of various ecological factors. The field data comprising 7 habitats of 4 regions (Tatarstan, Ukraine, Chechen Republic, Kostroma region) was gathered. The morphometric study comprised 6 measuring criteria...
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Remediation of Oiled Land

S.A. Bekuzarova, V.B. Zaalishvili, M.Sh. Gaplayev, T.K. Lazarov, A.D. Bekmurzov, G.V. Lushchenko, T.A. Dulayev, M.V. Dzampayeva
To reduce the toxicity of oiled land plants-accumulators were used. Para-aminobenzoic acid and the biological preparation Baikal EM-1 were used with biologics and zeolite-containing clays. It was found that seeding accumulating plants treated with the Baikal EM-1 biological product, repeated watering...
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Ecosystem Functions of Forest Park Green Belts of Urban Agglomerations as a Factor Improving the Quality of Living Standards in Conditions of Sparsely Wooded Regions

N.N. Kharchenko, E.V. Moiseeva, N.L. Prochorova
The creation of urban agglomerations green forest belts is one of the conditions for the sustainable development of society. The cities forest parks' green belts helps to form the ecological framework of the territories, thereby increasing the level of quality of life of the population. The data obtained...
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Landscape and Geoecological Analysis of Small River Basins Within Nature Protection of Mountain Territories

P.A. Kipkeeva, Ya.V. Volosukhin, Yu.Ya. Potapenko, N.V. Shubayeva
Three large rivers of the North Caucasus, namely the Kuban, the Terek and the Kuma play a key role in water supply of adjacent steppe territories of Ciscaucasia. The mass run-off of these rivers is formed within a mountain relief. The river heads of the Kuban and the Kuma are located in the Karachay-Cherkess...
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Monitoring of Dangerous Exogenous Geological Processes in the Water Protection Zone of Tsimlyansk Reservoir

A.E. Kosolapov, G.I. Skripka, O.V. Ivlieva, L.A. Bespalova, T. A. Kalimanov
Remotely-piloted aerial vehicle can significantly increase the effectiveness of monitoring the condition and compliance with regulations for using the water protection zones of large water bodies. These vehicles collected the information for examining the water protection zone of the Tsimlyansk Reservoir...
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Ecological Aspect of the Usage of Ahy and Slag Waste in the Chechen Republic

S-A.Y. Murtazaev, M.Sh. Salamanova, M.Sh Mintsaev, M.S. Saydumov, S.A. Aliev
Nowadays the development of new efficient composites based on secondary resources for high-rise construction is a relevant issue. The basis of the production of high-strength concrete is based on modern technological methods that improve technical, physic and mechanical properties, with the integrated...
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Unique Natural Objects of Mountain Landscapes of the Chechen Republic

Kh.Sh. Zaburayeva, L.S. Gatsayeva, U.T. Gayrabekov, S.-E.M Dzhabrailov, Asl.A. Daukayev, M.B. Sediyeva, I.A Abumuslimova
The paper considers unique natural objects within the mountain territory of the Chechen Republic (hydrological, paleontological, biological, etc.). It provides information on natural objects qualified as nature sanctuaries, as well as describes unique natural objects (including, paleontological and stratigraphic)...
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Modern Designs of Forest Fires Machines for Soil Extinguishment of Fire

Ivan Mihailovich Bartenev, Sergey Vladimirovich Malyukov, Maxim Alexandrovich Gnusov, Dmitriy Sergeevich Stupnikov, Alexey Dmitrievich Platonov
Theoretical issues of the use of a fire-fighting soil-thrower for extinguishing forest fires with the presentation of its practical use in conditions of high fire risk are considered. To assess the effectiveness of the use of new units in the article, a study of the information base for the use of existing...
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Radiation Monitoring of Agricultural Products as One of The Factors of Ecological Security of Population

A.Yu. Kazakov, S.V Tertychnaya, O. Yu. Totsky
The Chernobyl disaster, which knows no analogies in the world in the scope of radioactive emission and duration, radionuclide composition and physical and chemical discharge forms, led to the large-scale pollution of agricultural lands and products, including animal production. After the Chernobyl disaster...
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Integral Estimate of Ecological Status of Nalchik

B.M. Khuchunayev, I.S. Daov, O.O. Dakhova, S.A. Bekkiyeva, S.B. Khatefova, L.V. Khuchunayeva, S.O. Gekkiyeva, R.G. Miskarova
The article presents the results of an integral estimate of pollution in Nalchik using the generalized desirability function of Harrington. As a generalized indicator of desirability, the integral indicator of pollution is used. It is based on the pollution estimate of individual components: chemical...
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Current Problems of Radiation-Ecological Monitoring in Penza Region

М.К. Sayfetdinova, S.V. Tertychnaya, N.А. Vinogradova, O.E. Bezborodova, A.Yu. Kazakov, V.S. Kurakin
The paper presents the measurement results of construction and finishing materials, agricultural products (honey) on the content of radionuclides in Penza and Penza Region. The obtained dependences allow confirming the dependences between a radon exhalation, type of construction and finishing materials....
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Environmental Pollution Monitoring of the Chechen Republic (within the period of 2015-2017)

M.B. Sedieva, U.T. Gayrabekov, D.A. Islamov, E.A. Abubakarova, A.A. Daukaev, Kh.Sh. Zaburaeva, S.V. Badaev, .Sh. Akhmatkhanov
The given paper is focused on methods, resources and aims of environmental pollution monitoring of the Chechen republic. It has been revealed that the existing monitoring system does not meet the modern requirements to transfer operational information to the forecasting centers with the aim to be processed...
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The Phyto-Resources Potential of Makazhoy Basin

