Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Intelligent Systems Research and Mechatronics Engineering

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Research on Lean manufacturing Process Management of Electric Locomotive

Ziqin Ma, Chen Peng, Yanan Chen, Tong Wang, Pengfei Zhao, Li Sun, Qiang Cheng, Jiang Wei
From the perspective of lean production, this article multi-angle analysis of all-round enterprise potential problems of process management, which include processing, testing, logistics and assembly. It also provides some specific solutions to solve these problems from some aspects, such as shorten work...
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Conceptual Design and Research on Automatic Feeding Device Based on Linear Servo Motor

Liang Han, Kaige Yan, Junjing Wang
The automatic feeding device occupies the irreplaceable position in the development of industrial automation. An automatic feeding device is often required to convey parts to complete a series of processes in a modern production line. But the traditional automatic feeding device has problems of large...
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A Study on Flexible Vibratory Feeding System Based on HALCON Machine Vision Software

Liang Han, Jie Deng
Vibratory feeder, thanks to its excellent material storage, workpiece orientation and continuous feeding characteristics, is widely used in industrial automation. Since its versatility is not strong, orienting mechanism needs to be designed for different workpieces, which often cannot meet today's rapidly...
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An Innovative Design of Vibratory Feeding System for Teaching Purpose

Liang Han, Ye Guo
Vibratory feeding plays a key role in assembly automation. However, there is still no effective professional instrument to explain and demonstrate the principle of the parts conveying. Thus an innovative vibratory feeding system for teaching purpose is designed in this paper, which includes the demo...
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Input and transfer processes of Cu in bay waters

Yang Dongfang, Miao Zhenqing, Cui Wenlin, Zheng Lin, Chen Shengtao
This paper analyzed the input and transfer processes of Cu in waters of Jiaozhou Bay, Shandong Province, eastern China. Results showed that the input of Cu was stream flow discharge and atmospheric deposition; while the major transfer processes of Cu was vertical sedimentation and horizontal diffusion....
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Research on the distributions and migrations of Zn in marine bay

Yang Dongfang, Chen Shengtao, Li Baolei, Geng Xiao, Liu Xing
This paper analyzed the vertical distribution and seasonal variations of Zn in waters of Jiaozhou Bay, Shandong Province, eastern China. Results showed that the Zn contents in Jiaozhou Bay waters were highest in spring and then decreasing from summer to autumn. There was an accumulation process of Zn...
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Research on Self-adaptive Algorithm in Self-adaptive Web System

CaiFeng Cao, YaoZu Luo, Jing Gong
With the development of Internet and Web technologies, Web system is quickly applied to all walks of life. At the same time, it produces a variety of different terminal types and different user demands. How to make the Web system adapt to the access of PC, smart phones, tablet computers and other devices...
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Research on Dynamic Software Architecture of Self-adaptive Web System

CaiFeng Cao, YaoZu Luo
With the development of Web application, users hope Web application system can provide with high quality services for them. Thus,we have proposed a self-adaptive Web system and its three-tier architecture. Then, we have designed dynamic software architecture for it.The DSA has been applied to the development...
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Research of File Recovery in Windows FAT32

Na Zhang, Jia Wang
Files missing in file system often results in serious consequences. To solve this problem on Microsoft Windows, the file recovery solutions in FAT32 was proposed. File system structure in FAT32 was introduced. The specific processes of DBR recovery in FAT32 were illustrated. On the basis of file storage...
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A Genetic Search Algorithm for Linear-Phase Filter Banks

Chen Li
A genetic algorithm is presented for searching optimization parameters in the factorization matrices in linear-phase filter banks. The genetic algorithm is combined with the simplex algorithm to accelerate the design process. The newly algorithm alleviates the problem of being trapped in local minimums,...
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The prediction research of tool VB value based on Principal Component Analysis and SVR

Peng Nie, Chao He, Liang Xu, Kai-qi Cui
According to the amount of tool wear prediction problems, online prediction of tool wear model is established based on the theory of support vector regression (SVR) regression. The acoustic emission signals and current signals are, respectively EEMD decomposedand wavelet packet decomposed to get the...
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An Image Encryption Scheme Based on Permutation-subsitution Architecture at Half Pixel Level

Ruisong Ye, Junqin Zhao
An image encryption scheme using permutation-substitution mechanism at half pixel level is proposed. One round of permutation and one round of substitution achieve desirable results. In the permutation process, the image sized is expanded to one sized . The generalized Arnold map is applied to generate...
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Design and Implementation of Embedded Web Server Based On SOA