M.U. Umarov, M.A. Taysumov, Ya. S. Gapaev, D.K.-S. Bataev Bataev, Kh. N. Mazhiev
As the result of preliminary studies in the summer flora of the Makazhoy basin (the Chechen Republic), 10 species of higher vascular plants from… types and 30 families have been taken into account. Among them, the microstructure of the working surfaces confirmed the leading role of fatigue wear of polymeric...
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Theoretical and Methodological Background to Environmental Training of Students of Technosphere and Fire Safety Profile

О.S. Vinogradov, G.P. Vetlugina, V.Yu. Zaitsev, Kaleda I.A. Kaleda, T.I. Koroleva, Bochkareva L.P. Bochkareva
The paper presents the results of students' environmental training within the Technosphere and Fire Safety profiles. It considers factors influencing the educational process and gives methodical recommendations on students' training within these profiles. The obtained data allow confirming the need to...
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Tourism and Its Influence on the Environment and Living Standards of the Local Population

V.V. Rudsky, Т.А. Dugarskaya, О.А. Mechkovskaya, I.V. Sidorov
The studies on tourism activities aim to assess the scale and nature of human impact on the environment of Russian regions taking into account the experience of Russian and foreign researchers. It was identified that changes in using natural resources, including recreational environmental management,...
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The Dependence of Sander Dust as a Filler of Amino-Formaldehyde Adhesives and its Technological Properties

E.V. Kantieva, L.V. Ponomarenko
One of the main characteristics of the quality of plywood is its environmental friendliness, which is characterized by the content of free formaldehyde. It is necessary to use low-toxic amino-formaldehyde resin for the production of plywood with a low emission of formaldehyde. These resins have a low...
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Mercury in Tissues of Red Fox as Indicator of Environmental Pollution

L.S. Khabarova, E.S. Ivanova, N.Ya. Poddubnaya, A.V. Andreeva, A.P. Selezneva, D.M. Feneva
Twenty-three red foxes (Vulpes vulpes L.) were tested for the presence of mercury in their internal organs. These animals were captured in the Vologda region (Northwest Russia) within 2009 and 2018. The animal's liver, kidneys, muscles, brain, spleen, chyme and intestinal wall were tested. The concentrations...
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The System of Effectiveness Indicators of Environmental Security of an Enterprise under the Conditions of Transition to Low-Carbon Economy

T.V. Maiorova, I.S. Belik, O.S. Ponomareva, S.V. Koptyakova, Litovskaya Litovskaya
The effective use of natural resources, the raise in the level and quality of life are increasingly attracting public attention, as a result of which the data characterizing both the financial performance and non-financial of a company are currently in high demand. Traditional economic evaluation criteria...
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Environmental Management in Republic of Crimea Represented by Modeling Use of Big-Diameter Pipelines in Various Operation Modes

M.A. Bandurin, A.A. Mykhailin, V.V. Nefedov
The paper features results of modeling of operating conditions of big-diameter pipelines used for water supply of Crimea. The Russian Federation is a constant member of the group of states having a large share in water resources. 10-15% of total water resources are distributed through the most developed...
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Mercury Levels in the Hair Of Indigenous Population of the Coastal Area of the Vologda Region, Russia

O.Y. Rumiantseva, E.S. Ivanova, A.S. Elizarova, V.T. Komov, N.Y. Podduobnaia
Mercury or hydrargyrum (Hg) is an important neurotoxin for living organisms. Small doses of mercury can cause various disorders of the nervous system. The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has established recommended levels of mercury in hair (
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Results of Studies of Fuel Efficiency of Diesel Engine When Operating on Multi-Component Fuel

I.I. Storozhev, А.V. Startcev
The article presents the results of bench tests of the diesel engine D-240. To increase the power of the engine, the authors propose using humidification. The optimal cyclic water delivery equal to 17.452±0.87 mg/cycle was obtained. The authors have achieved: an increase in the effective power of the...
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Ecological Consciousness and Involvement in Cultural and Productive Labor in the Context of Interaction of a Person with the Nature

O.N. Efimova, A.N. Zakharova, G.S. Dulina, S.A. Petunova, N.V. Semenova, T.V. Talanova, N.N. Fomina
Under the conditions of economic changes and transformation of social processes, modern society, entered on the path of sustainable development, has a special purpose - the organization of such a way of life, in which the preservation and enhancement of natural diversity will become an objective need...
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Development of Soils Containing Heavy Metals in Southwestern Administrative District of Moscow

V.M. Zubkova, N.Yu. Belozubova, F.F. Arslanbekova, O.E. Dryabzhinsky
The article presents the results of ecological and geochemical assessment of the soils of the South-Western administrative district of Moscow on the content of heavy metals. In general, a satisfactory environmental situation was observed. However, in the territories subjected to industrial zones, there...
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Effects of CYP2D6*4 Polymorphism in the Developmet of Ploygenetic Diseases in Chechen Poplulation

Z.I. Bisultanova, L.G. Molochaeva, P.M. Dzhambetova, Maret M. Atsayeva, Elbek A. Machigov, Aishet M. Plieva
The polymorphic variant of the CYP2D6 A18496G gene was studied as one of the most clinically significant in the MFD etiology in the Chechen population. Statistically significant effect of the GA genotype in relation to malignant breast tumors in women (OR = 1.93 at 95% CI = 1.20-3.09, p = 0.005) and...
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The Study of the Transgeneration Genotoxic Effect of Drugs Based on the Analysis of Synaptonemal Complexes in Mouse Spermatocytes

Maret M. Atsayeva, Zura I. Bisultanova, Petimat M. Dzhambetova, Nadezhda Yu. Oyun, Oksana L. Kolomiets
The research employs immmunocytochemical methods to study the synaptonemal complexes (SC), and it targets the primary spermatocytes of mice from the offspring of males who received antimicrobials The males in the offspring of fathers received bacteriophage, nitrofural and cifran. When comparing the total...
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Phase Formation in Contacting Zinc Melting with Indium and Stannic in the Presence of Strontium Impurity and Microhardness of Derived Alloys

A.M. Bagov, T. Kh. Tamaev, A.I. Khasanov, R.T. Uspazhiev, A.M. Gachaev, M-A.V. Zubkhadzhiev
Phase formation during contact melting, including in the presence of electric transfer, in the system indium-zinc and stannic-zinc with the introduction of a small admixture of strontium was studied. The formation of two-component intermetallic compounds has been established. An attempt has been made...
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Coating of Sodium Aluminosilicate with Sodium Sulphate and Sodium Carbonate in V-Star Reactor

I. М. Bamatov, D. M. Bamatov
The idea of the coating process of powder is to increase the stability and any damage resistances of the detergent. Therefore, the idea of project is to develop the coating process of powder in a continuous flow reactor through the cooling crystallisation. In this project, the coating process will be...
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Surface Properties of Lead and Zinc Alloys

R.А. Kutuev
This paper presents results of experimental studies on temperature dependence of surface tension, lead alloy density, bismuth lead wetting angles for ferritic martensitic and high-nickel steels, surface tension polytherms, zinc-aluminum-molybdenum-magnesium system (Serbian bronze) density and wettability...
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Density and Surface Tension Polytherms and Isotherms of Molten Lead-Sodium Alloys

B.S. Karamurzov, V.A. Sozayev, R.A. Kutuev, A.Kh. Shermetov, M.Kh. Ponezhev, A.A. Shokarov
Polytherms of density and surface tension of lead alloys with minor sodium percentages were studied in heating mode in a range from Pb-Na melting temperature to 650°C under the atmosphere of pure Grade A He (99.995 %). It has been established that density and surface tension decrease with increased temperature,...
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Effective Nature-Like Structural Thermal Insulation and Acoustic Composites Based on Technogenic Raw Materials

V.S. Lesovik, O.V. Puchka, A.A. Volodchenko, E.S. Glagolev, N.V. Chernysheva, I.V. Lashina
One of the most important problems of our time is the creation of fundamentally new, technological solutions in the field of energy saving, rational nature management, creation of environmentally friendly production of composite building materials, which corresponds to the current trends in the development...
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Magnetic and Magnetostrictive Properties of Rare Earth Intermetallic Compounds

Z.S. Umkhayeva, M. S-S. Khapayeva, Z.S. Khasbulatova, I.M. Aliyev, M-A.A. Gudayev
This work presents an overview of research results in magnetic and magnetostrictive properties of rare earths-based intermetallic compounds conducted by Russian and foreign researchers. A special attention is paid to multicomponent alloys, as variation in component concentration, temperature and external...
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Numerical Simulation of Induction Heating of Steel Plate Products

Victor Demidovich, Yuri Perevalov, Olga Demidovich
Main methods of induction heating of steel plate products are discussed in this paper. Different 2D and 3D models are developed for investigation and design of the induction coils for heating steel slabs and strip. A new concept of universal induction coils that allow using a combination of longitudinal...
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Thermoelectric Augmenter of Heat Exchange Between the Flows of Moving Media

R. A-M Magomadov, O.V. Evdulov, U.I. Abdulkhakimov, Sh. A Yusufov, D.N. Kobzarenko, T.A. Ragimova, S.Z. Ziniev
The paper presents the construction of thermoelectric augmenter of heat transfer. The construction uses the constrained blow of air current in the corresponding gaps by means of air moving unit with the objective to increase the coefficient of heat-exchange between thermoelectric junctions and the media...
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Studying Thermal and Thermomechanical Characteristics of Layered Thermoelements

O.V. Evdulov, U.I. Abdulkhakimov, D.N. Kobzarenko, R. A-M Magomadov, M.A. Khazamova, K.A. Magomedova, Z.S. Sadaeva
The paper considers the model of layered thermoelements. The model enables to study the thermal and thermomechanical processes occurring in it on the basis of solving a transient equation of thermal conductivity, equilibrium equations, the equations of through flow and Neumann equations for the multilayered...
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The Methodology of the Determination of Accumulated Damage Level and Achievement of the Limit State in Ferromagnetic Steel Structures

I.R. Kuzeev, E.A. Naumkin, A.M. Schipachev, V.A. Gafarova, V.A. Sandakov
The insurance of the safety of extended facilities, such as pipeline systems, raises the issue of continuous monitoring of their technical condition and control of accumulated damage. A similar problem arises in the operation of hazardous facilities with a large surface area, which include oil and gas...
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Ittrium influence on exchange interactions in Laves phases (Tb1-хYх)0.8 Sm0.2Fe2

Z.S. Umkhaeva, А.S. Ilyushin, I.S. Tereshina, Т.А. Aleroeva, N.Yu. Pankratov
The article provides the results of studying magnetic and magnetostrictive properties of alloys in multi component systems (Tb1-хYх)0.8Sm0.2Fe2 with the substitution parameter х = 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1. Magnetization and magnetostriction studies are given in a wide temperature range. Compensation...
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Multichamber Device for Sheet-Metal Treatment Under Pressure

A.A. Musayev, A.A. Elmurzayev, R.V. Betrakhmadov, A.A. Shuaipov, M.A. Saidov, P.S. Tsamayeva, K.Kh. Mazhiyev, L.M. Maseva
The multichamber device belongs to pulsed methods of forming and is mainly intended for use in small-scale production. The process of forming is carried out under pressure of an elastic disk due to kinetic energy of the piston accumulated throughout the working cycle. The piston is accelerated under...
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Influence of Boride Coating on the Mechanical Properties of Heat-Resistant Cobalt Alloys at Different Temperatures