Liu Zheng, An Feng
SOA, which means Service-Oriented Architecture, is a component that could connect different terminals or devices without caring about the difference of each platform. Meanwhile, an embedded web server is a server within embedded systems. In this paper, we proposed a new idea to build the embedded web...
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A Novel Virus Detection and Active Defense Algorithm Based on SVM Optimized by Differential Evolution Algorithm

Jieqing Ai, Zhenyue Long, Shang Gao
This paper proposes a novel active defense strategy focuses on users’ behavior patterns which to classify the behaviors accurately by SVM for virus detecting. Differential evolution was introduced to improve the precision of SVM and turns it into an optimization problem which object is the classification...
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Software Behavior Model Based on Functional Slicing

Binglin Zhao, Yinhao Wang, Zheng Shan, Chao Fan
According to the problem that the accurate and efficiency of the software model, this paper proposes a new method to describe the software behavior. The method using program slicing to dynamic analysis the system calls of the running software, help the system to capture the key system calls. And then...
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Design and simulation of high power secondary HID electric ballasts

Shoudong Shi, Chunyu Zhao
This paper proposes a microprocessor-based control of high-power secondary HID electronic ballast design. Electronic ballasts using active power factor correction, micro processor MCU as a full bridge converter, at the same time has the function of "watchdog", working temperature monitoring function...
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Research on Line Structured Light Calibration Method

Wenhui Chang, Jing Li
During the measurement procedure of line structured light 3D scanning system, there is a key about how to calibrate the whole measuring system. In order to solve the calibration problem in the line structured light 3D measured system such as requirements for high accuracy calibration models, complicate...
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Digital Depth of Field Control in Photography based on Focused Plenoptic Camera

Peng Liu, Rumin Zhang, Dijun Liu
When the exposure is over, the focused plane and depth of field(DOF) is definite. It is necessary for us to properly adjust the aperture size, exposure time and focus before we take photos. The paper deduces a patch-to-patch reconstruction algorithm from the structure of focused plenoptic camera proposed...
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The Image Retrieval Based on the Hybrid Algorithm of the Primary Color and Color Layout Descriptor

Denghui Li, Yanhong Wang
The image retrieval technology based on content is become a hot research field with the images used widely. The primary color and color layout are both the characteristic in the international standard.Each characteristic factor has its advantages and disadvantages. In this paper, image retrieval based...
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Design of Solar Street Light System Based on the Maximum Power Point Tracking and Energy Output Coordination Strategy

Yaping Wu, Zekun Gao, Jie Chen
The paper presents a design of solar street lamp system based on the maximum power point tracking and energy output coordination strategy. It uses chip CC2530F256 which carries with the ADC sampling output voltage and current of the solar cell to adjust the PWM duty cycle and achieve maximum power point...
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Weighted Least-squares Color Digital Halftoning

Zifen He, Yinhui Zhang
In this paper, we propose a weighted least-squares based color halftoning model from human vision system(HVS) model and an efficient iterative strategy using color image statistical information. The statistics of the mean and variance of the color pixel of each clustering are calculated. The energy function...
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Multi-Grey Image of Laser Marking Gravure Cylinder Based on optimized halftoning Method

Zifen He, Yinhui Zhang
The laser marking intaglio plates were printed in intaglio proofing machine. Three halftoning algorithms for multi-grey image were proposed. The printing and scanning proofs were compared with the simulation images of digital halftoning after scanning the proofs. The quality of images was evaluated by...
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Ecological design of household electronic products

Yuan Ren, Yue Zhang, Qiang Hu
Modern household electronic products design solved those environmental harmful problems caused by unreasonable design from ecological way. Ecological design of household electronic products is to assure the minimum harm to environment in the whole product life cycle, that is to cut down environment harmful...
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DNA Sequence Homology Recognition based on Similarity Measurement

Junyan Zhang, Chenhui Yang, Xiaodan Chen
DNA sequence homology recognition is a key problem in bioinformatics. In this paper, we solve this problem by use of the probability method instead of traditional sequence alignment because DNA character sequence satisfies the Markov properties. Hence, second order Markov model is used as the characteristic...
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The application of NoSQL database in Air Quality Monitoring

Mei Han
In air quality monitoring system, various monitoring devices generated tremendous amount of date which make traditional relational database very inefficient in reading and storing it. In order to solve this issue, this paper compares the characteristics of various NoSQL databases and selected MongoDB...
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Experimental Research on Modulus of Elasticity with the Ultrasound Measurement Method