Alexandr Alexandrovich Afanasiev, Anatoliy Sergeevich Borsyakov
It has been proved earlier, that boriding improves cobalt durabil-ity and that of the alloys under study during treating at room temperatures. The present paper describes the influence of diffu-sive boric coatings on the mechanical properties of cobalt alloys during treating at high temperatures, as...
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The Assessment of Wear Resistance of Thin-Layer Carbide Coatings under Vacuum Arc Depositio

V.A. Krasnyy, A.Yu. Vazhenin
The presented research considers the tribological properties of titanium carbide coatings TiC and their areas of application. It is noted that titanium carbide TiC is one of the most effective materials used as a wear resistant coating. TiC to the greatest extent satisfies the requirements for coatings:...
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Evaluation of Fatigue Wear and the Nature of the Destruction of Polymeric Materials

D.K-S. Bataev, Kh.N. Mazhiev, P.U. Goitemirov, M.U. Umarov
As the result of instrumental studies of multicomponent polymeric materials' tribotechnical properties (coefficient of friction, temperature, and microstructure of working surfaces), the leading role of fatigue wear of polymeric materials during their friction for metal is confirmed, and the ability...
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Surface Characteristics of Nanosized Bentonite Suspensions as a Modifying Component of Cement Composites

A.M. Abdullaev, RKh. Dadashev, Alikhadzhiev, M.A-V. Abdullaev, R.S. Dzhambulatov, M-A.M. Israilov
The paper presents the measured data on interfacial tension of bentonite suspensions and strength of a cement stone in water solutions of Frem Giper S-TB superplasticizer. The interfacial tension of water-surfactant-bentonite suspension is experimentally measured at various concentrations of a bentonite...
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High-Quality and High Mobility Concrete with Complex Nanostructured Additives

A.M. Abdullaev, M.A-V. Abdullaev, Paytayev
The paper presents the study of the influence of complex additives on strength properties of cement concrete. Complex nanostructured additives from various components containing nanosized particles received through the laboratory study are used in experiments. High strength of fine-grained concrete is...
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Choice of Low Cost Construction Technologies

G.I. Khanaliev, I.Z. Magomadov, Istamulov, R.A. Mamatsuev, L.S. Aleroeva, A.A. Mallaev, Kh.Kh. Aptaev, N.D. Aysungurov
The paper is devoted to the choice of the best construction technology for further introduction into the corresponding branch of industry in the Chechen Republic. The main purpose of the study is to give an overview of the main modern construction technologies. Key parameters for each innovation are...
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Materials and Compositions for Enhancing the Load Capacity of Structural-Unstable Soils

I.Ya. Kharchenko, S-A.Yu. Murtazayev, M.R. Nakhayev, Z.Kh. Ismailova, A.Z. Abukhanov
The work is devoted to effective ways to increase the load capacity of buildings bases and structures by impregnating soils with compounds based on complex finely dispersed binder and local raw materials. The article shows that an important factor in the effective injection fixation of structural-unstable...
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The Construction of the Dolphinarium Building in the Seismic Area

Kh.N. Mazhiev, D. K-S. Batayev, K.Kh. Mazhiev, O.B. Radnaev, A. Kh. Mazhieva, S.Z. Kadiev, Adam Kh. Mazhiev, Aslan Kh. Mazhiev
The article presents the results of research aimed at scientific and technical justification of design solutions underlying the design of the building of the dolphinarium constructed in a seismic area. The findings include the effective technical solutions based on the use of modern composites and traditional...
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The Usage of Digital Ecosystem in Building Material Industry

S-A.Y. Murtazaev, T.V. Kuladzhi, Kh.E. Taymaskhanov, R.R. Salgiriev, S.A. Aliev
The development of modern industries with innovative technologies for the construction materials industry, including products and structures for construction purposes made of composites and construction plastics, nano-structured and other construction materials is outlined in the "Strategy for the development...
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The Study of Shrinking Deformations of Repair Compositions on Barkhan Sands

D.K-S. Bataev, A.A. Uzaeva, S.A. Uzaeva, M.A. Uzaev, T.A. Tuzurkaeva
Maximal use of local natural substandard raw materials in the technology of repairing concrete and ferro-concrete structures determines the possibility of obtaining modified repair compositions with improved characteristics based on barkhan sands in order to restore the bearing capacity of products and...
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Seismic and Wind High-Rise Building Design

Kh. N. Mazhiev, V. B. Zaalishvili, K. Kh. Mazhiev, L. N. Panasyuk, O. B. Radnaev, A. Kh. Mazhieva, Adam Kh. Mazhiev, Aslan Kh. Mazhiev
The article presents the results of wind modeling with the effects on high-rise building in the aerodynamic tunnel; the data were applied to complete the calculations of the load-bearing structures with wind and seismic loads. This resulted in obtaining the forms of natural oscillations of a high-rise...
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Influence of Plasticizer Introduction Method on the Efficiency of Cement Suspensions

M.S. Saidumov, T.S-A. Murtazaeva, A.Kh. Alaskhanov, M.S-M. Khubaev, R.S-A. Murtazaeva
The paper studies the influence of composition and technological factors on rheological indicators of concrete mixes modified by various chemical additives. The rheological and water-reducing efficiency of super- and hyper-plasticizers in cement suspensions depending on their addition procedure was studied....
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Recycled Technogenic Raw Materials as an Effective Filler for Modern Construction Composites

S-A.U Murtazayev, M.Sh. Mintsaev, A.Kh. Alaskhanov, M.S. Saidumov, M.Z. Duskayev
Technogenic wastes, which utilization is an urgent issue in developed countries, is quite interesting for the production of fine-ground filler used to produce modern high quality concrete. The amount of technogenic waste (or technogenic raw materials, secondary raw materials) is so big that some sources...
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Impact of Technogenic Raw Materials on the Properties of High-Quality Concrete Composites

S-A.Yu. Murtazaev, Sh.Sh. Zaurbekov, M.S. Saidumov, A.Kh. Alaskhanov, T.S-A. Murtazaeva, M.R. Khadzhiev
The paper presents the study of the impact of technogenic mineral filler (TMF) on the basic properties of high-quality concrete mixtures and concretes. There are principles of rational use of secondary technogenic raw materials in the form of concrete scrap, crushed bricks, ashes and slag mixtures in...
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The Complex Effect of External Factors on Asphalt Concrete

N.S. Kovalev, E.N. Otarova, V.V. Gladnev, E.A. Sadygov, P.V. Demidov
In order to make the nature of asphalt concrete testing close to real conditions of actual operation in road pavements, it seems rational to implement a cycle of tests. During the course of test cycle the consistent accumulation of the results of integrated im-pact of climatic factors will be performed...
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Quality Management in Bearing Manufacturing

K.L. Vahidova, M.S. Mintsaev, Z.L. Khakimov, M.A. Labazanov, V.V. Pashayev, V.V. Shukhin, M.R. Isaeva
The issue of quality, reliability and safety of finished bearings is considered. The basis of the quality management system is the process approach; the monitoring program is considered as an example
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Effective Finishing Composites Using Non-Traditional Natural Raw Materials

Aleksandr Anatolevich Volodchenko, Ruslan Valeryevich Lesovik, Evgeny Sergeyevich Glagolev, Anatoly Nikolaevich Volodchenko, Natalia Maksimovna Tolypina, Irina Alexandrovna Cherepanova
One of the current areas of building materials science is the development and implementation of highly efficient facing materials, which can significantly improve the architectural expressiveness of human settlements. Used in modern construction autoclave silicate materials have rather low decorative...
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Matrix Tools for Cost Estimate of Construction Products

T.V. Kuladzhi, M.Sh. Mintsayev, S.A. Aliyev, R.R. Salgiriyev, A.Z. Abukhanov, M.R. Nakhayev, A.T. Murtazayev, Z.H. Ismailova
The present stage of innovative development of the country is characterized by considerable changes caused by the introduction of digital technologies into the economy and the social sphere. The measures aimed to improve the institutional conditions of business, production of innovative products taking...
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Increasing Impact Endurance of Fiber Concrete

V.S. Lesovik, A.V. Mochalov, R.S. Fedyuk, E.S. Glagole, A.V. Bituyev
The study covers the optimization of physical and mechanical properties and operational characteristics of fiber concrete that include complex influence of a binding agent on structure formation. The optimal composition of concrete ensuring the maximum static and dynamic strength was selected (impact...
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Effect of Carbon Dioxide on the Properties and Chemical Composition of Bentonite in Aqueous Suspension

V. Kh. Mezhidov, R.H. Dadashev, Z.Sh. Gatsaev, I.G Gayrabekov
In the process of using drilling muds in the oil and gas reservoirs, bentonite clay accumulates, which precludes their development, if not swelling it with carbon dioxide. The objection of this paper is to present the results of the sedimentation study and the degree of bentonite swelling depending on...
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Prospects for Using 3D-Printing Technologies in Construction of Buildings in Seismic Areas

M.Sh. Mintsaev, D. K.-S. Bataev, K. Kh. Mazhiev, Adam Kh. Mazhiev, A. Kh. Mazhieva, Aslan Kh. Mazhiev, M.Kh. Mazhiev
The article analyzes innovative construction technology - additive manufacturing - and prospects for using it in the Chechen Republic with complex engineering and geological conditions of construction sites (soil subsidence, high seismicity, etc.). Technologies based on modern composites and traditional...
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Long-Term Water Saturation of Asphalt Binder Based on Fly Ash

Mikhail Sergeevich Lebedev, Natalia Ivanovna Kozhukhova
The use of fly ash from power plants as a component of paving asphalt concrete has been studied by many scientists for over 100 years. However, there are conflicting data of their effect on properties of composites. The reason for this may be insufficient understanding of the role of fly ash composition,...
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Technological Quality Assurance of Hydraulic Cylinder Stock Manufacturing Based on High-Energy Impact on Product Surface

V.V. Maksarov, A.E. Efimov, A.I. Keksin
The article proposes a "stock" - an improved technological process of parts production. During the research it was found that the reason of the failure of hydraulic cylinder is charged rod surface, obtained after the grinding process. This factor leads to intensive wear of the sealing system and subsequent...
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Peculiarities of Structure Formation in System "Cement - Basaltic Fibre"

V.V. Nelubova, V.B. Babaev, А.L. Popov, А.А. Bezrodnyh
The article deals with the main peculiarities of phase- and structure formation in the system "cement-basaltic-fiber" with the use of initial and heat treated basaltic fiber. The authors used heat-treated fiber by the authors' method suggested earlier, which provide its recrystallization. As the result,...
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High-Quality Concrete Based on Binder with Technogenic Filler

M.A-V. Abdullaev, A.M. Abdullaev, Sh.Kh. Soltakhanov
The paper presents the most optimum concentration of crushing dust of concrete scrap (CDCS) ground in the laboratory spherical mill to a specific surface of 4000 cm2/g for further replacement of a part of cement. High strength parameters are achieved at partial replacement of cement with various concentrations...
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Quantitative Assessment of the Atom Radii of Chemical Elements Based on Spectral Analysis Data