Yanxia Wang, Hai Yun, Tiantian Sun, Qinghui Shang, Xiaomin Ma
Modulus of elasticity is an important mechanical parameter that characterizes elastic property of materials. In the process of engineering mechanic learning, modulus of elasticity of materials is mainly measured by electrical measurement method. But electrical measurement method requires students being...
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Design of solar energy controller based on MPPT

Feng-min Cheng
A solar energy controller is designed aimed at low rate of solar energy utilization, short life of battery ,circuit instability and other issues. It adopts conductance increment method to adjust the PWM control signal duty cycle, and to achieve the maximum power point tracking (MPPT)of solar energy output...
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Research on Risk Assessment Model of Industrial Park Earthquake Disaster Chain

Danxiang Ma, Jianyu Chu, Lingli Chen
The factors influencing disaster chain risk were analyzed, and the risk assessment model of earthquake disaster chain was established. The methods to determine relevant parameters in the model were given. An example that analyzed the risk of earthquake-fire disaster chain in a petrochemical system was...
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Distributed GIS framework design based on XML and Web Service

Xinying Li, Feng Li, Xianjun Chen
Network WebGIS geographic information system is a solution which is more open and conform to the trend of distributed GIS application , the paper discusses the technology and face WebGIS, elaborated the XML Web Service this new dynamic distributed computing model of technology. It put forward to Supermap...
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A Segmentation Method for Mammogram X-ray Image Based on Image Enhancement with Wavelet Fusion

Zhengyou Liang, Xiaoshan Gou
A segmentation method based on image enhancement method with wavelet fusion was proposed to segment X-ray mammogram images with low pixel and unclarity. Firstly, a breast X-ray image was pretreated by histogram equalization and median filtering. Then a wavelet fusion algorithm with the rule of taking...
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The Design of the Integrated Training Information System for Equipment Maintenance Management

Xin Shi, Shusen Zhang, Zheng Zhou
The construction of equipment maintenance management integrated training information system goal is to use engineering method of military information system requirement, need to closely around demand of the equipment maintenance management integrated drills, maintenance business relations as the basis,...
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Research on Wargaming for Equipment Support Based On Computer

Zheng Zhou, Hongyu Zhao, Xin Shi
Computer wargaming for equipment support is to improve the strategy and intelligence level of equipment support commander, and emergency flexibility and strain capacity, can achieve the purpose of setting a better decision. This article elaborates on the computer wargaming, divided into the system platform...
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Efficient XML Document Compressing Method Based on Internet of Things

Jiajia Lv, Yuanli Wang, Yi Zhong
XML data have been widely used in the Internet of Things. However, there are some problems that XML is of huge massive data and high information redundancy. Currently, XML document compression methods proposed by many researchers only focusing on compressing one single document, they have not considered...
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Computer-based digital measurement system for optical small signals

Lingbo Wang, Fan Nan
Boxcar integrator and lock-in amplifier for the detecting of optical small signals are developed based on the virtual instrument technology of LabView. The algorithm of boxcar integrator is simple and easy-achieved. Lock-in amplifier is a powerful technique for the extracting and amplification of small...
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Analysis of Steady-state Characteristics of Aerodynamic Bearing Based on FLUENT

Chenhui Jia, Caifeng Du, Ming Qiu
In order to research the steady-state flow field characteristics of spherical spiral groove aerodynamic bearings, the bearing's lubrication analysis mathematical model is established. Based on CFD technology, and using the FLUENT software of fluid dynamics to analyze the 3D gas film pressure field of...
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Apriori Improved Algorithm and its Application in Tmall

Jianhua Xiao, Shaoyu Luo
In view of the large data volume and fast update feature of Tmall transaction database, the original Apriori algorithm is not suitable for Tmall transaction data mining due to its frequent scan of the database, so improved the search efficiency of original Apriori algorithm combining Apriori nature,...
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Design of Intercom System in Stage Video Surveillance and Scheduling System

Yihua Li, Xiaodong Zhang, Zhicong Feng, Zhenhui Luan
Through the old intercom system for stage could fulfill all types of work in performances, but could not escape the limitations of traditional techniques for the reason the core of this whole system is still based on circuit-switched technology. Networked intercom system for stage dispatch is proposed...
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The application of inverter and PLC in fire extinguisher in welding device