B. L. Aleksandrov, E. A. Aleksandrova, Makhmudova, Zh. T. Khadisova
Atom radii are calculated for chemical elements in different energy states based on photon energy of the emission (absorption) spectrum of atoms.
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Differentiation of the Fourfold Mutual System Na, K, Cl, NO3, MoO4 and Phase Complex of Its Stable Secant Triangle NaCl-KNO3-Na2MoO4

B.Yu. Gamatayeva, Z.Z. Alarkhanova, A.B. Agasiyeva, D. Z. Maglayev, M.A. Aliyeva, A.M. Gasanaliyev, T.Sh. Gamatayev, S. Sh. Mutsalova
Based on the graph theory, the fourfold mutual system Na, K // Cl, NO3, MoO4 was differentiated taking into account the complex formation (NaКMoO4, K5Cl(NO3)4, Na3CI(MoO4)) and the inner secants (KNO3-Na3CIMoO4, K6CI(NO3)5-Na3CIMoO4). For the first time, the complex of the three-component system NaCl-KNO3-Na2MoO4,...
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Phase Equilibria in NaBr-(Li2WO4)-V2O5 Systems

S.N. Kurbanova, A.L. Daudova, B.Yu. Gamutaeva, T.Sh. Gamataev, Z.Z. Alarkhanova, A.M. Gasanaliev, D.Z. Maglaev
Phase equilibria in two-component systems NaBr-(Li2WO4)-V2O5 were studied for the first time by physical and chemical analysis. The corresponding state diagrams are constructed. It was found that the systems are eutectic and are characterized by congruent (2Li2WO4?3V2O5, 3V2O5?NaBr) and incongruent (Li2WO4?V2O5)...
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The Use of Highly Active Additives for the Production of Clinkerless Binders

S-A.Y. Murtazaev, M.Sh. Salamanova, Z.Kh. Ismailova, V.Kh. Khadissov, Z.A. Tulaev
The relevance of the problem of producing clinkerless binders is well known, since the production of cement on a clinker basis is a very difficult technological process, requiring serious financial expenses. It is also environmentally controversial, due to the fact that the burning process releases a...
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Multicomponent Binders with Organic Mineral Additive Based on Volcanic Ash

S-A.Y. Murtazaev, M.Sh. Salamanova, R.G. Bisultanov, A.Z. Abukhanov, A.Kh. Alaskhanov
This paper is devoted to the development of multicomponent binders with the usage of finely dispersed mineral additives. In the course of the research it was found that mineral components of binders, combined with chemical additives favorably affect the process of structuring of cement stone, control...
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Study of Ice-Forming Properties of Zinc Oxide and Silver Iodide Nanoreagents

B.M. Khuchunaev, G.V. Kupovykh, N.V. Teunova, M.Yu. Bekkiev, A.A. Tashilova, V.P. Panaetov, A.Kh. Budaev
The article is devoted to the development of methods for dispersing nanoreagents based on zinc oxide and silver iodide and the study of their ice-forming properties. It is shown that nanotubes of zinc oxide and silver iodide have good ice-forming properties with a specific yield of ice-forming nuclei...
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Phases, Microstructure, Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Solid Solutions of the NaNbO3 System - CuNb2O6 Prepared From Nb2O5 of Various Qualifications

Kh.A. Sadykov, L.A. Shilkina, I.A. Verbenko, S.I. Dudkina, L.A. Reznichenko
It is established that the physicochemical state of niobium pentoxide of various qualifications influences the properties of solid solutions of the binary system NaNbO3 - CuNb2O6. The article shows, that for practical purposes it is possible to use technical Nb2O5. Moreover, it shows that solid solutions...
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Use of Nanotechnologies to Manage the Reliability of Fuel Equipment within Diesel Engines

M.A. Saidov, Kh.I. Shamsurkaev, A.F. Dorokhov, A.A. Musaev, R.S. Makhmatkhadzhieva, I.I. Kozlova, L.U. Magomadova, S-M.S. Musaev
The problem of increasing the efficiency of diesel engine fuel equipment is quite urgent due to the introduction of new environmental standards stipulating limited sulfur content in the fuel, which leads to the increase in the friction of precision pairs of fuel supply equipment and as a result causes...
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Catalytic Properties of Zeolites and Synthesized Superacid Systems During the Transformation of Model Reactions of Pentanes

RA-B. Turlov, A. D. Madaeva, Marem .Kh. Magomadova, Madina. Kh.
Investigation of the catalytic activity and selectivity of the obtained products of various nature and composition of catalysts in the course of model catalytic reactions, cracking, isomerization, disproportionation. The study of the acid sites of these catalysts and their influence on the composition...
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Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystals With Disk-Like and Graphene Molecules

O.V. Naskalova, E.S. Larin, E.M. Kuznetsova
The research of possible types of phase diagrams in liquid crystals with discotic mesogens and "graphene molecules" was carried out within the framework of the Landau theory of phase transitions. The possible types of ordering of mesogens in such systems are considered
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Dynamics of Changes in Mechanical Properties of Polybutylene Terephthalate and Polybutylene Terephthalate-Polyethylene Compositions in Aggressive Liquid Media

Madnat Magomedovna Akayeva
The paper describes results of the study on polybutylene terephthalate and polybutylene terephthalate-polyethylene having high chemical resistance. The article shows the dynamics of changes in values (Ap), (Ey), (?t) (?p), (?p) depending on the composition and exposure time under unloading which is close...
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Thin Layers of Oxide Coating in Very-Large-Scale Integration

G. А. Mustafaev, А. I. Khasanov, А. G. Mustafaev, N. V. Cherkesova
Scaling of very-large-scale integration (VLSI) circuits develops in the direction of increasing the surface of a crystal, packing density of elements on crystals, and miniaturization of components. These processes are limited by the necessity to provide high microelectronic reliability and sufficient...
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Composite Polymer-Silicone Adsorbent for Platinum (IV) Ions: Investigation of Models and Absorption Kinetics

O.V. Lebedeva, Yu.N. Pozhidaev, A.A. Konovalenko, R.T. Usmanov
The adsorption of platinum (IV) in hydrochloric acid solutions of a composite based on N,N-bis(3-triethoxysilylpropyl)thiourea and 4-vinylpyridine-2-hydroxy-ethylethacrylate copolymer is studied. The value of the static adsorption capacity of the composite for platinum(IV) is found to be 215 mg/g. To...
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Aluminosilicates Modified by Poly-1-Vinyl Imidazole and Poly-4-Vinyl Pyridine

E.G. Filatova, O.V. Lebedeva, Yu.N. Pozhidaev, A.A. Konovalenko, R.T. Usmanov
Data on the synthesis and sorption properties of natural calcium aluminosilicates modified by poly-1-vinyl imidazole (PVIm) and poly-4-vinyl pyridine (PVP) are presented. The fullest recovery of nickel (II) ions from low-concentration solutions is observed for PVP-modified aluminosilicates. Adsorption...
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Symmetry Of Irreducible Cluster Energy And The Theory Of Elastic Constant Crystals: Co as an Example

Yu.M. Gufan, O.V. Naskalova, O.V. Kukin, G.V. Fomin
The paper proposes a new method of transferable calculation of elastic constants of the second, third and fourth orders. The method is based on the assumption that the potential energy of bulk crystals may be presented as the decomposition into irreducible energies of two, three, and four atomic clusters....
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Ultrasonic Intensification of Diesel Fuel Desulfurization: Review

Kh.H. Akhmadov, Kh.H. Akhmadova, L.Sh. Makhmudova, Pimenov, Z.T. Khadisova, Z.A. Abdulmezhidova, M.A. Takayeva, M.A. Musaeva, A.S. Sadulaeva
The article shows that nowadays the strict requirements are being applied to the quality of diesel fuel (DF), especially to the content of organic sulfur compounds. These requirements must comply with European standards. Desulfurization of diesel fuels
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Oxidative Methods of Desulfurization Of Diesel Fuels: Results, Problems, Perspective

Kh.Kh. Akhmadova, L.SH. Makhmudova, Khadisova, Z.A. Abdulmezhidova, P.E. Krasnikov, E.U. Idrisova, M.Kh. Magomadova
The article reveals the importance of the role of diesel fuel (DF) in Russian economy. In this regard, the quality of diesel fuel should meet European standards, according to which especially high requirements are imposed on the content of organic sulfur compounds in diesel fuel. It is shown that the...
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Oil Recovery in Heterogeneous Terrigenous Reservoirs

M.M. Bakraev, R.Kh. Mollaev, Z.Kh. Gazabiyeva, A.A. Umaev
This article deals with the issues of enhanced oil recovery in terrigenous reservoirs characterized by structural heterogeneity in both the section and along the strike. As a working oil displacing agent, high-pressure gas is used, which is more effective than water-based solutions. The mechanism of...
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Mining Technology Using Oil Installations of Electric Centrifugal Pumps in the Harsh Conditions (in case of Vankor Field)

N.D. Bulchaev, M.Sh. Mintsaev, I.G. Gairabekov, A.S. Abumuslimov
The paper shows the results of studies conducted in order to determine the causes and mechanisms of the occurrence of such complicating factors as asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits, mechanical impurities, salts, equipment corrosion. The analysis showed that factors complicating the operation of pumps...
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Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Motion in Borewell Filtering Devices

N.D. Bulchaev, A.Sh. Khaladov, I.I. Aliyev, Yu.V. Zeygman, Yu.A. Kotenev
The use of equations known in filtering theory to determine parameters of fluid motion through filters of various designs used in the oil industry to clean up the products from mechanical impurities is described. Analytical studies and calculations have been carried out to determine the speed of fluid...
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Deep Structure and Oil and Gas Content of Submerged Zones of Western Part of Terek-Caspian Trough

A.A. Daukaev, T.Kh. Bachaeva, E.A. Abubakarova, Z.G. Aidamirova, A.S. Elzhaev
The article is devoted to the issues of the structure of deep submerged zones and oil and gas potential of Terek-Sunzhensk folded zone. Information on the study history of the region under consideration by deep drilling, CDP seismic reflection method and other geological and geophysical methods is presented...
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Features of oil production and complications of Mesozoic deposits operation (on the example of the Grozny oil region)

A.A. Elmurzayev, I.I. Aliyev, A.Sh. Khaladov, P.S. Tsamayeva, M.M. Dudaev
The main mechanism of oil displacement is characterized by gradual vertical movement of oil-water contact with insulation of watering out intervals in production wells. Different compositions on the basis of hydrochloric acid are traditionally used as working fluids to increase the formation pressure....
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Predicting Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs at the Early Stage of Exploration of Oil and Gas Deposits

S.S. - A. Gatsayeva, B.L. Aleksandrov, Khasanov Elzhayev, Gatsayeva M.A., Ezirbayev L.S., Abubakarova T.B., E.A.
The paper considers a possibility of using complex information on morphological parameters of structures, unconnected porosity and reservoir pressure gradient for previously explored deposits for developing a multidimensional equation to estimate the secondary porosity on an example of reservoirs with...
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Assessment of the Machine Dynamic Quality on the Basis of the Integrated Assessment of the Spectrum of Vibroacoustic Vibrations