Biao Zhou
There are many types of fire extinguishers, cylinder size is larger, the paper introduces a kind of using frequency converter and PLC control can achieve the fire extinguisher of longitudinaland girth welding device and its working principle of the hardware and software design, At the same time put forward...
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The construction methods of Bridge crane rail on Underground powerhouse

Bo Yang, Yunyun Zhang, Zhaoxia Li
It is difficult to construct the underground powerhouse in technology, and which also faces other aspects such as higher construction requirement and shorter construction period. If the bridge crane rail can be come into service, the bridge machine will become promptly forces to be put into operation,...
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Short-term Wind Power Prediction Technology Research of Poyang Lake Region

Shunhua Zhang, Xiaopin Yang, Zhiying Zhao
Artificial neural network(ANN) has very strong robustness and fault tolerance, computing speed is fast, has the self-organizing, self-learning and adaptive ability, and can be fully approximation to arbitrary complex nonlinear relationship, so has been widely used in wind power prediction. This document...
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Influence of M2M Solution on Multimedia Communication Technology Development

Chaoyan Wu
The application of M2M solution has been a focus in the multimedia communication technology development in many fields such as electric power, transportation, safety and environmental protection and so on. The goal of this paper is to interpret the development process of multimedia communication technology...
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Surface Task Force Assistant Decision-making Support System Based on ACP Method

Xing Jun Chen, Xiao Zhe Zhao, Wei Qi
Traditional assistant decision-making capability is based on reductionism; the conclusion has the fault of low reliability and pool environmental flexibility. The primary task for surface task force assistant decision making system is to assistant commander start with coordinating combat resources during...
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Scheduling optimization of mixed model assembly lines Based on Genetic Algorithms

Shuo Cheng, Minghai Yuan, Shuyang Yan
For meeting diversified demand of customers without the need for large product inventories an objective function on maintaining the uniform of a spare parts consumption rate was put forward on the basis of summarizing the scheduling problem with mixed flow assembly line, and the mathematical model of...
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Vehicle Monitoring Based On Taillight Detection

Xiaohua Shu, Liming Liu, Xiaowei Long, Pei Shu
In order to solve the detection of the vehicle at night, a novel vehicle detection method is proposed. According to the lane to be detected, the appropriate detection region and virtual coil should be set. In the detection region, vehicle taillights would be detected and matched, and taillights together...
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An Efficient Curve Extraction Algorithm for Massive Data

Zhongwen Li, Long Li, Guoxin Li, Yan Li
An efficient curve extraction algorithm for massive time-series data based on extreme value of periods is proposed. By dividing into periods, then calculate the number of sampling points within a time period according to extreme value of the each time period’s data. Uniformly take the sampling points...
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A Method of Designing Interpretable Genetic Fuzzy Classification System Based On Mutating Parameters

Hong JI, Ming Ma
This paper discusses the application of generating fuzzy rules with word computing in genetic fuzzy classification system, and proposes a new method to design genetic fuzzy classification system. The new algorithm generates initial fuzzy rules population with expertise of the randomly selecting samples,...
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Analysis Method of the Terrain Navigable Performance Based on Isotropy Parameter

Zhe Rao, Jingyuan Zhang, Hui Liu, Wei Feng
Because of using the distribution characteristics of submarine topography of correlation matching operation to estimate the current position, the navigation and positioning accuracy of the underwater terrain matching navigation depends largely on the terrain feature. In order to satisfy the requirements...
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Rapid manufacturing of FGM components by using electromagnetic compressed plasma deposition

Haiping Zou, Mingwei Chen, Yao Li
Layered Manufacturing (LM) is emerging as a new technology in recent years that enables the fabrication of three-dimensional heterogeneous objects, Especially Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) whose composition or the microstructure is locally varied to alter the material properties. This paper presents...
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The Research Wheeled Armored Vehicles Engine Overheating Fault Diagnosis

Yi Yao, Baiyuan Gu, Meng Zhang, Wen Cao
Engine overheating is a common fault of wheeled armored vehicles, and the cause of overheating is very more. In this paper, the author through their own professional knowledge and experience, finding out the reason of several engine overheating, and summarizes several useful overheating fault diagnosis...
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The Maintenance Methods Research of the Armored Vehicle Mechanical Steering System

Baiyuan Gu, Yi Yao, Meng Zhang, Guibao Wang
Vehicle steering system is an important part of vehicle, once appear, fault creates a great potential safety hazard for the vehicle. Vehicle steering system general malfunction due to use of frequent wear and tear. The right to use the vehicle steering system, master the maintenance method can maximize...