Ya.Sh. Shamsadova, M.S. Mintsaev, A.A. Ignatiev, S.A. Ignatiev, V.A. Dobryakov, M.Y. Pashaev, Kh.A. Sadykov, Z.V. Sadykova
Dynamic quality of machines is one of the dominant factors affecting both the geometric parameters of the accuracy of components, and the physicomechanical characteristics of the treated surface layer. Individually, each machine has a certain dynamic quality, which varies both in the process of operation...
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Determining Reservoir Type in Lower Cretaceous Terrigenic Sediments of Tersko-Sunzhensky Oil and Gas Bearing Region

T.B. Ezirbayev, M.A. Khasanov, A.S. Elzhayev, S.S.-A. Gatsayeva
Structural geological features of terrigenic Albian-Aptian rocks of the Tersko-Sunzhensky oil and gas bearing region were studied, as well as their petrophysical and reservoir properties obtained from analysis of field geophysical tests and laboratory core analysis from previous years. Recently, reinterpretation...
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Specifics of Snow Avalanche Regime in the Mountainous Regions of the Chechen Republic and the Republic of Ingushetia

N.V. Kondratyeva, M.B. Agzagova, Bekkiyev, Kh.A. Tumgoyeva, L.V. Khuchunayeva, I.A. Muratov, A.B. Uzdenova, Z.Zh. Gergokova
Avalanches are hazardous natural phenomena, just like earthquakes, floods, mudslides, etc. Every year, avalanches claim lives of hundreds of people and destroy economically important facilities, mainly motor roads and railroads. Prediction of the danger of avalanche is a part of a complex of measures...
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The Results of Numerical Modeling of Active Influence on Hail Clouds

Boris A. Ashabokov, Lyudmila M. Fedchenko, Shapovalov, Vitaly A. Shapovalov
The article discusses the state of cloud physics and active influences exerted on them. The current period of time is considered as a transition for this scientific direction: the stage of studying "elementary" processes in clouds has been completed and a new stage of formation and development of clouds,...
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Simulation-Based Estimation of Microwave Radiation Attenuation in the Cloud Environment

Alexander V. Shapovalov, Kerim М. Bekkiev, Vitaly А. Shapovalov, Zera H. Guchaeva
The paper presents a mathematical model describing formation of the spectra of particles in a convective cloud. A method for calculating absorption and scattering of monochrome microwave radiation in the cloud environment is described. The cloud model describes drop coagulation, accretion, drop freezing,...
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Influence of Temperature Changes in Lower Atmosphere on Dynamics of Glaciers and Height of Snow Line on Elbrus

R.Kh. Kalov, Kh.M. Kalov, M.Yu. Bekkiyev, A.A. Tashilova, L.A. Kesheva, L.Zh. Shugunov, T.L. Shugunov
The results of monitoring of the surface atmosphere temperature in the Elbrus region for the period of 1961-2017, including the period of intensive climate warming (1976-2017), are presented. It has been established that in summer seasons average temperatures have increased significantly. The growth...
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Accounting for the Effects of Verticals in Geodesic Surveys in the Mountains

Kh.R. Gagayeva, I.G. Gayrabekov
The possibility of using an auxiliary ellipsoid to reduce the results of geodetic measurements with the aim of transferring coordinates to the surface of the reference ellipsoid is considered. An analysis of the accuracy showed that such a technique would reduce the effect of steep line dodging
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Solution to the Problem of Lanslide-Prone Territories Using Geodesic Methods

E.I. Ibragimova, I.G. Gayrabekov, A.T. Mishiyeva, M.A. Yalmayeva, Kh.M.-S. Murtazova, A.I. Gayrabekova
The article presents the observations of the landslide-prone northern slope of the Sunzhenskiy range to the south of the village of Podgorny in the Staropromyslovskiy district, Grozny using the kinoteodolite method in dynamics. According to the observations of the slope, it was possible to predict the...
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Carbon Cycle Main Parameters in Forests of European Russia Forest-Steppe Zone

V.V. Tsaralunga, A.V. Tsaralunga
Over the last 300-400 years the forests of the forest-steppe zone inRussian Federation have changed greatly, as a result of human activity, which has led to a significant decrease in their biosphere functions, the main of which is carbon sequestration. The carbon balance in forest ecosystems of managed...
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Longitudinal Vibrations of Seismic Disturbance Vertical Bar

Kh.P. Kulterbaev, L.A. Baragunova, M.M. Shogenova, M.A. Shardanova, I.M. Abdul Salam
Longitudinal vibrations of vertical bar of harmonic and random disturbance are considered. Mathematical models of free, forced harmonic and random vibrations are described. The methods of d'Alembert, separation of variables and finite differences are used. To determine the eigenvalues of boundary value...
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Geology of Minerals of the Urengoy Deposit

A. I. Valeev, E.M. Almukhametova, V.V. Kuzmina, V.V. Anisimov
The territory of the Urengoy deposit is characterized by the in-stability of thermodynamic equilibrium of geological environ-ment, due to the existence of permafrost. The article investigates the geological section of the area, its oil and gas potential, analyzes the geological and physical information....
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Basin Approach in Geomorphological Studies of Klyazma River Basin Structure

Roman Vladimirovich Repkin, Alla Valeryevna Lyubesheva, Ekaterina Lvovna Pronina
This work is devoted to geomorphological studies of the structures of the Klyazma River basin and factors of modern exogenous morphogenesis in the river basin and its morphological parts. The landscapes of the basins of small rivers have been experiencing anthropogenic load for a long time, so the processes...
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Modern Technogenic Geodynamics of Platform Territories by Example of Southern Cis-Urals

A.V. Tsviak, M.Yu. Nesterenko, A.M. Nesterenko, z
This paper presents geodynamics of the Southern Cis-Urals region. It focuses on seismicity induced by hydrocarbon production by summarizing the published case studies. Natural and man-made changes in bowels of the Earth are usually accompanied by tectonic movements and deformations of earth's surface,...